The UEFA European Football Championship is second only to the World Cup in size and prestige, and it’s equally rich in storylines. But right now, one storyline seems to overwhelm all others.

The story today is not whether Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo can shake his reputation as Europe’s Lebron James, a man who wows fans all season only to choke in big games. Nor is the story about whether defending champion Spain can defend the title without two of its biggest stars. It’s also not about how Franck Ribery and the French squad can rebound from an embarrassing, soap opera-esque campaign in the 2010 World Cup.


Nope, the story today is about racism, especially within the stadiums of Poland and Ukraine, which are jointly hosting the Euro 2012 tournament beginning Friday. The day before the competition began, the Dutch national team opted to train on the opposite side of its training ground at Stadion Miejski in Warsaw because of racist chants, Dutch captain Mark van Bommel said Thursday.

And while a recent BBC investigation showed several instances of bigotry and racism at club games there—some of them violent—Polish and Ukrainian officials are insisting their countries have been misrepresented.

“There is a problem with racism and anti-Semitism in Poland, but it is blown out of every possible proportion in this material,” Marcin Bosacki, Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman, said of the BBC documentary. ”We are hospitable and treat all people who come here as friends.”

Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK Volodymyr Khandogiy also defended his country, saying, “Ukraine is very well known for its tolerance and it has a long history of living together with other nationalities. In our national football championship, roughly half of all the players are from Asian, African and Brazilian countries.”

Regardless, many players and former players are speaking out, and English police issued a warning to fans after the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group Donetsk Company threatened to attack black and Asian English supporters during the tournament, Sky Sports News reported.

The families of Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, black English internationals who play for London’s Arsenal, have said they will not attend the tournament because they fear becoming victims. Former English captain Sol Campbell, in the BBC documentary, warned his countrymen to stay out of the host countries.

“Stay at home. Watch it on TV. Don’t even risk it because you could end up coming back in a coffin,” he told a reporter.

Italian international Mario Balotelli threatened to walk off the field if he was the target of racism during the game. He had some pointed words for anyone who might hurl a banana at him—an expression of bigotry in Europe that has been all too common at soccer matches in the past.

“If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him,” he told Football France. “Racism is unacceptable to me, I cannot bear it. I hope there will not be a problem at the Euros because if it does happen, I would straight away leave the pitch and go home. . . .   We are in 2012. It can’t happen.”


Anti-racism advocates say they appreciate UEFA’s stance, and Piara Powar, executive director of Football Against Racism in Europe, told Reuters after Platini’s news conference, “There is no question we are more worried about racism at this tournament than at any other and it is good to know that Mr. Platini understands what is going on.”

The group will have 31 independent monitors—with two at each match—looking for evidence of racism, both obvious and nuanced, and will report any “right-wing banners and insignia, and discriminatory chants” they see or hear in the stands. They will also observe online fan networks prior to matches to determine if incidents are being planned, according to UEFA.

Fans will also be encouraged to help monitor behavior, as UEFA will have a dedicated hotline to report racism as well as an online form, both of which will be publicized outside of stadiums prior to matches, UEFA says.

“The UEFA system is three strikes and you are out,” Powar told Reuters. “A fine, then another fine, then forcing teams to play behind closed doors. If the system is in full effect we could have a team kicked out of the competition for far right banners.”

After the 2008 Euros, UEFA fined the Croatian national team almost $21,000 for racist banners and chants during their Turkey game.

While Platini has said he can’t predict what will happen once you pack tens of thousands of fans into Polish and Ukrainian stadiums, he doesn’t think either country presents an exceptional case of racism. It’s more a microcosm of the bigotry around the globe, he said.

“I don’t think there’s any more racism in Poland and Ukraine than in France or anywhere else, or even in England,” he said. “It’s not a footballing problem. It’s a problem for society but we will try our best to regulate the problem in our football.”


In the BBC Panorama episode titled “Stadiums of Hate,” reporter Chris Rogers attends club games in the host countries for a month. He encounters fans in Lodz, Poland, making monkey noises at black players and chanting, “Death, death to the Jewish whore.” In Warsaw, Rogers stepped off the train to see “White Legion” spray-painted on a wall with a white-power symbol, the Celtic cross, planted between the two words.


