Six Teens Attacked Man Because ‘They Were Just Bored,’ Police Say

Jennifer E. Baker, Cincinnati News, August 15, 2012

Pat Mahaney was walking home Saturday with a six-pack of beer, looking forward to a quiet evening watching sports, when something hit him in the back of the head.

“The next thing I knew I woke up on my neighbor’s front step and the life squad was there,” said the 45-year-old North College Hill resident.

Six teenagers, who according to a police report “were just bored and were looking for something to do,” ambushed Mahaney from behind as he turned off Simpson Avenue onto Dallas Avenue. He was immediately knocked unconscious.

“I don’t remember anything,” Mahaney, 45, said as he recovered this morning at his mother’s home. “I was walking home from the store—and bam.”

It was probably a blessing he was knocked out during the worst of the brutal attack—one of the teens even grabbed a can of beer and hurled it at his head.

The boys, ages 13 and 14, face felony charges of aggravated riot and felonious assault.

The sixth and final suspect was arrested Tuesday. {snip}


When police rounded most of the teens up, took them back to the police station and questioned them, they admitted Mahaney had done nothing to provoke being kicked and punched repeatedly in the face while he was helpless on the ground.

The boys told police they only stopped assaulting Mahaney when a neighbor began yelling at them and said he was calling police.


Mahaney was taken to Mercy Mt. Airy Hospital, where he was treated for four days before being released Tuesday. He suffered so many internal injuries that doctors had to insert a tube down his throat to remove all the blood from his stomach.

A tube remains in his right nostril as blood continues to seep out of his head, and his left eye is heavily blackened.

The attack couldn’t come at a worse time. He has no health insurance and has been unemployed for “years,” he said.

He is looking for factory work but with the economy slow, jobs are almost impossible to come by, he said. Now, his job search is delayed while he recovers.


“It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black.

He said several residents have called police inquiring if Mahaney was specifically targeted because he is white. He was not, the chief stressed.


“They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” Foust said. “It’s appalling. I think it’s despicable. This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants. Thirteen-year-olds ought to be playing basketball, not running the streets looking for ways to entertain themselves at the expense of somebody.”



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  • Up to my neck in CA

    “It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black.”

    Coming soon to a liberal newspaper near you…”Crimes of boredom”.

    “Thirteen-year-olds ought to be playing basketball, not running the streets looking for ways to entertain themselves at the expense of somebody.”

    I can already hear the cries for more midnight basketball.

    • It’s time to fight back people. Ride in the dark of the night.

    • Mike Harrigan

      This happened in my part of the world and is NOT an uncommon occurrence.  Another thing that isn’t uncommon here is the “authorities” making sure that we understand that when blacks decide to attack Whites that it definitely IS NOT a hate crime. blacks could call White’s vile racist names while beating them and even admit that the victim was chosen because of his race and these fools would bend over backwards to assure us that race played no part in the assault. Chief Foust, (who is otherwise a rational cop), just who the hell do you think you are fooling? 

      By the way, this hate crime occurred Saturday night, I am less than 10 miles from where it took place and this is the first I have heard of it. The media here has mastered the art of hiding black thug behavior. A few weeks ago, some kids went on a vandalizing spree and spray painted a few swastikas on some cars. Guess what story lead on the local news that day?

      • bbshaw

        New Rules: The fear of appearing impolite trumps public safety. 

      • Major

        “Chief Foust, (who is otherwise a rational cop), just who the hell do you think you are fooling?…”

        The man knows he’s surrounded by savages in the Cincy jungle of unchained beasts?

        Better to let one poor White sclub get beaten to death than to see these “poor disadvantaged” petry dishes get what they deserve?

        Men ned to arm themselves…the violence starts early in these animals….see Trayvon Skittle boy for a reference.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Were the Swastika sprayers apprehended?  There have been several incidents of fake hate crimes being perpetrated by Blacks, e.g. hanging nooses and spray painting the dreaded “N” word. 
        What I can’t understand are these Whites who recoil in horror when someone point out the atrocities committed by Blacks and I don’t mean “horror” at the brutality of the crimes but rather at the messenger for even mentioning it. I just don’t get it!
        What has to happen before they REALIZE what’s happening. 
        Just a rhetorical question.
        There are three types of people in this world;
        The people who make things happen.
        The people who see things happen and
        The people who say “What the Hell just happened?”  
        Liberal Whites seem to be the 3rd group.

    • Yes, that statement by Chief Foust passeth all understanding. I’ve heard police officers say stupid things before, but that one takes the cake.

  • RetronymAnomaly39
  • This has been going on in the “Over-the-Rhine” area in Cincinnati for many years. Whites and Asians have been continually victimized. I can remember it being so bad about 10-12 years ago that the Cincinnati police had to do an under cover sting operation where white, plain clothed, police officers were used to catch quite a few black attackers. The attacks slowed down for a while but they never stopped. It is important to note that in many of these attacks, no robbery takes place. These beat downs, by and large,  are racially motivated. 

    • Detroit_WASP

      Blacks constantly hear how white males are evil and the cause of all their dsyfunction. They hear it in church, from each other, in the liberal media. They even hear it from the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! “They want to put YA’LL back in chains”
      I ask you, how could this NOT be a hate crime????

      • Athling

        My understanding is that only Whites can commit hate crimes.

    • Over-the-Rhine has to be one of the worst ghetto cesspools in the U.S. I like the way the police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil handle neighborhoods like that — they call them “favelas” in Brazil. Periodically the police go into the favelas, in heavily-armed force, and simply shoot down a number of males of the age likely to rob, rape and kill, at random. I don’t know what they call it in Portuguese, but in English a good description would be “thinning the herd.”

