Police have arrested two 18-year-old men in the murder of Megan Boken, a former college volleyball star who was shot to death inside her car during a botched robbery.

Detectives tracked down the teens on Thursday, thanks to a cell phone that was connected with a previous, unrelated, robbery.

Miss Boken, a 2011 St Louis University graduate, was found with gunshot wounds to the neck and chest right before she was due to play an annual alumni game at Saint Louis University in Missouri.

Megan Boken

The names of the suspects were not available, though the St Louis Post-Dispatch reports that both are in police custody and awaiting formal charges.

Police tracked down the teens thanks to a cell phone that had been taken in a previous robbery, the newspaper reported. However, its exact role in the investigation is not clear.

Dave Marzullo, a city police spokesman,said the 23-year-old’s death on Saturday afternoon was likely an attempted robbery gone wrong because they had no evidence she knew her killer.

Witnesses said Miss Boken was seen arguing with the man who opened her car door and opened fire at very close range.

The shooter was seen firing two shots into the vehicle before leaving the scene, police said. He left before police arrived.

After she graduated, Miss Boken moved back home to the quiet Chicago suburb of Wheaton, Illinois, where she worked for a financial adviser.

She returned to St Louis, which has the second-highest murder rate in the nation, last weekend to play alongside her college teammates in a game against the current players.

KPLR-TV reported that Miss Boken was found in her Volkswagen about 2pm on Saturday in the parking lot of an apartment building where she lived when she attended St Louis University.

She was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds to her chest and neck, but died on arrival.

Boken was a four-year volleyball player who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing, the university said.

Witnesses described the suspect as a thin black man in his mid-20s, about 5-foot-8 tall with short hair.

Miss Boken’s family issued a statement saying: ‘Megan was a wonderful and beautiful human being loved by everyone she met. The family and the community are devastated by this senseless tragedy.’

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  • Detroit_WASP

    Another young white woman dead at the hands of blacks.   I wonder how many times this happens per year???  In this country and in the world.  Again, I suggest Amren starts a page to keep count of this.

    Here are a couple we had here in Detroit.
    Pregnant white woman

    Black 12-year-old murders white woman

    When you lay down with dogs….

    I guess we are lucky that the report included a description of the killer.   There was a time when crimes like this were delt with quickly and justly.   Today we must hide our identies to talk about racial crimes or risk a liberal witch hunt.

    • Church_of_Jed

      When Holder made his “my people” comment to Congress and nobody challenged him, everyone got the message that his people were sacred and untouchable in MSM.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Forget THAT comment! How about the bigger message he sent to us when the NBPP 
        ” King” called for genocide and infanticide against Whites in broad daylight in Killadelphia while the “Poleese” looked on?  Holder totally ignored it as did Obama. That constitutes a wink and a nod to the Mau Mau to wage war against us; not that it hasn’t been going on for the last 60 years but they now have a wink and a nod from the Administration. Shabazz is so emboldened now that he suggest killing White babies in their hospital nurseries.  The Mau Mau have been unofficially inducted into an undisciplined, unorganized but deadly SA units. Instead of the Sturm Abteilung they’re called “youths” The Nazis would have called them “Holder Jungen”. There’s no planned strategy it’s all random with the targets being in descending order of importance: White, Asian, Hispanic.

        For you who’ve been sitting around wondering what the Hell’s happening, it might be time to dust off whatever ”  WEHPAWNS” ( to quote Cher)  you own, break out the brass brushes, patches and the Hoppes solvent and put new batteries in your bore light. Go to a range and test out a few rounds of each box of ammo that’s been sitting around for years.  You don’t want a hang fire or a ” no bang” when the “youths” are coming through your front door. Let’s hope that this is nothing more than a hypothetical scenario but whether Obama wins or loses something is going to happen unless of course the Mayans were right and then we’ve nothing about which  to be concerned.
        Just an after thought! If you have young daughters PLEASE teach them to shoot. They actually prove to be quite remarkable markswomen. This past weekend  I went to the range and  I was the only  lone guy with 7 or 8 teen White girls and their dads.

