John Derbyshire vs. Robert Weissberg on Race, Ethnicity, and the Future of America

John Derbyshire, VDARE, September 12, 2012

I have elsewhere mentioned the dissident-conservative gents’ dinner club I belong to in New York City. We meet once a month, have a nice dinner, listen to an invited speaker, then argue among ourselves for an hour or so while getting tipsy on beer, wine, and liquor. It’s all very gemütlich.

The speaker for a recent session canceled at short notice. The club secretary asked myself and Bob Weissberg, who is also a member, if we might fill the gap with some verbal sparring on the topic:

“Is the U.S.A.’s current ethnic settlement (affirmative action,official promotion of ‘diversity,’ etc., combined with widespread voluntary segregation, acceptance of huge racial disparities in crime, etc.) sustainable? If not, when will it collapse and what will replace it?”

Bob and I promised to do our best.

So once we had enough dinner inside us, Bob spoke for a few minutes, starting from the premise that the current situation is not stable. I won’t reproduce Bob’s arguments here, as he might want to get a column of his own out of them. I responded as follows, then a general discussion ensued.

Before getting on to what I said, I just want to observe that this format—Bob and I tag wrestling on some general theme—worked well. I’m thinking of suggesting to Bob that we take it on the road as a two-man act, a sort of dissident-conservative Abbott and Costello. We could call the act “Noxious and Nasty.”

Well, just a thought.

What follows is a tidied-up version of my remarks:

There are many futures—each one with a universe of its own, according to some physicists. The best we can do is estimate probabilities.

I’ll do my estimating under three headings:

  1. What won’t happen.
  2. What might happen if Bob is wrong (i.e. wrong about the current situation being unstable).
  3. What might happen if Bob is right.

I won’t attempt to touch on all possibilities, only throw out a few that I think it will be interesting to discuss.

1. What won’t happen.

  • A coffee-colored nation won’t happen.

When I was an idealistic young student fifty years ago we—we idealistic young students—spoke gleefully of a coffee-colored world: a post-racial utopia in which no-one would any longer think about race, neighborhoods and schools would all be fully integrated, and races would be represented in professions, occupations, and categories of social dysfunction (crime, illegitimacy, drug abuse) in proportion to their numbers in the population at large.

There is not the slightest sign that anything like this is happening. Rates of intermarriage have been creeping upwards, but at a pace that would take centuries to reach the coffee-colored state, even assuming linear extrapolation, which of course one should not assume. The various gaps—notably in crime and educational achievement—seem to be intractable. We are probably up against biological limits here.

The astonishing thing to note here is that huge numbers of Americans—probably a majority—believe that the coffee-colored utopia will arrive. Some seem to believe it already has! From my email bag:

“Just as [slavery] had become unacceptable to many peopleby 1860, separation of the races ceased to be acceptable post-WWII.”

Perhaps my reader should bring this good news to the citizens ofChicago, or any other big city.

(In the follow-up discussion, one club member raised Brazil as an example of a coffee-colored nation. Nice try, no cigar.)

But can’t we science our way out of this? No, we can’t.

  • Genetic engineering to human equality won’t happen.

The idea here is that once we understand enough about the human genome, we may be able to bring about human equality artificially.

This is highly improbable. The finished human being is an almighty tangle of feedback loops, influences, adaptations and adjustments, socially-pressured deformations, self-transformations, and stamped-in-the-embryo genetic predispositions and limitations.

Even if, some decades from now, we have sorted all this out, theimplementation of gene-level changes will depend on the shape of society at that time. Possibly the keys to change will be guarded by an elite caste for their own benefit. Or possibly a dozen other possibilities.

  • Race war won’t happen.

Matt Bracken’s scenario of total societal breakdown has been bouncing merrily around the internet these past few days.

It’s a great narrative, and I urge Matt to work it up into a novel (or hire me to do the job—rates available on request). However, this is not going to happen.

Matt’s scenario is premised on the federal government being unable to fund welfare programs like SNAP and TANF, leading to widespread food shortages. Hungry minority mobs fan out into suburbs and country districts, committing mayhem. White and Asian vigilante groups organize for self-defense …

In the first place this underestimates the fiscal ingenuity of modern governments. Uncle Sam can find ways to keep the EBT cardworking, even if he has to sell off a couple of carrier groups to do so. This is a very rich country.

And in the second place, modern methods of social control are sufficient to contain disorder, and are still progressing fast: CCTVmonitoring, pilotless drones, smart-phone cameras … I’m sure there are riots in our future, but they will be contained, much more easily than the riots of the 1960s were. The violence will not metastasize.

There is also the Steven Pinker factor to consider. We are softer, less violence-prone, more sissiefied than our grandfathers, or even our fathers. The Mad Matt scenario would involve massive trend reversal. Such things happen, but very rarely.

It follows that:

  • Sectional secession won’t happen.

