Team Romney White-Vote Push: ‘This Is the Last Time Anyone Will Try to Do This’

Jonathan Chait, Reader Supported News, August 27, 2012

A Republican strategist said something interesting and revealing on Friday, though it largely escaped attention in the howling gusts of punditry over Mitt Romney’s birth certificate crack and a potential convention-altering hurricane. The subject was a Ron Brownstein story outlining the demographic hit rates each party requires to win in November. To squeak out a majority, Mitt Romney probably needs to win at least 61 percent of the white vote—a figure exceeding what George H.W. Bush commanded over Michael Dukakis in 1988. The Republican strategist told Brownstein, “This is the last time anyone will try to do this”—“this” being a near total reliance on white votes to win a presidential election.

I wrote a long story last February arguing that the Republican Party had grown intensely conscious of both the inescapable gravity of the long-term relative decline of the white population, and the short-term window of opportunity opened for the party by the economic crisis. I think we’re continuing to see the GOP operate under an integrated political and policy strategy constructed on this premise. This is their last, best chance to win an election in the party’s current demographic and ideological form. Future generations of GOP politicians will have to appeal to non-white voters who hold far more liberal views about the role of government than does the party’s current base.

The “2012 or never” hypothesis helps explain why a series of Republican candidates, first in the House and most recently at the presidential candidate level, have taken the politically risky step of openly declaring themselves for Paul Ryan’s radical blueprint. Romney’s campaign has been floating word of late that it sees a potential presidency as following the mold of James K. Polk—fulfilling dramatic policy change, and leaving after a single term. “Multiple senior Romney advisers assured me that they had had conversations with the candidate in which he conveyed a depth of conviction about the need to try to enact something like Ryan’s controversial budget and entitlement reforms,” reports the Huffington Post’s Jonathan Ward. “Romney, they said, was willing to count the cost politically in order to achieve it.” David Leonhardt floats a similar sketch, plausibly outlining how Romney could transform the shape of American government by using a Senate procedure that circumvents the filibuster to quickly lock in large regressive tax cuts and repeal of health insurance subsidies to tens of millions of Americans.


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  • crystal evans

    Romney is banking on the votes of conservative Catholics and Evangelicals who oppose Obama’s health care plan. It is no accident that Paul Ryan was chosen as his running mate. He is able to attract these voters and make them forget that Romney is a Mormon, which many of these groups see as a religious cult.

    • If he can pull this country out of the funk it’s in, he can drink bat’s blood for all I care.

      •  How ironic to hold out hope for salvation from the vetted politicians of The Establishment who are the very ones who put this country in the funk that it’s in.

        • Well, until the next Reich comes along, this is all we’ve got. Speaking of which, when the next Reich comes along, I want a cape.

          • Why would you equate the notion of a Reich to an absolute position against anti-American, anti-White politicians who embody the mechanisms that have destroyed this country?

          • With an attitude like that, how do you ever expect to get a cape?

          • RisingReich

            The 3rd Reich was the antidote to this  globalist anti-white communism in pretty much every way.  Even the monetary policy and the creation of the Reichsmark was done to thwart globalist money changer schemes.

            The fascist system is not ‘evil’ as the History channel and most New World Order view pushers (aka teachers and profs) would have you accept as fact.    Fascist policy would actually keep the real ‘evils’ of corporate interests from harming the Nation.  Evils such as pandering to brown masses for cheaper labor at the direct expense of the Nation’s people, for example.

            You making fun of The Reich with the cape comment (if that’s what you’re doing)  is just another grain of sand wrongfully placed on the weight of the legacy of the German people.  The Reich was the last attempt at righting many of the wrongs we speak of here on Amren.

            The ‘experts’ tell us that the light rose up and vanquished the darkness.  Have you noticed the ‘experts’ have been completely 100% wrong and/or caught in outright lies recently?

            It is entirely possible that darkness rose up and swallowed the light, is it not?   Is it possible that the defeat of the Reich ushered in a new age of darkness instead of this current ‘enlightened era’ we are constantly reminded we live in today?

            Once a whole Nation of people figured out that the past was true, the present was false and they set about to correct it.  They must have stumbled upon something, because within ten years they had come out of a global depression emerging as Europe’s only real economic power and thus began expansionary plans.

          • Church_of_Jed

            News Today:

            ‘Emergency’ Tax on the Rich Roils Britain


            News Tomorrow:

            ‘Emergency’ Tax on White Privilege Roils ‘Too White’ Duluth, Michigan; progress noted as more Whites accepting necessity to ‘do the right thing’ by giving Diversity the long overdue boost it deserves

          •  Who wrote the “comment removed” comment?

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Future Republicans will have to turn into Democrats if they want to win elections,” which means the last political refuge for White privilege will be the Tea Party, which means it will be outlawed, and anyone who says something nice about “those shameful days when the Tea Party almost dragged us back to Jim Crow segregation” will be arrested by Obama’s Civilian Army. 

    All White privilege will be criminalized out of existence through enforced Bills of Attainder, and his army is the enforcer. 

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    We cannot have national security with all that residual White privilege still running amok and hurting the beloved community of color.

    • “”those shameful days when the Tea Party almost dragged us back to Jim Crow segregation” will be arrested by Obama’s Civilian Army.”

      Thanks for telling the rest of this readership what we will do, to avoid any future Obamanations. Slavery is an inescapable necessity. The question to be asked, is who is better suited for it? Whites or Blacks? If history (and Haiti) are any indication, voting ‘Anglo-Saxon’ is the only choice- or secession. Both are glitterly attractive to those who are done with BRA (Black-run Amerika).

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      The Tea Party is a farce. It is nothing more than another grounding rod to dissipate any useful energy away from the survival of the U.S. .

      The original tea party in Boston was a disgusting part of American history.  Some Americans dressed up as Indians, boarded British ships, and tossed tea into the water. Americans tried to make it look like the Indians did it:  Such cowardice. It would be OK to dress up as British soldiers, but to dress up as a third, innocent, party hoping that any revenge is taken out on them instead of you, is unconscionable. (This is what communist jews did during WWII) The Tea Party perpetrators did not throw the British governments tea into the river they threw a private party’s (company’s) tea into the water. This would be the equivalent today as if someone, who was tired of paying alcohol tax, went into a liqueur store and smashed all the bottles. The Boston Tea Party is just another despicable American patriotic farce.

      • When you put it that way, it does kinda sound like a OWS protest…

  • “This is the last time anyone will try to do this”—“this” being a near
    total reliance on white votes to win a presidential election.”

    Well considering this is more than likely the last “election” the United States as we know it will ever see, I do not disagree with the assertion.

  • ABM

    USA R.I.P.

    • JackKrak

      Why are there endless stories about Republicans “needing” or “pandering” to white voters but never any on Democrats doing the same to blacks & hispanics?

      • Not just blacks and hispanics. Don’t forget gays, tree huggers, union thugs, welfare queens, anti-gun lobby, convicts, muslims and just about anyone else who isn’t a white Christian, heterosexual male.

      • Charles

        Whites need leaders and voices. We are by nature kind and fair and it has been used against us.

  • Dems and Repubs are too evenly divided. Too many whites are Dems. Repubs need to reach out to Asian Americans ASAP. They’re the only non-whites who are pro self-responsibility, self-discipline, law-abiding, pro-education, pro-working, pro-marriage and pro-family. 

    A lot of Asians are small business owners, so they understand the importance of balancing budgets (i.e., eliminate deficit spending), and avoiding debt.

    A lot of Asians are also cheap, so they’d be open to cutting taxes and government. That includes welfare for those who don’t push themselves at all in either school or life, esp since those welfare recipients attack hard working Asians…. (remember the Rodney King riots?)

    Asians probably resent having to pay for the lives of a lot of NAMs who don’t share their same “cultural values.”

    So, other than being Asians, the only things even AmReners would have against them may be their position on immigration and I’d bet even a lot of them — esp the ones that were in America before the change of immigration law in the ’60s — are also against illegal immigration.

    • crystal evans

      I am an Asian American that is against illegal immigration. My grandparents came to Hawaii legally with a contract for three years working for a sugar plantation. I am sick and tired of our government placating those who refuse follow the rules.

      • Spits in the face of those who earned their citizenship.

      • You were born, raised and live in Hawaii?  I need answers to all three questions before I can proceed with my own preconceived questions.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      In 2010, Asian-Americans made up only 2% of the electorate (and about 5 – 6% of the US population). Obama got 62% of the Asian vote. If Asians changed their voting patterns to mirror whites, it would mean Republicans would get an extra half a percent (about) of all votes cast. Not much help, I’d say.

