Detroit Store Tries to Draw Kids to School with New Shoes

CBS Detroit, August 13, 2012

Got kicks? Every Detroit student who shows up on the cash-crucial Student Count Day will be able to answer “yes” thanks to a donation from Bob’s Classic Kicks in midtown.

BCK, 4717 Woodward, made an arrangement with the school district to give away a free pair of black leather Nikes to every student who comes to class on Oct. 3, the day when students are counted and their numbers used as the basis for per-pupil funding from the state and federal government.

The more bodies in class, the more money schools have all year.


The school district will hand out vouchers to every child in every grade, which could add up to 14,000 to 17,000 pair of shoes.



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  • JackKrak

    Something’s not right here.

    Even at wholesale, 14 to 17 thousand pairs of shoes costs a lot money. Shoes usually cost about half of their retail price, so even a relatively modest $100 pair of Nikes would cost $50 a pair, times at least 14,000 pairs, which comes to $700,000. That’s one hell of a donation by a local store with one location.

    Then again, maybe it’s smart business. The guy is getting his name all over the news & maybe he won’t give away that many shoes in the end. After all, “black leather Nikes” sounds generic enough & maybe it’s the cheapest shoe Nike makes – making it not at all attractive to your typical, um, Detroiter. Also, I imagine anyone seen wearing them will be mocked for getting cheapo freebies when real street cred comes from the most expensive models.

    Curious to see how this plays out.

    ps -I suppose that I don’t need to add that I was never rewarded simply for showing up at school. How on earth did I ever manage to finish reading a book on my own???

    • haroldcrews

      Blacks aren’t particularly known for turning up their noses at freebies.

      • Ulick

        Ha!  Good point.  They certainly didn’t turn up their noses at even the hint of free food in St. Louis today…

        St. Louis police respond after crowd swarms church for rumored food vouchers (a picture is worth a thousand words)

        ST. LOUIS • Police were called to a church in St. Louis this morning for crowd control after an unexpectedly large crowd gathered on rumors of applying for $500 food vouchers…

        Howard Walker, an administrator at St. Louis Power House Church, and also a representative for Advanced Marketing Promotions LLC, said the hundreds of people gathered for the event at the church were tempted by the chance at the vouchers. 

        Traffic was snarled in the area of the church, in the 4000 block of West Florissant Avenue for most of the morning, but appeared to be under control by about 11 a.m.

        “I’ve been working on the north side for five years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Officer Michael Owens, who was pushing back the crowd along with other officers.

        Two ambulances arrived to treat a diabetic woman as well as an older woman who fell in the street. Police had to put crime scene tape across the front door of the church to discourage people from trying to get in.

        Some members of the crowd became irate after they were sold fake applications for the vouchers.Several attendees said they had been waiting in line for their chance at the voucher since last night and as early as 4 a.m. Once the church doors opened, the crowd rushed in…

        Today, Walker said he and his helpers collected some 5,000 applications and that people started camping out early this morning as word spread they could receive a $500 food voucher in exchange for applying for a card.

        “I was not expecting this,” said Walker, a self-proclaimed reformed drug addict who has been with the church for several years….

        Church volunteer Mary Moore was surprised at the response.”They rushed the building so hard, that (organizers) had to shut it down,” she said. “Word of mouth got around and it got out of proportion.”

        Sonya Gray, 49, of Overland arrived at 8 a.m. and decided against submitting an application after seeing the crowd.”It’s out of control,” she said. “Nothing got organized. This is crazy.”

        • Up to my neck in CA

          The two things that real stuck out in this article:

          1.”St. Louis police spokesman Dave Marzullo initially said police had responded to crowds at a blood drive but later corrected that statement.”

          Blacks at a blood drive?? Ha-Ha right!

          2.”Some members of the crowd became irate after they were sold fake applications for the vouchers.”

          They are their own worst enemies!

        • “Police had to put crime scene tape across the front door of the church to discourage people from trying to get in.” All the police had to do was make up a big sign that said “Liberry= Free Books Today” and the crowd would have taken off faster than a carjacked Bentley.

      • Moreover, they are not exactly known for being decent and well-mannered when claiming said freebies. They become like sharks gorging on a carcass when free sneakers are at stake.

