Has Mitt Romney Given Up on the Latino Vote?

Linda Feldmann, Christian Science Monitor, August 14, 2012

Mitt Romney, a white guy, has put another white guy, Rep. Paul Ryan, on the Republican ticket as his running mate. And on Tuesday, yet another white man—Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey—was given the coveted role of keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention later this month.

To be sure, there will be plenty of ethnic and gender diversity on display at the Tampa, Fla., conclave. Home-state Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida will introduce Mr. Romney before his big acceptance speech on the final night. Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico will speak, as will Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina, who is Indian-American.

But having forgone a minority or a woman for the ticket, Romney has made another telling choice with a keynote speaker who is also neither—particularly in not selecting a Hispanic. Two people who could easily have filled the keynote slot were Senator Rubio and Senate candidate Ted Cruz of Texas, another rising Latino star in the GOP.

After African-Americans, Hispanics are the largest minority voting bloc and crucial to both campaigns. Team Obama has given Hispanics prime roles at the Democratic National Convention in early September: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles is chairman and Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio is keynote speaker.

So has Romney given up on the Hispanic vote? Not necessarily, analysts say.

“I wouldn’t say that he’s written it off,” says Sylvia Manzano, senior analyst at Latino Decisions polling firm.

Ms. Manzano notes that Romney’s first event Monday morning—the first business day since Ryan joined the ticket—was in a Cuban-American neighborhood in Miami, at a Latino-owned business. “That was a deliberate choice,” she says. “And the party has some high-profile Latinos speaking at the convention.”

But the fact remains that, in elevating Ryan and Christie, Romney has chosen to fill other needs besides outreach to Latino voters.


{snip} The latest Latino Decisions poll of Hispanic voters, taken in July, shows Obama beating Romney 70 percent to 22 percent. {snip}


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  • RetronymAnomaly39
  • anmpr1

    I’m still trying to figure out if he’s given up on the white vote.

    •  I know really, in a sane world where I feared death, I imagine the ghastly visage of Paul Ryan and his agenda would haunt my nightmares.

      • Major

        Wow…oh wow…oh wow. Imagine a fatwa on your head instead. Think it can’t happen? A shiria /  fatwa / jihad might just make you opt for a Ryan..ya think?

        And hey…I’m all for So Cal seceding from LA south to San Diego. Unless of course your into a permanent diet of refried beans.

    • The__Bobster

      The more he Hispanders, the less White votes he’s going to get. At least his stupid advisors didn’t convince him to pick Reconquista Rubio as his running mate.

  • ed91

    I don’t see why he would give up on the latino vote.

    Any latino with an ounce of sense knows with obama there will be no US after 4 more.

    • JackKrak

      I was thinking the same thing – it’s in the best interests of the parasites to make sure the host has enough air to breathe.

    • “Any latino with an ounce of sense” – There’s your problem right there!  These people are very similar to blacks in that they lack even an ounce of future time orientation.  To them the USA is this mythological creature of infinite wealth, only the White man is keeping it all to himself.  They have no idea that if you destroy the White race you destroy the USA.  Even if they could comprehend this, it would not matter.  JUST LIKE the blacks, sticking it to Whitey is more important than their long term survival.

      • pc must go

        Most are barely literate. Pretty easy to manipulate illiterate people. Also, there is not going to be “equality” ever until the races are equal. They are not equal now. We think it’s their fault, they think it’s ours. Again, nothing to compromise on. 

        • Anonymous

          When will our politicians openly say, “Races are not equal.  That’s been the biggest lie foisted onto white people for over half a century now.  We have spent billions of dollars and ruined many nice white countries and cities to prove we were all the same.  It’s taken us to go nearly bankrupt to prove multiculturalism was a sham.”

    • The__Bobster

      Why would the Goyas think that was a bad thing?

      Where do you think their bodies get buried when they die?

      Which flag do they wave during sporting events?

    • bluffcreek1967

      Few latinos, in truth, have any sense when it comes to political matters – especially when one considers the rate of illiteracy in the countries they come from. They simply don’t have the intellectual aptitude for it. The very few latinos who might be halfway informed does not usurp the vast majority who know nothing about American politics.

      I also seriously doubt if there are any latinos who think that if Obama gets another four years in office, the U.S. will be no more. Quite the opposite: They probably think the gravy train will continue if Obama is given a second term!

  • I think that Romney knew that he would not win the Latino vote anyway. The only Latinos that tend to vote Republican are the high income successful professionals. Immigration is not an important issue to this group.