We are far more homogenous a nation that we were in 1861, when the South was culturally closer to the Plantation Caribbean than to New England. (The Carolinas, remember, were founded by British-Caribbean planters.)

The only conceivable path to sectional secession would be via some large-scale breakdown like the one Matt Bracken envisages. If that isn’t going to happen, neither is this.

  • A minority takeover won’t happen.

(I’m using “minority” here in the usual sense of blacks plus Hispanics.) The larger encompassing truth here is: It will never be the case that minorities matter.

That needs some clarification. Of course individual members of minority groups may matter very much. One such is currently President! And capable, talented minority citizens will rise into the middle and upper classes and will matter just as much as any other industrious and civic-minded citizens, as much as individual citizenscan matter.

Minorities as groups will not matter, though, because they don’t have big enough “smart fractions.” Their underclasses will matter at a nuisance level, but the future will be shaped as the past and present have been, by whites, perhaps whites-plus-Asians.

That whites will become a minority sometime in the 2040s is not consequential. In 1960, South Africa was less than 20 percent white. The situation was stable, and would likely have remained so indefinitely but for outside interference.

Social conflict will continue to be of the Civil War type, i.e. whites vs. whites, with minorities at most helping out in support battalions.

2. What might happen if Bob is wrong (i.e. wrong about the current situation being unstable)

  • If the current situation is stable, nothing will happen.

After the “hung” British election of 1895, a 21-year-old cavalry subaltern named Winston Churchill was privileged to have lunch with the great Liberal statesman Sir William Harcourt. In his bookThe World Crisis Churchill tells us that:

In the course of a conversation in which I took, I fear, none too modest a share, I asked the question, “What will happen then?” “My dear Winston,” replied the old Victorian statesman, “the experiences of a long life have convinced me that nothing ever happens.”

Sir William was of course exaggerating. Stuff does happen: wars, revolutions, plagues, depressions. Taking the human world as a whole, though, these big events are comfortably far apart in time for any given nation, and the old boy had a point.

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger experimented with taking the word “nothing” to be a verbal noun, like “getting” or “walking.” Nothing, he said, noths. (In German: Das Nichts selbst nichtet.) So it does: and we might noth along for decades without improving, reforming, deteriorating, or collapsing, just  . . .  nothing.

The U.S.A. may thus stagger along for decades with a patched-up version of the present ethnic spoils system.

Contra Bob Weissberg, the present settlement may not be unstable. So long as the U.S. economy can generate sufficient surplus to sustain programs of welfare and government make-work, and techniques for social control continue to develop, the thing can be held together.

3. What might happen if Bob is right—if the current situation is unstable.

  • Our elites may turn racist.

I aired this possibility at length when addressing CPAC earlier this year. It is not original with me: Richard Herrnstein gave voice to ityears ago:

“The tension between what the white elite is supposed to think and what it is actually thinking about race will reach something close to breaking point. This pessimistic prognosis must be contemplated: When the break comes, the result, as so often happens when cognitive dissonance is resolved, will be an overreaction in the other direction. Instead of the candor and realism about race that is so urgently needed, the nation will be faced with racial divisiveness and hostility that is as great as, or greater, than America experienced before the civil rights movement. We realize how outlandish it seems to predict that educated and influential Americans, who have been so puritanical about racial conversation, will openly revert to racism. We would not go so far as to say it is probable. It is, however, more than just possible. If it were to happen, all the scenarios for the custodial state would be more unpleasant—more vicious—than anyone can now imagine.”[ The Bell Curve, Chapter 21, “The Way We Are Headed”]

  • Totalitarianism may happen.

While I do not think revolutionary change is likely, current trends may advance gradually into extreme forms.

Cognitive dissonance—conflicting beliefs or strong desires simultaneously held—may be resolved in the direction of realism, or they may retreat into psychosis. For a moralizing, optimistic people like Americans, the truth about race may be unbearable. Then we must flee into unreality.

A nation can dwell in a state of complete rejection of reality for decades—e.g. North Korea—perhaps centuries. The key is totalitarian levels of control over opinion.

I fear that we may be struggling towards a system of “mass self-censorship”—of totalitarian levels of thought control without a North-Korean-style apparatus of overt state terror, aided perhaps by pharmacological intervention. (Something in the water supply?)

I have presented before on this site—about two-thirds of the way down this web page—my little table tallying the publication dates of 50 representative books that frankly address “radioactive” topics like race, psychometrics, Affirmative Action, and so on. The tallies peak in the half-decade 1995-99, then fall off sharply. Editor Peter Brimelow, after seeing these numbers, described that half-decade of comparative openness as an “Interglacial.” (Incidentally, I missed out Peter’s Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, published in 1995 and certified un-sequel-able now).

The Ice Age has now resumed. Once again the glaciers advance. Is there any force in sight that will stop them?

