France Bans Protests over Prophet Mohammad Cartoons

Nicholas Vinocur and Tom Heneghan, Reuters, September 21, 2012

France banned protests on Friday against cartoons published by a satirical weekly denigrating Islam’s Prophet Mohammad as part of a security clamp-down while prayers took place across the Muslim world.

The country’s Muslim population, drawn largely from ex-colonies in North and West Africa, shrugged off the controversy as imams in mosques denounced the pictures but urged their followers to remain calm.

The drawings have stoked a furore over an anti-Islam film made in California that has provoked sometimes violent protests in several Muslim countries, including attacks on U.S. and other Western embassies, the killing of the U.S. envoy to Libya and a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said prefects had orders to prohibit any protest and to crack down if the ban was challenged.

“There will be strictly no exceptions. Demonstrations will be banned and broken up,” he told a news conference in the southern port city of Marseille.

The main body representing Muslims in France appealed for calm as the weekly Charlie Hebdo put a new print run of the cartoons featuring a naked Prophet Mohammad on the news stands.


French embassies, schools and cultural centres in some 20 Muslim countries were closed on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, in a precaution ordered by the French government.

French media showed footage of an embassy protected by soldiers and barbed wire in former French colony Tunisia, where the Islamist-led government has also banned protests over the cartoons.


President Francois Hollande’s government has sought to balance a cherished tradition of freedom of expression with security concerns, denouncing Charlie Hebdo as irresponsible.

“When you are free, in a country like ours, you always have to measure the impact of your words,” French European Affairs Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

A survey by TNS Sofres for i-Tele news channel showed 58 percent thought freedom of expression was a fundamental right, and that “freedom to caricature” was part of that.

Yet an even higher 71 percent of the roughly 1,000 people interviewed on Thursday approved of the ban on protests against the cartoons. France has a proud tradition of street protest.


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  • razorrare

    When you are free, in a country like ours, you always have to measure the impact of your words,” French European Affairs Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said…
    Translation…Diversity is a cancer to freedom…homogeneity is the foundation on which Freedom thrives.

  • Puggg

    They’re not banning protests, they’re banning riots.


    • it’s kind of odd to whine about the hypocrisy of leftist Jews in America like the ADL who demand multiculturalism but then the Jews running Israel don’t do multiculturalism.  They’re different Jews.  The foundation of Israel is really the best thing to have happened to the Jews, and us whites, in quite some time.  We should support Jewish nationalists trying to have a secure, homogeneously Jewish society.  We want the same thing for our people.

      When we point out what Israel is doing to keep Israel Jewish, instead of decrying the hypocrisy, implying that we want them to be multicultural, we should applaud it and demand that our governments do the same thing.

      • Puggg

        Come to think of it, the ADL has only worked up a half a word of angst with the African deportation plan in Israel and the associated events, including one Knesset member calling black Africans a “cancer.” I don’t think they’re “different Jews” as such, they’re more or less the same people living under different circumstances. Also, there’s an ethnic tinge: Most Israeli Jews who want the deportation and are spearheading the politics are Sephardic or Mihrazi, while the Ashkenazi are mostly on the other side. Mainly because the first two groups aren’t as well to do, and therefore have to live around the African immigrants, and therefore experience it. How does that go? Nothing cures the thirst like a good dose.

  • razorrare

    Observer/Lord Rothchild… “It’s a white thing…you wouldn’t understand….”

    Was that written for me or for Bernard Cazeneuve?

    Let me clarify for you…When you are White and living in a heterogeneous country you always have to measure the impact of your words…

    When you are White and living in a homogeneous country rarely do you have to measure the impact of your words…

    Your activity chart shows no comments…newbie or troll?

    Last clarification…I am White.

  • s shadow

    The French may be suckers for awhile, but if they ever start to clean house, god help those on the wrong end of that.  By now their only solution is a repetez si vous plait. 

