Romney Has Zero Percent Support from African Americans in New NBC/WSJ Poll

Meenal Vamburkar, Mediaite, August 21, 2012

A new NBC/WSJ poll out Tuesday shows President Barack Obama with a four-point lead over presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. But as is often the case with polls, some of the more interesting numbers were in the details. For example? Romney snagged zero percent of African-American voters.

Among key demographics, the poll noted that Obama had a lead over Romney. The most stark being when it came to African Americans: 94 percent to 0 percent. Via NBC:

Looking inside the numbers, Obama continues to lead Romney among key parts of his political base, including African Americans (94 percent to 0 percent), Latinos (by a 2-to-1 margin), voters under 35-years-old (52 percent to 41 percent) and women (51 percent to 41 percent).


Romney, meanwhile, is ahead with whites (53 percent to 40 percent), rural voters (47 percent to 38 percent) and seniors (49 percent to 41 percent).


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  • Sherman_McCoy

    So, nothing has changed since the last election.

    • ed91

       I’m not sure what or who to believe.

      This will be an interesting fall and winter though.

      I feel that I live in a country with 50% zombies and idiots, not to mention racist tribes that morphed here from africa.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I don’t blame blacks for being racists.  I blame whites who are not.

        • blight14

           That is the single most accurate/prophetic sentence in many years…..well stated SM……

        • Anonymous

          Me, too.  I’m not so shocked with the demands of blacks, but more angry at the whites and sell outs in power who pander to them.

    • Michelle Obama give a speech on live TV about “her and Barack’s Family Values” all the while Obama was in the background in action with Reggie Love and blacks would all talk about “the Obama’s family values” the next day, completely ignoring the background activity.

      That night though, all the “down low” blacks, what’s that 90%, would go out and get some “family values”. And from that night forward, being “down low” would become known as having “family values”, and life would continue as normal.

    • Only whites have adopted the ‘post-racial’ fantasy. Blacks still vote by color.

      • AA

        Yes, and it’s one of our biggest downfalls. Looks like we didn’t learn the first time either. I guess the disaster which ensued after Obuma’s term was not harsh enough. 

        • Anonymous

          Maybe it will take a South African situation to wake up most whites.  Then again, maybe not. 

  • It’s just a matter of time before America has a mexican president. “President Juan” we’ll call him/her/it. He will give his/her speech half in spanish and half in jive. You think I’m joking? I am not joking.

    further down the line, we will have a president who will give her/its state of the union address in a series of clicks, like this fellow here:

    •  Living in California I believe we already had our first mexican president.  They called him Jorge W. Bush.

      • crystal evans

        No, George P. Bush. The half Mexican son of Jed Bush.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Right. and after the first Mexican president, there will be a clamoring for the first Asian president. And the first woman president, and the first black female president, the first Asian female president, then the first mixed black/Mexican/Asian lesbian president. Etc, etc. etc. 

      And of course each time it will be hailed by the media as “historic.”  And every white male who criticizes the sitting president will be branded as a “racist,” “chauvinist,” “hate-monger,” etc.In other words, every departure from tradition will be hailed as a marvelous advance in some way, for the sole reason that it will be a departure from tradition, as if that mere fact makes it worthy and honorable in itself. Then comes the dismantling of the Constitution (it has already started), since that is so “old-fashioned” and, besides, it was created by a bunch of racist dead white men anyway.

      • Don’t forget our first homosexual and transgender president!

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

           I thought Obama was our first illegal-bisexual-black-president.

    • AA

      In response to that youtube link,  it appears that the White girl taping him finds it “cute” judging by her kiss azz laugh at the end. Houston, we have a problem…

  • I love it.  How else to explain 0% support except as racism?

    • holyflower


      Webster’s Third International Unabridged: 

      1 a : tribal life, organization, or society  b : tribal feeling, peculiarities, or characteristics

      2 : strong ingroup loyalty and sentimental attachment to one’s own group and its traits *legislative tribalism* *a reversion to religious tribalism*

      •  Sure, but when white people do that, it’s called racism.  Tomato, “tomahto.”

        • holyflower

          Yes, but “racism” is a loaded term, full of emotion and thus lacking precision as commonly used.  Thus the case for “tribalism” — unless, of course, heat is preferred to light.

          •  Well, when we call them racist for it, the leftists have a few choices, none of them good.  They usually just call us ignorant and disappear in a huff.

    • JackKrak

      And the media will continue to tell us that this says something about Republicans.

      Why does it never say anything about blacks?

      • ed91

         If Amreners know anything, it’s the that the media is and has been traitorous and  insanely busy trying to give our civilization to the stone age murderous  bantus.

    • This doesn’t expose black racism. It only shows that Romney needs to pander to blacks.  At least that’s how the MSM will spin it.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Good point. If it were 0% whites who supported Romney then the MSM would be consumed with the task of analyzing the bigotry of caucasian society. But when it comes to any possible untoward motivations of blacks… [cue crickets chirping].