      • Sad thing is, even Asians and Indians who work hard and have mostly conservative values will not vote conservative. I don’t know if it’s the anti-White brain washing or what, but non-Whites see all conservative Whites as “racist” and “out to get them”

      • While nationally, they are a small % of total population, in some states they could easily swing elections. In CA, whites are 40%, Latinos 38%, blacks 6%, and Asians 13% — >2x the number of blacks!

        I don’t think the Repubs have ever focused on appealing to Asians. If they did, given our common values (listed in my previous post), I think Repubs could make serious inroads. And that would make more WHITES realize Repubs aren’t as “bad” as the MSM portrays us, and they might consider joining as well.

        If Repubs could get 1/2 of the Asians in CA, that could really alter things in the state house….

    • currahee1911


      Only wish we could.  Problem is that since Clinton,  the Asians have self identified as Democrats.  They have no business being there except that the Dems are the anti-white party.
      And so I guess that’s what they want.   What do they share with the Mexicans and the darks?
      Nothing…absolutely nothing.

      Here in CA, how many Asian Republicans can you identify?  Look at the Asian Dems in our state legislature, Google Rep. Yee, for example and you will find no crazier liberal on earth.  This is who our Asian friends choose to represent them.

      Chinese were once Republicans because of anti-communism: gone now.

      I wish I knew how to change this; but I don’t.  Neither can I separate the Castillian Spanish Mexicans from the mestizos and Indios, so they vote as a block.  (We now have Mexican illegals here in CA who don’t even speak Spanish because they are Indian….this is how crazy it has gotten).

      Are Asians good citizens and good neighbors?  Absolutely; but I’m sorry to have to say that they are not allies.

      Still we should hold the door open: when things get rough, they will fight on our side.  Remember the Koreans shooting the filthy darks in the ’92 riot?


      • I remember the asians seeking to protect their own businesses and ONLY their own businesses (’92 riots).  Those asians were not concerned about White People, California or America in the least.

        And please, you like them as neighbors and that is fine but don’t expect ALL White People to accept them just because you like living with them.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Thanks, Stephanie. This model minority nonsense has been vastly overdone. There are vast differences between Asians too.
          Chinese gangs here in San Francisco are a problem though most crime is still committed by Blacks.
          Chinese landlords have a terrible reputation and they will rent to Section 8 ghetto scum just for the bigger bucks.
          They vote Democratic.  We have some serious fools here that go on about ‘Orientals’ and just don’t have a clue to reality.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            You gotta get outta of there.  You can stay with me.  You cannot stay there Ma’am and you know it.

  • B

    The bigget mistake the GOP ever made was to pander to the christian fundies. It leaves no place for a level headed conservative to vote. Do I want a bunch of christian control freaks or a socialist? What a great choice!

    • haroldcrews

      Last time I checked Romney was not the ‘christian fundies’ candidate during the primaries.  They were actually pretty much anyone but Romney.  All Christians get from the Republican Party is some occasional rhetoric.

    • crystal evans

      My point exactly. They need to spend less time on social issues that divide people and spend more time on issues that people are concerned about.

      • B

        The time has come to knock off this religion business in American politics.
        There’s no end to the mischief that can occur. It is like putting nitroglycerine
        in a Waring blender.– Lowell Weicker, former state senator and governor of CT

        • Marcy Fleming

           True though Weicker was one of the most obnoxious Left Rockefeller ‘Republicans’ that has ever existed.

      • JohnEngelman

        Republicans efforts to cut taxes for the rich while reducing Social Security and Medicare payments also divide people.  
        Most Americans oppose those policies.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Since both entitlements, so-called, are tens of trillions of dollars in the red as far as meeting future obligations go, something has to be done now before the whole system breaks down in one horrible crash that causes mass starvation. Ryan is trying to put in adjustments that retain the programs for those now over 555 while gradually phasing them out.
          Obama’s own Bowles-Simpson Commission has stated the problem is urgent for both Social Security and Medicare. Exactly what Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises predicted in Human Action in the 40s, the exhaustion of the reserve fund. SS doesn’t have a reserve fund, all the benefits are being paid out of current taxes. The Democrats have run these contemptible Mediscare campaigns for decades now but reality is closing in.
          We are a Republic, not a democracy and it doesn’t matter what most people want. Here in California most people want more government spending and lower taxes ! Most people believe in the Tooth Fairy too.
          So what ? Truth is not determined by majority vote.
          We need a real radical conservative party, not the old GOP hacks. The main accomplishment of the Reagan Revolution was repealing Nixon’s 55 MPH speed limit. Whoopee !
          We also need to bury the Cults of Frankie D., J.F. Chaos and B.S. Johnson
          along with the Billarys. 

        • The__Bobster

          Let me repeat it once more for you:

          Obongo is the one cutting $700 billion from Medicare.

          •  In theory.  That was an accounting trick to score ObamaCare under a terabuck decade-out, so that Dummocrats can run around and equate it to Iraq.  (“If we can spend a trillion on Iraq we can certainly spend it to give half of Mexico and Africa health care.”)

      • Ernest

        They need to spend less time on social issues that divide people

         You mean like race issues?

    • They are the big business party that pretends to be the White party. Their Christian rhetoric is just a tool to pretend they’re on “our” side and distract from their obvious goal of enriching the rich.

      • Webspin

         Right, that’s why all the millionaires in Hollywood, silicone valley and wall street were donating to Obama at a 6 to 1 ratio. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Obama supporters.

        • Yet GOP still has more money than the Dems for this election

          •  We always have to be careful about looking at the official Democrat war chest or the official Republican war chest, or Obama’s official war chest or Romney’s official war chest.  Because so much quasi-partisan election spending has been offloaded to SuperPACs, 527s and (in the case of some Republicans) anywhere from nine to a dozen organizations either with “Tea Party” in its name or known to be part of the TPM, that official candidate or party finances don’t much matter anymore.

          • Marcy Fleming

             That’s questionable as Obama raised three million in one evening here in SF.

      • RisingReich

         Yup.  We have the globalist capitalist party vs the globalist communist party.  It looks like (hopefully) the globalist capitalist party is dying.  We badly need a Nationalist party to emerge here.

    •  Bank robbers rob banks because that’s where the money is.  Think this analogy through.

    • JohnEngelman

      Without the support of the religious right the Republican ascendancy would not have been possible. The religious right is losing energy, but for two decades it was the most enthusiastic social movement in the United States. It encouraged millions of lower middle class whites to stop voting Democrat, and to shift allegiance to the Republican Party. 
      Conservatives who dislike the religious right should take solace in the fact that the GOP never gave the religious right anything more than rhetorical support. Thirty two years after the election of Ronald Reagan abortion is still legal. Prayer and Bible reading in public schools are still illegal.

    •  B:

      I guess I need to expound on my metaphor, to make myself perfectly clear .

      I don’t care about your faith system, or lack thereof.  I’m not even going to try proselytizing, because, in spite of my cock-sure rhetoric on AR over the years, my powers of persuasion are disappointingly below average.  I couldn’t sell an overcoat to an Eskimo.

      However, you bought the issue into the arena of conventional partisan electoral politics of the present and recent past, which would be my wheel house.  Along with it, I’ll add a little Steve Sailer-style social analysis.

      Why do Republicans pander just enough to get the votes of low church Protestant Christians, but as Engelman said above, not enough to put themselves on the hook actually to do much of anything in earnest?  Because conservative Christians are both directly and indirectly the biggest repositories of votes for the center-right wing of modern American politics.  And I said “indirect” for a reason, because while most voters, including most Republican voters, are indeed secular, Christianity is just too infused into American culture to make bashing it a political winner.

      Walk into the roughest white biker bar in Mississippi, for example, and you might see most of the Ten Commandments being violated within an hour.  But if you start bashing Christianity, they’ll toss you out of there for sure, and you’ll be lucky to have your head attached to the rest of your body while they do that.


      Because the mothers and grandmothers of rough necked bikers are serious Christians.

      This is why Republican appeal to funda-gelical Christians has a big appeal, even among secular voters.

      Now, I have almost no love for funda-gelical Christians.  I have said in AR over the years such wonderful nice public relations friendly things as:  (A) I wish I could speak German so that God could understand me, (B) Real Christians are good German Catholics, Lutherans and High Protestants in the Pennsylvania-to-Missouri Kraut Belt, not hee haw roll around in the pews hayseed hicks in Alabama listening to their preacher drone on about “stand with Israel” and the “rapture,” (C) Revelation is meant to be interpreted spiritually, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go straight to either confession or a mental hospital.

