Group of Girls Allegedly Punched and Taunted 13-Year-Old in Most Vicious McCarren Pool Fight Yet

Dan MacLeod and Jessica Simeone, NY Post, July 20, 2012

A 13-year-old girl was punched in the face and needed surgery for a broken nose in the most vicious in a series of violent incidents since Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool re-opened last month.

Eighth-grader Sara Puk told The Post the trouble began as she and two friends were splashing around.

Sara Puk

“We were screaming at each other, but it was like playing around,” she said yesterday.

An older girl said something to her, which she didn’t understand.

When she asked, the girl yelled, “Shut up!”

Trying to avoid trouble, Sara and her friends changed and left.

But when they passed through the exit, they found the older girl and four members of her posse waiting.


“They started following us. I was trying to stand up for myself, I was like, there’s five of you guys there’s only three of us, we’re really little,” she said. “I was scared, it was five against three.”

One of the older teens got in her face and declared, “I’m going to hit you and I’m just going to walk away.”

Sara and her friends started running, but the older girls caught up. One made a video, which was posted on YouTube.

One of bullies yelled, “Go get her!” Sara said.

That’s when Eva Hawley, 16, allegedly landed a right hook to her nose.

“She’s jumping up and down, hysterically, laughing,” said a source who saw the YouTube video before it was taken down.

The older girls then took off and Sara, holding a towel to her bleeding nose, sat on a bench.

The attackers came back, one of them ripped the towel away and laughed.

“You are a bad-ass bully,” a Hawley pal gloated. “You f—ked up her nose good.”

“They were tormenting her and laughing,” the source said. “The victim starts to cry and they are mocking her for crying.”


Images from video which was removed from YouTube.

Doctors had to operate on her nose, which had bled for three hours

Hawley was busted after Sara recognized her at a festival at a local church and told her mom, who notified cops. {snip}

Another girl, 14, was issued a juvenile report.

The attack is the fourth violent incident since the Williamsburg pool reopened on June 28 after a $50 million renovation.



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  • Up to my neck in CA

    Bring back Jim Crow Laws!! Protect Whites from racist violent blacks!! Call them for what they are…RACIST ATTACKS ON INNOCENT WHITES!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Thank Obama these nice young black girls have cell phone cameras and  internet access in order to document their activities as freelance “diversity tax” collectors.

  • I don’t go places where there are groups of blacks. Truth be known- 1 black is too much. I also don’t hang around areas where there are snakes, scorpions, unexploded ordnance, bats, lava pits etc.

    • so I guess cruisng the streets at night to pick up a black tranny ho would be out of the question?

      • Are you black? I hope you don’t mind me asking, I mean, that’s fine. Just curious is all.

      • HenryHolliday

        No do whatever you like. Or are you soliciting?

  • She was given a desk-appearance ticket for misdemeanor assault.”  < a slap on the wrist for a craven act of inter-personal violence. 

    ps Dont know what that link is underneath "original article" but it doesnt work and looks spammy.

    • IstvanIN

       Can you imagine the charges against a white girl who, along with her gang, laid in wait for a back female and then attacked her?

      • ljot

        Massive, crushing retaliation seems to work.  Anthony Imperiale, where are you?

        • redfeathers

          Imperiale was a great man.  When he died the NY Times called him a race-baiter.

      • There would be hell to pay no doubt. When a feral black does it, it’s basically dismissed as a desk-appearance ticket for misdemeanor assault.

    • pc must go

       I’ve lived in NYC for 14 years. You have to be dead for NYPD to have you on the list of priorities. I actually recently called 911 3 times and they never even showed up!

  • MrGJG

    This can’t go on forever. There has to come a time where we have to admit that we’re dealing with a different species who can not be reasoned with but controlled with an iron fist. 
    There’s a reason our ancestors treated them as 2nd class and it had NOTHING to do with the color of their skin and everything to do with the content of their character.

    • There will be backlash; I feel it in my bones.

      • IstvanIN

         Nope, we shall go quietly into the night.

        • No, you’re wrong. Simply, 220 M people, armed to the teeth (many of them) will not put up with this for long. And, judging from comments from 20-30 randomly selected papers, most have lost all the illusion they had. Next steps are deepening of the crisis & organization of white groups.

          Of course, you’re free to stay as defeatist as you wish.

          • IstvanIN

             I am not a defeatist, I simply look at the world as it is, not as I would like it to be.  The few whites who decide to “fight back” will be grossly out numbered, not only by non-whites, but by anti-white whites.  I see too much of it.  It is so very difficult to get anyone to admit what the real problems of this country are.  The liberals blame it on poverty, racism, lack of multiculturalism, lack of education.  The conservatives blame it on the teacher’s unions, poor inner-city education, lack of democracy over seas, gay marriage, and antisemitism.  No one blames it on the fact that a modern, liberal, western society only works when it is majority (90% plus) Christian and white.  The others just are not compatible with us but no one will admit it.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Although I am a supporter of fighting back regardless of the numbers, I completely agree with you that a Western society only works when it is mostly comprised of Whites who are Christian.

          • whiteuncleruckus

            i agree with your point about the anti-white whites. they are race traitors, worse than the enemy itself. ive seen it too. white kids driving around listening to rap music, college professors blaming minority problems on white people etc. theres too many of them.

          • I’ve seen something completely different- in less than 5 years of crisis, Yugoslavia fell apart. All “liberals” & multicults instantly aligned with their nationalist compatriots as if past 40 years of indoctrination had never existed. Similar to other Eastern European events, with “smaller” regional wars (Armenia- Azerbaijan).

            Of course, one needs a crisis- economic., cultural, ethno- nationalist/racial, but this crisis need not last longer than 3-10 years.

          • Silliness. As the US military and US government “diversify” they become less functional. Hispanics hate blacks, blacks hate hispanics, muslims hate everyone. Minorities will not fight under White leadership during a race war. There will be no “rainbow coalition” against White people. 

            As Mr. Kaldian has said, the anti-white Whites are liberals not communists. Communists will die for their cause, they truly believe it is the “correct” form of government. Liberals are weaklings, they will not fight and die for their causes. Instead, they will kiss the feet of the nearest gun-toting redneck and beg him to protect them from the rampaging horde of “diversity” that wants to gut him just because he’s White.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            The West would do even better if it chucked Christianity and so stopped “turning its cheek,” “loving its enemy” and “blessing those who curse you,” along with all the rest of the self-defeating directives in Christian doctrine.  You guys are kidding yourselves;  Whites need a white advocate as their “God.”  Don’t try to tell me that the Christian one is that.  No one, not even the Moderator has been able to demonstrate that.