    • Rocky Bass,

       If Zero whites supported Obongo, yes there would be a shite storm.

  • WmarkW

    Hopefully, a post-convention bounce limited entirely to whites and Asians, will motivate the use of the Sailer Strategy.  60% whites > 85% everyone else (among voters).

    • ed91

       the media will report this election as close all the way to the end..however…….

      Romney should win in a landslide……….

      the problem is voter fraud and vote counting…………

      other than that, obama is a lost cause and the left knows it……….

  • TomIron361

    Zero % – As we used to say, No Sh*t GI! 

  • Ulick

    If the percentages of minorities voting against the white candidates remains constant (and I believe it will), and the white population continues to decline as a percentage of the American population (as it obviously will), then time is quickly running out for whites to address America’s decline politically.  White politicians will become more-and-more rare and a we may have already seen our last white President in W or may be looking at the last white President in Romney.  It will be exceedingly difficult after that unless it’s a white, redistributionist Democrat who panders to minorities.

    • Anonymous

      Our rights our not coming to come from politicians or elections.  What did it take for our ancestors to not be under the reign anymore of empires or kings or invaders?  You know the answer to that.

  • So why not just throw caution to the wind and say he’s going to issue an executive order banning all forms of affirmative action, or some similar stance that might bring in an extra 500,000 or million white voters who otherwise see no reason to bother voting?

    • Ulick

      Sounds good in theory, but we don’t want to motivate minorities to vote.  This poll says that 94% of blacks would vote for Obama, but only a minority of that 94% actually votes.  I intend to help lessen that number by promoting a bogus LeBron sneaker give-away far, far away from the voting polls on election day.

      • John Bonham

         Make sure you offer a gold medallion with a thick gold chain, as a side givaway..
        Sneakers and shiny objects will always get blacks attention…

        • ed91

           de trow dat penni en da watah…….

          don’ you see carmelo on da yutub?

  • anarchyst

    That’s nothing new.  Blacks will always vote their race.

  • Church_of_Jed

    The Whitey GOP establishment will ignore the polls and double down on “our need to do more for those whom we  have hurt for so long”.  

    • Seek

      And you can be sure that Vice President Paul Ryan, an avowed acolyte of the late self-hating white, Jack Kemp, will fully endorse such a report and call for enterprise zones and “meaningful” school choice.  

      • redfeathers

        I’m so glad you mentioned Kemp.  I DESPISED him.

      • Paul Ryan believes every white should have the opportunity to, can I say, “drill for oil”, or do I have to say, race mix, like he did when he was in college. And somebody in his family currently does.

        “We always compared them to the Kennedys,” said Jan Campbell, a neighbor whose father was a law partner with Ryan’s father. …..

        The Kennedys might have been garbage, but I have never heard any rumors about race mixing.

        • Woody Woodpecker

          Ted Kennedy killed an innocent young white woman who had the bad judgement to be in the wrong place with the wrong guy. He was much worse than a race mixer.

          • blight14

             Pardon me but there is NOTHING worse than a race mixer, period…..

          • John Bonham

             Agreed !!!!

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       The GOP believe they have the white conservative vote in the bag just like the DNC believes they have the black vote in the bag. One of those groups is fooling themselves.

  • TomIron361

    We all knew this. There’s no need of a poll.

  • B

    When did Herman Cain endorse Obama? Polls are worthless and just intended to sway public opinion.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Exactly. They do have an agenda.

  • Ulick

    The same left-wing media that would be writing story after story of about the racism that still pervades America if a poll showed less than 35% of whites voting for Obama, but goes absolutely silent when a poll shows 0% of blacks voting for Romney.  This crap is was old and tiresome a few years ago.  Now, after all the “youth” attacks of the past few years,  it’s infuriating.

  • Mike Harrigan

    I’m not so sure about that. Romney does belong to the stupid party. I’m betting he gathers his troops and says something like: Boys and girls, we have to work harder and double our efforts, so we can attract the african american vote. Just like all the others from the stupid party who neglected their base (Whites) in a futile effort  to attract minority voters. 

  • ageofknowledge

    I’m not voting for Romney or Obama. Romney will spend $4 trillion in a war with Iran (these Mormons think they are a lost tribe of Israel of something) while putting much of the country, including the elderly, through great but unnecessary suffering. He’s a globalist who loves free trade, offshoring, outsourcing, immigration, etc… Obama’s the same thing only he likes homosexuality too. What’s the point? I might as well vote for Colonel Sanders. At least he’s dead and can’t do more harm.

    • ed91

       there’s probably a faction somewhere that would say  Col. Sanders did untold damage by promoting fried foods.

