UPDATE: Group Commits Assault, Violent Robbery on VCU’s Main Campus

Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 22, 2012

Police were searching today for a group of about 15 young men and women believed to have committed an assault and a violent robbery in rapid succession on Virginia Commonwealth University’s main academic campus in downtown Richmond.

Neither victim was seriously injured in the two attacks, which occurred along Shafer Street on the Monroe Park campus about 2:55 a.m.

VCU and Richmond police described the assailants as a group of 15 black males between the ages of 17 and 22.

The first victim, who is not a VCU student, reported being punched without provocation by a member of the group while getting out of a vehicle at Shafer and West Grace streets.

Moments later, the group encountered the second victim, a VCU student, at Shafer and West Franklin streets. The student told police one member of the group made a comment about his boots before the victim was punched in the back of the head and knocked to the ground.

Once on the ground, the victim was told by one of the assailants, “Give me everything you’ve got.”  The victim was punched again in the neck and a pack of cigarettes was stolen from his pants pocket, police said.


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  • TomIron361

    I don’t give a rat’s behind for nine tenths of our college “students.” Who knows, it might even knock some sense into one or two of them – nah…

    •  Yes let’s cheer on the beating of more of our own White sons and daughters by the feral black hordes.  You sir are a tool of the highest order.

      • TomIron361

        For the most part, the bums who worked the “students” over are better than them. At least we know why blacks do those things they do. It’s because they hate us and are too stupid to do any work that someone would actually pay them to do. But with these so called student, they’re our worst enemies. They’re race traitors of the worst sort (90+% of the filthy slobs).  

        •  I love how you just magically infer that these White students were race traitors and “our” enemies.  Are you privy to some mental prowess that the rest of us are not?  These students were attacked for the COLOR OF THEIR WHITE SKIN.  This has nothing to do with the infiltration of Cultural Marxism in our schools (which is a completely separate topic).  IF you used your reading comprehension you would have known that the first victim wasn’t even a student at VCU. 

          • TomIron361

            Don’t give me that reading comprehension garbage. Most of them were “students” and that’s who I’m talking about. It wasn’t grown White men who voted for the bum in the White House, it was these race traitors on these stinking campus’.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Statistically, you are probably right, though it brings me no joy to admit it.

          • LOL

  • ed91

    sounds like the bantu are bound and determined to teach these liberal youngsters just exactly what the heck is real!


  • Up to my neck in CA

    These pack attacks need to be stopped with equal or superior force! They will not stop until these black thugs know they will be severely punished! FIGHT BACK WHITEY!!


      Why do you think the Zimmerman case got so much play in the media.  Whitey can’t fight back with both hands tied behind our back.  We need to stay informed and make your allies aware of places not to go and areas to avoid, if blacks venture into your castle make sure he knows who’s KING….and in my fortress it wont be martin luther!!!

    • Pandemonium

      “Give me everything you’ve got.” Too bad some of what those victims had wasn’t .45 or .44.

  • I knew it just by looking at the headline.

    • Pandemonium

      Cooper!!! You finally surfaced!!! How was the parachute jump??

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Diversity Tax Squad.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Anyone who has driven through downtown Richmond after dark knows that it is very unsafe for White privilege.  Whites who don’t pay attention to the racial threats surrounding them deserve the Diversity Curse as good as it can be given.

  • Blacks or African Americans made up 52.3% of Richmond’s population  Richmond is a sh–hole.

    Undergrad students: 17% black 12 % unknown 53% white
    Graduates: 20% Black 0% unknown 62% White

    This school has already breached the safe level of ethnicity in the first places. White people should not be attending.

    • bubo

      Unknown seems to be a fast growing racial group.  I live in Florida and there are many people that you just can’t process what race they are.  Just a mixmash of brown.  

  • Rocky Bass,

    This school is past diversity “critical mass”, and approaching “super critical”. Either way I would not help any family member of mine attend under any circumstance. 