      • LaSantaHermandad

        In Portuguese Thinning the Herd would be  “O Emagrecimento do rebanho”.Pronounced ” OO ehmagraceemaintoo doo raybahnyoo. 
        My personal favorite is :  “Jogando fora o lixo”- Juugandoo foroo o leesoo. Throwing out the garbage.
        My transliteration isn’t perfect. Portuguese; especially Brazilian is rather curious. The letter O is generally pronounced like oo as in the English “too”.
        Although Portugal and Spain share the same Peninsula, the pronunciation and intonation is light years apart. 
        Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. We’ve got to stop playing “revolving door” with these bastards.
        Isn’t it pathetic that in this day and age when we want to vacation somewhere or to move somewhere, we first have to  identify the places we should avoid? 

        “He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue”. 
        Sean Connery’s character Malone to Kevin Costner’s Elliott Ness. Interesting that Malone gives this advice to Ness while praying the Rosary in the pew of a Church.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Everything always “slows down” following  operations like what you mentioned. But eventually it comes back because the (in)justice system is rendered totally impotent to stop it. There’s so much of it that the police (700,000 to enforce laws for 300,000,000 + civilians) are overwhelmed. The only solution is either permanent incarceration or termination of these creatures regardless of their race.

    • anarchyst

      In the late 1960’s, there was a similar program in Detroit which was extremely successful called “Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets” (STRESS).  Police officers would disguise themselves as older, more vulnerable citizens in order to attract the “predators”. Unfortunately,  Detroit’s first black (racist) mayoral candidate, Coleman Young ran on a platform of eliminating this successful program as too many black males were “meeting their maker”.  Of course, his election resulted in the program being disbanded . . . the rest is history . . .

  • “He said several residents have called police inquiring if Mahaney was specifically targeted because he is white. He was not, the chief stressed.”

    The chief knows this because he watched a lot of “All in the Family” and “The Cosby Show,” and White people are not very nice. Hitler was a very bad person too. He was very mean but Lenin and Stalin were okay. These kids were bored and that’s good enough for me. I’m going to go have another Diet Coke and watch one of those shows with the genius black computer programmer/detective– you know the one I’m talking about– every show on television.

    • ed91

       how stupid do they think we are?

      blacks are whack.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Blacks constantly hear how white males are evil and the cause of all their dsyfunction.  They hear it in church, from each other, in the liberal media.  They even hear it from the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!   “They want to put YA’LL back in chains”

    I ask you, how could this NOT be a hate crime???? 

    • vladdy

      Evcn more if hes; elected. Hubris. Enitlement. Knwing the DOJ will not let anyone take it seriously because of the two black men at the top. 

  • Ulick

    When I was bored as a teenager, I’d do do what normal teenage boys do — I’d masturbate. 

    I’d encourage these young thugs to do likewise and “make (self) love, not war”; but for these thugs beating a white person to near death is their orgasmic experience.

  • Of course it’s not hate. It’s not the kids fault, it’s because of: poverty, lack of representation, they are under-served, if only everyone paid their fair share we could have more money to hire better teachers, they need an after school program, they don’t have a level playing field, they need more resources, it’s racism, it’s white-priviliege, it’s the system, it’s the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    Gee, I could have been a liberal journalist if I weren’t so sarcastic.

    • LaSantaHermandad


      Bravo. That was great!!!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Current Diversity Tax collectors, future members of Obama’s Civilian Security Force.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I channeled Adolph Hitler from Hell last night and he had this to say about Obama’s civilian force: 
      “Ich glaube mich zu erinnern, dass der Sturm Abteilung bestand aus Zivilisten gemacht.”
      “I seem to remember that the SA was made up of civilians”.
      He was less than sure of his memory accuracy perhaps due to the self inflicted 9mm slug in his brain.

    • They will just change the  nameplate on the outside of the New Black Panther Party to “Obama’s Civilian Security Forces”.

  • libertarian1234

    “It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black.”

    Oh, yeah.  I’ll just bet they would have attacked a black if he happened by instead of a white.

    This dork probably guided the interrogation craftily around any admission that the guy was beaten, because he was white. “Let me see now, you viciously beat this guy and would have killed him if you weren’t warned off all because you were bored, right?”

     “Yeah, dat right. We wuz bored.”

    They don’t even know what “bored” means. 

    That kind of beating overkill does not come from boredom. It comes from out-of-control racial hatred, and it is self-serving white lackeys like this police chief who are causing the situation to get worse by denying that race is a factor.

    The people who incite these retards to rage offers them justification for hating whitey at the same time  by their constant demonizing of whites and blaming whites for black failures and inability to effectively compete in a first world economy.

    If it isn’t the black talking heads on t.v. who utter nothing but white hatred, it’s the black leadership, which include Wright, Farrakhan, Jesse and Al. 

    And if it isn’t them, then it is these fat, pot-bellied liars in law enforcement who maintain a policy of strict political correctness.

    • vladdy

      I feel like it mus be coming dow from the top — DOJ letting big cities not to go there when the victim is whte.

      • ed91

         use the edit button and type correctly for better understanding.

        not sure what you’re trying to say.

  • John_D01

    When I went to the original article, I didn’t see any opportunity to comment upon it.  Is it my computer , or do they not accept comments.  I’m sure there’d be a flood of outraged whites that would sound a great deal like a lot of us here at AR.  I think that every article that details black attacks on Whites needs to be inundated with comments from aware Whites.