    • PoliticallyApathetic

      I share your feelings of political apathy. I don’t want to vote for Mitt Romney because he has made it clear that he wants to invade Iran. While the clerical regime in Iran is undoubtedly corrupt, it isn’t a good reason to fight a war that could cost hundreds of thoudands if not millions of lives. I also don’t want to vote for Obama for reasons that are obvious to every AmRen reader.

      My prediction is that the political economic situation in the United States will denigrate to such an extent that there will be a great awakening and subsequent revival.

      • Eagle_Eyed

         Please cite anywhere on Romney’s platform or in his quotes that show his clarity toward an invasion of Iran.  It would be political suicide to start a war now, and Romney hasn’t the stones to lead a nation into war. 

        Romney has his flaws, but worrying about foreign policy is like chasing the white rabbit.  The real issues are immigration, spending, the welfare state, and personal freedoms–all domestic issues.

        • Romney’s already said that he’d favor sending American troops into Syria. 

        • Marcy Fleming

           Nonsense, war has been the greatest incubator of socialism since WW1.
          The welfare state is dwarfed by the warfare state.
          Turn off the Bimbos, Insanitys and Savages and toss the Ayn Rand monologues mislabeled novels and look at objective reality.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Hyperbole.  I’d rather have Romney spend money bombing Muslims then give it to illegals who will clog up our schools, hospitals, and vote for bigger and bigger government.  Priorities, priorities.  Why the hell should I care what happens to Iranians, anyway?

    • seapeamp

      ” I might as well vote for Colonel Sanders. At least he’s dead and can’t do more harm.”

      Tell that to the chickens!  😉

      – Anti-racist IS a code word for anti-White.

    • John Bonham

       That’s it you stay home and let Obama win.. I mean it really doesn’t matter does it ?? Sheesh !!

  • Guest

    Romney trails among the young and women. If he had a pair to match his wits, he could fix these problems by pledging to stay out of bedrooms and doctors offices–and making the GOP platform tow the line. Surely he knows this!

    •  Young people always vote liberal, control for race, and women tend more liberal then men.  Always has been, always will be.  Young people are starry eyed naive dreamers, women are marginally for more social welfare programs.  “Controlling for race” re women is crucial, because black women are the absolute most loyal Democrat constituency.  How many black women voted Democrat = How many black women voted.

      I was not aware that the Generic Republican wanted to barge into the “bedrooms and doctors offices” of “the young and women.”  That’s why we were told we had to nominate the dweeb, so that people wouldn’t thin that he or we want to.

      • Young people always vote liberal, control for race, and women tend more liberal then men.

        Takes a few years to shake-off public school pushed propaganda. Women, as evidenced by fashion magazines and Oprah, have a harder time breaking the chains that restrict independent thought.

        • John Bonham

           (Takes a few years to shake-off public school pushed propaganda.)  Exactly.. About the time of the end of their first year of working at a real job…
          That’s when all the liberal malarkey goes out the window.. You can say it’s an awakening..

        • Anonymous

          Me, too.  I was a self-hating white person 10 years ago when I was in college.  After I got out, started reading unPC books on my own, being open minded and reading David Duke’s stuff and coming across Pat Buchanan and this site are what turned my thinking about.  Oh, and the 2002 debate involving Tim Wise and Jared Taylor.  Immediately was turned off to Wise and embraced Jared.  Thank you, Jared!

      • Anonymous

        True.  Remember when the Baby Boomers were young during the 60s and had songs like “Talking about my generation” and a line from The Monkees, “We’re the young generation and we got something to say”?   I would hope lots of those now aging white boomers realized their liberal delusions they had when they were young were folly and dangerous.   Women always tend to vote liberal more so because they are emotional.  The only white men who vote liberals are whimps, academics, gays or just losers with a chip on their shoulder who can’t make it out in the real world.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Is the GOP in the bedrooms? 

      In fact this strategy is the dumbest and perhaps worst of all.  It implicitly grants every left-wing lie–that conservatives and Republicans are anti-woman or anti-sex because they support marriage, religious liberty, and are against infanticide.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Abortion is not infanticide, which no one supports. A nonsequitur.
        Yes, there are plenty of Bible banging yahoos in the GOP.

    • Ulick

      Doubtful.  Most young voters haven’t broken through their Liberal education brainwashing yet, and most females are swayed more by feelings for “victims” than by logic.  More importantly, both women and young people want to be wanted.  They’re less apt to go against the Liberal cult because they don’t want to be ostracized by friends or viewed as a racist, or dumb, or any other slur that Liberals throw at dissenters.  Old people and men care far less about what others think about them.  That’s a good part of the reason why they are less swayed by pressure to go along with the Liberal platform.