  • This is dumb, really dumb.  The kids that don’t go to school will just wait for those that did to walk home with their new shoes and then they will jump them and steal the shoes.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I hope the police are at the school running outstanding warrant checks that day.

  • You can’t bribe people to better themselves.  They’ll only put in minimum token effort to get what they want. After they have their short-term reward, their interest will plummet.

    • haroldcrews

      The DWL’s are so delusional that they believe others actually want their approval.  After all the DWL is so morally superior don’t you know.

      Blacks usually only put in a “token effort” no matter what they do. This little shoe give-away will accomplish exactly what it’s intended – which is to get blacks to show up for one day in order to be counted – so more of our federal dollars can be flushed down the toilet under the guise of “educating” these ingrates.

  • Ulick

    Theoretically, if we hosted all day sneaker give-aways on Election Day, we could bring the black vote down to near 0%.

    • Hey, I suggested something like that once and the moderator deleted my comment. My idea involved free watermelon and spinning rims.

      • Strider73

        It wouldn’t really work. Blacks, like other Democrat constituencies, vote early and often — even the dead ones.

  • bubo

    So Detroit is perpetrating a scam by basically paying kids to come to school ONE day of the year in order to get more money from the white taxpayers of the state of Michigan and no one calls them on this obvious fraud?

    This is unbelievable.   Well actually totally believable.  

    • Ulick

      My guess is that the fraud doesn’t stop there.  The cost for 14,000 to 17,000 pairs of Nikes seems too much for one Detroit sneaker store to eat.  I bet that the Detroit council is covering most of these sneakers with taxpayer money and this charity story is being used as a front.

  • I hope this guy has good insurance. We all know what happens when shoes and blacks are introduced to each other. Things could get out of control very quickly.

  • 1proactive2

    And again folks, for the umpteenth time, black sloth, indifference, ignorance, and incompetence is rewarded by cash payouts.  A self-destructive behavior has again been reinforced by the authority figures in charge. 

    There is absolutely no need to improve, change, or hold yourself accountable if you’re black.  Someone will show up with money so you can “get paid”.  When I read about these recurring programs I think, “The Bell Curve is again validated.”   

  • Chimp Master Rules

    This is corruption.

    The school district is complicit in using an outside agency to fradulently enhance first-day enrollment numbers to increase federal funding.

     Hello, Justice Department . . . anybody home? 

  •  So called, “programs” Don’t work for the stupid. But our country will still try to make up reasons why we tolerate stupid. Really want to fix the problem? Then do what we all want to say, divide us by race and stick with your own.  I know I’m tired of forking over my tax dollars to support gangbangers, hiphopsters, and  Lil Wayne’s. Maybe if they had better music, PARENTS, and respect, they might just attend and learn something. So, shoe’s is the answer now? FAIL. I remember when they killed over shoe’s, now we will WILLINGLY hand them over. Along with ANYTHING ELSE they demand. I’m sick of it. Join me in my fight, We Are White on Facebook group.

  • ncpride

    How angry this nonsense makes me. All we hear and read about is these poor AA who don’t have the same opportunities, money, and access to better schools and teachers, blah, blah, blah, til our eyes and ears bleed. But in reality they have to bribe, pay and beg these little gang banging thugs just to show up, never mind actually learning something.

    Next time you are arguing with a liberal about these ‘poor’ minority schools, be sure and link them to the many articles here on AmRen just like this one. 

  • El_Magyar

    The only day that worthless city cares about its students is on the “gimmee dat” money day.

  • Sloppo

    I wonder how many of those children will be robbed or killed by someone who wants another pair of those shoes because the white taxpayers didn’t give everybody as many pairs as they wanted.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       I’m sure you mean ‘kilt’ by someone…

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Meanwhile in the predominately White schools students show up to receive an education, the REAL reward for going to class.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Shoes, food,  payment by the hour, condoms; gee, what else can we entice those little cretins with to show up at the schoolhouse?

    Now, as far as learning, all the gold teeth in the world can’t do it.

  • Beth

    Temp jobs may be the only option for many blacks since they don’t have the self discipline to stick to one job for years.  Temp jobs would let them have time off between jobs and some variety to keep them from getting bored.