Israel Backs Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

France 24, June 8, 2012

In a controversial ruling, an Israeli court Thursday upheld the planned deportation of an estimated 1,500 South Sudanese thought to have entered the country illegally, sparking outrage among human rights organisations.

The deportations, which were originally ordered by the Interior Ministry on April 1, were temporarily suspended after human rights groups petitioned on the grounds that repatriation would ultimately place South Sudanese immigrants in harm’s way, as tensions between the Sudans continue to mount.

While some are economic migrants, human rights groups argue that many are refugees fleeing violence or persecution in their home countries.

The Jerusalem District Court, however, found that the state was not bound to extend de facto asylum to illegal immigrants from South Sudan. It argued that petitioners failed to prove that their deportation would constitute a “risk to life or exposure to serious damage”.

The court said its ruling was also based on reports from Israeli diplomats in South Sudan who assessed the situation on the ground.

With an estimated 60,000 illegal immigrants of African origins in Israel, many of whom come from the Sudans or Eritrea, the topic of immigration has been a highly controversial issue in the country for some time.

Anti-immigration riots

Thursday’s decision comes just a little more than two weeks after tensions over immigration boiled over in Tel Aviv’s largely African Hativka neighbourhood, where what began as an anti-immigration protest turned into a riot.

Israel’s Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who is known for his hard-line stance on immigration and who has referred to immigrants as “infiltrators”, welcomed the ruling. Yishai stated that he hoped it was, “the first in a series of measures that would allow for the deportation of all citizens of Eritrea and North Sudan”.

Yisahi also said that he had ordered immigration officers to begin detaining South Sudanese who would then be deported. Although no round ups had reportedly taken place as of Thursday, ministry spokesperson Sabine Haddad said that the illegal immigrants would soon be “processed” and forced to leave the country “’in the near future”.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly reiterated his opinion on Israeli military radio that the best way to tackle immigration is to quickly complete construction of a 240 kilometre (150 mile) security barrier along the Egyptian border. Many of those who cross into Israel illegally do so via the country’s porous border with Egypt. Thus far, 170 kilometres (around 106 miles) of the barrier has been built, with the project due to be finished this year.



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  • crystal evans

    Israel is a small country and cannot easily absorb the number of immigrants that are flocking there looking for a better life. Since most of these immigrants are Muslims, they are going to end up working with the Palestinians to defeat Israel. They have no interest in perpetuating the Jewish state.

    •  I don’t believe the Muslims coming to America have any interest in perpetuating the American state. There are plenty of Muslim countries in the world with Muslim-based governments and laws. Why then move to non-Muslim nations? The answer is their long-term objective.

  • If Israel can fight Egyptian and Syrian tanks, destroy Lebanon Terrorists – and talk tough over Iran’s nukes

    BUT SLITS ITS OWN WRISTS over african blacks sucking welfare money
    then TO HELL WITH THEM once and for all!

  • Americans are such cowards, they cannot protect their country from 3rd world invasion, but kow tow to Israelis and send hundreds of billions and be looted like that. 

    • seek

      Israel has been getting about $2 billion a year from the U.S. since the Camp David accords of 1978, pretty much the same amount that Egypt gets.  You need a reality check.

      • what about off the books transfers by federal reserve? You are too gullible if you believe official statistics, you fool.

  • Athling

    Eli Yishai is a wise man. The same cannot be said for nearly all of the West.

    We have all heard the truism, “Our children are the future.” Bear that in mind as we take a look at a recent class photo from a typical English primary school. This should help bring home the reality of demographic conquest. Behold the handiwork of Leftists.

    Welcome to Britain’s future…

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Yeesh.  And only one of the Poles appears to be white.  The other, along with the Czechs, are obviously gypsies.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Don’t hold your breath on that one…

  • Detroit_WASP

    Minorities are allowed to be politically incorrect.  We should take a lesson fron them.

    • anarchyst

      I wish we could use the same tactics that the Israelis use but . . . jews were in the forefront of BOTH the “civil rights (for some)” movement AND the pro-(3rd world) immigration movement of the 1960s.
      To this day, they insist on cultural and social insularity FOR THEMSELVES while insisting that “the rest of us” adhere to the “multiculturalism” and “diversity” mantras.  I ask the question of my jewish friends–WHY??
      (Moderator–please don’t delete this–not race-baiting, merely seeking answers to a somewhat uncomfortable question). . .