  • Guest

    What’s amazing about this is just how much harm Obama has caused blacks during the last four years.  Literally, there is no longer any black middle class….every single on of those AA jobs has been downsized by our government.  Although this gets no play in the media, I find it difficult to believe that blacks have not noticed the vast majority of them becoming impoverished as a direct result of decisions made by the Obama administration.  They are literally so racist that their own well being doesn’t matter as much to them.

    The implications of this are fascinating.  Simply pay one of them to be an empty suit while, behind the scenes you cut off all welfare for blacks and institute a near apartheid state and they will still vote for that person.  Consider this.  For 40 years, democrats have bought the black vote and paid quite a bit for it.  But why bother.  Simply put a black face forward and give them NOTHING.  Do anything you want, no matter how toxic it is to them and still get their vote.

    Think about it.

  • Cecilhenry

    Get this though— this is how crazy the world of PC racial politics has become.

    There is no real reason for Romney to waste ANY time on appeasing blacks or attending speeches for them.  

    So Why does he do it?…………..

    Strangely, and perversely enough, I think he does it to please white voters and the white liberal MSM.

    Weird but true: appease blacks in order to assuage the consciences of liberal voters so they feel they can vote for you!!!!

    What a hypocritical world!!!   Does anyone else  see this??

    • Romney wasted all that fuel attending the NAACP convention, and for what?

      Talk a man who has absolutely nothing to show for his efforts!

      • ed91

         only in that instance………….

        he might know more about what he’s doing than you do.

  • Guest

    So much for Fox News endless yammering that the black non profit parasite preachers will urge their flocks to vote against Obama because of the Democrat’s support for gay marriage.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      That’s such a pot! Fox is almost as cowardly as the MSM, They’re always kissing up!  That silly myth that Blacks because of their strong religious view (what an effing joke) will not support Gay Marriage! They don’t support ANY marriage. “Marriage? We doan need no steenking Marriage”! 

       A Black woman needs a husband like a Black  man wants a job or an education. Just produce more babies and get more “free s–t”!  Each man gets a cut from the welfare check of each of the women whom he’s impregnated sometimes  more than once and he can use the money for cigarettes, booze, dope and an illegal gun to murder other Blacks especially cops or to murder “CRACKUHS” and dey little babies.  “NOW WAIT A MINUTE!!” ( RAY CHARLES) Ah fogot rapin’Crackuh Bitc–es”

  • Bi-racial here …..? Just curious.  If you don’t mind, as you know what’s going on and have a general idea at least about most commentors opinion of the current state of USA.

  • Biff_Maliboo
  • You wrote it like you might be Eur-Asian and I thought that odd. Thank you.

  • SirMarlowe

    Now is the time for political realism. This is no time to get emotional, which means that this is no time to not vote; this is no time to vote for a third-party; and this is no time to write someone in. Our next president will be either Obama or Romney: this means that for the political realist, there are only two possible strategies.
    One: either to vote for Obama with the thought that he will further the destruction of the U.S., or, two: to vote for Romney: not because we are conservatives or Republicans, but because this would show that Whites are ready to vote in racial solidarity – the momentum is already there. Any deep analysis of what Romney or Obama might or might not do is of little consequence.

    • RisingReich

       I’ve read this or a similar post of yours before.  Your thesis that the white vote will be viewed as a solidarity vote is wishful thinking.  If it’s even noticed it will swiftly be swept under the rug, not to be even brought up as fact, because that would be pointing out large scale heresy of ‘diverse principles’.

      An earlier commenter put forth the idea that Romney panders to minorities to appease and attract libtarded white voters. 

      I think you don’t fully understand how many whites are fully baked, indoctrinated, or lobotomized.

      • SirMarlowe

        Thank you for your comment. I don’t understand how a White vote of, say, 70% for Romney could not be viewed as a White solidarity vote. Of course, everyone who voted for Romney would not be voting for him for the same reason, but that matters not. And, if Romney were to win, which he should with such a large White block-vote, the liberal mainstream media would surely label a 70% White block-vote as a “White racist” vote. Our term, of course, would be a White “racial” vote.
        Concerning your mention of a commenter putting “forth the idea that Romney panders to minorities to appease and attract libtarded white voters:” this observation has nothing to do with my suggestion.
        Concerning your last comment: “I think you don’t fully understand how many whites are fully baked, indoctrinated, or lobotomized.” You don’t have much to base such a statement on; let me just say that I deal with low-intelligence, ignorant, docile, indoctrinated White people every day. I know what we are up against; however, I think that a White block-vote of 65 to 70% is possible, and that it will be seen as a vote of White unity and solidarity. Of course, Romney and the Republican brass would not own up to this; however, facts are facts.

        • RisingReich

          My apologies if I came across like I was attacking you or if I meandered a bit in my comment.

          You’re right that I don’t have much to base my last comment on. My ultimate point I think we both see eye to eye on, that Romney and the R party would never ‘own up to it’. I think that’s closer to what I meant than what I typed, really.