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  • Fakeemail

    However it pans out, nothing good is coming down the pike.

    • Far be it from me to be Mr. Happy-Boy, but I’m going to have to disagree with you. The fact that we are here discussing these things is very positive. Have you read the comments lately in race-related stories on sites like Drudge or even mainstream media sites? They’re very gritty, nasty and real. Reality is good. It’s a start. Blacks are what they are, mexicans the same. They never surprise me, just as I’m never surprised if my dog sometimes pees on the carpet. He’s a dog, I don’t expect a whole hell of a lot from him. After years and years of programming from our friends in Hollywood and the media–oy vey! we’re starting to come out from under the ether. The winds are definitely changing in our favor. This was a very good article, and I enjoyed it very much but I would just add that history turns on a dime. Who knows what will happen. No reason to be dreary. if you and I were black men, then yes, we would have very little to be hopeful of. If I were a mexican how would I change the future? Play an accordion and have a beer (or 8?) I am a White man. A Scot. My IQ is spooky. The future doesn’t drag you and I around like a current- we can bend it. We build civilizations and when the time comes, we can bring them down and build new ones. Let’s not forget who we are.   

  • pc must go

    I fear that we may be struggling towards a system of “mass self-censorship”—of totalitarian levels of thought control without a North-Korean-style apparatus of overt state terror, aided perhaps by pharmacological intervention. (Something in the water supply?)
    Or just burying your head in “Reality” and Celebrity TV, like most Americans do. “Bread and Circus”.

    • Tom in Miami

      It seems to me that we already are in a “system of ‘mass self-censorship.”  Look at the views posted on this board and ask yourself how many people feel the way we do but refuse to state the obvious for fear of losing jobs, friends, status, etc.  I know that I would not publicly state my views because of the consequences that would accompany that admission.  Look at what has already happened to John Derbyshire, Bob Weissberg, and so many others who failed to toe the party line.  It can’t be easy to be Jared Taylor either.

      • Yes, and thank God for those men….. especially Mr. Taylor.

      • JohnEngelman

        In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.                             
        – George Orwell 

  • potato78

    Genetic engineering to human equality will happen in the U.S..

    Skin color will be between whitish and brownish. 

    Corporations will turely be in charge of the U.S..

    The U.S. government will facilitate the process.

    The U.S. will be a leading world power machine.

  • dhs

    Over the last 50+ years, I have become indifferent to predictions of what America will be like in the future.  Most were wrong, and none predicted major events that have occurred. 

  • WmarkW

    What will happen is Greece. 
    “Democracies perish when the people realize they can vote themselves money” is variously attributed.  Combine that with a population whose majority believes that society as a whole owes them stuff, and you get a politics based entirely on dividing the pie; not contributing to it or enlarging it.

    Unless we can get white women to vacate the diversity coalition, trillion dollar deficits continue infinitum, because 200 million people believe they’re collectively owed trillions of dollars.

    • kjh64

      “Unless we can get white women to vacate the diversity coalition,”

      It’s not just White women, plenty of White men ie. Tim Wise, are in with the diversity coalition either on ideology or White men who are polticians and do the bidding of big business that want the cheap Mexican labor.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        It’s Feminist white women. The white men who join them are only p*ssy beggars, grovelling to the white Feminists. Feminism is killing us.

    • JohnEngelman

      Governments in Scandinavian countries are more generous than the government of Greece ever was, and the Scandinavian countries are doing well. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

         Wrong. Scandinavian countries are unraveling. Norway with the massacre, Sweden with Feminism and the immigrant unrest in Malmo. Finland is doing the best. They’re not part of the EU, are they?

      • libertarian1234

        “Governments in Scandinavian countries are more generous than the government of Greece ever was, and the Scandinavian countries are doing well.”

        That’s not true. While they’re doing better financially than most of Europe,  the cracks are begiunning to show quite definitely.

        As the EU goes so goes the entirety of that region as well as the US.

        The dominos are beginning to fall. 

  • potato78

    White Males mistreated Our White Females too harsh to vacate the diversity coalition.
    This is called “White Male Phobic Syndrome” WMPHS.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      You’ve got that backwards. It’s frigid, disloyal white women, most of whom are Feminists who are destroying us. The bulk of white women are Feminist savages of a federally-subsidized and enforced matriarchal society.

      White men and white girls are our only hope. Most white women are actively subverting the interests of the white society every day through their insatiable materialism, lust, fornication, and defiance.

      What white men built over centuries and millennia is being torn down in decades because of Feminism, mostly. You might as well be a member of the NAACP and you’ll be about as helpful to white society if you’re going to be a feminist.

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    Once mass Whiteness gets the jolt of panic that there is nowhere left to flee that the govt. won’t swarm with Diversity, then we might regain our sense of awakened racial unity. 