      •  Is that anomaly unique to Jews?  We support white nationalism but oppose black nationalism.  And that’s not an inconsistency, and the reason is this:  We oppose black nationalism because we support white nationalism, and vice versa.  We know that black nationalism will only hurt white nationalism in the long run.  Nationalism is like the land that an ethnostate occupies:  If you live in it, by definition, you don’t support other people living in it.

        • anarchyst

          You are correct in the “anomaly” not being unique to Jews.  Just about every other “culture” (is permitted) to do the same. 
          However, (some) American Jews are always pushing the “diversity” and “multiculturalism” tirades for everyone else but themselves, getting away with it and criticizing those of us that resist their call for “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. 
          Most people are reluctant to call them out on it for fear of being labeled “anti-semitic” and worse–job loss and professional “ostracization”.
          When I was growing up, there was a saying “behind every black, there is a Jew” which was a response to the visible Jewish presence in the so-called “civil rights (for some)” movement of the 1960s.
          Israel is to be commended for handling its immigration “problem” in such a way.  It’s a shame that we get resistance from American Jews when we espouse the same thing.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            True, but I believe when you say “some,” we are really talking about 95%.  Even the neocons welcome replacement of the white race and fawn over negroes.  Very few are like our dear friend Reuben, the jewamongyou. 

          •  JJ Astor:

            The 40% of the Jewish vote that Reagan got in 1980 was the high water mark in my memory.  McCain only got 20% of the Jewish vote, and 2% x (40%-20%) = 0.4%, and add an extra tenth for wiggle room.  That’s how I come to the conclusion that one half of one percent of the electorate consists of swingable Jewish voters.

          •  The social phenomenon you just stated also presents itself in the relationship between minority ethnic Swedes and majority Finns in Finland.  Proving it’s not only a Jewish thing.

        • Not necessarily.  Maybe some day a real Black nationalist can arise and try to lead his people to independence and dignity.  All the “Black nationalists” we see, however, are really just pawns of the white anti-whites in charge of the Democratic Party, and just looking for handouts.

          Every so often you see a real Black nationalist on the Internet.  You can tell because they’re almost as disgusted as we are at how the Black community is fully committed to the Democratic Party and looking for handouts.As a white nationalist, I support this particular Zionist action.  I wish we could have a cultural enrichment diversity exchange with Israel where we trade bleeding-heart liberal Jews who want to see America overrun by Mexicans for Likudniks who appear to be the only people in the first world with the balls to say no to illegal immigrants. 

        • IstvanIN

          I would surely support sending all the blacks to Africa to facilitate black nationalism and bring all the whites in Africa to the US.  I am sure most of us have no problem with non-white nationalism out side of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  The portion of South Africa that was originally inhabited by whites is probably a lost cause.

      • better_times

        I’m guessing your Jewish friends don’t live as Jews, separating themselves, following a Torah lifestyle, keeping the Sabbath holy & keeping kosher. They don’t really believe in God & don’t want to be Jewish. They have been totally seduced by the materialism & decadence of the current culture. They’re grandchildren will be no more Jewish than yours as they assimilate into the American hodgepodge like 50% of American Jews are doing.  Some small part of their soul knows this is wrong so their guilt takes the form of  political “social action” instead of Torah learning. 

        An entire other universe of American Jews is Torah observant, conservative-voting, and nationalist in the sense that they believe God created separate nations for a reason. The Jewish mission is to serve God & live righteously so that all the nations will come to God voluntarily as a result of this good example. In this present world, it is a constant battle against the moral degeneracy of modern times & one’s personal character flaws. 

  •  As Mr. Taylor has noted, the ‘progressive’ left has found the fatal weakness of the white man; he’s simply too nice.

    • KenelmDigby

      I like to call them the ‘psychriatric left’ rather than the ‘progressive left’.

  • Dont they know dieversity is strength?

  • anarchyst

    Yes, to this day, the Christian churches are importing Somalis and other third-world “types” (I guess the word “vermin” would be too harsh) without regard for their suitability to ADAPT and PROSPER in American culture.
    The Christian churches are directly responsible for the crimes and third-world “culture” that they bring with them. . .
    Examples of third-world “culture” include female genital mutilation, behavior that is considered “rape” in this country, but not in Somalia, arranged underage “marriages”, murder in this country but considered “family honor killing” back home. 
    These immigrants bring a whole host of “problems” with them.  I just wish that we could SUE these Christian church groups for what they are doing to MY country . . .