Despite these seemingly indisputable images, the documentary is not without its detractors. Bosacki of the Polish Foreign Ministry called the episode “cheap journalism,” while Khandogiy, the Ukrainian ambassador, called it “unbalanced and biased reporting.”

“Racism and racial ideology is against the law, and if those young fans were shouting anything close to Nazi slogans they would have been prosecuted,” Khandogiy said.

Even one of the documentary’s sources—the American-born Jonathan Ornstein, who heads the Jewish Community Center of Krakow—has come forward to say the BBC “exploited” him as a source.

In a statement to The Economist, he wrote, “The organization used me and others to manipulate the serious subject of anti-Semitism for its own sensationalist agenda; in doing so, the BBC has insulted all Polish people and done a disservice to the growing, thriving Jewish community of Poland.”


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  • Nope, the story today is about racism, especially within the stadiums of
    Poland and Ukraine, which are jointly hosting the Euro 2012 tournament
    beginning Friday. The day before the competition began, the Dutch
    national team opted to train on the opposite side of its training ground
    at Stadion Miejski in Warsaw because of racist chants, Dutch captain Mark van Bommel said Thursday.

    The only soccer games I ever watch are in the World Cup, both any American games and the final.  I don’t know much about soccer, but I was able to tell that the “Dutch” team (heavily black) that was in the final and thankfully lost to almost all white Spain in 2010 WC, played like a bunch of thugs and goons.

    •  By current standards, the ‘Dutch’ team was actually NOT heavily black…

      The Spanish team, however, actually had an Iberian character: fancy that, the players actually reflected the nation they are supposed to represent!

  • Europe’s soccer is as bastardized as the US NBA and MLB.

    You couldn’t PAY ME to watch pro sports. 
    I cut the cable cord on that garbage long ago.
    Let them starve.

    • TIDES gave the NBA an A+ for diversity in 2005.  The players were 78% diverse.

      • Is not ANYthing reported by such a news outlet biased Liberal tripe – esp in europe?

  • The French team at the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, had 9 Africans, 1 Arab and 1 real Frenchman in it !!

    Not really French, is it ? makes a farce of the whole competition, they should have been disqualified.

    • I heard that the “one real Frenchman” is, however, a treasonous convert to Islam.

  • RockyBass

    You mean to tell me that Blacks and their wondrous cultural enrichment is not a cherished addition to every land?   

  • mikejones91

    Most good boxers are black but everyone knows a good mma fighter could take on a great boxer.

  • mikejones91

    My history teacher said that Europe was very “xenophobic”. I showed immigration numbers on my laptop, he still didn’t change his mind but I’m sure he felt like a d***.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    In some cases, they should just call it the African League Championship, and be done with it.  I’ve no interest in watching bantus playing against bantus.  Another reason to avoid all professional sports featuring africans.

  • SAMizdat

    Talking about racism in soccer: The most popular sport among white South Africans is rugby. Rugby is under immense pressure to “transform”, which means racial quotas in teams. The problem is that the local blacks are physically too small in a sport in which size is literally everything.

    Come 2010, the Soccer World Cup was hosted in South Africa. It was a sickening spectacle of African nationalism. For example, the local team played all its matches with not one, single white player ever taking the field. So, whereas rugby is under immense pressure to impose racial quotas, soccer is under no such pressure.

    Embarrassingly for the black racists in charge of South Africa and its soccer, its all-black team failed dismally, and was sunk by a goal from a white player, Diego Forlan.  

    • JackKrak

      Yes, SA’s all-black team failed miserably. And SA’s nearly all-white rugby team is among the world’s elite, currently surpassed only by the All Blacks.

      Some of you will get it…..

      • Commenter

         I get it. Just to explain to non-Rugby watchers, The All Blacks is the name of the New Zealand team (approx two thirds white, one-third Maori/Polynesian, and captained by the remarkable competitive force that is Richie McCaw. They are named for their all black playing strip.

      • JackKrak

        Actually, moderator, that’s not exactly the case. The rugby team is the All Blacks and the national soccer/football/whatever you call it team is the All Whites.

        The best, though, is their national basketball team – the Tall Blacks. Really.

  • IstvanIN

    Shouldn’t a Polish team be Polish?  Shouldn’t an English team be English? Or at least British?  How about the Itailian team?  Let the African teams be African. 

  • haroldcrews

    ‘Racism’ is unacceptable but apparently killing someone who throws a banana at him is.  How very morally elevated of Mario Balotelli.

