San Jose District Accused of Racism over Photo Displays in Schools

CBS San Francisco, May 30, 2012

Controversy is brewing at a San Jose school district over displays of African-American and Latino boys placed in teacher’s meeting rooms. While the district has called it a way to make sure no child is left behind, some parents are calling it racism.

A parent contacted CBS 5 after discovering the display inside a meeting room at Julia Baldwin Elementary. The display consisted of photos of African-American and Latino boys, next to the slogan “Keeping Our Black and Brown Boys in Mind.”


We’re told that Baldin principal Joyce Millner instructed her staff the pictures would go up. Milner, who is African-American, did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday night.


The district said they are trying to close the achievement gap of African-American and Latino boys compared to Caucasian and Asian-American boys.

Teachers at all 19 campuses in the Oak Grove School District were asked to identify black and Latino boys, to boost them from basic to advanced.

CBS 5 has learned teachers held three separate meetings with administrators, fighting to remove the pictures and slogan. {snip}


Oak Grove Superintendent Tony Garcia also declined an on-camera interview. In an e-mail to CBS 5, he said, “We are proud of the fact that we openly discuss race and its impact on student success…” He went on to say that the district has specific focal students that all staff strives to know by name and face, to close the achievement gap.


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  • Any parent who continues to send a child to be indoctrinated at a public school is a fool or worse.

    • You did not defend our homeland and heritage. You let it all slip away.

      Why did you impose Department of Education on us?

      Now, we, the young people are paying the price of mass 3rd world immigration and white extermination.

      You destroyed us. But we must fight back.  So long as even 1000 white families are alive, hope lives.

      • Johnny Reb

        Listen Foo-Foo . . . don’t start with your “self-righteous anger directed at the older generation” baloney.  It you have real anger and not fake keyboard-ranger anger then get active and start rallying local whites in your community.

        There is no “you,” just “us.”    The problems we face today were not caused by “you.”  Furthermore, had you been a “you” then “you” wouldn’t have been able to stop it either.

        You can’t stop the power of ideas whose time has come.  Liberalism was such an idea in the post-World War 2 world and in a world sick of the Cold War.  Millions of whites deluded themselves into thinking that science and rationality were the answers.

         Now people see liberalism for the fraud it is and we whites have a real chance to re-establish ourselves.

        I think you’re well meaning, but my advice to you:  Grow up.

        •  typical baby boomer. Never accepting responsibility and always shifting the blame.

          Thats what baby boomers are good at.  Sterile, hedonistic, horrible parents, selfish, self centered, me me me….

          I do not expect anything from Geezers like you. We the young will have to be the greatest generation.  If we keep relying on gullible old fools, we will sink even deeper.

          You keep giving us prostitutes like Santorum, ROmney, Gingrich, Bush, Clinton… Carter.  When was the last time you ever made a normal, sane decision?

          • vladdy1

            This is not a generational-conflict site. It is a race-crtical site. Why don’t you take that silly stuff to Huffpo? And a word to the wise: Ad hominem is not debate. (Translation, just in case: name-calling is juvenile.

            Our problems are so serious that we have a caliphate conference in Chicago this month, muslims pushing for American sharia, and beat-downs of whites in our cities. We have schools that teach white childen to feel guilty and ashamed, and to top it off, we have obama and holder in charge  (or moochelle and valerie jarrett, depending on your viewpoint.)

            In other words, there are a lot more important problems to discuss than your deciding to put people in categories according to the year they were born. 

  • The superintendent’s name is
    Antonio Garcia?

    And this mex is racist?
    this EDUCRAT PIG has been feeding at the LIBERAL CALI school trough for over 20 years I bet.

    • ageofknowledge

      Might be an ex-card carrying member of Mecha.

  • The district said they are trying to close the achievement gap of
    African-American and Latino boys compared to Caucasian and
    Asian-American boys.

    A picture is going to “close the achievement gap” just as much as carpeted floors will make black students learn better.

    • MekongDelta69

      Carpeted floors in that district’s classrooms will serve two purposes:

      To allow black and brown kids to sneak out of class without being heard.

      When black and brown kids start stomping each other’s heads, the carpets will help soften the blows.
      (See? I have a ‘bleeding’ heart too!!)

