Residents of Village Near St. Petersburg Residents Expel Migrant Workers.

Newzz, August 21, 2012

[Editor’s Note: The following is a translation completed by one of our readers.]

Law enforcement authorities in the town of Pobeda [Which translates to “Victory” in English—translator’s note] barely managed to prevent a serious ethnic conflict. Locals rose up against Asian immigrants, who work at the local poultry farm illegally, as it turns out. Local people have been putting up with this hell for too long—they had to resign themselves to the fact that their jobs were taken away for the benefit of strangers and that the immigrants are now trying to establish their own order in the town. The last drop fell when a 45-year old female resident—one of the very few who managed to keep her job—was brutally raped, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP,

The regional Investigation Committee confirmed the rape and opened a criminal case. According to the case materials, the woman was heading to Udarnik poultry farm on the August 9 because factory management called her to work additional off-schedule hours. When the woman was in the field, she was attacked by an unknown man of Asian appearance, who violently beat the victim, and then raped and sexually abused her.

According to the victim’s mother, the woman was taken to the hospital with a brain concussion, a broken nose, and blood tumors all over her body. According to the information available to KP, after abusing the victim, the rapist took her cell phone. She remembered he looked Asian, so suspicions arose that the criminal was one of the immigrants.

On the evening of August 10, a civil riot began in the town. Vyborg district police authorities received a call that locals gathered in front of the farm demanding to check its compliance with immigration law and to control the progress of the rape case.

Leningrad region Vyborg district police, Federal Migration Service officers, and the head of Roshinskoye Town Settlement local government arrived to the scene. The number of people near the poultry farm had grown to 150 by that time, the Prosecution Attorney’s site says. However, according to the information KP has, three fourths of Pobeda town inhabitants went out, which is at least 250 people.

“We wanted the Gastarbeiters to come out, so that we could submit them to the police,” one of the demonstration participants told the newspaper. “But they could be lynched, so they got scared and then they all ran away. They were jumping right out of the windows of a two-storey barrack. Many are still hiding in the woods.”

According to this man, the number of “aliens” in the town has significantly grown during the last couple of months, and there are “about a hundred of them here.” The immigrant workers are willing to work for a pittance, and the farm management naturally finds this quite beneficial, which is why they started to squeeze the Russians out from the farm by considerably lowering their wages.

Most importantly, though, is that due to the immigrants, there is unrest in the town and it is scary in the evening, Pobeda inhabitants complain. According to them the migrants openly drink alcohol, bully the local people, and harass females, and now there is a rape.

The officials listened to the demonstration participants, and also explained to them that illegal actions, i.e. spontaneous meetings, are illegal and unacceptable. However they also attended to the complaints—the enforcement authorities were already working in the town before the people left the meeting.

During the inspection, more than three dozen illegal immigrants were found. Four more were caught in the woods by the local people, who beat them first and then submitted them to the police. The 54 total illegal immigrants were “harvested,” KP informs. They will be checked for involvement in the rape. The criminal left a lot of “traces”—biological material—on the victim. DNA samples were taken from all the arrested immigrants.

Alexander Drozdenko—Leningrad region Governor—promised that the guilty person will be severely punished. As for the rest of the illegal immigrants, they will simply be deported from the country as soon as possible.

According to the Leningrad Prosecution Attorney’s website, ten administrative cases have been initiated against Udarnik poultry farm: about use of illegal foreign labor, about violation of sanitary and epidemic regulations, and about violation of the employment procedures.

In order to prevent mass disorder in the town, round-the-clock patrolling by the police has been arranged, and inspections of compliance with the immigration law continue.

Now the town is quiet, but still there is unrest, write Komsomolskaya Pravda reporters, who personally visited the town of Pobeda. No immigrant workers were noticed on the streets, and certainly none at the poultry farm itself. Only mattresses stick out of the windows of the two-storey barrack, where the illegal immigrants lived.

However, local people are not going to settle down that easily—recent days’ events are actively discussed in the town. One of the most frequently asked questions is where the law enforcement authorities and illegal immigration fighters were before.

