California Senate Passes “Anti-Arizona” Immigration Bill

Yahoo! News, July 6, 2012

The California Senate passed a bill on Thursday that seeks to shield illegal immigrants from status checks by local police and challenges Republican-backed immigration crackdowns in Arizona and other U.S. states.

The Democrat-led state Senate voted 21 to 13 to approve the California Trust Act, dubbed by supporters as the “anti-Arizona” bill. It blocks local police from referring a detainee to immigration officials for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.

“Today’s vote signals to the nation that California cannot afford to be another Arizona,”Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat who sponsored the measure, said in a statement.

“The bill also limits unjust and onerous detentions for deportation in local jails of community members who do not pose a threat to public safety,” he added.

The bill has the backing of about 100 immigrant rights groups, police chiefs and mayors. It has already passed the Democrat-controlled state Assembly in a 47-26 vote and will go back to the Assembly for a concurrence vote following the summer recess before heading to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.


California’s bill also seeks to push back against a federal program called Secure Communities, which supporters of Thursday’s bill say shares similar principles to Arizona’s law.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, established the Secure Communities program in partnership with local law enforcement agencies and the FBI to deport unauthorized immigrants.

Local authorities send fingerprints of those arrested to ICE, which says it prioritizes deporting those with criminal records. The program was credited as a factor in that agency’s nearly 400,000 deportations in 2011, its highest number ever.

The California State Sheriff’s Association, which opposes the bill approved on Thursday, could not immediately be reached for comment. It has said previously that state and local authorities cannot opt out of the Secure Communities program.


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  • mobilebay

    I’ve lived a long time and have never seen this country as divided as it is now. Those of us who want our laws obeyed and illegal aliens sent home vs. those who approve of people breaking in, taking jobs, draining our social and natural resources, overcrowding schools, emergency rooms and prisons. There is no crime they haven’t committed and our nation is being destroyed. Right now, it seems those who approve are winning, but I’m optimistic enough to believe that someday we’ll get leaders who put our welfare before that of foreign criminals and those who encourge them. Pray it happens before we are lost entirely.

    • Mentious

       The dire danger we face, of course, is that they use both legal and illegal non-White immigration to shore up their power through elections. It seems only a few miracles can work. One of those miracles would include a consciously pro-White elected leader who closes the borders and ejects the invaders despite all the multiculty forces arrayed against him (in government and Congress), accompanied by a mass re-awakening of natural White Identity now seeded by the internet.  Another saving miracle would be the collapse of the Federal Government that opens the way for re-segregation secured by the force of arms.

      In either case, White Americans will need to become savvy about who the crypto-multiculturalists are, and why they are crypto-multiculturalists, and why they want the Federal Government to control all aspects of our lives — or all those gains would be easily lost again.


    California is full of illegal immigrants and their offspring.  For example, the city of Stockton, California has a very high population of “Hispanics” derived primarily from former illegal immigrants, who simply stayed and had tons of children. 

  • ageofknowledge

    California cities are lining up for bankruptcy mediation (the only state in the U.S. where mediation is required before a city can file bankruptcy due to public unions wanting to make sure they are first in line with their hands out when a city fails). Vallejo, Stockton, Mammoth, etc… have already filed. Seven more are preparing for mediation and thirty more are going to in the next decade (including Los Angeles).

    Crime rates have begun to rise (especially in the failing cities) and will soar in the years ahead as prisoners are pushed down from state prisons to county jails and released early. Places like Stockton, that have already failed, are very dangerous already.

    The economy has affected all states; however, the two primary reasons for epic California city fiscal failure are replacing taxpaying middle class residents with immigrants and their anchors (both legal and illegal) and public unions. 

    Other states that don’t have these problems are finding ways to cope with less in a failing “free trade” service based economy but unlike California they don’t have the numbers of poor people seeking social services and committing crime as their number one problem.