  • La Marseillaise is definitely the most stirringly inspiring of all Patriotic songs—my favorite line being translated “Only impure blood will stain the plowed furrows”.   But no list of such songs would be complete without “Rule Britannia” (“Britons never, never, never shall be slaves”), “Dixie” (“In Dixie Land I’ll Take My Stand, to live and die for Dixie”), and “the Bonnie Blue Flag” (“Fighting for the Property we won by Honest Toil?)… I’ve always thought “Die Wacht am Rhein” was a really great anti-War, Civil Defense song—but it got a really bad rap in “Casablanca” by association with Major Strasser, “one of the reasons the THIRD Reich enjoys the reputations it presently possesses.” As Captain Renault said.   Die Wacht am Rhein was drowned out when Rickie Blaine approved Victor Laszlo’s competitive performance of La Marseillaise…. one of the greatest singing contests in Cinema anywhere.  Paul Heinreid couldn’t sing worth a damn and couldn’t even pronounce the words of the French National anthem, but it was the thought that counted….. When Yvette cries out at the end “Vive La France”—I just wish she could have added “Vive le Front National” and “Vive Jean Marie and Marine Le Pen.”  They are two of the greatest political leaders in the modern world, and their young grand daughter, youngest member of the French Parliament in modern history, doesn’t look like too bad as third generation standard bearers go either…. France led the way on the European continent throughout the 19th Century—lost of lot of credibility during the 20th—-maybe France can lead again in the 21st….  The burden of the history of the first half of the 20th century (whether misperceived, real, or totally fictitious) is just too great for the Germans to lead the movement to save Western Civilization at the present time.  Look at the ridiculous brouhaha over the Olympic Athlete who the German team in London when it was revealed that she had dated a member of the National Democratic Party…. it was shameful.  I proposed that every medal ever issued to a member of the Communist Party in any country should be rescinded, or to any athlete married to or even DATING a member of the Communist Party in any country…. What a ridiculous place is this so-called modern/post-modern world we live in….

  • razorrare

    So…your comment stands you say…less factual…for i do understand the concept of freedom…one must ask…how intelligent can a person be  that assumes people that he dosent know dosent understand certain things.

    Intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder…I am familiar with Dr.Albert Schweiter works…how can someone like Schweitzer  spend 30 years to help the african, come away with the realization that to “make blacks your equal is to have them devour you” when an average i.q. dumb arse individual like me realized that truth in little less than a year as a youth who was immersed with the diversities in education in the 60’s….am also familiar with Geller’s works as well..i have pasted an article here and there on amren by Geller…the one on how the UN chooses what refugees will come to the U.S… found it  very interesting…”Muslims Yes,Christians No”…

    Dont flatter yourself…i have not followed you or researched you nor do i have plans to in the future. I do thankyou for the info,the movie,Part 2,comes out Oct 12.

  • razorrare

    The same forces that have paved the way and are allowing what is going on in France are the same exact same ones in U.S…exactly

    In the latest radio program from the Political Cesspool–Radio Show Hour 3–posted: Sunday,23 Sep 2012, Keith Alexander says exactly that–its located about the last 15 minutes of the Third Hour–

  • Goetz von Berlichingen

    The French also saved our bacon in our Revolutionary War.  Count de Grasse won a rare French victory at sea and drove the British fleet away.  This is the fleet that would have reembarked the army of Lord Cornwallis.  They were trapped at Yorktown and had to surrender instead.

    As for World War Two, the French were outnumbered 3:1 in the air.  The most numerous French fighter was the M.S. 406, which while tough and maneuverable, was inferior in speed and climb to the Messerschmidt 109E.  The 109 had 1150 horsepower to the 406’s 850, so this isn’t much of a suprise.  The second most common fighter in the Armee de l’Air (sp?) was the Curtiss Hawk-75, also known as the P-36.  The Curtiss cost more than French-built fighters, but at least Curtiss delivered on time. 

    In 1944-45, the allies had massive air superiority, and the results were equally decisive.  The French also scuttled their own fleet at Toulon in November 1942, just so the Germans and Italians couldn’t have it when they liquidated Vichy.  The didn’t just capsize some of the ships; they fired all their magazines as well.  The heavy cruiser Algerie, the best 8-inch gunned cruiser in Europe burned for three weeks.  Nearly every ship was a constructive total loss.  If only they could have got those ships out of port!

    The only thing France has anything to be embarrassed about from those years was their treatment of Marshall Petain postwar.  Peirre Laval might have deserved what he got, but Philippe Petain loved France every bit as much as Charles DeGaulle.