        BTW does anyone know what became of John PM? I always enjoyed his comments that always ended with “God help us all”.

    • “Another young white woman dead at the hands of blacks.   I wonder how many times this happens per year…”

      I wonder how many instances there are of White men killing Black women?  I would guess the number is about the same as White men raping Black women.  Why is it that we just don’t show the same amount of interest in Black women?

      •  Because they’re revolting. 
        That black men prize and pursue our white women so frequently leads one to believe that they hold white skin superior to black.  It’s an effort to elevate their race while defiling ours.

        • rightrightright

          For a while I had a co-worker who was black.  She had a child by a black man who had also fathered a second child by another black woman.  One of her (few) conversational themes was that her child was better than his half brother because his skin was “golden brown” (her words) whereas his brother’s skin was dark brown.  

          We all said nothing.   If you think about it, we could have been in big trouble if we had bothered to shoot down her remark because she was black and we were white.  We could equally have been in big trouble for not saying anything, as silence implies consent (agreement) which the PC bloc police would condemn as racist.

          White people are surely scuttling around in ever decreasing circles with less and less wiggle room per circumnavigation. 

      • bluffcreek1967

        White males don’t show the same interest in Black women because:

        1. Most of them are unattractive physically. Far too many of them are obese. But when obesity is coupled with height (not to mention poor attitudes), they look almost monsterous.

        2. They are foul-mouthed (at least the ones in the U.S.).

        3. They are contentious and domineering. The petite, feminine and gracious Black woman is extremely rare.  

        4. They are not particularly bright or inclined to conversations of a deeper level.

        5. Many of them have strong masculine features which most men find repulsive.

        6. They are coarse in their language, and crude in their observations. They lack the ability, it seems, to state things in a subtle and refined manner. This, of course, presupposes that one has a higher IQ level and is more sophisticated intellectually which simply isn’t the mark of Black women anywhere.   

        • Larry Klein

          Generally,  most of them are just plain ugly. Also, unlike white females, most white males want to avoid the drama the black interracial relationship entails, which can range from stares or comments from other blacks to physical assault.  Lastly, in many cases the feeling is mutual, black women prefer black men for physical reasons or because of the “bad boy” (i.e. philandering criminal) factor.

          • CoweringCoward

             You’re mistaken, black women interact with white men the most of all on dating sites, while receiving the least responses.

          • Detroit_WASP

            Do tell ! lol

      • razorrare

        Inter-racial rape is a hate crime which is exclusively black-on-White,with 14,000 assaults on White women by African American males in 2007.Not one case of White sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study…U.S. department of Justice,Bureau of Justice Statistics,Criminal Victimization in the United States,Statistical Tables,2007(Washington, DC,2010),table 42…from Pat Buchanan’s book,Suicide of a Superpower-The Diversity Cult-page 243…

        • libertarian1234

          You’re right on with your stats, guy.  Pat isn’t the only one who has rep0rted the vicious black on white rape statistics.

          Laurence Auster reported them for 2005, which were roughly 37,000.

          I did a quick search of the Dept. of Justice web site a while back, looking for the black on white rape stats, because I wanted to see what the current year reflected, and I wasn’t able to find them.  That was in 2010 or 2011, I believe.  And I also noticed other crime stats were altered from what had been reported in prior years.

          Somebody from another site said it was his opinion that Holder’s DOJ has altered many figures and erased others.

          That seems to be the most logical explanation.

          Do you have any info on this?

          Or does anybody here have any info on it?

          • razorrare

            No i dont have any info on this…

            must say that i was surprized by the number of blacks that had raped White women in 2007–thought it would have been much higher than the 14,000 quoted…of course there is no way to count those black on White rapes that go unreported…

            Even more surprized was I that no Whites had been counted to have comitted rape on Black women for the year 2007–seeing how the fbi and other various law enforcement agencies often cook the books against Whites by counting  Mexicans White..,so it would seem that not even mexicans are of the persuasion to rape a black female…do you have any info on that? Or anybody? Thanks;)

          • libertarian1234

            “………so it would seem that not even mexicans are of the persuasion to rape a black female…do you have any info on that?”

