HUD Secretary: Without Tax Hikes, Latinos Will Go to the ‘Back of the Line’

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, September 12, 2012

Congress must raise taxes on the wealthy “because there just isn’t enough to go around,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute today.

“Latino growth has meant that often they’re at the back of the line for housing assistance or other things,” Donovan said during CHCI’s annual Public Policy Conference this morning at the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C. “And the fundamental problem here (in part) is, are we going to continue to invest in those things? And if we continue to cut the budget for Section 8 housing and public housing and a whole range of other things—if we don’t fix this fiscal cliff in a fair way that actually asks higher-income Americans to pay their fair share—Latinos are going to have to continue to wait in the back of the line, because there just isn’t enough to go around. And that’s a fundamental problem in our housing system, but it’s a much bigger problem that is a huge issue when we make a decision about what our investments are going to be in Congress.”

Donovan’s remarks should play well among the Latino community if the polling data provided before he spoke holds true about how Latinos believe the deficit and economic crises should be addressed.

“We see an overwhelming percentage of Latinos want to see some amount of tax increases along with cuts,” Dr. Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions told CHCI. “The most popular answer [46 percent] was just saying increasing taxes on the wealthy, that they need to pay a little bit more, rejecting the idea that we should only focus on cuts. And another large percentage—37 percent—saying ‘yes, tax increases should be part of the solution with cuts.’“


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  • Puggg

    And I just got through reading another article on AR posted today that hinting around that whites mostly pay for welfare and blacks and Hispanics mostly receive welfare is no “better” than saying the n-word multiple times in a row.

    •  it’s worse for leftists, they love to paint us as hateful hateful n-word saying redneck neckbeard hipster gun-toting bible-bashing conspiritard haters.  Sadly, too many of us love to tell them exactly what they want to hear.

  • Ulick

    The disconnect in worldview in these stories is amazing.

    The premise is that without government assistance Latinos and Hispanics can’t make it in this racist country.  (No mention as to why Northeast Asians and Indians can make it without assistance.)

    To intelligence and honest people, however, the reason why Latino (really Amerindian) and blacks can’t make it as well as others in America is evident.  It’s the same reason why blacks and Amerindians can’t make it that well in the nations where they are the majority and there are very few white people.

    The false narrative is ready to pop.  We just need more people to stick it with a needle on the national stage.  Pat Buchanan tried and was promptly fired from MSNBC as a result.

    • IstvanIN

       Ulick: (No mention as to why Northeast Asians and Indians can make it without assistance.)

      NOT TRUE!  The government gives them all sorts of subsidized loans and special treatment.  How do you think they come here with nothing but a bedbug filled turban and manage to own all the gas stations?

      • Ulick

        True. But they manage to succeed with that rather than bungle it and then blame their own bungling on mythic white racism.

        Of course I’d prefer no government subsidies to immigrants; and, well, no immigrants.

      • crystal evans

        When most of these immigrants come to this country, since they have no credit history, they have a difficult time in getting a loan. How they start businesses is that several of them pool their money and this is how they get start up cash to start a business. They are usually able to get a loan after they build up a credit history. These are the same type of SBA loans that white women as well as minorities are eligible for.

  • Translation:

     Without the right to parasatize other people’s abilities and production, there is no way we can get what we want–equality of outcome.   

    Which really means envy.   Because if we’re all equal–and by God we are because NOBODY can be better than me–then we MUST have equal outcomes.

    • I guess they have not learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone pays for the countless social programs that the government funds. That is you and me the taxpayers.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The illegal invaders already get more benefits and help than our natural born citizens. Our tax dollars are being squandered on these locust who consume social services expediently and have learned the poor oppressed minority game from the Bantus. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • Why are they waiting in line at all?  I thought these were robust economic producers that make us a better nation, just like first world mexico.

  • Jfly1222

    “And the fundamental problem here (in part) is, are we going to continue to invest in those things?  Since when did subsidized housing become an investment? I learn something new everyday on AMREN. Count me all in on this one, I’m going to be rich.

  • IstvanIN

    But latinos have their own countries in which to prosper and succeed and be at the head of the line.  They are a hard working, intelligent and creative race who turn anything they touch into gold.  Why are they wasting their talents in racist, unfair America?  We will just allow our rich to short change them.

