French Youths Fire on Police in Overnight Clashes

Pascal Rossignoi, Reuters, August 14, 2012

Youths fired buckshot at police in clashes in the French city of Amiens overnight on Tuesday, torching cars and a nursery school in a resurgence of urban unrest that President Francois Hollande said he would do everything to confront.

Hollande dispatched his Interior Minister Manuel Valls to the northern city, where two nights of violence were apparently sparked by tension over spot police checks on residents.

Officials said 16 police officers were hurt in the disturbances, some struck by buckshot others hit by a hail of missiles thrown by around 100 youths who gathered in northern districts of Amiens.

One officer was in a serious condition, the city’s Socialist Mayor Gilles Demailly told Reuters.

Speaking during a visit to southeastern France, Hollande said the state would “mobilise all its resources to combat this violence”, which has shaken depressed quarters of major French cities at regular intervals.


During a night of disturbances, rioters set fire to a number of vehicles, in some cases hauling the drivers out of their cars before burning them, mayor Demailly said.

Gutted buildings, including a nursery school, and burnt out cars were still smouldering early on Tuesday, though the streets were otherwise calm. No-one has been arrested so far.


Tensions remain high in many French suburbs, where poor job prospects, racial discrimination, a widespread sense of alienation from mainstream society and perceived hostile policing have periodically touched off violence.


The repeat bouts of violence have provoked agonized debate over the state of the grim housing estates that ring many French cities and the integration of millions of poor whites, blacks and North African immigrants into mainstream society.

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  • “Tensions remain high in many French suburbs, where poor job prospects, racial discrimination, a widespread sense of alienation from mainstream society and perceived hostile policing have periodically touched off violence.”

    There is the paragraph attempting to rationalize this hooliganism. In other words, the “youths” in question are Muslims and Pakis and not French!

    • The Verdict of History

      Hey stop that you RAYYYCISSS!!!!

      Dear French,

      You should be celebrating the paradise which CLERLY is this cultural and racial diversity!
      I mean, who cares about protecting the community from hooliganism and degeneracy any more? 

      These youths should be given scholarships to the most prestigious universities in France, instead of your more qualified children, and their welfare benefits should be funded by your hardworking tax dollars. Be generous, since you never REALLY earned any of that income or property.

      It was provided by the diversity of your increasingly non-European society. 

      Continue to open the flood gates in order to realize the full brunt of DIEversity. 

      After all, rape, robbery, rioting, racial degeneracy of genetics, rigged anti white affirmative action programs, ravaged private and public institutions and run-down private assets of ALL
      communities is a blessing and contributes to the enrichment of White Society.

      Have some imagination, okay?

      Learn to embrace your fellow 75 IQ brethren from backward nations and be eager to embark on the glories of tolerance and eternal displacement from your racial and cultural community.

      RACE SUICIDE is now in style.

    • Detroit_WASP

      The Africans have an inferiority complex….because they are inferior. So, they act- out in the only way they know how.  The French will feel guilty and give them free stuff in hopes they stop burning their cities.  Sounds familiar to us yanks!!

      • David Ashton

        And us Brits.

  • Global Minority

    The repeat bouts of violence have provoked agonized debate over the state of the grim housing estates that ring many French cities and the integration of millions of poor whites, blacks and North African immigrants into mainstream society.”

    Of course there is repeat bouts of violence wehn you force people together! I feel sorry for the poor White people becasue they are being targted by the blacks and Northern Africans. What’s the difference between the blacks and Northern Africans?

    The French should be helping the million of poor WHITE French people.
    So this is once again blamed on some from of “discrimnstation” as to why the black “yoofs” are roiting?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Why are the White French so RACIST?  LOL

    It’s like a broken record.  Same nonesense over and over.   I’m glad the open minded Europeans are getting a dose of black reality. 

  • Global Minority

    How long can this be blamed on “discriminstation” and people keep swalling it? The average person doesn’t by it?

    • pc must go

      They are just too busy watching Reality TV to care… or sitting on their high horse in the suburbs or some other lily white area thinking those poor whites deserve it.

