Immigrants Do Not Boost Economy

Phyllis Schlafly, World Net Daily, August 27, 2012

After a genuinely grass-roots Republican platform committee produced a principled document on a plethora of issues, including immigration, some people who were not part of the process are promoting pro-amnesty proposals. Writing this week in the Wall Street Journal, Jon Huntsman suggested that President Obama’s executive order offering work permits to 1.6 million illegal immigrants doesn’t go far enough.

The facts do not support the pie-in-the-sky views of those, such as Huntsman, who say they want to increase immigration because it will boost our sagging economy. A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies reports that the economic progress made by all immigrants, legal, illegal and their U.S.-born children under age 18, lags far behind native-born Americans, and nearly half remain below the poverty line.

The 2010-2011 census data found that 43 percent of immigrants who have been in the United States at least 20 years are receiving welfare benefits. That figure is nearly twice as high as welfare given to native-born Americans.

Immigrant children account for one in five public school students, and one in four public school students speaks a language other than English at home. The expensive boondoggle called bilingual education keeps children speaking their native language year after year instead of using the successful early 20th-century immersion system of teaching the kids only in English, who then went home and taught English to their parents.


Only 7 percent of adult native-born Americans have not finished high school, but that’s true of 28 percent of adult immigrants. That is a major reason for their low economic status and prospects.

One of the great myths about immigrants is that they are doing jobs Americans will not do. The truth is that native-born Americans are the majority of workers in all the jobs where immigrants are reputed to be especially needed, such as janitors, maids, construction laborers, butchers and meat processors.


Highly paid lobbyists are continually pressuring Congress to expand immigration for foreigners to fill science and engineering jobs, using a variety of visas, especially H-1Bs. Their propaganda often includes labeling these young foreigners “the best and the brightest.”

The notion that foreigners are better and brighter than Americans is nonsense. And we have enough unemployed and underemployed engineers to fill vacancies, if there are any.

The big businesses like to employ foreigners because they can be paid less than Americans and given fewer benefits. Visa employees are subject to carrot-and-stick control: the offer of a path to citizenship and the threat of deportation if they try to transfer to another company.

The question we should ask all candidates this year is, with jobs and unemployment being our No. 1 problem, why did we tolerate the decade from 2000 to 2010 becoming the highest decade of immigration to America in history? {snip}

Despite the low level of job creation in the so-called recovery, the Center for Immigration Studies calculates that more than half of net new jobs in the last five years have gone to recent immigrants. {snip}



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  • crystal evans

    I personally think that the reason why businesses will hire H1B visa receipients is that they work cheaper than American engineers and computer scientists who have more experience than most of the H1b visa receipients. The illegal immigrants basically are a source of cheap labor. They are a docile workforce who will are more afraid of deportation than anything else. I personally see giving illegal youth their work permits as a bad idea because they are going to be competing with other unemployed recent college graduates for few jobs that are out there.

    • The problem with this nation is that we are manipulated by merchants. We are a merchant nation. We walk on glass so as not to offend any of our customers. This is exactly why a nation has to remain autonomous. If we could drill for our own oil and use nuclear power like the French, and didn’t trade with the Chinese for their worthless plastic crap etc. etc. we would be in much better shape.

      • crystal evans

        I agree. We would be better off if we drilled our own oil and did not depend on other oil producing countries for oil. One thing I can say is China’s role as the factory to the world will change because of their one child policy, there will not be enough young people to staff China’s factories. The current crop of China’s young workers are not satisfied with their working conditions that have forced factories to change their procedures.

        • And with rampant sex-selection favoring males, I don’t want to be on a planet with a billion chinamen running around with no women. We are about to enter a very angry period in history.

    • Oil Can Harry

      By importing cheap Third World labor Big Business is making a profit in the short term but destroying our country in the long run.

      And could Jon Huntsman be any more of a neocon RINO? While running for president he promised a ground invasion of Iran if elected.  

      • The__Bobster

        And could Jon Huntsman be any more of a neocon RINO? While running for president he promised a ground invasion of Iran if elected.  

        Except for Ron Paul, what Republican candidate didn’t?

      • look up the Kato Institute. They are pretty much the retards responsible for all of this.
        They are the ones who proposed that we should export labor whenever and wherever we can. Thanks to them we are all fucked and the exporters won’t stop exporting because they know they can make bank by doing this.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “But they do provide businesses with cheap labor,” which is a deferred liability expense that gets paid when the White business owners’ daughters are robbed, raped, and murdered by vibrant and enriching undocumented immigrant Diversity, or more likely killed by a DUI border jumper.

    • crystal evans

      There was the southern Arizona rancher that was killed by an illegal alien who slipped back into Mexico after the shooting.

    • JohnEngelman

      Those who own and run the United States live in safe neighborhoods. It is the rest of us who suffer from their economic decisions, and from the political decisions of the politicians they bribe with campaign contributions. 

      • Church_of_Jed

        Have you ever encountered new Diversity in your neighborhood where is never belongs, and become enraged that the White privilege elites refuse to equalize themselves down your your level of democratized vulnerability?