  • haroldcrews

    The cameras and microphones must also be ‘racist’.  Reminds me of those ‘racist’ cameras and mics in DC that didn’t pickup the N word that some Congressman says were directed at him when he walked through a Tea Party protest on the Capital steps a few years ago.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    The BBC has devoted far more time to football racism in the Ukraine than it ever did to the disgusting crimes against children committed by muslims in the north of England.  In fact, it devoted more time to reports on the health of a black footballer who collapsed in a match.   Well, we all have our own priorities.

    I suspect that the negative attention being given to Ukraine is linked to western hostility to that  country’s government, a government which has shown resistance to western plans for  its country.

    • The BBC doesn’t stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation but the Black Bolshevik Corporation.

    • I am repeating this second hand, as I do not watch the BBC or much TV (unless I can help it or have specific reason to)……but yesterday, Friday the 8th of June, according to a relative of mine who rang me up to tell me –  the BBC drama called Casualty had a storyline that touched upon sexual predators and grooming of a vulnerable young white teenager who was in some sort of care situation or known to the authorities.

      “Oh really?!” I thought. “They must be getting brave now that the issue has become a bit more acceptable and notorious”……but apparently, I need not have feared, according to my relative, the perpetrator was, of course, white.

      I do not know what form of storyline it was taking, or whether it was supposed to a mirror situation indicative of the Asian grooming or not, but it is of course typical for the BBC too switch reality roles. 

      Storyline about burglars, white. Story about drug dealers, white. Story about racism and bigotry, black victims white perps. Story about ambitions to become a brain surgeon or leader of some sort, black. Gang of youths terrorising a tower-block, white. Good Samaritan who saves a life, black. That is how it seems to be to anybody who is cynical wide awake.

  • curri

    Zionist Alexander Boot writes about the history of violent anti-Semitism and anti-black racism in Ukraine and never deigns to mention the millions of Ukrainians killed by Stalin and his (largely Jewish) henchmen during the Holodomor.  But if he were to cast his gaze in the direction of Israel and discuss Jewish mistreatment of blacks no doubt he would use the Holocaust as a mitigating factor. 

    • Bill_der_Berg

      “But if he were to cast his gaze in the direction of Israel”….. he would very quickly avert his gaze, and he would be careful to say nothing about what he had seen.

  • What?! The BBC is spreading agenda driven propaganda, relentlessly, about racism?! Give over! LOL.

    (They are ramping this up to hyper-drive, as usual).

    The BBC and other British news outlets seem to be saturating the airwaves with this “racism in European football” stuff. It has been like watching people in a mental asylum dribble like zombies as they pump out such mind-numbing societal programming memes for the other zombies in this nation to catch like a bite sent over the airwaves.

    It should be quite clear what they are up to. They want to pressurise these -still vastly white and homogeneous- Eastern European countries to open their floodgates to the third world and to become like Paris, or London. Oh no, racial homogeneity will simply not be tolerated!

    Therefore, what they will do is whip up a load of hysteria and propaganda, hit these nations in the pockets by letting them host World Cups etc and then imposing crippling financial and political sanctions upon them, applying external pressure to “prove” they are not “intolerant” societies, have their internal matters scrutinised and “shamed” if they do not comply with the decadent and decaying western Europe.

    They are massaging a scenario, they are sneakily trying to force these countries to change, against the will of their own people. The people doing this are scumbags, who we all know have a wider agenda in mind for this world.

    They will want to see legislation and laws for “immigrant rights” and “diversity” to be taught in schools,  for a whole “race industry” to set up there inside these nations like a disease ridden trojan horse.

    I do not normally condone idiotic monkey chanting noises, banana throwing, seig-heiling, skinhead footie hooligan types. I usually find them to be a massive disaster for presenting a good image and rhetoric for our movements in this country and in western Europe……

    ……however, seeing as these Eastern European nations are not as “badly gone” or are as ‘brainwashed’ as, say, England, I say “good on you!! Keep up the hostility, keep up the beatings, keep up the notoriety that keeps immigration and ‘liberals’ at bay.

    Yes, it is nasty. Yes, it is brutal. But I would much rather they nipped it in the bud by remaining pro-white in this extreme way and keeping a reputation for hostility – and avoiding a disastrous future – than them grovelling and begging and saying “we are not racists, we will import thousands of blacks and muslims and arabs and chinese and give them welfare and rights and rub ourselves into the ground to prove the western media wrong!”.

