Author Advocates Letting ‘Mouth-breathing, Racist’ South Secede

Ryan Robertson, News Busters, August 13, 2012

Liberals really should decide how they feel about the idea of southern states seceding from the union. {snip}

Others, like travel writer Chuck Thompson, wish they’d go. He honestly believes Southern conservatives are standing in the way of progress and solely responsible for political gridlock. The only ‘logical’ way of dealing with it in his mind is secession. Only then can the Northern states have the utopian society they’re apparently on the verge of attaining.

Despite being known for more of a tongue-in-cheek style, he couldn’t have been any more serious. So serious in fact, that he wrote a book called “Better Off without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession”. He promoted it in a recent radio interview with AlterNet’s Joshua Holland.

“We didn’t let the South go when we had the chance. We would have avoided a lot of problems,” Thompson said. “We—meaning this group in the north as we might identify ourselves—could take the country we want into a direction that we think is befitting of America without this push and pull that comes from the Southern states.”

The problem, he said, is that “dim-witted, mouth-breathing, racist rednecks” represent enormous “voting quorums” in the South. Apparently, they get that way by being Christian. Evangelical Christians who literally interpret the Bible and adhere to its principles are “lunatics” somehow. “In the South, it’s different, because there is no such thing as compromise,” he said. “If its God’s law that is driving you … then you simply can’t compromise, and that’s where I think a lot of the dysfunction of our political process comes into play.”


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  • The line for immigration to the new South begins here.

    • Boereseun

      Where do I sign up?

    • ShoutsAtTV

       Sorry. I already snuck across the border.

    • And can we send the blacks,the jews,the mexicans,the indians et al back up there???

  • Global Minority

    I agree the South should be separted from the North! But oh no Southerns tried that back in 1865 and we see what Licnoln did.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       To be fair, the South started the war by attacking Ft. Sumter.  What was Lincoln to do, ask if the Confederacy wanted Washington D.C. as well?

      Lincoln gets a lot of grief, but he wanted the slaves to be repatriated after the war and the South to be truly reconciled with and forgiven by the North.  Whether or not this would have happened is unknown, but while Lincoln believed all men should be free he didn’t believe all men should be Americans.  He lived in a time where most Americans were white, agrarian, Christian, and spoke English.  These similarities sadly couldn’t keep the nation from war, but they did help in rebuilding the country–or would have if Lincoln had not been shot.

      When it was being settled, slightly before the Civil War, my home state (Kansas) was fought over by Free Staters  from New England and Slavers (Bushwhackers) from Missouri.  The Free Staters didn’t want slavery, but they also didn’t want free negroes either.  I’m glad they won.

      • Man, did you open a can of worms.

        I tend to agree.

        I’m a northerner. I never worshiped Lincoln. He had a choice. Be seen as the President who lost the UNITED States or the President to held the Union together.

        I have long believed that Jefferson was far more culpable.

        Jefferson knew the black man. He knew that slaves would one day be set free. He knew that blacks and whites couldn’t live together as equals and yet he did nothing to end or phase out slavery.

        Men like Jefferson perpetuated the problem. Lincoln had the unenviable task of cleaning up the mess others had left for future generations to deal with.

        If Jefferson had worked to end slavery, there would likely have been no Civil War or War of Northern Aggression.

        Let the attacks begin!

        • ncpride

          It does no good to attack, or re-fight the Civil War and only divides us as a race. We can’t change the past, and we have enough on our plates to deal with. I’d say both North and South (indeed the entire country) has lost in the long run when it comes to blacks. We ( Southerners ) get constantly beat over the head about slavery, and called ignorant, redneck, backward, racist bigots and it looks like Northerners take the brunt of black flash mobs, beatings, rapes and murders. That’s a lose-lose for both of us.

          • JohnEngelman

            Everyone should agree that the slave trade was unfortunate. 

          • For White people. It was a jackpot for the Africans.

          • It was VERY fortunate for the jews. They made a massive amount of money;truly staggering sums importing africans acroos the pond to the USA as wella s Latin America.

          • Eagle_Eyed

             You cannot be more right.  As a “Northerner,” I admire and love the South’s people and culture.  Where it may seem that Southerners have a chip on their shoulder at times, it is often in response to brash, liberals chastising the South to feel better about themselves.