    • The Latinos that we have in our country were at the bottom in their home countries. Most of them are either Mestizos or Indians. Most white Mexicans have border crossing cards so that they can come here and shop, watch a movie and then go back home. Other wealthy Latinos come here on tourist visas for shopping sprees and then go back home. This is good for the economy and the best part is when they are done, they go home.

  • Defiant White

    QUOTE:    “We see an overwhelming percentage of Latinos want to see some amount of tax increases . . . The most popular answer [46 percent] was just saying increasing taxes on the wealthy . . . ”

    So?  Who cares what they want.  They can all go to hell, or back to mexico, which amounts to the same thing.

    Imagine I’m a non-white standing out in the cold with my freezing non-white family and you invite me into your home.  I then demand that you open your wallet and gibbs me some of that green because you’re rich and I’m not.

    Even better, imagine if that happened to Andrew Jackson, or Nathan Bedford Forrest or George Wallace.   They would have that family whipped out of the state.

    For that matter . . . imagine if that happened to George Washington.  How fast would he grab a musket and order them out of his home.

  • I’m in a situation at work at the moment where I have no choice but to listen to the talk radio host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy.  A lot of my co-workers love the host in question.  By contrast, I know what a fink he is, because I pay attention.

    He proudly pronounced not more than a few minutes ago that his second to last book, Liberty and Tyranny, is being translated into Spanish and marketed to Mexico, Latin America and Hispanic Americans that only speak Spanish.

    Yeah, maybe so, but don’t expect a book with that title to sell unless they change the name to Welfare and Gibsmedat, and I don’t know if or how well that translates to Spanish.  I also anticipate a book about highly abstract concepts that depend on a population of adult able-bodied people not to be heavily welfare dependent to be as successful as a lead balloon.

    • IstvanIN

      I love your analogy, although I had a grandmother who had a hysterectomy and her voice did end up like that.  He does, however, have a face for radio and a voice for silent films.

      •  Not original.  That’s how Michael Savage refers to Mark Levin.  Levin refers to Savage using his real last name, “The Weiner nation.”  The only reason they hate each other is that they’re on during the same time slot.

        • anarchyst

          They are also both members of the “tribe” . . .

  • Don’t the wealthy pay enough in taxes already? I wonder if there is going to be a war between blacks and Latinos for what crumbs that are left of federal programs?

  • anarchyst

    White males are already in “the back of the line” . . .

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    To the Diversity, “tax hikes” means simply “get Whitey!”.

  • Diamond_Lil

    It gets worse.  I was observing a teacher whose Latino students blurted out that Romney was a racist because he didn’t help Mexicans.  The teacher said in a respectful tone, “Why should he have to help Mexicans? – He’s running for the office of President of the United States.”  

    Had to nod and smile at that.    

  • KenelmDigby

    And yet the immigrationists incessantly claim that ‘Lation immigration’ is ‘economically beneficial’ to the USA.
    They can’t have it both ways. Either they must drop the falsehood that third world immigration ‘benefits’ the USA, or they should stop demanding subsidies from taxpayers. Choose one or the other but don’t claim both.

  • That’s good enough as it is for crumbs, but Savage/Weiner also plays the “but some of my best friends are black” game.

  • I would also have told this budding la raza punk that mexico should be helping mexicans!

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Sounds like a good reason NOT to raise taxes.

  • The Democrats can tax the wealthy only so far  and they know it.  They will certainly be taxing everyone at the bottom.  Riase property taxes–the rent goes up.  Give the poor a break to buy a home, they will still be stuck paying the local public sector unions through their taxes.

  • We cannot tax our way out of debt.  But, the liberals and illegals do not care about the debt.  They just want more power and goodies.  The rich already pay more than their fair share.  It is interesting how the liberals, especially Obama, say the rich should “pay their fiar share” and they should “pay a little more.”  What is their fair share a how much more is a “little more.”  You won’t hear answers to those questions unless Obama wins in November.  Then it will be too late.

  • I hope white people learn to game the system like so many others.  Don’t earn about the poverty line and see how much free stuff you can get.  Don’t put the father’s name on the birth certificate and have the taxpayers raise your kids.