Former African-Centered Education Program Is Struggling with Its Payroll

Joe Robertson, Kansas City Star, August 16, 2012

The organization that until recently ran Kansas City’s African-centered education program can’t make its final payroll, according to a letter addressed to the staff this week.

Afrikan Centered Education Taskforce Inc. chairman Ajamu Webster blamed its banking institution in the letter, saying the bank had removed $111,000 from the task force’s payroll account to offset an outstanding loan balance.

That happened, Webster wrote, despite the task force staying current on loan payments.

Liberty Bank and Trust regional president Sidney King, who had obtained a copy of the letter, said Thursday that it contained numerous inaccuracies.

“They’re looking to put their poor management on the back of the bank,” he said.

Privacy laws prevent him from discussing any details of the account, King said.

“This situation happens all the time,” he said. “They say things they know are inaccurate and we can’t discuss the rest of the story. The bank is not the bad guy. The reason they can’t pay teachers is apparently they did not manage money properly.”


In the letter to the staff dated Aug. 15, Webster said the task force intends to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy today and “use the power of the bankruptcy court to recover the monies from Liberty Bank and Trust.”


School district officials had entered into a contract for the task force to run the program on the campus of the former Southeast High School, culminating what had been a two-decade struggle to establish the ethnic-centric program in Kansas City.

School district administrators, however, complained of many problems with the contract and ended it at the conclusion of the 2011-2012 school year.

That decision spurred protests by many parents and other supporters of the task force’s management of the school, but the district carried forward with its plan to take over management of the African-centered program.

The campus opened with about 1,200 students Monday.

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  • slimcat1

    For the most part, blacks have never really understood the idea of a contract. That there are certain obligations over a certain specified period of time once person signs a contract. Probably because the idea of time is foggy in their heads to begin with. 

  • You have to LOVE it when blacks take on the bank!  A bunch of college educated white/jew/asian accountants versus a bunch of incompetent low I.Q. blacks.  Gee whiz I wonder who is going to win that one.  On the other hand, I’m very curious about this whole “African Centered Education.”  What exactly is it?  Do they teach “mining strike 101”, how to cook albino african parts for  maximum spiritual absorption, and music theory involving the Vuvuzela? 

  • JohnEngelman

    The organization that until recently ran Kansas City’s African-centered education program can’t make its final payroll.    
    – Joe Robertson, Kansas City Star, August 16, 2012
    Did it succeed in raising black test scores? 

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    The Banks are probably using the same math that causes so many blacks to fail in school. Math is racist.


  • Scratchin’ my head.  Why does Kansas City need an Afrocentric program at all?  Weren’t the Olympic-sized swimming pools and Model UN theaters supposed to turn them all into geniuses?

  • IstvanIN

    Why do they need a bank to process payroll for an African-Centered school?  I thought they paid in seashells and elephant dung?

  • Ajamu Webster blamed its banking institution in the letter, saying the bank had removed $111,000 from the task force’s payroll account to offset an outstanding loan balance.
    With a name like Ajamu, I suggest the state department of education take a look at transfers to accounts controlled by and check made out to him. I guarantee you find one or two unexplainable transactions. Then I would look into who ever set salaries and see if they can properly use a spreadsheet to tally expenses such as salaries versus funds available.

    Regarding not paying their bills, I would love to know the demographics of:
    How Student Loan Debt Could Eat into Social Security

  • Aj

    I propose the school solve its problems using afro-centric methods. Perhaps spend what money is left on the coffers to purchase a printing press to print enough currency to solve the school’s debts. If that fails, sacrifice and albino student and use ju-ju magic to curse the school’s various creditors.

    • Major

      “I propose the school solve its problems using afro-centric methods…”

      You mean they put their bare feet up on the conference table..and use the available toes to count on?

  • Rob

    This reminds me of some blacks who blamed a Drug rehabilitation program for failure because it wasnt Afro-Centric.(Peejay in Frisco)

  • Mark

    Blacks usually want to put their kids in white schools.  Did no one in the constellation of bright minds in education  have a notion there might be no market for all black schools? 

    • george00

      I live in Kansas City and the only reason there is a black centered school is because the blacks wanted it and it is a popular school among backs. The school did not raise black test scores.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I taught at an all black school.  I quit and took a job at a white school.  When I received my  tax forms from the IRS, I noticed the black school had told the IRS I had kept collecting a paycheck WELL after I had left for the other district. 

    Someone at the black school had obviously been cashing my checks, or otherwise “cooking the books”
    I took all my paperwork to a CPA showing that I was working at the new school district and could not have possibly been working full-time at two schools at once.   The CPA wrote a letter to the IRS, I did not pay any taxes on the money the black school CLAIMED I had earned.   Never heard back from the IRS….lol.

  • Major

    They’d forget to attach the saddles…which they wouldn’t miss and might like.

  • Major

    Can you imagine a black run hospital in Los Angeles, then?

    • chuck_2011

       yes the Drew-King hospital…had a reputation for killing patients…and black run of course. Is there anything they can do well besides running and jumping?

  • maff be hard an sheeet

  • Howard W. Campbell

     The AA’s might consider it if, the white man pays for it, there are a lot of no show jobs, and Sally Struthers appears on round the clock infomercials begging people to send in their money for this worthwhile project. Altruism is generally not present in the AA population. Why should they care, even in the projects, they are 1000% better off than almost anyone in Africa. 

  • Oh Really

    All the racist comments from you buffoons are laughable. You are so glad that a black school is filing bankruptcy you cant contain yourselves from such useless and disrespectful comments. So no one else’s schools or businesses fail? Just black people right? Come on get over yourselves. I can smell the fear in some these comments. Black independence from white people is white people’s biggest fear because who will they have to look down on. Who will they have to make themselves feel better about having an extreme lack of melanin and being in some ways genetically inferior.