      I bet I offended at least half of AR just by saying those things, both when I said them and right now for illustration.  What happens if I try to take this out into the real world pounding the pavement for votes?  It will go over as well as a you know what in you know where, pun intended.  Hell, I wouldn’t even get many votes from Catholics and High Protestants with German surnames in the Kraut-y part of my own state!

      Overt religious bigotry is a third rail.

  • Enar_Larsson

    —This is their last, best chance to win an election in the party’s
    current demographic and ideological form.—

    1.If this is their last best chance they better be much more explicit in appealing to white voters. So far I have absolutely no reason to think that Republicans care anything at all for either whites or men.

    —Future generations of GOP
    politicians will have to appeal to non-white voters who hold far more liberal views about the role of government than does the party’s current base.—

    2. That is, Republicans must appeal to those who believe that it is government’s job to provide them with everything they think they need. So there will no longer be a party paying lip service to the limited government, private property, and individualism separating the United States from the rest of the world. Instead, there will be either only the Democratic party or there will be racially specific branches of the Democratic party. Democrat Latino, Democrat African-American, Democrat Somali, etc.

    •  If they really wanted to win, they could talk to Bob Whitaker about how to appeal to whites.  Looks like it’s just us trying to appeal to whites, though.

      •  If they really wanted to win? Name the last election where globalization, big business and corporatism—all at the expense of the White middle class—hasn’t won. They(the dual party) ALWAYS WIN.

        I often equate the participants of a faulty, rigged election system to the couch potatoes who cheer on “their” teams. Two steps back and injecting some common sense and they finally realize that “they” never really win anything. They were never really a part of that team. They were nothing more than spectators who bought in to the notion that they were getting something in return for their money and time. What did they really get? Borderline juvenile elation that’s doesn’t last very long and bragging rights. That’s it.

  • Ulick

    The article is correct in it’s demographic analysis.  That’s why it’s imperative that, should the GOP be able to control both chambers of Congress and the Presidency, they should take every step imaginable to overturn the policies that are destroying white America.  Pass laws against affirmative action.  Pass exceptionally strict immigration laws.  Greatly reduce spending to urban areas.  And on, and on.

    Unfortunately, I have no faith that Romney nor the GOP would do any of this.  The Republicans would be far too concerned about alienating minorities that will allegedly vote for Republican in the future (as believable as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy).

    Once whites can’t change their declining country through the vote, and once they see that the minorities that they’ve been led to believe will have whites’ best interests in mind don’t, in fact, have whites’ best interests in mind — then things are really going to start to heat up. 

    • Eagle_Eyed

       People who state that “white America’s days are over” apparently have never heard of Operation Wetback.  With the right leadership, the roles of hispanics in the US can be vastly reduced.  Laws against affirmative action but even more importantly, welfare programs would reduce poor minority populations.  No more handouts to single moms, and single women will stop having kids for benefits.  The black and latino growth rates will decline.

      • crystal evans

        I think that affirmative action has been a failure because the minorities that it benefits do not have the skills to succeed. Instead of welfare handouts, there needs to be vocational training offered so that recipients can learn a skill that will take them off the welfare rolls for good.  The black and latino populations will decline because without benefits, women will choose to have abortions.

      • Yes, every one of these articles seems to assume current trends will continue. They won’t, they can’t, we’re broke. A lot of “diversity” will go home when the handouts end. If (or when) Civil War II begins many more will flee the country. 

        • Marcy Fleming

           Exactly the point, trends never continue unabated as in physics they arouse contradictory motions to action.

      • Marcy Fleming

         The Black growth rate has been declining for years. Black women now have 60% of all abortions in the USA. Blacks who move into the middle class have fewer children. Blacks are leaving California at an even higher rate than whites.

  • All this thinking is within 4 mental patterns:

    * US will stay one-vote, not consocial democracy ( )

    * US will remain within current borders & won’t disintegrate along racial lines

    * US will remain a democracy & not become a dictatorship

    * there will be no war & ethnic cleansing

    Well- I’m skeptical.

  • Athling

    On a related note, James Kirkpatrick discusses a new book which gives details on former cult member Obama’s plans for a future America if he is reelected. Of particular note are his plans for immigration and why it will change the destiny and people of the U.S. of A…

    “… Klein and Elliott seem to understand what many Conservatism Inc. operatives do not: that mass immigration, if not stopped, guarantees a permanent Leftist majority. They quote Eliseo Medina, the SEIU’s international secretary treasurer and member of Obama’s transition team on immigration:

    ‘We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters… we will be creating a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle. [Obama adviser: Amnesty to ensure ‘progressive’ rule, by Aaron Klein, February 2, 2010]'”

    “Klein and Elliott also reveal a plan by the progressive think tank Demos to turn the United States Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) into a full voter registration agency. This would instantly transform ‘new Americans’ into new voters—showing Democrats know exactly what they are doing in their long term plan to elect a new people.”

    Read it all here…

    This is getting serious folks.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I am sure I will offend some religious folks but….

    I am always astonished that the GOP is generally against abortion and even family planning in some cases.  

    The Dems have at least as many religious folks as the GOP.  But, the Dems seem to stand for “the right to choose” while the GOP is “pro life” 

    If you look at this from strictly logical standpoint, the GOP should be “pro choice” and should certainly support government paid abortions because “the poor” (low IQ, welfare, unemployed) will grow up to be Democrats.  

    It’s just silly.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       While this sounds logical, one musn’t forget that whatever the abortion laws are the demographic tidal wave has occurred mostly due to unbridled immigration and welfare benefits which poor single women take advantage of when they have kids.

      The pro-life position, which I firmly hold to, is that the fetus is a human being who deserves all the protections that fully grown children do.  Much like I don’t advocate murdering potential future criminals once they’ve been born, I cannot support abortion.

      • zimriel

         Human beings, yes. Sovereign citizens, no.

      • Marcy Fleming

         No it doesn’t. The spermatozoa, zygote, embryo, fetus are parts of a woman’s body that do not have any rights, least of all rights superceding the woman who carries them. The ‘pro-life’ position is anti the carrier’s life.
        Comrade ML King’s daughter has stated that the Black population today in the USA would 25% larger if it were not for abortion.
        Is that what you support ?

        • MissBonnie123


          If your mother had an abortion on the spermatozoa, zygote, embryo, fetus that you were, do you think you would be at the Amren website typing your comments?

          We have birth control methods that women could willingly use (I do NOT believe in forcing women into using birth control).

          • Detroit_WASP

            Who said force them?????   If you offered women in Detroit $5,000 to get their tubes tired…..THEY’D BE LINED UP FOR BLOCKS TO GET IT DONE.   You need to wake up!  God isn’t going to fix this.

          • currahee1911

            You can pay a 15 year old dark to do this: girls just wanna have fun!

        • Detroit_WASP

          Marcy, you are spot on.  Religion makes little since in most situations.    I think people should be good for the sake of being good and not because god will shoot a lightening bolt up their rear-end.

          Criminal are born because they inherit their parent’s pathological traits just like eye and hair color. 

          I just think the world could be a MUCH better place if all races practiced a soft eugenics program.   Right now, we have a soft dysgenics program which promotes the birth of hoards of low IQ unproductive people….AND THE DEMOCRATS LOVE THAT. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Thanks ! You said it all, Detroit, and you said it well.

          • RisingReich

             Anything that promotes what is good about humanity is some how evil since it shines light on the deficiencies of certain inhabitants. 

            I agree with you, if we could somehow get over how these certain inhabitants ‘feel about it’ we wouldn’t have ‘deficiencies’ to begin with.  A vicious circle to be sure.

      • currahee1911

        Lotsa darkies coming.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Yes, thank you ! Paid abortions for the Black underclass is the best thing that could happen here ! The French New Right supports abortion and they are now having a real impact.

    • It’s a religion thing. If you think that by aborting a fetus you’ve killed an innocent human being and the punishment for it is eternity spent in hell- you’ll  do the same as they do.

      • Marcy Fleming

         But many of us do not think that and anti-abortion is a losing cause for the Right.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Exactly !

    • currahee1911

      But Sandy Bullock might need another kid before she dies.

  • Ironically, on my TV right now, speaking at the RNC, is a black woman running for Congress in Utah.  She has a white husband, and several mixed race children.

    • IstvanIN

       Isn’t she Haitian to boot?


