Trash on the Border: Mexican/Illegal Alien Contributions

YouTube, August 16, 2012

Illegal immigrants crossing the border are said to litter an average of eight pounds of trash each day. As this video shows, that piles up.

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  • Up to my neck in CA

    Prayer mats and Qu’rans? If that doesn’t get the border closed out of fear of a terrorist attack, nothing will. How easy would it be to smuggle a dirty bomb or such device across this open border. Bring the troops home and place them on our borders and in our state parks.

  • JackKrak

    “I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, there wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico”.

    -Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico

    I couldn’t agree with him more, except I’m sure that I have a very different interpretation than he intended.

    •  Somebody tell me please, why are any of them so proud of Mexico?  Corrupt government, drug wars that have killed thousands,  third world medical care and a reputation for poverty.  Great place to be proud of.

      •  I don’t think it’s the country they are so proud of, but rather the people.  Being “mexican” and having brown pride is the number one thing to most of these browns.  They know mexico is a crap hole, that’s why they left and refuse to go back.  Claiming they LOVE mexico, is really just code for saying I love being a brown beaner invading your White country.

        • Up to my neck in CA

          You took the words right out of my mouth. Their false bravado is all they have.

      • gilb R

             I have some  solutions for   this and  other  big problems,  (I dont  want to  discuss them  in this space.    How  can  I contact you?   Do you  have an  email address?  Thank  you,  sir.  

    • shmo123

       Mexico itself is a trash heap. Those people have no compunction whatsoever about throwing  trash on the street or anywhere they may happen to be.

      • Beth

        This behavior has got to come from the Mexican Indian side, you don’t see this in Spain.  Sometimes people forget that when there is miscegenation there is a mixing of cultural behaviors not just races.

  •  Oh yeah huge piles of trash are just par for the course for most mexicans.  LA is literally a steaming pile of mexican waste (both literally and figuratively).  Everywhere you look there is trash.  Mexicans routinely throw the soiled diapers of their anchor spawn on the ground, in the gutters, wherever, in their quest to recreate their homeland to a T.  Anywhere you see day laborers there is an intense smell of urine as they just “go” while waiting for some work. 

    • gilb R

         I  can tell you some  ideas  to   avoid  most of the   garbage,    we  can exchange  opinions  and  find  a  good  proposal for the government.    I   would like to  contact by email. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Trash on Border?

    Border patrol to the rescue!!  

    From National Border Patrol Council Local 2544:

    Teams of uniformed Border Patrol agents from the Casa Grande [AZ] station are being ordered to spend their duty shifts cleaning up trash on the Tohono O’Odham Indian reservation instead of performing the police work they were hired for… there are thousands upon thousands of empty quart beer bottles strewn about the reservation, dumped there by tribal members. Many tribal residents dump household trash wherever it’s convenient. 

    The agents were issued sticks with nails in them and told to pick up trash along the roadsides. 

    There is a very high unemployment rate on the reservation, and in the country as a whole. The tribe is bringing in millions of dollars in casino revenue. How is it feasible that with an out-of-control border we are assigning Border Patrol agents to do work that many states and municipalities assign prisoners to perform? It is a minimum wage job that takes almost zero job skills, and this is how management decides to utilize Border Patrol manpower?

    The government doesn’t want the Border Patrol interfering with the massive influx of illegal democrat voters…


  • Doesn’t look that much different from the barrios these criminals live in. Why does filth and mayhem always seem to go hand in hand with Mexicans?