White Males Now Classed as a ‘Minority Group’ at University

Julie Henry, Telegraph (London), August 19, 2012

Women now dominate Britain’s universities and professions to such an extent that a leading institution has launched a campaign to recruit more “white males”.

The move by the Royal Veterinary College, where more than three-quarters of the intake are female, marks the first time that white men have been included in a strategy to help under-represented groups.

While the college is an extreme case, it reflects a wider trend of women overtaking men in education. Of the 24 leading universities in the Russell Group, only three have a majority of male students.

Across UK universities, 984,000 female undergraduates are studying for degrees, compared to 713,000 male. The gap is expected to widen in future years as new government rules make it easier for universities to recruit students with A-level grades of AAB or better, more of whom are female.

While last week’s A-level results showed boys narrowly outperforming girls at the A* grade for the first time, girls remained significantly more likely than boys to achieve grades in the upper range of A* to B.

According to Mary Curnock Cook, the chief executive of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, the “very worrying gap” between male and female performance at school and university is leading to “fundamental shifts” in society.

Figures from professions which were traditionally male bastions reveal the workplace gender revolution.

In law, women made up 60 per cent of individuals qualifying to practise and admitted on to the roll of solicitors in 2010.

In the same year, 56 per cent of places in UK medical schools went to women, compared to less than a quarter in the 1960s, and it is predicted that by 2017 female doctors will be in a majority.

Yet while women account for 62 per cent of trainee GPs they make up less than a third of hospital consultants. A reluctance among female doctors to take on more demanding specialties, such as cardiology, has led to fears of shortages in key areas.

Women’s domination in veterinary science is also causing concern. About three-quarters of newly qualified vets are now female. By 2015, it is estimated that 90 per cent of those qualifying will be women.

The huge imbalance has prompted the Royal Veterinary College, with campuses in north London and Hertfordshire, to launch a campaign, outlined in its annual report to the admissions regulator Offa, to attract “white males”, among other under-represented groups such as pupils from poor backgrounds and ethnic minorities.

White males are defined as under-represented because while they make up about 45 per cent of the UK population, according to the last census, they account for only 20 per cent of the college’s intake.

Prospectuses and publicity materials have been redesigned to feature photographs and quotes from white male students. Visits to schools and college roadshows specifically target boys.

The college also targets other under-represented groups including ethnic minorities of both genders, who together make up about 10 per cent of the UK population but only 6 per cent of the students at the college.

They are sought out through schemes such as a science Saturday school for pupils from inner London.

By contrast, white women are overrepresented among the students, and are not being targeted for recruitment.

Professor Stephen May, vice-principal for teaching at the college, said: “Our concern is that just in terms of the professional community, having a good gender mix is healthy.

“It may be that in recent years, good quality male candidates have been attracted to more lucrative careers, such as banking.

“The decline in agriculture versus small animal practise could also be a factor. We are not in the business of quotas, that would be discriminatory, but we hope in the long term we will see progress with white males.”

This year, 84,000 more women applied to higher education than men. The only Russell Group universities where male students are in a majority are Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Imperial College, London.

Women outnumber men in the vast majority, including King’s College, London, where 67 per cent of students are female, and Cardiff University, where the figure is 60 per cent.

Mrs Curnock Cook said: “If you look at educational achievement through primary and secondary school and then university outcomes there is a very worrying gap between males and females.

“Somebody needs to address what it is about our education system that is allowing females to perform overall so much better than males. If this trend continues it will start to underpin quite a fundamental sociological change.”

While women are forging successful careers on the back of superior performances in school and university exams, some fear boys are being left on the scrap heap by an education system which disadvantages them.

Coursework and modular exams, less emphasis on the physical, outdoor curriculum and the lack of male teachers have all been blamed for boys’ underachievement. White working class boys now do worse at school than any other group.

Diane Houston, a psychology professor and graduate school dean at Kent University, said that whilst boys may be disadvantaged at school, women still faced a glass ceiling in the workplace.

“There are issues about the way in which schools have become feminised,” she said. “There is a culture in some schools which can be quite difficult for boys, the sitting still and being neat and organised.

“Some can be put off education at a critical point.

“But I’m not sure that at this point we should be screaming about percentage differences in attainment given the way in which women’s careers atrophy through their reproductive lives. There may be more women training to be solicitors, but the judges are men.”

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  • My guess is Britain has another problem. How many of these women are White British women?

  • Vil

    “Somebody needs to address what it is about our education system that is
    allowing females to perform overall so much better than males. If this
    trend continues it will start to underpin quite a fundamental
    sociological change.”

    This is just a “theory”, but I think young white males care less about school. That´s at least what I remember.
    I know/knew some guys with IQs of 130 and more who often skipped classes, never really listened to the teachers, never had their homework done, etc.. None of them went to college and some didn´t even finish high school.
    None of them were dumb, they just didn´t care much about the stuff they learned at school.
    Though they excelled in the subjects they had interest in.

    It may also be that young white men think they will get a decent job nonetheless, no matter their “education”… But we all know that´s not true.

  • Global Minority

    Just like in America, Britain’s Universities are anti-White males, specially of the Christian variety. It has been this way since at least the 60’s. In addition, the Universities offer no help to White males becasue they are “privaleged” don’t you know? Who wants to attend unvieristies these days becasue they are in your face anti-white and White people will tell you that. Why on earth would White males want to attend college or any type when they are hated and loathed. I hear that constantly and I have to agree.