    • pc must go

      cubans and whiter latinos probably

  • IKantunderstand

    Ms. Feldmmann. I think you answered your own question.”…shows Obama beating Romney 70 percent to 22 percent”. Romney can only win by rallying White voters to his cause.  If he had picked Rubio, Jindal, West or any other “minority” ad nauseum, he would have hurt his chances. I would have sat this one out, and I’m not alone in this attitude. I’m ecstatic that it’s two White guys. This stupid pandering to Hispanics is pointless. Romney would be better off telling Hispanics to get the hell out of this country if they aren’t here legally. Actually, I don’t want them here even if they are legal. Press “2” if you want all immigrants gone. 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222.

    • IstvanIN

       Shouldn’t that be: Pulse uno para Español, oprime dos para Inglés.

    • Major

      Bravo…Bravo damn Zulu. 

      Illegals…whether your “mom” dragged you here or not…YOU”RE STILL…ILLEGAL.

      Why are you still here? Get out of my country..try Guatemala instead.

  • currahee1911

    Sailer strategy. 

    • pc must go

      Yes, I was surprised he didn’t pick Rubio, but then unsurprised. This election WILL be about White Racial Resentment and god darn it we’re entitled to it. 

      • ed91

         picking  Rubio would have given obama a pass on the having two citizen parents requirement..  it’s also a blatant catering pick……..

  • pc must go

    YES, AND GOOD FOR HIM! THANK GOD! Give up on the Asian vote too. Revolting hearing Jack Cafferty on CNN yesterday repeat someone else’s quote about “2 boring white guys”… but that’s the norm for liberals… 

    Besides, with Rubio, he would have had to compromise more on amnesty. F___ COMPROMISE. I’m tired of compromising , etc. I don’t have the energy for it.

    Be honest and they can take it or leave it.

    The races are constantly having “compromise” and lie when there’s nothing to compromise about. 

  • Major

    Of course he’s given up…he knows it’s a waste of time , resources and money. He wants Americans who are fed up with “press 1 for English”…he wants Americans who are fed up with illegals, interlopers, scammers and latino grifters screwing  natural born…legal…American citizens of their rights as Americans…he wants Americans who are sick  and tired, disgusted with the DHS led by a fraud with a skunk wisp of grey in her mop ( who actually should be the team manager of an all “girl” bowling league..and an incompetent, semi literate putz ) who’s responsible for our border security?

    He wants America…for AMERICANS…naturalized or born here. He wants AMERICANS who are disgusted with PC….bending over and accepting morons like the racist Eric Holder….a ‘president’ who can’t produce a report card….a passport…a dissertation from Columbia….a ‘girlfriend who’s not a composite….a job report…a real social security number….or a real…BIRTH CERTIFICATE… like everyone of us who applies for a passport or a damn drivers license.

    He wants Americans who respect the military..who love our troops…who respect our troops…and a man who doesn’t take credit for killing Bin Laden…when it was AMERICANS…who killed Bin Laden by our most bravest Seals. He wants Americans who hate a president who divulges our national security secrets.

    And most of all…he wants the vote of AMERICANS who are disgusted to see a POTUS…bow…yes BOW…before an Arab/Muslim ?Thief /  Terrorist whose charging you $5 bucks a gallon to go to work…if you have a job under this fraud.

    And he lastly wants AMERICANS who will kick butt….never bend over….accept the fact that we have vast resources of our own..and do not need….a Chavez…an Arab oil pimp….or any foreign blackmail over our energy needs …ever again.

    • Major

      Moderator..question…why the edit? Just asking…no offense.

      • A little bit of “language.”  I think we had this conversation before via e-mail.  I know you understand my predicament.

        • Major

          Thanks….yes..indeed I do….I do get a bit…ahhhh…intemperate? 

          I understand….I’ll do what I can to pull back and to keep it in line.


    • s shadow

      Do you know all this, or are you making a wish statement?  I’m getting solicitations from his campaign, but don’t know if I should respond.  The right stand on both legal and illegal immigration, as well as on energy could be invaluable to America.

      • Major

        I think he’s made his stance and opinions very clear. However Ryan is a bit weaker and not as strong on immigration as his future boss will be / is.

        Ryan will, however have to toe the bosses line and policies.

        MR is the only pick we have….and once again…it’s important to get the interloper out! Back to Chicago and his community organizing.

    • jeffaral

      The best joke I ever read!   Thanks for the laugh!  

    • xsfsoldier

      W0w Major!!  I’d follow you through the bowels of Hell!! Right on!!