    If they are not already aware of what places like London, Birmingham, Blackburn, Leicester, Luton etc are like in the UK……if they are not aware of the trouble in Paris, Cologne, Malmo…..if they are not aware of how the “powers that be” will “work on” their society and “roll out” this nightmare onto them, they need to be warned about the techniques they use, what will happen, show them how it will end up and what the “arguments” will be and how to defeat them before they grip hold tightly.

    Many of us have never been to these countries. I have been to Poland, and compared to where I live, it was much more of a relaxing holiday than normal, simply for the fact it was so white. I don’t know whether that has since changed, but it was THAT white I could hardly believe it. Where I live is 30+% Pakistani now, so walking around towns and cities where pretty much every face was white was really a phenomena!

    Although we may not live there, I think it is our duty to provide them with the tools for fending off ‘change’ for the worse. I don’t know how we would do that, but some of these places still stand a chance of surviving, despite low birth rates.

    The same “patterns” will surely be brought to them. The same arguments, the same excuses……. we have seen them already in our nations. It would be good if we could somehow pass on our advice and experiences so they do not walk in our shoes.

    • JackKrak


    • Aw comeon…

      Who doesn’t enjoy throwing a banana now and again?

      I don’t care who you are, that there is funny…

      • Bill_der_Berg

        Do you shout ‘That’s for Fred Zimmerman” when you throw the banana?

  • Bill_der_Berg

    Nothing would be gained by punishing the youths responsible for the inappropriate chanting. It would be far more constructive to focus attention on the social and economic factors giving rise to the apparently ‘racist’ behaviour.  Clearly , the banana throwing and monkey noises are protests against the unfairness of society, and point to the need  for more inclusive social policies. 

    I am prepared to lead a  commission of inquiry into the matter for an appropriate fee.

  • Hardship breeds quality.

    The tree which grows on poor soil, high in the mountains, will always have the most beautiful wood.  It’s just the way things are.

    And so it is with whites:  the worse off they are, the stronger they become, the stronger the bonds between family members.  The Great Depression in the US forged a generation that was not only one of the most moral in our history, but that generation also went on to win WWII.

    Soft living has made us weak…

  • “If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him.”

    So someone stereotypes you as a violent ape, and your response is to threaten to act like one?  I’m just curious, but are black people incapable of seeing why this won’t work?

  • And then raking it right back out… According to Paul Kersey (if I can find the article I will add it), the wealthiest NBA player is some mediocre, largely unknown White Midwesterner who collects *relatively* modest pay.

  •  Right? And talk about ‘biting the hand that feeds you’!

  • Yes, it is, quite frankly, a complete nightmare.  Many people have no idea *just* how bad it is here, and with regret, the pace and scale is still mushrooming.

    A mixture of avoidance techniques, escapism (tv, celebs, drink,drugs, football), or mental re-adjustment to “fit in and get on with it” seems to have consumed the nation.

    It is ‘crushing’ for those of us who are switched on and yet have to watch the herd milling about as though there is nothing wrong going on. Who knows what their solitary thoughts are. They certainly don’t seem to manifest or muster much in terms of political or societal support for white society or tougher parties than the ‘mainstream’.

    Depressing doesn’t really cover it really. It’s pretty hard at times to keep your chin up and keep ‘bothering’ to care, if the truth be told. It’s like being in a slow motion car crash.

  • Strider73

     Also, Liverpool has recently purged its roster of all but a few blacks. (Even the two Brazilians are white.) The team is now watchable again.

    Still, my #1 favorite team remains Zenit St. Petersburg, which is one of Europe’s best sides and Bantu-free by popular demand.  Seven of Russia’s starters play for Zenit, which is why I’m pulling for them to win the tournament.

  • It is hard to gauge really.

    Sometimes you think, or like to think, that the air could be cut with a knife and that there are millions of subdued people out there who are pro-white but keep their head down…..then at other times, you are reminded that people do not seem to care at all.

    In my town, which is now over 30% Pakistani and Bangladeshi, there is a mixture of those who seem not the least bit phased by it all – and yet, with many others, you only need to give a green-light signal that you are not one of the herd and people open up a fury of bitterness about what is going on.