  • Bo_Sears

    “The district said they are trying to close the achievement gap of
    African-American and Latino boys compared to Caucasian and
    Asian-American boys.”

    This is a perfect illustration about the problem with “Caucasian” as a label for the diverse white American students.  See how the other three labels recognize the diversity and nationality of the children, but “Caucasian” is used to diminish the young white kids…no “American” and no continent or culture demonstrating diversity.

    And schools these days, especially here in San Jose, value student diversity and nationality more than any other quality.

    A lot of white parents fail to recognize the different levels of respect accorded to their children at school.  The label “Caucasian” is distinctly used to smother the white kids’ diversity and nationality, two qualities otherwise treasured in other students.

    “Dumbing down” of white students is true, and this labeling is part of it.

  • Education is what you make of it, not the other way ’round.

    I know my son is intelligent, have known since the day he was born and I saw that bright spark in his grey eyes.  He turns in solid A’s and B’s in school and reads voraciously when he is home, with my encouragement and guideance.

    I can’t ask for any more than that.

    I seriously doubt that the Uruk young opt to pick up a book when they’re not in school or that their parent (parents?) encourage them to feed a natural curiosity via reading.

    Until “they” recognize that the achievement gap is there because whites and asians are just flat out smarter than Uruks, “they” will continue to throw tax money at it with the exact same results.  By the way, isn’t that the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

    Question to the Amrenners here:  DO the young Uruk display that innate curiosity about the world that white kids show?  I can remember when I was young, and all of us kids would read everything we could get our hands on… sometimes long into the night with a flashlight, against our parents wishes…

    • mikejones91

      I forget the exact quote but Abe Lincoln said something along the lines of–Some of them can be taught, but in terms of imagination (creativity), nothing is there. Do you home-school your kids?

      • Well, I guess the “official” answer is No, we don’t homeschool. 

        We’re in a very rural community, in a rural Commonwealth, so there are very few Uruk around to make trouble.  Seeing one is a rare occurance.

        Our son goes to the local Public School (I know, I know… don’t say it), because we cannot afford private or Parochial school.  When he first started attending, I requested his curriculum for the year… I wanted to KNOW what they were teaching him.  I was reasonably satisfied that his education would be center-right, as most of the teachers are lifetime locals.  Locals can almost always be counted on to be center-right in their political leanings.

        However, I make our son tell me everything he was taught in school, every day.  Things that are just blatant falsehoods (like hero-worshipping King, Kwanzaa, and/or Blaque Hissree Mumpf) are countered by me, personally, by telling and showing him the REAL story.

        Our boy is a real firecracker… I always tell him that if he has a problem with what they’re teaching him (and he knows the difference between political indoctrination and hard facts), for him to throw his hand up and ask the hard questions.  CHALLENGE your instructor to justify what they’re saying. 

        I have quite the collection of old history books.  Make that Pre-PC history books.  Just giving them to him and seeing his eyes light up, or hear him say “MAN!  They didn’t teach us ANY of this!” lets me know I am doing my job.

        My favorite book is called The Epic of America by James Truslow Adams, first published in 1931.

        First chapter is called:  THE MEN OF DESTINY.

        It is very pro-western/pro-white.

        If you can find an old copy, it would pay dividends to get it.

        • ncpride

          You sound exactly like me. My kids are still in public schools only because they are in rural areas in a small town, majority White, and the cirriculum meets my satisfaction. I pay close attention to what my kids are taught too, ready to intervene when the whole story is not told, or blantant lies uttered. I’ve only had to do that a few times…. once on a paper they were reading about ‘Native Americans’ and of course, MLK and Abe Lincoln. The schools they attend are fine now, but I shudder to think what they might be in 15 to 20 years when THEIR kids are ready to start, unless there are some major changes made in this country.