  • dhs

    Perhaps Romney has decided to employ (to some extent) the Sailor Strategy, and perhaps he will win the upcoming presidential election. If he does win,  how much gratitude will he have to the white men who voted for him, as opposed to the white men who financed his victory?

    Will there be any reduction in immigration, or even keeping it at present levels? Will the DOJ stop extorting jobs for women and minorities? Will the FedGov’s foreign policies reflect American interests, or liberal new world order plans? 

    Considering the actions of the last 5 Republican presidents. the answer is not likely.

    •  Are you trying to shove the likes of Sheldon Adelson into the category of being white?

      Appearances can be deceptive to the untrained eye.

      Apparently you need more Occidental Observer than this American Renaissance malarkey to clear your vision up.

      It’s really all in the DNA! Look to the most current genetic tests which prove that jews are NOT white!

  • Major

    “If an African candidate had chosen an African vice-president and an African staff, would Comrade Feldmann be equally irate?”

    Wonderful….they can’t answer that truthfully can they? They want and might succeed in a total Balkanization of America…and I see the possibility of states having enough of this AA / Multi crap and seceding. All one state need is to be recognized by another state or say…France. And here we go again. If we have 1835 all over again with Texas being a sovereign nation…I’m there. I didn’t spend damn near 25 years in my beloved Corp…to see America over run by illegals, anarchists, commies, reds…or democrats.

    And hey…I might be getting a bit old…but I’ll damn well be on that WALL…and so will 99% of my fellow JarHeads.


    • Major I will be right there with you.

      • Major

        Thanks Ricky…and I think there would be millions more who are fed up with giving our country away….piece by piece and bit by bit to arrogant, parasitical illegals. Jan Brewer of Arizona is at the top of my list to lead the new Republic….by denying illegals any welfare or support. God Bless Jan…she’d be on my short list as the President of a New America.

        I pray for a new, robust third party to kick out the useless parasites who now occupy Congress. How would we be wrong when 90% of America disapproves of Congress already? In any other civilized country they’d be tossed out, sent home, jailed or civil war.

  • The__Bobster


    Democratic Rep. Donna Christensen, the non-voting delegate from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the U.S. House of Representatives, tweeted: “Wait a minute! Are there black people in Va? Guess just not w Romney Ryan! At least not seeing us. We know who’s got our back & we have his.”

    Left-wing actress Mia Farrow watched the announcement and derided a “whole bunch of white people.” They were joined by countless “progressive” social media users who mocked the GOP’s “white guy, white guy 2012!!!” Sirius XM radio host Dave Rubin — himself the color of discount Charmin toilet paper — called Romney-Ryan “the whitest ticket since the KKK voted for their box social chairperson.”

    • ncpride

      Why oh why do we put up with comments like these? Especially from other Whites? This Rubin moron should have had that ‘show’ flooded with calls from outraged White people giving him a piece of their mind. They will continue to mock and marginalize us until we say.. enough already!

  • MikeofAges

    The problem is, if there are definable groups whose members believe that “all voting the same” is an advantageous strategy or whose members are merely “into” conformity is this always to be treated as a reaction to the imputed inadequacies of the other faction? Don’t people have any autonomy? To a great extent this circumstance — the large to overwhelming majorities the Democrats receive among black, Hispanic and Asian voter — is a reflection of a calculated and inherently divisive strategy. Others — i.e. whites — have to either resist it or let minorities always choose the government and its policies. 

  • Chimp Master Rules

    “Mitt Romney, a white guy, has put another white guy, Rep. Paul Ryan, on the Republican ticket as his running mate. And on Tuesday, yet another white man—Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey—was given the coveted role of keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention later this month.”

    Gee.  I remember some skinny Kenyan guy proclaiming that there was no “Red America” and no “Blue America,” just one America.

    But obviously, he was wrong.

    Apparently, Ms Feldman (who is a feminist jewish lady) believes there is a WHITE America and a NON-WHITE America.

    Fine with me.  We’ve been saying that all along!

  • jeffaral

    Romney doesn’t care about race and nation.   It’s all about building up privileges for his elitist circle and Wall Street.

  • JohnEngelman

    After African-Americans, Hispanics are the largest minority voting bloc and crucial to both campaigns…           
    The latest Latino Decisions poll of Hispanic voters, taken in July, shows Obama beating Romney 70 percent to 22 percent. 
    Linda Feldmann, Christian Science Monitor, August 14, 2012       
    The Hispanic vote is less important in a presidential election than the attitude most Americans have about Hispanic immigration. Most whites and blacks, as well as many Hispanics would like for it to be reduced.