          • KenelmDigby

            As one knowledgeable person put it “You’ll need to kill 50 Whites just to get near a single black”.

            You bear that in mind.

          • 1gravity

             I confess: I don’t understand this remark.

          • IstvanIN

             In re. to your Yugoslavia comment: 1) Yugoslavia was a confederation of countries where each ethnic group has it’s own homeland to retreat to and defend.  There was ethnic and religious solidarity.  All of the continental US is the homeland of native white Americans but the feds have been very successful in infiltrating every corner, from Maine to Washington, with fifth columnists of every stripe and color.  Plus, over the last 50 years, the idea of an ethnic “American”, who is years back would have been naturally considered white, has been perverted to include anyone of any color or creed who happens to live here.  We simply do not have that European-American solidarity that a Serbian or Croatian might have had in Yugoslavia.

            2) Like Yugoslavia, any resistance by white Americans will be met by by federal troops and outside military forces to subdue the insurrection.  The US and NATO bombed Serbia and they will bomb white America.  I have no doubt that Russia and China, not to mention Mexico and Canada, would send in peace keepers.

            3) Blacks, who are everywhere, would cause massive chaos from coast-to-coast, burning, looting and destroying infrastructure just for the heck of it.  Are they organized, no, but they are very problematic.  Hispanics would likewise be a problem. 

            The US and Yugoslavia are fundamentally very different.  And just as the US recently tore Kosovo from Serbia, the Federal government here will have no problems using the tactics of the 19th centuries biggest mass-murder, Abraham Lincoln, once again on white America.

          • !) UDBA, Yugoslav secret police, was much more successful than all US secret services combined, as regards spying their own citizens. For instance, more than 50% of citizens had dossiers. The same with Stasi in East Germany. Didn’t help those regimes. It may be true that White American identity is constantly being diffused by MSM, but it exists. It is shown in innumerable polls & uneasy reactions of pollsters. There are enough White Americans who may not have proper education on their heritage, but are united in their aversion of Black rampage & destruction of the present & the future. Be they Slovaks and Portuguese in New England or Scotch-Irish in the Appalachia region. Although, I agree with one- White pride voice & culture must be aggressively promoted  in order to strengthen Euro-American solidarity.

            2) US Army will, in this analogue, simply fall apart along racial lines. Just like ex-Yu Army (although they succeeded to steal most of weapons for Serbia’s side). It’s their own, not some other country.

            3) Black chaos will only do good for White organized groups & political articulation. No pain, no gain.

          • Kurt Plummer



            LRAD Sound (as used at G20, _loud_)

            ADS Mechanization

            ADS To Be Used In Prisons

            The one thing that -must- be understood about the warrior mentality is that, for all it may be cruel, domineering and arbitrary in the face of challenge by ‘alternative means’ to any given situational outcome; it is always a function of a personal affirmation as self fulfillment.  It seeks external challenge to know self.

            OTOH, liberals are the little introverted nerds who nobody asked or listened to an opinion in class and who went home to watch reruns of Star Trek where everyone had phasers and when you ‘stunned’ them boy golly, they had to listen to your pontifications then!

            This is that same mentality of dominance without challenge of confrontation and where we have had the basics of DE weapons technology for the better part of 40 years and the warriors rejected it, now it is going into the field in a big way.  And it is not being deployed to defeat a Warsaw Pact Threat on the North German Plain.

            An entire generation-kill cohort of young men, raised on video games and with 10+ years of Iraq and AfG live fire training behind them, are already entering the police and paramilitary forces.

            And we don’t own their apple pie loyalty, anymore than we did returning Vietnam Vets.

            Be _careful_ what you wish for because America, being a land of individualists not a land of forced communalism suffering the outcome of Tito’s socialism, will fragment and assign their loyalties to whomever gives them the affirmation that a warrior needs.  And the authority our system demands.  To exercise the tools which are ‘morally acceptable’ because they require civilians to participate in their own humiliation, just to get the point across that they _do not_ approve of something.

            If 90% of our Senate legislations passes without floor debate or even live vote-

            Senator DeMint on Senate Corruption

            How much control do you believe Joe Citizen really has?

            We can get out of the Union, if we try hard and make it clear that we are NOT a part of The System which we wish to abandon.  The world will hear that truth, even as they see the brutality of American Forces demanding unity when nations like Russia gave it up, freely, (Constitutionally) to their CIS Republic members.

            But we cannot begin to make a muddy water of motives and methods as CIVIL WAR within the existing system.  Everyone will scream race and white privilege and assorted other foulness and our ‘liberal’ government will use that as an excuse to _crush us_.

            The geeks are not stupid.  They are grown up and embittered and determined to empower themselves at any cost.

          • IstvanIN

            I hope you are right.

        • Pandemonium

          I tend to agree with you. Another problem with a White, successful backlash is that Whites are not allowed to organize, nor is a White leader allowed to rise up. 

          Without those two critical things, a successful White uprising to “make things right”, is unlikely.

          However, given that we are on the cusp of a major economic/financial meltdown, opportunities could present themselves.

          • Dave4088

            You are correct.  If whites attempt to organize as whites they will be infiltrated by the feds or have several agent provocateurs placed within the group.  Any white leader who may arise would either be jailed on bogus charges or worse. 

            This is how totalitarian societies deal with dissidents and dissident groups.  Welcome to the Soviet Union of the Western hemisphere.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            … and who are the people that stop whites from organizing? Is it the ADL, the Soviet Parasites and Lying Communists (SPLC),  JDL,  Democrats, Republicans, or the Adolph Hitler Youth Organization?

        • HenryHolliday

          We will if we think and say we will. Let’s not do that.

      • pc must go

         Well there is growing White Racial Resentment… 60% of whites 20-30 believe racism against whites is just as serious/more serious than racism against minorities. 40% overall white population.
        And some smug liberal wrote an article about this called “The Angry White Majority” about how spoiled whites are and how it’s all in our head. How could we not realize how privileged we are?