        • mikejones91

          See your doing the right thing my friend. I am only 21, and I don’t have children yet but I too went to public school. I live about 30 minutes outside of Philly so it’s pretty “diverse”. Surprisingly, my school really didn’t push that much of an agenda on us. However, when I got to community college, that was different story. That is how I came to this site, and race realism/realism in general. I wasn’t taught be a “racist”. I was raised by mother and I guess you could call her a liberal. Not an anti-white liberal, just your grandpas democrat as I like to call it. The idea of “racism”/All that jazz wasn’t even in my mind. I just couldn’t shake the feeling (in my sociology class in CC) that my teacher was trying to ridicule whites and make ME feel bad. He actually read the poem “white mans burden”. He’s a Nigerian. We spent the first few weeks on WASPS and your typical anti-white spew. The fact I came to “the realization” on MY OWN shows you what WE KNOW is VERY REAL. I think you doing the absolute best thing for your situation. When I have kids, I really don’t want to homeschool them, and I am not sure if there are non-religious private schools. I would actually prefer my child in public school. But I would do EXACTLY as your doing. Laying down the ACTUAL facts and tell my child to ask questions. Don’t always accept what they tell you as truth. A lot of people on here are very against public school and very pro home-schooling. I think you are doing a great thing. I think what your doing could actually be more effective than homeschooling. Your child will get to be around other children and socialize/develop like all children should. Not only that–you telling him to question the truth (should the topics/indoctrination) begin, he will know first hand that it DOES go on. A home-schooled kid told his entire life about our situation may one day question it himself, as he has never heard “opposing views”. Although I do wonder what do you tell your child in public school about blacks? Do you tell him/her NOT to associate with them? That will certainly lead to isolation (eventually) among his classmates. That or just raise him to be very “pro white” so to speak as to mold his interests/preferences around things blacks rarely like. Thus, almost guaranteeing your child will not have black friends. That’s one way to look at it. It worked for me! I started playing guitar/skateboarding/listening to metal when I was in middle school. Like most kids, my friends also had similar interests. There was plenty of blacks in my school but few liked the same things I did.

          • El_Magyar

            You should have learned how to incorporate paragraphs into your writing.

          • mikejones91

            I did learn that, so I do know how. I was on a mobile phone so the format is weird.

          • ncpride

            You don’t have to tell your children a thing about blacks if they are in public schools. Even in a majority White school, they can see for themselves how they behave without you saying a word. Blacks like to think it’s ‘racism’ that cause Whites to dislike them, when in fact it’s their own behavior and attidude. They are their own worst enemy.

          • mikejones91

            haha well that is very true. But if the child doesn’t get the big picture, sometimes they won’t put two and two together. I have been around blacks my ENTIRE life and until recently, just accepted their behavior as normal, and acceptable. “That’s just how they are” mindset.

          • ” when in fact it’s their own behavior and attitude. They are their own worst enemy”

            A black doesn’t need to commit a crime, they can just stand like a statue and do nothing and I still wont like them.

            Since the dawn of time human beings are tribal and territorial, we like to be around people that look like us and sound like us. It’s natural.

          • “Although I do wonder what do you tell your child in public school about blacks? Do you tell him/her NOT to associate with them?”

            My son has already made astute observations about the world around him.  He is 11, by the way.

            While his school is vastly white (thank the Almighty), there are some token blacks and latinos (you cannot escape them totally, but I’ll settle for tokens).  You would be proud to see all the kids with blonde hair and blue eyes waiting for their parents at the end of the day…. but I digress.

            To answer your questions:  I have told my son about the link between genetics and intelligence, who generally is smarter than whom and why.  I have also told my son about the Uruks’ propensity for spontaneous violence and lack of forward planning.  I have told him to be polite and to treat everyone fairly, but to choose who he makes ‘friends’ with carefully. 

            I have a blanket ban on Uruk in our home that is carved in stone.  (I might have to deal with them when I go to “town”, but I will be damned if I have to deal with them in my own home!)

            I tell my son that, unless he HAS to interact with Uruk, to avoid them whenever he can.  If he cannot avoid them, then to be polite, but wary of them without fail.

            Do I KNOW that there are ‘good’ Uruks out there?  Well, sure.  Law of Averages dictates that there are exceptions to every rule.  But I’m not going to be the one to go through busloads of Uruk looking for the one exception that won’t cut my throat and rob me…. nor will I sacrifice my only son on the altar of Political Correctness by letting him go on autopilot, waiting for the ineviteable.

