Policeman Reveals Rape Victim Begged For Eight Minutes Before Being Thrown Off Bus for Not Having the Full Fare

Colin Fernandez and Beth Hale, Daily Mail (London), June 8, 2012

The time on the CCTV footage reads just before 3am, but judging by the crowds hurrying on to the single-decker bus it could just as easily be rush hour.

Dozens of young men and women can be seen barging past each other, desperate to secure a seat for the ride home from Nottingham city centre.

It is a bitterly cold night last December, with temperatures five degrees below freezing, but the mood among the travellers is festive. Yet, tragically, the spirit of goodwill is in short supply. For eight long minutes, according to the film, passengers callously ignore the plight of a young dark-haired woman, standing beside the driver.

The 22-year-old law student has been out drinking with friends and hopes to catch a Pronto night bus home to her parents who live only 20 minutes away. It is a route she has often used. The increasingly anxious young woman, who is just 20p short on the £5 fare, asks him if he will wait while she visits a cash machine.

Her plea falls on deaf ears. So she asks him if she can pay the money next time or, failing that, when she meets her mother at the other end.

As she rifles through her coat pockets, she is seen looking pleadingly as other passengers pour past her, clearly hoping that someone will step in to offer the 20p she needs.

But they don’t and the driver orders her off the bus. What happened next should haunt him and the other passengers for ever because, on the other side of the city’s Forest Recreation Ground, 19-year-old Joseph Moran was also making his way home.

Drunk on lager and Bacardi and high on cannabis, he had been released from a young offenders’ institution in the spring of that year, after serving half of an eight-month sentence for burglary and other matters.

Joseph Moran

Frustrated and angry that he could not raise his girlfriend on the telephone, he spotted his victim walking towards him.  Less than half an hour after she had been turfed off the bus, Moran viciously attacked the young student. He grabbed her by the neck and dragged her into the recreation ground.

He raped her, subjecting her to a beating so savage that even her own mother – who, in an unbearable twist, stumbled across the scene – did not recognise her.

Moran placed his head in his hands yesterday as the jury at Nottingham Crown Court found him guilty.

The victim, described as popular and from a loving, religious family, did not attend court because she was sitting exams.

She had also taken exams on the day of the attack, after which she travelled into Nottingham to attend a Christmas fair and have a celebratory lunch with friends. She returned to the city centre that evening, ending up in a nightclub before making plans to get home. But the bus driver put a stop to that.

‘I was counting out how much money I had,’ she would later tell police. ‘I remember being 20p short – it might have been a bit more or less than that. I remember having a conversation with the bus driver. I said I was short and asked if I could get on anyway and he said No.

‘I remember having a gross sense of injustice that he wouldn’t let me on.’

Of course, bus companies face a constant battle against fare dodgers. But here was a young woman, alone, in the small hours, with the majority of the fare in her hand, offering to phone her mother and arrange to pay the shortfall when she reached her destination.

Instead she was abandoned alone on a freezing night to find another way home. ‘What happened that night was a truly shocking incident,’ says Alex Hornby, commercial director of the bus company Trent Barton which owns Pronto Bus.

‘Immediately after the incident, a full and detailed investigation was launched.’

What that investigation found is not clear and when approached by the Mail last week, drivers with the company were determined to shield the identity of their colleague.

‘You won’t get a word out of us,’ said one official. ‘Lies have been said in court and we are not commenting on what our driver may or may not have done. The papers say the passenger was thrown off the bus. We think otherwise.’ Detective Chief Inspector Rob Griffin, who led the investigation into the attack, told the Mail that police did speak to the bus driver, but his actions did not breach any laws.

That might be so. But morally, his actions raise clear questions.

‘It was a stupid, ridiculous thing to do and he must have it on his conscience,’ a driver with a rival firm told the Mail. ‘None of our drivers would have done that.’

The young student will be paying the price for his actions for the rest of her life. That night, after being forced off the bus, she phoned her mother and asked for a lift.

‘The mother had suggested to her daughter that she start walking out of the city along the road she would be driving in on, so they wouldn’t miss each other,’ says Mr Griffin. ‘That’s exactly what the victim did.’

It was a main thoroughfare, not a dark side street and the victim, who was even carrying a torch provided by the charity Victim Support for Students, must have thought she was safe. She was last seen on CCTV at 3.27am.

Police estimate it was four minutes later when Moran dragged her from the pavement into a muddy patch covered by hedges and rose bushes which offered some protection from the glare of passing headlights.

