Elderly Woman Beaten with a Brick Outside Her Own Clarksdale, MS Home

Michael Clark, WMCTV, August 17, 2012

The beating of an elderly woman with a brick outside her home has rocked the city of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Now, there is a city-wide search for that beating suspect.

Shirley Gordon’s chilling tale of violence is the latest in Clarksdale, Mississippi. She survived a brutal beating while defenseless at her home. And not only is she living to tell about it, she’s warning others in the town to be aware of what’s going on around them.


Shirley Gordon

Stitches, bruises and gashes remain on Shirley Gordon’s face after she literally fought for her life while being beaten with a concrete brick.

“I don’t understand how some people can be so mean,” she said.

Gordon went just up the street to the corner store but realized she left her card at home. She returned to get it and came back outside to find her car missing. Then she noticed a teen driving it up her street.

“He said Hi I’m bringing your car back I saw it down the street,” said Gordon.

Relieved to have her car, Gordon even offered the teen a ride home. But that’s not what he was after. The teenager jumped in and grabbed Gordon.

“He was beating the stew out of my head with that concrete brick wrapped in asphalt,” she said. “I asked him what have I done to you? And he kept beatin’.”


“I was cryin’ and I was hurting, but I was not going to let him keep on. I was going to fight him back,” she said.

Police had already been called for the missing car, and Gordon’s husband was inside. She somehow managed to kick the horn.

“I just prayed to the lord, just prayed I would make it, that’s all I could do,” Gordon said.


“I love Clarksdale. I was born and raised and I plan on leaving this world right here,” Gordon said when asked if she felt safe in Clarksdale.

Gordon plans to buy a pistol for protection. {snip}

Police are looking for a suspect in connection with this assault investigation. A surveillance picture was taken inside the store Gordon visited before her attack. {snip}



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  • Easyrhino1

    For there own survival Whites need to realize that the majority of Blacks hate us for something that happened  hundreds of years ago that we had nothing to do with and didn’t happen to them.

    It doesn’t help that the usual suspects are constantly throwing gas on the fire.

    • MarcusTrajanus

       I don’t know if it even has anything to do with hate, it seems that beating, torturing, mutilating and killing the weak and defenseless just provides the with incredible joy. How often have we seen blacks attacking the elderly,  handicapped, etc. and laughing maniacally while they do it. 

  • Ulick

    You’d think these “youths” would be more respectful to grandmothers since so many of them were raised by their grandma with no parent in sight.

    So, in recent weeks, we’ve seen articles where a youth raped an elderly white woman that could be one of our grandmas, and now we see a youth smashing an elderly woman that could be one of our grandmothers in the face with a brick.  Why exactly aren’t we up in arms over this?  (Emphasis on ‘arms’ as the answer).

    • We are, but we’re a lot smarter than bantus. If we go crazy and riot then it will only give reason for the authorities to crack down on White “racists”. 

      In a year or two the economy will crash and the police and military will lose their pensions and jobs. Then we riot and go crazy.

      Strike while the iron is hot.

      • Brian

         It may happen much sooner than that.

         The scary thing isn’t that the Federal Government hasn’t purchased a Billion rounds of ammunition, or that Obama has given a slew of Executive orders that can be used in a time of crisis. Such as forcibly taking essential workers from their homes if necessary and ordering them to keep power etc going.

         The scary thing is that they seem to be bringing it about as fast as they possibly can. The list of economy destroying moves being made is endless.

  • I think the Derb put it best:

    Rule (9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.
    Rule (10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Well, finally.

    This is it.

    The outrageous “Reverse-Trayvon” incident that will finally wake the sleeping whites. No ambiguity, no interpretations, no excuses. Just cut-and-dried evil on full display. The media will be unable to suppress this one…


    (checks watch)

  • Detroit_WASP

    I am waiting for Al Sharpton to say, “security cameras be racist ’cause they seem to photograph mostly black men,” 

    Rachel Madow will agree with that and most whites will be too afraid to point out the obvious.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Edgar Lee Killen is still in jail, so we can all rest easy that the Civil Rights are marching on…

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    I am suprised that an elderly white (she looks white) woman would trust blacks. My mom use to make sure her car door was locked when she got near dark people.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     This is 100% true, and even some blacks agree, but they may only agree as far as the other person is black.  Blacks hate themselves for being black and take their frustrations out mostly on anyone who is not black.

    • Yodle11

      I have never hated myself for being black. I don’t even like lightskinned blacks. I have always dated black people far darker than I am. I LOVE BEING BLACK. There is NOTHING sexier than chocolate. Whites are always trying to be black. Trying to tan their skin and enlarge their lips. I have never found pale skin sexy or preferred. EVER. YUCK!