          • Anonymous

            Why aren’t liberals calling black people ‘racist’ for their racist attacks against whites or the hate speech from the Black Panther Party?

          • ed91

             with blacks, most people know the score but it’s so dismal no one talks about it.  Besides, what good would it do?

            They are here, they are what they are, and they aren’t going anywhere.

      • Wasn’t Ft. Sumter in South Carolina?  That would make the yankees the occupying invaders.

      • To be fair, South Carolina had seceded per their legal right granted by
        the constitution. Firing only after first asking the Federal Gov  to
        remove their garrisons. The Union intended to keep occupying it’s
        garrisons, even in the states that had declared themselves Confederate.
        The Union were at that point a foreign army, occupying and controlling trade in and out of Charleston Harbor.

        • Eagle_Eyed

           Still, the South needn’t fire.  Their liberties were under no assault.  They could have ignored the Union soldiers (who had no jurisdiction to legislate or enforce laws anyway).  I’m not trying to reopen the wound, so to speak, but there are far too many people who take a hardline approach on the Civil War, when present day Americans should be looking past that dark period.  As the example of the founding of the state of Kansas has shown us, had Lincoln allowed the South to split, there still might have been war.  The Confederacy wanted to expand slavery wherever it could, just read its founders, and Northern settlers wanted no part of the slave trade or free blacks.  I’m glad the latter won.

          • refocus

            Rothschild agents started shooting. 

      •  I’m with Lincoln.  Had the South won they would’ve ended up having to free the slaves eventually and wouldn’t have had the North available to funnel blacks or to redistribute wealth.  Not to mention the fact that the British and French wanted the US to split so they could recolonize America and no one could stop them.

        • refocus

          The powers that be of that day were suppressing inventions just like they are today.  A developer of a fax machine attempted to patent it in 1825.

          McCormick’s harvester was also suppressed for years.  TPTB wanted the people, all the people, not just the Southerners and Negroes, to work as slaves.

          Slavery would have ended sooner rather than later. 

          Kinda like Toyota developing that car that got a little to many miles per gallon… oh oh recall.

      • Chase Clift

        Oh my, the lies about the South starting the war all over again!!! Here’s a refresher!
        South Carolina seceded on December 20, 1860 and justly demanded that Federal troops leave, having no more authority in SC to do anything – even own land i.e. forts, outposts.. any Federal occupation – which would be, after declaring independence, either a breach of international law and a declaration of war – which was the responsibility of the North.  Instead of leaving, Major Anderson moved from the indefensible Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter on the 26th of December.  In January of 1861 President James Buchanan sent reinforcements – 200 soldiers and supplies, essentially an unofficial declaration of war.  The South Carolinian’s got wind of President Buchanan’s reinforcements and as soon as the ship ‘Star of the West’ came into view of South Carolinian soil opened fire.  The North started the war,  to argue otherwise is unstable given the evidence – not to mention international law which supported the right of the South Carolinian troops to fire on the reinforcements in January 1861, and later on Fort Sumter in April 1861. 
        The North declared war by violating international law and sending reinforcements instead of evacuating South Carolina.

        • Eagle_Eyed

           And the people of South Carolina had what rights violated?

          None!  This is exactly what I’m talking about.  South Carolina had been part of the union, so why should federal troops be removed?  And, if Buchanan or Lincoln had caved and let the union dissolve on their watch, what was preventing war from starting anyway?  The Confederacy wanted to spread slavery, and would have fought to keep the practice ongoing in the slave states (Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland) that didn’t secede and in western states/territories (Kansas, New Mexico) to push the practice out further.  Either way, had South Carolina seceded peacefully, or at least attempt to negotiate what at the time was an unclear issue, history may have come about differently.

          Lincoln would not have started a war with the Southern slave states to end slavery.  The South foolishly lost by starting a war with the more industrial North.

          Was Lincoln perfect?  No.  But he deserves much more respect that what he is given, particularly when he had such a great understanding about the divide a free negro society would bring upon whites.

  • A rare audio recording of  Carleton Putnam discussing his book ” Race and Reason ”  in 1961, Mississippi, very prophetic.