  • Most California cities already have this policy at the local level.  This would only affect the few “red” areas remaining in the state.-

  • And the idiots in Sacramento wonder why we are bankrupt and going South?  I LOVE my home state of California and I will NEVER abandon it, not now, not ever.  I will stand and fight because California will fall.  The mexiCANTS are parasites and thieves.  Most are dumb as a box of rocks and they just keep getting WORSE the longer they stay.  It’s really the third and fourth generations of “entitled anchor baby” mexicans/hispanics that are the problem.  This is the population that is booming, choking our schools and hospitals.  It is sick but it CANNOT last forever.   The Democrats LOVE them because they vote Democrat and changed CA from a permanent RED state to a permanent BLUE state (and yes it does matter on the local level).  CA really has become Sao Paulo writ large.  We have an increasing amount of upper and middle class WHITE communities surrounded by a veritable plague of plebs and proles sucking on the bones of our paychecks and property taxes.

  • Major

    What we have here is a complete breakdown of the laws in California. I wonder how it is that states like California have sanctuary cities…thus giving haven to those who break federal laws by coming here illegally and not be sued by the DOJ?

    While other states like AZ, SC, AL seek to enforce federal laws and stop illegal immigration…and they get sued for ENFORCING THE FEDERAL STATUTES?

    WTF? Tell that we’re not in a very serious war for our very survival. Our only hope that it gets so bad in these maverick states like CA, NY, NJ…that all hell breaks loose and the idiots who’ve allowed this to happen will have to call out the Marines and  the NG to retake these states and place then under Marshall Law…And the first rats to leave and ask for “protection” will be the cruddy Hollywood elites that allowed this to happen. I can’t wait.

    It can’t go on like this forever. And we should allow CA to sink into bankruptcy and NO Bailouts from us.

    • MikeofAges

       It’s martial law, not “Marshall” law, but you might have an inadvertent point. John Marshall established judicial supremacy and, though not credited, probably federal supremacy along with it. George Marshall was a political idiot who facilitated the division of Europe and handed China to the Maoists. Thurgood Marshall established the idea that whites in America can be treated under law as a pestilent entity subject to onerous restrictions. Keep up the good work!

      • Major

        Thank you Mike…I’m embarrassed…..brain fart I guess.

  • 3rdworlders will always vote for more benefits paid for by taxpayers

  • Maybe Jerry Clown figures that these Hispanics will help California build its high speed rail:

    In related news, if you can’t win politically, try to get amnesty by censoring vocabulary:

    And this fool has the nerve to bring up Orwell and 1984 in defending his worldview.  Note that “Charles Garcia” looks as white as me, if he were “Charles Green,” he wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful or important as he is.  (As it is, I don’t even know who the hell he is.)

  • Diamond_Lil

    What an excellent idea.

  • Diamond_Lil

    This state will be flooded by even more illegals as well as those evacuating the sane states – Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, etc.. that are passing laws to protect their citizens.  CA will implode in the next 5 years.  Perhaps revolution will spark here.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      California has already imploded.  

      Career politicians like Brown have been partying in Sacramento like it’s “1984”  for decades  and they’ve run out of other people’s money.

      The cockroaches will scurry away to where there’s food and water and shelter — somewhere like the EAST HAMPTONS — where the next generation of fools will offer them sanctuary and “rights” and  housing and schooling and money….

      Don’t like it?  You’re a Nazi!! 

      That’s what we Californians have been called for three decades now whenever we complained…


  • California is full of illegal invaders, their anchor babies and La Raza politicians who only represent their illegal hispanic base. These people are as racist as they come and make no mistake about it; they will push forward with their pro-illegal invader agenda because no one will stop them! They become more emboldened by the day.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    ‘Today’s vote signals to the nation that California cannot afford to be another Arizona,’ Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat who sponsored the measure, said in a statement.

    California doesn’t have a pot to p**** in, Tom, so yeah, let’s add more welfare cases and then what, Tom? 