        The strange part is that I am not aware of any BM/WF couples in Congress, i.e. the black man in Congress is married to a white woman, or vice versa.  But if Mia Love wins, there will be a WM/BF couple.  This gives credence to all the comments on AR in recent months and years that they’re noticing an uptick in WM/BF.

        •  An uptick?  Perhaps.  But don’t kid yourself, the reason we’re being shown WM/BF is the same reason we have black scientists thrown in our faces all the time

  • ABM

    As soon as Texas flips to permanent Democrat within the next 2-3 election cycles, The Republican Party is finished as a national party. This is going to happen. Think about that for a minute.

    I’m not even mentioning rapidly blackening Georgia either.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      It’s already happened in some states in the US, California for instance is permanent Democrat.

      • Almost all our major cities are permanent Democrat thanks to diversity. 

    • Once the Bible Belt becomes the Blue Belt, the South will rise again.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Yes but why would anyone here support it ?

        • The South?  “why would anyone here support it ?”?

          My Little Jew Lady who hates me so much as to tell me, and to paraphrase, ‘I’m a detriment to any cause’:

          The South was INVADED.  That’s the first fact and secondly, please, remember things like Indentured Servitude, Black Slave Owners, Northern Slavery and White Slaves but most importantly, remember the Current Day Slavery and all the other mind numbing atrocities going on in these here Times of OUR Day and worry about that instead. 

          The South always was Right and will Rise Again ya know why?  The South is where America was Born.

          As for God, He’s Done.  No more Listening, No more Talking and definitely and definable in its Most Purest Form, He has No More Patience.

          •  I’m not religious, but in my evaluation of space, time, and the cycles of life, I can surmise that even a God would have his limits to the amount of disorder and chaos he could tolerate. Sometimes targeted aggression is the only counterweight to an aggressive and intolerant adversary. I think God would most definitely approve.

          • Oh, I agree!  I happen to believe that God is pushing us into a corner so we have no choice but to fight back.

          • Marcy Fleming

             You were not reading carefully. I was responding to a poster’s assertion that the South would rise when it became Blue like the North. But then why would any rightist want to support it then ?

          • Rise as in revolt. Declare themselves no longer subject to US laws, then pass their own laws intended to free themselves from the black and latino hordes that have overrun their territory.

            It’s all about RACE and will be until the war begins. There can be no peaceful dissolution of the Union at this point. Only Whites care about the Constitution, if it is to be preserved, then the races need to be separated. 

          • Okay.  I’m sorry.

            I don’t care for for Democrat or Republican.  I only go by our Founding Fathers and that’s it.

          • RisingReich

             It’s natural to be detriment to a cause that’s detrimental to one’s existence.  The Jew is actually admitting these ’causes’ are detrimental to white existence.  More useful ammo – thanks.

            While it may be true there are no atheists in foxholes, God isn’t found there, either.

          • Marcy Fleming

             I have never hated you, Stephanie, and I often agree with you.
            I agree with your history as stated in your third paragraph above.
            Lincoln was a tyrant. He was only good on the idea of returning Blacks to Africa.
            I totally apologize for my statement that you were a liability to any cause. It just an overreaction to something you wrote.
            I will make an effort to disgree, when I do, in a more agreeable manner.
            I value your contributions here.

          • You don’t need to apologize to me but I do appreciate it and I too would like to apologize to you as well.  And, should I disagree with you, I’ll be sure to word it in a way that will keep our friendship intact!

            Marcy, you’re contributions are fantastic and valuable too and I want to Thank You for reaching out.
            I don’t have proof but I personally believe Lincoln used the blacks because he knew he was about to lose that War.  What do you think?

          • Marcy Fleming

             Thank you, Stephanie. I love having you for a friend.
            Lincoln was what today would be called a hardcore racist.
            See Thomas DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln.
            He was a monster who practiced genocide a la General Sherman in the South and he was a dictator who invented out of thin air that there was no right to secede. He forgot that the states formed the union, not vice-versa.
            Even Hamilton acknowledged that !
            But Lincoln told a group of freed slaves at the White House in 1863 that they would never be the equals of whites.
            He was always firm on that and that’s why I believe the Radical Republican Abolitionist psychos were behind his assassination, not Confederate States sympathizers.
            That was the first of our many ‘lone nut’ coverups.
            I’m sure your right that he used the Blacks also because he might have been defeated.
            If Maryland had seceded, as they wanted to, the South would have won. Lincoln was nearly assassinated three times in Baltimore. That is why he moved he moved the MD capitol at gunpoint to Annapolis and stationed troops in their legislature to prevent from seceding.
            Gore Vidal’s novel Lincoln is better history than 99.99% of the standard Lincoln hagiography.
            I know Vidal was a horrible leftist and homophile but this one book of his is worthwhile. It complements DiLorenzo.
            If Maryland had seceded the US Capitol would have moved to Harrisburg, PA or Philadelphia. Today both are horrible Black-infested cesspools.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Once we are under full Diversity Rule, to whom will be go for mercy when Whiteness is criminalized?

      Nullification?  Even the states will be mostly ruled by Diversity, even those that are majority White.  White voting patterns will be scrutinized for “too White” outcomes and be overturned in SCOTUS. 

      There won’t be any White leadership left in White states to lead us into nullification or secession.

      The future is before your eyes. Beware and prepare.

  • Church_of_Jed

    More momentum for MSM’s push to normalize the criminalization of Whiteness:

    MSNBC Fears Romney has White Appeal

    (How soon will Cliff Kincaid at AIM earn his spot on the SPLC Hate Watch list? After all, he gave legitimacy to Jared Taylor and thereby promoted the “mainstreaming of hate”.)

  • mobilebay

    I’m always puzzled when people are divided by race as to what they “want” from this country. Do we not all want jobs, homes, a good education for our children, crime free streets, good government, the laws of our nation enforced, etc.? I think all Americans want these things. I’m not sure about those who want to be hyphenated Americans though. Do they want the same things? If so, how about becoming full Americans? If we all began hyphenating ourselves, it would be quite a mess. “Hello, I’m Joe, a French, German, Spanish, Greek-American.” When the hyphenated people decided to join the rest of us, then we’re sure to find common ground. By this, I mean those who are LEGAL Americans. Those who are not, simply do not belong here. If you laughed at our laws as you sneaked in, then we know you would never obey them or ever really become an American in the true sense of what that word means.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “I think all Americans want these things.”

      You are making the fatal and dreadful error that the word “American” erases differences in conception of reality.   Gentiles are not voodoo, voodoo is not White.

      We project onto the Diversity that it “wants” jobs, homes, education, crime free, government, laws, but we are expecting it to want something that it never could conceive or create.

      Stop giving Diversity the benefit of the doubt. Assuming their inner Whiteness is a racist construct.

      Yes, it DOES want those things, because other than robbery, raping, and murdering, these are the best means of unburdening White Humanity of its unearned racist privileges.

      • mobilebay

        I bow to the master!

    • 360man

      “Do we not all want jobs, homes, a good education for our children, crime
      free streets, good government, the laws of our nation enforced, etc.?”

      No one really wants a job.  Some are willing to take a job – that requires the ability to postpone gratification.  This ability is genetic.  You don’t really see animals doing it.  What makes you think this ability would be evenly distributed among humans?

      How do you explain the consistent disparity in societies based on race.  All Black areas in the US are basket cases.  So is all of Africa.

    • Oh Sweetheart,

      The name American is not just a name, it’s a God Blessed Way of Life that only a True European can understand and become.  And, let it not go without saying, not all Europeans (no offense my beloved brothers and sisters) can be American for there are some who really don’t have it in them to let go of their European Ways and that is fine.  Could you see me in Europe trying to assimilate?  That’d go over like a lead balloon let me tell ya.  I’d never be able to drop this Flag, The American Flag, stop speaking English, believing in Gun Rights, Free Speech, Independence Day or anything American.

      Non-whites cannot be American and it is a matter of race.  God Bless and Help the Non-Whites wherever they are but your Founding Fathers’ never had non-whites in mind when they imagined and then spilled their fellow American Blood to Build America.

      You can’t just slap the name American on anyone who just happens to be squatting here because it not only renders her name and meaning meaningless but also renders us nameless and meaningless.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    This is only true if the 2016 election is held in the same multicultural  hole of filth once known as “America.”   If a new white nation has emerged by then . . . or even just a white racialist party . . .  well, all bets are off.

    Many racialists like me have long ago renounced allegiance to multiculturalism, diversity, atheism and socialism.  I only recognize WHITE-ISM.  I want a political party that will fight for the best interests of WHITES.  Not “the underpriviledged” or “the needy” or even “all Americans.”    Just the WHITES.

