Celebrity Photographer Kicked by Muslim Woman She Tried to Help Tells of Pain at Being Charged as a Racist

Polly Dunbar, Daily Mail (London), July 7, 2012

She has heard them many times over the past few days, but speaking the words ‘racially aggravated assault’ still causes Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury’s entire body to shake and tears to stream down her face.

Her name may have been cleared, but it is obvious the scars of being accused of a vicious hate crime will be more difficult to erase.

Last Thursday, a jury at Isleworth Crown Court in West London took just 15 minutes to acquit her of shoving a pregnant Muslim woman to the floor and calling her husband a terrorist during a row in Tesco. Despite Miss Heathcote-Drury’s relief at the verdict, her sense of bewilderment at what has happened remains her overwhelming emotion.

Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury

The investigation that led to the celebrated photographer – whose work hangs in the National Portrait Gallery – being tried was described in court as ‘a shambles’.

To her, it often felt like being trapped in a dystopian world in which she could not make her version of events heard, no matter how hard she tried.

Although, in fact, she says she was the victim of assault, her own accusations were dismissed while her accusers’ claims were pursued by police.

Today the elegant 41-year-old is exhausted, but grateful finally to have her chance to explain the truth about this strange and disturbing case.

‘I’ve been going out of my mind since this all happened,’ she says. ‘I’ve been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills because of the stress.

‘I didn’t even tell any of my friends about the charges until April, because I couldn’t bear to say them; they were too hideous. I have a lot of friends of different ethnic backgrounds and I didn’t want to plant even the smallest doubt in their minds about me.

‘Before this, I believed that if you were innocent and told the truth, you would be protected by the system, but I’ve learned some very hard lessons.

‘I kept waiting for my story to be investigated, and it never was. Of course it was an enormous relief to be acquitted so quickly, but I find it absolutely terrifying that the case against me could have gone as far as it did.

‘The sense of powerlessness at what was happening was overwhelming.’

Even a relatively short time in her company reveals that if Miss Heathcote-Drury had committed the crimes it would have been remarkably out of character. Articulate and bohemian but resolutely middle-class, she grew up in Devon, the daughter of Trevor Heathcote-Drury, a hotelier and pilot, and his wife Roxanne, an artist.

After a stint running The Amber Trust, a charity which helps blind and partially sighted children to become involved in music, she became a photographer, making her name with a portrait of Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman.

A diverse career followed, including other celebrity portraits, charity projects, such as one with Cancer Research, and teaching photography to disadvantaged students at City and Westminster College.

It was on November 30 last year that she unwittingly became embroiled in the extraordinary fracas at a Tesco superstore in West London.

She had been to see a friend and was on her way home to Kensington when she decided to pop into the store for some groceries at about 2pm.

She was waiting to pay at the checkout when she noticed a man with two small children also queuing. They were joined by a woman wearing a hijab and a long black tunic who began unloading an overflowing trolley, one item at a time.

She says: ‘I glanced over and thought, “This poor woman’s going to be there for hours.” Her husband was standing closest to me, so I said to him, “Will you help her?”

‘He said, “I’ve got the children.” I said, “Well, I can help her” and he replied, “What’s it to you?” I said, “This is what feminism’s about – women helping women.”

He said, “Oh, get lost.” I looked at the woman and said, “We live in a society in Britain where rights are equal – if you need help you can ask for it.” ’

Very little was revealed in court about the couple, Abdelkrim Danyaoui and Mounia Hamoumi, aside from his stated occupation of ‘teacher’ and the fact that Mrs Hamoumi had been pregnant at the time of the incident.

Miss Heathcote-Drury says her initial impression was that the woman was elegantly dressed and appeared to have a French accent, while she assumed the man was of Mediterranean origin. She accepts that her offer of help caused offence, but denies her comments about British society were intended as a slight against the couple’s Islamic culture.

‘I wasn’t trying to be inflammatory, or condescending, or implying anything about their race or religion,’ she says. ‘I was trying to make sure the woman was OK because I don’t think women generally do enough in small ways to help one another.

‘I think he misconstrued my offer of help. I made him uncomfortable because he wasn’t helping her.’

The couple became infuriated. ‘The husband came up behind me and said in my ear, “You f*** off,” which I found very intimidating,’ Miss Heathcote-Drury says. ‘I wanted to get out of the shop as quickly as possible, but he approached me again.’

She called for a security guard and when one arrived, he began speaking to the man. Meanwhile, Miss Heathcote-Drury, who had paid for her shopping, was making her escape down the aisle when she claims she felt a sharp pain in her left shin and stumbled.