The town inhabitants are very angry—the crime that took place is not the only crime of this kind in Pobeda town, writes the paper New Region. In particular on June 24 they wrote that a 29-year-old woman from Pobeda submitted a complaint to the police saying that one day before she had been raped several times by two Asian men in the forest near Kirillovskoye village, who threatened to kill her. They were raping her from about 1 until 8 pm.

After August 9-10, Governor Drozdenko ordered a check of the whole region for illegal immigrants to be complete by the end of August. All businesses and farms will be checked for illegal immigrants. “The situation almost got out of control,” KP quotes him as saying. “We should find all the immigrants. If any of them work illegally, we will deport them from the country. Yes, we lack workforce, but everyone has to comply with the law. We should first of all give jobs and create conditions for comfortable life for our people—the inhabitants of Leningrad region.”

The Governor went even further. He suggested the establishment of municipal police with a sheriff in charge, who would be someone who knows all the local people, and who would be responsible for maintaining the order in the area. However, federal laws would need to be changed for that. Drozdenko promised that he will send a letter to the State Duma raising the appropriate initiative.

As an aside, illegal immigration divisions have been formed within the Moscow criminal police. According to statistics cited by the head of the capital’s police, Anatoly Yakunin, about half of crimes solved in Moscow since the beginning of this year were committed by guests—both from foreign countries and from Russian regions. In particular, guests account for one third of all rapes.

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  •  “and that the immigrants are now trying to establish their own order in the town.”

    Sound familiar?

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      The Russians don’t play that game.

      Google: Slavic Union.

      • The elites of this country better start wising up. When white Americans become convinced that the government refuses to look out for the interests of white Americans, and always sides with any other group but white Americans, then most white Americans will be looking to help Russia invade and take over. White people will see who champions their cause in the world. It is no longer the government of this country, a government that wont even allow white people to be conscious of who they are.

      • Slavic Union was banned by Medvedev, even put on trial. They united with DPNI and are called Rossyane, the Russian term for ethnic Russian. 

    • Sounds like Muslims alright.

  • Ulick

    “According to statistics cited by the head of the capital’s police, Anatoly Yakunin, about half of crimes solved in Moscow since the beginning of this year were committed by guests—both from foreign countries and from Russian regions. In particular, guests account for one third of all rapes.”

    Sounds similar to the “guests” that are plaguing America and Europe.  It’s about time to tell the “guests” that the party’s over and send them home.

  • Now if only Americans could get off their armchairs, put down their beers, turn off the football game and do the same we’d be rid of illegal immigrants.

    • It may very well come to that, because our government is certainly not going to do it.

  • CoweringCoward

    I don’t imagine this story is destine to receive much coverage in America, nope not at all. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    When they wake up tomorrow and look out the window, all they will see are platoons of blue helmets on an urgent human rights mission to roll back the ugly rise of White privilege in Russia.

  • mobocrat

    It seems paradoxical that the Russians, who were exposed to more than seven decades of an utterly ruthless Marxist-Leninist totalitarian system, should have survived this with a sense of their racial/ethnic identity more or less intact, while we in the West suffer from the illness of ethno-masochism. When our elites are not busy denying our race exists they are engaged in actual agitprop and psychological war on us. I attribute this to the fact that our country’s institutions were infiltrated and then taken over by the so-called “cultural Marxists”- the descendants of the Frankfort School of German communists whose “critical theory” concentrated on the demonization of the Western cultures they infected; in essence, they corrupted the CULTURE with “critique” and abandoned the proletarian economic dialectic that the old-school Marxists advocated in the USSR and other Eastern-Bloc countries. While the orthodox communists were not free of what we would now call “PC “racial politics, their “enemies” were mainly economic and political groups. In fact, the Bolsheviks often engaged in ruthless suppression of racial and ethnic minorities. Thus, the populations under their rule were not subjected to perpetual anti- White agitprop, non-stop racial demonization of the dominant White ethnic groups, a constant psych-op deracination programme, and other relentlessly damaging policies [most importantly the massive immigration of third-world non-Whites- other than those who had been historically part of the Russian Empire for centuries]. The damage of many decades of orthodox communism was great, but it didn’t result in the kind of racial insanity seen in the West. Indeed the West seemed to have “won” the cold-war. But, from the distance of time it will be seen that we lost our soul as a race; we were delegitimized as a people with a unique and glorious history; we were trained to despise our own interests and even our right to exist. The “winners” announced pompously that this was “the End of History”; but they were [and remain] a sick, hostile elite committed to a dream of a New World Order: the death of the White race and their nation states; a dream that has turned into a nightmare for the non-elite population of these nations. Ironically, Perhaps Russia and its Slavic brother nations will survive as the last outpost of a White race that, led by an elite that despised them, threw themselves into the abyss of history.