  • potato78

    Where should we going to?  Middle West or Middle East?  Now looks like Blacks are everywhere.
    Give the U. S. another 100 years.  I am pretty sure that everywhere is like Richmond.   

  • Up to my neck in CA

    You do have fists and feet, right? I do however see your point about college campuses and the abundance of brain-washed students make for easy targets.

  • potato78

    I will dispatch all these intelligent pure white far east special force to defend the white village for  the mission impossible.


  • Chimp Master Rules

    Robin Hood and His Merry Negroes . . .  just had some time to kill in between Physics and French Lit and decided to get some payback for the injustices they’ve suffered since waking up.  

    We have feral dogs running loose in many cities and now feral negroes trot along behind them.  The dogs are smarter.  They know better than to waste time with broke, half-starved college kids.  But to the Big Thinking negro, a pack of cigs is a major haul.

  • potato78

    I would like to dispatch the most intelligent white far east special force to defend white sisters and brothers, who are helpless, in the besieged village, Richmond, VG. 


  • zone

    Feel bad for young college bound students educated about blacks mostly through television suddenly encountering a wall of savagery right in the place they came to work and build a bright future.
    Let’s hope they learn they have been misled by media and teachers regarding this clear and present danger and come to realize one of the most important ingredients in true knowledge is skepticism.

  • As a Richmond resident, I can tell you that there’s been this idea for the past decade or so that VCU was going to save the city. They’ve annexed a huge swath of downtown and to be honest, a lot of it looks really nice. Only catch is it’s literally within long walk distance of the city’s various black “hoods” and there are pretty much weekly muggings and one or two murders a year. VCU has really bolstered its reputation in recent years, especially as a hip artsy type school. I wonder how long that is going to last. I’d say crime and danger is the number one factor I’ve heard kids give as their reason for not attending VCU, so it’s already taking a toll.

    Richmond is a perfect example of a city where white institutions like VCU, the University of Richmond, and the Virginia state government, are waging a rear guard action against “black undertow.”

  • Let me extend a warm welcome to those two brand new race realists.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Don’t hold your breath, James.  But we may hope . . .

  • tickyul

    These gorgeous Urban American Yutes are not to be blamed.

    Ronnie Rayguns ripped away their midnight basketball and other essential  programs……these Urban American Yutes are actually victims.

  • frmore

    Congoloids have been doing this for decades in Richmond. Odd that it’s news only now. Police Chief is an affirmative action hire. A bumbling, clueless negro of the first order.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “. . . bumbling, clueless negro . . .”

      You’ve quite a gift for redundancy, my friend.

  • Feral savages.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      A N,
       OMG you said feral savages!!!! How insensitive! I’m shocked and appalled!!!! Don’t you realize that these “youths”, “young people”, youngsters, “teens”, “juveniles” need mentors? Someone has to reach out to them and someone eventually will and they will be mentored all over the landscape.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Liked the video, including the old gentleman who is obviously a member of the 5% of blacks who can live in a civilized society, i.e, do not vote Democrat.

  • Church_of_Jed

    If Richmond’s Museum of the Confederacy keeps current, they’ll soon host a “It’s not your fault” conference that teaches blacks how to blame Whitey for even more:

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 6pm – 8pm, The Atlanta Cyclorama will host a free lecture “Slavery, The Civil War, and African American Mental Health” with nationally-noted author and teacher, Dr. Joy DeGruy.

    DeGruy authored Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing and traces the ways that both overt and subtle forms of racism have damaged the collective African-American psyche; causing a manifestation of poor mental and physical health, family and relationship dysfunction, and self-destructive impulses.

    This ‘mental health’ lecture marks the final event of Atlanta’s 2012 American Civil War 150th Anniversary Series “The American Civil War: One-Hundred-Fifty Years Later”.


    • Pandemonium

      “.. subtle forms of racism have damaged the collective African-American psyche; causing a manifestation of poor mental and physical health, family and relationship dysfunction, and self-destructive impulses.”