    I don’t want violence.   And I don’t want to see America melt and burn in civil war. 

    I just want to see coloreds go away.  Quietly, if possible.  But just pack and go.  Move to the sovereign nation of The New Liberia in what used to be Georgia . . . or the nation of Aztlan in what used to be California.  Let the jews have Manhattan. 

    Just take it and go.  We’ll get it all back eventually, because the coloreds will  quickly Haiti-ize whatever they’re given.  Once it falls apart, we can drive them out for good.  In the meantime, colored independence and the racial cleansing of white lands will serve as a great way to gather them all up in one place while we re-organize and catch our breath.

    P.S.  The jews can keep Manhattan.  We’ll build a giant wall around the island and toss any coloreds we find over the top.


    • Church_of_Jed

      Doesn’t is just seem wrong to suggest that we should force Diversity upon the Jews behind the Manhattan Wall?

      After all, when God gave them Israel, he told them to make it Diversity free through horror and bloodshed.

      Why would we want to undo God’s plan for Jewish segregation?

      • Glad you mentioned that. Jews always whine about the holocaust, yet never seem to mention the fate of the ancient Canaanites…

        • Church_of_Jed

          When will the Jews apologize for the bloodshed?

          • The__Bobster

            When they apologize for Rachel.


            HAIFA, Israel — An Israeli judge ruled on Tuesday that the state bore no responsibility for the death of Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who was run over by a military bulldozer in 2003 as she protested housing demolitions in the Gaza Strip.

            The lengthy verdict in the civil case, read to a courtroom packed with supporters of Ms. Corrie’s family here, called the death an accident that occurred during “a military activity meant to prevent terrorist activity.”

          • Church_of_Jed

            I hate it for her parents, but really, she did sort of get what she deserved. She was a beautiful White girl getting in between two squabbling non Aryan ethnicities.  

            Whites need to learn how to mind their own business.

        • Vil

           Jews and Integrity are as far apart as…hmm… Well, if the Universe had an end, it would be al least that far (maybe).

        • RisingReich

           Or the fate of1 million Ukrainian nationals slaughtered by Stalin.  Or the fate of millions of German women raped and brutalized by the Red Army.

      • Because it is the Jews, like the Non-Whites, who will not leave us alone.

        I know you’re joking but still.  Look at what they’ve done.  Japan was taken care of yet Americans were forced into something that was none of their business and it cost them their lives, their children’s lives, our lives and our children will pay the most.

  • The US will go bankrupt and collapse before the GOP can go the way of the Whigs.

  • SirMarlowe

    Time for a reality check: generally speaking, the United States of America is an empire in the middle stages of decline; this is attested to by the ever-increasing number of homosexuals (both male and female), immigration from third-world countries, rising violence on the part of freed former slaves, obesity, feminism, drug addiction, violent films and music, a staggering economy, a weakening dollar, etc.
    The decline of an empire must run its course. Although certain measures can be instituted to temporarily decrease the rate of decline, these measures will not be able to stop the ultimate collapse of the empire.
    Applying these generalities to the current situation: although the decline of the U.S. would proceed faster under Obama, any stop-gap measures introduced by Romney would not last long and would ultimately not stop the collapse of the American Empire.
    The decline of the U.S. has been gathering momentum for decades; no political party of any stripe will be able to hold together the U.S. as it is currently racially constituted. White Nationalists should not get overly excited about a Mitt Romney or a Ron Paul or any other politician being able to lead a resurgence of America as we once knew it. The only thing that we can salvage from this presidential election is to make it as racial as possible.
    Since the administration of this website is White Nationalist by orientation, as are the majority of the commenters, the collective goal should be to further the polarization of the U.S. along racial lines. A White block-vote for Mitt Romney would be a step in that direction.
    Since a majority of Whites are going to vote for Romney, and since a large number of Whites recognize that Obama is a Marxist Communist as well as a fraud in that he has flagrantly lied to the American public about his background, it is now evident that a large majority of Whites (presumably around 60%) are going to vote for Romney. As the article suggests, a 61% White vote would give the election to Romney. If we could bring that White vote to 65 or 70%, it would be a clear racial statement. This should be our goal!
    Let us not lament that Ron Paul, who is just another non-racially oriented conservative, will not be nominated. Let us not take an emotional hard-line stand and declare that we will not vote for the lesser of two evils. Let us not even vote for Obama because we estimate that the decline of the U.S. would proceed faster. Let us make a racial statement while we have the chance! A vote for Romney would be a vote for White Racial Solidarity – whether Romney recognizes it or likes it or not. The momentum is already there; let us not let this chance go by!

    •  Let us not lament that Ron Paul, who is just another non-racially oriented conservative

    • Sir,

      To paragraph one I would add “State-Run Media.”

      As to the decline of the empire, I can only think of Germany after WW1. Hitler was a political genius who pulled Germany back from the brink but look at that lengths he went to to do this. He disbanded trade unions, drove out communists, deported aliens (Jews) and put everyone to work. Unfortunately he was a delusional ego-maniac and didn’t listen to his generals. In fact, he would far better off not going to war.

      In this country and this century we could never have a leader implementing such Spartan measures, but imagine if we had a leader who legally took unions out of government; deported illegal aliens and anarchists, decreased welfare to realistic levels, restricted violence and pornography in films, magazines etc, built military bases near our borders, required voter ID’s, gave criminals (even US citizens) a choice between long prison terms at hard labor or deportation, cut frivilous deartments and spending from government, paid down the debt, brought back manufacturing and reestablished us back upon our constitutional base. Then we might have a chance to prevent the complete fall of the empire.

      If Romney (or any other leader) can institute some of these measures we may have a chance to eliminate some of the cancers of society and tame the rest.

      • The demonization of Hitler is easy to understand when you put it in a modern context.

        People who have no regard for truth will have no problems misquoting, misinterpreting, and blatantly lying just so they can paint themselves as the righteous savior sent in to battle the evil and maniacal zealot.

        To all of the limp-wristed conservatives and GOP zombies who are slowly realizing that politics in a multiracial society is literally black and white, I wonder what they’ll say about you as they dance on your graves. Do you think the history books will be kind to you? Will they be accurate? Did you really hate, or were you just fed up?

      • RisingReich

         Please stop spewing NWO falsehoods aka ‘accepted history’ as fact.  You said “In fact, he would be far better off not going to war.”  While it is true he would have been better off, you allude to the fact he kinda wanted war.

        He attempted to come to acceptable terms with the French and England before war broke out at least once, and twice early on right after. 

        England’s “delusional ego-maniacal” leader didn’t accept rather favorable terms because he WANTED war and NEEDED the US to enter to quash the rising of a Nationalistic, anti-communist, anti-money changer nation.

        The world has told all of us the Reich was ‘bad’.  England and the US were ‘good’.
        They now tell us that WE ALL are ‘bad’ and THEY ALL are ‘good’.

        Who was/is really right?  What was/is the truth?  Was evil put down by the world, or did the world turn it’s back on good?

        I know all of you don’t believe you’re ‘bad’ just because ‘they’ say it’s so.

  • crystal evans

    I agree that Mormonism is not a Christian religion but the Evangelical wing of the Repulican party has overlooked this and will vote for him anyway because they do not like Obama’s health care plan that forces religious institutions to pay for contraceptives.

  • crystal evans

    They tend to vote Republican because they are conservative on social issues. They were behind the 2008 Proposition 8 anti-gay marriage initiative that is currently in the courts.

    • JohnEngelman

      The New York Times May 9, 2012           
      President Obama’s decision to endorse same-sex marriage undoubtedly entails some political risk, but recent polls suggest that public opinion is increasingly on his side.          

      According to surveys included in the database, an average of 50 percent of American adults support same-sex marriage rights while 45 percent oppose it, based on an average of nine surveys conducted in the past year.          

      This is a reversal from earlier periods: support for same-sex marriage has been increasing, and opposition to it has been decreasing, at a relatively steady rate of perhaps two or three percentage points a year since 2004.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Who cares about either The New York Leftist Times or their slanted polls ? You appear to be the only person on this site that gives them credibility.

        • JohnEngelman

          The New York Times is one of the most prestigious newspapers in the English language. Throughout the world the New York Times sets the standard for journalistic excellence, honesty, and accuracy. 

          • MissBonnie123


            The New York Times slants all of its articles in a liberal direction that is very anti-American. This creates biased, inaccurate reporting.

