Parliament Seeks Answers over Submarine’s Inaction

Shanti Aboobaker, The Star, August 13, 2012

The South African Navy could find itself at Parliament to explain the accident that put the submarine, the SAS Queen Modjadji, out of action.

A board of inquiry has been established to investigate an incident in which the vessel “nosedived” onto the seabed during a training exercise off the coast between Port Elizabeth and Durban, spokesman for the Department of Defence, Siphiwe Dlamini, said.

However, it is possible the SA Navy will also be called to explain the accident to Parliament’s defence oversight committee, as it means SA’s entire submarine fleet – estimated to have cost about R5 billion in the controversial arms deal – is either undergoing repairs or maintenance.

In April, The Star reported that one of SA’s three submarines – the SAS Manthatisi – had spent more than three years in dry dock and was set to remain out of the water for months as the navy waited for a new battery system for it.

The chairman of the National Assembly’s joint standing committee on defence, ANC MP Jerome Maake, did not want to pre-empt any decision to summon the SA Navy for an explanation by the committee, but said this would be discussed and members might ask the department to appear before it and account for the state of the submarine fleet.

Editor’s Note: A reader adds the following commentary:

South Africa bought three submarines in a notoriously corrupt arms deal. The SA Navy then fired most of its white officers, and replaced them with affirmative action appointees.

None of the three submarines is working any longer. The first one was damaged when its battery cables were connected the wrong way around. The second one crashed against a harbour wall. The third one “mysteriously” crashed into the sea floor.

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  • This reminds me of the scene from 2001 : A Space Odyssey, when the apes find the giant obelisk and begin jumping up and down, screaming and yelling and attacking the obelisk with bone weapons.

    • The early humans did not attack the obelisk. Get it right.

  • JackKrak

    Cue the clown music.

    Don’t forget that S.A. is the only country ever to have nuclear weapons & then voluntarily give them up. In the late 80’s the white government knew what was coming and realized that the nukes had to go. Otherwise, the ANC would have their finger on the button. Well, if they could keep the electricity on, that is.

  • Black people don’t like water, ever seen a black swimmer or diver at the Olympics ?

    • IstvanIN

      Black people don’t like water

      We always said that when I was a child, never saw them at the beach.  Now they do go to the shore, but I still find it an odd site.

  • Kudzu_Bob

    The lesson to take from this is that as the US military becomes less White, it will also become less proficient at its primary job, war-waging. Increasingly, we will be well advised not to go around picking fights with other countries.

    • Carney3

      Going around picking fights?  Is that what happened on 9/11?  Is that what happened for 12 long years of Saddam brazenly defying the peace deal he begged for, ignoring diplomacy, sanctions, and limited airstrikes?   

      What is the problem with supposed pro-whites mindlessly parroting the white-hating, Western-hating Third World Left on foreign policy?

      • Kudzu_Bob

        Yeah, you’re right. What was I thinking? If it weren’t for the brilliant, far-seeing Neocons and their like-minded predecessors, we’d all be speaking German or Russian today, instead of Spanish.

        • Carney3

          In general, neo-conservatives are correct on foreign policy and defense but wrong on immigration and the national question. Paleo-conservatives are typically the opposite.

          • SLCain

            “In general, neo-conservatives are correct on foreign policy and defense but wrong on immigration and the national question.”

            No, they are wrong on everything.   All your wars have done for this country is to weaken us.   Nobody here is going to buy your line of crap.  Peddle it elsewhere.

          • Carney3

            I’ll speak out here whenever I want, thanks anyway. I’m just as if not more pro-white than you, and that includes supporting white Western nations when we need to fight crazy brown Muslims.

          • blight14

             I assume you know that the term ‘neo-conservative’ is code…..and NO, their foreign policy/defense is NOT correct….it is solely based for another countries benefit, not the United States…..

          • Carney3

            Sometimes neocon is a code, and sometimes it isn’t. There are non-Jewish neocons, and non-neocon Jews. Furthermore, Israel-focused conspiracy theorizing is crackpottery.

          • Kudzu_Bob

            The stupid way to fight Islamic crazies is to invade Arab countries. The smart way is to quit stamping their visas.

            Neocons like foreign wars for the same reason they like immigration, because it increases their wealth and power at the expense of ordinary Americans.