‘The woman was standing with her hand on her hip and smirking. She wanted to humiliate me. Then she hit me on the left cheek.’

According to Miss Heathcote-Drury, a struggle ensued in which she was kicked in the right shin and her hat was wrenched from her head before the woman lost her balance and fell.

The security guard called the police while the couple continued to put their shopping through the till.

‘I didn’t want the police to be called, but because I’d told the guard I’d been hit and kicked, I was informed Tesco were obliged to call them,’ she says. ‘I asked the guard to let me speak to the police to say I didn’t want to press charges – I just wanted to forget it as I hadn’t been badly hurt.

‘At this point, the couple were talking to one another in a language I didn’t understand. I think they had realised what was happening and were concocting their story. They kept shouting at me. I couldn’t believe it.

In shock and trembling, Miss Heathcote-Drury was led to a back room to wait until two police officers arrived. They took her name, date of birth and address, and then left. When they returned after speaking to the couple, she was told she was being arrested for racially aggravated assault.

‘I was absolutely astounded,’ she says. ‘It was just total disbelief. I had no idea what was going on, but I kept thinking, “When they watch the CCTV they’ll see what happened.”

‘I now know they had spoken to the couple before me and believed their story without even hearing mine. They marched me through the store and took me to Chelsea police station. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. They spent hours fingerprinting me, taking my details and my DNA, in a stark room. I kept asking if I could see a nurse, because my cheek was very sore, but I was told the nurse was busy.

‘I asked again and again when I could make my statement, but the officer kept saying, “You can’t make a statement, you’re under arrest.”

‘They asked me if I wanted to call anyone and I thought, “Who can I call?” I’m single and couldn’t afford a lawyer because a lot of my work is voluntary and unpaid. My liberty had been removed and I had no voice. No one was listening.’

A duty solicitor arrived and explained that the couple had claimed Miss Heathcote-Drury had used the words ‘suicide bomber’ and ‘terrorist’, called the man a ‘bad feminist’ and said they were probably on jobseekers’ allowance. She was then interviewed.

‘I said that I hadn’t used the words “suicide bomber”, but the officer asked me how I would feel, as a Muslim, being called that,’ she says. ‘I felt they didn’t want to listen.’

Finally, at 11.35pm, when she was informed the CPS had decided to release her pending further investigation, she was allowed to see a nurse. She then gave her statement before arriving home at 5.30am.

On December 17, three days before she was due to return to the police station, she says she received a call from one of the investigating officers asking her to make a statement about her assault claims. ‘I told him I’d made one already and he said he hadn’t seen it,’ she says.

She had also discovered, on returning to Tesco, that police had not yet spoken to the security guard, despite him offering to give a statement.

Three days later, her worst fears were realised when she was charged. ‘I was in shock,’ she says. ‘I was told the CPS had made the decision to charge me on December 16, without even knowing about my counter-allegation. I felt the police had no interest in my side at all.

‘They hadn’t talked to any witnesses apart from the couple and a cashier who hadn’t seen crucial parts of the incident.

‘I felt like they just wanted me as a convenient statistic to help them meet a target.’

Through a contact, she was able to enlist the services of a solicitor from Tuckers, England’s leading criminal defence practice.

They advised her to ask for her case to be heard at a crown court rather than a magistrates’ court, where she would have more opportunities to give her side of events.

Her trial took place over four days last week. Being questioned was an ordeal, but Miss Heathcote-Drury says she was glad the trial had arrived after months of waiting.

On the first day, her accusers gave their evidence against her. The security guard also told the court that he had heard Miss Heathcote-Drury say she did not want to press charges. However, he admitted he had not seen the tussle or how Mrs Hamoumi came to fall.

Another witness, the cashier, also gave evidence saying that he had not seen the crucial incident but had heard the man telling Miss Heathcote-Drury to ‘f*** off’.

She says: ‘I felt no animosity towards the couple.

‘They probably couldn’t believe their luck when the police believed them. I’m sure they had no idea how the situation would escalate. I understand that I could pursue my case against them, but I never wanted that in the first place.

‘I just want to put the entire episode behind me.’

Had she been convicted, the photographer was warned to expect community service – ‘an irony, given it would have put an end to the voluntary work I do normally’.

In the end, CCTV did not show the incident, but the fact the acquittal was delivered so quickly was testament to the strength of her defence.

Her lawyer Miss Sarnjit Lal says: ‘We were astonished with the way the case was handled, the fact Miss Heathcote-Drury was charged and that it went to crown court. It has been a terrible ordeal for her and a total waste of public resources.’