  • “a widespread sense of alienation from mainstream society”

    Well when you are in a European nation and insist on being a filthy, third world, backwards Muslims and intent on recreating the exact conditions you fled,  what do you expect?

  • TonyWestfield

    “…rioters set fire to a number of vehicles, in some cases hauling the drivers out of their cars before burning them, mayor Demailly said.”

    Nice to know that “in some cases” the rioters decided they wouldn’t burn the person(s) as well as the vehicle.  The article doesn’t tell us what the rioters did with the persons after “hauling” them out of the vehicles.  Did the mayor ask?

    Hmmm, I wonder if any of the mathematical wiz-kids (you know, the people who analyze the racial composition of neighborhoods and recommend “remedies”) have drawn any conclusions about the characteristics of vehicles and people whom the rioters decided to burn or to spare.

    Oh, but I’m sure there are no patterns to be gleaned regarding the characteristics of the rioters or the objects of their wrath (or favor).  Every one is just French.

  • Ulick

    France is quickly becoming a colony of North Africa.  French officials have clearly read the EU best seller, “Selling Out Your People for Dhimmies”.

  • In the 18th century France  was the apex of civilization, the French Revolution kicked off this messianic  everyone is equal erroneous thinking garbage, it’s disciples are full of self righteousness arrogance and zealotry  bit like the people who burned witches in the 17th century or heretics in the 15th century. Racism is the new heresy.

    Now France is a multicultural dystopian nightmare, it’s kind of sad. ex President Sarkozy wanted white genocide.

    • pc must go

      I’ve begun to feel my life here in NYC is dystopian.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I don’t speak French so I don’t know if he is really saying that.  If he is….what a nut case!

  • bubo

    They don’t belong there.  There are not or will they ever be French.  They need to be forcibly removed from France and returned to the lands they came from.   

    This goes for all alien cultures across Europe.  

  • Chimp Master Rules

    (Well, gee, how civilized that the “youths” hauled drivers out of cars before torching them.  I remember in one Miami riot, blacks hauled a white driver out of his car right at the intersection of 7th Ave and 79th Street and decapitated him.  I guess they’re a little more polite in France.)

    Anyway, my real point . . .

    Once again, like in the earlier article about immigrant rioting in US prisons, we see a lop-sided score:

    Youths 16     Cops 0

    When will this end?  Time to go Roman.

  • I have a difficult time envisioning “diversity” in France. I’ve never been there, and have never been a fan of the frogs, but I have always thought of them as near the apex of White society culturally and socially. I would have thought the arrogance and nationalistic pride (not meant as an insult) of the the French would not have allowed such intrusion to happen.

  • When these become daily events we call it a “race war”

  • KenelmDigby

    The most remarkable thing about this story is how the French establishment conspired to cover it up as long as possibel, and how news slowly dribbled out. In this respect the French elitists are worse than anything in the former Soviet bloc, the French elitists know full well that they have created a terrible and intractable catastrophe – which in due course will certainly result in the destruction of France.
       The only response they are capable of doing is denial, as if sticking one’s head in the sand and pretending that the impending destruction of one’s nation is a credible strategy.

    The plight of France offers us the ultimate warning against the immigrationists and their evil policies.
        – Despite this we continue to hear the immigrationists in full throat day in, day out, shouting, nay, screaming, that Europe ‘needs’ massive uncontrolled third world immigration to ‘save’ itself.

  • godzillabloggs

    The BBC reports that  ‘….. one woman told BFMTV she had personal experience of aggressive, heavy-handed policing, and insisted that what occurred was “not gratuitous violence”‘. 

    The fact that the violence was not gratuitous  must be  a great comfort to anyone dragged from his car and beaten.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      This is just Marxism carried out to its logical conclusion.  When the have-nots violate the haves, it is righteous class struggle.  I really do believe that in their heart of hearts leftists side with the criminals. 

      • pc must go

        Yes, my left wing friends cheered when the arabs and blacks looted and burned down London. Did I not understand how poor they were? LEFTISTS LOVE PERPETUAL REVOLUTION. They are all about being rebellious. It’s about how they view themselves.