        The keep their top jobs, live in the best non Diverse neighborhoods, send their kids to mostly non Diverse private schools, own vacation houses in 100% Whites Only enclaves of privilege and protection, and only get near Diversity when it is controlled and makes a good photo for the newspaper?

        I hate the Diversity, but I mostly hate those who don’t suffer from it.

        • JohnEngelman

          What I hate is the crime that is most obvious characteristic of black neighborhoods. 

          • Church_of_Jed

            What I love is the black that is the most obvious characteristic of black neighborhoods, because blackness staying put over there isn’t adding to the recent and regrettable blackness over here.

        •  we now have a caste system in the western world. The upper caste is the political class who listen to noone but themselves. Then comes the media caste who listen to noone but the political class.  Then comes the diversity champions and liberals. Then the white workers who the diversity champions suck the blood out of to fund their insanity.

  • If the sorry state of California’s economy will not convince leftists that millions of uneducated, third world people are bad for the United States, NOTHING will.  Seriously, IF millions of Mexicans were GOOD for a nation, Mexico would not be a third world hole.  I love listening to liberals who try and explain why there are NO first world Hispanic countries!

    • holyflower

      California is our crystal ball, our vision of the future. Michael Barone, famed expert on political minutiae, writes in National Review Online, March 28, 2011: 

      “Coastal California . . . has had a vast inflow of immigrants . . . Metro Los Angeles and San Francisco increasingly resemble Mexico City and São Paulo, with a large affluent upper class, a vast proletariat, and a huge income gap in between.”

      U. S. immigration policy is “Brazilianizing” America. Barone adds:

      “High housing costs [in areas with decent schools] . . . have made modest homes unaffordable to middle-class families who don’t want to live in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods or commute 50 miles to work. ”

      • crystal evans

        That is why many people are moving out of California. My husband and I left 22 years ago and have never regretted it. We simply could not afford to live there. Southern cities like Atlanta and Charlotte are the new LA.

        • The__Bobster

          IOW, they will be the next turd world cesspools?

  • WmarkW

    Conservatism needs a pro-worker faction.

    Liberalism has changed from being the ideology of labor, to being the ideology of handouts, supported by people who don’t work or their professional advocates.  Conservatism is the ideology of business owners whose top priority is reducing labor costs.  No one is explicitly on the side of the ordinary American who earns a living.

    Immigration illustrates this perfectly.  Democrats see permitting it as a source of future voters and a civil rights issue.  Republicans see an inexpensive labor source.   Middle Americans see competition for their wages, whose earners won’t pay as much taxes or spend as much in the domestic economy as a native would. 

    Today’s Occupiers are (correctly) protesting the lack of jobs for recent graduates.  But since they’re the first generation raise on political correctness, they don’t see themselves as being any more deserving of an American job than a Mexican or Indian is.   AMERICAN JOBS FOR AMERICANS.  Which party is trumpeting THAT?

    • Church_of_Jed

      Is AJC MSM turing all racist up ‘en heeah against the valuable and enriching immigrant Diversity community in Georgia?

      Police said Tuesday they have arrested a man who broke into a Clarkston apartment complex and raped a woman and her daughter.

      Police would not identify the attacker by name but said he is a 20-year-old refugee from Rwanda. Police believe he may be linked to other crimes in the area, according to Channel 2 Action News.

      • Whew, the victims were refugees from Somalia, no White women were harmed this time. This is textbook proof that 3rd worlders take the 3rd world with them. 

        Africans rape and terrorize each other in Africa. 

        Africans rape and terrorize each other in America.

    • crystal evans

      The GOP needs to get rid of the religious right if it wants to succeed with the youth. There are the Log Cabin Republicans, which are gay and lesbian Republicans that are not embraced by the party because of the religious people. Progressive women who may not like the Democrats but will support them because they will support reproductive rights for women which is against the Republican platform.

      • Eagle_Eyed

         “The GOP needs to get rid of the religious right…”

        You should change your name to crystal meth.  The homo community represents all of about 1-2% of the population.  Religious conservatives and evangelicals account for around 40%–and are much more likely to be conservative in economic and immigration issues than are gays (who mostly live in solid blue areas anyways).

        Furthermore, the most popular politician to politically active young people is Ron Paul–a pro-life Protestant Christian.  While I’m no kool-aid drinker on Dr. Paul, much of his platform can be merged with racial conservatives–including ending welfare for illegals, reducing government spending, and cutting foreign aid/military waste.

        • crystal evans

          I agree with you but there are many that are progressive on social issues but want a smaller government. I personally think that if they want to win votes from Latinos, women and youth, they are going to have to push issues such as cutting government spending, getting out of Afghanistan and create jobs. To me, they spend more time talking about abortion, birth control and gay marriage than issues that people are really concerned about. 

          • Latinos as a voting block do not want to “cut government spending,”  they want big government to ensure that welfare check keeps coming in and their invading Raza gets  amnesty!

      • The__Bobster

        IOW, you want the Republican party to turn into a poor man’s version of the Democrat party. 

      • Gays, lesbians and transgenders themselves are a demographic irrelevance and, whilst I wish them no harm for what they do in private or cannot help, you cannot have missed how gay rights activism is a part of the ‘culture of critique’. 

