Harvard Senior Co-Captains Kyle Casey, Brandyn Curry Implicated in Cheating Scandal

Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports, September 11, 2012

In the past five seasons, Tommy Amaker has transformed Harvard basketball from an eight-win laughingstock to a 26-win powerhouse by landing higher-profile recruits than any previous Crimson coach had ever even pursued.

Now the question is whether Amaker will receive less academic leeway in the future after two of his top players have been implicated in a widespread cheating scandal.

Ivy League Player of the Year candidate Kyle Casey and fellow senior co-captain Brandyn Curry are among the 125 students the university’s administrative board is investigating for “acts of academic dishonesty” on a take-home final exam in a government class, SI.com reported late Monday night. The allegations range from “inappropriate collaboration” to “outright plagiarism,” both of which could carry up to a one-year suspension from school.

Rather than fight the allegations, Casey will withdraw from school and likely miss the 2012-13 season, SI.com reported. Curry has yet to decide whether to withdraw or not, his father, Herman Curry, said.

The advantage of withdrawing from school for Casey and Curry is that it could enable them to return and play for Harvard during the 2013-14 season. Whereas they risk forfeiting their final season of Ivy League eligibility if they disputed the charges and the board ruled against them, withdrawing for a year leaves the door open for readmission to Harvard and a return to the basketball team this time next year.


Even though plenty of everyday students are ensnared in this scandal, it’s the involvement of a handful of high-profile athletes that will surely generate the most headlines. In addition to Casey and Curry, the Harvard Crimson reported Monday that the football team is preparing to “miss a few players.”

Could this cause Harvard’s administration to rethink its enrollment standards for men’s basketball and other sports?


Kyle Casey and Brandyn Curry

[Editor’s Note: The course in question was taught by a black professor and covered “black politics.”]

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  • Puggg

    Ironically, Amaker played at Duke, and Duke is embroiled in a scandal where one if its star players from the team that won the national championship in 2010 may have gotten favors from a New York jeweler.

    If even HARVARD succumbs to BRA/Caste System, then no school is immune.

    Better idea:  Football and basketball are what college students to do blow off steam, they should not be in-all-but-name minor leagues for the pros.

  • JackKrak

    Take-home final exams at Harvard?

    What’s next – are they going to leave the Ivy League for a big payday by joining the SEC?

  • I’m not sure why Harvard pretends to care so much that these two were cheating. It is certainly no secret that very, very few, and possibly none, of Harvard’s black students would actually be at the university if they were held to the same standards as other students. 

  • Defiant White

    Professional college football has destroyed the American university.  It was fun when students played and schools developed rivalries.  But the minute television got involved and schools started making millions, it became the dirty thing it is today.

    In one typical year, it costs the University Of Florida $26 million to field its football team.  But they earn $72 million for a profit of $46 million.  The University of Alabama football program earned $40 million in 2010.  I think the highest earning team is the University of Texas:  $68 million profit.

    Now, in fairness, most schools that recruit negro players don’t make a profit.  A lot just break even or lose money.  But the practice of recruting ANYONE for ANYTHING besides academics has turned American universities into giant whorehouses.

    • IstvanIN

       Rutgers went to hell when they went from playing small east coast colleges, including Princeton, and went big league for football and basketball.

    • Originally, sports were an adjunct to education; they were said to round out an education and build leadership and team skills.
      Today, universities are defined less by their academic success than by the success of their sports programs.

    •  Until closet homosexuals lose their voyeuristic  taste for ogling  illiterate savages dressed in tights playing children’s games bouncing balls around, tossing them around, or running around with them,, what can you expect? I blame the deviant fan’s appetites for this lunacy as much as anything else.

      I am beginning to realize that the perceived over representation of homosexuals at that convention was not wrong, the world is full of salivating sports watching queers.

      Turn off your TV and go participate in whatever sports which interest you instead of watching this poison or come out of your closets

  • I don’t watch big time college or professional football/basketball anymore. It’s ironic how these universities that regularly preach the importance of “diversity” only permit (for the most part) one race to play football/basketball.  And in reality the majority or these players aren’t even students, at least in the sense of what we used to understand students to be. If there are a few whites sitting on the bench, it is usually to artificially inflate the graduation rate.   I still enjoy high school sports and Division III athletics. 