          • Carney3

            Again, I disagree with neocons on immigration. But they are exactly right that we need a get-tough policy toward terrorists and hostile regimes, rather than the paleocons who want us to run away crying with our tails between our legs, and agree with our vicious enemies that WE are the problem. It’s like an international version of self-hating white guilt.

          • Kudzu_Bob

            Muslims have NO navy that can reach America. Muslims have NO air force that can reach America. They have no way whatsoever to get into America to cause trouble unless we LET them come into our ports or land at our airports.

            But the SAME Necons who send American boys to kill Muslims and be killed by Muslims also want to let Muslims into America. No Necon would DREAM of kicking Muslims out of America. No Neocn has EVER advocated keeping Muslims out of America. Neocons ALWAYS call anybody who does want Muslims in America racist.

            Either you are incapable of understanding that Neocons want Muslims in America or you do not care that Neocns want Muslims in America. You support Neocons who can’t wait to open this country up to the very same Muslims that they claim are such a big threat. You are in no way a person whose opinion on this subject can be taken seriously.

          • Carney3

            Iran is working hard at getting those missiles, to yawns from you.

            In the meantime, any container ship can bring a nuke into one of our harbors; any offshore vessel can fire a short or medium range ballistic missile.

            You’re correct that neocons are wrong about immigration. You’re just as wrong, and soft on the Muslims, as they are, in the context of foreign policy and defense.

          • Kudzu_Bob

            Neocons aren’t WRONG on immigration. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. So do you.

          • Carney3

            I certainly do know what I’m doing. I’m pro-white and anti-Islam, both here at home AND overseas.

            You are in lockstep with the non-white, anti-white, Third World left on foreign policy and national security. Are you endorsing retreat and defeat for us and victory for our implacable mortal enemies deliberately, or because you’ve been bamboozled?

      • The Worlds Scapegoat


        So you believe the conspiracy theory that Arabs and Islam flew planes into the world trade center?

        How come the only people who benefited from the attack was a group who must never be mentioned and match the profile of a sociopath?

        • Carney3

          So you’re a truther? Of the Israel and the Jews did it variety? You really have no idea how much of a laughable, contemptible nut you are, do you?

          • all evidence suggest  that is was more than one country involved. even if Israel wasn’t involved they had prior knowledge that it would happen. granted it might not be concrete evidence but it would be enough to be circumstantial.  lloyds of london filed a lawsuit against saudi arabia for 9/11 financing and israel’s state shipping firm had an office on the 16th and 17th floor and moved 2 months before 9’11 taking their 200 plus employess with them . damn , I want those guys to pick my lottery numbers plus it was an israeli security firm at logan airport that let them through.  the saudis now get high oil prices ,israel gets the u.s. to invade middle eastern countries and our goverment gets a reason to justify spying on us and taking some of our freedoms away.   sounds nuts don’t it?

          • Carney3

            All utter baloney.

            As an example, the “Israeli shipping firm” lie is debunked here:


          • Kudzu_Bob

             Don’t you have anything of substance to say? Anything at all?

          • Carney3

            Re-read my prior posts.

          • Kudzu_Bob

            That would be pointless. Your modus operandi is to ignore or belittle valid objections while citing talking points from known liars.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            I know how much of a laughable, contemptible, nut YOU really are.  People like you are pathetic losers that can’t think for themselves. Show me one piece of evidence YOU personally have that Arabs hijacked 4 planes. You obviously believe that jews were turned into soap and lampshades also. People like you can’t handle the truth. People like you can’t survive without the jews: You are no different than black welfare recipients. You are a white welfare recipient.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Oh I remember the “Bubbleheads” well, as I recall they were the higher scoring fellas on the ASVAB, not the dumbest by any means. The Silent Service was “supposed” to be filled with the best and the brightest, including “nuke schoolers”. Wonder if America is watching the result of AA submariners and learning a damn thing?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Darn, no pictures.

    I fully expected to see the sub balanced on cinder blocks in an unkempt front yard.

  • IstvanIN

    What in heaven’s name does an African nation need with submarines?

    • blight14

       My goodness, to protect against all the nations that threaten to invade them and take over their mud huts…….oh, and their hottie women…….

  • Global Minority

    You can’t have a 1st world nation with a 3rd world population.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    LOL! I wouldn’t charge a Nubian with being in charge of his own canoe, never mind a submarine!
    SA Navy fired most of its white officers and replaced them with affirmative action (i.e. black) appointees. Now none of their subs are operational.
    Hmm…look, you know, I’m just a “racist”, and all that, so don’t take my word for it, but from what I’ve seen, nubians can’t swim, sail, operate subs, organise themselves in self-governing and law abiding democracies, make any useful contribution to science and technology, and live in stable family units.
    But what would I know, I’m just a “racist”?! 

