Half of All Animals at St. Louis Stray Rescue Shelter Have Gunshot Wounds

KMOV (St. Louis), August 9, 2012

Gun violence in St. Louis lately has not just been targeted at people, but animals as well.

On Thursday, Randy Grim with Stray Rescue told News 4 that 50 percent of all animals at his shelter have sustained gunshot wounds.  Earlier on Thursday, Grim tweeted “Another city dog shot by owner last night.”

According to reports, three dogs in the last two days have been shot on the St. Louis city streets.

Regal, a dog who was shot Wednesday night, was rescued.  Regal suffered a gunshot wound and was also found to have been tortured with cigarette burns. {snip}



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  • Vil

    Hmmm… I wonder who shot the poor little things?
    We all know it wasn´t our noble blacks, the honorable mestizos or our virtous Muslims.
    Maybe the Chinese were hunting some dogs to eat them?

    • The__Bobster

      No, their aim is better.

    •  They usualy go after cat. More meat per pound. Plus the fur.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “People aren’t the only ones being shot in St. Louis,” but the White people at PETA keep quiet for fear of being deemed racists.

    • Marcy Fleming

       PETA is a group of imbeciles who can’t distinguish between cats and pythons. They do the cause of animal welfare tremendous harm because of their misguided animal rights ideology.

      •  Also, feminists have caused a lot of harm to women, and the civil rights movement has harmed blacks as well as whites.  Basically, any time you see deluded young white leftists championing something, you can bet that they are ultimately going to harm it with their short-sighted sloganeering egalitarianism.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Agreed. Thanks.

  •  What kind of sub-human tortures an animal for pleasure?  Animal abuse really sets me off.  How can anyone abuse an animal that they own?  What kind of sick individual shoots a dog?  I’m no fan of PETA or anything, I just don’t understand how people can torture dogs and cats.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse animals.

    • 1gravity

      Domesticated animals get abandoned a lot, though, one of the unfortunate byproducts of the housing bubble.  One of the few TV ads that got me out of my chair were those showing abused domesticated animals.  Curse the planters who first brought African slaves to this country, and those who provided the transportation and financing to do so.

      • haroldcrews

        Save some of your curses for the slave traders also.  They weren’t mere ‘transporters’.

      • The__Bobster

        The “planters” didn’t bring them here.


        In Jews, Slavery, and Dixie, I noted that the Jew had once wore the pro-White hat and had once been quite the racialist and owned black slaves and had definitely been involved in the African slave trade, especially in the Dutch and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean:

        “Sephardic Jews who had lived for centuries in the Caribbean and the antebellum South were accustomed to racialism and white supremacy and actually played a key role in bringing plantation slavery from Portuguese Brazil to the English and French colonies in the Lesser Antilles.”

        • Marcy Fleming

           The planters did in fact pay to have them brought here. The Arabs ran the slave trade from the 9th-14th centuries and the Europeans from the 15th-18th centuries. All the slaves were sold by their fellow Black Africans. There was a very small Jewish role in the slave trade but it was not a major component.

          •  The Dutch colonies that began importing African slaves were majority Jewish.

            We should defend everyone who is falsely accused, but, this accusation isn’t false.

          • Marcy Fleming

             We were never a majority anywhere in Holland nor were the Dutch the first to import slaves. We were not the big time slave traders.
            In fact we lived in a condition of utter serfdom very close to slavery in Eastern Europe under the Czars for hundreds of years.
            I’m critical of many things Jewish but the Brits were far more involved in the slave trade than us, as were the Arabs.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

             Over 95% of the slave trade in the US was controlled by jews. Jews don’t like the truth especially when they like to be seen as the ultimate perpetual victim.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         People like puppies, but they don’t want to take care of them. They also don’t want to take care of their own children which is why welfare has been so successful.

  • ncpride

    Not sure if there is much truth to it, but there is an old adage that says the way a man treats his animals is a good indicator of how he will treat his children/mate. I had always heard that growing up, so when my hubby and I were dating and I met his parents, I knew that they had dogs so I watched him with those animals. It was clear right away that he adored those dogs, but more importantly, THEY adored him. Of course that’s not the only reason I married him, but it did score him a few points in his favor on that front.