    If that doesn’t happen, then really, so what if Whiteness dies out?  Will be better that it does so that we won’t keep blessing the Diversity with our benefits.  Denying them is justice for us and our memory.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Wallowing in persecution projects weakness, like a wounded animal. Too bad about all those “progressive” whites and their ridiculous immigration policies… Only Russians do not agree with these asinine policies.

  • Epiminondas

    He’s wrong about the US staggering on with “nothing” happening.  The math of our current economic system does not work out.  The Keynesian system, with help from reduced white birthrates, is breaking down.  Increased defense spending is also baked into the cake.  Desperate measures by the Fed will not save this welfare/warfare Ponzi scheme.  Whether victimized by deflation or inflation, the white middle class will come under increasing strain.  As the middle class cracks up, you will see a more radical electorate willing to think and do heretofore unthinkable, unimaginable things.  You’ll know the end is near when the government checks start bouncing.

    • Robert Binion

      The checks won’t actually bounce, but hyperinflation will reduce them to a pittance.

  • IstvanIN

    There will be no revolution.  We will go through a long period of stagnation, like the old Soviet Union, with whites slowly fading away.  Out with a whimper.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Sure, the record breaking gun sales and 16 trillion and debt are never going to come to a head. 

      • TeutonicKnight67

         Wait until the next OPEC embargo or a severe economic downturn like the Great Depression. We’ll see how many whites continue to “fade away” then! If I were a minority in the US I would watch the economy very very carefully. When whites truly start struggling to feed their children there will be blood.

  • I agree with much of this. One point I most definitely do not agree with:

    A minority takeover WILL happen if racial and cultural awareness/preservation does not become part of a public platform. The premise of a “smart fraction” is completely relative to the population from which you are measuring smart. Minorities take over neighborhoods and they take over local governments in spite of the fact that the elected black people dictating direction and laws for their localities are far dumber and much less competent than their White counterparts.

    Black and brown people vote for black and brown people, and juxtaposing Race, Intelligence and Politics without using this constant is a serious flaw with any type of prediction.

    • Ed_NY

      And look at any minority controlled neighborhood or any minority controlled school district, town, city, county or country.  None of them are pretty.

      • 5n4k33y3s

         They’re all still dependent on whites. All that must be done is to stop giving away the store.

        •  Dependency and control can easily lie in the hands of the same person. A plantation owner was both dependent on the slaves he had, and controlled the fate and future of those slaves. Not the best analogy within this context, but it gets the idea across.

          The expectation is that this “smart fraction” running the show is just going to keep rolling along, and maybe even realize that non-Whites taking control of things is a very bad idea. Maybe Derbyshire thinks that some kind of evolutionary, aristocratic gene will keep things from devolving. Well, we all know of countless neighborhoods, cities, and now even states that have been run into the ground because of non-White control(at the very least, pampering and pandering to the non-Whites). Hell, even the dismal state of the entire country can be tied to the promotion of the welfare state. So, when exactly does this “stop giving away the store” start?

          • 5n4k33y3s

             It begins with the end of Feminism. “Empowered” women are the problem.

          • Shawn_thefemale

             Wow, you DO really hate women, don’t you? You might want to see someone about that.  Perhaps you’re unaware that easily 50% of the posters here are female. Easily 75% and more of the elected politicians are male, up until just recently 90% of the Supreme Court has been male. The answer is not simply in the sexes; MEN have held much more power in directing which way this country will go than women.
            My being female does not make me your enemy, but you being a pig-headed, female-hating, male chauvinist wanting to blame me for your world  does.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            In response to “Shawn_thefeminist” who wrote “Wow, you DO really hate women, don’t you?”

            No. I love my race, and my culture and Feminism is destroying both. Feminism is the systematic betrayal of white men by white women, egged on by non-white racist ideologues.

            So far, men have lost the presumption of innocence, and the right to face the accuser, basic civil rights originally recognized by the Magna Carta.

            Married men used to have default custody of their children. If some Feminist c*nt wanted to “Eat, Betray, Love”, she wouldn’t get to kick him out of his house, raise his children to hate him, and garnish his wages while fornicating with her personal trainer.

            Giving women the right to vote has been disastrous, and women shouldn’t get to vote unless they also have to register for selective service, or else volunteered to serve.

            Women tend to behave like children, not adults, and they ought to be treated as such. Feminism is destroying what it took white men thousands of years to build, in just about 50 years.

            Defiant women need slapping, and the federal government (which you want to be your new husband) can piss off.

  • potato78

    Is this true?

    We really need to think about it again seriously.

    Please give comments.

  • potato78

    Time to Start Thinking: A Conversation with Ed Luce!

  • libertarian1234

    He’s not considering the devastation a severe, prolonged economic downturn could bring about.