    • The__Bobster

      A lot of news site no longer allow comments on stories involving Bantu crime. They know what they’ll look like……truthful.

    • ncpride

      That’s exactly why they no longer allow comments on stories like these. They ARE being inundated with posts from outraged Whites that are getting harsher and bolder, and flat out fed up. When other Whites see these comments, they see that they are not alone, and nobody wants any kind of unity among us, because that makes them afraid and rightfully so.

    • They are being exceeding stupid for not allowing comments, after having allowed them for some time. The pressure will build, and with no way for Whites to let off steam, they might actually push back from their computers and do something.

      • haroldcrews

        It’s not particularly effective.  I generally see such articles through various non-MSM websites such as AmRen and CoCC or FaceBook.  All of which have commenting even if moderated.  But it would be best if comments were allowed on the original article to maximize views.

    • Tschnoor

      Comments were accepted early Wednesday morning.  There was the usual whining about “how come our leaders won’t consider this a hate crime…….”  The comments were dominated by normal white people just waking up to our people’s problems, but are still in denial about the scope of the problem.  We started dropping Mantra bombs in the comment section and it went wild – all kinds of thumbs up, and we were having fun batting around a PCO.  Then the paper shut down the comments, with prejudice.  I guess they felt that they were enabling too many of our people to finally wake up and realize this is white genocide.

  • anarchyst

    Not a “hate crime”?? Yeah, right . . .
    White people–the war has begun . . . defend yourselves to the max . . . if you have to “take someone down”, do it and don’t wait for the cops to arrive . . . just walk away as if nothing happened. . . Otherwise YOU will be charged wih a “hate crime” . . .

  • FREE Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice here: 

  • The__Bobster

    I’m glad you confirmed the negritude of the perps. The resident YT-hating black racists at the NY Daily Snooze are claiming the thugs were White, even though no White kids have committed a gang attack in ages.

    • Ulick

      “But yous dooos it too.  KnowwhadI’msayin?’

      First, no, I do not know what you’re saying because you’re barely intelligible.

      Second, no, we whites do not routinely attack lone strangers in packs.  You blacks own that.

  • From the article:
    “The attack couldn’t come at a worse time. He has no health insurance and has been unemployed for ‘years,’ he said.”

    Even if you’re employed and have health insurance, who can “afford” to live among NAMs, esp blacks??? Who can “afford” to suffer like this? (permanent brain damage?) Who can “afford” to subject themselves, their spouse, and their kids to all the risks that come along w/living among blacks?

    Back in the ’50s and ’60s whites used to say, “There goes the neighborhood!” when blacks moved in. What was true then is still true now, more than a half of a century later. Our ancestors weren’t “bigoted,” “ignorant,” “hate-filled,” and “prejudiced” — turns out they knew who they were dealing with and what they were talking about. Small wonder they put restrictive covenants into their homes’ deeds to protect their neighborhoods from crime, and their properties’ values from the devaluation that accompanies NAMs.

    Since those restrictive covenants aren’t enforced nowadays, the best whites can do is focus on increasing their incomes so they can afford to live where NAMs, esp blacks, don’t. Otherwise, whites and their children will be oppressed by NAMs and by all the “drama” they’ll bring into their lives (loud music at all hours of the day and night, drunken/drugged up people on the street, young people hanging out on the street, looking for trouble, at all hours of the day and night, etc.).

  • I wonder how much Gross National Product has been lost due to the deaths, injuries, and illnesses caused by NAM violence? How much expense has been paid to doctors, RNs, therapists, etc., not just in treating their victims, but also in treating the perps (gunshot wounds, drug use, etc.)?

    Then weight this against NAMs’ contributions (income taxes, property taxes, #s of workers they employ, businesses owned, inventions created, etc.).

    Makes you wonder if their costs outweigh their benefits to society…..

    •  But I guess NAM mayhem has generated plenty of jobs and work for police, EMTs, hospital staff,  prosecutors, public defenders, jailers, & undertakers.

      • The Verdict of History

        And medical professionals at the MOURGE…

      • Yeah, Obama’s new jobs program…he said, with a rueful, sarcastic laugh.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I remember a Black activist challenging Whites with the scenario of their waking up one day to find all Black people had gone away. I’m paraphrasing what he said; something about all the services formerly performed by Blacks wouldn’t be available to them, as if to suggest that without Afros, White would be rendered helpless. 
      Yes what would we do if there were no Afros around to sucker punch and head kick us on the streets day or night, rape our women and murder us, degrade our once ( more than 60 years ago) excellent public school system, turn so many of our college campuses into scary places, shoplift and vandalize businesses into bankruptcy . A case in point , there have been three attempts to open a supermarket in Atlantic City in what they call Renaissance Plaza. The “Renaissance” never occurred due to shoplifting, vandalism, assaults in the parking lot and the theft of shopping carts and assorted “Youth” activity. Two of the companies decided that it wasn’t worth the cost of repairing or replacing vandalized & stolen property and the losses incurred from constant theft. The Third one opened a few months ago and the jury isn’t in yet. .
      In addition Afros have hamstrung and castrated the justice system and overcrowded our prisons  because too many of them simply can’t control their sociopathic impulses and society gets no help from good Black Americans who remain silent while the violence and barbarism go on unchecked.  Black juries will not punish Black defendant regardless of the heinousness of their crimes; especially if they’re perpetrated against Whites. They will blame Law Enforcement for their perceived negligence in protecting them and will excoriate the Police when they do. It’s probable that they’re afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals but they can’t have it both ways. 

