Atlanta Symphony Rejects Two High School Choruses Because They’re Not ‘Racially Diverse Enough’

Becket Adams, The Blaze, August 18, 2012

Two high school choruses will not be performing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) this year because they’re not “racially-diverse enough,” Fox News reports.

Apparently, it’s more important that you look like you just came from the set of “Glee” than it is to, you know, have actual talent.

“This year, the schools were informed by symphony officials that their choruses are not diverse enough, and that the symphony would be inviting a third, more diverse chorus [emphasis added],” said Cobb County Schools spokesman Jay Dillon.

Unsurprisingly, some Marietta, Ga., residents believe the symphony’s decision to turn away both Walton and Lassiter High School is discriminatory.


Atlanta Symphony Orchestra President Stanley Romanstein argues that it’s one of the goals of the organization to “reflect the diversity of Atlanta,” adding that he is surprised at the outcry.

“It’s an interesting misunderstanding,” he said.


Still, the fact that the symphony based its decision on physical appearance rather than merit has rubbed more than a few people the wrong way.


But Romanstein stands by the ASO’s decision.

“There are at least 12 very talented high school choirs in Atlanta,” Romanstein said. “We gave Lassiter and Walton choirs an opportunity to perform for four consecutive years, and they were marvelous. We think it’s time to give other Atlanta high school choirs, who are very skilled and deserving, their chance to perform with the ASO as well.”


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  • Rocky Bass,

    We need some stadiums and TV stations to stop carrying some sport events for the same reasons then!

  • Just how racially diverse is the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra?  I’m pretty sure they are 95% WHITE.  They could have said, “We want to give other high school choirs the opportunity to play with the ASO.”  But no, with maniacal Leftist glee the ASO PURPOSELY states that the high school choruses were “not racially diverse enough.”  Not racially diverse enough for what, the nearly ALL WHITE ASO?  I don’t even know why I post here.  What’s the point?  There will be no revolution.  SAME AS IT EVER WAS.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Yeah, but it’s a dog ya just gotta KICK!

    •  Idk about you but this is the ammunition I use to discredit liberals.

      You’d be surprised at how some people are fighting back like that young girl that sued the university in Texas over their affirmative action practices or the firefighters in the Northeast that did the same.

      They diversity multicult is winning the battles but they haven’t won the war.  This whole socioeconomic system they’ve created is a house of cards just wating for someone to give it a good flick.

      •  they  WERE winning the war.  Until the Internet came along.  Then they thought that it would be used to help communists communicate past the media censors and bring about communism.  I know because I was one of them up until the Trayvon Martin case opened my eyes to the fact of what those media was ignoring: stuff that didn’t fit a respectable narrative.

        They discovered, to their horror, that the Internet was being used to bring back ideas they had all but stamped out, and just before it would have been too late for us to save our race from the genocide they had planned.

        So they try to prevent people from posting anonymously now.

        If they can’t ban anonymity within the next year or two, our ideas will become mainstream, and then it will be over for them.

  • Church_of_Jed

    This is a good prepatory experience for the White students who will go to college and suffer anti White privilege hate- at least they won’t be suprised or shocked by the reality of Diversity.

    But we say they couldn’t suffer enough.  White students today are so saturated with Diversity Enrichment in their schools, textbooks, TV commercials, leadership, etc., that they actually believe that having black friends is “the right thing to do”.  

    What’s there left to care about, other than the sacrament of memory?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I’d like to see the demographic breakdown of the audience at any given performance of this  socially-conscious Super-Orchestra, please.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Ethnic breakdown of audience at all symphonies and operas in US:

      96% white

      3% Oriental

      1% black and hispanic (the janitors, food venders and washroom attendants)

  • Global Minority

    Turn the tables and sue them. We’ve got to start somewhere.

  • ncpride

    From reading the comments on the orginal article, the link above says that the musicians of the Orchestra totally disagree with management, and will play for these rejected schools free of charge… on their own time and dime. HA! Good for them. We all know these musicians are mostly White, and it’s good to see them stand up for their own.

    Speaking of music, my own daughter has played with the school concert band for going on her 6th year now, and they played the orginal German version of Silent Night at last years Christmas concert and it was so beautiful, it brought tears to our eyes. You couldn’t ask for more from High School kids. Yes, they are all White.

  • Gee — you think they’ll start fining high schools because their basketball teams are “not diverse enough”? Naaah!

  • RHG

    Once again we get to see that that the word “diversity” is just an Orwellian euphemism for discimination against whites.

  • At the end of the article it says that the schools were allowed to bring ta select group to the symphony.  I would’ve told them to take their symphony and shove it.  That’s what they did.

  • Jrains

    Walton and Lassiter High Schools are both on the east edge of Cobb County.  They both have huge student bodies and rank in the top ten, statewide, in almost all areas of achievement.  Twenty years ago East Cobb was known as “east snob” because it was the area of explosive growth caused by newcomers from all over the county.  They were highly educated members of the managerial class.  Today everybody is happy and assimilated, and the Northside boom continues.  Probably the place is mostly white and Asian, and we can be sure the ASO manager is really talking about more blacks.   The new ASO General Manager, Romanstein, originally from South Carolina(!), recently replaced a holy terror of fifteen years who has moved on to Philadelphia.  In his mind, he might think he’s showing those “Southerners” up there that he’s the boss.  He doesn’t seem to know that there probably aren’t that many native Southerners in East Cobb.  Attitudes in my former Atlanta are so convoluted.

  • Frank

    This is an “interesting misunderstanding.”  How so?  This is plain discrimination, but  no one cares enough to do anything about it.

  • Sardonicus

    I don’t see why the Atlanta Symphony should care? The audience for classical music is almost exclusively elderly and white. Generations of community outreach to get blacks interested in serious music have generally failed. Yes, a few upper class blacks are interested in this music as are a few artistically inclined black gays, but the majority remain indifferent to classical music.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    A Philadelphia Swim Club was sued because they wouldn’t let black children swim in their pool, and those children were awarded a huge settlement for their psychological trauma.

    I wonder if the white high school student will get anything for psychological trauma?

  • Church_of_Jed

    Walk through any big chain drug store and look at all the poster ads. Light skinned n’groes, smiling to make you think they’d never be dangerous, and unidentifiable mongrels who are some sort of diluted Mexican breed, and brunette White girls. Almost never a true Aryan blonde, and in some stores the only White males you see are the pasty, whimpy kind with facial hair and bangs and tight clothes, sort of like the disgraces on Big Bang Theory and all the TV commericals.

  • Whirlwinder

    There is one black musician in the ASO. What a joke!!!! Lets say that when ASO achieves 22% or so black musicians in the orchestra then we can have high schools with the same amount of ‘diversity’ come and sing with us. What a bunch of pea-brained idiots.