Congressman Accused of ‘Playing Black’ Says Racism Destroying Detroit

CBS Detroit, July 3, 2012

Congressman Hansen Clarke, D-13th District, was forced into an unusual position Wednesday, responding to allegations that he’s masquerading as black to get votes.

Clarke is running for the newly redrawn 14th Congressional District, which includes Detroit, against two black women, Mary Waters and Brenda Lawrence, plus white men state Rep. Gary Peters and newcomer Bob Costello. Clarke joined one debate this election, a digital debate for CBSDetroit, then said he would no longer debate because the racial rhetoric was becoming overwhelming.

A robocall allegedly went on in the district this week saying Clarke is “not black.” And Waters told the Detroit Free Press she’s the only black Detroiter in the race.

A visibly upset Clarke called Talk Radio 1270 host Charlie Langton to discuss the race issue live, and talked about the issue again at a Detroit church appearance.

“Who really gives a care right now?,” Clarke told Langton. “My opponents are so desperate they can’t attack me based on what we’re doing, based on my record, so they’re going after my poor deceased parents who have been dead for 30 years.”

Opponents have pointed out that Clarke’s mother’s death certificate lists her race as white, though Clarke describes himself as “multiracial” with a light-skinned black mother and Indian father.


And he blamed racial divides for the disastrous state of Detroit.

“Our region has been so divided based on race it’s actually undercut our economic growth,” Clarke said. “The only reason we’re the only metro area in the country without mass transit is these politicians want to play race all the time. The costs have been enormous on us.”

He went on to say racism has stopped business owners and new residents from coming to Detroit, where more than 80 percent of residents are black.

“When people believe they’re going to be hassled because of who they are as a person they don’t want to live in that community,” the congressman said. “It’s overall, it’s part of the whole equation when you look at where to live. Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood where they feel their kids are going to get hassled and threatened and jeered. No employer wants to do that either.”


Hansen Clarke

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  • mikejones91

    Well if blacks didn’t “harass” and “jeer” us, we wouldn’t have a problem living in black neighborhoods. But they do, so we do!

    • ageofknowledge

      And vandalize our property, break into our homes, intimidate our children, etc… etc… etc…

      • Anan7

         Miscegenation/amalgamation and mass immigration are the real problems.

        Different peoples coexisting will inevitably experience conflict.  This is simple human nature.

        The key is to peacefully separate.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Another Democratic congressman pretending to be black is G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina.

    And years back there was the sleazy demagogue Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

    • IstvanIN

      He’s black?  I need a better look.

  • 1proactive2

    This guy said, “racism is destroying Detroit”?  Uh, congressman; you’re either perceptually challenged or 40 years late with your comment.  Oh, wait a minute, you’re a Democrat.  Nevermind.

    • All I can do is LOL,were in hell has he been for the last 40 yrs, Detroit’s gone destroyed by whom I have no idea LOL

  • Bo_Sears

    This story illustrates the truth that multiculturalism has been killed by politicized multiracialism which really means that demographic groups are acting as political parties, nothing that was part of multicultural theory.  This article happens to be a doorway into the nature of the African American demographic as it grapples with the question:  Who Is Black?   This is critical for them, and it is critical for us to ask:  Who Is White?

    It is clear that the diverse white American peoples arose from Iceland, an Atlantic island, all the way east through Europe to the Ural mountains, but how do they become politicized and active on behalf of their own children?

    Probably by the development of baby steps which include newbies instead of sweeping theories about the Constitution, conservatism, citizenism, etc.  Baby steps can gradually grow into the white voice used in a white-centric way.

  •  Maybe Mittens the Kitten should run as a “Hispanic” since his family has history in Mexico and when they say NO you are an evil White man he can say but race is just a social construct, I men Hansen Clarke says he’s black.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    He went on to say racism has stopped business owners and new residents from coming to Detroit. 

    He went on to say blacks and black violence have stopped business owners and new residents from coming to Detroit.

    There, I fixed it.

    And he blamed racial divides for the disastrous state of Detroit.

    He is wrong.  

    There are more government parasites than producers in Detroit, the city has run out of other people’s money to redistribute and it is going down, all of it, hard.


    • haroldcrews

      Also I expect that there is actually very little racial division in Detroit.  Very few blacks are actively anti-black in comparison to whites who are anti-white.  Blacks are overwhelmingly pro-black (as they should be) and a majority are anti-white.  Blacks are ethno-patriots.  They favor integration when it is to their advantage and segregation when that is to their advantage.  Their outlook is basically the same as the segregationist of old.  Unfortunately the consequences are rather different because of the differing characteristics of blacks and whites.

    • Clarke is right about one thing. The racial divide has led to Detroit’s demise.

      Coleman Young’s racial divisions planted the seeds for Detroit’s situation.

  • JackKrak

    Well, he only looks to be two or three degrees less black than Charles Rangel or “My People” Holder, so what’s the difference?

    • IstvanIN

      Charlie is part Puerto Rican.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    Racism has not “stopped business owners and new residents from coming to Detroit.” The black crime that reinforces racism has stopped them from coming to Detroit.  Why open a business when you will be robbed again and again, and maybe killed, and when you can’t hire anyone who is capable and who does not have at least one felony conviction? 

  • 1proactive2

    I was referring to black racism.  I should have been more clear in my post.  Apologies.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    things are not looking so well, as usual

  • Detroit’s done give it to Somalia,fit rite in

  • Dick Nixon commented ,theres never been a strong black nation in HISTORY

  • 1proactive2

    I’m in complete agreement.  It has been black racism that helped them destroy DIEtroit.  I should have more clear.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Ugh! Not exactly Channing Tatum!

  • 14POLK88

    A black will vote black even if they are caught on camera smoking crack with whores!! It is a proven fact!!