  • Ed_NY

    Yeah, imagine that!  LMAO.

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    Harvard will double down and enroll even more Diversity to neutralize the rising White Awareness on campus.  Surrounding Whites with racism-sensitive Diversity is the best way to keep the latent Ku Klux Nazism from “raising its ugly head”.

    Also, the blacks can’t understand the ruckus and don’t believe they did anything wrong at all.

  • The silly salivating sportscasters have started the deification of rookie NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III.

    • Sportscasters worship the black athlete. This slobbering love affair is what has turned me off to big time football/basketball, more than anything else. A great white athlete like Wes Welker, who runs a 4.6 forty yard dash, is routinely diminished as an athlete by sportscasters. If Welker makes a great play, the sportscasters will say it’s because he outsmarted his defender. Plaxico Burris runs a 4.6 forty yard dash, the same as Welker, yet when he makes a great play, the sportscasters will drool about how it was because of his “tremendous speed and athleticism.” It has become a sickening mantra of sportscasters that I can no longer listen to.  

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Off subject and on a side note….I was very glad M.Vick chocked on Sunday!

        • redfeathers

          So was I!

    • redfeathers

      Silly and predictable.  Last year Newton, this year Griffin.

  • blight14

    The original article is poof, gone! Its almost like it never happened…..

  • Puggg

     In a course called “Introduction to Congress” with heavy emphasis on black politics and issues, I doubt the reason for the final being take-home was to favor problem solving skills and original thinking over memorization.

  •  In my technical classes in undergrad and grad school, I found that this was the strategy of all Asian students.  They’re English was usually pretty poor and they were terrible in group projects and liberal arts requirements, but they were good test takers in Math, etc.  

  • shmo123

    So since Harvard does not give out athletic scholarships, I assume that the players in question were good enough to get into Harvard on their own merits, and meet the school’s high standards, correct?

  • Can’t a brother even be left to finish college without whites being all racist?  Same old story, a black man tries to better himself and the whites are so racist they be makin’ up stories to bring down any brother who gets uppity like goin’ to da Ivy Leage, dey be jealous because now we showin’ whites dat we iz better at stuf den dey iz.  Can’t a nigga get high wit da ladies – nah cuz den whitey come along talkin’ stuf about “drug use” and “rape” and whutnot.  shee it.

  • Sarge

    Each time I see one of these stories, I wonder whether it opens the eyes of even one of the millions of white people who are so enamored of sports that it borders on worship and who glorify athletes to the point of deification. 

    A man can put in a lifetime of good citizenship and honest work and never receive a fraction of the honor and praise that a seventeen-year-old running back gets every Friday night in fall in just about any town in America. 

  • Gereng

    Here in Oregon’s U of O, it is consider little short of a miracle when all its top black football players are out of jail at the same time. I don’t think there is even a pretence of these thugs being educated.  The only challenge faced by the professors and administrators is coming up with a sufficent number of puff courses to get the top black thug athletes through 4 yrs of  eligibility. Keeping them awake in class is the other puzzler.

  • jackryanvb

    Harvard hasn’t been a White, pro White school with high academic standards since when?


    Anybody here think Harvard law grads like Obama, Elena Kagan, Dershowitz were ever high performing students helping our country maintain high standards?

    We should push for Harvard to have open admissions like CCNY.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Oddly, at my local college in Oakland California, I find that blacks do not cheat as much as other races. They just fail. These are the blacks in advanced math and science classes. I don’t know about Afram studies. I guess it is possible that they cheat in those classes. I find the biggest cheaters are as follows:

    1) Those whose names must never be mentioned, but are always claiming to be the smartest race in the world

    2) Asians. In every class, there is always at least one Asian that gets caught cheating. The school is about 40% Asian.

    3) Whites. Or those that appear white.

    4) Mexicans and Middle Easterners. I don’t think they are smart enough to figure out how to cheat.

    5) Blacks. But they have the highest failure rate.

  • Puggg

    The President of Harvard says that it’s not just athletes, that there were non-athletes involved in this scandal.

    What that really means is that black non-athletes were involved in the cheating as well.