By the time her mother drove past the spot, her daughter was already being raped and beaten. After reaching the city centre and finding no trace of the girl, she called her mobile phone twice, only to hear a grunting noise before it went dead.

The mother began slowly scouring the streets, attracting the attention of a passing police car. By an astonishing coincidence, she was intercepted yards from the spot where her daughter was being attacked.

The noise and lights of the cars startled Moran. Covered in mud as well as his victim’s blood, he was terrified that he would be caught. His only option was to pretend that someone else had attacked the girl and he had stumbled across her as he walked home. Her mother was sitting in the police car with a male officer when Moran banged on the roof saying: ‘You had better come quick. I think a girl has been raped or something’.

Both the woman and the policeman went to see the victim, naked, beaten, covered in blood and mud.

Incredibly, the girl was in such a shocking state that her own mother didn’t recognise her. Frantic with worry, she left the crime scene to continue searching for her daughter, and was at the police station reporting her missing when she received a call from the officer saying that the victim was in fact her own flesh and blood. Police had found items with her name on.

‘The levels of violence in this attack were extreme which made it even more shocking,’ says Mr Griffin. ‘Unimaginable is the only word for it.’

What would have happened to the girl if her mother and the police had not pulled up at that moment? Would she have died? Mr Griffin is in little doubt. ‘The victim wouldn’t have had a chance in the sub-zero temperatures that night,’ he says.

Police did not believe Moran’s story from the start. He was arrested at the scene and driven to the police station. There he was found to have the girl’s blood on his boxer shorts, while he had left her keys and purse in the back of the police car.

Described in court as a ‘dangerous and violent predator’, he had lived until about a year before the attack in a red-brick terrace council house with his single mother Sarah, in the rough neighbourhood of Sneinton.

More recently he had been living with his grandmother, Linda, a short distance away.

Moran, a self-confessed repeat car thief and drug user, muttered his way through giving evidence, peppering his monosyllabic answers with ‘innit’ and ‘yeh’. A young neighbour told the Mail he was a troublemaker who was ‘always high on weed and really rough’.

Another neighbour laid blame for Moran’s troubled teenage years firmly at the door of his mother. ‘With a mum like her, Joseph never stood a chance in life,’ she said. ‘When she comes outside she has a can of beer in her hand. One minute she can be pleasant and friendly, the next she wants nothing to do with you. I don’t think she could cope with looking after her son and he went off to live with his gran. It’s all a bit sad.’

The Morans and friends, who gathered each day in court, were an intimidating presence. When the verdict was delivered, they reacted with tears and fury, one young woman snarling ‘I hope you can f****** sleep at night’ at the jury.

On the night of the attack, Moran had already taken a friend’s car without permission (he claimed he wanted to buy more alcohol and cigarettes) and crashed it, climbing out of the shattered window and fleeing the scene.

When that friend later discovered Moran’s actions, the two young men fought in the street.  Police were still investigating the crash scene when Moran, still brimming with rage, decided to head to his mother’s house. Phone records indicate that in the 23 minutes before 3.30am he made 25 phone calls, all unanswered, to his girlfriend Geraldine.

At 3.30am, the calls stopped. It was the moment he encountered his victim.

‘Obviously she was physically injured and has undergone extensive surgery to repair the physical damage she suffered and there has been the emotional trauma caused by the attack,’ says Mr Griffin. ‘But she is an extremely brave young woman who has very firm ideas about what she wants to achieve in life and has not allowed this mindless attack to interfere with that.

‘She’s been able, with the support and help of her family, who have been brilliant, to continue with what she has been doing.

‘Everyone who has worked on this inquiry and been involved in these court proceedings has been humbled by her bravery and fortitude.’

With the support of her close-knit family and her determination to excel at her studies, one can only hope that the victim’s future is not marred by the coincidences that led her into the path of Joseph Moran.

And while they can in no way be held ultimately responsible for what occurred that night, Mr Griffin said of the other passengers: ‘It’s difficult to speak for those people. We each make our own judgments and the people on that bus made their judgments that night. Knowing what they know now, they may wish they had given 20 pence.’

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  • splitsing

    Sadly, Brits don’t and won’t see the element of race in this story. 

    • StivD

      Or they’ll refuse to, or refuse to acknowledge it.