  • We need to start walking in groups out in Public so as to send a message.  They won’t attack us if they know we’re going to fight back.  It would also help if all White People knew enough to always look behind them as much as they look ahead whenever they’re walking in an integrated area.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      A few “Trayvons” would fix the situation just fine.  Blacks are cowards, as they’ve proved repeatedly in battle.  I agree that more “social justice” is needed in the form of finely aimed lead bullets to teach these animals that preying on our children, women and elderly will immediately shorten their life span, and better, take their DNA out of the gene pool forever.  Better yet, arm up your women and elderly.

  • “It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black……….”They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” Foust said. “It’s appalling. I think it’s despicable. This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants.”   

    This PC Police Chief isn’t fooling anyone but himself. Of course they were arrogant and had absolutely no remorse. They were were acting as little soldiers for the Black Revolution bent on racial revenge; empowered by Obama and his racist Department of Injustice Head, Eric Holder.  

    The very act of a group of blacks, who were raised from birth to blame whites for all their troubles; attacking and beating a lone white man is not born from a sick sense of boredom, but a vicious act spurred on by hate and meant to harm, degrade, and demean their white victims.  

     Behavior of a single parent Sub-Culture raised on anti-white animosity and envy. Often triggered by their racist hatred. A Righteous Indignation instilled by a Leftist Hollywood and Public School Victimist Propaganda. Empowered by Liberals and their Entitlement Mentality. Ignored and Protected by the National News Media, Political Correctness and a corrupt DOJ. Forgiven by an endless list of Affirmative Excuses. 

      While the victim list get ever longer and the body count is piled ever higher; as the pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, hurt, anger, and national financial burden grows by every passing year; the MSM constantly tells us that “Diversity is a Joy” and “Multiculturalism is a Strength”.

    The question to ask is: does this new victim of their forced diversity and multiculturalism feel “stronger”? Is he “joyful”? How many more victims must suffer before we learn that as a society it is neither a “joy” nor a “strength”, but a constant point of friction. This is the chaotic new social order void of personal safety, common decency, and civilized behavior that the multi-cultists have forced upon us, and until America wakes up out of its Political Correctness and calls it what it is, behavior like this will only get worse….much worse.

    • One of the best posts I’ve ever read on Amren. Thank you.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      Make sure the “body count” is them and not us.

  • IKantunderstand

    You know, having all these poor, old, put- upon law enforcement types having to constantly and patiently explain that an attack on a White by vibrant youths is never a hate crime; well, I think obama should address this misuse of time on the part of law enforcement by EO and declare, definitively, that henceforth: Don’t even bring it up, ask about it, etc.  “Ain’t no hate crime, yo, White people just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Know what I’m sayin?”(Shiiiiiit).

  • Here is a good one my brother. Watch this video–the best part starts at 1:15, when Congressman Hank Johnson of GA asks a White Admiral if he thinks the island of Guam will capsize, if it becomes overpopulated:

    The thing I find delicious is the reaction of the Admiral. It is a reaction we are all familiar with: the White Admiral has to pretend that the black’s question is sensible and on equal par with any one else’s in the chamber. We have all had to do this dance.

    • “We don’t anticipate that”

      No sane person would

    • Detroit_WASP

      Great point.  Had Hank Johnson been white, the Admiral would have likely called him out, to some degree, for being so stupid.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Wasp and Hornet spray in addition to a sharp instrument. The spray carries up to fifteen + feet. Get them right in their faces and when they’re on the ground screaming, make sure to give them a jet or two down their throats. That should settle the issue forthwith. Then, if possible, continue on your way leaving them to be with “the Lord” and leaving a few grateful wasps and.or hornets.

    • Do NOT use wasp/hornet spray — those insecticides are considered poisons by federal law and you could be charged w/assault w/a deadly weapon or poisoning. If I’m going to get hit w/charges like that, I’m going to use a gun.

      Pepper spray, esp FOX brand, works excellently for MOST BGs. But some BGs (Bad Guys), just seem to shrug it off.
      More free Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice at:

      BTW several firearms “carry” cases (2nd Amendment right to keep *and bear* arms), are at the appellate level in the federal courts. As long as Obama is not able to appoint another anti-guns justice to the US Supreme Court, we should win a right to carry in public for self-defense in early summer of either 2013 or 2014.

      • Good call on the hornet spray. Someone posted a while back about bear spray, and that sounds like a good option.

        I hope you are right about the outcome in the federal courts. I spend time between Az. and Ca. and feel much safer in Az. carrying a pistol for self defense.

        •  I’ve heard about bear spray, but haven’t read the label on one to see if it also has a warning that it is “a violation of Federal law to use it in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.”

          Part of the reason why I haven’t looked into bear spray is because in CA, we’re limited to 2.5 oz cans or smaller of pepper spray and, IIRC, those bear spray cans are pretty big — like 8 oz or more.

          FWIW, just because we in CA can’t buy bigger cans of OC (pepper spray), doesn’t mean we can’t carry more than one of the smaller cans on us, or in our cars….

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Guns are also deadly weapons. If you shoot them, your not going to be prosecuted? Wasp/Hornet spray is silent. The wooshing sound of the spray can will not bring anyone out to see what’s going on. MR. Zimmerman had a right to carry and his crucifixion is imminent. Remember the Platinum Rule” Doeth unto others before they doeth unto you.”