    ” origins of equalitarianism,Franz Boas,Lysenkosim, the spread of equalitarian race doctrine, northern indoctrination as “moral” crusade, integrity of civilisation and leftist “change”. ”

    • holyflower


      The actual eloquent voice of Carleton Putnam describing the leading forces behind the  suppression of all dissent against the relentless propaganda of 50 and 60 years ago — coming from the newspapers, academia and entertainment industry  —-  that all races are equal.  We see the coming calamity in this early stage of development, clearly defined but one of the rare intellectuals who stood up to the overwhelming tide of folly and deception.

    • JohnEngelman

      That was an interesting speech, but Carleton Putnam did not give evidence for his assertion that blacks are intrinsically inferior to whites. With fifty minutes he had plenty of time. He could have compared white and black crime rates and levels of academic performance in northern states where blacks were not discriminated against. 

      • holyflower

        ” interesting speech, but Carleton Putnam did not give evidence for his assertion that blacks are intrinsically inferior to whites”


        Not the purpose of the speech, which was to expose how leftists police the organs of culture — newspapers, academia, entertainment — to punish dissidents from racial orthodoxy.    Putnams helps illustrate how long this apparatus of suppression has been operational and its extraordinary reach and intensity.

        • JohnEngelman

          In 1961 I am fairly confident one could expose how those arguing that the races were intrinsically equal lost professional positions in the South. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Maybe but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the northern networks and the awful leftist NY Times and WashPost.

          • holyflower

            Never heard of such a case — certainly by 1961 — but am open to that possibilty.  Please share an example.

  • If any part of this country secedes from the wretched Union, I’ll drop everything and move there.

    • JohnEngelman

      Those on the right typically wrap themselves in the American flag, while accusing liberals of hating America. As I write baldowl’s comment looking forward to the fall of the United States has attracted 55 likes. 

      • jeffaral

        What’s your point?!!   Multiracial, balkanised Amerika is breaking up anyway!

      • TheTruthHurts4

         We love America, but we do not live what it has become. The America we love is the America that existed before the civil rights movement, and before Asians and Hispanics were allowed to move here.
        America was intended for white people. Non whites should be deported.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Most liberals are closet socialists or communists and totally illiberal towards different views.

  • ”The problem, he said, is that “dim-witted, mouth-breathing,  rednecks” 

    Isn’t that racist ? 

    •  Only if you substitute blacks, Mexicans, or Jews for the word rednecks.

    • dukem1

      The last minority it is OK to hate.  See Jim Goad, “The Redneck Manifesto.”

  • The Verdict of History

    At the rate that this country is steadily proceeding toward destruction, degeneracy and racial mongrelization, the SOUTHERN states will not be the only ones eager to secede…

    … and escape the browning which is engulfing wide swaths of the country.

    Perhaps the South will prove to be the last bastion of respectable civilization, after all…

    Opps! I forgot… 

    The “Black Belt” stretches well across the deep southern states.

    Any white enclave should not consist of such a massive population of misfits and racial hooligans (blacks and a growing number of hispanics).

    Sorry Charlie.

  • Liberals are only liberal with other people’s (non-liberals) money. Nothing would be nicer than to see than how long a liberals-only state would last. Without their non-liberal hosts to feed off of, the liberal parasites would be converting and emigrating in hordes. You’d have to build a wall to keep them in like that other socialist, workers’ paradise, utopia that was East Germany.  Just look at all the liberal success stories here like Detroit, LA, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore and Atlanta. Every single one is taxed to death, failing, horrible schools, corruption, scandals and crime-ridden streets.

    • MrGJG

       You’re right about libs being generous with other peoples money, but I disagree with your theory about Detroit, LA, NYC, et al being the way they are simply because of liberals.
      If that were the case, Vermont would also be a shithole. Liberalism would work fine in a predominantly white enclave as it did/does in much of Northern Europe.
      Unfortunately, we have a more diverse culture where a more conservative form of governing would be desirable, especially for whitey.

    • Anonymous

      My father once sarcastically said that about a liberal in our family.  “He’s such a hero with other people’s money, isn’t he?

  • IstvanIN

    Let the South go.  Let Hawaii go.  Let New England go.  Let fly-over America go.  There is no real nation at this point, just borders and a government, like 1980s Jugoslavia.

  • joewest666

     Please let us out of your shitty union.



    • Major

      Back to 1835 and a separate nation once again. I’m ready to move…..but first Austin must be cleaned out of the whiny libs.

      • joewest666

        We could fence it in and run buses to the Arkansas border.