          • JohnEngelman

            There is a difference between slanting the news and printing lies. 
            A number of years ago I read an article in The New York Times that said that most liberals and conservatives (unlike me) avoid exposure to viewpoints they do not share. It said that most liberals do not want to read bad things about homosexuals and blacks. 
            The New York Times does not post certain facts. One is unlikely to read there that blacks have a rate of violent crime rate that is nearly eight times the white rate. That newspaper has drawn insufficient attention to the fact that the vast majority of priestly pedophiles have targeted boys. This indicates that homosexuals are more likely to abuse children than are heterosexuals. 
            Every now and then The New York Times publishes a silly editorial claiming that it is not necessary to increase the prison population because the crime rate is declining. The fact that the crime rate is declining because the prison population is increasing seems to be beyond the comprehension of their editorial writers.
            Nevertheless, when The New York Times says that in the election of 2010 Rasmussen Reports was less accurate than other polling agencies, and and that it tended to exaggerate support for Republican candidates, you can be sure that that is true. 

          • JohnEngelman

            You accuse The New York Times of being “anti-American.” Since the McCarthy Era that has been a common right wing accusation against the left. 
            Nevertheless, in the “Author Advocates Letting ‘Mouth-breathing, racist South secede,” 
            Baldowl wrote, “If any part of this country secedes from the wretched Union, I’ll drop everything and move there.”
            One could argue that that is an an anti-American viewpoint. Nevertheless, that comment received 77 likes. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             What a joke ! NY Times has lied on everything from Mao to Fidel to Alger Hiss to McCarthy to “DR” King’s Communist Party connections to the Middle East to gun control to the civil wrongs laws to socialized medicine to global warming to Keynesian Economics to Ayn Rand to Nelson Mandela to US wars in Central America and the Middle East to you name it.
            A top US Communist told a friend back in 1928 to always read The New York Times, they set down the Party Line first and the rest of the trained seals follow.
            Herman Dinsmore, their top international editor, wrote a book in 1971 on the Times titled All The News That Manages To Fit.
            Alfred Lilienthal exposed their dishonest Middle East reporting in The Zionist Connection and from the other end of the spectrum Noam Chomsky has done the same just on the lies The Times writes about the Middle East.
            The Times sets the standard for lying, news manipulation,
            sucking up to leftist Democrats and inaccuracy on a score of subjects of which I have made just a partial listing above.
            AmRen is in business precisely because the Times and its sheeple followers in the MSM are lie factories.


            Oh, and this was just posted on Second City Cop:

            See if you can follow this:
            -Bank robberies are UP – these are reported to the FBI. Lying to the FBI is a very big no-no. People go to prison for this; -Auto Thefts are UP – Insurance companies report to stock holders and won’t pay out without quite a bit of paperwork; -Shootings are UP – the Tribune, either by accident or by design, published the actual number of shootings as compared to last year; -Murders are UP – it is extremely difficult to hide a dead body, Drew Peterson aside.
            We can’t locate the Arson numbers at the moment, but it was UP earlier in the year. No idea if it leveled off or dropped at the moment.
            Now, you can prove that these crimes are UP, but you want to believe everything else is down? Not just down, but down by 9% to 15% according to Rahm and McNumbers? Go read the CompStat book we’ve touted here a few times. Go look at the Milwaukee PD that is in all sorts of hot water for downgrading assaults, batteries and other crimes. Go look at any other metropolitan police force that is using the CompStat method of counting crime
            We’re leading you to the water here, but you’re still drinking the Kool-Aid. Wake up.

          • The__Bobster
          • JohnEngelman

            Marcy Fleming, 
            You seem to have difficulty discerning between honest disagreements and lies. If The New York Times disagrees with you on these issues, quote specific lies, and document that they are lies.

      • Marcy Fleming

         He did it for the Hollywood money, he got six million dollars in their contributions the very day he did it ! Nothing courageous or principled
        about it ! Obama will do anything to get money, a totally unprincipled political whore.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I’m voting WHITE.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Waste of time.  They will either not count it or count it and then count two Mexican votes against it- one to cancel it out, the other to show progress.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the 1970s the Republican Party became the party of the white race in the United States, of all income levels. Since then the Republican Party has had the wind at its back. The Democratic Party has had the wind in its face. The wind is changing. 
    The only hope for the GOP is that it can gain the support of a sizable minority of Hispanics and most Asians. Without that it will go the way of the Federalists and the Whigs. 

    • Marcy Fleming

       Nonsense. Your Orientalism is getting tiresome and Hispanics love Big Gov.

    • Ernest

      Without that it will go the way of the Federalists and the Whigs.

      Let’s hope the GOP dies.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Ernest, that goes double for the Dummycrat Party.

    • The__Bobster

      Once again, you prove you’re both an idiot and a Democrat operative. Yeah, pander to people who will vote Democrat by bringing in more of them. That’s the ticket.

      We don’t need “advice” like that.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Thank you, you totally, correctly described him in your first sentence.

  • Romney is a Mixy who leans White but, he did promise, not amnesty but an expansion of immigration to the non-white hordes.  There is no difference.  romney can look and act as “White” and “American” as he wants but he never was and never will be, American.  Same for ryan.  “white” farm boy who “dated” a black will inevitably, uphold all the Anti-White Policies currently in place and probably expand them behind our backs and of course, at our expense.

    If you can’t bring yourself to Believe, Say, and ACT in the Best Interest of America and Americans, you can’t be here.  Outsourcing is blatantly ILLEGAL! for you are not allowed to conduct business within the borders of America, Receive Tax Breaks off the backs of American Tax Payers’ while DARING to ship American Jobs overseas so as to abuse and take filthy, low down, ANTI-AMERICAN advantage of people so desperate, so unbelievably desperate, they’ll eat bugs and sell their very own children in order to just eat.  Shame on you Demon Spawn.  You take UnGodly Advantage and you will have Hell to Pay for that I hope.  And did I mention, you “people” not only have the nerve to Enslave the Third World and its Peoples but you bring those slave made products back to us and, at our expense (shipping), to sell to us.  How dare you.

    May you all Traitors Lose all your Wealth first and then all those you Love and Trust second and to round it out, May You all Never find Anyone to Help You in your Time of Need.

    “reform(s)” equals cutting off Americans.  If I could never ever guarantee you anything, I can guarantee you this, Americans will be cut off.  Quietly done but it will be done.

    And Importing.  It should be Naturally ILLEGAL to import anything/anyone that not only drains us but takes unfair advantage of, uses for own personal greed/gain, or just anyone or anything that seeks to take Undue Advantage/Compensation/Resources, etc. from Country and Country Men.

    America or Bust.

    • The__Bobster

      Tell us how you really feel.  😉

      • I just want our Founding Fathers’ back.  All this ‘all religions/culture/people/corporate capitalism/globalism welcome’ stuff just ain’t true.

  • KenelmDigby

    The Republican party has done nothing for White people.
    It is doing nothing for White people.
    It will do nothing for White people.

    But it did:

    1/. Impose an ‘amnesty’ in 1986 that permanently destroyed White America.
    2/. Legitimize and enshrine ‘affirmative action’ during the Nixon administartion.
    3/. Try, try and try again to impose another ‘amnesty’ during the GW Bush years – an amnesty that would have finished off White America well and truly.
    4/. Massively expand those horrible H-1 visas – and thus ensure that all of subcontinental India (pop. around 1.5  billion and growing), will have a shot at swamping America.
    5/. Never doing a damn thing to roll back AA.

    Nothing but liars and chralatans, I really don’t know why any deluded White has any sense of affection for this party of cheats, liars and race destroyers.
    I wish them a speedy and irreversible demise. On another point, they fouled up themselves. If during their many, many years of power they actually did something to curtail immigration, then the demographics wouldn’t be against them.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    America has been going down hill since women and non whites were allowed to vote. America was made for white men.

    •  You put women(White) in the same category as non-Whites?

      • currahee1911

        Sad but true.

      • The__Bobster

        Why not? Both groups vote based on their emotions, not on what’s good for the country.

        • If people were voting for what’s good for the country, then there would be no White votes cast for either party. Perhaps women are less likely to vote for the people they perceive as treating them like chattel or some inferior being?

          What I find odd is that if it’s the White women who are irrational and a determent to White interests, then why is it that White men make up maybe 99% of the politicians, CEOs, and other bureaucrats who have been screwing White people over for decades?

      • Vil

         Feminists sure are in the same category, but not white women in gereral.
        No one tries harder to destroy white males than those feminists.

        • TheTruthHurts4

           White men built this country. We deserve the best of everything.