            Not right now.

            I’m going to check around first chance I get and try to find out more.

            If I find anything pertinent, I’ll report it here for certain.

            This present Dept of Justice is corrupt to its very core. I’m surprised some investigative journalist hasn’t come up with an expose, especially since Christian Adams. I believe it was, wrote his whistle-blower book. 

            The RNC could finance someone surreptitiously to do the work, but they just don’t seem innovative enough to venture into that area as the Democrats are.

            Katie Pavlich wrote an expose on the Fast and Furious scandal by the DOJ, which was really damning to the DOJ and Holder, but it isn’t being given the attention it deserves.

            This DOJ is the most corrupt in history. 

          • These are older stats. I don’t know about 2010 etc.

            U.S. Justice Department
            2006 rape
            to Table 42. –> 32,443 Whites raped by Blacks, zero Blacks raped
            by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 2005 rape
            to Table 42. –> 37,460 Whites raped by Blacks, zero Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 2004 rape statistics:http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0402.pdf
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 11,611 Whites raped by Blacks, zero Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 2003 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 20,309 Whites raped by Blacks, zero Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 2002 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 17,572 Whites raped by Blacks, 8,447 Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice
            Department 2001 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 31,320 Whites raped by Blacks, 4,017 Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 2000 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 13,955 Whites raped by Blacks, 2,364 Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 1999 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 20,003 Whites raped by Blacks, zero Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 1998 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 22,307 Whites raped by Blacks, 3,414 Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 1997 rape
            Scroll to Table 42. –> 18,784 Whites raped by Blacks, zero Blacks raped by Whites.

            U.S. Justice Department 1996 rape
            to Table 42. –> 19,070 Whites raped by Blacks, 6,060 Blacks raped by Whites.
            As for homicides:


            So, average white on black homicide rate from 1976. t0 2005. per annum was around 400, while black on white was around 900.

          • razorrare

            Thank you Mr.Kaldian for doing the legwork…most appreciated…

            looking at the stats it certainly does appear that some have been altered…so we know that from 2003 to at least 2007 there were no White on black rapes…is this because they didnt count hispanics as being White for these 5 years? Will use the link you provided  and see if they have stats for hispanic on black rape…will bookmark these links…thanks again.

          • libertarian1234

            Thanks, Bardon.

            I’ve saved them in a folder for future reference.

            Good job.

    • MekongDelta69

      I suggest Amren starts a page to keep count of this.

      It’s a great idea, but AmRen’s Servers would crash.

      There are a couple of sites somewhat like that:




      There are others and I’ll add to the list as I go through my endless number of bookmarks.

      • Walking_On_The_Moon

        MekongDelta69, here is another to add to your list…over 200 pages and growing:


        • MekongDelta69

          Thanks. I’ll add this one to my bookmarks.

  • The Circuit Attorney had her press conference Friday to announce the arrest of the two suspects, who are first cousins.  This is the same Circuit Attorney who was a “Truth Squader” in 2008, a group of prosecutors and law enforcement big wigs who implied they were going to throw Obama critics in jail.

    In her presser, she talked about how “sad” and “unfortunate” it was for people so young to commit murder.  Huh?  Is Megan Boken any less dead that an 18-year old rather than a 40-year old murdered her?  She couldn’t even commit to the death penalty against the one charged with Murder One.  That might have been a smart thing for her to say now, but don’t bank on it happening:  1994 was the last time the St. Louis City “justice” system handed out a death penalty.  Joyce did hint that they were caught not because of the reward money, but because of the SLPD’s usual method of shaking down various ghetto thugs and ne’er-do-wells on a string yielded these two future nuclear physicists.  This is why it’s so important to have a lot of these “victimless” process crimes on  the books, (e.g. drugs, guns), not because you throw everyone who violates them in state prison, but because you hold that as the Sword of Damocles over their heads for when stuff like this happens, because the night does have a thousand eyes, and someone almost always knows something when something like this goes down.