          It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Why is this news?  Isn’t news to  me. 

  • Exactly. They a typically too lazy to vote. 2008 was special because so many of them actually made it to the voting booth.

  • November isn’t riot season. I think there will only be minor riots in Southern cities. Next summer is going to be crazy no matter who wins. 

  • currahee1911

    I am still debating the question of whethe a Romney or Obama win is best for us. 

    Our movement is in its infancy and it is way too soon to be organized politically, we have no strength. 

     So our only real political power is to throw weight to the side that will acclerate the collapse of the system.  Pre-revolution Lenin: “The worse, the better.”

    An Obama win will be a disaster for the country in the immediate future; but it may be the desired outcome.

    What do you all think?

    • Ya I think an Obama win is best.
      A Romney win does nothing for us.

    • I certainly mean no offense, but I think the notion that there might be a big difference in how these two clowns affect White interests in a little silly. They’ll both destroy the sovereignty and racial integrity of this country at exactly the same pace.

      One would think that the sheer number of black-on-White crimes would be enough to make the average White person realize that a pro-White platform is the only ideology that has a vested interest in keeping them and their communities from becoming third world shanty towns.

      One would have thought that a non-qualified, racist, black President being elected would…

      One would have thought that showing the average White person that almost the entire black race votes for the black candidate, just because they are black would have….

      One would have thought that a daily/hourly/by-the-minute reminder that black people are hard-wired to use the race card whenever it benefits them would have…

      One would have thought that the very second Eric Holder mentioned that ‘Hate Crimes’ don’t protect White people, the White people would have…

      White America is either going to start becoming overt and unabashed in their declaration of pro-White politics or views, or they’re going to watch this country become a craphole like Brazil.

      • Ed_NY

        I think we will go the way of Brazil or worse, possibly more like South Africa or Zimbabwe.  God, please help us to help ourselves.  

        • Anonymous

          It will be like Brazil since it is racially mixed there.  It will be like Zimbabwe/South Africa while taking away the wealth from whites and displacing them and killing them.  The whites will stay armed and be more racially awake like the Russians and armed like the Swiss. 

    • Doesn’t matter. Romney might buy us an extra year or two before it all collapses, but it’s all going to fall apart either way.

    • ed91

       that’s a good question?

      I’m not sure………….  I’d like to think whites are waking up but why would they have ever gone to sleep?  
      and what of the 25% or more of whites who cater to blacks?  I fear that will never change…… some white women need to have that loser underdog to have a purpose………..  or so they think.

  • 1proactive2

    Face it, folks; there are large groups of people, especially most blacks and hispanics, that demand living the parasitic life where they exist off the productivity and sweat of others.  They have no character, no honor, no genuine pride, and not a trace of soul.

    • ed91

      they couldn’t live other than through parasitic ways……………..  most can not compete where you need to be a competent reader or understand basic math or be able to plan and organize something.  

      not to mention morals or ethics

  • Are blacks racist?

    • Nothing wrong with them looking out for their own interests. Problem is whites need to realize its ok to do the same for themselves. 

    • rightrightright

      Is the Pope Catholic?

    • ed91

       does the pope poop in the woods?

    • NO! They CANT be,because we live in an Orwellian society. “Racism”is a term invented by YKW,and it describes a WHITE person whio is not sufficiently submissive to PC. In the USSR they mightve said,”Reactionary” or “anti-revolutionary” as they locked you up. Here its RAYCISS and that dear old lady Auntie Semite!!

    • Is the Gobi Desert sandy?

  • Translation: Romney needs to adjust his platform to pander to blacks.

  • Blacks vote black. The MSM doesn’t question this fact. When whites vote white, they’re racists.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       According to the racist left, when whites vote white they are racist, when blacks vote for blacks, they are voting for the best candidate because the white guy has nothing to offer.

      • ed91

         actually it’s the racist biased media that perpetuates that more than any other group

  • AA

    “Romney, meanwhile, is ahead with whites (53 percent to 40 percent)”… HOW DISGUSTING.
    It’s official: Close to half of our White heads are firmly buried in the sand.
    That number is more jarring than the 0% of blacks who are aligned with Romney. That’s expected.
    Everything IS about race. Too many Whites just can’t except this.
    …..And they say WE are the “racists”, huh?

    • haroldcrews

      Actually race realists are far less ‘racist’ than blacks.  There is far less unanimity here on whether to support Romney or not than there is among blacks on supporting Obama.  Blacks vote strictly according to identity at much higher levels even if it isn’t in their own individual interest to do so. 

  • Modern politics is based on a simple rule: Winning the game can occasionally be conceded to you, because playing the game is the desired result.

    Just like how the casinos win by keeping you playing their games using a long-term strategy, even though you might seem to win big in the short term. Or like the dog chasing its tail—okay, you’ve got it, now what?