    There is no excuse for abusing animals, and we have several that are spoiled rotten.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    I threw up in my mouth while reading this.  Only the most disgusting, sub-human . . . even sub-animal . . . filth tortures or injures defenseless creatures.  

    Cities swallowed by the black plague have long been known for violence, corruption, drugs, promiscuity, failed schools and miserable quality of life.  Now we can add animal abuse to the list.

    • 1Forced_Registration

      Its rare that my own city can shock me anymore, but this story did. Not that I haven’t long recognized the disconnect in the ways that whites & blacks think about their pets. However, neglect is a long way from shooting dogs for sport.

    • That was only one dog.  I’m sure there are multiple stories of human/elderly/child torture every day.  Do those stories make you “throw up in your mouth just to read them?”

      • ABM

        Shove it John. Some people as well as me have a special attachment for the welfare of animals.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Thanks, ABM.

      • Chimp Master Rules

        Are they black human/elderly/child torturees or white?  Whites and small, defenseless furry creatures get my sympathy and disgust when abused.  Blacks abusing blacks doesn’t register on my radar.  I’m numb to it.

  • crystal evans

    I wonder if the majority of those dogs are pit bulls that are not tough enough for their ghetto owners? Pit bulls are overbred and are often seen as throwaway dogs.

  • IKantunderstand

    So, we have blacks attacking a  White. Uhhuh. We have blacks  staging dog fights. Uhhuh. We have blacks assaulting toddlers. (Google it yourself). Uhhuh.  So, what, I’m supposed to be shocked by this?  Those poor, poor dogs. Wow, I’m tempted to call them sub- human. I’m not referring to the dogs, by the way.

  • Look for this sort of evil to get worse.  The more non-whites take over our Country, the more animals will be abused and go unreported too.  I mean, I’ve never seen non-whites stand up against animal abuse so I hardly doubt they’ll bother to pick up the phone to turn anyone in they see doing it and I know they won’t spend any money or give any of their time helping them neither.

    • crystal evans

      Folks in the ghetto are too scared to report it for fear that the perps will go after them next.

  • bluffcreek1967

    This story illustrates how truly different Blacks and Whites are. In nations and cities dominated by Whites (but probably not for long in light of current trends), there is great respect and care given to animals. Animals under the care of Whites are almost always treated as part of the family and, in many instances, spoiled by their masters. This is not meant to suggest that Whites have been perfect when it comes to caring for their cats, dogs, horses or whatever. It only means that Whites, because of their superior intelligence and moral qualities, are inclined to a more humanitarian and honorable way of treating their animals.  

    But Blacks, to a large degree, are not so inclined to treat their animals well. Many of them care very little for human life, and it’s probably less for animal life. Alcohol and drugs control the lives of many Blacks, and it would not be surprising to learn that most of the abuses on these dogs occurred while their owners were intoxicated. It’s important to recognize that Blacks have difficulty with impulse control and often exhibit dangerous tempers. It would not be surprising to learn that their anger was unleashed on their animals (maybe their EBT cards were declined?). Whatever the reason, the level of abuse heaped upon these animals by Blacks, once again, demonstrates that the Black man is a savage at heart, wholly uncivilized. 

    • crystal evans

      I saw a show on Animal Planet once about Animal Cops in NYC. They went to one apartment building and went to an apartment where there was a complaint made about a dog. When they went into the apartment, the dog was chained up inside the house. If this is not cruel, I do not know what is. My dog is free to roam in my house. He even sleeps on my bed with me at night.

  • cigarette burns?  we need to ban cigarettes immediately! 