  • Francis Galton

    What is lost on everyone in this story is that the attendant reduction in trust and empathy within a community that results from increasing DIEersity is largely the reason why the driver didn’t cut the girl any slack, and why passengers didn’t feel obliged to make up the difference in bus fare.  The driver and passengers have probably become so used to sociopathic, amoral “Asians” and Africans conniving people out of money and services rendered that they have learned to distrust EVERYONE.  I can’t imagine this lack of concern for the girl’s plight happening in a healthy, homogeneous, and White 1950s Great Britain (or America, for that matter). 

    As far as I’m concerned, the blame for this whole debacle lies ENTIRELY with the ugly diversity, most of which falls upon this particular instance of diversity.   

    • Absolutely, In the 50’s everyone looked out for each other, especially women. Chivalry was expected of every man. No longer, thanks to this multi-cultural paradise where no one trusts anyone anymore.

    • mikejones91

      Exactly. WE see dark crime EVERY NIGHT/EACH NIGHT/IN EVERY CITY. It makes us ALL cynical. The media/schools/EVERYONE teaches US that race is irrelevant, so in the oblivious mind, it is. When this happens, NO ONE is to be trusted, regardless of race. When you think about, the racial element to this is VERY relevant.

    • I’m sure that the majority of the passangers were “sociopathic, amoral “Asians” and Africans!

    • Johnny Reb

      I think that’s a stretch.  Drivers from another company said they wouldn’t have done it and they put up with the same diversity nonsense as this driver did.  

  • Let feeble britain serve as A WARNING to all armed US citizens!

    You’ll NOT see such black barbarism in the US.  The black knows, if he does – it will begin. 

    • loyalwhitebriton

      “You’ll NOT see such black barbarism in the US..”

      Are you for real? Do you read/watch the news? There is no black barbarism in the US?
      Do you actually think about what you write before you write it? 

      BTW, considering all of the actual black barbarism in the US, why hasn’t it begun?

      • Go eat your Pudding, britti.

        Quit worrying about and attacking the USA – when YOU HAVE London Rioters and gang-raping pakis doing as they please to your girls.

        We in america do not understand your language – the language of subjects and SLAVES.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          You are an ignorant troll! What’s “Britti” btw?
          Also, I’ve never attacked the USA. I’m also fully aware of the problems we have in the UK with regards rioters and rapists!
          If you do not understand our language, may I suggest that you learn French or Spanish, because that is the language you would be speaking now if it was not for the the fact that English settlers prevailed on the East coast in the 16th & 17th centuries.
          I’m no longer replying to you, you’re pretty ignorant really.

          • RockyBass

            If we cannot call the freaking British our brothers, WE ARE LOST.

            edit add: I would include the Australians, but their a bunch of bleedin criminals 😛

          • Rocky Bass,

            How did you get the Churchill quote in your name line? I have been trying in Diqus for a while with no joy.

          • I have more comments than you – and more upvotes.
            If anyone is a dumb sod, it is you.

            You, who rail mightily online – while your country is burned by pakis.

            Too bad you’re not so angry at them, soddy.

    • mikejones91

      You know that’s not true. Sure, if someone saw it would be stopped. That and someone probably would have given the woman money. But THESE things happen EVERY day in the states. And NOTHING EVER happens.

      • Untrue. My local paper has regular reports of savage blacks being stopped by 2nd Amendment citizens.

        • mikejones91

          Really? Wow, well then, that’s great. Where do you live then? It certainly doesn’t happen in P.A.

          • That’s because, not only are you pensillyvanians so adept at abbreviating your state as P.A.[sic]

            but you’re oh so VERY BRAVE when it comes to defending yourselves.

  • crystal evans

    it is sad that no one came to her aid and gave her the 20p she needed to ride the bus. At least in most places in this country, someone would have stepped forward to give her the money to ride the bus. I know I would.

  • Diamond_Lil

    This is such a tragic article. My eldest daughter, beautiful, smart, wants to study biology, will be heading to college in just a few short years.  Living in Diversity Central – the LA area, I think I might need to start a carpool for white students.  I don’t want her to be driving alone or with just one other person and public transportation is out of the question.  Even in the daylight, being white is dangerous if you are outside the increasingly smaller white enclaves.  Then again, I’d love to move.  Are there any white places left in America? 

    • It’s not completely white, but white enough..

      I live in Kentucky.  Outside of Louisville and Lexington, the countryside is as white as snow.  In the two years since we bought this farm, I haven’t seen an Uruk on our road at all.  Ever. 