  • Rocky Bass,

    They are just miserable wretched failures and need someone to blame for their defective, inferior, DNA that holds them in the trees.

  • Rocky Bass,

     I sure would.

  • Ed_NY

    My advice is to avoid all blacks at all costs.  I don’t care how well spoken or how well dressed they might be, most are neither.   They are all dangerous and they will victimize you in a heart beat!

    • Yodle11

      Hard to avoid blacks when your people are always trying to have SEX with them. Why do you think your numbers are declining? White are on the verge of EXTINCTION.

  • sarah stein

    Start disappearing the youths and eventually you’ll either get the right one or he will be turned in. 

    • May God smile on you forever.

  • No mention of race in the original story — although the pictures make it obvious that the victim was White, the thug, black. Even with the evidence glaringly apparent, visually, the media still are afraid to say, “Gordon told police her assailant was black.”

    Why are the mainstream media so reluctant to state the obvious — that a huge proportion of all the violent crime in this country is committed by blacks? I suppose it’s partly ideological — from my own experience as a reporter I can tell you that news media people are as disproportionately liberal as violent thugs are disproportionately black. And maybe the media moguls are afraid Jesse and Al and the other race hustlers will bring mobs of protesters to their front doors if they do call a spade, a spade. 

    • JohnEngelman

      Several years ago I read an article in The New York Times that said that liberals and conservatives usually avoid exposure to points of view they do not have, that both like to have their opinions confirmed, and that liberals do not like to be told bad things about blacks and homosexuals. 

    • If they told us the truth, we’d revolt. That’s how bad it’s gotten. 

      If they don’t bow down and lick the feet of the black man, they will riot.

      If they don’t let every Mexican into the country, they will riot.

      If they tell White people what is really going on in their country, we will revolt.

      • El_Magyar

        Absolutely correct. If the perpetrators of all these crimes were identified by race and the general public started connecting the dots that 95% of them are Black, the majority of the idle public would start asking questions. Granted, you would still have a small percentage of brain dead liberals that would call for more money and support for the predators that are actually “victims”, but not many. In fact, they may risk being on the wrong side of public opinion.

        Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows this in their bones. If it were solidified with empirical data in the media, Whites would be pissed and Blacks would be in a very tight spot. The government and media know this. Therefore, wool over the eyes.

      • Ulick

        Exactly, Lucas.  It’s not that most whites know the full extent of black crime and don’t care, it’s that most whites simply don’t know the full extent because the government and media intentionally obscures the situation.  Race realists, white nationalists, and like-minded whites want to revolt because, by virtue of their own research, they do know the full extent of black crime.  Particularly violent crime against whites.  If more whites saw the full picture they too would want to revolt, and all hell may break loose.

        Of course, there will alaways be those whites who are shown all the facts and figures of black crime and they will either deny it, treat it as no big deal, or treat it as a byproduct of white racism.  These people are a lost cause.  I’m convinced that a white man of this mindset could walk in on his wife getting gang raped by blacks, and he’d either do nothing about it because the white wife somehow deserved it or to break it up would be racist.

    • MarcusTrajanus

       A picture is worth a thousand words, as the cliche goes. If they had identified the races by name they’d get people calling them racists, saying how unnecessary it is, how it confirms prejudices, gives ammo to racists, etc. Showing their pictures makes it just as clear that this was another vicious black on White crime and is much easier to justify.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Wonderful . . . let’s put a picture of this lady next to the idiot who got raped by Colorado muslims and underneath we can write: 


    More than likely, this poor old woman is not as much to blame as her children.  They’re the ones who allow her to live in close proximity to the coloreds.

    • El_Magyar

      I think all the liberal white women who clamor and yelp for diversity and are hostile toward White men should be forced to be the wife of an “Allah Akhbar” Muslim for 3 years and after that, the wife of Leon the Congloid Black for 3 years. I think their shrill psuedo-complaints would be quited.

      • How about a Somali? 

        They are black and muslim AND they practice female circumcision.

      • sarah stein

         White women really have not choice but to marry Allah Akhbar these days.  White men would rather remain single than to marry a liberal white woman. 

    • sarah stein

       She could have sold her house and got out when it became 20% black and 80% white, now it’s 80% black and 20% white.  She is to blame for her situation. Like Detroit, she can’t give her house away.

  • You’re right. A lady from Mississippi should have known better. Southern Whites are regularly called “racists,” but it’s more that they’re not naive about blacks’ proclivities, as so many White liberals are. To paraphrase Huck Finn, “They been there before.”

  • I have a story I can’t tell as it is so ridiculous. And by telling it would tell to much information. But it is unbelievable at what level blacks can be in over their head, and the attitudes they assume when they think their ability to do their job is being questioned. And I am talking about someone that has a role essentially as a coat-check girl in a professional environment.