  • The South has the Kennedy Space Center @ Cape Canaveral, The Johnson Space Center in Houston, and Huntsville, Alabama aka “Rocket City USA”.   I guess the Southern rednecks will be pushing man forward into space while the liberals bicker about “enlightenment”.

    • Major

      Yep…they can launch jesse or his “kid” as the first monkey in space.

      • Preferably both, and on a one-way mission…

  • Dr Michael Hill of The League of the South

  • So I guess the south was right when they tried to leave the last time.

    I for one would love to have a place where I knew I would be left alone by the ‘progressives’.

    The only problem is that liberal-‘progressives’ are parasites and they can’t produce anything for themselves. They can only survive by taking from others.

    Once their liberal-‘progressive’ Utopia couldn’t support everyone who wanted everything, they would turn their attention to the people who worked and saved.

    Civil War II to re-establish the Union.

  • The Poison of Multiculturalism by Dr Michael Hill

    ” Eventually, amnesty for millions of non-white illegal aliens will become reality. Many think this is the beginning of the end of Western Christian civilization in North America. Why have the elites sold us out? Why are they committed to the destruction of the West by the promotion of multiculturalism? And why is multiculturalism the poison that will ultimately prove fatal to Western Christian civilization unless an antidote is quickly administered? Unless we understand exactly what we are dealing with when we bring up the subject of multiculturalism, The League of the South and our allies can never hope to successful combat the enemies who are sworn to our – white Southerners–destruction as a people. ”

    You can read the rest here

    • Major

      Cause the liberal idiots think they can recreate another South Africa? Didn’t work there…will never work here unless the entire country is Section 8. And look how well that works.

      • Pandemonium

        If the point of what happened in SA was to get rid of White rule, it worked  very well.

  • haroldcrews

    Strange, that Yankees cite surveys and studies pointing out Southern social ills such as poor education systems when those problems are actually the result of large numbers of blacks in the South. Whites in the South are as well educated, intelligent and law abiding as whites anywhere. Yet the Yanks ignore reality in favour of the multi-cult diversity delusion.

    • joewest666

       They bemoan the Texas education system and then forget how much of Mexico we are dragging through our schools.

  • Chuck Thompson who wrote the article was born and raised in Alaska, so he really hasn’t experienced the  ” joys and delights ” of black people and their ” culture .”

    • but he probably hates Eskimos


  • I’m sure after enough liberals proposed kicking us out, and the plan was all set to go, there’d be a last-minute reversal where they decided that they needed to keep us in the union, “For our own good”.

  • Ulick

    All polls reflect that more Americans identify as Conservatives than they do Liberals (40% to 20%).

    When we look at South Africa we see that the Marxist ANC has the support of the majority of the “Rainbow Nation”, but there’s a notable minority of white South Africans that I’m sure long for the days of their more safe and more efficient white run state.

    So what I propose is a trade where everyone is gets approximately what they want.  Since white Conservatives outnumber white Liberals in the U.S., white Conservatives get to keep America but in return will give white Liberals approximately what they want — we’ll ship them to South Africa so that they can live in the Socialist, multicultural utopia that they dream of. 

    And since both the ANC their new moonbat brethren will likley both want to get rid of those “mouth-breathing, racist” white South Africans, we’ll take them off their hands and these South Africans can help us rebuild the new conservative U.S.A.

    All parties get what they want.  Let’s get this deal done.

  • JohnEngelman

    If the U.S. economy remains sluggish, or worse yet, takes a nose dive, the breakup of the United States into two or more countries is a real possibility. I doubt that people in any of the parts would be better off than they are now. It would be like the fall of the Soviet Union. I doubt it would be peaceful like the fall of the Soviet Union, however. 
    Southern whites who look forward to a restored Confederacy should consider that the southern states have large black populations. I doubt those blacks will submit to second class citizenship without quite a fight.        

    • Rocky Bass,

       I don’t see the southern blacks, or any blacks as being capable logistically of doing anything about their station.

      • joewest666

         Except becoming reactive targets by citizen’s patrol groups.

    • TheTruthHurts4

       After the end of Reconstruction it was easy for us to retake control of our states from the Negroes. After we become independent again it will be even easier. All it will require will be a new Confederate Constitution, a few elections, and the extra legal law enforcement of a restored Klu Klux Klan.

  • The parasite infestation will still remain on the each host organism.