            Yes, he is free to make his own decisions.  But I would be worse than remiss as a parent if I did not warn him about them beforehand. 

            Example:  We live in the country.  Should I “let my son make his own decisions” about whether to associate with an Eastern Diamondback?  Of course not!  You either give it a wide berth and leave it the hell alone, or you get the shotgun and shoot it.  There is no middle ground.  You cannot make “friends” with an Eastern Diamondback.

            Now, obviously, I am not advocating shooting Uruk on sight.  That would be wrong.  BUT, the warning is there:  do not associate with things that can harm you and/or kill you for no reason other than it is in their nature. 

          • crystal evans

             Does your child’s school have any Asian Americans enrolled? What do you tell him about them?

        • bluffcreek1967

          There is also another option for race-realist parents (who presumably are conservative in their worldview) whose children attend public schools: They can teach their children to think outside of the liberal and multicultural box; they can teach them to challenge what they read and what they are taught. They can teach their children that we ought not to fear the truth, no matter how unpopular it might be. They can teach their children to be respectful toward those who differ from us, but to be fully armed with the truth and know how to articulate it well.

          Granted, it’s much easier when we live in rural areas removed from all the inner-city garbage, but some of us are planted right in the middle of it (or near it) for the time being and we need to approach things a little differently. It takes much more effort, and it’s easy to be completely frustrated at times. However, when sheltering one’s kids, home-schooling (which is preferable!) or living in a rural community is not possible, it’s a good way to preserve our children and not lose them to the evils of political and racial-correctness. Just my opinion, that’s all.   

    • The problem is a white or east asian can learn from a book but others can’t

  • seek

    When blacks or Hispanics pride themselves on a “conversation” on race, what they mean is that they get to do all the accusing and whites get to do all the groveling, apologizing and atoning.   San Jose appears to be no exception to this unwritten rule.  

    If these civil rights shakedown artists want more black and Hispanic pupils to be placed in the “advanced” category, maybe these pupils can hit the books instead of their classmates for a change.  

    • mikejones91

      Thats the ONLY time they talk about race. Here is one thing I have learned. Challenge a black on what they say (on racial matters) they are shocked. They don’t expect it, which is why they rarely have a reply. I am on facebook and there is this black kid I know somehow who posted something like “all whites/asians are racist for NOT supporting Trayvon”. I called his error, and proved him wrong. He deleted his post and me as a “friend”.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Exluding Whites is a good to close the Achievement Gap. Everyone knows that whenever Whites disappear, the Congoloids and Aztecs all start imitating the Asians.

    We approve of this anti White racism. Sends the message to White students that their future will be horror filled, and they’d better prepare now by transgressing and transcending Diversity and manifesting and embracing Whiteness.

    “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option. It just feels right, and doubling down on it feels even better.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Bringing the future to us by reveling in daily racist rants,” 2004

  • Detroit_WASP

    Wow, what a gaff by the dsitrict.  Instead of calling it an achievement gap, maybe they should call it an achievement gaff? 

    If they really want to close the achievement gaff, they need to put all the whites in the back of the classroom, put plugs in their ears, take away their text books, make them wear baggy pants, and make them watch Spike Lee movies during study hall.  That MAY work, I think I will write to the school and make that suggestion.  

    • vladdy1

      Heh. This is very much like the short story (Vonnegut) called “Harrison Bergeron.” Anyone who hasn’t read it and wants a laugh — I recommend it.

      • Detroit_WASP

        I had someone tell me about that story YEARS ago….I mean 30 years ago and could not remember the name of it.  Thank you!!!

  • We need seperate school for blacks and whites which would benefit both races

    • crystal evans

       I could not agree more because prior to integration, black children did better academically in their own schools than they are now in better funded integrated schools.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         AND the whites have been torn down in many ways (not just academically), making it an easy chore for Asians to beat them in their own country in their own society.  Several years now, a kid from India has won our National Spelling Bee, WHAT A SHAME ON US!

        • crystal evans

           I believe that this year a white girl won the spelling bee. In fact, many of the spelling bee winners have been home  schooled.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             No.  I just saw it last week.  The girl was an Indian, not white.