    Psychologically speaking, the average person takes more comfort in seeing small instant victories than they do a balanced and reasonable plan for the future. Black people epitomize this character flaw more than any race, but White people have this in abundance as well.

    Conservative and Liberal are antiquated labels in an age where White people have absolutely no real representation from either of the two. The conservative base will pander and cling to their token blacks just as readily as the liberal base. They’ll NEVER admit to any kind of pro-White views. These kind of attitudes—whether they come from conservatives or liberals—are exactly why White culture and heritage has been so easily replaced, even though Republicans have been in charge of things just about as much as the Democrats. It simply doesn’t matter which one of the vampires is in office.

  • The overwhelming majority of blacks I have encountered over the years are racists. They have been taught that they can not be racists because blacks have no power (with a black president, a laughable claim). But the minute a black puts a gun to the head of a white victim, that black is demonstrating power over his victim. Blacks have been filled with bitterness and hatred towards whites by Hollywood, and our own public educational system. We have been teaching young children, black & white, since the 1960s that white people are devils. What other outcome would we expect?

    •  Very true. I always realize I’m talking to an unbalanced, dishonest, or just simply an inferior mind when someone talks about black people not having power, therefore they can’t be racist. Power is always relative. It’s not some absolute force of divine intervention.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  It’s going to take us just as long to undo all the self-hating damage and guilt as it took to implant it in our heads for the past 50 years now. 

  • I know a guy who was struck by lightning.

  • Anonymous

    The Left will continue to blame the GOP for it’s racism and the GOP will cower and pander to blacks and latinos and “oust the racist GOP members” and they won’t get a significant gain in the nonwhite voters and will continue to alienate their white voting base.  Oh, and the white voting base of the GOP will just keep voting the GOP who will use our resources for more wars, will send our money to other countries, will not undo the anti-white discrimination laws, will not aggressively punish black criminals, will not close the border, will not send all the jobs back to the US, etc. 

  • Anonymous

    What will eventually happen is the country will start to secede and break up.  It won’t be pretty is all I’ll say.

    • RisingReich

       I agree it’s going to be nasty.  For Americans in particular whom haven’t seen a war on the front porch in hundreds of years if ever.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  • Anonymous

    I an sure there are also short skinny females who can slam dunk basketballs and bench press over 200 lbs, too. 

  • Anonymous

    What frustrates me more is the GOP and even neocons just dont’ get it when it comes to race.  They don’t see that nothing they do or say will get them large amounts of black and hispanics to vote for them.  They don’t see that all the pandering and “ousting of racist Republicans” has done nothing to make them more appealing or won any favors from the Left.  They never will get it.

    • The scary part is that I do believe they get it, and they know exactly what they are doing. I think they are more concerned with creating a disorganized clump of consumers more than they are about history, heritage or culture. Most especially when the heritage or culture part means being pro-White about anything. White people as a consumer base can become very fickle and very inquisitive about what’s being  sold to them. The brown people are much more zombie-like when it comes to a consumer base. Do the large corporations really care about culture, or do they really care about profit?

      • RisingReich

         The corporates are in a quandary of epic proportions. 

        How many blacks can afford $300 Nikes and how many whites are actually buying them?

        Don’t worry – the CEO of Nike doesn’t grace Amren so the realities of those  questions will never be pondered.

    • Good point. They keep butting their heads aheads the proverbial brick wall. All they’ll wind up doing is getting a sore head.

  • ed91

    outside of Romney, I have no idea who you are speaking about and have no intention of finding out.  By watching those fools you just encourage them to continue.

  • ed91

     most blacks can’t compete in our (white) world.  Look at education, computers, math, business etc…… Most of them won’t try- they have an easy out, “acting white”.
    so they couldn’t care less if our civilization falls………..  for them it’s a month or two of free riots and stealing and raping………   since they rarely think a day or two ahead, a month or two seems like forever.

  • RisingReich

     I don’t believe they really want jobs.  It’s just a convenient thing to yell about at the moment.  They want free money.  GIBS MEH DAT!

    Remember the black ladies’ responses when asked ‘where does the money come from’ was ‘Obama has a stash’.

    I also don’t believe they have learned anything in the last four miserable years.

  • RisingReich

     There’s the way it ought to be and the way it is.  Sucks, but that’s reality.

  • haroldcrews

    It’s feed in large part on the belief that blacks are more religious than whites and the extrapolation that religious whites are more apt to vote conservatively then religious blacks will also vote more conservatively.  But if blacks are more religious than whites why is it that blacks suffer from social pathologies whose origins are rooted in moral deficiencies at rates that are multiples of times greater than whites?  Religion must serve a different function in blacks compared to whites.  I believe that the focus is much more on community in black churches instead of on God. 

    • They are very different. Religion in the black church is more about music and dancing and ecstatic states;it takes the place of Da Tribal Dancing they do in African societies.