  • Nothing is simple. Take for example this: in Mississippi and Alabama, blacks are fathers of white mothers’ babies ca. 3% (I can find exact percentages); in South Dakota, less than 1%.
    Ponder on this.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      They’d certainly be free to leave and take their coal-burners with them.

    • Beth

      Do these mulatto kids end up living with the blacks or the whites?

      • ed91

         usually they play the field, like obama.

        grow up in the most responsible home in the extended family………….then migrate to where they can cause the most trouble

        in 92 riots in LA they documented suburban  middle class blacks coming in to share in the glee.

        • ed91

           another (edit) where nothing was changed.

          is there a problem?

  • bubo

    The guy far overestimates the number and influence of “evangelicals” in the South.   Most Southerners are like people from other areas of the country.  Perhaps a little more conservative.   Possibly a little more realistic about the black underclass problem that people like Thompson do their best to ignore.   

    The guy makes it sound like 90 percent of us spend our nights snake handling and holding lynching parties.   

    • Rocky Bass,

       Might be a better place is we did in fact spend our nights that way, least part of it 🙂

    • ncpride

      It sounds like his beef is mostly with religion than we ‘dim- witted, mouth-breathing, redneck racists’…… The problem with these arrogant fools who say such things is that we most assuredly are NOT dim-witted or , to use their favorite word, ‘ignorant’ when it comes to race (and they know it) and that is what REALLY makes them angry. So if he feels the need to call us redneck racists, fine by me and I won’t deny it, but I take issue at being called dim-witted, because this self righteous a** is dead wrong about that.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I resent being called a racist redneck.  My neck is a pleasing shade of pink and light tan.

  • joewest666

    Those northern states would be eaten alive by minority gimme dats if there were not substantially larger states with larger tax bases to spread the load onto.

    And I am entirely ready to test both our theories..

  • tickyul

    Sounds good to me!!!

    I think that the population of The USA is just too complex and different to be effectively united under one government.

    I can only see The USA crumbling more and more if we continue as is.

    I predict a Mad Max scenario will play-out across the USA within the next ten years.

  • joewest666

     If we ever get loose from Eric “my people ” Holder.. Texas would set up free fields of fire and sell tickets for the grandest turkey shoot you ever saw….

    • Major

      From your mouth to Gods ear.

      It’d serve them right. They forget that it was the South that was the Power house….it was the South that dominated the economy…it was the South that dominated the Senate….it was the South that elected most of the Presidents.

      It was the South that was the threat to the North.

      • Strider73

        It was also the South that was the “milk cow” of the federal government. By 1860 ~75% of all federal revenue came from Southerners — and about the same percentage of that money was spent in the North. That, not slavery, was the #1 reason for secession. (When the war started, there were eight slave states in the USA vs. seven in the CSA.).

        At first, most Northerners had little wish to hold on to the South by force. That changed when the economic realities noted above were pointed out in the newspapers. Once they realized that without the South their free ride was over, the Northern war drums started beating in earnest. Don’t ever try to come between a Yankee and money!

        • Major

          Thanks for your addition and astute observation. The North…produced virtually, nothing.

          And taking that a step further….I’m lost to think of any successful manufacturing left in the North any longer. I think most have moved on to the South / Sun Belt, leaving the rust belt well behind.

          The North, as most industries have found, is completely hostile to running a thriving business. Either through suffocating, regressive and punitive taxes….or a work force that’s illiterate, militant and unionized.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Most yankees I know hate coloreds worse than Southerners do.  In fact, most Southern people, especially women, patronize the darkies while many yankees froth at the mouth about them. 

    In one of the many resurerection of the Klan 1920s, many chapters sprang up outside the South.  New England, the midwest (Indiana and illnois) and Pennsylvania saw very heavy activity.  Thousands of northern Klan marched in Washington, DC.

    While that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to today’s PC yankee, it makes me wonder just how deep the liberal/progressive coating is on northeners.

    The bottom line is that you can’t live among blacks without hating them and northern cities swarm with negroes.

    Chuck Thompson may be assuming more support than he has.

  • Major

    Yup…they  have Harlem, Baltimore, Newark, Camden and Philadelphia too look at.

    And lets not over look the New York upper classes?