    Unfortunately, many are not educated in nationalism and do not know how to handle it or what to think about it all. They can be basic, lash out at the wrong people, use poor language, fail to understand what is actually happening, or how to handle it in the best way.

    Nationalists have looked into it more than they usually have. This leaves the bitter person an open target for being “squashed” and “shamed” back down. They can often be ran rings around, or clubbed with the “slavery” or “racist” buttons, or sidelined off to issues about the economy or pensions, or ‘equalitarian’ and humanist mumbo-jumbo.

    Given that the definition of “racist” is now so hyperactive yet meaningless, the yardstick for measuring “more racist” is impossible to gauge.

    For example, what was once a common word or term, or what was once a common view or statement of fact like “there are a lot of immigrants in here” would be deemed, by some, to be “racist”.

    Moaning about women up and down our streets who look out of a slit in the cloth, or moaning about the occasional “call to prayer” bellowing through the town centre would be “racist”.

    Anything but gleefully cheering on your own eradication is pretty much “racist”.

    London and some parts of Birmingham and Leicester are so alien to the rest of the country that you could build a wall around those cities and say they were another country. They have seen rapid and massive change.

    That is why, for example, there is a notable gap between the “London” types of the metropolitan and cosmopolitan elites – and that of people in the North of England and North East.

    We still remember what it was like before a massive change. We have pockets of indigenous society like we always had. We have a chalk and cheese situation of communities parted off from one another.

    In London, for example, it is insane. Everybody seems to be a foreigner. There is an ever decreasing identity, as the third or fourth generation “brought up” in that kind of environment know of nothing else.

    In the North, we still use terms like “Paki”. I don’t particularly, even though I am a nationalist. I don’t like that kind of thing and think it damages our cause……but yes, it is not uncommon to hear “Paki bastards” etc being said in conversation in pubs, or people calling “a spade a spade”.

    We Northerners tend to be more blunt and honest. We have not succumbed to the same kind of liberal cowering as many other parts of the country, especially the south east, seeing as it is cheek by jowl with non-whites of hundreds of different sorts.

    Ireland is an odd case. I have never been there, but I do hear that it is changing VERY fast, not least because of one of their ministers called Alan Shatter.

    Due to the smaller demographic clout than England, Ireland could very quickly be transformed out of recognition if things carry on as they are. The Marxist IRA, so called ‘nationalists’ who were mad about the English being there are happy for every non-white to come, it seems.

    Many parts of Wales are seeing a transformation. Cardiff, heavily populated areas. Go out into the towns though, and they are (from my perspective) much better than England. They are perhaps 20 to 25 years behind the times.  I do not travel there much, so I can only go from what little I know.

    Scotland has historically had one of the least immigrant burdened situations. They represent a fraction of Scotland, but like in Ireland, they are ramping up new arrivals. A few years ago some of the politicians said they wanted to “mirror the success of London” by being an international destination etc.

    Scotland is also very “socialist” and not very “Conservative”. The left-leaning nature of the place makes it more likely to be invaded in the future, unless Independence forges some renewed sense of identity. However, with the SNP in charge, I can hardly see any protection of ethnic integrity being on the cards for policy.

    The only plus side to some of it is that many of us who are not living in cities – even in towns like mine that are 30%+ transformed by another race/ethnic group – can look at most of London, parts of Birmingham and Leicester etc and thank our lucky stars we are not “that bad” yet.

    Maybe that is why people in the North East are – according to today’s news – 40 years behind the times and still “racist”. Thanks to media being more available on the net and occasionally on the TV, they can see exactly what is coming and do not want it there.

    The assumption from the media is that they are ‘backwards’ and ‘ignorant’ – but of course, despite some people maybe being that way, perhaps it is the opposite, and they are the most well informed, most grounded in reality, and most resistant to wanting their cities and towns to be like London and the chattering liberati.

    Racism – according to the climate in this country – is pretty much a national disease, with more and more needed to “cure it” from our society.

    Every day there are stories about racism, race hate, race issues, intolerance, bigotry and whatever else. It is a national ruling elite obsession that keeps people under the thumb.

    However, there is – at last – a fatigue starting to happen. Many people are starting to not “give a toss” about being labelled this or that. Many people are sick and tired of “racism” being put against them.

    How to gauge this, I do not know. Too little too late? I don’t know that either.