      There are plenty of good Universities here.  I graduated University of Kentucky in Lexington.  Good University, if you stick with the hard sciences… everything else has been contaminated by retarded liberals and multi-culti worship… VERY few Uruks on campus, though.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Thank you for the information.  Kentucky sounds lovely.

      • mikejones91

        Yeah I hear Lexington is like 90% white. Sounds beautiful. Hows the nightlife? I might be playing a show there this summer. 

        • Nightlife?  Ha ha…

          There are a few places to go… you have to remember, Lexington still has horse farms within the city limits.  There are a bunch of small places surrounding the UK campus that do a decent business, but it’s been 20 years since I hit a bar in Lexington…

          Still, I don’t mind Lexington being ‘small’ compared to other municipalities.  I like it that way.

          We live about an hour away, out in the middle of nowhere.  My wife calls it “Um Arsch die Welt”  (the a** of the world), but it’s very peaceful.

          There are two kinds of people who move out here:  The first want to “get away” from cities and prefer the quiet of the countryside.  They don’t do anything with the land, except maybe keep a horse or two.

          The second realize that land was meant for producing, that farms are a going concern, and that you have to work it to make money.  That’s us…

          We have a small farm, but it has it’s own water (large pond) fed by an underground stream, so water isn’t an issue for the animals.  We raise animals for the wool and also for meat.  We hunt.  We fish. 

          Forgetting something at the store sucks because “town” is a half-hour drive in any direction.  “Town” is where the stores are.  With grocery stores so far away, we have learned to either remember to buy what we need, and a LOT of it, or do without.  We only go to ‘town’ about twice a month.

          I think it’s been almost a year since I set foot in Lexington…. once I realized that “town” has little to offer me, I don’t go there.  Don’t miss it at all.

          Oh yeah, if you’re going to go to Lexington, the Uruk inhabit the east side.  You can tell.  The “good” parts of Lexington are all well-built, well maintained buildings, many dating from before the Civil War (War of Northern Aggression down here), but the east side of the city is markedly different… seedier, a little dirty, full of traffic, check cashing places, pawn shops, fast food places, etc..

          Good luck.

    • publius

      Try Johnson City,Tn. Beautiful , small mountains and over 90% white. Nirvana.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Thanks so much.    90% sounds heavenly.

    • mikejones91

      L.A is actually much nicer than it used to be. (from what I’ve heard). The Mexicans are running the blacks out. I’d say your daughter has A LOT less to worry about with Hispanics. I really do believe that. My cousin just moved out there and he loves it. He’s a liberal though so maybe he’s lying!

      • Diamond_Lil

        MikeJones – No way, you must not live here with young children.  The Mexes have ethnically cleansed the blacks but now they seek to ethnically cleanse the European whites.  My blonde blue-eyed 4th grader girl has been repeatedly harassed by the mexes,  I have it on video tape.  My blue-eyed son, was told by the mexes he’ll be wasted – he’s only 7.    Don’t make excuses for these people – they are just as bad as the blacks.

        • mikejones91

          Yeah, my perception of them is molded geographically ya see, I am on the east coast/PA and there isn’t too many Hispanics. Blacks are the minority majority over here, not them. The Hispanics over here don’t really cause too much trouble. They usually work, and keep to themselves. I’m sure they “evolve” as their numbers grow.

        • robinbishop34

          Unfortunately they will go wherever whites go (with help) but the upper West seems like a nice place for whites. Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas, etc.

          • mikejones91

            Yeah, I heard cities in the Dakotas are really starting to see growth. Pretty exciting. Maybe we will have a major/90% white city. What can people in government do to keep cities white? What was done in the past?

      • StivD

        Hispanics are pretty much the same in Maryland. Blacks are almost always the culprits in crime here. Hispanics don’t run them out of neighborhoods with direct action, but they make blacks feel very uncomfortable. Before it closed, a mall close by shifted from blacks crowding in it , at times, to Hispanics replacing that crowd. I have to admit that it was better for it. The economy and the mall being out-of-date is what shut it down.

        • mikejones91

          Yeah same up here. I work in mall, actually. I don’t really worry about Hispanics stealing things/flash mobs/fights. It just doesn’t happen with them, at least I don’t see it. I had a 7 year old black boy steal from my store the first day I got the job. 7 years old! I caught him, he put it back but still…

  • Detroit_WASP

    It’s a good thing the rape victim didn’t have an illegal gun on her for protection.  She’d be facing life in prison in merry old England.