      • tickyul

        I cannot see this country going more than ten years without a massive, game-changing event. I think it may involve a very, very high level of violence between Urban Americans and Whites.

        • Here I disagree. Only a few strong showings with less than 200-300 Blacks sent to meet the Creator will suffice. There won’t be such events as Stalin’s purge in 1938 (a single forest near Belarus’ capital Minsk with ca. 250,000 bodies of executed innocent civilians in 2 yrs).

          • tickyul

            You may be right, but I think something has to give in a very major fashion.

            Can you imagine the backlash if Whitey gets his hackles up and finally strikes back at Urban American???? Oh-my, the wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Liberals will crack down big time…..and it will not be on THEIR Urban American Stormtroopers.

          •  This is a big difference between liberals & communists- liberals are sissies who can be bullies if they’re safe, but don’t have the guts to engage into serious fighting when there is a good chance they-liberals- could be killed or maimed. And more- senior officers in Armed forces or any organization simply won’t listen to civilian authorities if commanded to open fire on their own people.
            That’s the way it goes.

          • There is always a back and forth with these things. For example;

            1) White guy kills 3 “youths” that were part of a flash mob

            2) Blacks hear about it and riot

            3) Seriously fed up White people attack rioters

            4) Blacks see videos of armed White people shooting black rioters

            5) Armed black people begin raiding White neighborhoods in retaliation

            It could be pretty mild, but it could also spin seriously out of control.

          • Rocky Bass,

             Sounds kinda like a serious party!

          • No, after point 4) they begin whining on TV and seeking for truce and mercy.

          • 1gravity

             @ Bardon Kildian: “No, after point 4) they begin whining on TV and seeking for truce and mercy.”

            Mr. Kildian omits to state that these entreaties will be delivered with the help of clergy of all races and both sexes, imploring us to act in peace and love, and to walk away from violence.  I hope we remember at that point how effective most clergy and their lackeys have been keeping YT’s furnaces banked.

          • tickyul

            Much of the structure federal, state and local governments is built upon racial pandering. In the pecking order of things, Urban Americans are at the top. Same with much of the media…..blubbering about the mess Urban Americans are in…….and blaming everyone but the folks who put THEMSELVES there. It is a systemic problems to overcome…..the massive backing that Urban Americans have from so many brainwashed groups that is!!!!!

            If there was a very violent “event” between Urban Americans and Whites………..well, I can almost gaurantee you that it would only strengthen Urban Americans position and Weaken Whitey even more.

          • 1gravity

            What makes you think this way?

          • tickyul

            To: 1gravity

            What makes me think the way I do???? Reality…….I see things the way they are as opposed to what I would like them to be.

          • HenryHolliday

            I think that would cause some to stop and think, but they are too set in their ways. they’ve gotten away with their violence and destructiveness for too long.I think it would have to get much worse than that before it got better.

  • ncpride

    Looking at Sara’s FB page, I find it hard to believe she is an innocent victim in this. Her language, and photos are, to say the least, shocking for a 13 year old girl. She is the epitome of what’s wrong with our White youth these days. If my daughter had such postings on FB, I’d consider myself an utter and complete failure as a mother, then I would proceed to slap her silly.

    I’m not by any means defending the blacks who did this, but Sara looks like one of those people who are White, but act black. You know what they say…. lie down with dogs…

    • Boereseun 

      Is this really her? If that’s what youth are up to these days, I’m floored.

      • ncpride

        Yes, that’s her. Shocking isn’t it?

        • Boereseun

          I was speechless after looking at her FB page. I couldn’t really believe it was the same person. Disgusting, degrading and an absolute horror to behold. This is not the ‘white culture’ I will fight for. If that was truly what people say whites should die for I would call them fools. That culture is a dead end, it deserves to be struck off the map.

          White culture to me is described by such words as, honorable, decent, modest, honest, hardworking, efficient, insightful, meaningful, faithful, humane, beautiful and God fearing. White culture should be something to strive for, to live and die for, to make something of ourselves that other races cannot hope to achieve on their best and most glorious days. 

          I shun what this girl engages in with every fiber of my being.

        • redfeathers

          “This content is currently unavailable” says her FB page.

      • IstvanIN

         She took it down.

        • ? I see all the photos, especially the largest one & “conversation” about operation etc. This is her FB page, no doubt.
          Some info (“married”) are fake, but it doesn’t matter (maybe I mixed info from various sources).

          • ncpride

            There is a lot more than that. She talks about being on probation, smoking dope, (how stupid) not to mention sex, and from some of the responses from her friends, sounds like she is a little bully herself. Of course, half the postings are written in such a manner that would have an English teacher in tears, as they all look like they are barely literate.

            I think it’s just really sad…

          • Yes, she’s a bully, but was outnumbered this time. Also, there are a few instances of casual sex with N-s (at least, her wishes) & her mental world populated by hip-hop “artists” & clowns like Will Smith.

            Vocabulary is mostly urban, some sort of wigger ebonics.

          • alastairabbacle

            Women are the most vulnerable to cultural brainwashing. 

          • whiteuncleruckus

            i completely agree with you. i see it almost everyday. its actually kind of sad.

          • alastairabbacle

            It is so sad, really.

            Young women need to live out their prime in the cultural milieu that was built for them. Unlike men, they do not have time to change the culture before entering it. Thus, women will always, by virtue of their shorter biological clock, have a more present-time orientation when young.

            Women seem to think that they have finally arrived in the golden age of cool, where any male who questions this or does not go along must be a dork, evil, or stupid.
            Women often fail to see that the culture they embrace and are often polluted by will pass, reformed by their peer generation of men.

            These days, culture for the young fertile women is to determined by “fab” gay men, and cads of popular culture. Slutty gay men, and Lil Wayne, both terrible role models and culture creators. This is a very bad thing.

      • pc must go

         Perhaps she’s mixed race. All the little 13-15 year olds walk around like  whores. I know I did when I was that age. She seems to have breast implants.

        She looks like she could be mixed race. Or a little italian-american “Amy Fischer” type working class white from Brooklyn. Yeah, even my parents would never tolerate a bikini pic on facebook like that. Each generation gets more and more screwed up. For my generation it was smoking weed and whatever. For these kids, it’s bisexuality, etc. etc.

        But I would imagine those black girls would be jealous of her… she does look great in a bikini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Also, they spotted the black girl at a church event… does this girl and her family attend a “diverse” church?