        •  First off, let me do what you want — I’m just trying to share info w/you & other AmRen readers who are trying to figure out the best way/s to protect ourselves in our current legal, political, social, etc environments….

          By intentionally using hornet-wasp spray on a human, you could face prosecution in federal as well as state criminal court. Hope anyone who plans on doing that has a TON of extra $$$ to spend on defense attorneys….

          I was not saying you won’t get prosecuted if you use a gun, but rather that if I’m going to face the risk of prosecution for using deadly force in self-defense, I’m at least going to have had the benefit of using a gun for self-defense rather than bug spray.

          As far as the relative silence of bear spray: (1) assuming you’re using it defensively and not offensively, there very well may be loud noises that occur prior to its use; (2) nowadays, everyone has a cellphone w/video camera. Video monitors are everywhere, outside stores and outside homes. The idea of defending yourself and sneaking away without a trace (ala Bernard Goetz), is so unlikely, that I would not try it — if you get caught at it, the prosecutor, judge, and jury will be presuming that you were the Bad Guy (BG).

          Zimmerman illustrates why — as stated in that Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice I post at least every week on one of these NAM violent crime stories on AmRen — it states that a gun is not the answer to every or even most self-defense problems. Because Zimmerman did not have any non-deadly options (knowing H2H combat/MMA, carrying pepper spray), he was forced to go to deadly force and now he’s suffering for it, regardless of whether his use of it was justified or not. Again, insecticide is NOT a non-deadly option — why mess w/it???

          In case you, or others, missed it, here’s the link to that Advice:

        • anarchyst

          “Saint” Trayvon was a thug that got what he deserved . . .
          It is clear that Zimmerman was protecting his neighborhood when he asked Trayvon what business he had in that neighborhood. 
          The “average” person would have replied that he was visiting relatives–that would have been the end of the conversation and he would have been on his way. 
          One must understand the warped psychological pathology that exists in today’s blacks and “gangsta thugs”. 
          You see, Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his presence in that neighborhood.  The only way for him to get his “respect” back was to jump, pummel (and possibly murder) Zimmerman. 
          Zimmerman did the only thing that he could . . .
          The “stand your ground” statute was not applicable because Trayvon was ON TOP of Zimmerman, beating his brains out.  Zimmerman could not have “retreated” in this case.
          This prosecutor that has brought charges on Zimmerman is pandering to racist, black pressure and is illegal on its face.
          If and when Zimmerman is acquitted, I would like to see him go after the prosecutor for “prosecutorial malpractice”.

      •  A bill is working its way through the FL House of Representatives to allow open carry.  It didn’t make it last year, but had a lot of support.  It’s probably a fairly long shot to make it this year as well.

      • anarchyst

        I carry a NEW UNUSED can of wasp spray with the receipt in a bag.  I am willing to take my chances. . .a beating or certain death is much worse . . .

  • anarchyst

    If you are attacked by bantus and get involved with the police, ALWAYS state that racial slurs against you were used and INSIST that the crime be reported as a “hate crime”.  Two can play at that game.  If enough whites insist that EVERY attack on them is accompanied by racial slurs against whites and PUSH THE ISSUE with both the police and the news media, they will be forced to confront the issue.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    How do po-lice know it wasn’t a hate crime? 

    They ask the negroes.

    COP:   “Was it a hate crime?”

    NEGRO:  “Heck no homey, it weren’t no hate crime.  He just looked like a sucka.”

    I believe it.  These negroes didn’t sit around pondering the lasting effects of slavery and Jim Crow or the horror of the Middle Passage and decide to punish a white man. 

    They just know that whites are EASY.

    A ghetto negro walks around with eyes in the back of his head and sixth sense about when he’s aboout to get rolled.  A ghetto negro with a six-pack would be running home with one hand on his beer and another on his Glock.

    But stupid white people who live within 50 miles of negroes STILL haven’t gotten it through their thick skulls that they are in danger of this kind of thing, 24/7.

    So no, it wasn’t a hate crime anymore than wolves attacking sheep is a hate crime.  It’s just what predators do when surrounded by prey.

    • Brian

        Hint to the Police [and the media].
       Check their Facebook/Bebo pages for racial slurs, photos of Gang signs, boasts about committing this crime. Check their homes for Black hate music, their school disciplinary records, search them for gang tattoos, check their cellphones for racial slurs in text messages.
       Then come back to us and tell us how much proof you found of a racial motive. I’m guessing – lots.

  • bubo

    “They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” Foust said. 

    It sounds like black kids have conquered their lack of self esteem.   Why wouldn’t they be arrogant?  The last 50 years they have heard nothing but how great they are. Whatever they decide to do to whitey is justified, be it rob, rape, murder or just “havin fun.”

  • Laura White

    I am suspicious about this Starbucks-proposed documentary on Air Force One: when I logged on to the internet today at a local Starbucks, this docu was prominently advertised :

    I’m about an hour into it, and so far there is absolutely NO mention of the Fraudulent One, BHO; also, there is VERY little diversity. 

    What is going on here?

    Man, stuff is going to get weird as we approach November. 


    – Arturo 

  • JohnEngelman

    If you are walking in or near a black neighborhood, avoid the approach of young black males. Look over your shoulder from time to time. Carry some sort of weapon. Ideally this should be a small hand gun if you can get a permit. Otherwise, it should be pepper spray. 

    • But, crime rates are going down, right John? This is just an isolated incident, right John? The streets are getting safer every day, right John? The FBI and police are on our side, right John? They would never cover up hate crimes against White people, right John? Every White person should surround himself with brilliant asians who know kung-fu, right John?