    *The overall cost of illegal aliens to the state of California is $13.1 billion per year. 

    *This year, it was reported that tax revenue was down 22%.

    Tax the rich, you and Governor Brown say?  Yeah, that’ll work!

    *Just 1 percent of California taxpayers provide 45 percent of the state’s income tax revenue. And such income taxes now fund half the budget.


    *The number of upper-income earners in California has radically shrunk — by a third between 2007 and 2009 alone.

    California is terminally democrat now; its last sane political act the unseating of California Supreme Court Judges Rose Bird, Cruz Reynoso and Joseph Grodin by California’s voters.

    Want to know why California is too far gone to save??  One look at this chart will tell you everything you need to know:

    • MikeofAges

       Terminal demographic condition. White-East Asian-South Asian-wealthy Hispanic overclass and an Mestizo lower middle class cum underclass into which failed members of all other groups generally will be assimilated.  Particularly blacks and failed whites eventually either will leave, or, if they don’t, will be assimilated into the Mestizo population.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I understand Arizona controls most of the power and water into the Los Angeles basin. 

    No offense, but I’ve been hearing this all over the blogsphere and am trying to locate the source of this myth.

    1/2 of LAs water comes from the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California, 11% from groundwater that is increasingly polluted and the rest from the California aqueduct and Colorado River.  This changes year to year depending on rainfall, snow pack and other factors.

    I am not aware of any water from Arizona coming into California or that Arizona controls the water supply of Southern California.

    LA buys some of its power from Arizona (and Utah and Nevada), but it does generate some of its own energy too.  True, the electrical grid here is fragile and on its last legs. 

    My city outside of LA produces ALL of its own power, sells the excess to Los Angeles and uses over 50% groundwater and 1% Colorado River water.

    With that said, I don’t think you’d like your city power or water shut off any more than I would  to be left to the mercy of gangs, murderers and marauders.

    It is not the people but the career politicians who have ruined this state via excessive lawmaking, taxing and spending.  They, not the people,  have transformed California into an unsustainable welfare state with a grim future.


    • IstvanIN

      Acceptable losses. If the bulk of, say, LAs population is Mexican, we may have to lose a few whites. Sad but inevitable.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        That would be like putting a bandaid on a festering wound.

        It looks as if high fertility Mexicans are over-running and colonizing many, if not most American cities these days, including places far away from the Mexican border such as East Hampton NY.

        I’ve seen Mexican mestizos in Alaska, Hawaii and Indianapolis and posters here have complained about them from N. Dakota to Alabama, from New England to Florida, in the Midwest, Gulf States, Pacific Northwest, Eastern Seaboard — there have even been comments from Canada on here as to how Mexicans are crossing THEIR border to start colonies in their country.

        Want to see what your American city will look like in a few years? Come to Los Angeles. They will drive out the blacks (who continue to believe that White Bigots are their greatest threat) — but bring with them a whole host of problems including violent gangs, high welfare use, slovenly living habits, high crime rates including drunken driving and theft and more.

        I don’t see any escape from this foreign colonization that is going on as of now because the traitorous American government is on THEIR side, not ours.


        • Of course, it will be up to right-leaning White Americans to clean up this mess after the economy explodes. Once the government has no money for law enforcement, it is going to get ugly.

  • Xanthippe2

    Who is “we”?  The people of California passed Prop 187 in 1994.  It was thrown out by the courts.  The White population is now, and had always been, opposed to illegal immigration.  This invasion is not due to popular demand.  It is being imposed from above.

  • IstvanIN

    Most whites are not informed. The press covers up and misrepresnts so much of the news that the bulk of the population doesn’t have a clue what is coming for them.