        • Let us cut to the chase. This little beauty is a wigger straight away; which  of course is the goal of those pushing diversity. Mission accomplished! I agree those breasts look tampered with….

          • alastairabbacle

            Down with the Whites,
            Up with the Blacks.

            Equalization on White men’s backs.

          • Yes…except blacks will never be “equal” and it has nothing to do with anything Whites have or haven’t done. 

          • alastairabbacle

            Animal Farm…… We live on it now.

    • I hope this interaction with this pack of feral blacks will make this girl understand that it is not cool to want to emulate uncivilized pavement apes. A busted nose is a small price to pay for the racial awakening that this young girl sorely needs.

    •  She’s lost. 
      Somebody could at least show her how to rotate photos.

    • I think she’s part hispanic. She may also be adopted and some adopted girls have serious issues. At best she’s a wigger, hopefully she grows out of it…

    • bluffcreek1967

      I totally agree! How shameful it is when Whites lower themselves to imitate the talk and mannerisms of Blacks! White parents need to be diligent in monitoring their children’s TV and Music content because so much of it is oriented toward glorifying the Black mentality and attitude. This very mentality has destroyed the Black community and it will ultimately do the same to our White communities!

    • El_Magyar

      Frankly, thats what I thought when I saw her. She looks like a cheap little slut. I have not gone to her Facebook page as I despise “social media”.

      Face it people, although Black culture is the most serious American cancer, there are none too few Whites that are nothing more than trash.

      I am in favor of getting rid of all the trash. Black, White, Hispanic, whatever, if you are not living a decent life and being a good citizen, you go.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Yeah, that came to me when she talked about screaming back and forth with blacks-

      >>”We were screaming at each other, but it was like playing around,” she said yesterday.
      An older girl said something to her, which she didn’t understand.
      When she asked, the girl yelled, “Shut up!”
      Trying to avoid trouble, Sara and her friends changed and left.
      But when they passed through the exit, they found the older girl and four members of her posse waiting.

      Which even the smart alecky girls I know tend to avoid because it’s degrading.

      It sounds like someone who is either -extremely- naive (blacks don’t ‘play’ dominance games…) or thought she was down with that.  As in accepted as part of the local neighborhood scene.  Which is a shame because she is incredibly pretty and should never stoop to thinking that she is black because she acts like it.

      One thing is sure: if she wants to keep that pretty face from further disfigurement and those insouciant eyes unhaunted by memories of knife/gun/rape, she’d better find a new set of friends and a vastly different location.

      Because whites can only pretend to be black.  That two year difference in puberty, along with different social customs regarding eating habits and weight gain, have made of the young Mz. Hawley a woman with man’s reach and muscle.

      And being ever pragmatic, blacks see this and instinctively wonder why little white girls are giving them grief when it’s ‘so clear’ who should be socially dominant over the other.

      Welcome to Africa.

    • HenryHolliday

      I don’t know how to go to all those chatter site pages, the concept is silly to me. but I had the thought that any white person who goes into a situation like at that pool is either very naive, or comfortable in the environment.  I hate what they did to her, but I can’t believe too fervently in her innocence.

  • We must seperate  our kids from these animals. White people are such gutless cowards we are afraid to stand up for Jim Crow against the savage blacketty’s and their “allies” that particular Race of Reptiles,the slithering oozing scum that eats bagels;we’d rather let our kids duke it out with animals.

    • You are here from the SPLC I assume. Welcome. Feel free to comment. Shalom.

      • No actually I am an ordinary white dude–who sees the obvious. The Reptiles are our enemy. Did you hear the reptile bRian Ross,asking oif James Holmes was in the Tea Party? His Reptile bosses must’ve been happy!!

        • agent provocateur

        • The__Bobster

          I’ve heard that the real James Holmes was in the Occupy San Diego group.

        • pc must go

           I am half jewish and I am on here… Blacks and other non-whites hate me because I am white. Or I look white enough.

  • Church_of_Jed

    We’d like to feel sorry for her, but we can’t.  Everyone knows how endangered White Humanity is when surrounded by the feral afrovoodoo Diversity.

    Did her White privilege blind her to the threats?

  • Tim

    “Tear down this Pool!…”

  • Guest

    Pool’s closed.  Due to blacks.  

    • Church_of_Jed

      Liberty’s closed. Due to Blacks.


    They hate how pretty the white girl was and wanted to make her beautiful nose and face look like their gorilla faces.  Too bad that white girl could not pull a Geroge Zimmerman on those Gorilla Faces.

    • Agreed about beautiful face & gorillaesque attackers. BUT:
      let’s not overlook low levels of morality infesting Western societies, especially US. Numerous symptoms ( (Life is short. Have an affair.) or gangbangs of 16 yrs old girls) of decadence are not due to some Black infective morality disorder.

      It’s decadence & selfish materialism, not unlike we’ve read about Roman ruling classes during the fall of the city.

      • pc must go

         Reality TV, facebook self-absorption, indeed… indeed… No kid under age 17 should have a facebook account or internet access. All normal parents know that.

      • alastairabbacle

        “O tempora! O mores!”

        ” Between holiday-making, we at Those Who Can See have stumbled upon a few news stories that so vividly called to mind Juvenal’s satires that we couldn’t help but take a peek side-by-side.The empire was still centuries from falling when the Roman satirist so scathingly critiqued her vices.  Today many of us find ourselves tempted to proclaim ‘the end is near!’  But decadence can have a long shelf life. Inertia, some claim, is itself one of the mightiest forces in human history. Who knows what lessons then (if any) can be drawn from comparisons such as these.  “

    • libertarian1234

      Youtube has been pulling black on white attack videos lately, just as they did with this one.

      Do we have another far left radical media nut to deal with who thinks it’s their job to selectively show only those things it wants us to see?

      Another video service….. like liveleak…… needs to step forward and offer an alternative  so the truth won’t be covered up as it is in the MSM.

      • Agreed, but Yahoo is losing in the process. Simply, you can’t control Internet- too many sites & providers, in spite of censorship.  Even Yahoo, with relatively strict norms, allows some soft lesbian sex scenes, something unthinkable a year or two ago :

      • alastairabbacle

        It is like Eeyore and his pet, Tigger……

        It gives me the Blues to here about this wild stuff.