    I seriously doubt selling ships to pay for social benefits would fill in the monetary gap for too long,  nor would the loss of social benefits be the only financial pressures on society in the midst of chaotic economic conditions.  The entire country would be affected in ways we can only imagine, the most serious being a collapsing central government, breaking along lines of race,  ethnicity and politics.

    And I doubt that prior to serious decline or collapse high tech cameras, drones or satellites in space will help the the government contain mass upheavals over a three thousand miles stretch of country that is about 1500 miles wide, especialy in a deteriorating situation where the government gets weaker and less effective by the day with its own internal problems,  as the situation escalates.  

    The overwhelming force of government applied to small sporadic outbreaks of violence would be effective, as it is now, but only because it represents an overwhelming force. That would not be the case in the event of mass upheaval spread throughout the country.

    I respect Derbyshire’s observations and his courage in warning about the racial situation, but he’s far too optimistic about evaluating the many catastrophes that could destroy this country, from secession to civil war.

    The government, Mr. Derbyshire, could not even prevent its Ambassador to Libya friom getting killed with 48 hours notice.  Nor could they run a simple postal operation effectively.  I seriously doubt its ability to contain and control 200 million armed civilians all killing and running amuk at the same time.

  • Bantu Education

    “That whites will become a minority sometime in the 2040s is not consequential. In 1960, South Africa was less than 20 percent white. The situation was stable, and would likely have remained so indefinitely but for outside interference.”

    I am astonished that someone of JD’s intellect would make such an idiotic and irrelevant analogy.   Whites kept power in SA because they ensured that ONLY WHITES HAD THE VOTE.   Once they didn’t they lost power totally and irrevocably, and many lost their lives too – and that is just the beginning of the end..!!    I heard that he is sick – is he losing his marbles?     

    • toldev

       I think that Derby meant that a small minority of whites can keep a large majority of Bantus in their place. The implication is that white minority in South Africa could put the Bantus back in their place if only whites could get over the sickness know as political correctness.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I’m with you and couldn’t disagree more with Derbyshire.  

    Changes are already apparent in California where large cities, such as Los Angeles, are almost entirely in the hands of socialist, big government Hispanics who do NOT believe in limited government.

     Derb seems to ignore that all races except for White vote along racial lines.  Period.

    The system as it is now in California is 100% unsustainable as productive Whites flee the state and welfare parasites continue to flood in — we’ve had hospital closures, city bankrutcies, and school failure from White race replacement.  How is any of that “progress?”

    I’d like Derb to explain how these things are, in any way shape or form, sustainable:

    *Just 1 percent of California taxpayers are already providing 45 percent of the state’s income tax revenue, such income taxes now fund half the budget.

    *The number of upper-income earners in California has shrunk by a third between 2007 and 2009. Wealthy Californians are  fleeing to nearby no-income-tax states

    * California has 12% of the population but 33% of all welfare recipients.
    Illegal aliens: 

    *California houses an estimated 25% of all of the country’s illegal immigrants.  The tax paid by one legal citizen is equivalent to the taxes paid by nearly ten illegal immigrants. 

    *In 2011, more businesses (254) quit California than the year before (202), which was a high-water mark over 2009. Last year, roughly five businesses left in any given week, one more than left in each week of 2010 when the average was 3.9.

    Does he think California is going to sell off a few of its battle ships?  Or become sustainable and prosperous with repeated government bail outs?  

    Buchanan was NOT wrong when he said “California is Lost.”


  • NM156

    Any economist talking about “competitiveness” and “liberal immigration policies” is a strawman for globalist plutocrats. His assessment belongs in the septic tank with Thomas Friedman’s idiotic no-borders propaganda.

    • JohnEngelman

      Thomas Friedman is delusional. In a recent column he looked forward to a time when first graders would be taught how to program computers. Most adults cannot learn that. Most first graders have difficulty learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Programming will only become easier to do. The intelligence of people with lower cognition can be harnessed for productivity.

  • ncpride

    Exactly. There was an article here on Amren a few days back that said there are 17 Asians running for office this election, and one consultant said quote: ‘Asians have the opportunity to take control of the conversation on what America is’….Wow, talk about a slap in the face. I disagree with every aspect of this article.

    • 5n4k33y3s

       Don’t you love it how minority racial activists can say these things which would be condemned if whites said them? Sickening.

  • The only thing that will hold this increasingly diverse polyglot of fractious cultures together is totalitarianism.

    It will begin, as it is now, with soft totalitarianism meaning speech and behavior codes that individuals will adopt to get along (IE, not be ostracized by a politically correct driven majority). But there will be resistance. Black on white crime will be downplayed while white on black crime will be proof that ‘hate’ and white supremacy are prevalent.

    The result will be more laws, more control of opinions and dissent.

    If the present course continues, hard totalitarianism will follow. The only question is the time frame. 50 years? 100 years?