      • JohnEngelman

        Crime rates are going down. The reason it may not seem that way to many American Renaissance posters is because a single spectacular crime anywhere in the United States can be posted here. 
        The FBI and the police are on our side.

        It would be an excellent for whites to surround themselves with brilliant Orientals who know Kung Fu, if they are fortunate enough to be able to do so.

        • Laika, The Space Dog

          On our side?  Huh? Nope.  

          …It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime, said North College Hill Police Chief and Hypocrite Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black.

          Kung Fu? Wrong again.  Try this:  CCW/CHL and shoot to kill. Also, carry 2+ back-up mags.

          Problem solved. Permanently.

        • alex

          The reason it may not seem that way to many American Renaissance posters is because some of them live in Milwaukee, Detroit and Chicago.
          Speaking of Milwaukee:
          56 years old man, identified as Dalbir Singh, was shot and killed on Wednesday at Harmony Food Store , 3821 W. Locust St.
          White people in this area are  either cops or customers of prostitutes. Of course, these categories aren’t mutually exclusive.
          Where is community outrage? Where is Eric Holder?

      • Achaean

        First, the overall crime rate has gone down because the demographic ratio of young men as a percentage of the population has gone down. There are less younger males, say, between the ages of 14 and 25 , which is the age group most likely to engage in criminal activity. But criminal activity among young blacks has not declined. It  has gotten worse, particularly their assaults on whites. 

  • Sloppo

    If the punishment for each person involved in that attack was a beating of equal or greater severity than the one received by the victim, I believe their youthful boredom would be significantly diminished.

  • mialexa

    Somebody better fire that racist cop. He committed a hate crime by suggesting that all black youth wanna play basketball! Some of those bored children may want to engage in a little rocket science around midnight instead of basketball. You know what I’m sayin’?

  • Ingsoc

    Bernard Goetz would have fixed that boredom in no time like he cleaned-out that subway car. 

    His heroic act was THE high point in NY history.

  • godzillabloggs

    We keep hearing that motive can be very difficult to establish, yet here are the police with an instant explanation. 

    ‘Because they were just bored’  is not at all  convincing as explanations go.  ‘Because they were just savages’  would be more like it.

  • Anan7

    This gentleman can solve his problems with one thing: CCW.

    • Tim

      I`ve had a license for four years and while a good deal, it occured to me you are exchanging one set of problems for another…

  • Pat Kittle

    “‘They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,’ [police chief] Foust said.  ‘This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants.'”

    The smart money says this was not the first time these youfs nailed whitey, and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be the last, does it?

    But I blame myself — after all, I failed to build them a basketball court.

    • Since all of the perps are juveniles, they will likely be placed on probation and ordered to complete some type of  community service hours. They will rarely see their probation officer and will be given double and even triple credit for community service hours just for showing up. In other words these young perps will view the juvenile justice system as the joke that it is and have several more years in which to gleefully terrorize whites. The reason Bernard Goetz decided to illegally (New York Sate) possess a firearm was that he could no longer take the abuse. I hope that the white victim in the above story has arrived at his Bernie Goetz moment. 

  • JohnEngelman

    If six white teenagers attacked a middle aged black man without provocation it would be national news. 

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Being accosted by Petula Clark might have been every guy’s dream at one time. Now it’s more likely gonna be De’ André and his “bit–”  named A-A . Dah dash don’t be silent.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.  This guy was probably walking around in code pink.

  • patriotdad76

    It is rare to see a white victim of crime interviewed in the media.

    Usually the media dehumanizes whites, and humanizes the black attackers and their ‘difficult’ upbringing etc.

  • Athling

    The police can’t protect you. All they can do is show up after the fact. You must protect yourself. Your IQ should be considerably higher than the thugs who are intent on harming you. Use that to your advantage. Plan ahead for situations like this.

    There was a time when Africans were kept at bay through Jim Crow laws and Bull Conner techniques which saved White lives and prevented cities from becoming Detroited. Those days are gone.

  • JohnEngelman

    Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.                        
    – Jared Taylor, from The Color of Crime      

  • alex

    How often black man rapes and beats to death an elderly black woman?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Yes, it was his Walther PPK, which is chambered for 7.65 mm.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I stand corrected. The Walther it was. I was thinking in terms of the Luger. But didn’t Walther also manufacture a 9? A 9mm is close to .38 calibre. What would be the calibre equivalent of the 7.65. Would that be close to a .25, .32 or neither?
      This is completely off topic but I never pass up on a teachable moment.

      • Tim

        When I bought my first gun at 19 it was a Luger. I got it home and the ammo didn`t load. A neighbor told me they had “sold” me a 7.65, telling me it was a 9mm.  Turns out I needed the money for car  repairs the next day and I was able to return it because the receipt had the serial number and 9mm on it. The gunsalesman balked and stalled till I barked , “Somebody coulda got killed!! Gimme my money back now!”   He handed it over without another word.  Still was a greenhorn on guns but learned a lot about asserting myself that day….

      • Up to my neck in CA

        The 7.65 mm is the equivalent of the .32 ACP.
        Walther chambered their P-38 in 9 mm, the Luger was originally chambered for 7.65 mm during WWI, but was changed to 9 mm in WWII.

    • Tim

      Thanks for the backup on the pistol calibre.  One other thing that might interest you. If you ever go there, The Bunker, there is a small billboard which clears up historical msiconceptions.  The biggest one is that he emerged from his bunker on April 20th, his birthday,  to be filmed decorating Hitler Youth and patting them on the cheek. That was actually filmed a month earlier on March 20th… Wondering why all those programs get it wrong….