  • tickyul

    This country is done for……I know I say that a lot, but it is so true.

  • Natassia

    Total chimp-out. Stupid beasts.

  • pc must go

    A lot of teens are out of control. A lot of teens (of all shades) emulate blacks and hip-hop, have tattoos, are clueless about reality and such. Think acting out and being rebellious is the only way to be cool, etc. I grew up in the suburbs, and there were enough kids like her.

    I pity her. She’s only 13 and knows not what she does.

    Anyone under age 26 is a child to me.

    • alastairabbacle

      Girls also have no idea about how picky men are in choosing a girl/woman for a LTR (long-term relationship). We have trashy girls, and ever fewer women of quality.

      She may get a interview for her looks, but her tats and personality will not get her a husband.

      UNSUITABLE MATES.  America’s pop culture is busy churning out unsuitable mates.  Unproductive males.
      Whatever happend to “be fruitful and multiply?”

      • Rocky Bass,

         Whatever happend to “be fruitful and multiply?”

        You didn’t hear? It has been replaced by “Be a fruit and have sex with another guy.”

        • alastairabbacle


          Wow, that is dark humor. And true, unfortunately.

      • Church_of_Jed

        White men have great difficulty finding White mates who are decent enough to be mothers to our children.

        These days, we have to worry about her ever having dated Diversity and lost her holy of holy Whiteness to the black lust.

        And if we ask the nice girls about it, they think we are racists and run.

        Somebody designed this system and profits from our demise.  The Devil laughs at us.

        • alastairabbacle

          Indeed, you run on the crux of the issue. Nice, relatively rational girls who would never date a black guy, will hate you if you even try to defend your race. They will leave you if you express any pride in being White.
          Self-hating Whites populate America.
          And what does self-hating girls do?
          They seek attention and justification through drinking and forbidden romance, to quell their feelings of self-hatred.

          This is truly vicious and demonic.

          • You’d be surprised how racist nice White girls can be. It is a knee-jerk reaction to prove and exclaim how anti-racist you are. If you approach the conversation properly and frame it so they won’t feel bad about being racist, the truth will come out. 

          • Church_of_Jed

            We are mistaken about “White guilt” and “self-hating Whites”.

            They aren’t really feeling guilty, and they don’t really hate themselves.

            They simply see the current trend of how to protect their privilege and get more.

            The ACT guilty and self hating, but never enough to pay any real price. Instead, they get profits.

            We need to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt that assumes they believe what they are saying. Given that they are advocating against White Humanity’s future, we know that they are Evil, therefore must assume they are ALWAYS LYING!

            “Many White people feel bereft because the leadership that we look to, the upper Bourgeois tier — the most educated part of our own society — seem to have left the majority. The elite has gone global and sees itself as part of a global elite, and the traditional brokers of power from the university lecturer to your senior businessman, to your senior lawyer and so on, always seem to be on the side of giving the line away. And that’s because in the present day it suffices and works for you to be on the side that gives away what the past has bequeathed to you.”

            -Jonathan Bowden


        • When things start getting serious, I blatantly ask “Ever slept with a blackguy?” Watch her reaction; 

          If she winces and says no, she has and she’s lying. 

          If she says no and gets angry, she’s a libtard.

          If she starts laughing and says “HELL NO,” she’s a keeper.

          • A good one.

          • Church_of_Jed

            Another approach:

            “Did you see about the UnFair campain up in Minnesota. They are saying that White skin is unfair and that we must undo our White privilege. I’ve tried, but I know I need to do more. Have you tried hard enough? How many blacks have you slept with?”

  • It’s darkest before dawn.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Or before it goes COMPLETELY BLACK.

  • Sloppo

    So … the black females gang up on and assault innocent little girls younger, smaller, and less numerous than themselves, but they still have time to participate in church activities.  This reminds me of a black man I caught dumping household garbage by the truckload on my family’s property.  To make himself look better … he told me about another black man who was dumping even more on our property than he did.  I asked him when was the last time he saw this other fellow.  Oh … “I see him every sunday in church”.  I asked him rather loudly “what in the hell do they teach at your church?”.  After that he made some sounds but they didn’t seem like words.  I loaded about 800 cubic yards of household garbage which was dumped on our property by those two.  That didn’t seem very Christian-like to me, but maybe that little black church across the road from that property is one of those Black Liberation Theology churches like Obama’s where they believe they have to kill God if he isn’t against white people.  

  • This isn’t a racially motivated crime, but check out his photo from Buffalos’ black east side taken in broad daylight:

  • If the economy was in half-way decent shape, I would agree. As it is, EBT is a ticking time bomb. Once the government can no longer afford to pay entitlements, the sh_t will hit the fan.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Lock n’ Load friends!

  • from her FB page this girl doesn’t appear to be any different than the ones who attacked her,  she is  “black by association”, or “black by immersion”

  • Larry Klein

    She was a victim, but there’s a good chance this 13 year old would or will be hooking up with some thug hoodlum with gold chains and a wife beater t-shirt before it’s all over.

  • Rocky Bass,

     Oh yeah, the instant I saw her picture I could just hear Shenaynay and SkewKisha arguing over who was going to get to mess up the pretty white girl. They see in the mirror what they are, and it TWEEKS them when someone exists that is so obviously, so vastly superior to them.

  • bluffcreek1967

    What a horrendous waste of money and resources to spend $50 million on a pool renovation so that it can simply be ruined by the presence and conduct of Blacks! Why would any half-way intelligent White person even go there?

    Notice also that Black women, on average, aside from their uncouth dispossessions, are extremely violent. They will challenge males and fight them just like males. I don’t believe in striking a woman, but these feral things are practically men and can injure you just like one! Thus, if you ever fight a Black woman, punch and kick her just like you would any male attacker!  

  • niggers gotta nig

  • Rocky Bass,

     I agree, at 1st glimpse her picture was very attractive, but after a quick look at her FB page I have a much lower view of her now.
    She still did not deserve to be set upon by a gaggle of Skewkisha’s.

    The old saying “once you go black…”
    In reality it should be “once you go black, your not welcome back.”

  • ViktorNN

    Someone, please, explain to me how race played no part in this, that these black girls weren’t picking on these white girls because, at least in part, they were white.