  • curri

    Catalonia is the most tolerant, ultra-leftist, multiculti  part of Spain and still bears a strong grudge against Franco. They  have reaped what they have sown:

  • Marcy Fleming

    These ‘people’ should get the death penalty.  Joe Arpaio in Phoenix has a program for animal abusers that makes them wish their parents had never met. It should go nationwide.
    I actually heard Leonard Peikoff, founder of the Ayn Rand Institute, state in a podcast that animals had no legal right not to be harmed ! This imbecile didn’t realize that there are laws in every state in the union against animal abuse. I’m not for animal rights but I’m a huge believer in animal welfare.
    Most of the ghetto trash over in Oakland own and mistreat pit bulls, some even use them for fighting contrary to Federal law. These owners needs to be euthanized.

  • Marcy Fleming

     I share your feelings but it’s better to keep it rational. We have too many people all too willing to be consumed by the depths of their disgust, in fact that’s what this article is all about. We can never tolerate improper behavior under any excuse.

    • OPersephone

      Improper behavior? You sound like you’re talking about a garden party. This is life and death. “Proper” doesn’t even come into it.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Actually it does all the time. It’s precisely this kind of ghetto attitude that has poisoned our whole society.

        • OPersephone

          Rubbish. Properness and civilized behavior is all very well among our own, but it tends to be counterproductive when dealing with less evolved specimens of humanity. It is our failure to recognize that crucial fact which has brought us to our current position up the creek without a paddle. There is an immense difference between a “ghetto attitude” and the simple biological imperative of self-preservation. When dealing with beasts, no amount of propriety on your part will do you any good. I am reminded of the words of a Boer farmer when asked by a self-righteous British liberal what he thought about the violent methods utilized by his private security firm in protecting his farm from black criminals: he responded, “I hate to say it, but it seems to me that it’s an African solution for an African problem.”

  • Marcy Fleming

     No but they are supposed to report animal abuse of any kind. Including pit bulls that are used in fighting.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    For a self-proclaimed strong and proud race they sure kill and injure a lot of animals/people weaker than they are. Sociopath best describes their behavior.

    Man kills puppy because the owner was taking too long shopping.

    Two black thugs break into a home and kill the family dog in front of a mom and her two children.

    Dirt bag has a dead dog hanging from a window sill, 5 other dogs found dead and tortured.

    A “man” throws a puppy against the wall after losing basketball game.

    Black couple tape an M-80 firecracker to a small dog!

    They are inhuman monsters!! Sadistic killers and the scourge of the world!

  • OPersephone

    It’s been noted by more than one historian and anthropologist in the past that Aryan-descended peoples tend to have especially high standards regarding the ethical treatment of animals. It is especially striking when observed in an Aryan-descended people living in isolation among a non-Aryan people, such as the Kafirs of Afghanistan, of whom Sir George Scott Robinson noted “their high degree of family affection, their lack of cruelty to animals and their tendency to indulge their children.”

    White people are usually shocked when exposed to the “normal” levels of cruelty shown by other peoples towards animals. I myself will never forget a video I saw of Asian workers skinning furry animals alive and discarding them in a pile, skinless but still alive, to die the most agonizing death I can imagine. It is something I wish I could unsee, and it still almost induces a panic attack when I think about it. It’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine the kind of person it must take to do such a thing, and the way I felt when I saw it, if I was there I would have put those men down without hesitation and *known* the world was a better place for it.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I get the same feeling when I think about a video I saw about horse fighting from NO. Korea.

  • @google-c08cfb4271c098aca3e9e84920a59e96:disqus:
    It’s common knowlede that the first Bantus brought to the shores of the North American continent were brought by a Dutch ship, in 1619.

    In fact Marcy, M.L. King used to boast that, “Before the pilgrims were here, we (Bantus) were here”…

    I don’t know if the Dutch who brought the Bantus here were Jews or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. 

  • Remember this exchange between General Zaroff and Sanger Rainsford, in Richard Connell’s classic short story, “The Most Dangerous Game”(1924)?

    “If I wish to hunt, why should I not? I hunt the scum of the earth – sailors from tramp ships – lascars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels – A THOROUGHBRED HORSE OR HOUND IS WORTH MORE THAN A SCORE OF THEM (my emphasis)”.

    “But they are men”,  said Rainsford hotly.

    “Precisely”, said the general. “That is why I use them”…