      • John M, a friend of mine refers to it as “Jammin’ With Jesus”.

      • ed91

         the kind of blacks that worship as you stated have a different God than many whites…. 

        Their god is wild and drunk and black and has little control over himself.    Maybe their god is some kind of fallen angel but he isn’t a god I would want to know.    I suppose the voodoo blacks worship satan or some other demon.

    • currahee1911

      Most intent focus is that of the pastor on choir booty.

    • RisingReich

      If you mean blacks are more religious than whites because whites don’t believe that dismembering their own kids will provide ‘luck’ – then yes – they most certainly are more religious.

      The afrovoodoo Jed talks about is real.

      • haroldcrews

        The idea that blacks are more religious than whites comes primarily from higher rates of attending church services.  Actual adherence to the tenants of faith appear irrelevant according to that measure of ‘religious’.

  • currahee1911

    Yes, the Stoopid Party is a grovelling pack of cowardly liars. 

    Hoping that the Akin moron can re-ignite the wimminz on the abortion issue: that pack will howl for the duration and the RR can waste a lot of time on an irrelevant issue. 

    I think we get a smaller Iran war w. Obama as prez (just the minimal amount of support for the Israeli attack); Romney would  go large.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I can’t shake the feeling that Obongo will have another landslide win – an embarrassing, butt-kicking landslide. And I would be totally ecstatic to be  completely wrong. Polls are all over the place and they mean diddly squat anyway. Everybody’s got one; each of them different, and each of them meaningless.

    • ed91

       it’s hard to figure out what will happen in the nov 6 election.

      how much voter fraud will the left commit?

      how will the spanish company count the votes?  or perhaps who pays them to count the votes? 

      who will know the true vote count? 

    • RisingReich

       The country as we know it won’t make it through another four Obongo years.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     Being a martyr for another group, that hates you and won’t care what you did for them after you are gone, is everything  with white Americans.

    • ed91

       …….  with some white americans…

      and it tends to be white females mostly, though there are a sizeable number of white males that seem not to know any better.

  • I think it meant zero percent statistically speaking.  There are black Romney supporters, but there aren’t enough to round up to 1% in the context of this particular poll.  It’s just that standard conservative Republicans amplify their voices.

  • Major

    If this isn’t proof that the “minorities” and the EBT club, illegals and others are in a civil war with the rest of us…I don’t know what is.

    Of course these parasites would vote for their “own”.  The “One” even picked up more illegal votes with his runaround of Congress and declaring his own Dream Act…thus freeing up 1.2 million  more voters for him. 

    Followed by the entire dismantling of work for welfare…he’s now guaranteed that every PM just sit in the section 8 “homes”…waiting for that check to arrive.

    And the upper east side swells in the NY ghettos of fine wine, dining and limos…those tribe members are solidly behind the One…even though he mocks, disparages and wants to take away their money…by declaring war on the rich and the middle class.

    The Kenyan has succeeded in “change” all right…that’s what we’re getting back…chump change for us…everything for the bottom feeders…..and racial strife that we haven’t seen since the 50’s.

  • Zero percent means zero percent. A few thousand votes in a voting bloc of just one million amounts to 0%. It registers as less than half of one percent. A flat zero in terms of anything recorded by polling systems.

    50% <—– If White voters fall below this threshold when voting for a black candidate, the allegations of racism are sure to be thrown around.


    0.5% <—– Black voters can vote for a White candidate at this level without so much as a mention that they could be racist.

  • RisingReich

     I of course can’t know for sure, but I bet even Hitler got at least a single Jew vote.
    Just sayin’

    • Hitler’s biological father was a Jew named Schickelgruber (no joke). In his Nazi inner circle, Julius Streicher and Adolf Eichmann were Jews.

    • Hitler’s biological father was a Jew named Schickelgruber (no joke). Among his inner circle of Nazis, were the Jews Julius Streicher and Adolf Eichmann.

      • currahee1911

        Luis, where do you get your history from?  The same sources that tell you that the Holocaust is a fraud, I’m sure.

      • Allan477

        Alois Schicklgruber was born out of wedlock and there were rumors that the father was the son  of a Jewish couple Alois’ mother worked  for.  But nothing was ever admitted.  Frl. Schicklgruber later married a Herr Huettler or Hodlar or Heidler but Herr H did not allow his stepson to use the name.  As an adult, Alois adopted a streamlined verson of the name–Hitler .  Contrary to rumor, Adolf  never had the name of Schicklgruber–which is a pure German name, by the way.

        I never heard that Streicher was Jewish (Yes, some of these German names may sound “Jewish” even when they are gut Deutsch);  I think it is fairly well established   that Eichmann’s mother was of Jewish extraction but a devout Christian.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    White who votes for Romney = Racist
    Blacks who vote for Obama = Not a racist

  • Hilarious. The sad thing is how many Whites support the anti-White candidate Romney.