    • Victim-disarmament advocates seem to think that an unarmed woman, beaten and raped, is morally superior to a unbeaten, unraped woman with a dead rapist at her feet.

      • Detroit_WASP

        Well said.  What is it about liberals that causes them to think that a lack of common sense somehow makes them smarter than everyone else???  LMAO.

    • StivD

      They were thoughtful enough to leave her a ‘torch’.

    • ThirdeyeWO

       Ya I guess they’d have their own trayvon martin story then wouldnt they?

  • Actually, it makes a lot of sense. Feminism has liberated these white women from needing the protection of men. Chivalry has been long dead. Offering any help to women today is like trying to walk into an elementary school dressed like Adolph Hitler. You will be lucky to escape alive. It doesn’t surprise me at all that no brits tried to help her – women today don’t need men for anything. They are self-fulfilled and independent, growing up only to think of themselves.

    • StivD

      No, white people are just as callous and indifferent as any one else in the modern world. This has nothing to do with feminism this time. I don’t truly trust most other whites aside from a few. 

      • mikejones91

        That’s kind of depressing…I trust those who deserve my trust. You just have to watch how much you think you can trust someone. That’s the problem with people..They think of “trust” too cynically.

    • MekongDelta69

      They are self-fulfilled and independent

      They only think they’re self-fulfilled and independent because that’s what’s been drummed into their brains.

      In reality, they are anything but…

    • mikejones91

      I’m all for “equality'” between genders but If a man tried to run up on me (  or any other vigilant white man) his face would be the only unrecognizable thing.

    • Lou

       This ^^

    • Pearl

       Chris, that is just ridiculous.  You must have some very serious problems with women to think like that.

  • What color was this bus driver? I’ll bet my last dollar he was an Arab or savagely hostile Paki. Probably yakking on the phone as he was driving as they always do. Most of the drivers in Sydney are the same, especially cab drivers. If I were that girls’ family, I would pay that bus driver a visit during late hours and beat the life out of him.

  • Rocky Bass

    Anyone know the race of the driver who threw this young girl to the dogs?

  •  @Francis Galton

    I absolutely agree with you that
    “reduction in trust and empathy within a community” is the reason why
    none of the passengers on the bus came to this young woman’s aid however, I believe the bus driver had a “duty of care” for this young woman bearing mind the time of night. In my opinion the bus driver  has been negligent in his duty, is a disgrace, and should be sacked.

    I cannot imagine ANY English bus driver acting in such a callous manner.

    The question I am asking myself is what nationality is this bus driver? We will not be told, but I am confident that the answer will not be British.

  • splitsing

    More sophisticated meaning keep your mouth shut and watch the brown horde take over and destroy your country without batting an eye?

    • mikejones91

      Sounds about right. The Amren approach is the only sophisticated approach on these matters. You ever been on Stormfront? No offense to anyone who is a member, but those guys/women are a bit much for me.

      • You should check out http://www.chimpout.com

        It has a different approach on the black problem.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Then try chimpout.com.

      • StivD

        SF can be a little bit rabid at times. Then again, some sites can be a little too concerned with decorum.

  • StivD

    I don’t think the British are used to the level of crime they have now.  People in huge U.S. cities have had decades to adjust to the crime levels.  The U.K. and Europe had almost nonexistent levels of violent crime before the very late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. At least that’s true from everything I’ve heard.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah, that’s how I’ve always perceived it to be over there. WE as Americans are just used to Dark Crime. The Brits/Other Euros need to be schooled on how to be smart/vigilant around these creatures. Don’t let THEM control your life. Don’t be afraid to leave your house. Just make sure your prepared. If your not old enough to buy a gun, carry a knife. That’s what I do! I am still saving up for my M9, almost there.-_I have a friend who’s sister was being followed and harassed by blacks. She called him, he asked how many, she said a lot. (figures). He ran down to meet her and like always, he had his knife. Needless to say, blacks can NOT/will NOT be told what to do by a white man. Needless to say (again) they pounced. This friend of mine is like 5’7/150. Small dude, but he’s got heart/balls. HE did what HE had to do. He pulled the knife and stabbed of them in the abdomen. The rest of pack saw that and took off. He spent a year in jail for protecting his OWN sister. I wonder why?