Miss Heathcote-Drury says: ‘I find it very sad we live in a culture which seems to believe if we try to help someone, we’re asking for trouble.’

A spokesman for Tesco said: ‘We do not comment on police matters.’

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  • Police are ACTIVELY going after Whites and ignoring Muslim crimes and non-white crimes in the UK. Stories are all over like this and worse. Its also happening in Chicago, where police are afraid of ‘White racist police officer’ shoots nobel loriet black boy in gang bust up. So the black crime rate is soaring because ‘profiling’ is not allowed.

  • Xanthippe2

    I bet this brainwashed woman DOES have suppressed racial views.  I can only hope that she continues to be harassed by her fellow White liberals and “people of color” until she not only realizes this but is unashamed of it.

    • eunometic

      White values of sexual egalitarianism manifest themselves, albeit in a self-destructive distorted form, as the more lunar form of feminism.

      Both Judaism and Islam and perhaps the entire Middle East have a strong history of misogyny. In the preface to “The culture of critique” Prof Kevin McDonald notes that the High level of male care of his wife and child required in northern Europe winter actually made monogamy a requirement of survival.

      There is a branch of psychology known as attachment theory that accounts for bonding between couples and between parents and children friendships et cetera. Breaking attachments causes quite a lot of pain. Long-term evolutionary pressures favouring romantic attachments may have altered the neurology of brains to favour sexual egalitarianism

  • I think that it is about time that if these Muslims cannot live in a civilized Western society, they need to be returned to a society that would be more comfortable for them.

  • Biff_Maliboo



  • I said, “This is what feminism’s about – women helping women.”

    No it isn’t, it’s all about bashing men. She’s one of those middle class, self loathing white liberals, hopefully this incident will waken her up from her ” let’s all help the ethnics ”  altruistic routine.

    •  Exactly “feminism” is basically black “civil” rights for white women, a carte blanche to denigrate White men and hold them responsible for keeping women “enslaved” in the house. 

      • Women should be having white babies and raising the future generation which is the most IMPORTANT task, because if they don’t, it’s the end of the white race.

        • Global Minority

          Would be nice. However, as a White woman I can’t seem to find a White man that wants a family! They feel it is some kind of curse or something and don’t want to be burdened. I know a lot of White woman just like me too. SAD

          • Which is more important ?

            1. A very bright woman lawyer
            2. A housewife with 5 kids

            It’s the woman with 5 kids, you can get a very intelligent male lawyer but a man can not have children.

            Since David Steel brought in the 1967 Abortion Act, 6 million white babies have been killed in Britain. You don’t hear that in the lame stream media.

            Blacks and muslims don’t have abortions, they just pop out babies left, right and centre. 

          • Xanthippe2

            Well I have never worked in an abortion clinic, but I have dispensed “Plan B” and other “morning after” pills for years. The non-White/White ratio of buyers is over 10/1.  And I now work in a 90% White area.  I bet the ratio would be even higher with abortion. 

            Whites plan ahead and are better at controlling their impluses.  Non-Whites — not so much.

            Some non-Whites may just hand off unwanted kids to relatives (or simply neglect them) and not care how many they have.  Many others think “opps” after the fact and get Plan B (or abortions).

          •  “A man cannot have children.”

            So much for sexual reproduction.  Maybe hundreds of millions of years of evolution…down the drain.

          • Boereseun

            Look at American abortion statistics since abortion became legal in all states, especially considering that a woman can now abort right through her pregnancy. No more ‘it must be before the third trimester’ little red-tape to get in their ways.

            Over 50 million aborted fetuses and counting. Puts to shame that 6 million figure you got there…   

            White women obtained 60 % or more of those abortions, so… how many white children was that down the tubes?

            Over 30 million white children have been aborted since Roe vs Wade in America alone. Worse than any Hitler I know of…

      • This is precisely what occured in the US during the 1960s so-called civil rights movement. Women, white women especially, unabashedly teamed up with blacks and other non-whites to decimate the leadership of white, traditional males. The result is an all too well documented slide in the last 50 years of an advanced nation to third-world hell. The United States, at the apex of world civilization, technology and natural resources is a now a magnet for worst of humanity, its children lost in meaningless dribble, and its former leaders seemingly helpless to recover the path to greatness. It really is the death of the West’s new world.

        • eunometic

          I think you’ve got to be very careful when saying that feminism is about bashing mem. I also think we shouldn’t generalise by saying civil rights movement was one of women attacking men.