  • Are we surprised that women want to be veterinarians instead of mathematicians?  Yes, of course we are, because after all women are men with boobs.

  • RisingReich

    Frankly, I’m surprised society even cares to notice.   

  • Diamond_Lil

    OMG, this won’t last long.  After all, who are the Chinese and Koreans going to steal technology from?

  • This can’t be good for an economy. A number of these women will become pregnant and have to leave work temporally or permanently. Others will forgo having children further reducing the educated native population to unsustainable levels requiring more poorly educated and uneducated to emigrate thereby diminishing the educated workforce needed to sustain a first world economy.


    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I saw this at work close-up way back in the 1970s in California, through the changes the state made in Forest Fire Fighter recruitment.  There came to be a political need to recruit young, college aged women for political reasons.  What it meant in the field was 1. Lots of sex at the remote stations, more injuries sooner, with more disability, including permanent disability claims being made.  But as the mechanism continued what became the rule was that many men were denied jobs so that more women could get a job and work until they got pregnant.  I know of a number of couples who now live on pure government handouts as the scheme turns out to be that the men end up disabled from years of backbreaking fire-fighting, the women sit at home too on permanent disability, raising kids that too, require public assistance.  To top it off, these remote living people are subject to a number of rural support programs including even subsidized real estate purchases.  Of course, many farmed pot on the side or just went into full time that and created an economy so large in Northern California that they got protection from local courts and lawmakers who recognized the economic boom this activity provided to the counties involved.  In the distant past, I met many people who had purchased large plots of land in Humbolt and  surrounding counties on their drug profits alone.

      All this may have been inevitable in a world that is running down, but the idea is that many men were denied a wage earning job so that this scheme could result was due to feminist politics.  I even heard a career female fire fighter tell me the same version of the problem.  (She was an exception, never had babies (and was married to a firefighter)).

      (As a side note, I just saw a news spot regarding the current fire near Red Bluff, CA.  The chief of overall operations was a black man).

  • Sherman_McCoy

    In what?  Advanced Feminist Studies?

  • ncpride

    Sheesh, they flood their country with non-whites, and probably preach the same rabid feminism as they do here in the states, and they wonder at the problem they have created? No offence to my fellow British readers, but the people in charge there seem to be as stupid as the people in charge here.

  • Dan Reardon

     They have feminized many of these schools to the point it’s become intolerable for young males to maintain interest in academic achievement. My son was an honor student through middle school and his senior year scored a 30 on his SAT without studying. He so hated the school environment that after graduation he enlisted in the military even though I offered to pay his way through college.

     My son would often describe his leftist instructors as some of the most brain dead imbeciles on the planet. We have turned our education system over to man hating lesbians, effeminate men, anti-White minority’s, Eco terrorists, communists and general trash and then act surprised that many of our children hate it.

  •  Not so simple, there are some deeper trends at work:

    Thirty-six universities in Iran have announced that 77 courses in
    their curriculum will be “single-sex,” prompting an outcry at home and
    worldwide over women’s rights in the Islamic state.

    ­The subjects now
    only available for men include accounting, engineering, pure chemistry,
    English literature and translation, hotel management, and many others,
    Iranian news website Rooz Online reports. For instance, the University
    of Tehran will now open exclusively to men the courses related to
    mathematics, natural resources, and forestry.
    According to UNESCO, Iran has highest ratio of female to male students
    in the world, with the country’s women outnumbering men three to two and
    making up about 60 per cent of all undergraduates.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     “Coursework and modular exams, less emphasis on the physical, outdoor
    curriculum and the lack of male teachers have all been blamed for boys’
    underachievement. White working class boys now do worse at school than
    any other group.”

    This quiet trend has been going on in the U.S. since the 1970s.  Ironically, a woman wrote a book on the issue(s) of male suppression in elementary school and the dangers it poses for society in general.  The book is “The War Against Boys,” by Christina Hoff-Sommers, a woman who started off a feminist, like Tammy Bruce, but came to see the extremes of unfairness and even dangerous adgenda in the National Organization of Women.

    Regardless of white males becoming a minority at the university (as they already are in the U.S., they will not be granted “Protected Group” status any time soon, because that program as well as  AA and other programs have always been aimed at disenfranchising, even destroying white male dominance, but has always had creators and supporters whose aims were never to make things equitable, but to “take over” and even destroy (they have said it) the white race.

    •  Things are more complex. Look at this table:

      It gives girls to boys ratio in colleges/universities. If the ratio is 1, then you got 50/50. If it’s bigger-say, 1.2, 1.4,… more female students. If less than 1- say 0.82..more male students. Exact ratios can be easily calculated- who wants to bother with it:

      G/B = number in the table (N)
      G+B= 100 (percent)
      B= 100 – G
      G/100- G = N
      So, the percentage of girls (divided by 100) is
      G = 100 N/ (N+1)

      Easily, one can see that only underdeveloped or partially patriarchal countries like Japan (here, I stand corrected) have N less than 1. Most of the world, including many Black countries, have much more female students.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I think you ought to calm down and stop trying to prove things about yourself to people you don’t know.  That is, unless your point is to blunt everything anybody but you has to say.  That reveals a personality problem, not an informational one.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Only one error;  the line, “we shall demand absolute equality,” really ought to read, “We shall demand superiority, but call it equality.”