      • TheTruthHurts4

         Now don’t you go worrying your pretty little head about that.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    If only white men were allowed to vote Mitt Romney would win in a landslide. When only white men were were allowed to vote America was a free country. 

    • B

      My psychic powers tell me you’re a white man.

      • The__Bobster

        My psychic powers tell me you’re the libtard troll who shows up here from time to time.

    •  Not necessarily.  If only white men 21+ net contributors to society (a modern implementation of the old “land owner” requirement) were allowed to vote, there would still be two major political parties, because American politics tend to the bipolar.  But the political center would be far to the right of what it is, PJB would be a moderate.  In pretend America with only 21+ WM net contributors voting, Mitt Romney would be too liberal to win the DEMOCRAT nomination.

  • Church_of_Jed
    • Marcy Fleming

       Actually replying to Engelman above, thanks for finally conceding our points that the Times both lies and slants the news, one follows from the other.
      By the way, the US Left was properly accused of Communist leanings at least two decades before McCarthy came on the scene.
      See Reds In America by R.H. Whitney, published in 1921.
      When Harry Hopkins who lived with FDR in the White House turned out to be a Soviet agent you knew the entire Left barrel was rotten to the core. See Allen Weinstein,
      Arthur Herman and M. Stanton Evans’ massively researched books in this connection.

      • JohnEngelman

        During the Cold War Communist espionage was a legitimate concern. Communist subversion was not. Communist Party members and Communist sympathizers had the right to express their views as teachers, journalists, novelists, script writers, directors, and producers. Democracy works best when the voters are exposed to a wide variety of opinions.
        This includes the opinions of American Renaissance, and and those of The American Communist Party.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Communist subversion was a legitimate concern as James Burnham documented in The Web Of Subversion in 1953 and Allen Weinstein in The Haunted Wood a few years ago. Communist Party members were traitors whose first loyalty was to the Soviet Union as President Truman noted in 1951 during the Smith Act Trials. The Washington Post several years ago documented the fact that CPUSA regularly got money from Moscow. Arthur Herman, Harvey Klehr, Ronald Radosh, M. Stanton Evans and others have documented this fact.
          The CPUSA was both a political party and part of the International Communist Conspiracy as Socialist documented in Heresy, Yes Conspiracy, No monograph in 1955.
          You need to get over that awful Liberal Democratic myopia about a conspiracy that killed over 200 million people in the 20th Century and the vicious Communist Stalinoid hacks like the Hollywood Ten and Lillian Hellman who supported that Soviet conspiracy. They tried to subvert every aspect of American life and succeeded in Hollywood and the big East Coast media like the pro-Communist New York Times and the then
          very pro-Communist Washington Post.
          They were always Communists first and foremost and their loyalty was not to the USA.

          • JohnEngelman

            During the height of its popularity in 1932 the American Communist Party won 103,307 votes in the presidential election. This represented 0.3 percent of the vote. The American Communist Party has never consisted of more than a few thousand members. If the CPUSA had been more successful in getting its message out the United States  may have avoided the War in Vietnam and the Iranian Revolution of 1979. 
            At the end of the Second World War France and Italy had large Communist parties that were able to win elections. France and Italy are no less democratic than we are. The only country with a fully developed democratic tradition that ever devolved into a Communist dictatorship was Czechoslovakia. When the Communists took over the country was occupied by the Soviet Army at the end of the Second World War.

          • Marcy Fleming

             The CPUSA voting totals had no relation to the absolute strength of the International Communist Conspiracy as many of the top Communists like Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss and Harry Hopkins were not CPUSA members nor was Eleanor Roosevelt who belonged to 120 Communist Fronts as listed by Truman’s Attorney General Tom Clark and the House Committee On UnAmerican Activities.
            Italy and France were much less democratic than the US and their Communists were as subservient to Moscow and as violent as Communists anywhere. Only the  CIA kept France and Italy in the free world.
            During WW2  the Communist Party USA had over 200,00o members. See Benjamin Gitlow’s book on this.
            Engelman, stop spreading NY Times-Soviet disinformation here.
            This site was set up precisely to oppose en toto the nonsense people like you have been spreading.

          • JohnEngelman

            Marcy Fleming,
            When The New York Times makes a mistake and reports something that is not true The New York Times prints a retraction. When FOX News was caught in a lie FOX News won a lawsuit protecting its right to lie. 
            Benjamin Gitlow was a professional anti-Communist who made a good living during the McCarthy Era telling fear ridden reactionaries what they wanted to believe. His credibility is as low as that of FOX News. If the CPUSA had 200,000 members during the Second World War, why did only 103,307 people vote for it during 1932?

          • Marcy Fleming

             Every person who was high up in the Communist Party and defected was smeared by the pro-Communist apologists as a professional anti-Communist. People like Gitlow and Whittaker Chambers and J.B. Matthews and Elizabeth Bentley had the goods on the Communists, many of whom were posing as liberals.
            Most Communists did not vote for the CPUSA candidates.
            They voted for Roosevelt, LaGuadia, Marcantonio, Lehman and other leftwing Democrat hacks as well as an occasional leftwing Republican like Javits.
            This was Stalin’s instructions after he reversed himself and created the Popular Front in 1935. Prior to that time Marxists here like Ralph Bunche correctly the New Deal as ‘Social Fascism.’ Then the Popular Front decreed no enemies to the Left.
            The New York Times has NEVER retracted Duranty’s lies, they have never retracted their lies about Mao, Castro, Hiss, McCarthy, ‘Dr’ King, the Civil Wrongs laws, gun control, Goldwater, socialized medicine, the list is endless.
            I have seen their corrections and it always pertains to a very minor matter, often a misspelling. Whoopee !
            Give ONE instance where Gitlow was wrong.
            I never watch Fox News because they are Israel First neocons. They are just a punching bag for mindless leftists,
            all of whose causes have been totally discredited.
            The New York Times is the face of the enemy and they are a gigantic lie factory. It is very likely that they will gone in five years. Punch Sulzberger (living proof there is no Ashkenazim biological superiority) has stated that it’s possible that the Times print edition could be shut down in, say, 2015. He was picking a number out of the air but you get the point.
            Finally here in the Bay Area Communists work within the Democratic Party and have been elected Mayor of Berkeley and other posts. Both Detroit Black Congressmen
            were not only CP members in the past but actually the attorneys for the CP during the Smith Act Trials in 1949.

  • Church_of_Jed

    If he loses, it will be hailed as the “worst disaster to America’s future of Diversity Rule since the assasination of Sait MLK”.

    The Civil Rights Laws will be doubled.

  • currahee1911

    Good point Woody, Berkely is mostly Asian. 

    • Marcy Fleming

       Just the university, not the city.

  • currahee1911

    Hi Bill,
    Bravo, dude.  Me, when the trouble starts, I will have no patience for liberals and intend to do some serious violence to them.  They are the real enemy: we can deport the illegals and isolate the filthy darks.

  • Marcy Fleming


  • The__Bobster

    So true. I know some libtards who actually look forward to a brown country “so that racial discrimination will disappear”.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Tom Hayden has actually said this !

  • The__Bobster

    And there’s a Bush brother and a Bush Mestizo nephew waiting in the wings to finish the job. 

  • Marcy Fleming

     All the Jews I know are white, at least here in the USA.

    • anarchyst

      Jews are JEWS FIRST and as a subnote, THEN they are Americans.  One cannot have dual loyalties.  Jews tilt towards Israel, which is not good for MY country–the USA.

  • Marcy Fleming

    We need no more defeatist pieces but rather intelligent analyses of how a better philosophy can prevail.

  • The__Bobster

    The MSM want the Republicans to vote for amnesty to hasten the demise of the party, so they spread “helpful advice” like this.

  • RisingReich

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • The__Bobster

    They could be the same color as a sheet of paper, but they still wouldn’t think White.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Unfortunately, you are largely right as 90% are Left.

  • RisingReich

     From a distance, do you see that we poor American citizens have no real choice in who is nominated and even less choice in policy outcomes?

    The real fight ought to be an outspoken Nationalist vs Communist (Obama).  What we have is hard core Global Capitalist vs Global Communist.

    There’s  the way things should be and the way they are, I guess.

  • RisingReich

     ” The Right will come naturally back to power as populism
    steams from the darkest of hours (which isn’t now) brought about by

    I long for this ‘Rising Reich’ you speak of.