          Women did have legitimate grievances. Marxist of a certain ilk. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Betty Friedan knew that they had to destroy Western culture in order to open the floodgates of immigration. By combining Marxism, Freud, female grievances, so called women’s liberation and sexual liberation they would be able to attack the nuclear family. Patriarchy just needs fatherly care it’s a nice term but by making father mean authoritarian personality they were able to make it ugly.

          It has to be understood that the culture of critique the attack on western values involves finding its weak spots and paradoxes and then attacking them and exaggerating them. Picking up the scabs of small wounds rather than seeking to heal them that’s the problem we have.

          We must ever forget that we do have real problems that we need to solve. The enemies of white people seek to exaggerate and make worse those problems. By pretending those problems don’t exist and becoming reactionary or going to the barricades we effectively play into the hands of our enemies who now present themselves as the only ones with the solution since we would be ignoring the problem.

    • I wouldn’t count on it. All evidence suggests she will just try harder next time….

      • I agree, she would throw any of us males here on Amren down the stairs. Remember, she was more concerned with what her third world friends would think of her plight than finding and ensuring justice for the indigenous white Britons.

  • Why these Muzzies are not in jail ?

    • Simple….Because they are muzzies….

    • blindsticks

      Beause it  seems  like the police  were too  frightened to even investigate the woman’s side of events.  Slimebags.   Btw, I wonder what ethnicty the security guard (doing the three wise monkey act) was; as many of them in this part of  westLondon appear to be
       of Somalian background.

      I’m British myself,  but perhaps we  deserve all we get. 

  • Just a little FYI, a “TESCO” store is the equivalent to our Walmart,  so it would be no surprise to find “vibrant, enriching” diversity here.  I’m sure just like our Walmarts, the Tesco supercenters bend over backwards to cater to their precious minority pets and their never ending government welfare gravy train.

  • Miss Heathcote-Drury says: ‘I find it very sad we live in a culture which seems to believe if we try to help someone, we’re asking for trouble.’

    That does it! Bias against ANOTHER culture…..Arrest her!

    Will surprises never cease. A  multi-culti- liberal feminist gets bitten by her pet. Rest assured, she most likely supported the diversity/ anti-white destruction of her nation every step of the way. And now she’s surprised to be a victim.  

    They made their bed, and now sooner or later, they’re all going to have to sleep in it. It’s only going to get much worse.

    Perhaps when their backs are truly up against the wall they will wake up and take their country back….but then, maybe not.

  • Australian feminist marxist Germaine Greer

    “Women’s liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary structure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true, so let’s get on with it.”

    But man made one grave mistake…he admitted women to politics and the professions. The conservatives who saw this as the undermining of our civilisation and the end of the state and 
    marriage were right after all; it is time for the demolition to begin.”

  • WhitesRdumb

    This is great. They need more Muslims like this to kick every Liberal.


  • And Yet It Still Moves!

    This is but a small result of the anti-White dogma forced on the White western world by feverishly hostile elites.

    I’ll bet this woman still harbors almost no animosity toward her accusers.   It does not matter that they made up such a wild tale about her, slanderd her and testified against her in court.  No White males were involved so no problem.

    I’ll also bet she wishes the Muslim couple had used such a tactic on a White male or two.  In the world of Leftwing PC, White males are the primary enemy and pretty much any behavior is justified in subverting their power.  A little collateral damage is ok as long as they get it right next time.

    At least the left wing fought itself, this time.

    •  She’ll find a way to make this the fault of Nick Griffin, or Enoch Powell, or he who must not be mentioned in order to to violate Godwin’s Law.

  • guest

    She should have done the smart thing and avoid the muslim woman.  She’s not a muslim so that makes her an enemy of muslims, no matter how helpful she was trying to be to her.

    • Of course, you are right, but liberals are incapable of realizing such truths. They think diversity will embrace them because they have sold out their race in the name of “equality.” The truth is, even other races see them as the traitors they are, useful idiots some might say. In a world ruled by diversity, the liberal traitors will be the first to go once diversity reigns.

  • Tim

    Makes me wish they were all Marine Le Pen and Bridget Bardot….I aopogize Ms. Bardot for liking Yvette Mimieux better…

  • This is a dog bites man story, it’s a non story.

  • There, there, Miss Heathcote-Drury.  Shushhhh, dear, and go on back to sleep, having learned NOTHING.

    • A Human in the NW Region

      Yeah really. When I read that ‘report’ in jibberish liberal newspeak, I saw clearly that this vacant, vapid white zombie is the perfect ‘battery operated bee’ for the Communist White Guilt Machine Government Complex, incapable of self-respect, pride, or common sense.