  • crystal evans

    The only way black and Hispanic boys will ever be able to compete against whites and Asians is for blacks and Hispanic parents have to take an interest in their studies and make sure that their homework is done every night. This is the key to success that whites and Asians use to make sure that their kids succeed.

    • “…is for blacks and Hispanic parents… take an interest in their studies..”

      Yeah.. like that will ever happen.

      • crystal evans

         But that is the key to success. Parents must take an interest in their children’s education. They must have books in the home. They do not have to buy books. The children can get a library card and borrow books for them to read. Since it is now summer time, children should have a lot time on their hands to read. Dr Ben Carson said that when he started reading books, it opened his eyes to life beyond the ghetto and it changed him from a failing student to the top of the class.

        • vladdy1

          One thing that did reach a room full of ghetto kids is when I read Ben Carson’s bio (dumbed-down version) out loud to them. They spontaneously cheered, at the end — the whole class! But of course, they wouldn’t do the same for a book about someone of any other race and after a few days, the glow fades, and he is forgotten.

    • El_Magyar

      You are correct. Its not rocket science. If the parents are involved with the child’s education (and dare I say life), the child has an excellent chance.

    • haroldcrews

      Sorry but no it won’t.  The achievement gap remains in place even in solidly middle class two parent black families that provide their children the same nurturing as white and Asian parents.  On average said students continue to perform worse than white and Asian students; even those whites and Asians from broken homes.  Intelligence/educability  is primarily genetic.

  • More evidence that nobody, including our goverment, is looking out for our White children!

    • El_Magyar

      There are a lot of people looking out for the White children, mainly their parents. Except for the neck-tattooed white trash. Frankly, they should be thrown in the same labor camp as the others.

      • Really? Then why have schools become bastions of anti-White indoctrinati0n. If parents were looking out for their White children, this would not be happening.
        Not sure where the “neck-tattooed white trash” comment came from. But ok…..

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         No white is to be discarded or thrown into a dumpster labelled as white trash.  They need to be rehabilitated.  Many of them are merely victims of all the  propaganda that is aimed at making them what they have become.  I am against the label “white trash” or any such disparaging label being used for white people.

  • Francis Galton

    Not to worry–in about 100 years, when everyone has a brownish hue, there will be no more achievement gap–nearly everyone will be equally mediocre, and those who aren’t will be taxed/beaten out of existence.

    • Not mediocre but stupid it will be just like the movie Idiocracy

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Truly; and in the land of the blind, the one eyed, black, Asian, white female mix will Queen.

  • Didn’t Micheal Jackson have pics like that?  Why do they need pictures of the students unless they skip so much school the teacher doesnt know them.

    • vladdy1

      Their idea is, if they give them extra care and attention, they will straighten out and become intelligent. Which is, of course, silly, since first, that only increases their insane self-esteem, and second, they are the most hostile, impossible-to-talk-to kids anyway.

  • sbuffalonative

    Someone tried to do something good by creating this poster. Someone else saw the poster as ‘racist’.  This is a prime example of why nothing that is proposed to help blacks will succeed. Regardless of how earnest and sincere the motive, someone will see it as ‘racist’.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      How about those of us who see it as moronic?

      • I agree these are palliative solutions and completely ineffective. Like painting graffiti murals or planting community gardens, this display was a desperate but largely futile and meaningless solution. However, it was done with good intentions by the staff who were desperate to do something positive.

        My point is that every solution, good or bad (mostly bad and ineffective),  that is proposed is doomed to fail not only because it’s merely window dressing but it will be ultimately attacked as racist.

        It comes down to what I say all the time, when it comes to blacks, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you don’t offer a solution, you’re a racist because you don’t care about blacks. If you do offer a solution but it doesn’t solve the problem, you’re a racist because you offered a racist solution was doomed to fail  because it didn’t take into account the ‘unique’ problems black allegedly face ever day as victims of a racist society.   

        In other words, when it comes to blacks, there are no workable solutions.  

  • IKantunderstand

    Um, not sure what the problem is here. They are apparently black/brown. They are not competeing with Whites/Asians. So, they should be ignored? Moved to another school? Have their photos whitened? Have their photos stay the same, but characterize them as white black and white brown? Is there any way to win this racial merry-go-round? Is there ever a finish line for  horses on a carousel? 