  • Church_of_Jed

    When Whites are a minority, this won’t even make news.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Sadly, it rarely makes news now.

  • StivD

    The bus driver IS to blame almost as much as the thing that raped her. 

    I’m not in favor of making a law or holding people responsible for everything under the sun, but I think the driver should be charged with some form of negligence or reckless endangerment. I know he can’t be under existing laws, but there should be something to cover it.

     At a certain time of night in certain areas they shouldn’t be allowed to put a vulnerable person off the bus. A piddly fare isn’t worth her well-being.

  • StivD

    Funny how sophistication doesn’t protect the ones most in need of protection. The also desperately need to develop a different kind of sophistication. They’re actually naive in their sophistication.

  • ThirdeyeWO

    More tales of multicultural goodness

  • After reading the article it seems everyone was to blame for the rape except the black man that raped her

  • StivD

    One thing I can say in favor of the States: if he had done this here he would do much longer and harder time in prison than he will in the U.K. Especially with his record and the violence of the crime; he would be lucky to only get 25 years with no parole in the U.S.

  • ThirdeyeWO

    He was just a good ole boy, ne er hurt a fly

  • ageofknowledge

    What a godless animal.

  • IKantunderstand

    I don’t know the color of the victim or , in fact, the color of the other bus passengers. What I do know is this, I no longer trust anybody. I certainly don’t trust anyone who is not of my race. Sadly, I no longer trust my fellow Whites, either. I don’t know what they think, or how they feel about anything. For example, (this is only one of many such anecdotes), I was shopping at a green grocer, when, viewing the abysmal tomatoes, I said (under my breath) “eeecchh”(Seriously, I think that’s how it’s spelled). An older White woman standing across the bin of misbegotten tomatoes said to me: “Excuse me?” I replied, “eeecchh, what horrible tomatoes these are”.  And, she replied, “Oh, I thought you were talking about my grandchild”. Who was, I now realized, a mulatto, residing in her grocery cart. She said, “I take care of him, and I’m very protective, because I see the looks people give and the comments they make”. Sometimes the tomatoes are misbegotten, and sometimes the children are…the truth is, race mixing is wrong. We are unable to fully identify with our kinfolk anymore. They are likely to contain members of another race and then their progeny. I mean, they’re “family”, but are they? They don’t look like any of the rest of us.

    • mikejones91

      Your mistaking a half breed watching/white trash pig raising/creature/disgrace of a parent, for a white woman… I always see that scenario. The yellow skinned/rust colored hair halfsy with the mother/and or grandmother/grandfather. The father is VERY RARELY in this picture. I meet/talk to other whites ALL the time when I go out. To eat/grocery store/wherever. I’m 21 and I talk with older whites all the time. I guess I am somewhat adding to your point by saying most of the time, they elderly people I talk are usually awkwardly surprised by my manners/etiquette. I still have faith in people. I still meet good warm hearted whites every day. I also live in a diversity infested town so that makes it even better, in a way. We all kind of come together under the pretense of “us” vs “them”. In lighter terms. I was at the gas station (where they pump for you) and this attendant just starts talking to me like we know each other. He tells me his pitbull is lost and shows me a picture. He says “With all the nigs around here, you never know. They WILL steal someones puppy.”

    • mikejones91

      haha what did you say to her then? I would have repeated “eeecchh!”

    • newscomments70

      That was the white grandmother, you were lucky. If it were the black father, he may have verbally and/or physically attacked you…because he thought you MIGHT be insulting him. If you look at a mixed couple or family (black male, white female) for more than a second, even if you are a liberal fawning over them, you invite a violent confrontation. I’ve seen it many times. I guess that is why whites don’t want anything to do with blacks…you cannot even talk about tomatoes at the supermarket without a confrontation. I believe that the mixed race relationships are the most sensitive issue to black males. There are so many people  of all races, who have a silent, deep-seated resentment for it. They might gloat about their white trophy, but they cannot escape the constant  stares from all corners. They don’t understand that not all stares are disapproving, nor can stares acutally hurt you. Ironically, when black males see an attractive black female with a white man, they feel the same resentment. Instead of staring, some would savagely beat and maybe kill the white man. It is a very child-like, tribal mindset, devoid of any sense. Not every individual would do this, but this is a pattern, and an ever-present danger. If you see a black male with a white female (or even an Asian woman), look the other way. Even casual eye contact will invite violence. If you are white (or non-black) and you are dating a black woman, completely avoid black areas whenever possible. You risk death otherwise.