      As an injured White Woman, I feel for her on an ethnic basis alone (and shame on all you bashers by the way, the muslim filth did that to her hard enough, you need to ease off) and would step up violently and immediately to guard her and attack her assailants.

      In fact, I always stop and wait when a darkie approaches one of my own on the streets. If they give in to their natural programming (anti-white pogromming) I will quickly dispatch or dissuade them from doing so.

      • Good for you.  I’m the same way–silent guardian, watchful protector:  looking out for the brainwashed innocents.

  • “I have a lot of friends of different ethnic backgrounds and I didn’t want to plant even the smallest doubt in their minds about me.”

    There you have it… not being thought of as a “racist” trumps all else….

    • That’s exactly what I was going to write about.  I cannot understand why that thought would even be a thought.  She’s facing prison for something she didn’t do but she’s worried about how some non-white “friends” might feel about her.  How retarded is that?

      Some white people are going to have to be left behind.  She gets a taste of what’s really going on and AFTER being lied about, ignored by the Police and being charged with Hate Crime, her thought goes to her non-white friends but only to think about how they might think of her.  It’s infuriating for me.  It’s one thing to be naive but if you can’t learn, you’re hopeless.  We can’t afford to keep people like her.  She’s poison.

    •  Beat me too it.  I stop reading the article at that point.  I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what happened to her.  People like this are self-loathing and self-destructive. 

  • Global Minority

    It is hard to have any kind of sympathy for her. As she advocates for the destruction of her homeland through her “multicult” crap! I somehow doubt this woke her up at all. She is lucky he didn’t kill or maim her for life. Coming soon she will be forced herself to be treated worse than a dog and wear a burka.

    • I agree, she sounds like a do-gooder liberal who is now complaining because she got bit on the butt by the very same policies she would support if used against a fellow white

  • To her, it often felt like being trapped in a dystopian world in which she could not make her version of events heard, no matter how hard she tried.

    Welcome to our Hell.

  • sgmpalm

    Let’s not react to the situation but look at the big picture. How did the conditions that led to this confrontation occur?

    Here we have an obvious breach of political correctness. In the UK, as here in the US, minorities are now a “protected species”. In otherwords, hate crime laws now elevate minorities’ rights above the White majority. Secondly, the mass media works in unison with the politicians by using their media outlets to steer public protocol and brand those against immigration as racist.

    Here in the US a small hostile minority now controls the three pillars of power; media, banking, and politics. They achieved this mighty feat by working together and pooling their resources to create PACs (political action committees) that no other ethnic group can match. As you may be aware, I’m referring to Jewry. In the US the Jewish ACLU, ADL, SPLC, AIPAC groups work with their Jewish counterparts in the media, along with Jewish politicians, to spearhead their agenda of creating a borderless plural society with a single world governing body. Their modus operandi: non-White massive immigration, feminism, gay rights, hate crime laws, gun control, legislation against Christianity, Affirmative Action, legislation against free speech, internet control, etc. You get the picture. Simple research proves these facts.

  • Miss Heathcote-Drury says: ‘I find it very sad we live in a culture which seems to believe if we try to help someone, we’re asking for trouble.’

     The mongrel you were trying to help was not of English “culture,” and will never be. Don’t you get that!

  • “We live in a society in Britain where rights are equal”–Boy, did they have you fooled.

  • Jonetwo

    This is what pathological altruism gets you. You think you’re helping, but you don’t realize that your opinions from your well fed, well educated, well protected society weren’t asked for and aren’t wanted.  Mind your own business.  You’re so arrogant to think that everyone NEEDS your help or wants it.  You think that other people can’t possibly survive without your assistance and your enlightened points of view.  It’s why we have such a problem with blacks in this USA. I agree with the man in the article Miss Heathcoate-Drury, “F*** off!”

    • Yeah…it was hard to pick sides on this one. A muslim vs. a liberal, enlightended do-gooder, with the very beliefs responsible for promoting multiculturalism and diversity to begin with. In the end, I chose the liberal, but only because she was White. But there was a brief moment when I found myself rooting for the muslim….

  • 1proactive2

    Voters in Britain continue to elect politicians who allow this kind of multi-culti nonsense where thugs have priority over white citizens, regardless of the situation.  Because of this Britain now has a firmly protected class of people in their country.  We have them here:  blacks, gays, and hispanics. 

    Sorry, lady, that you are so naive, but you haven’t seen anything yet.  You’ve just been sent to school, as the saying goes.  Like the USA, it will get worse as your government continues to protect the vicious predators among you. 

    • alastairabbacle

      If you don’t obey and acquiesce  to our authority, we will loose our feral pets on you. 