        • godzillabloggs

          They have given up on the white working class and are now looking to aggrieved ethnic minorities to  fight for the ‘revolution’.  They are likely to be disappointed yet again, although they will get some thrills from any disturbances that break out.

          • David Ashton

             All these comments on last year’s London riots and arson are quite correct.  From the 1960s onwards leftist intellectuals, rightly believing that (then) prosperous white workers and their families would not back the egalitarian revolution, decided to politicise “minorities” – “wimmin”, migrants, blacks, homosexuals &c. It is all there in their own literature, and I have documented their “agenda networking” at first hand in British “education”.  The official report on the original black Brixton riots was shaped ideologically by the flawed US Kerner report, not on objectively considered evidence (my own detailed submission came back unopened).
              For those who want a rough, quick introduction to the subject, just google William S. Lind & his writings about PC.  Despite the distaste Karl Marx had personally for the “lumpenproletariat”, Gustave LeBon observed that revolutionaries of all times find recruits among the criminal and semi-criminal dregs of society who cause only disorder.
              There has always been a leftist love of the criminal, the vagrant and the deviant; an alliance of parasites against the producers. 
              Oswald Spengler saw this race war coming way back in 1934.

      • godzillabloggs

        Much depends on whether their own properties and persons escape the violence.  Well-heeled leftists prefer serious disturbances to take place in areas other then where they live.

        In general, though, you are right.  It is certainly true that the very destructive  riots that took place in the Brixton area of London in 1981 were recently  commemorated locally as the ‘Brixton Uprising’.

  • libertarian1234

    Austerity is creeping into the French economy the same way it has…and is….making a devastating impact on Greece.  Soon there will be even more austerity riots from the white working class who are having their salaries and pensions cut and, in many cases, eliminated altogether.

    Greece just rounded up 6000 illegal aliens and placed them in a holding camp for deportation.  The government said if they don’t eliminate these people the country will collapse economically because it can’t afford the extra costs they incur.  They said the alternative to deportations is total financial collapse.

    From the rioting coming now from the third world areas in France it appears as if they’re also feeling the brunt of austerity cut-backs.

    But I seriously doubt we’ll be reading about the third worlders and the aliens fighting together against the government.  The most logical sequence of events will probably involve fighting between the tribal factions and the government too.

    As the situation continues to deteriorate, more likely than not,  Marie Le Pen’s fast growing nationalists just might be looking to even the score with the multicults who are responsible.

    In 1789 French paybacks to the politically correct resulted in the streets running red with blood from an overworked  guillontine that was kept busy 24/7.

    My best adviceto the people who caused this situation to occur is, if conditions deteriorate to the worst possible scenario, don’t answer that knock on your door. 


  • Third world immigration does that.

  • jeffaral

    Sarkozy an “european” leader??!!  Look at his nose please!!!

  • JustaWhiteMom

    I don’t think that was the plan from the get go, but now that multiculturalism has been shown to be a failure, what are the elites going to do?  I mean, everyone knows that separate ethnic groups cannot long co-exist in the same country.  There are only two options.  Displacement or amalgamation.

  • pc must go

    Yes , like Sandra Bernhardt wanted Sarah Palin raped by black thugs. Sickening. As a Democrat growing up, as a teen, I always knew the blacks were on our side… til’ I moved to an urban area and realized blacks don’t give a care that you’re a Democrat. They hate whites.

  • David Ashton

     Let the CRS have a free hand, and you’d be surprised.
     The US didn’t do much for the heroic French Army at Dien Bien Phu, or the French resistance to the FLN in Algeria.  This “mandatory white flag” is a slur, though it would not be tactful to discuss the history of France from 1939 to 1945 in terms of the US intervention and its aerial bombardments in the tragic second European civil war.

  • Hkwills

    Same causality as the U.S. media: blah blah blah conditions “sparked” the violence. As though they have no free will – indeed they are just kindling wood; some action occurs and boom!  spontaneous combustion. A non biased phrasing would be: racial minorities used **** as a pretext/excuse to riot. Or racial minorities chose to riot.