    Also, please explain where are all the dozens of corresponding stories of white girls ganging up and violently attacking black girls? Whites outnumber blacks by something like at least 5 to 1. Shouldn’t we be hearing about far more white on black attacks than black on white? I rarely ever hear about any.

    • Anon12

       Whites outnumber blacks by something like at least 5 to 1.

      No, they don’t.  Not in our schools nor in the malls, nor anywhere in this country. Have you not seen the schools and all the black/brown faces with maybe 10 White faces?

      The majority White population only exists in the 60 yr age group and over. White girls don’t have siblings, cousins, friends anylonger. Blacks have all kinds of siblings, cousins, uncles etc.  Haven’t you read where the black “boys” even join the black girls in beating up the lone White girl?

      • Well, according to census, it’s 5 to 1 across all age groups. The table is incomplete, but you see races in age columns. Another table is strictly for non-Hispanic Whites (year 2008). Here, the ratio for younger age groups is closer to 4.5/1  (non-Hisp. Whites vs Blacks):

  • Blacks are physically stronger.  That is moral justification for racial segregation. 

    • KenelmDigby

      So how come ‘weaker people’ dominated them and only stopped dominating them when they decided to stop?

    • Anon12

      Blacks attack in packs, never one on one.  Guess anyone would be “stronger” under those circumstances. Right?   The KKK never had a problem fearing the blacks, did they?  Then the “do-gooders” and our enemy within, stepped in and shut them down. Right?  The White men/women now need to “posse” up.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. The differences between the apparent boldness of the races have nothing to do with size or stregnth. I have witnessed blacks whom were six foot three literally piss on themselves in fear while being chased by Mexicans that were five foot five. LOL!!!! Much of the differences between White and black and how they relate to boldness are psychological. the Black male is taught since before he can even speak that he is  hated by white people. This is reenforced at school where he is taught that the Whiteman enslaved his people, raped his great grandmothers, and to this day works behind the scenes to ensure that he is a failure in life. This is pumped into him 24/7. His single mother tells him this, the white liberal teacher who lives way out in the suburbs tells him this, the white actor on TV tells him this.

      Contrast this to what white males are taught since their first day of school. Whether it be through popular entertainment, school (or what passes for it) sitcomes, and every other methos in  which ideas are expressed. He is taught that his ancestors are evil, are rapist, are wicked, and are the source of all non-European peoples misery. Hell, sometimes even his own mother tells him how oppressive his own kind are.  He is taught that Africans are just like him. Or would be if his kind did not oppress the Africans. He is taught that Africans are generally good people with a few bad apples that make all of them look bad.

      In short, you have a perfect storm. On one hand the powers that be have sort of hyper radicalized one side, while using every ounce of power at their disposal to completely psychologically disarm and castrate the other side.  Nothing short of pure evil on behalf of the elites. 

      At the end of the day, the African needs the European to sustain his way of life. There is no African nation that produces engineers like that of the Germans, or the Russians, or the white Americans for that matter.  There are no Black African countries that have break throughs in medicine equal to that of Japan, Switzerland, or Denmark. It simply does not happen. And probably can’t happen seeing as though it is just not in their DNA.

      I think white kids like this lost bimbo watch alot of TV.  Now, I do not  believe that merely watching a TV show can “Make” someone do something.  However  I do believe that through repetition people (especially young teens) can be greatly influenced.

      One real life example. I was at the gym just the other day. There are several big screen TV’s there. One of them had MTV on. I saw probably 8 to 10 music videos in a row that showcased black males and non-black females (many white) kissing, rolling in bed, doing all types of stuff. Now this is within a 1 hour time frame I am talking about. These images cannot be random. They cannot be a coincidence. There were no Ai=sian males in any of the clips. There were no Mexican dudes in any of the clips, no Indians, no Muslims, none. 100% Black top to bottom. You would think the USA was atleast 90-95% African. In fact I have met many Australians that think the USA is 50% White and 50% Black.

      Now, imagine you are a white female, you are constantly bombarded with image after image after image in regards to how desirable African males are. The music you listen to tells you this, the videos you watch tell you this, the movies, and sitcoms, and all other modes of popular entertainment tell you this. This is brainwashing. When I was in the U.S. Marines I was fortunate to have served in a specialized unit.  We were taught about several different types of methods of brain washing. One method was through simple saturation. What we are witnessing in the entertainment industry simply this. It is used writ large. The problem for the powers that be is that Africans are so much different to us, and so utterly dysfunctional as a people. Therfor  even with the systematic brainwashing we see, most people (even kids) have enough sense to not completely take the bait.

      The lionization of one particular ethnic group above all others, while simultaneously demonizing one particular ethnic group above all others is a wicked, hateful thing to do. I think eventually the chains that are wrapped around the throat of the  Euro American males will be broken.

      • Excellent post. The only time I watch TV is at the gym and I see the same thing. Every 8 min or so, something happens in a show or commercial that basically says; 

        “Blacks are so cool and sexy, every White women should at least sleep with one.” 

        Then a few minutes later there’s a situation that says;

        “White men are so weak and clueless, good think black people are around to show them how things get done.”

        Sickening, insane, demonic, disturbing, etc…

      • HenryHolliday

        Very true. I was fortunate enough to read several very good books and articles that pointed the anti-white campaign and its many manifestations when I was in my early teens. I learned to look for it in all types of advertising, and I found it to be ubiquitous. It keeps getting worse. I’ve found it difficult to point it out to others without being labeled a paranoid crackpot racist, but I haven’t given up and I never will.

    •  It’s not just that they are stronger, they are naturally inclined towards violence.

  • KenelmDigby

    I’ve said it before, White women are making a very serious mistake in systematically subjugating and attacking White men, in the political process by allying themselves with blacks, in the great big wonderful ‘rainbow alliance’ of the Democrat Party.
     So OK, they’ve worked out the penis envy and metaphorically speaking are sitting on top of trussed-up and neutered White men, and this ‘achievement’ was won through the familiar wiles of cunning, deception and cold-blooded self-interest (as a convinced atheist, I must admit the wisdom of the Book of Genesis).
     Well ladies, this is what you will get once you’ve reduced and humiliated White men.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    I just hope this incident doesnt change her mind about wonderful and enriching diversity.

    • Athling

      It won’t. This girl sees herself as a negro. She has no other racial identity. Her mother has her living amongst negroes, going to school with negroes, in close cultural and physical contact with negroes. The girl idolizes negroes. She will be attracted to the dominant males in her environment which will be negroes and as is common with negroes will be having sex at 12 years old. Expect to see her with mulatto children soon.