  • Skilsaw

    What happened to Shirley Gordon is part of the real “War On Women”, something the Democrats don’t want to talk about, as it doesn’t put their gods in a positive light.

  • GM (Australia)

    Yes, they possibly hate us because through enterprise, education and the work ethic we have a superior life style to most blacks. Envy greed and hate are all related emotions. (And lead to this sort of cowardly crime)

    As to what happened hundreds of years ago; Yes slavery was wrong but I am certain that any Afro-American in the USA today has a better lifestyle than his/her distant cousins back in Africa.

  • ncpride

    It could also be her age. She looks old enough to have grown up and lived a large part of her life before massive integration.  I know my own grandmother lived most of her life in a segregated South, and when we kids got stuck riding the bus to school with mostly black kids in the late 70’s, she couldn’t believe the stories we told her about the treatment we received at the hands of those blacks, and it was terrible. We were always told to be nicer, turn the other cheek.. blah, blah, blah…. Did I mention she was very religious? I have long since forgiven her, because she just didn’t have any experience with them. On the other hand, my sister and I learned to defend ourselves in short order, and to this day I would not willingly start a fight with my sister… She is the oldest and was without a doubt, the meanest.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Nice to hear an innicent White victim respond with “he needs to be in prison” rather than ‘oh I hope the courts are merciful on that poor disadvantaged youth.’

    Still not as good as ‘he needs to be made a very public example in the middle of the town square,’ but it’s a start.

    • Sarge

      True. And did you see this in the linked article?: 
      “Shirley Gordon will keep her box cutter close as she waits for her newly-ordered pistol.” 

      The most perverse thing in this incident is that the 14-year-old savage did what he did. But it’s also disgusting that we’ve reached the point that a 77-year-old woman in Mississippi is taking a stand in the front lines. She should NEVER have to think for a moment about self-defense. Family, friends, neighbors, and society as a whole should be defending her from savagery as a matter of course. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Meanwhile, we are supposed to forget about her and worry about the “wounds” of Aparthied.


    Got that White women?  If you are robbed, raped, or murdered by a black, you are still supposed to treat them as sacred and protect them from any “hurtful” comments that your racist unearned White privilege spews like toxic poison.

    This story proves that whenever a White speaks the truth, MSM uses it as another opportunity to reinforce the “narrative” that blacks have suffered because of us.

    White South African Model’s Racist Tweets Enrage a Nation
    May 6, 2012 | Posted by ABS Staff

    FHM model Jessica Leandra dos Santos used the word “kaffir” in a tweet on May 3, summoning South Africa’s nasty history of racism and segregation. “Kaffir” is South Africa’s version of the n-word in the United States. It may even cut deeper in South Africa, however, in South Africa, because the wounds of apartheid are still fresh.
    “Just, well took on a on arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have,” she tweeted. The backlash came immediately, forcing the model to delete the tweet within hours. Dos Santos later claimed that the incident inside Spar, a South African supermarket, came after she was confronted with sexual remarks. To be clear, “kaffir” is a term that was long used by European colonists and their descendants to describe native Africans. The divisive term is labeled as hate speech, meaning that its use can result in prosecution. In her own defense Dos Santos tweeted, “Would u all stop! These are the kinds of people that land up raping young girls of our country! I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.” Of course, feminism is not a defense to racism. By tying the actions of one man to a race, the model has incited the rage of a nation. Regardless of her intention when including the word in her tweet, Dos Santos made herself into an international model for ignorance, using a slur with a heavy past so lightly. In South Africa, the use of hate speech and racial slurs on Internet social media outlets can actually result in criminal charges. A columnist there, Mabine Seabe II, announced a complaint he filed with the Human Rights Commission against Jessica Leandra Dos Santos via twitter. FHM magazine’s South African branch has already distanced itself from Dos Santos, condemning the model’s comments. She was stripped of her title as the winner of magazine’s 2011 Modelbook competition, and will no longer appear in its pages. 


  • Rebelcelt

     when you are her age  (if you make it that long) i think you will find that you do not think as fast or as well as you once did ( coupled with the sight and hearing being degraded and having to spend so much brain power deciphering your every sensation). 
    This is why so many crooks can take advantage of old people.