    • Ed_NY

      I agree with you with one exception.  I think you are being too generous with your time frame.  I think it should read,  5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

      PC = Totalitarianism

      Totalitarianism is the only thing that held the former Yugoslavia together.  We all know what happened there.

  • Athling

    “A minority takeover won’t happen.

    (I’m using “minority” here in the usual sense of blacks plus Hispanics.) The larger encompassing truth here is: It will never be the case that minorities matter.”

    This is where your theory falls apart Derb. Crumbles like week-old bread.

    Demography is destiny. This is a physical law like gravity, magnetic forces, and the speed of light. When minorities become majorities it matters.

    “That whites will become a minority sometime in the 2040s is not consequential. In 1960, South Africa was less than 20 percent white. The situation was stable, and would likely have remained so indefinitely but for outside interference.”

    The one and only reason the situation was stable was because of apartheid. As soon as apartheid was dismantled the laws of demography took effect producing what is there today. We don’t have anything close to apartheid here.

    When whites lose the ability to choose who controls the government due to being numerically out-voted by non-whites then the demography effect will begin to be felt. When whites can no longer escape living in diversity “enriched” neighborhoods via white-flight then it will be intensely felt.

    All civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else. The U.S. will either become a genetic cesspool of mutant hybrids like Brazil or it will become Balkanized.

    The one-man one-vote principal commonly found in Western Democracies becomes the undoing of the nation that allows tidal waves of racial aliens into its geographic borders.

    Here is a taste of what can eventually be expected. Learn the lesson here …

    • Athling

      By the way, I am not attacking Derbyshire in any kind of personal way. I envision him as being on a learning path having not quite reached the distance on that path that some here have.

      The longer one studies the history of civilizations from a racial perspective and whether one believes in God/Intelligent Designer, evolutionary processes, or some combination of the two, certain principles are observed so consistently that we may think of them as laws. One such law is the following:

      Physical geographical separation is the only guarantee of survival for all nations and races.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        “Physical geographical separation is the only guarantee of survival for all nations and races.”


        In his Guide to the Panorama of North American’Mammals, University of Kansas biology professor Raymond Hall, put it this way, summarizing a law of nature:

         “Two subspecies of the same species do not occur in the same geographic area. [One will inevitably eliminate or displace the other.]  To imagine one subspecies of man living together on equal terms for long with another subspecies is wishful thinking and leads only to disaster or oblivion for one or the other.”

        • Athling

          Very true and very similar to Gause’s Law.

    • Ed_NY

      And that is why Isreal refuses to allow the return of Palestian refugees and why they are deporting illegal African aliens.  They know that diversity will kill their nation.

      • schmenz

         Probably not a good analogy, sir.  Israel’s ethnic cleansing of a population that existed there for 5,000 years is an injustice that will continue to haunt them.  As for the illegal African immigrants, well, that is another story altogether.

      • Athling

        Yes, these principles hold for all people for all time. A homogenous society in a country as tiny as Israel would vanish very quickly with the introduction of sizable numbers of Africans within their geographic borders.

        There is nothing at all mysterious about this it is merely cause-and-effect reality. Different races of people produce different cultural environments for themselves through the act of simply existing.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      England too, Derbyshire’s home country.  

      Is Derbyshire blind as to what is going on in England??   England is a small nation with 1% of the earth habitable land and 1% of the earth’s population –yet their lefty rulers thought it would be a “grand” idea to flood the country with high-fertility, hegemonic, inassimable “others” — moslems and blacks.


      From Paul Weston, in his speech Warning to America:

      The non-indigenous birth rate now averages an extraordinary 35% nationally, which realistically means 70-80% in the cities alone, thus consigning indigenous English children in Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Luton, Leicester and Slough to an ethnic minority in their own land – a fate awaiting English children in all our cities within a decade, and the entire country before 2030.

      Does Derbyshire really  think the new replacement population will respect British Law and the Native Born White population? — or do they want to implement their own system of law and “values”, i.e., Sharia Law??

      Look at these signposts from Briton:


      • schmenz

         Sadly, that was so predictable, in England as in everywhere else: while the whites abort and contracept themselves out of existence, it is only a matter of time before they are wildly outnumbered.

      • Athling

        Yes and Britain will feel the effects of “enrichment” far more quickly than the U.S. because of its small geographical size.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Hey, stupid! You don’t have to hate different people to defend white solidarity.

      • Athling


  • JohnEngelman

    If the U.S. economy continues to stagnate or decline the breakup of the United States into two or more countries is a possibility. It will be like the fall of the Soviet Union. Unlike the fall of the Soviet Union however it will be violent. There are too many guns in the United States, and too many groups of Americans who hate each other. One can see the fault lines building for a civil war.       

    Just as the fall of the Soviet Union was seen in the United States as due to the failure of socialism, the fall of the United States will be seen internationally as due to the failure of capitalism. In no country is capitalism as popular as it is in the United States.