  • Robert11110

    I just read that Governor Brown approved funding for some frivilous high speed rail project.  Talk about living in denial.  California’s budget deficit is $16 billion.  I read it cost $21.8 billion a year in state expenditures for illegal aliens.  Even if your not a math wiz you can see that the budget deficit can be easily and painlessly erased by removing the alien infestation that plagues the once golden state.  Governor Brown has decided to widen that deficit by turning California into even more of a doormat for the third world than it already is.  Once the last of California’s wealthy flee the state and the tax revenues dry up, then what?  The only possible explanation I can come up with is that many of  California’s politicians (and overall in America too) are in the employment of foregin governments who wish to see the US destroyed.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yes.  The high speed train boondoggle HAS been approved — nevermind that it starts and ends in places no one wants to go except maybe to visit the prison in Chowchilla!! 

      Who do the Commissars think are going take this train, $10/hour Third World farmworkers in the Central Valley?  Yeah, right.   Travelers between LA and SF or Sacramento will continue to go to the airport to commute because a flight is ≈ one hour.

      But then, maybe it was designed to fail in the first place.  I can’t see it any other way.


      • Guest

        I like high-speed rail as a concept. It would have been perfect for California thirty or forty years ago, maybe, but the state just can’t afford it today and I doubt if they’d be able to manage a high-speed rail service or keep the construction costs down or get the thing completed in a reasonable time.

        California building a high-speed rail service in 2012 is like a half-senile retired guy living on a fixed income deciding to build his own Indy 500 racing car.

        China is investing heavily in high-speed rail, by the way. In another fifty years, if not sooner, California and most of the U.S. will be a gigantic sprawling barrio and the Chinese will be flying back and forth at 200 miles per hour, sipping cocktails in their streamlined railcars.

        Remember those old magazine articles about “The World Of The Future” that showed people living in underwater bubble cities and flying around in private air cars and so on? If that future ever arrives, it definitely isn’t going to happen in California.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          I heard Chuck DeVore this morning on the radio and he mentioned something I hadn’t thought about: buses and jet airliners are flexible, rail is not.

          What that means is that jets will go wherever there is a demand, as in more people are now flying into San Jose and Oakland than San Francisco — San Jose is in a better location than SF for the businesses in Silicon Valley and Oakland isn’t shut down due to fog. So the airlines moved where they were most likely to make a profit (and serve their customers).

          Ditto with buses, Greyhound can reroute wherever necessary because they use existing roads which are everywhere, allowing them flexibility and the ability to streamline their business.

          Rails are hard lines — once the rails are down, they’re down, giving little flexibility in passenger demands.

          Not only that, the first leg, which was VASTLY lowballed by those who wanted it built, will speed between Bakersfield and Fresno. Really? Neither are population centers and both have high unemployment levels.

          DeVore said that the tickets (as of now) are estimated to cost $105 and NOW there will be more stops (for political reasons, to get the 21 votes needed for passage) meaning the trip will be 4 hours, not two as we Californians were promised. For $105, I can fly between Los Angeles, Burbank or John Wayne airports and Sacramento, San Francisco or San Jose in 45 minutes to an hour.

          Why would anyone take that train??

          It is obscene in a state that is swirling the drain.


  • The__Bobster

    Report From Occupied America (contd.): Reconquistas Dismantling California’s Auto Safety Protections
    By Brenda Walker on July 6, 2012 at 9:28pm

    Mexifornia is in the news again because its Democratic-controlled State Senate has just passed a  bill banning cops from checking the status of most illegal aliens stopped for other reasons. That’s the direct opposite of a now-upheld provision in Arizona’s SB 1070 (hence it’s called the “anti-Arizona” law) and arguably conflicts with federal law—but don’t expect the Obama regime to sue. [“Anti-Arizona” Immigration Law Passes California Senate, By Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino, July 6, 2012]

    However, this is just part of the Reconquista strategy to elect a new people in California. Thus public safety has been taking a real pounding in recent months—and at the hands of elected officials who are supposed to protect, not endanger, the populace.