  • Nobody DEMANDS that Japan, and ALL Asian countries ‘mix’ and ‘blend’ their countries out of existence because Yoko Ono married John Lennon
    Nobody DEMANDS Kenya, and ALL Black countries ‘mix’ and ‘blend’ out of existence because Barack Obama Snr married Stanley Ann Dunham
    ONLY in White countries are we expected to accept such SILLY excuses for GENOCIDE
    ‘Anti-racism’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  • Major

    ” I came across a thread questioning if blacks will riot if Obama loses..”

    That’s a foregone conclusion my friend. Given the climate that Jesse Jerkson, Al Charlatan, the NAAACP, the SPLC …the whiny fools like Maxine Waters and every other black hustler, including the NBPP. Given the latters willingness to kill white babies…and kill whites and put kill bounties on civilians like George Zimmerman..( remember him? )…we’ll see the usual ghettos and section 8 palaces like Newark, Camden. Philly, Detroit, Baltimore and LA…erupt into flames over their Kenyan, black muslim god being dethroned.

    Once the ashes have cooled…we need to deny the vote to any organization of savages that took part in the riots…PERIOD.

    Then we need to clean out the illegal vote once and for all.

  • ed91

    black supporters of obama are not known for their intelligence.

    or much of anything outside of parasitic and violent behaviour

  • Talltrees

    Not true.  See blacks/afro-americans for Romney on Facebook.

    • 1,469 likes at this moment.  Probably most of those likes are from white people.

      • Talltrees

        Not sure what you mean Moderator, 1,469 likes at the moment.  The news about Facebook Blacks voting for Romney was a Black response to the press release stating 0% Blacks will vote for him, meaning there are a few Blacks who say they will vote for Romney.

        I am White with European ancestry.  My ancestors arrived here in 1622.

        • Hank Johnson, of “Guam might tip over” fame, has 2,492 likes.

          • ed91

             all hail hank johnson!!

            may he never be on the wrong end of an island!

  •  Africa for the Africans

    Asia for the Asians

    White countries for everyone?

    Because diversity really just means fewer White people.

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

  • Talltrees

    Yes, add Muslims to Blacks and Hispanics.

  • If this poll is to be believed, then all I can say is I’m glad Romney didn’t do anything stupid like put Condoleeza Rice on the ticket.

  • Don’t forget the Tea Party bootlickers to Herman Cain. If it wasn’t for his own stupidity about those sexual harassment claims, HE might have been the Republican nominee.

  • Was Michael Strachan her choice, or was it the show’s? I can’t believe Ripa would pick Strachan, by her lonesome. 

  •  So very true. When I think black people, I think integrity, intelligence, humble selflessness, modernization, progress and civilization. I was once told by a black woman that White women learned to raise their kids from watching black women. Two decades and thousands of bottles of wine later and I can finally see her point.

    • Celestial, I wouldn’t doubt what you were told. I read in a paper some years ago, written by a Bantu woman, about how feminist writers didn’t resonate with them, because Bantu women were in the workplace when white women were lolling around at home.

  • The college years are really no indication, with rare exceptions, of how a person is going to turn out in later life. College years are the rebellious years, and we’ve all done things that we’d like to forget. But you’re right in that Ryan does bear more scrutiny.

  • Ed_NY

    This just goes to show the level of ignorance in blacks.  The dumb leading the dumb!

  • Marcy Fleming

     You can oppose both.

  • If diversity isn’t forced, why is there affirmative action & racial employment quotas?
    If diversity isn’t forced, why aren’t White People allowed to vote to stop mass non-White immigration into White countries & only White countries?
    If diversity isn’t forced, why is integration of ALL & ONLY White communities forced?
    If diversity isn’t forced, then you describe the diversity we are forced to accept?
    Anti-racist = anti-White

  • anarchyst

    Blacks learned their “victimhood” tactics from the masters of the “tribe”.  It is FACT that the NAACP and other black organizations were started by those of the “tribe” to destroy the prevailing white culture.  Look who owns hollywood and has contributed greatly to the debasement of our once-great culture. . .

  • anarchyst

    Romney already traveled to a certain middle eastern country to seek the “tribe’s” imprimatur . . . (approval).

  • whitechildren

    The mormon’s became PC in the 70s and allowed blacks to have the priesthood. For all the catering to blacks  (and other non-whites) they have done, no reciprocation.

    Selling out their white race for a mess of pottage.

    Another example of non-whites being racial while whites back down for fear of the R word.

    Mormon leaders have done a good job of gathering whites and then blending them with non-whites. Its white genocide.

    Will the example set by mormon leaders for Mitt Romney not be a part of his policy if elected?

    He is about continuation of white genocide if there is money or power in it.