    • Ed_NY

      Look at the former Yugoslavia

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      The fall of the Soviet Union was extremely violent.

      The Kremlin sat on the Soviet Empire like a lid on a pressure cooker, when the lid blew off, violence erupted across Eastern Europe as various people groups tried to sort themselves out.

      By the year 2000, 10 years after the old Soviet Empire imploded, more than 100 wars had broken out and more than 5 million people were killed.

      No empire has peacefully broken up.  Governments have been creating empires since the beginning of time and each one in turn has eventually fallen apart.  The American empire is in the process now of falling apart.


      • JohnEngelman

        Within the Soviet Union there was little violence. It was only in Yugoslavia that things got really ugly. 

        • 5n4k33y3s

           You’ve forgotten the Caucuses.

  • Living in West Los Angeles County it is hard not to see the coffee colored world as a real possibility.  There is more race-mixing going on here than I can even stand to watch.  The more beautiful the blond, the darker her Black/Arab/Indian/Iranian Boyfriend seems to be….

  • Barrack Osama

    Derbyshire is uncharacteristically off base here. How is a disarmed 20% minority of whites supposed be able to handle the situation? We can’t even handle the situation now.

    The future could hold anything though, and almost no one ever gets it right. Some strange and unforeseen miracle could occur. Maybe some kind of new legislation is passed where “states” like California end up losing out on  electoral votes due to a kind of debt “merit” system, which I could see happening under certain circumstances, though not likely now with the current power of the dems. If you’re somewhere between 250-700 billion in the hole, why are you deciding the  presidential election, anyway? You’re a bloated dysfunctional drug addict with 56 electoral votes you don’t deserve.

    Maybe some “cities” (groups of whites) continue their soft secession from Black Run America to form new cities – the host escaping the parasite, officially notarized white flight – even just for a little while . This has already started happening to in Georgia.

    The worse things get, the greater the potential for a miracle.

    •  I think the potential for a miracle lies in the hands of those not looking at it as a miracle, but rather a combination of hard work, ingenuity, dedication and adaptation.

      The problem, at least as I see it, is that pro-White is not much more than a virtual world where people post comments and threads, argue back and forth, and have the occasional conference or meeting. This is not a recipe for something great; it is simply one ingredient of a recipe.

      • jedsrael

        Blacks only live in America because we force them to stay here just to enrich us with their vibrant Diversity.

         They all want to go back to Africa where they would be happy, but we keep them here to fill our Affirmative Action quotas.

  • Guest

    Derb writes:

    And in the second place, modern methods of social control are sufficient to contain disorder, and are still progressing fast: CCTVmonitoring, pilotless drones, smart-phone cameras … I’m sure there are riots in our future, but they will be contained, much more easily than the riots of the 1960s were. The violence will not metastasize.

    The question is, against whom will these “methods of social control” be deployed?  The turbulant minorities?  Or white people defending ourselves?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes, but unfortunately, like one of Shakespeare’s tragedies, a lot of good people will be forced to ‘wither and die’ as well.


  • As a young college student (18 years old)  at a very large and liberal university, I feel it is an obligation of mine to open my peers’ minds to race realism. I will be called a racist and a bigot, but I will only offer up facts and my cause will be just.

    • newscomments70

      Tell us how it proceeds. It would make an interesting comments/articles. Be careful at school though, some people react violently to the truth. 

      •  Will do. Like I posted earlier I may be starting a student organization my sophomore year but this year I’m scoping out the environment and such (plus I have other priorities as freshman in college). However I try to make the most of any situation where race comes up (I seldom bring it up myself). The resident adviser on my floor is a Black female so I need to be careful don’t want to get ostracized right away.

        • newscomments70

          Well I admire your courage, and you are one of the pioneers that is resisting the extreme left which infests our university system. I hope your efforts and the efforts of a few others spread like wild fire. (figuratively speaking of course). 

  • newscomments70

    I have noticed that. Nick Griffin is occasionally getting some decent airtime on the MSM in Britian. In some interviews, they actually let him speak, instead of shouting him down.

  • Interesting article. I think, unfortunately, that totalitarianism will happen. In fact over here in the United Kingdom it is happening already. For example this year alone two white women have been arrested for ranting about immigration on public transport, they were filmed using recording devices now commonly incorporated in mobile phones. One of the women, Jacqueline Woodhouse, was reported to have said “I used to live in England, now I live in the United Nations” which was deemed hate speech by the courts and media. She was not only imprisoned for 21 weeks, but she also lost her job and may well lose her home.

    Make no mistake, mass-immigration and multiculturalism haven’t been popular policies and many ordinary Britons are very resentful about the rapidly changing demographics and the erosion of British culture. However our ability to voice our anger has been stifled by legislation that has all but criminalised dissident opinion on crucial matters such as immigration, race and religion. One has to be very careful now not to fall foul of the law as Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party found when he was tried twice in 2005 for describing Islam as a “wicked, vicious faith.”