  • haroldcrews

    The articles on MSM websites that involve black on white crime that permit comments always have a large number of comments from race realists or WN.

  • ncpride

    I’m glad you found us Tom, and hope you will learn much here just as I have. You may find it’s worse than you thought for White folk though, and that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

  • Did this happen in a White neighborhood? Not likely, I guess, or these young thugs wouldn’t have been just roaming around. Or maybe they would have, as gutless and spineless as so many of us White people have become about defending our turf, and our own.

    Folks, this kind of thing is going to continue until and unless there are several incidents where black attackers are shot stone cold dead by those they attack, or by other Whites who see these atrocities happening and come running to “do the right thing” — which is NOT to cry, “You kids stop that!” or “I’m going to call the police!” These ghetto thugs understand fatal gunshot wounds better than they understand anything else. Put a few of them in the cemetery, and the rest will back off — guaranteed.

  • Don’t really understand why my post from earlier this evening was deleted. I was just advising Whites to stand up for themselves — wasn’t I? Is even this website starting to get squeamish about strongly-worded comments?

    • I don’t remember deleting any of your posts earlier this evening, or ever, for that matter.

      • ncpride

        Just curious, but why no news tonight? Did I miss something?

        • I’m still efforting that myself.  It’s ten of eleven, so I doubt there will be news today.  Why, no clue, nobody has contacted me to give me a wherefore.

          • ncpride

            I see. Thank you for the reply. Hopefully, things will be back up and running tomorrow evening.

          • Technical glitches prevented the posting of yesterday’s intended news items until this morning.

  • Jay11

    Remember the quote from those black rioters last year as they beat some white families? 

    “It’s a black world!”

    Well, I just finished watching two prime time cop show dramas and just for fun I decided to count the commmercials that:

        A) have mixed race (blk male/wht fmle) couples
        B) have the “one black friend” sidekick
        C) have the wise black person trying to guide/have patience with a clueless white male and
        D) have no white males altogether and just showcase white women, blacks and all others.
        E) have blacks doing atypical things like being the genius, a two parent household, the doctor etc.

    I was shocked to find that for those two hours of mainstream cop shows, every single commercial fit the description of one of the points above.  Every one of them. 

    Why don’t I see that kind of world when I go out of my apartment?  It’s usually every race sticking to itself, even hipsters.  I was so ill from all this propaganda tonight that it reminds me of all the ‘diversity’ in the Target store posters!

    • I can’t watch TV anymore. It’s not even about entertainment anymore, it’s all about indoctrination and social engineering

    • Pat Kittle

       Are we allowed to present evidence of who’s behind that?

  • I too an not far from where this animal attack occurred. We would be safer replacing black “youths”  with wild chimpanzees. 

  • Jay

    This post to all those commenting again and again and again and again that:

    “If x y and z where white people instead of black people” then “the media would cover it differently”

    Yes, everyone knows that.  Everyone has known that for about 15 years.  Stop repeating that stupid statement.  We all know that.  Now let’s move along and actually express an opinion about the death squads that have you in their sights.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    mayor is dan brooks.  call and express your dissatisfaction that the worm foust did not charge as a hate crime.  but remember, writing is great, calling is great, but the sword is mightier than the pen. have the courage to use the sword.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     Twitter Stream

    Last 3 tweets from ncollegeadm:

    about 12 hours agoncollegeadm: For information concerning the recent teen attack @ Dallas & Simpson go to

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    Teen Attack at Simpson and Dallas