  • “According to surveys included in the
    database, an average of 50 percent of American adults support same-sex
    marriage rights while 45 percent oppose it, based on an average of nine
    surveys conducted in the past year.

    is a reversal from earlier periods: support for same-sex marriage has
    been increasing, and opposition to it has been decreasing, at a
    relatively steady rate of perhaps two or three percentage points a year
    since 2004.”

    “The stats are almost certainly,  a sign
    of an increasing year-on-year drift of the population into amorality and
    ethical ambivance tending towards degeneracy, perversion and

  • “According to surveys included in the
    database, an average of 50 percent of American adults support same-sex
    marriage rights while 45 percent oppose it, based on an average of nine
    surveys conducted in the past year.

    is a reversal from earlier periods: support for same-sex marriage has
    been increasing, and opposition to it has been decreasing, at a
    relatively steady rate of perhaps two or three percentage points a year
    since 2004.”

    “The stats are almost certainly,  a sign
    of an increasing year-on-year drift of the population into amorality and
    ethical ambivance tending towards degeneracy, perversion and

  • “According to surveys included in the
    database, an average of 50 percent of American adults support same-sex
    marriage rights while 45 percent oppose it, based on an average of nine
    surveys conducted in the past year.

    is a reversal from earlier periods: support for same-sex marriage has
    been increasing, and opposition to it has been decreasing, at a
    relatively steady rate of perhaps two or three percentage points a year
    since 2004.”

    “The stats are almost certainly,  a sign
    of an increasing year-on-year drift of the population into amorality and
    ethical ambivance tending towards degeneracy, perversion and

  • “According to surveys included in the
    database, an average of 50 percent of American adults support same-sex
    marriage rights while 45 percent oppose it, based on an average of nine
    surveys conducted in the past year.

    is a reversal from earlier periods: support for same-sex marriage has
    been increasing, and opposition to it has been decreasing, at a
    relatively steady rate of perhaps two or three percentage points a year
    since 2004.”

    “The stats are almost certainly,  a sign
    of an increasing year-on-year drift of the population into amorality and
    ethical ambivance tending towards degeneracy, perversion and

  • “According to surveys included in the
    database, an average of 50 percent of American adults support same-sex
    marriage rights while 45 percent oppose it, based on an average of nine
    surveys conducted in the past year.        

    is a reversal from earlier periods: support for same-sex marriage has
    been increasing, and opposition to it has been decreasing, at a
    relatively steady rate of perhaps two or three percentage points a year
    since 2004.”

    “The stats are almost certainly,  a sign
    of an increasing year-on-year drift of the population into amorality and
    ethical ambivance tending towards degeneracy, perversion and

  • Having trouble with posting link. 

    The confirmation dialogue box is not appearing on my screen so I can’t tell if my post has ‘sent’ or not.

    Suffice to say, the surplus  posts need deleting that’s if this one posts as well.

  • You’re too late Sir.  romney has had, and for quite some time now, a hispanic “outreach” director in his campaign to be “President”.  No “outreach” director for White People.  No, that Minority Privilege only belongs to non-whites.  To be fair, ALL of them (paul, mccain, etc.) had “outreach” non-white directors.

    hispanics cannot blame anyone for not liking them.  One on hand, they will tell you they are so large in number, they can actually sway the Election yet on the other, so small in number, they must be pandered to at every turn.  They’re so caught up in their own lies, they can’t keep them straight.

  •  IMO, one of the best ways to reach out to Asians (either online or in real life), is by passing along info re. blacks attacking Asians:

    If the fact that 85% of all physical assaults were blacks attacking Asians weren’t shocking enough, when you factor in the in SF, roughly 50% are whites, 30% are Asians, 15% are Latinos, and only 5% are blacks, that should really shock you. If you added in blacks attacking whites, blacks attacking Latinos and blacks attacking other blacks, I wonder what % of all violent assaults are committed by those 5% blacks — 90%? 95%? more??? No wonder the police refused to provide race crime data when reporters later asked for it. Perhaps AmRen should use CA’s Public Records Act (and I think SF has a government “sunshine” law), to force the release of that info.

    Use Jared Taylor’s C-SPAN presentation of the results of The Color of Crime report (tell them to watch at least the first 12 minutes):

    Back it up with Dr. Walter E. Williams’ (prof. of Econ at George Mason and an African-American), article verifying the Report:

    In general, Asians are reasonable and rational and will analyze this info like any other and come to the same conclusions many of us whites have after being presented with that data — that their gut instincts were correct, that the MSM is feeding them a load of bull.

  • Don’t worry about it too much. If you’re white, find yourself an attractive Latina or Asian and your grandchildren will be fine. As for yourself, take the money and run, or spend it all and die broke.

  • “We”don’t have the “Right” to speak to our Politicians.  “We” only get to speak to their Aides.

    Sir, like untold millions of others, I’ve wasted lots of time on them doing nothing but highlighting the Double Standard (vocal and documentation) and while you can get them to admit it and agree it should be changed, they won’t change it.

    I don’t know how it happened but somehow, someway, non-whites cannot be made to stand down.  Non-whites love to preach Equality yet will have none of it and why they get away with it, I’ll never know.

  • Personally I’m voting ron paul going to write him in

    • Marcy Fleming

       This is my response to John Engelman above. I gave many general instances on many issues where the Times has repeatedly lied and even gave two published references.
      I could give many more. It’s not necessary to go to specific quotes where they lied about Mao or Castro or Hiss or a trillion other examples. You can read the Dinsmore and Lilienthal books and Chomsky’s The Fateful Triangle on the Left.
      It’s like asking someone to show them one corpse at Auschwitz, well, there were hundreds of thousands, look them up !
      These ‘honest disagreements’ were outright lies on The Times as when their Communist journalist Walter Duranty whitewashed Stalin’s killing of tens of millions during the 30s and for the last 30 years the P U Litzer hacks have been debating whether to revoke the P U Litzer that they gave him for his lies !
      Ergo with Castro as the Robin Hood of the Sierra Maestre and Mao as an agrarian reformer when the hard evidence that they were lifelong Communists was available.
      The Times dishonestly chose to ignore that as they did the overwhelming evidence on Soviet spy Alger Hiss or the fact that The Times never mentioned ‘Dr’ King’s longtime close collaboration with the Communist Party USA.
      This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Do some research here before putting feet in mouth.

  • RisingReich

     I guess this is a cross I’ll carry here, to try to get people thinking in the right context.

    What the Nation needs is a Nationalist party.  But you are correct, I don’t think the American experiment as we know it can be saved, ultimately.

    •  An unapologetic, somewhat brash, hyper active Nationalist party that understands the concept of synergy. Yes. Aside from blood and soil, conserving(as in Conservatives) a defective product is futile and counterproductive.

      • RisingReich

         I wonder how long it’s going to take to reach critical mass of people viewing it the same way we do?

        •  I don’t think that point in time ever comes without a solid foundation already in place. People are far too content with complaining on the Internet, or they are far too short-sighted and restrictive in their views and opinions that they seem better at making enemies than friends.

  • Our laws are damned. They vote anyway and our so-called leaders know they vote. How else
    would one explain the non-stop pandering to this group?

  • RisingReich

     Bush the first had the balls to mention ‘new world order’ plans. 
    I swear, it feels like the last president that was interested in actually saving the Nation was Andrew “I killed the bank” Jackson.

    He’s the last that took wooden stakes to the heart of vampires, that’s for sure.  Actually, the last with the balls to even call them vampires.

  • GravitonX

     Perhaps you(pl) should support a Women’s Right to Choose.  One thing I’ve noticed about this pathological forum is that if you can frame any argument in terms of it’s negative, preferably violent and bloody effect on minorities, particularly Blacks, it’ll sell itself with little effort.

  • Thank you for putting to words why I support a woman’s right to choose….

  • Marcy Fleming

     Thanks very much, I knew the more perceptive people would get my point.

  •  Yes, they are every bit the enemy that the Marxist crowd is.

    If the non-White glob of voters represented a 60-70% mass—which is what the White vote represents—the GOP would break their own backs to cater to them. Again, the White vote is the 60-70% mass, but neither party ever treats that percentage as anything but a footnote and an obstacle to overcome. No successful business or enterprise would intentionally push away or ignore a fiscally responsible majority like that, unless of course the intention was to push away the majority to make room for something else. The people pulling the strings ARE THE SAME PEOPLE. The only differences are the sheep who think their shepherd is going to lead them in a different direction.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Fortunately that particular Bush idiot will never get elected President.

  • Marcy Fleming

     We need a Radical Right. Progressive is a statist euphemism.

  • jeffaral

    Rommney:  The candidate for Wall Street and Israel.    Thank god he’s gonna lose.