    I believe last year’s London Riots were portentous. They demonstrated the changing nature of British society and exposed a propensity for social unrest and criminality that was, until very recently, alien to our shores. As the economy worsens, the government’s austerity cuts are implemented and mayhem like this is repeated, as it surely will be, the ‘powers that be’ will become more vigilant and more repressive in order to quell opinion and activity that falls outside the ‘legitimate’ political spectrum that is tolerated.

    The last government already created the apparatus required by an Orwellian state – a DNA database, the Civil Contingencies Act, extensive CCTV networks in all major towns and cities, the scrapping of double jeopardy laws and the right to trial by jury, detention without trial, etc – and I believe this was in preparation for what is to come.

    In the United States you have that pesky Constitution which furnishes your citizens with inalienable rights.  However, it appears even that may be ‘reinterpreted’ so as to make voicing certain opinions illegal.

  • You make a very good point, Luke. I think it’s hugely important for American patriots to safeguard the Constitution – “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

    Surely one thing patriots could do is to contribute towards a fund that could finance legal challenges when people’s rights have been infringed having promoted the cause?

  • Yes, and one particular minority seems to be very smart, successful and keen on encouraging racial and cultural diversity.

    If whites were as clever and rational as some seem to believe, then we would have been impervious to the propaganda that has created the situation in which we currently find ourselves – i.e. being displaced.

  • I’ve read “what will happen” texts galore, from Medieval period to the 20th century & most were completely wrong. Perhaps the only true visionary was Jules Verne, but limited to technological field.

    The future of Habsburg Austria, the British Empire, Russian Empire, Ireland, Turkey, modernization of Islam, cultural changes in the US & Western Europe, potential of change of Africa & Japan, Communism, ….. all wrong.

    I carefully read all the possibilities & can tell that- apart from universal genetic engineering & “coffee color” scenario – everything is possible.
    Derbyshire writes as if US is hermetically isolated from the world. What if a military threat from Russia-China axis causes rather speed collapse in US welfare system ?
    What if some fraction in the US or the world gains overwhelming military superiority, NLO type ? What if some virus strikes & truly depopulates XYZ ?

    Nothing can be predicted. So, I’ll have to throw in my $ .02, well aware of its inadequacy: in next 5-10 years the gulf between Whites and others- emotional, systemic, in-group gulf- will have risen, as well as totalitarian efforts to quell it. Just-it won’t work. Sporadic violence will have resulted in dismantling parts of Affirmative Action.

    Or- not. Then White militias will become more more intransigent & numerous. One can expect White grass-roots movements gaining in momentum, despite- or because of- liberal endorsement of totalitarian measures against White Americans, mainly working  and middle-class.

    • TeutonicKnight67

       “Then White militias will become more more intransigent &
      numerous. One can expect White grass-roots movements gaining in
      momentum, despite- or because of- liberal endorsement of totalitarian
      measures against White Americans, mainly working  and middle-class.”

      Well said Mr. Kaldian!! The continuous foreign aid to cultures that despise us is also helping to speed up this process immensely!

  • I agree…their “smarts” will be less imnportant as they increase in numbers. It’s all about La Raza with these people, which means you can bet they will annoite their raza into power when their numbers allow it.

  • godzillabloggs

    John Derbyshire said in one of his articles that his income was slightly below the national average, so we can be sure that he does not lived in a gated community or enjoy other privileges of the elite.  If he were not a race realist, he would not be writing for VDare.

  • godzillabloggs

    The BBC and other mainstream media once paid quite a bit of attention to Nick Griffin and the BBC, but that has now stopped.  A recent prosecution of a BNP member was all but ignored . I think that the idea once was that hostile coverage would discredit  the BNP, but that did not work so now they are getting the silent treatment.   

    Electoral reverses by the BNP can be partly explained by other parties combining to drum anti-BNP votes.  The one thing all three mainstream parties can agree on is that the BNP must not make any headway.

  • TeutonicKnight67

     Actually, it’s been going on since the end of the Crusades. And we don’t always lose. See The Gates of Vienna blog. Also the Reconquista in Spain and subsequent colonization of the Western Hemisphere by Europeans

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “…the enemy-controlled media will always shower enormous praise and adulation upon White race traitors…” 


    One illustration:  effusive praise from media of federal judges ordering the busing of school children for racial balance during the 70s and 80s throughout the U. S.

     I lived in the Charlotte metro area in the early 70s when a federal judge James B. McMillan became the first to order such busing, a decision later affirmed by the Supreme Court (Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bd. of Education, 1971)

    Thus began three decades of disaster for millions of white parents and children.

  • godzillabloggs

    If things go on as they are, anybody who can count up to 10 will be regarded as a member of the mental elite.  Be patient – our day will come.