  • 1proactive2

    This white victim wants to help a woman “for the cause of women”, when muslim women are already property of muslim men and have no choice in the matter.  Most muslim women, it seems, enjoy their status as property. 

    • Muslim women are Muslims first and women second. You can’t help them. 

  • Spartan24708

    She should have minded her own business. I would have had the same reaction if someone had started grabbing my stuff out of my cart. I think this was handled very poorly, minorities know how to play the system and most whites have no idea how to react to this.

  • ed91

    celebrity photographer………..   give me a break……..

    tell the truth………  another nobody who might want to think she could’ve been………………………………  well, different than she was?

  • Oh, the horror. She’s so far gone, being accused of a racial crime sends her into a tailspin of depression and psychotropic drugs.  I’m certain she didn’t learn her lesson though. She’ll try even harder next time to prove how diversity friendly she is.  Kinda surprised with all the CCTV in Britainistan that they had no video. Sad to see how low the once proud English people have fallen.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Hmm..Feminism meets Islam.
    Feminists hate men, Islam is mysoginistic.
    Put the two together = friction.
    Personally, though, if Britain was all white, I think I could put up with a few feminists. 

    • alastairabbacle

      White feminism is an exaggeration of the White woman’s proclivity to be resistant to sexual advances, bred for during the Ice Ages; the fierce pride of White women once helpful, now exaggerated.

      • The pride and intelligence of white women is their best characteristic.  Feminism doesn’t exaggerate a woman’s pride.  It tells her that nothing that happens to her is her fault, that nothing she does matters, that any kind of success is hollow because it plays into the patriarchial system, that they should hate their mother who gave birth to a white woman.
        Feminism, like the rest of cultural marxism, is a soulless suicide cult.

        • ed91

           some women, perhaps a lot of women, need to get over themselves.

  • Anonymous

    No sympathy for these feminists.  They hate white men and have joined the cause against us ‘bringing the man down’ for years now, so karma has come their way.  They think white men are oppressive and sexist?  Let (nonwhite) muslim men have power over them.  They’ll think the white man was an angel!

  • MekongDelta69

    Welcome to OUR world Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury.

  • Something tells me if this woman were seually assaulted by fifty Muslims, she’d blame Jared Taylor, Geert Wilders, and Nick Grffin for “creating a climate of hostility” against Muslims. 

  • Compare White men to the rest of the world and we look like saints. Do we cut their genitals? Is abusing them illegal and enforced? Is polygamy acceptable? Do they make out like a bandit in every divorce? 

    Western feminism is worthless and useless

  • Welcome to islam you brainless twit.

  • Diamond_Lil

    There is a lot of justified feminism bashing here, but there are many women who seek feminism in order to reassert control of themselves after being abused by men.  There is a lot of abuse against girls, women and boys by adult men, many of whom are white.  You Amren men need to protect us.  You will be surprised how many women will come back to the fold.

    • I disagree. 
      It is silly to think that a perfect gentlemen will suddenly become abusive after marriage and children. Women who get involved with abusive men ignore warning signs. No one forces a woman to marry and have children with abusive men. It is low self-esteem more than anything.  Feminism claims to empower women, but it does not, it only distances them from their own femininity. 

      I strongly advocate boxing classes for women, real boxing, not that sissy kickboxing point system. The sport where the goal is to knock your opponent unconscious. Awaken the “mama bear” instincts. Give her confidence within her femininity. Teach her to protect herself and her cubs from the world. Proactively defend herself and her unborn children by having the confidence, discipline and foresight to choose a worthwhile mate. Like attracts like, if a woman is honest with herself, confident and disciplined, she will find a man with similar attributes.

      Queen Gorgo from “300” and Mercedes from “Pan’s Labyrinth” are examples of what I would consider empowered women.

    • Jerrybear

      This blog is all about protecting our women. Western Civilization created chivalry and is one of the few cultures that respects women. Feminism is destroying our civilization by attempting to convince women that they are men. They aren’t men. When you feminize and demonize white males while refusing to have and raise children, there will be no one to protect women from the mysoginist cultures of the third world.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Ms. Heathcote-Drury, despite her brainwashing, will not forget this.  She will keep her tongue in the presence of her multi-culti friends for many years, but she will be looking at the world in a different way.  The seed of reality has been planted.  It will confirm all her intuitive feelings on these matters that have always been in opposition to her indoctrination. 