      Her mother has made all this happen. Her father is nowhere to be found.

      Only physical separation i.e. segregation will prevent this. Another lost soul…

  • whiteuncleruckus

    sometime before the end of this century, i think somewhere in this country a group of white people will get to together and realize that diversity isnt all its cracked up to be and will abandon the idea for good. they will do that because seperating from non-whites will be the only means of survival.

  • i find it hard to believe the woman in this picture is 13 years old. 

  • We can spend billions on ‘up lift’ programs for this minority segment of society but the end results are always the same. Chaos, violence, and ultimately destruction. When the pool becomes another ghetto hell hole, they’ll demand another $50 million to clean up the mess they created.

    Wash, rinse, repeat. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if enough race clueless Whites were awakened by this $50 Million dollar toilet bowl pool to cut off all free-bees, ridiculous spending and “uplift” programs? The McCarren Pool Example…I like the sound of that!

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Why such a waste of money on people who can’t swim? 

  • I agree with most in your post, but… I don’t know, perhaps I have to go out of my head & stop projecting my strong sense of individuality I’ve been aware of virtually from the beginning. I grew up in a Communist indoctrinated country (Commie pioneers, songs to the great leader, brainwashing during school etc). I think I was 10-12 yrs when I knew it was all one big lie & the following years I just deepened my revulsion through study- read perhaps thousands of books on Communist history, ideology etc. (besides reading for fun, from Dostoevsky to Plato).

    What about average schoolmates ?

    Maybe 5-10% percent, whose parents have been Communist officials, believed in that cr+p (one my friend still believes- an interesting case of emotional dependency on ideology), but perhaps 60% didn’t believe, and the rest just did not think.

    And- this was, although monoracial, ethnically mixed class, with many children from “mixed” marriages- maybe 20%- so there was no visible friction- all people look the same, we’re all Whites.

    Now, in other circumstances, surveys show that young generations – 12-18 yrs- depending on the school quality, indeed are partly indoctrinated with globalist ideology, but it’s superficial. Those who listen to hip-hop are on the fringes of a society & whole Black “culture” is influential only among minority of marginal existences.

    What’s unusual in the US (or UK, I suppose) is absence of racial-national pride among many young people who live close to Blacks & their “low immunity” to trashy Black culture. I mean, I don’t expect of them to read Shakespeare & to listen to Wagner, but- why not read Tarzan or LOTR (both epics of “Whiteness”) & listen to Pink Floyd or ZZ top ? Living in proximity to Blacks- how come they don’t feel immediate, gut revulsion & antagonism toward all this (rap, gangsta, swaggin, odor, …) ?

    Maybe I’m overestimating “racial physiology” & underestimating media influences. Just- I find it hard to understand how anyone going to high school with Blacks would not feel this instant, almost neuro-physiological aversion to manifestations of Black “culture”.

    • IstvanIN

       Most white people don’t read.

      • The__Bobster

        Except trashy magines that glamorize race-mixing hos.

    • Pandemonium

      I suspect that for some of these kids who are unable to escape their circumstances (parent/s can’t afford to move), the “embracing” of black culture is a survival strategy.

  • You walked into the belly of the beast that day…all sanctioned by our government of course.

  • Church_of_Jed

    I’ve become highly attuned to just how big the teeth are in the mouths of Diversity.

    They really are still jungle apes with the power to bite your head off.  Chimp-out threat is life threatening.

    Look on TV at the news anchors with huge sets of teeth- especially the women- look at the Obama family.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    That girl is 13??? Good grief.

    She is headed for a rough, ghetto-dwelling life. Frankly, I hope she IS lost to the blacks – that girl is lost already and a disgrace to whites. What a wonderful mom she has. The fact that a 13 year old is clueless is understandable. The fact that at thirteen her cluelessness  presents itself as a filthy trash-mouthed exhibitionist isn’t. She is enabled by a parent who doesn’t give a rip about raising her daughter, and allowing her to put up a FB page like that.

    On another note, the idea of getting in a pool full of black, oily, africans gives me the willies. There ain’t enough chlorine in the world.

  • MartelC

    people here keep thinking people will ‘wake up’ particularly white women, who are ‘well played’ by the left -and encouraged to join with ‘them’ against ‘us’.

    But if you look to Europe what actually happens is that women tend to not be repulsed by this, behavior, but ‘submit’ to it – thus, a white ‘liberal’ woman who  ‘rebels’ against white ‘authority’ ends up converting to Islam, or as is the case in many european cities – conform to their culture by adapting headscarves, etc.

    Sooner or later, as Peter Hitchens has pointed out, there will be a backlash against this decadence. There always has been.

    Ultimately, the left is great at ‘destroying’ western civilization, but they can’t build anything to match it.  What’s left are authoritarian structures like Islam.   That’s the bitter irony of their attempt to deChristianize the west. 

    • Kurt Plummer

      Come at a woman like you would a horse or pet dog.  Don’t let her ‘get around’ your sensibilities.  And dominate her presence as completely as you can by attentiveness and discrete physical cues (I open a door for you to put you behind me, in a lesser social status…).
      Don’t give her anything to complain against without response.  Force her to acknowledge your inimitable presence in order to share it -if she wants to- and when she does anything your silent judgment doesn’t approve, make her explain her actions.  Where this is not seemly to you, let her know it with a controlled slap of her rump.  When you do like what she does, smack her behind -harder-.
      Is this the ‘latin lover’ attitude whose machismo drives Mestizos and Islam and all other dominant male cultures to maintain control over their women while still finding time to pray on ours?
      This is the standard of behavior which whites PUAs (Pick Up Artist) or MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way, also ‘Maximum Gross Take Off Weight’ for those with a sarcastic bent…) seek to inculcate upon would be cads as ‘true believers’.
      Socially, this seems somehow ‘wrong’ in the sense that white concepts of romantic love always include an expecation of chivalrousness which is borderline deferential in allowing the woman to feel like she has a say in describing her own life/problems/dreams.  As part of her beau’s courtship ritual.
      Well, we all know how the latter goes:  ‘Best girlfriend with testicles, ever!’
      I guess what I am saying is that there is a danger if we continue to raise white men according to a romantic sense of give and take equality of love that may -never- have worked except in glorified fiction.  And now has to compete with a world where women get exposed to a different kind of male.
      One who recognizes ‘excrement testing’ as a female form of interest affirmation (oh look, he I drew blood and he didn’t run away, he must really want me!) and ‘negging’ (the male ritualized put down/punishment response for the above ST).
      And so both white women and white men are operating out of a cultural depth that has long been the means to assure a stable society.
      They don’t see the consequences because they have been brainwashed into believing there is no danger.  But at some deep level (which is animal-common across the races) they understand the lack of stimulus:response and particularly among women who are frustrated by their 9,000 vs. guys 2,500 word:day verbalization norms, the seductiveness of someone who ‘pays attention’ (at least at first, before the violence and threats and acid attacks) is overwhelming in it’s empathy.
      Never forget that last.  Blacks and Mestizos are a warm people.  But emotion is tool.  Like any other, it can be weapon as much as a salvation.