        (Maybe gays should be more considerate and private, and grateful for the western *absence* of ‘homophobia’ compared to Moslem nations where they’d be beheaded. Why can’t that alone be enough for gays to be grateful to the west instead of bitching about silly equal rights? Does Muslima have a homosexual brother…)

        And can you please give me one reason, and I do *not* mean special exceptions, why on earth women should be allowed ‘reproductive rights’ – in practice, a nasty bit of Orwellian newspeak created to rationalise people killing their perfectly healthy white babies for their own selfish convenience, before those children have a chance to pass on their own genes. In fact any white woman who has done so simply for convenience, ought to be swinging from a rope, don’t you agree?

        If you believe in the Log Cabin Republican call for ‘equal rights for all Americans’ and ‘reproductive rights for women’ – notice the man doesn’t get a say in abortion or child support, look that’s the culture of critique again – perhaps it isn’t only the Republican Party you might not belong in.And its not that I support Republican policies like handouts for big business, kneejerk anti-homosexuality and anti-pornography, oil drilling in national parks, or the war on drugs.

        No, its that you don’t understand *why* the left push certain issues or why some kind of backlash is necessary from the right when they go beyond criticism of minor points and end up in outright attack. Please, open your eyes.

    • RisingReich

       Do you see how you are feeling disenfranchised by this ‘right’ vs ‘left’ or ‘lib’ vs ‘con’ stuff?

      ‘American jobs for Americans’.  HERE HERE!  Hard to make a more NATIONALIST statement than that.

      The real war here is Nationalism vs Global Communism.  I hope the right side wins this time.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Maybe when he slips back in here he will end up in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Maybe when he slips back in here he will end up in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood

  • Eagle_Eyed

     A written language, law and order, a growing economy, Christianity, exposure to Western medicine…

  • crystal evans

    The problem is the lack of enforcement against businesses that hire illegals. There have been businesses that have gone bankrupt because they could not compete against those who have an illegal immigrant work force.

    • NO, the problem is that we have been relying on the government to “enforce” the laws. It wont. we need to PUt the businesses hiring illegals!!

  • Laika, The Space Dog

    How does courting immigrants and then placing them in government funded language, health-care, education programs and encouraging a culture of dependency help the economy?

    This is not about prosperity or growing the economy, it is about political power.  Always has been, always will be.  Turning the US into an open, third world sewer is of no import to the power hungry like Huntsman.

  • KenelmDigby

    These people are trying to preserve a political opinion and lie and lie and lie by using ‘economic arguments’ (which are easy for anyone to feign and have an undeserved imprimature of legitimacy – just write some garbage about ‘global demand’ being ‘boosted’ by X $trillions by ‘efficiencies in allocation’ and the lefties will wet their pants in delight although the claims have as much truth as as a Donald Duck cartoon).
    No. these people are liars first and foremost. They will argue that black is white (in this case, literally).Lying is their trade, their business. Lies ‘legitimise’ immigration. Hence the lies. ‘Legitimising’ immigration is their only moral imperative. Being truthful and honorable doesn’t evn figure with these people.

  • KenelmDigby

    The sadand horrible fact is that anyone raised in a background that despises falsehood and deliberate dishonesty and deceit will either be extremely disappointed and disheartened or blown out of their mind when they finally grow to understand the sheer scale of the cold blooded, bare faced lying and deception said straightfacedly by the immigrationists.
      There is more honor in a nest of vipers.

  • Ed_NY

    Most immigrants, especially the illegals are not taxpayers.  They are tax users-consumers and therefore a huge drain on our economy. 

  • “Immigration Studies reports that the economic progress made by all immigrants, legal, illegal and their U.S.-born children under age 18, lags far behind native-born Americans, and nearly half remain below the poverty line.’

    Essentially, the US tax payers are paying for Juan’s 5 anchor babies.  When does this madness end?

  • JohnEngelman

    When someone says that a policy is good for the economy you need to ask, “Whose economy?” Immigration benefits immigrants and their employers. It harms employees who were born in this country. 

    • The__Bobster

      I hate it when you make sense.  😉

  • ageofknowledge

    What used to be way up there is now way down here and this generation doesn’t even know the difference. Welcome to the age of the lowest common denominator.

    It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about be it public education, the state of the economy, societal morals and values, etc…

    It’s all sunk to the lowest common denominator.

  • The__Bobster


  • The__Bobster

    I believe in seperation of chuch/state.

    Hell, you can’t even spell it, yet you support it.

    BTW, it’s nowhere to be found in the Constitution.

  •  I have lost all faith in america. We must concentrate our anti multiculturalist efforts on europe. I have accepted the fact that whites have no real claim to america despite all the innovations, infrastructure and etc. whites have done in this country. The multiculturalist argument is too far reaching, attractive,  and strong for us to begin to save america. We must sacrifice this country and use it as an example to show the world what happens when multiculturalism and diversity takes over.

  • Nice of this slop author to give a link to the original report which is far more interesting and useful than this ‘summary’.

  • Jon Huntsman always succeeds in making a compelling argument for involuntary mental-health institutionalization.  Bravo!