    I’m still on the fence on the issue of whether the victim knew her assailant or not, I’m hearing and reading contradictory things.

    • Church_of_Jed

      I’m watching at TV commercial for myWWF.org that is urging me to worry about the potential extinction of tigers in Africa. 

      Worrying about extinction is all I do all day long…

      • refocus

        Tigers are native of India.

        Lions are native of Africa as well as many other places.

        • Church_of_Jed

          Well, just goes to show you that the tigers were as naive as the Boers.

      • Extinction.  What a great idea!  Instead of calling this the Race Realist Movement, or anything else, why not put our critics on the defensive and call it the Anti-Extinction Movement?  The critics would then have the burden, in order to deny us our own label, to show us how extinction is NOT happening for white people.

        • Church_of_Jed

          We need to run with that.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      If you have anymore info on this case could you please post it. I live around St.louis and I’m having a hard time finding more on this case.

      • The__Bobster
      •  This happened in the CWE, a very expensive SWPL neighborhood close to ghettos.  The two suspects seemed to want to be on the prowl looking for someone (i.e. a white person) to rob.  I don’t know why they chose Miss Boken, my guess is that maybe one of them was familiar with her. 

        Otherwise, I have nothing else to add.  The only reason I watched Joyce’s presser on Friday is because I almost had to, because it was right before Todd Akin’s presser, and I was hoping that Joyce wouldn’t go long and push Akin back to after the previously scheduled time, because the media wouldn’t cut away from one to go to the other.  Which was a possibility because the two pressers were in different places.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Sorrow, but no outrage over yet another casualty in the undeclared war,” because our thinking on the subject has evolved and we are finally doing our part at bringing about the transformational change that prevents respectable Whites from saying anything that might foster prejudice against our much needed Diversity.


    If a black initiates an armed robbery of a white, and then deliberately and gratuituously murders the white, for example, opening the victim’s car door and shooting her multiple times at close range, as was done to Megan Boken, it is a “robbery gone wrong.”

    If a black, prior to gratuituously killing a white, does not initiate a robbery, but simply launches a homicidal assault on a white who happens to be in his vicinity, as a black stabbed Denise McVay 30 times at a self-serve carwash then slit her throat, then it is a “random attack.”

    If a mob of blacks knock a white pedestrian to the ground and proceed to rain blows on his head and body causing him grave injuries, and if the perpetrators tell police that they did it because they were “bored,” then it becomes, not a racial attack or a hate attack, but an “act of boredom.”

    If a mob of blacks attack whites in a park, and later tell the police they did it for “fun,” then it becomes, not a racial attack or a hate attack, but just “youths having fun,” “youths on a lark.”

    If a mob of blacks surround a car containing two white reporters and throw rocks at it, and if when the driver gets out to talk to them they assault him and severely injure him, it is not a racial attack or a hate attack or a mob attack, but a “street altercation.”

    •  “A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself.” – Joseph Pulitzer
      “The press is our chief ideological weapon” Nikita Khrushchev

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Interesting and relevant.

      • razorrare

        therin lies the irony…Khrushchev was right about  “We shall bury you without ever laying a finger on you” or words to that effect but he would definitely be rolling over in his grave seeing the opposite transformation that he could never envision taking placing in Russia and the death of communism.Tit for Tat as they say?

    • That’s the Obama press corp for you. Another somewhat related example is when Maj. Nidal Hasan screamed “Allah Akbar” before and during his murderous rampage at Ft. Hood which killed 13 people. The PC gurus in the MSM decided it was NOT an act of terrorism but simply “workplace violence”.

    • refocus

       There is no outrage for the murder of young white women because the white males are more interested in the big game on TV.

      There are also, according to reports that I consider factual, 50 MILLION adults in America on pharmaceutical drugs that effect the mind.

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    In a WROL situation  crimes like those will be prevalent. When, and I say when because it is inevitable that the fiat U.S. Dollar/All 1st world currency will collapse and the the EBT payments stop, the West is broke. A WROL situation will unfold all across this nation. The first week all the food will be looted off the shelves, then those without stockpiles, and who haven’t killed themselves will take to the street to take from you and yours. What will you do?