  • OK,  lets get this straight once and for all.  Here are the rules.  1. Every white person in America owes every black person in america for crimes committed against blacks before anyone alive today was around.  2. It is the White mans responsibility and blame for everything that has ever gone wrong with the shortcomings of any black.  3. The only way a white can be the victim of a hate crime is if he is a homosexual (another agenda of the MSM)  who controls that anyhow ??   Well I digress.  4.  At no time ever should any white find any problem with the behaviour of black people, regardless of the severity of that behaviour is heinous.  ie  The wichita massacre, the knoxville horror, the zebra killings to name a few.  5.  It is the duty of every hardworking white family to support blacks with money, foodstamps, housing, while the arrest and conviction of any black should be examined very closely.  Probably caused by racism,  and or the poor blacks being victimized. 6.Whites should stop having children so we can eliminate our race by attrition, because blacks can run countries and cities much better.  ie  haiti,  detroit,  well you get the idea.   Sorry Wasps, your day has come and gone.  The smarter, industrious and hard working Africans will win every time.        Welcome to the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism,  and egalatarianism.     Any Questions ???

  • Angrywhite

    And the beat goes on…
    We need to worry less about WMDs and more about WMBs (White man’s burden).

  • With the spread of Internet & all info gadgets, stories like that one can not be hidden for long as during newspapers & TV eras. Sure, TV is still the most powerful info weapon, but more & more independent stations & public pressure are changing things. For instance, wikipedia – whatever we can say about it- is a good thing: just type in Google Knoxville horror or Wichita massacre or Duke Lacrosse scandal.
    We’ve already commented that most posts on various papers would be, in all likelihood, censored here.

    What I wanted to say ?

    Times aaa changin’. Crimes like that one are not to be just glossed over. And- although I don’t approve this- in case you didn’t know, during Stalin’s era legal age limit for death penalty was 13. If you were 13 yrs old & committed some death deserving- according to Stalin’s opinion- transgression, you were shot.

  • RisingReich

     Marrying a liberal woman would be a fate probably worse than death.

    Must be why I’m still single.  That and the fact White men have been relegated to the lowest rung on the social ladder.

    • Michael C. Scott

      I could suggest a solution involving a very conservative woman with a complexion very like your own, but I get enough static about that for my own choice in that respect.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Your point is well taken.

    But she’s an old southern woman and quite used to living around and interacting with blacks. Times change but people generally don’t. From her early days, blacks were better behaved and better regulated ( Jim Crow) and that’s how she still sees her world even if it’s no longer true. 

    An old New England saying goes: “Good fences, make good neighbors”. It implies boundaries as in, I’m here and your over there. It’s a general term, which can include a broad spectrum of  applications, including racial separation. That’s why in the northern states white/black usually occupy different demographics rather than often mixed  together like in  ol’ Miss. 

  • Global Minority

    No national MSM nonstop coverage of this? It’s only going to get worse. Just think how much worse its gong to get if BHO does not get re-elected. It will be becasue of “racism” and I think the votes will have to be re-counted until they come out in favor of BHO. In the meantime the cities will burn and no White in America is going to be safe.

  • Denise

    I’m glad this feisty lady survived her attack. Even though it’s easy to blame the victim in cases like this, and I’ll admit I think how can anyone be so stupid?  The blame should be placed on the perpetrator. No one deserves to be beaten like that. I particularly feel for the unfortunate woman who was raped in Colorado. Even though she made some very poor choices, and her liberal mindset most likely helped pave the way for those poor choices, what happened to her was so horrendous that I will refrain from criticizing her personally. She met a fate worse than death.
    I can’t help but wonder why women aren’t more careful. I think of safety in a practical manner every day, such as locking the house, windows, and car door. I am always aware of my surroundings. I grew up in the city, so being cautious is second nature to me. Although, no matter how careful a person is, anything can happen. Think of the young soldier whose car broke down in a bad neighborhood, and he was almost beat to death. What could he do? I worked with a beautiful young, blonde blue-eyed girl from the country, who told me she loves jogging at night. I informed her this was not a good idea, as did a few other people. This young lady had no clue about crime and the general roughness of the inner city. How could she have been so naïve? The media is partly to blame for muzzling crime reports overall, and in particular not reporting the color of crime. The feelings of black folk trumps public safety.
    Along with using common sense to stay safe, I think women need to pay attention to their instincts. Certainly there are men with good instincts, and women with dull senses, but generally women tend to be intuitive. I think it is a built in compensatory defense mechanism given women’s smaller stature. I took a women’s self defense class taught by a couple of cops, and among all the practical advice they gave us, they cautioned us to always listen to our intuition. They told us that many female crime victims said they had “a bad feeling” about someone, maybe someone they saw in a crowd, or at a store before being followed. I wonder how many women having had their natural instincts blunted by political correctness, and not wanting to appear racist, or rude, have hesitated just for a moment, and have paid dearly for it, possibly with their lives?

  • RisingReich

     There is absolutely NO REASON to have to have such a close brush with the other side to  reach race realist conclusions.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    It has to be due to a legacy of Apartheid and Colonialism…what ever else could it be?