Mexicans See a Losing Battle in the War on Crooked Police

Richard Fausset, Los Angeles Times, August 29, 2012

In the midst of a violent drug war, President Felipe Calderon fired crooked cops by the hundreds, and hired new ones—rigorously vetted and college educated—by the thousands. Salaries were doubled, new standards imposed and officers were subjected to extensive background checks.

A trustworthy federal police force was to be one of the most important legacies of Calderon’s six-year term. And yet, just months before he is to leave office in December, the president found himself apologizing “profoundly” this week for an incident in which federal police allegedly opened fire on an SUV with diplomatic plates, injuring two Americans.

A dozen federal police officers are being detained while the Mexican attorney general’s office investigates the incident. Many of the details remain unclear, including what may have motivated officers to open fire on the vehicle, which was traveling through dangerous countryside south of Mexico City.

The CIA has declined to comment on reports in U.S. and Mexican media that the Americans were CIA agents. They were heading to a Mexican military installation where they were serving as trainers.

But since the incident, which occurred just two months after a shootout involving crooked federal officers that left three dead at the Mexico City airport, the denunciations of the police have been withering. For many here, whether the attackers turned out to be corrupt or just bumbling, Calderon’s new and improved federal police force is just more of the same.


In Chapultepec Park, a 19-year-old peanut vendor laughed when asked whether the force had changed for the better.

He laughed again when asked to give his name, as though anyone would be foolish enough to do so when the police were so crooked.

“Here, everything runs on money,” he said. “The drug cartels have enough money to give to the federal police, and everybody else, to control everything they do.”

Mexicans have long been wary of police at all levels. Officers are notorious not only for soliciting the little bribes known as mordidas, but for shaking down innocents, running kidnapping rings, and serving as security forces and death squads for the drug gangs. One 2010 poll found that only 8% of respondents felt strong confidence in the police.


US diplomatic vehicle, attacked by Mexican federal police.

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  • Church_of_Jed

    They laugh at the idea of an honest cop,

    just like the laugh at the idea of American borders.  (What are we doing to make them otherwise?)

    Did you see the GOP commercial highlighting and emphasizing
    explicit HISPANIC LEADERSHIP for America? 
    I’m still waiting for the explicit WHITE LEADERSHIP commercial that we are owed. 

    What have Hispanics done to earn leadership merit, other than lead the illegal
    invasion of our former breeding grounds?  Why should we agree that their darkness should lead ICE to give them a free Amnesty pass?

    Why should we follow their leadership?  Why should we
    pay taxes to their anchor baby politicians elected with illegal Amnesty votes?

    (Watch White America repudiate and default on the national
    debt when the taxes raised to pay it are put on us by the Coming Diversity Axis of Evil.  Then watch  govt. sponsored anti White privilege genocide go sanctioned Code Hot.)

    Did you just see Craig Romney give several paragraphs of a speech in Spanish at
    the RNC?  

    How many frightening but true conclusions can you draw from that?

    The GOP is seizing our Mexicanized future and forcing it on us in the present.


    Our White English language is outliving its
    usefulness in America.

    You are an anti American racist if you don’t advocate for Hispanic leadership over your White

    •  1.  There was more Spanish spoken at this RNC than there is in certain parts of Mexico.  What was this, the Press 1 for English convention?

      2.  I should have thought of a drinking game:  “You did build that” or some variant, chug a lug.  Okay, people, we get the point.  Don’t need to repeat it 800 times.

      3.  As usual, mostly banal and forgettable speeches and rhetoric.  BUT…there’s next week, when the speeches will become about as pleasurable as a bucket of hydrochloric acid in the face.  I think it might violate the Geneva Convention to watch the DNC.  Torture and all that.  Want the Muzzies in Gitmo to confess?  Force them to watch the DNC.

    • Chimp Master Rules

      What is it you object to?  Is it everyone who speaks the spanish language or is it mestizos or is it something else? 

      Personally, I consider Marco Rubio to be both an American and white.  Yeah, he panders to people who speak spanish but how’s that any different than an 1860s political hack pandering to the Irish or a 1910 political hack pandering to Italians?

      Rubio isn’t going to ever be a white racialist, but he’s not going to fight us either.  The Rubios of the world are no different than German-American libertarians or Irish-American conservatives.  These people aren’t racialists, and they’re not even necessarily our friends and allies . . . but they’re not our enemies.

      We need to oppose bi-lingualism, the teaching of mexican history in schools as opposed to American, the replacement of American culture, the influx of mextizos and the open borders.

      But we need to draw the line carefully.  We need to accept the growing numbers of people of European descent who speak spanish as their native tongue.  Not only are a lot of these people NOT our enemies but they have potentially as much to lose as any white racialist.

      As I never get tired of reminding people . . . the Spanish are the greatest racial warriors in history.  They fought the Moors for 700 years and then conquered millions of indians and took their continent. 

      When it comes to racial warfare, they rank right up there with Genghis and Adolf.

      Oh . . . by the way . . . Stalin didn’t win the Cold War.  Antonio Gramsci did.

  • “In the midst of a violent drug war, President Felipe Calderon fired crooked cops by the hundreds, and hired new ones—rigorously vetted and college educated—by the thousands. Salaries were doubled, new standards imposed and officers were subjected to extensive background checks.’

    But those hired are still Mexicans…right?

  • One of my many axioms:

    Most people get the government they deserve most of the time.

    There’s a reason Mexican cops are corrupt.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    I guess we’re not going to see a version of Eliot Ness and the Untoucahbles any time soon in mejico. 

    Most mexicans look at cop the way we might look at a landlord if we’re a month behind on paying the rent.  The “law” in mejico isn’t like the law here.  There, the law is about sustaining the power of the elite.  The cop is like an enforcer or mob guy who’s there to apply muscle (usually on you).

    Of course, another four years of Holder & Obama and we may found out what mexican law is all about.

  • JackKrak

    If the Mexicans want honesty in their society, why don’t they take the first step and be honest enough to acknowledge that they have somehow managed to create a hellhole right on the doorstep of the richest nation on earth. Just come right out and admit that having the easiest access to the biggest consumer market in the history of humanity hasn’t been enough to drag them much beyond the lifestyles of their great-great-grandparents. Be honest enough to recognize that exporting about a fifth of their own people is all that keeps whatever weak economic pulse the country has beating. And finally they can put their hands up in surrender to the reality that their side-by-side existence with the US provides the greatest possible illustration of the existence of differences in ability between races.

    How’s that for honesty?

  • One of my old, very un-PC  History profs used to say that Spain could never even run a stable dictatorship in Mexico.  Some of us older students would laugh with him, the younger ones didn’t get it.   

    also,  I watched Rubio last night and thought to myself, If I saw him in an airport I would say he was white, even listening to him speak he sounds white.  Im sure he can change that as needed. I see little harm in him. He speaks very solid conservative language. Cubans are different than Mexicans for sure.

  • You sound angry at me. That’s what i was saying.  He is white. Some people dont like him because of his liberal immigration stance and Cuban origins.  His story is no different than any Irish or Italian immigrant, just more recent.Cuba was offered to the US after the Spanish American war. We refused,(but are still called imperialists)  but wanted a naval base “in Perpetuity” there…Hence Gitmo. I do know history.