  • Southern__Hoosier

    What happens when blacks operate South Africa’s submarines.” 
    Simple, they sink, not dive.Former bubblehead 

  • Black Africans have never been seafarers. 

    • The__Bobster

      Unless they’re pirating oil tankers.

      •  … defenseless oil tankers.

    • Laager

      Dutch whites sailed from The Netherlands and first settled in present day Cape Town in 1652
      They first encountered black tribes near present day Port Elizabeth C1770
      The British created South Africa in 1910. This new state has a 2,000+ mile coastline.
      Until then the only semblance of an indigenous maritime tradition was dugout canoes in the Okavanga Delta in Botswana.

      This year, for the first time in recorded history, South Africa won a gold medal in the light weight rowing fours at the London Olympics. One of the crew was a black man.
      If you read the SA papers you would think that he and he alone was a responsible for this achievement, the invention of the sport, the design and manufacture of the boat – etc. etc.

  • IanJMacDonald

    Oocean-going vessels are racist.

  • IKantunderstand

    Sadly, the space initiative with Uganda met a similar fate.

  • The Verdict of History

    Utterly ruined and — well, blackening. 

  • They can’t run the sewage plants either!

  • I can just see the subs being stripped of their copper and other metals 

    • chuck_2012

      unlikely they will ever be seaworthy again….soon to be monuments to the incompetent kaffirs trying to manage them.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Before the South African gov’t can determine what went wrong with the submarines they have to first finish their investigation into whether lightning is racist.

    • We already know what “went wrong “with the submarines…blacks….

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “and if it only happened to the previously disadvantaged as I have
      never seen any white people being struck by lightning” said Dube.”

      🙂  ROTFLMAO

  • More like White heroism….It’s like taking away matches from a two year old.

  • ncpride

    They’ll just blow themselves up with it. I seriously doubt they could get it off the ground.

  • ViktorNN

    This sounds like a set up for a joke….

    Ever hear the one about when the black South African navy bought 3 submarines?

    I’m laughing already…

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    ” The South African Navy could find itself at Parliament to explain the
    accident that put the submarine, the SAS Queen Modjadji, out of action.”

    I bet they forgot to shut the screen door. You know blacks always leave the door open and let flies in.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     German Subs

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     Can you imagine blacks handling radioactive material.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     Maybe they need to build more Toys-R-Us stores in SA

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     How soon before they put wings on them and call them bombers.

  • Major

    Oi Vey….I don’t dare elaborate too much…

    All I can do is LMAO and wonder how any country could hand over a sub…to not too long ago swinging from the vines….natives who look in awe at a wheel barrow.

    And think the moon is a god….and the earth is flat. Africa…proof that God created a waste land and asked us to be humble.

  • Major

    That’s because the apes in that case were in what’s now known as “Spain”…they did evolve. But “Lucy” stayed home to qualify for welfare and never left Africa.

  • SLCain


    speak out here whenever I want, thanks anyway. I’m just as if not more
    pro-white than you, and that includes supporting white Western nations
    when we need to fight crazy brown Muslims.”

    So, tell us, how has our program of protacted war in the middle east helped white western nations?  We are now importing Iraqis and Afghanis by the thousands.  Just as we started importing Somalis after establishing a military presence in Somalia.  Every time we go to war with some beknighted third world hell-hole, we initiate a wave of immigrants from that country.

    So how is the neo-con policy helping us?  Please explain the crap you are peddling.


  • SLCain

    “A board of inquiry has been established to investigate an incident in which the vessel “nosedived” onto the seabed…”

    This gives a new meaning to Paul Kersey’s term “the black undertow”.

  • JvNk

     The old South Africa did have 6 nukes. I used to date the daughter of an official involved in building the devices. The “evil” white government prior to 1994 promptly became the first government in the world to voluntarily give up nuclear weapons.

    However, as we all “know”, because the liberal media told us so, the old South African government was evil personified…

  • Unperson

    “A board of inquiry has been established to investigate an incident in
    which the vessel “nosedived” onto the seabed during a training exercise…”

    So African Rockfish now comes in cans?