Beale Predicts Violence If Metra Doesn’t Hire More Minorities for Rail Project

Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun Times, May 31, 2012

An influential alderman warned Metra’s executive director on Thursday that “people are going to get hurt” if the commuter rail agency fails to bolster minority participation on a $133 million South Side railroad bridge known as the “Englewood Flyover.”

Ald. Anthony Beale (9th), chairman of the City Council’s Transportation Committee, did not explain who he believed would “get hurt” or who the perpetrators might be. But, he was clearly referring to civil disobedience or maybe even violence at the construction site.

“I’m trying to help you help yourself. When I say that, problems could arise. When you look at a community like Englewood [that] is challenged and you have over $1 billion of work coming through and there’s no people of color working on that project, I’m afraid people are going to get hurt,” Beale told Clifford during Thursday’s committee hearing.

“When you look at the make-up of the community—when you look at the unemployment rate … in that particular community, it’s probably 35, almost 40 percent. … To have a contract come like this in the African-American community with less than one percent minority participation is an insult.”


As required by federal law, Metra established a 25 percent benchmark for “disadvantaged business enterprises,” a category that includes any business with an annual net worth that does not exceed $1.32 million, Clifford said. That means small businesses as well as those owned by minorities and women.

“By federal statute, we are not allowed to set a minority target. If a bidder comes in and achieves that goal—25 percent DBE—they have met the federal mandate. The federal mandate is what I must follow and I will not violate the law,” Clifford said.

Earlier this year, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Chicago) was threatening to stop Metra “in its tracks” unless black contractors get a piece of the pie.


U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Il.), Gov. Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel all supported the end sought by Rush without justifying the means: a threat to shut down the project if minority contractors don’t get their fair share.


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  • lol
    let them riot
    it’s not like white people will do a damn thing about it

    except, build Habitat Fo Humanity houses and pay for the riot cleanup

  • An influential alderman warned Metra’s executive director on Thursday
    that “people are going to get hurt” if the commuter rail agency fails to
    bolster minority participation on a $133 million South Side railroad
    bridge known as the “Englewood Flyover.”


    If Beale is thinking riots, that’s all he’ll be doing.  Almost all black riots are the direct or indirect consequence of some law enforcement action.  This is why I doubt there will be riots if Obama loses.

    • Dont forget about power outage riots, well thats mostly just looking

    • Traditionally, yes, but now I’m not so sure. Their “gibs me dat” attitude is at an all time high. They’re well aware there are no consequences for their actions, hence the continued flash mobs. Obama has taken typical black behavior to the next level.

  • MrGJG

    He’s basically threatening bodily harm if he doesn’t get his way and that’s not illegal?
    How far does this go before somebody, anybody in power says enough? The worst part is, if they do start assaulting white people, we’re no longer legally allowed to defend ourselves. To fight back would be racist.

  • Church_of_Jed

    We just couldn’t invent the blacks, unless we were drunk. Normal White thinking can’t comprehend their innervoodoo.

    So, just which blacks are employable by Metra, the ones who will break some White skulls?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      So whence the negro, Rev?  I cannot fathom a loving God creating them, either. Somebody better come up with a good explanation or I am going to have to rethink my Creationist beliefs.

      • Church_of_Jed

        DNA was universally distributed across much of the animal kingdom, and our physical form picked up some of it. But our White skin and other tendendices of elevated greatness were deposited directly into us by God, probably at a Adamic moment, but sense it was supernatural, we’ll never find physical clues.

        God created White Humanity’s differentiation from the rest of his creation. Whiteness was his chosen from for showing the best of his imagination, and now Whiteness is serving the role of suffering Christ-likedness.

        When we resurrect our memory of Whiteness and the ordination of White privielge as the Christ bearing form of moral righteousness, we bless God, and he will bless us in return.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Yes, for intelligence, beauty, and creativity, the white race has it all!  

          No brag.  Just fact.

          –Will Sonnett

      • haroldcrews

        God makes genius individuals and He makes some individuals mentally impaired. The rain falls on the just and unjust alike.  I see or know of no reason why He would not treat races the same as He treats individuals.  He gives His gifts or withholds them according to His plans.

    • El_Magyar

      Thats what I was thinking. How many of the porch-sitting, malt liquor-drinking, illiterates are employable? Seriously, you havr to have some sort of marketable skill to get employed. Being a minority in a largely minority area where is being done is not enough. Good Lord.

  • dougjnn J

    I won’t be paying for no riot cleanup, not voluntarily, that’s for sure. 

  • Had enough “diversity” yet in BRA?

    Mob rule is what this is.  It’s extortion the Mob would be proud of:

    “Give us what we want, or we’ll riot.”

  • splitsing

    This is how business is done in South Africa.  Welcome to Obama’s second term.

  • Francis Galton

    Here’s what I gather from this story (and others like it): blacks on the whole are so incompetent that they can’t even achieve parity with Whites when everything HUMANLY possible is stacked in favor of blacks and against Whites.  Those genes show no mercy, do they?   

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Predicts?  Warns?  
    No, it should read, “threatened.”

  • IKantunderstand

    Beale’s comments were so cryptic and mysterious, that the Chicago Sun Times brought in a well renowned and famous soothsayer(San Francisco city council routinely seeks his counsel). The soothsayer opined, “Verily, I have no answer as to who would be injured, and who might be the perpetrators. But, you need to rename Lake Shore Drive. Call it, Harvey Milk Way. To kill 2 birds with one stone, perhaps call it: Harvey Chocolate  MLK  Way.”   

  • I am guessing these will be union jobs, so all you white union members take notice. These are the people you put in office.

    • El_Magyar

      Bingo. The white working class needs to decide which direction it wants to go. Frankly, I find the white working class to be a big part of the problem.

  • Predicts violence or threatens violence? This sound like extortion to me.

  • Major

    How many blacks can be supported by one shovel?

  • Johnny Reb

    This really isn’t a story about blacks acting childish, threatening and just being their usual thuggish and brutish selves.

    It’s really about big city politics and which gang of crooks gets to stick their paw in the public till.

    One group of criminals (the people now running the issuance of the contract – probably jews . . . maybe irish) are being opposed by another group of criminals (blacks).  It’s a fight about who gets to share in the profits from the theft of public funding.  The negroes want their cut.

    I point this out because I think it’s important for us to remember that our work doesn’t end with just cleansing ourselves of non-whites.  Lots of whites need a good tune-up too.  Our whole system is rotten.  That’s why we got into this mess in the first place.

  • seek

    Amazing, isn’t it?  Those who “predict” a riot are generally the people who create one.  Chicago’s white politicians shouldn’t give into this shakedown for a second.  Of course, that would take courage.  But how many whites in that city have courage? 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Forced to hire the unemployable…seriously?
    I see two scenarios will happen from this:
    1. They hire the lazy sloven blacks, who skip work, show up late, preform half-assed production and complain they are worked too hard. They will sexual harass any woman in the work place and steal anything not bolted down. Eventually they will cry racism and sue the company through some Ghetto lottery.
    2. They don’t get hired and they make due on their threats to riot and cause major destruction to Chi-Town making Mrs. O’learry’s cow’s  actions look like a girl-scouts campfire.
    I personally like the second option, just release the National Guard on them with orders to shoot to kill all rioters.  How much farther can we fall as a nation?

  • Southern__Hoosier

    The Metra can hire Blacks for the cleaning crew instead of illegals.