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      That was ment as a reply to Detroit WASP.

  • MekongDelta69

    Auster had it exactly right.

    “Robbery gone wrong” – as if it’s perfectly ok and normal for two black youfs to rob one innocent white girl. And if it goes ‘wrong’ – oh well, they’re just misguided youts sent down the wrong path by the ‘legacy of racism’ and crushing poverty.

    And while I feel so badly (for the endless time) for the parents, I am so sick of these, “She was a wonderful…” God forbid, if I ever had to use the word was for my kids, I swear to God, I would personally strangle those (you insert your own derogatory term here, because apparently I’m not allowed to) in court and wouldn’t care less what happened to me. That’s a promise.

  • Daily Mail. As expected.

  • 1gravity

     Causus belli. 

  • Chimp Master Rules

    #20 was a beautiful girl.  Obviously bright, athletic, well-educated.  She easily had 50-60 years of life left in her, a family of beautiful white children and a legacy that would last for  generations. 

    I hope to God we don’t find out that there was more to this story (like she was buying crack, or was dating a black).  Until then, we chalk her up as another beautiful white woman sacrificed to the demon of political correctness.

    RIP #20.  Keep the great serves coming!

  • And now we will spend millions of dollars to insure the accused are provided with a proper legal defense. The defense team will look for any technicality, any mistake made by the police that could free these killers. If there is no technical error, then defense counsel will hope for at least one juror who feels there are too many blacks in prison and that black crime is understandable , even justifiable because of historic white racism. Failing that, defense council will try everything in their power to make just one juror believe that reasonable doubt means any doubt whatsoever. If  they are convicted, we will spend millions more to make certain the killers health and well being is properly provided for…college courses, exercise equipment, big screen tv, and all the sex & drugs a street thug could hope for to last a lifetime. From the perspective of victims, our justice system is an obscene joke.

  • mobocrat

    If- by some chance- a grief-maddened relative of one of these murdered Whites expressed bitter and righteous white-hot rage toward the “disadvantaged youth/s” who butchered their child/ sister/brother/friend…would any media outlet report it? And in the unlikely event it WAS reported, would it be possible- in this age of insanity- that this tortured soul might be charged with “hate-speech” ?

    • sarah stein

       The relative could express white hot rage, but the media will never report it because it would bring attention to the crime. And that’s the last thing they want.

    • The__Bobster

      Media outlets usually send out their house moolies to interview the parents of the victims to intimidate them into stifling their true feelings.

  • TonyWestfield

    GOOD NEWS: The suspects are named Keith and Jonathan.  This means that at least two sets of parents (or single moms) went to the normal list when they named their sons, instead of using the post-1960’s list of Malik, Jamal, Hakeem, Kwame, Qwamee, Naquan, Laquan, LeQuan, LeShawn, LaSean, Deshawn, DiShawn, Keyshawn, HeShawn, WeShawn, TheeShawn, Dante, Dontay, d’Antay, Sergio, Antonio, Antoine, Antwan, Antowain, LaMichael, Jermichael, Letraveus, LeTr’avius, Outrage’ius, Vituper’us, Trikinosus, Demetrius, Endometriosis…

    BAD NEWS: The suspects are named Keith and Jonathan.  This means the leftist media can succeed (at least for an extra day or two) in hiding an important fact about such “men.”  Even when the media neglects to publish a photo or a description of the offender, the name usually exposes the secret.

    • sarah stein

      CNN will call then neo-nazi white African Americans.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Thanks for not including SheShawn…

  • Say..why isn’t this getting the “Trayvon Treatment”. Why don’t they show pictures of the victim as a 10 -yr old girl scout. Why isn’t Joe Biden saying “If I had a daughter, she would look like Megan”.  Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi dressed in a cowgirl outfit saying” “I’m gonna say it like I see it.  Megan was hunted down like a rabid dog, she was shot in the street, she was racially profiled.”

    Sorry……… I just can’t help being sarcastic. Goes to show how the MSM propaganda/press promotes whatever they are told to.