    •  You are correct. These activists are utopiantards who really believe the multi-culti pc bullshit. I wish they would stop doing this in the name of Christ. There is nothing scriptural about resettling criminals into the country.
      What is truly sickening, is that they get government money to import these dysfunctional savages into the country. There is no separation from church by the state, in these cases….PLUS not a single one of these so called Christian charities is doing anything to help actual Christians being murdered by the Muslims they wish to inflict on the rest of us.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    If a uruk rapes you in the buttocks, give it the other cheek.” 
    “And if a bantu should demand your wife’s womb, offer it your daughter’s, as well.”
    “Pray for those who despise you, and steal the food from your children’s mouths, as well as take away their inheritance in the land for which you have toiled.”

    Sorry, I reserve those prayers and goodwill for white PEOPLE, not subhuman beasts.  I do have a prayer for the non-whites,ala, Fiddler On the Roof.  “Lord bless and keep the third-worlders. . .away from ME.”

  • KenelmDigby

    I just wish the naions of western Europe could be as tough, unsentimental and hard-nosed as the Israelis and do exactly the same – ruthlessly deport illegal third world immigrants with the uttmost speed and efficiency.
    What thi story tells us more than anything is that massive, uncontrolled replacement third world immigration is not some ‘inevitable’ force of nature as some try to claim, but purely and simply the result of political decisions by elitists, decisions that can be altered at the stroke of a pen.
     Do not make the mistake of ever feeling ‘sorry’ for the third world invaders or having any twinge of sympathy with them.

    • hey, where do you live.
      I have a great idea, lets give the Sudanese open tickets out of israel- they can go anywhere in the world  – 
      lets see how the rest of the world reacts when thousands of young, unskilled restless men are dropped on their doorstep.

  • Mahound

    All white nations should follow in Israel’s footsteps on this issue.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      The liberal media wouldn’t stand for it, despite their silent assent to event in Israel.

  • Deport the human rights groups with the illegal immigrants.

  •  About 20 years ago, Israel started accepting people who were claiming to be Jews from the former USSR, but were in reality either atheists or Orthodox. These criminals infest the Israeli police forces and are violent and ruthless in putting down Jewish protests within Israel.

  • anarchyst

    I guess I “hit a nerve” . . . I bear no ill will toward anyone of any race, creed or culture. 
    I have been on this earth a long time and have personally witnessed everything that I have stated.  
    Your “anti-semitism” canard directed at me is very old and pretty much worn out . . .
    Just as blacks use the old “racism” card to neutralize valid criticism,  Jews use the “anti-semitism” card to achieve the same thing.  It ain’t gonna work this time . . .
    You probably already know that Hebrew Jews are pretty much against uncontrolled immigration and are generally right-of-center politically while the Ashkenazic Jews (converts from Russia) are generally way left-of-center.
    You are absolutely correct avout the Christian (and Catholic) churches bringing in the immigrants.  Yes, I do blame them for much of MY country’s ills . . .
    Please answer me this . . . WHY is social and cultural insularity coveted and practiced by Jews, yet the same Jews preach “cultural diversity and multiculturalism” for us “goyim??
    I look forward to your intelligent response.
    All the best to you,

  • Nobody

    The trouble with walls is that they’re only short-term solutions. History proves that even the strongest walls will be destroyed or circumvented eventually. Take, for example, the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China and the massive walls of Constantinople.

    Israel’s strength is deceptive. They’re actually in a very weak and unstable situation. Israel’s population in 2011 was around eight million, I think. Twenty-five per cent of the population are Arabs and other non-Jews like these Africans from Sudan and Eritrea, and they’re outbreeding the Israelis. The only solution to the demographic problem is forced mass deportations, which would destabilize the situation even more.

    Israel’s biggest problem, however, is its almost total dependence on the United States for military, financial and diplomatic support. The problem is that the United States is collapsing. Let’s not kid ourselves about that. When America goes, Israel will go with it.

  • seek

    Good for the Israelis.  We should borrow a page from their book.  Illegal immigrants are indeed “infiltrators”; the term is accurate.  They should be treated as such. 

  • seek

    You’ve got it right.  Example:  The tens of thousands of Somali and Hmong first- and second-generation immigrants now living in the Twin Cities area, directly or indirectly, were sponsored by Lutheran Social Services.  We have the Lutheran Church to thank for this.   

  • No business like shoah business.