  • holyflower

    Talk about “misinformation.” The tax base and quality of northern schools are the proportional to the  absence of blacks in such districts.  Example: I taught or twenty-five years in one of the 45 tiny school districts in Nassau County, NY (just outside NYC on Long Island).  There were two or three black districts among the 45 districts in Nassau County.  Thess, as one would expect, were as dysfunctional as black districts elsewhere. No exceptions.  The other 42 or so tiny districts in Nassau County were 95-100 percent white. 

    Contrast this with the very large, county-wide districts of the South, which are enticing targets for all manner of left-wing, often northern-inspired social engineering projects such as forced busing —which got its start with the 1971 Swann vs. Mecklenburg County (Charlotte area) Supreme Court decision.
    Yes, large northern urban districts were similarly destroyed by forced integration.  But vast numbers of northern school districts, by virtue of their numbers and small size and consequent homogenity, could  not inflict the same damage on the their white populations as did the large, no-place-to-flee southern school districts.

    This is not to say that northern governmental school systems are not ideological indoctrination centers for left-wing nonsense.  They are.  But their ability to inflict harm on their white populations is limited by their mostly white demographics.  

  • ;l

  • razorrare

    Apparently, they get that way by being Christian. Evangelical Christians who literally interpret the Bible and adhere to its principles are “lunatics” somehow. “In the South, it’s different, because there is no such thing as compromise,” he said. “If its God’s law that is driving you … then you simply can’t compromise, and that’s where I think a lot of the dysfunction of our political process comes into play.”…
    Yes, it does sound like Chuck Thompson’s main problem is with Christians.Around 70% of  White America is protestant & evangelical Christians but not one serves as a Supreme court justice…and speaking of dysfunction…what do you call a Supreme Court that would pass a law that says illegal murderers & rapists can only be held in incarceration for 6 months, after which time they must be set free no matter what crime they have committed…sounds like domestic terrorists are now Supreme court justices.

    • Around 70% of  White America is protestant & evangelical Christians

      Wrong figures. Less than 50%.

  • In the “new” south, the first order of business should be to remove all illegal invading Hispanics, peacefully or by other means. It will be up to them how they choose to leave.

  • I beg your pardon, but I am a life-long atheist, and a staunch race-realist, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t paint me with the same brush as you would a sociopath. 

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I second that.

  • Will they be taking their pet minorities with them?  Of course not, they’ll stick us with them and then cry to the UN and NATO whenever we try to cut em off of their freebies or enforce the borders.

  • Djinn42

    You sure said a mouthful but failed to add that all of these failing educational institutions in the south are largely attended by minorities and staffed by minorities with only a handful of the poorest Whites scattered among them. Whites are going into debt to put their children in private schools so that they may get a decent education while blacks continue to see school as free child care. Public education in the south is anything but conservative my friend which is why home schooling is in steady incline in families where at least one parent is a stay at home

  •  That’s what I’m thinking too.  They’ll dump us with their precious blacks and sic the US and NATO on us if we try to straighten blacks out.  If the South wants to secede it should do so when the global economy collapses and no one can stop them from governing how they want.

  • Many of us wouldn’t be welcome there.  If you have even a small bit of nonwhite ancestry they don’t want you.  They don’t want homosexuals.  They won’t even allow gambling.  The Northwest Front people are very extreme (sorry for using that word besmirched by liberals but I couldn’t think of any other) and lack pragmatism.  They sound like Stormfronters and theocrats.  Not my kind of crowd.

    • True, most hardcore White Nationalists are too extreme for me. I just want freedom of association and demographic integrity. I have no problem with “diversity” as long as the country retains a strong White majority (80%+). What we have today is colonization and race-replacement.

      Balance between the left and the right is what made this nation great. In the 60’s laws were passed that upset the balance. It has been a downward spiral ever since.

      •  Yes freedom of association is crucial.  When it comes to demographic policies I think Japan and Israel have it right.  Removing illegal immigrants, paying immigrants to leave and only giving citizenship to white immigrants.  I’d rather have a 90+% majority like before the 1965 Immigration Act.  You can have an ethnostate and still respect the freedoms of the public.

        Call me a Gaullist on demographics.  Charles de Gaulle believed that non-whites could be allowed in France but only if they remained a small minority so as to not upset the integrity of the French nation.