    Los Angeles’ Mexican-friendly Mayor Villaraigosa and his Police Chief Charlie Beck launched an assault on one aspect of normal law enforcement last December: They announced a new city procedure under which the vehicles belonging to unlicensed drivers would no longer be automatically seized and held for a month.

    Those involved readily admitted the change was to benefit illegal aliens a.k.a. undocumented Democrats, as indicated in a Los Angeles Times headline: With illegal immigrants in mind, LAPD to change impound rules (By Joel Rubin and Paloma Esquivel, 14, 2011).

  • Beth

    Many retirees have two homes spending part of the year in one part of the country and part of the year in another.  What if retirees bought second homes in the better parts of California using the California adress as their legal residence so that they could vote in California?  Here is another possibility–would it be possible for retirees with recreational vehicles to register their rv”s in California?  Would they be allowed to vote in California?  That way they could have a vote in California while having  the *bug out* mobility should things get too bad?  Another good thing to this plan is that white people could still occupy their homes outside of California keeping their neighborhoods from becoming emptied out and boarded up.

  • Beth

    Nobody forced the whites to keep voting for the democrats.  At least Pete Wilson, the republican tried to do something to stop this.  Back in the middle of the nineties, the Mexican agitators were already bragging that they were going to take over California.

  • IstvanIN

    Even if you believe that all races are equal and that we can all live in perfect harmony the simple fact remains that you can not have a successful, peaceful society and chaos at the same time.  Chaos and civilization do not mix.  Regardless of the race, sex or culture of the inhabitants. Period.

    • Robert11110

      I look at this from a point of national identity.  Someone has to be in charge or chaos rules.  California still hasn’t reached that tipping point because about 64 percent of the voters are still White even though they are a minority in the state.  They still have political control even though it’s being chipped away little by little.  The kind of people living in a region apparently does make a difference to the quality of life.  How else can you explain the California of 40 years ago to the sewer it has become today.  Look around the world.  Which countries have the highest standards of living?  It’s the couuntries of Northern Europe;  Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, etc.,  countries that at one time formed the core of the majority of the US population.

      • IstvanIN

        Oh, I agree that the majority population is most important.  I just believe that even the most primitive society can not survive constant chaos.  There have to be rules and boundaries.

      • Southern__Hoosier

         And what do all those countries have in common? They are all Protestant, or at least they were at their height.

  • Robert11110

    The age of austerity is upon us.  It will be interesting to see how the rainbow coalition holds together when there is no longer any money to go around for everyone and difficult choices are going to have to be made.  Will they pay attention to their dying demograhics like the shrill childless militant feminist or the gay state employee feeding at the trough?  Or will they choose the exploding black, brown and yellow baby factories who can deliver solid majorities and likely take over the state in 20 years?  It will be most amusing to watch.

    • Given the inevitable financial collapse the West and by extension whole world will soon face, I’m glad whites are having fewer children. These ignorant minorities are having dozens of children and feeding them with EBT. Once the welfare stops, those children are going to starve. Of course, their fathers will get together and rob whites to feed their children, leading to a horrible dystopian race-war.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I wonder if Chairman Obama  will sue California for trying to enforce Federal Immigration law?

  • Xanthippe2

    I don’t think that Prop. 187 was any huge act of resistance (and I worked for it).  It just said that illegals couldn’t get taxpayer funded benefits.  But 187 did show that the people of Calif. didn’t like illegal immigration.  I discovered from working for 187 that the vast majority of Whites (and many non-Whites) didn’t want any more immigration — period.  The Powers That Be know that Americans don’t want the U.S. to be a non-White, 3rd world country.  But that is still their goal.

    I do not think it is because they are “liberals” who believe that the new U.S. will be a better, happier place either.

  • Hirene

    It is already too late.  These Democrats know if they don’t pander to hispanics, they will not be re-elected.  But if they do pander to hispanics, their state will go bankrupt and they may not get their pension.  It is a Catch-22 situation.