  • s shadow

    He said, “Oh, get lost.” I looked at the woman and said, “We live in a society in Britain where rights are equal – if you need help you can ask for it.” ’

    Being this meddlesome wouldn’t be welcome in any society.  The mans wife, who is also usually his first cousin, in Paki Land, will honor “blood is thicker than water” much more than some vague Marxist solidarity among all women.  Ms Drury is so disconnected from reality that she constitutes a danger to white society and herself.  I’ve never favored stoning women, or men for that matter, but her anguish for all the wrong reasons might justify a reconsideration.

  • ncpride

    Let me try this again on the right thread…

    After reading this article, I’d say Emma West is in some serious trouble when she ‘stands trial’ in a few days.

    I think the woman in this story is a naive fool, but it’s still a total shame the way the Brits treat their own people.

    • Diamond_Lil

      I signed off on an Emma West petition.  Sorry I don’t have a link.  My kids need to go to bed but google it.   We need to support her.  She was crass and indelicate, but she also spoke the truth and didn’t hurt anyone.   Words can’t hurt.

      • ncpride

        I sent her a letter of encouragement back when she was first jailed, but I’ll look for that petition online. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  • Xanthippe2

    There’s little disputing that Marx was male, but a case could be made for him not being truly White.  The same goes for many feminists.

  • I W

    It is more about destroying the Family structure than about emasculating men (though there is that too.) Just look at how the political left attacks stay at home moms.
    The Western Family structure is a critical part of the foundation of Western Civilization. Always has been, even to such a degree that our very governments and religions mirror the same family structure.
    Feminism is straight out of the Frankfurt school playbook for the destruction of Western Culture.
    Not to mention that all feminism did was to actually Lower women’s ‘value’ both to men and to society as a whole. Why buy the cow when…?
    I am not suggesting that women should not have a voice in government or in elections, what I am saying is that feminism killed the concept of “Women and Children First!” -one of Western Civilization’s cornerstones. Being treated as equals with men, instead of as treasures to be coveted, was actually a step Down the ladder for Western Women by and large. We never held with a burka, nor of treating women in any of the horribly backward way that 75% of the world Still does. Imagine Queen Elizabeth I trying to rule the Claiphate of Bagdadh. Yup, five minutes later, she’d be the highlight event of a public stoning, just for wearing that frilly collar instead of a veil.
    Now it has progressed to a point that I fear my NIECES may be drafted into the next real war, possibly even sent to fight that 75% who would likely cut her head off for even looking at them disrespectfully -merely so the Gloria Moon Dampers of the world can feel smug about their ‘contribution’.
    It is about the destruction of our civilization, which someone decided was their ‘enemy’ and somehow ‘evil’.

  • crazy_j

    Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

  • Boereseun

    Yes, South African whites didn’t just hand over South Africa to Marxist terrorists, we had the entire world gang up against us. Most white men served on the border and served their country well. They won their battles and war against those they fought; but yet they lost the final war, the war of propaganda. They were betrayed by their leaders and betrayed by their Churches.

    South Africa does prove one thing though, even when whites are far in the minority we can stand toe to toe with anyone and win. Not everything about South Africa needs to be about doom and gloom. 

    I don’t shed any tears for this lady, she got burned by the very ’causes’ she believes in and she won’t change after this incident either. It’s time for white men and women to stop fighting each other and actually realise that we cannot survive without each other.

  • Boereseun

    It’s not ‘absolutely true’ and you know that. Stop lying. Almost all white women get married. Just look up the stats for ‘never married women’ to get a picture. Sure, never married white women are increasing as time goes on because they, not men, decided to delay marriage to late twenties and thirties. I don’t need or want to marry a women past the age of 24. But please, continue to bash white men, it’s serving you oh so well right now. If you are not willing to sacrifice your youth and chastity for a man, why would he sacrifice his entire life to be with just one women? 

    If you’re a white woman, who is over thirty, had sex a lot and told good white men to ‘bugger off’ when you were in your twenties, please stop asking ‘where have all the good men gone?’. Seriously, it’s getting real old, real fast.

    White men not marrying might just be because white women, the legal system and feminism have made marriage an incredibly bad decision for any man to make.

    Reverse the anti-male legislation, affirmative action, no fault divorce laws and bring back a measure of the healthy father/child dynamic instead of praising single moms who kick their husbands out of home and maybe things might change.

    Till then, you need to ask yourself a simple question. What does marriage really offer a young man these days? If you’re struggling to answer that, perhaps that’s where your  cognitive dissonance arises from.