  • Strider73

    There are obviously all sorts of scenarios for the inevitable breakup of the US, but if any one state could make it stick and start the dominoes falling, it’s Alaska. The people are hardy and well-armed, and they already have an established independence movement. The Imperial Yankee Army, like every other invader in history, is getting its tail kicked in Afghanistan. Well, Alaska is more than twice the size, and with a climate and terrain even more ideally suited to guerrilla warfare than the “Graveyard of Empires.”

    A major wild card would be world reaction. No doubt there are dozens of countries that would quickly extend
    diplomatic recognition to a breakaway state, if for no other reason than
    to stick a thumb in Uncle Sam’s eye. Had France or (especially) Britain recognized the CSA, the war would have ended right there because the US could not have continued the naval blockade.


     I wonder if  our people from the north and our people of the south could have seen what the future heard for our people if there would have been a war . We lost too many in the first civil war let us not allow this article to divide us more.We can’t afford to lose anymore ! We need to build our appreciation for each other and at least have a minimal group of ideas we can agree on !

  • fabius

    For 200 years the most concentrated AfricanAmerican population in the US has lived in a band extending from St. Louis down the Mississippi river, then across the southern third of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and up the east coast to Virginia. So it seems that Chuck Thompson has cleverly devised a plan to get most AfrAms out of the country he wants to live in.

  • godzillabloggs

    If the South secedes, it may make the endings of TV detective series  harder to foresee.  As things are, it’s always the man from Alabama who’s the murderer.  The detective is the only one who can’t see it – until his wise black boss puts him right.

    • bubo

      They’ll still have blue collar guys from Boston or NY or rich prep school kids to play the racist, sexist, homophobist monsters on those shows.   Really as long as they’re white, they’ll do.

  • Another hollow talking point, another dead end waltz of life…

    Enough of the talking, just do it!!

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    This was a decent enough idea 15-20 years ago. However Oregon and Washington now have rapidly increasing populations of nonwhites. The same goes for southern Idaho. Northern Idaho and Montana are very white but aren’t much to make a nation out of. And at that point why exclude the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, etc?

  • Italians have a place (Italy) as do the Germans (Germany), French (France) and any other “ethnicity”.  The only people who don’t a have a place to go to is Americans.

    It sounds like you’re saying Americans just need to give up our Country and split it up for any “ethnicity” who thinks they have a right to be here.

    • Anon12

       Sorry, Steph…The Germans, the French, and the Italians do not have their own country any longer. The White haters have flooded their lands with nonwhites just as they have our own land.

  • This 3% is again in some states where there are no much Blacks, like New England. I’ll check.

  • Eagle_Eyed

     I agree.  Part of the problem was the fact Lincoln was no longer in office.  His predecessors were the ones who foolishly listened to the angry North, hurting the South’s chances in rebuilding.

  • Eagle_Eyed

     I’m with you on slavery.

    Look, I sympathize a bit with the Southern story, but too often Confederate apologists ignore or downplay the true reason of the Civil War.  Regardless of Lincoln’s actions, there was an impending divide that was unlikely to be resolved peacefully.  And as I’ve said, look at the history of Bleeding Kansas.

    • Mar1ne

       Much like the racial divide we have here in the US right now.

      The Realist

      • refocus

        Go to any college town in the USA.

        The negative subliminal programming as well as the operant programming has convinced a significant segment of the fecund white women to cross breed. 

        So… it really is almost over.

  • Edmundo

    What a waste of verbiage.
    As if you would ever be allowed to self-determine!!

    Never would the “powers-that-be” permit a self-governing white nation to simply “be”.
    For one, they need you to “fund”
    (a) your own extinction, and
    (b) the procreation and sustenance of those who would seek to supplant and victimize you.

    Further, even if such a “state” were permitted, it would lead to the bankruptcy of the remaining “liberal” states: No more conservatives to work hard and pay the brunt of the taxes!

    No, you will never get off that easy…unfortunately, the “multiple choices” YOU think you still have, are rapidly dwindling…leaving eventually only one – which is the “one” that we all sense but are too complacent to yet embrace.

    Let’s see:
    – seceding: won’t ever be allowed (even though this is a very poor conciliation, and defeatism!)
    – re-producing: won’t be able to slow the tide of immigration or of third-world reproduction.
    – stopping immigration: too little to late – can’t quell immigrant birthrates, plus, too many collaborators unwilling to implement a moratorium on immigration.