      Well, at least DeGruy is admitting to these “problems” manifested by the blacks. 

  • Pandemonium

    VCU is in a notoriously bad part of downtown Richmond. Been there, done that.

  • It isn’t just VCU that borders dangerous black ghettos. Many of our formerly prestigious colleges and universities do so as well. As one might imagine; it is particularly bad on the east and west coasts but is also the case at many mid-western and southern universities. Be very careful of where you send your children for “higher” learning. You know your children have been brainwashed when, after they have been the victims of black violent crime, they blame “white privilege” as the cause of that black hate & rage and place no responsibility on their black attackers.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Considering what most kids do or perhaps don’t do in college these days, I wonder if out “prestigious universities”  are really a necessity. The brain washing that you describe starts at the elementary level and increases insidiously in the secondary  prepares them for these universities where the fine tuning of their self hatred will be accomplished.
      When online Universities first appeared I was somewhat skeptical about their efficacy but we’ve raised an entire generation of kids that have spent most of their time socializing electronically in the safety of their rooms. Then we send them away to college where the usual albeit annoying collegiate hijinks have been replaced by assault, rape and murder; much of it due to the proximity of Blacks whether living around the campus or ON the campus where arguably many of them don’t belong. 

      The college campus USED to be a comforting haven for our children. Now it’s almost like seeing them off to Afghanistan. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration.   I attended Temple University’s graduate school in the late sixties and believe me it was no picnic then given that Temple ( a fine school) was located in the middle of North Philadelphia.  There was quite a nice satellite campus in suburban Ambler but Temple decided to do all their new construction in the N. Philly area. They “committed” to the neighborhood and periodically the denizens of the neighborhood would “commit” rape, robbery and murder against the students. While I was there, a student at the law school on Broad Street was about to enter his car when two Black thugs approached him from behind at shot him in the head. 
      At that time the Sullivan Library was an large old house , the rooms of which were used for the “stacks”.  A rapist would hide the rooms and attacked coeds who went in to take out books. 
      The new library now has an more  open floor plan which makes for a safer environment. 
      Today’s students at many schools have not only conquer their homesickness but also their fears of leaving the campus at night or even using the campus facilities as I believe Eve Carson did.

  • Guest

    Wasp spray is very bad advice which seems to come up all the time.  Do not do it!  It is just as illegal as carrying a gun without a permit.  In fact it may be more illegal because it is also federally regulated.  Notice that a can of wasp spray has a warning on it that says “it is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.”  Your gun does not have such a warning.  Would you rather deal with local authorities or deal with local authorities and federal authorities at the same time?

    Do some google searches for “wasp spray for self defense” and read some articles about why this is a terrible idea, both legally and from a self-defense point of view.  You are better off with pepper spray, which is legal just about everywhere, or a gun or knife, than you would be with wasp spray.

  • Global Minority

    The article did not make mention that the ones that got assulated were White. Hummm…. There is a war going on the streets against the White race however most don’t no it. The MSM does and thats why they cover it up.

    • The__Bobster

      If the news sites allow comments and don’t censor heavily, you will find that a lot of Whites know it.

  • refocus

    A security camera photo shows a large crowd on Broad Street in Richmond
    early Wednesday. Virginia Commonwealth University police are trying to
    identify some of the people in the photo in connection with an assault
    and robbery that occurred on the school’s Monroe Park campus.

    What no zoom?

    What no motion?

    What no follow up with the nest sequenced camera?

  • LaSantaHermandad

    “Give me everything you’ve got.”  
    I think that statement was what the victim thought he heard. That’s much to articulate to come from a “youth”. More likely “Gimme awe yo s–t crackuh futha muckah”.

  • No, but it is the default position of many of our liberal university profs and students to blame “white privilege and historical, institutionalized discrimination, by whites against blacks, as the root cause of black pathology.  I hope that these two recent victims at VCU, if they didn’t see the light of race realism before, understand it now.