    Attention: On Saturday night at 8:40 pm the police department
    responded to Dallas and Simpson involving an assault of 6 juveniles and a
    1 adult male. The victim Pat Maheny is a resident and was returning
    from Ameristop where he had made a purchase of a  six pack of beer. He
    was on foot and returning to his residence. He was passed by 6 male
    juveniles who were black in color and Maheny the victim was white. The 6
    juveniles attached the victim and cause serious physical harm to the
    victim. The victim was transported to Mt. Airy Hospital where he
    admitted with internal injuries and stayed for 4 days before the
    release. Once the victim was released the family contacted the media and
    this story has not only made local but national news including the New
    York Daily news, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the San Francisco
    Chronicle. The police department did an outstanding job in arresting all
    6 juveniles and charged the juveniles with Aggravated Riot and
    Felonious Assault. More importantly while this news has made national
    network it is not telling the positives of our community. Residents in
    the area saw the assault taking place called 911, and attempted to
    intervene. Additionally the residents provided us with information and
    names that assisted us in the investigation which lead to the arrest of
    all 6 suspects. While this event was tragic it does indeed show that the
    residents of North College Hill did not accept this crime as an
    acceptable behavior, called police and became involved and partnered
    with the police department to assist us in the investigation and arrest.
    The media has portrayed this as a hate crime where 6 black juveniles
    attacked a white male. The media has had little exposure that many of
    the citizens involved in this incident to assist police, call 911, and
    help the victim were also black and found these actions of the juveniles
    an unacceptable level of values, and standards not to with stand
    violations of the law. I feel it is important that our elected officials
    have all the facts. The juveniles admitted that the reason this crime
    took place was because they were “bored” . I know we all find this a
    hard measurement to digest however at no time in the interview did the
    juveniles indicate or state the crime was predicated on race just
    boredom. As police officers we are to investigate and review facts not
    opinions. At no time in the interview did the juveniles acknowledge this
    attack was based on race. I have received over 13 e-mails and numerous
    phone calls from individuals all over the United States calling our
    police department cowardly by not charging with the juveniles a hate
    crime. I am very proud of our police department and its actions to
    remain unbiased and follow the scope of the law, not opinions. All 6
    juveniles were charged with the appropriate charges of aggravated
    rioting and felonious assault. Both of these charges are high tier
    felonies whereas the juvenile may get incarceration in a juvenile
    detention facility. The ignorance of the general public is appalling.
    The State of Ohio does not have a crime called “Hate Crime”, that
    withstanding even if these offense may seem on face value that is why
    this assault  occurred there are no provisions within the Ohio Revised
    Code to charge anyone with this offense as it is non existent. The State
    of Ohio does have Ethnic Intimidation however this statue is only
    reserved if intimidation is by menacing, aggravated menacing, criminal
    damaging, and criminal mischief. This crime certainly does not meet any
    of these elements and thus the charges of aggravated rioting and
    felonious assault which are both felonies and appropriate charges. The
    Federal law does have hate crimes  and is defined as a criminal offense
    committed against a person, or property that is motivated by race,
    religion, disability, sexual orientation or national origin. That with
    said the Federal System of adjudication is juveniles is very very 
    limited and the Federal law requires that there must be a Federal
    interest in the case and the state does not have the jurisdiction or
    refuses jurisdiction because the state does not not have adequate
    programs or services for juvenile offenders. I feel this important for
    our elected officials to know if asked within the the community why the 6
    juveniles were not charged with a hate crime. The response is very
    simple, the Ohio Revised Code does not have a law called hate crime, The
    federal system will not take this case with the individual being
    juveniles and the state has the ability to prosecute and the juveniles
    at no time time admitted the crime was based on race. I hope this
    clarifies some questions within the community and I do believe this is
    knowledge that our elected officials should have. I am very proud of our
    police department, the actions of the police department, and our
    residents who took ownership in this incident to partner with police to
    lead to a successful investigation. I am certainly available for
    questions and also willingly to attend the administrative or Council
    meeting to address issues concerning this matter.


    Chief Gary Foust

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

      NO HATE CRIME!!!
       “The ignorance of the general public is appalling.”
      hear that amreners?…………… your ignorance is appalling….
      call every council member and get this guy out of his job.

    • Pat Kittle

      They were just “bored” — that’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it.

      Just a coincidence they’re all black and their victim was white — no pattern there!

      And no need for further investigation — nothing to see here, move along folks…

  • CharlesFinley

    Never let your guard down.
    I don’t.
    Get an equalizer of some sort.
    Get a permit to carry it.
    Endeavor to increase your proficiency with your new piece.
    Republicans, beware:
    Soetoro wants to take away our rights.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    You’ve just said it all.
     ” If you hide the truth and bury under the ground, it will but grow and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts forth, it will blow up everything in its path.”
    Emile Zola

  • Alex Dihes

    A Russian in Texas

    A Russian is walking down the street in Dallas when he is shocked by a sign hanging in front of a building.
    Enraged, the Russian walks up to the building to go inside and yell at the owners, but he is stopped by a smaller sign saying, “SOUTHERN CROSS BURIAL SOCIETY”.

  • Ulick

    What’s with Africans perpetrating extreme violence because they’re “bored”.  This way to kill boredom seems to be common among Africans weherever on the globe they may be (See attached story.)  And doesn’t this trend of killing boredom really tell us everything about Africans?  No other race handles boredom like this (out of South Africa)…

    “Boredom made me rape – prisoner”

    A prisoner who was granted a special remission of sentence is back behind bars after breaking into a house and raping a woman because he was bored.

    The man was released from a prison in Wepener, Free State on May 8 and allegedly committed housebreaking and rape offences on May 22.

    According to the Department of Correctional Services, the man said he had committed the crimes because he had nothing to do.

    The man is one of the 37 783 prisoners who were released from prisons across the country after President Jacob Zuma granted a remission of sentence to certain categories of prisoners. He is not the only one back in jail.

    Within a month of their early release, 47 are already back behind bars for murder, rape, attempted murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, theft, stock theft, possession of drugs, possession of stolen goods and housebreaking.

    When asked why they committed the crimes so soon after their release, they have blamed boredom, homelessness, hunger, poverty, drug addiction and unemployment as the reason they re-offended.

  • anarchyst

    Even in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s black-on-white crime was common while white-on-black crime was nonexistent.  If you were a white “youngster” growing up in 1960’s Detroit, you had to be aware of two blacks riding on one bicycle.  One would jump off, knock you off your bike and take it.  Although we knew where the “perps” lived, police were no help.  You see, “possession” was nine-tenths of the law; police would do NOTHING to get your possessions back.
    Total separation is the only answer . . .

  • anarchyst

    One can only dream . . . a world devoid of negroes . . . paradise

  • LaSantaHermandad

    “This can’t go on forever, can it?  I mean, don’t they understand that people who are paying attention can’t help but come to the conclusion the system is out to exterminate white people? ”

     The White people are the ones who challenge what they perceive to be unfair and dishonest.We’re just a troublesome lot and we impede the progress of the master plan for the New World Order just as those nuisance Republicans in Congress. As Nancy Pelosi said of Obamacare, “Let’s pass it first and then we’ll find out what’s in it” .
      The problem is that the real creators of this future sometimes referred to as the “Bilderbergers” are White themselves.  So I guess that they’ve figured out a way to avoid being exterminated with rest of us.