    So what does that leave??
    Oh, that… 


  • haroldcrews

    Your knowledge of demographics is woefully deficient.  The least white state in the South is Texas at 45% non-Latino white.  There are several (Mississippi, Georgia & Florida) in the 50% plus range percentage of non-Latino whites.  The rest are 60% or 70%.  If you consider Kentucky or West Virginia as Southern states they are 86% and 93% respectively. 

    • Jay11

      Remember that many, many latinos in the South and elsewhere are counted as – whites!  So the statistics are unreliable.

  • Chase Clift

    It was Buchanan actually… one of his last acts as president.

    • I understand Buchanan was our first fabulous President…

  • Chase Clift

    Most did pick their own cotton – over 70%.  You’re right, another thing that contributed to the tension was John Brown and the Northern endorsement of him.

  • jeffaral

    Well said!   If Southerners were really racist, they wouldn’t have allowed Texas to to be invaded by Mexicans,  or Blacks to overwhelm them without hardly resisting.   The ultra conservative Southern Baptist Convention elected a Blackman as their “supreme leader”.   The Bible telsl them we’re all the same (in other words: Communism).    There is more race mixing in the Bible Belt than anywhre else!

  • Marcy Fleming

     You couldn’t be more wrong. It is precisely religion that has spread the collectivist philosophy.

    •  Is there something wrong about collectivism, generally? A nation is collectivist by nature. Collectivism is not the same as Communism.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Pinch his nose together for 60 seconds  and see what he breathes out of…

  • Shawn_thefemale

    So I”m wondering if we in the South did secede, would the majority whites make it ‘unpleasant’ enough for the blacks for enough of them to move north/west/whatever to those liberal-loving, minority-favoring, areas, and us whites TRULY enjoy the good parts of the old South? If so, I’m planted.

    If not, I, like so many of you, would be finding my way to what eventually works itself into becoming the Whites-favored area of the country. People, like water, have a natural osmosis; white flight is a prime example.  So when it becomes clear where Whites are congregating, setting up their new life, if I’m still mobile I’ll be there. There is indeed  a bunch of chit coming down the pike – but whites  in a large group together will weather it better than whites alone.

  • Anonymous

    The money (EBT) and welfare will run out, but they’ll go after the whites. 

  • Anonymous

    I think if the white liberals want to move to future majority white areas, they should have to pay a yearly high fee to a pro-white organization and have to publically renounce their liberal views and anytime they express any anti-white/white guilt views, they will be exiled and can’t take anything with them when they leave.

  • Luca

    Are you aware that the top three High Schools are in TX and VA according to the US News and World Report? If you’re talking about colleges you’re right, ivy league colleges are full of liberal professors demanding high salaries to preach Marxist doctrine and turnout liberal journalist hacks. . Many rich liberal kids and token AA minorties attend them. Lot’s of privte schools up in New England as well.

    These rich liberal schools are not  like the schools of the south that have to play baby-sitter to under-achieving, lower-IQ, fatherless, dysfunctional dregs of society who tend to disrupt classess and bring down the schools achievements.

  • Dan

    I so hope this idea catches on.

  • Beth

    They really can’t let the South go, they so need someone to sneer at.

  • Beth

    Maybe Thompson has a deep dark secret, if you know what I mean.  Maybe a certain type of behavior that is looked down upon in the South.

  • Beth

    I wonder how many gangsta type blacks have cars?  I would like to know because I wonder how far we would have to be from the cities in order to be safe. 

  • godzillabloggs

    I have heard that the US military does much of its recruiting in the South.  Maybe potential recruits will see Chuck Thompson’s  article and will wonder what they are being asked to fight for. 

  • ed91

     they seem to be trying that with the sec 8 out to all the small towns…..

    I like segregation better!

    • ed91

      this is the second post on this article where it has (Edited by a moderator) underneath my post.
      my post is exactly the way I posted it, what did you edit?


    An independent South would be in serious trouble demographically, with the huge black population and the exploding Hispanic and Asian populations.  With GOP types in charge, it would be doomed for sure.  Can you imagine Huckabee, Gingrich, Rick Perry etc. running a country?  It would end up with the demographics of Honduras.  

  • ed91

     I had read that there are many new somalians in Maine.

    that should open some eyes.

  • that would be a great thing if it happened. But the rich folks aint gonna let any part of america secede. They own us.