  • Boereseun

    Yes, 4 to 5 million white South Africans against the East, the West and almost everyone in between, I’m so ashamed of losing the war of public opinion… 

    • Boereseun

      Tim, you’re right, everyone telling us we were lousy, pathetic, racist non-human pieces of turd is what lost us the war. It’s the same thing that is making the West commit suicide. We fought it and a conventional war for almost 30 years, 30 years of constant hate, bashing from all corners, even from the supposed friends we fought with in World War 1 and 2. Everyone betrayed us and yet we kept fighting for years. They could not defeat us per normal way of conflict and eventually had to negotiate for a supposed ‘peaceful coexistence’. It was all a lie, there is no peace, no negotiation, just all out war or genocide.

      What more did you want from us white South Africans? We did all we could and were sold out by our leaders and other world leaders. We are a small population of people, yet we fought the mighty British empire to a stand still and we fought the world for an incredibly long time. Yet we still lost both wars, we simply do not have the man power to take on the world, I happily admit that. A few million compared to billions of others, no small feat.

      We have to learn to live with that, to rebuild a little bit of hope in our misery. YOU are going to learn to live with it because your governments sold you out to the same vermin that we were sold to.

      The point is to take the good with the bad, the good is we can win warfare against massive odds. The other good news is that there are many more white people in the world  than there are Boers. The bad news is that we continue to fight each other instead of the enemy.

  • They’ll get an Ethnostate within SA. Might take a a few more decades, but it will happen. 

  • I’m reminded of 50 shades of grey. I’m thinking this feminism is all an emotional shell she surrounds herself with. For all her squawking about “equality” and “independence” I’m willing to be she’s the type that would offer herself to an Alpha male in a second. Liberals are weak minded, she would do anything “the powers that be” told her was the right thing to do.   

  • Luis

    Would that be the same Left who screamed “power to the people’ in the 1960’s on the one hand, and believes that only the police and military should have guns on the other? That individuals should be disarmed?

    I’ve wondered myself, how are we supposed to “go green” and preserve the environment in this country, when millions of Third World types come here after wrecking their countries of origin? Haitians, Somalis, Mexicans, Muslims and Bantus are not exactly known for being environmentally conscious. 

  • This reminds me of John Derbyshire’s warning not to help black strangers

    but maybe this is also true about helping Muslim strangers .  What this is, of course, a defense tactic by Muslims when caught attacking non-Muslims: claim the opposite and shout “racist”.

  • This women is indoctrinated beyond help, but, let’s not forget- she’s a victim.
    Reading about her plight out-kafkas Kafka. Unbelievable.

  • maxsnafu

    Another idiot Leftist has her head handed to her by the diversity she drools over. Stupid cow.

  • godzillabloggs

    The British police often bleat that they are overstretched and need more resources.   As I see it, if they can spare the time and manpower to get involved in incidents like this, they cannot be short of cash.

         At the moment they are threatened with budget cuts and so they are predicting  another outbreak of rioting in London. 

  • godzillabloggs

    The buses in the UK have seats to which old people, pregnant women, disabled people have the first claim.  Youngish, able-bodied   people are meant to give then up if they are needed.  It has been noticed  – even by UK-born blacks – that immigrants  usually do not give  up the seats.

    Different cultures indeed. 

  • Johnny English

    That’s the point: self-righteous lefties will offer “help” whether it’s wanted or not (including the kind of self-loathing, alien-fetishising “telescopic morality” which goes back to Charles Dickens’s Mrs Jellyby). They probably even believe themselves to be helping (or at any rate vicariously atoning for) the indigenous whites, such as Jacqueline Woodhouse, by jailing them for daring to hold and – even worse – express in public views that are critical of (or otherwise antithetical to) the lefties’ multicultural utopia-in-the-making. They probably see it as a form of “tough love”.

    The Muslims, incidental beneficiaries of this misconceived, incoherent utopian project, hold it privately (and among their own kind) in utter contempt, but will generally express Taqiyya-compliant public approval of it (for the consumption of the Kuffar and other UK-resident lesser-breeds-without-Sharia). However, a unilateral and apparently spontaneous act of would-be-kindness (such as the one under discussion) plays no significant role (other than as an incidental symptom) in the socio-legal policies of the existing authorities that the Muslims wish to encourage and exploit; hence the unceremonious rough handling of this Good Samaritan.

  • HenryHolliday

    White men do want to marry, love and be loved, have children and raise a family. The reason why so many white men fear marriage is that it is an invitation to slavery and disaster, under the continued onslaught of radical feminism and the many other other manifestations of socialism in our society The chances are that the man will eventually wind up divorced, deprived of half his earnings, his savings, his possessions, and his retirement, if any. Until this social and judicial war on men ends, don’t be surprised if many of them don’t want to step into the bear trap.