      • Hmmm…no, you’re wrong- or partially right. No man who has his own life would devote so much energy to “subduing” his wife/partner. What you’re describing is an unhealthy relationship. Man is and must be somehow dominant- it’s biological imperative- but these games of dominance are actually fake & work only with brain dead females.
        This is a cartoon of a life, not much more.

  • To maintain an unnatural state of affairs, you have to have incredible material resources (to corrupt unwilling White majority) & strong willed and fanatical ruling elite (in this case, “liberals”). Both are not realistic options- economic crisis will only deepen (along with international friction) & liberals are not a fanatical sect willing to sacrifice their skins for “ideals”. There are too much variables in the equation, but I’ll sketch a few :

    * 3rd WW or numerous wars along the globe that will only shake US economy more- in the case of WW, it’s probably total destruction, so no need to further elaborate

    * almost invariably, in times of crises, various ethnic groups in multiethnic societis form their own militias. In the case of the US, Whites are more numerous & better armed (and more skilled)

    * confrontation is realistic only with Blacks & to a much lesser degree with Mexicans. Hardly with Asians or light Hispanics.

    * power of media to cover all up has come to the brink. It’s evident even in reading blogs or newspapers’ comments

    * Blacks are squeaky, but cannot inflict more harm in tumultuous situations- read about Katrina & interracial fights

    * but, one big, big question must go before and during all these events: reideologization of US. Russians know which is their land, Chinese, too; Italians, with all corruption, too. Simply, White European heritage & identity have to be reaffirmed & publicly proclaimed as the central American identity. All others- Mestizos, Blacks, Asians- may be only minorities who have some minority rights, but are not on equal footing as Europeans- just like Arabs in France are not French.

  • alastairabbacle

    We are going to have old folks homes in the future filled with tattooed, drug-seeking heathens. It is going to be heck. Self-image is such an important part of behavior, and when people have ugliness on their bodies imprinted, they will be able to attain the timeless image of the gentile elderly.

    In addition, these elderly will be cared for by people of a different race and culture, NAMS. Because they won’t be kin, they will be given less care, and mistreated more than if they were cared for by kin.

    The only ones who will be able to avoid this will be those who avoid NAM areas and homes, and avoid associations with low culture and indebtedness.

  • Look on the bright side, at least you weren’t physically assaulted…

  • The__Bobster

    The White privilege of being a punching bag for these creatures?

  • The__Bobster

    If you call a business establishment and get a moolie voice on the other end, it’s best to hang up and redial. You might luck out and get a White voice the second time around.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Reminds me of a patient I had back in the early 90s.  She was from LA.  She had long blond hair.   She told me that in high school, some black girls set her hair on fire.

  • 1proactive2

    Okay, let’s go over this again; the explanation that apparently hasn’t reached many whites in America in spite of the ongoing repeating of the instructions:

    If you go around groups of blacks for any reason, you are in danger.  Blacks hate whites. They want to hurt whites.  They are taught from infancy to hate whites.  Blacks will kill whites if they get the slightest chance.  Blacks are a protected race of people that the government will not prosecute unless the evidence is glaring, and even then, many get a pass.  Our government doesn’t expect much from blacks and will hot hold the to even the lowest standards of civil behavior. 

    Glad you were physically injured, anonymouse.  But let your lesson sink in and pass it on. 

  • sarah stein

    Wow $50 million, I’m going to have to spit out more tax paying offspring to pay for this.

  • HenryHolliday

    You aren’t actually defending her. You are acknowledging what drove her to the other side. True, she is a victim in more ways than one.  But she is very likely lost to us. There are way too many like her. As with all the other issues we must face as the socialist onslaught against America continues, we must fight to save as many as we can.

  • redfeathers

    I haven’t heard Bloomberg comment on this.  But then again, he’s too busy railing against big cups of soda.

  • Pandemonium

    I suspect that many who are not able to escape their surroundings (parents cannot afford to move), join in as a survival mechanism (if you can’t beat’em, join’em).

  • One graph is explicitly about non-Hispanic Whites (and the rest). If you’re basing your judgment only on personal observation & disbelieve statistics, in the corrected form- what to say ? Any rational discourse is out of question. How many Blacks in the US ? Officially, 12-13%.  Anyone can say that, due to their personal observation- 57%. Whom to believe, then ?

    Simply, this is irrational. White children and/or young adults outnumber Black children & young adults somewhere 4-4.5/1. This is the fact.

  • I tend to agree. I know exactly how old I was when all diverging forces in my body & mind intertwined & aligned themselves- 27. Confucius said he was mature when he was 30 (quote):

    From the age of fifteen on, I have been intent upon learning; from
    thirty on, I have established myself; from forty on, I have not been
    confused; from fifty on, I have known the mandate of Heaven; from sixty
    on, my ear has been attuned; from seventy on, I have followed my
    heart’s desire without transgressing what is right.

    • That is beautiful, and rings true.  I am a Catholic, but even without the Light of Truth, Confucius has a gem there … meaning he is all the more brilliant.

  •  Caucasians dominated Blacks from the dawn of history (Egypt etc.). Even without much difference in military technology.

  •  A good example of liberal disingenuousness:

    • Pandemonium

      Well, at least they were producing Whites albeit with a German accent! 🙂

  • alex

    Spend some time in Milwaukee. Black “kids” of both sexes aren’t afraid to fight armed cops.
    Give them some credit.