  • No fear, but indoctrination has silenced parents. They should have said:
    We’re fed up.
    We had it enough. Blood for blood, nothing less will suffice.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I agree with you this time, but no need to “explain” things I already know, okay?

  • IKantunderstand

     Maybe Miss Boken’s family thought a bunch of other stuff that NO White person is allowed to say. Let’s face it, KILLING a White person is now LESS of a crime than saying anything negative about blacks. The thing is, none of the ruling elites has the balls (yet) of codifying that in our laws. You wait. It will happen.

    • Ulick

      “KILLING a White person is now LESS of a crime than saying anything negative about blacks.”

      Sad, but true.  I have begrudingly accepted Facebook “friend” requests from black co-workers because I don’t want to rock the boat at work.  When I went to my newsfeed last night I saw that one of these black co-workers was crowing and screaming racism about a Spanish magazine cover of Michelle Obama (See below link).  You would have thought that a million black children were just slaughtered by the way she was going on-and-on about the evil racism against black people.

      And this isn’t a ghetto black lady.  This is an older lady who went to Harvard Law and claims to know The Messiah, Barack.  That’s why I laugh when people say that black solidarity is more common among the disadvantaged or uneducated blacks, but once blacks are given education and affluence they will give up that racial solidarity and instead have American solidarity.  BS.

      I was tempted to comment and go off myself, and let her know what real racism is by linking a multitude of the stories we read here everyday of whites getting raped, murdered, and attacked by her brothas and sistas.  I didn’t because like many here I need a payckeck and I know that I’d be getting a call to visit HR today if I left that comment.

      Long story short — You’re right, saying bad things about black people is now considered worse than blacks murdering innocent whites.


  • potato78

    How many whites did the black men kill?
    The white woman marry a white man to establish a family and she may have three daughters.   And her three daughters will marry and have babies, on and on.
    So If prove them guilty.  To save tax payer money, just ex…….. them

  • libertarian1234

    “Dave Marzullo, a city police spokesman,said the 23-year-old’s death on Saturday afternoon was likely an attempted robbery gone wrong because they had no evidence she knew her killer.”

    Poor old Dave has a lot of trouble putting two and two together and coming up with four.

    She didn’t know them?  So what Dave?  Do victims usually have open altercations with armed robbers?

    But she was arguing with them?

    Couldn’t be they were trying to put her on the make could it, Dave, which caused an argument, so they shot into her car for disrespecting them could it?

    Do you have to show how utterly incompetent you are, Dave, by concluding she HAD to be killed because of a botched robbery?

    Don’t look now, Dave, but blacks are attacking, maiming, murdering and beating whites all over the nation, simply because hating whitey and getting back at him for imagined injustices is the norm in every black community in this country.

    Do us all a favor, Dave.   Turn in your badge and gun and get a job with the car wash. 

    Anybody as dense as you are couldn’t possibly solve a crime.

  • AGAIN, we read about this in a BRITISH newspaper.

  • Let’s not for forget the ol’ “wrong place at the wrong time” excuse.

  • One thing I’ve learned from my unavoidable workplace interaction with Africans is that it doesn’t matter if they get a dozen free cell phones. If they see the opportunity to steal yours, and figure the odds are in favor of getting away with it, they’ll heist it.

    • Ulick

      I hear you about the cell phones.  They not only steal extra phones from innocent people, they also steal them from the government (See video).  Multiple cell phones, even if unused, are a status symbol for these people — and we’re paying for it.  Insanity.


  • Since she previously lived in the building, I’d wager she had  school friends who still lived there and had not yet graduated.