  • WhitesRdumb

    I recently walked through the University of Berkeley campus in
    California. All their lamp posts are adorned with banners bearing the
    faces of students (or models posing as students). The banners
    displayed a cornucopia of diversity except for one: The evil white
    male was not present on any banner on campus.

    I also looked through the information pamphlet for the University of
    Davis. I counted 3 white males, and they were in the background on a phote of the campus, and barley noticeable.

    No racism against white males in California.

    • The__Bobster

      I believe my old engineering college is still over 50% White male, yet you’d be hard pressed to find any of them in the photos in the brochures enclosed with their begging letters. And they think they’ll get money from me when I can’t identify with the students anymore?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I saw this too when I was on Berkley’s campus two weeks ago — it’s impossible NOT to notice those banners, they are everywhere — and you’re 100% correct.  I did not see ONE White face among them, even though according to Berkeley’s own stats, Whites make up about 27.1% of the student population.

      Berkeley student demographics:

      Black:  2.7%
      Mexican/Chicano:  7.3%
      Chinese:  21.1 %

      In fact, it you look at the chart here:

      You’ll notice the black population has declined from 2007-2011 from 3.4% to 2.9%, Hispanics have fallen from 8.4% to 7.3% of the student population – but you’d never ever know it from looking at those banners!! (Blacks and Hispanics are being funneled to the lesser UCs, which have easier admission standards than Berkeley).

      And, if not for Prop 209, you can be sure the black and Hispanic populations would be much higher, the White population as a percentage, lower.

      Prop 209, BTW, is the reason many of the UCs are listed in the top 10 of U.S. News and World Report’s best public universities, which Berkeley often leads at #1.


  • Johnny Reb

    More negro/non-white “magical tinking.”  Voodoo in the schools.

    This is why few non-whites ever progress beyond their ghettos.  They think they can con their way to success or just use some easy short-cut.  You’re not going to close  academic  “achievement gaps” with a bunch of pictures.  It requires actual STUDY . . . that means the discipline to pay attention, good reading and note taking skills, homework, practice, parents instead of sperm donors and two-legged wombs, etc, etc.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      You’re not going to close  academic  “achievement gaps” with a bunch of pictures.  It requires actual STUDY . 

      Closing the academic “achievement gap” between Whites/Asians and blacks/Mexican would require figuring out how to raise IQ black/Mexican by at least one Standard Deviation (≈ 15 IQ pts.) which, as of 2012, has not happened.

      No amount of study, special programs or a trillion wasted educational dollars have been shown to raise intractable IQs

      As Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve writes on efforts to raise IQ levels:

       We have no evidence at all that we know how to produce lasting increases in IQ scores after children reach school.


  • There’s a lot of silly stuff that goes on in the schools but drawing a line in the sand over this seems misdirected at best. Yes, they are pointing out race to enhance a teaching effort but look at it this way – at least the administration is openly admitting that their minorities have a problem in a minority run school.

  • mobilebay

    Why are we wasting time discussing schools in Mexifornia? That state has been lost to this nation. We, who elected those more interested in foreign invasion than their own people, have let them get away with turning this country into the next third world. No matter what anyone says, we are NOT all created equal in learning. Billions have been spent trying to disprove this by those who still think we are.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      ….”we are NOT all created equal in learning.”

      And if we cannot learn from the California example rather than just write it off, a state that had in the 1980s the 7th largest economy in the world, and only turn against whites who point this out (not you necessarily, but Kali hating whites like Black Oboongo), only help bring on the same result for the rest of the country and keep the whites who see this bickering among themselves.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    “The district said they are trying to close the achievement gap of
    African-American and Latino boys compared to Caucasian and
    Asian-American boys.”

    It’s really quite simple.  Add one letter grade to the Black and Latino just for showing up on the day of the test. Add another letter grade for getting their name right, even if they misspell it. And a third letter grade for turning the test in. So all they have to do is show up on the day of the test, write their name, turn the test in and leave. They won’t have to answer a single question on the test, so they will be spared  damage to their fragile manhood. They will be a good solid “C” student. 

    • mikejones91

      hahahaha that’s good.