    • I think that Soviet communism shielded the Eastern bloc countries from a lot of the poisonous aspects of Western globalist cultural Marxism.  I think that in the darkest hour Russia will be the salvation of the West.

      • Jackryanvb


        I visited East Germany/East Berlin in the mid 1980s – all White, nice people, not too poor or too corrupt rich.

        Watch the movie “Goodbye Lenin” about the last days of socialist East Germany the DDR. It was a safe, solid all White World, better than my Chicago now.

      • mobocrat

        I Agree; the Boshevic style of communism- although originaly concieved as globalist, quickly transmuted under Stalin [his “socialism in one country”] into an inward orientated culture. The Bolsheviks absolutly despised the Frankfort School of Marxists- and they are the ones who’s descendants now run the West.

  • NM156

    “We lack workforce” What?! Sounds familiar…

  • rightrightright

    Muslims, in fact.  A giveaway was that they were trying to impose their own order on the village. It’s what they do.   Muslims don’t drink alcohol?   Don’t make me laugh.  

    • The 9-11-01 terrorists swilled alcohol and frequented strip joints, when they came to this country from Saudi Arabia. 

  • Vil

    Nice, that may serve as an example and influence other villages to do the same.

  • They won’t have to invade…they will be invited by Russian authorites to “keep the peace,”all in the name of “human rights” of course.

  • Church_of_Jed

    They will pull their resources away from everything else to put a stop to White Rising in Russia.

    They just can’t allow a successful pushback against Diversity.

  • …”We should first of all give jobs and create conditions for comfortable life for our people – the inhabitants of Leningrad region”…

    Could you imagine an American politician – other than Tom Tancredo – saying something like that?

    No, because this country has more important things to worry about, like the new college football season, or the next Bantu being bedded by the Kardashian sisters.

  • I missed this one. For those who think Medvedev was Putin’s puppet, please keep being a puppet of the press. 

    When Putin was in power prior 2008, “skinheads” roamed Russia with impunity. Format 18 gave hope the the youth that something could be done about immigrants. Format 18 roamed Russia beating immigrants and posting videos of such. When Medvedev came to power all such activities and activist were put into prison. Now Medvedev is no longer in power. 

    Of note Dmitry Rogozin, former leader of the late and banned ultranationalist Rhodina Party is now Deputy Prime Minister. An interesting move by Putin. 

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Do you have any more info on this? Thanks.

  • They lack ‘workforce’.  Well, duh. Mass emigration, 70 years of gulags, abortion, population transfers, and a very depopulating world war will do that to you. When you say ‘asians’, however, are we talking about swarthy Muslims, or North Koreans. Probably not the Norks, since they are imported into the gulags directly from NK –

  • mobocrat

    The cultural Marxists quickly zeroed in on the weaknesses you mentioned and exploited them to the max; regarding the family unit, it was targeted for destruction very early in their psychwar: read “The Authoritarian Personality”- it’s basicaly their blueprint for pathologizing normal White family dynamics.

  • I’d make book they were Muslims from the former Central Asian soviet republics.

    I just can’t see Cossacks behaving that way.