  • razorrare

    Read original article and you will also find this equally tragic story as well,complete with photos of baby killer…another story not making the news here in U.S. but being covered by a British newspaper…


    • razorrare

      ‘Covered from head to toe in bruises with bite marks on her face’: Tragedy of girl, three, who died after ‘being attacked by mother’s boyfriend’
      Carmen Ellis, 3, was found Tuesday at her mother’s suburban Indianapolis home lifeless ‘covered in bruises’Taken off life support Wednesday after organs donatedMother’s boyfriend, Jose Cruz, charged with attempted murderAuthorities likely to upgrade charge to murder

      By Daily Mail Reporter
      PUBLISHED:13:55 EST, 23 August 2012| UPDATED:14:56 EST, 23 August 2012
      Comments (31) Share
      A three-year-old has died after being found unresponsive and ‘covered head to toe in bruises’ at her mother’s house.
      Carmen Ellis, described as her grandmother as full of love, was on a ventilator at a hospital in Indianapolis, but died late last night.
      Twenty-year-old Jose Cruz, the boyfriend of Carmen’s mother, has been arrested in the girl’s death, and is facing preliminary charges of attempted murder.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2192671/Mothers-boyfriend-20-charged-daughter-3-dies-covered-head-toe-bruises-bite-marks-face.html#ixzz24o718W2R

  • tickyul

    Wow, she looks so happy and full of life. It just makes me see this country for what it is…….a pathetic, insane, failure.

    I know, I know….you think that I keep saying it…..shut up dummy! But when you let a race of savages run roughshod over civility for decades, what am I supposed to say??? Oh so phony and weak, this country is getting just what it deserves.

    The delusional Republirat-Phonycons think Romney will turn things around……cackle, cackle, cackle……same ole dreck.

  • TonyWestfield

    Here is a link that shows photos of the two future astronauts whose career trajectories — and their fine service to mankind — were tragically cut short by the obstinacy of a strong-headed young blonde woman who refused to submit to the gentle persuasions of the two “teens.”


    At least Ms Boken was not subjected to the customary “insurrectionary act” as her final experience in this life.  I guess the young men had a few pages missing from their instruction manual (or they didn’t pay attention at the community center, or at church).

    • Hahahahahahahahahaha

    • OPersephone

      They always have those dull, dead eyes. There’s not even a glimmer of life or intelligence in them. I have very rarely seen that look on white people. When I see eyes like that, my immediate instinct is to go fast in the opposite direction. Those are the eyes of a beast.

  • tickyul

    Not likely…..Urban Americans can do as they please…and that is going to be the story for a very, very, very long time to come.

  • Ingsoc

    Such crimes — blacks murdering whites — are not “highly unusual” anywhere, and are becoming everyday occurrences, even in so-called nice parts of town.

    The PC university noted that the Megan Boken, 23, “passed away” as if murder were a perfectly natural event, nothing unusual.

    I’m surprised the media and university bothered to mentioned this murder considering what they think of white lives.

  • Ingsoc

    There is a post on a SLU message board that the guy had been texting her and bothering her the night before. 

  • ABM

    I’m no anthropologist, but I’d bet money that blacks aren’t fully human.

  • SLCain

    Only five comments on this “robbery gone wrong” and the Mail already closed the thread.  Perhaps people are beginning to draw some conclusions from these by now depressingly familiar stories about black crime – or, as I have taken to calling it, “slavery gone wrong”.

  • Each time this happens it breaks my heart. Gradually the sadness turns to rage…


  • Excellent idea!!  Would the press even cover those statements?  

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Why, oh why, don’t people lock their car doors? Granted, youthful 20 year olds don’t always listen or think, but why don’t parents remind, remind, remind their kids to keep their car doors locked?  No telling how many carjackings and/or kidnappings it would have prevented. Of course it wouldn’t prevent all these monstrous beasts’ actions, but least the thugs would have to shoot through the glass. 

  • razorrare

    The way in which this 3 yr old White child died is  not common.I am more outraged and sickened by this killing than i am with the one reported on this thread of a 24 yr old White female being shot twice by a black.Imagine the horror & pain this White child went through  before she died…being bitten repeatedly on the face who knows how many times…Personally,if i were to die or be killed i would choose two bullets.Politicians & the filth they spew from their mouths daily is quite common too as are the anti-White policies they pass that allow such heinious acts like this one to occur,however,MSM considers their ramblings newsworthy day in and day out–24-7…

  • striket3

    Every time a white person is attacked by blacks people associated with the victim find out that diversity doesn’t work.  If the MSM reported these crimes for what they are even more people would realize it.  Slowly but surely people are waking up.

  • It is one of the great failures of the White People, that, before, only men would get killed by the enemy.  Now, we send our daughters out there to be slaughtered, because we don’t protect them.  We give them weight training facilities, and title IX sports and tell them: “Go fight the (figurative) mau mau by yourself.”  

    Ideally, one of our daughters would not be in an unescorted position to have to fight one of them.  But, for survival of those eggs, we need to teach them, “For heavens sake, don’t fight for your purse or your cell phone.”  Men, are dispensable, not women.

    • How can it be otherwise ? It’s the modern world, the same in Japan. They just don’t have Bantus & similar populations.

    • They can fight if they’re armed.

      Otherwise, forget it.

  • Major

    I’ll say it again…No one can ever convince me that they are not a lost cause and a totally dysfunctional and pathological  sub species. And why the left continues to assume it can ever be anything otherwise is sheer idiocy. But…we’re drowning in PC. Real help would be to understand that there are vast difference in races….and act accordingly. We cannot change millions of years of history or DNA.

  • Police are thinking these two teenyboppers may have also abducted a woman two weeks ago in the parking lot in front of Whole Foods in Brentwood (suburb of St. Louis).  She survived, because she obeyed their order to take them to an ATM.  But the Post-Disgrace added this curious note:  

    “The victim in the Brentwood case had recently relocated to the St. Louis area and is very ‘shaken’ by this incident, [police chief] Disbennett said.”

    Whole Foods is shopped at almost exclusively by liberals.   Still, “shaken”, two weeks after the incident?  Do you think there is some “growth” going on in this woman?  

  •  When I ponder on such tragedies, the final question is always- what is to be done ? In my opinion, since US & almost all West are overcivilized, it is unrealistic to expect reemergence of old rough, vigilante justice. Also, since US lacks national cohesion among Whites that exists in Russia or Israel- hard measures against Blacks and Mestizos are unreal (unlike crackdown on Arabs or Chechens and various “suspect” groups).

    In the Western world, natives have given the right to police to the police. This is irrevocable.

    So, a few real options are:

    * spontaneous White backlash in a few instances. I think Blacks will be frightened, but not Mestizos. See drug war in Mexico, for instance.

    * factual dissolution of the US, followed by smaller wars. India-Pakistan comes to mind.

    * dictatorship against White majority, but this could not last long, because Whites are too numerous and non- Whites too heterogeneous & chaotic. Beside, they cannot rule themselves.

    All scenarios imply a sort of deep crisis in the US, followed by the collapse of ruling ideology & ordered society. It may sound apocalyptic, but I sincerely don’t see how more or less peaceful transition to the race realist, but still democratic society, can be accomplished.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    In Los Angeles, Giant’s fan Brian Stow was struck from behind and beaten within an inch of his life after he exited Dodger Stadium.   The doctors told the family he wouldn’t survive the night due to the severe brain injuries he sustained during the beating.

    The local LA media reported this as a “parking lot fight.”

    Eighteen months after the savage beating, Stow is in a rehabilitation center, and according to his family, “can lift his arms and legs slightly, ” is “tired and quiet” and his “personality has changed.”

    Media in LA?  I’ve barely heard a word since.  This is OLD news even though there was a scandal involving arresting and jailing the wrong suspect.

    This is because the victim is a White male.


    PS:  Good call on the Stanley Mouse art!!  Mouse also created art for the Grateful Dead and worked with “Big Daddy” Ed Roth, creator of the Rat Fink — Rat Fink was iconic when I was growing up in So. California, my older male cousins had the toy car kits and images of Rat Fink were everywhere.   A California that is long gone.

  • refocus

    I was committing the racist hate crime of walking while white and a mexican in a new car acted as he was going to run me down.  

    Thank goodness he showed me the error of my ways.  I

    In the future I will be more careful about my posture and gait … and try to shop in a manner that will not offend anyone of color (because they are so good and special).