  • mikejones91

    I know WE are better than going around attacking these barbarians for what THEY have/are/will continue to do. But when do WE say enough? When do we say f*** it and get down on THEIR LEVEL. Enough is ENOUGH, lets get LOW! British Men Stand The F*** Up. 

  • mikejones91

    I know, that’s what used to be Great about Britain. (no pun). 

  • mikejones91

    Sure, most blacks aren’t rapists. But a lot of them are. Not ALL blacks are violent, but MANY are. I would rather NOT have that problem at all. Sure, we would still have violence/rape but it wouldn’t be as prevalent.

  • mikejones91


  • mikejones91

    Here in The States, you can basically ride any bus for free. If you go on a bus with any bill higher than a 1$, they let you ride for free as they don’t give change.

  • mikejones91

    In Philly, the ONLY people the homeless blacks ask money from are whites. Why? Cause they know we are the ONLY ones who give it to them. That and the most of us have access to the “White Privilege Trust Fund”.

  • mikejones91

    And they say Americans are RUDE? That or they say we are too emotional. 

  • mikejones91

    You probably used to think like me.–If you held the door open for one of THEM, they would think to themselves “Wow, look at this young white man, he is TOTALLY NOT a racist, how far we have come”. Without the WE, they don’t see themselves as American. 

  • Ummm…those USA mobs prey on liberal yups, which is what ALL brittis are.

    I see no mobs attacking me or my kind of American. If they do so, they are eradicated.

  • lol that guy inst even white….. he is clearly of Latino descent….you guys think your anti-racist what you are is ANTI WHITE!
    and its ok for the girl to be raped because shes a female and she hasnt bowed down to the superior order of man? you sicken me and may god have mercy on your soul…. i know i wont.

    • MekongDelta69

      Pro tip ‘Leland’ – Next time you post somewhere, try brushing up on your spelling, grammar, punctuation, context, diction and the proper way to write the English language.

      Other than that – your content is just wrong…

  • Let me guess? Wrong place, wrong time?

    How about wrong policies, wrong leadership? 

    People, as we have come to be called are an extremely diverse brand. Not only in our appearance but in our mannerisms, awareness and expectations of the societies we build. 

    Those armpits we call inner cities are armpits for one simple reason the left claims to be oblivious to. Neighborhoods are only as good as the people who dwell in them. People are not equal. Not insofar as western standards. 

    The origin of the beast, he who lashes out at innocence, begins with an inability to cope within the environment he is placed in. The animosity develops here when he is young. He lacks the foresight to make proper decisions and feels unjustly punished when making the wrong decision. As the years go on, he becomes more and more entrenched in his paranoia, his hatred of people he knows little about. She too, the one with an equal barrier on intelligence to he.

    It doesn’t always end in violence but the odds are for it. Even the less capable of humans have the same emotional limitations. They get upset, they get violent. What upsets them is crucial here. A human being whose lineage can be traced back to the western world becomes less of a risk. Being of western blood, they are more comfortable with western standards. They can adapt in the concrete jungle where others fall flat. Their ancestors built this society and thus, it is geared towards their success. 

    I wouldn’t call it white privilege. I’d call it intellectual privilege. You see, modern western society is not about the strongest nor the prettiest nor the most liked. Modern western society is about intelligence, first and foremost. The more intelligent, the more aware. Societies are loaded with subtle cues. This favors intelligence. Decisions an intelligent person can perceive separate it from the unintelligent person. It isn’t an issue of making the right choice for the unintelligent. It’s a matter of perceiving the right choice. They don’t. Not without an enormous amount of spent resources guiding them in that direction.

    The only way we fix this problem is by sending the less apt away, to societies that are structured more to their liking. No, we don’t want to draw up lines on US soil. We need to be clear on that. If we plan on building societies that will be at low risk of crime, we must first build societies where the people within those societies are comfortable with the standards. This means no more ghettos in the middle of affluent neighborhoods. This means communities have say in who is given a lease or title. Of course, this violates constitutional law (as it is currently interpreted) so we are on the fringe. Perhaps not for long. 

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Good for you, JOA, and an important reminder to us all, to help out our fellow human beings, especially when they find themselves in Bantu-occupied territory.

  • If a white man rapes a white woman a beats her to the point where her mother can’t even recognize her. If he has her blood on his underwear, I’d be first in line to lynch the SOB.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    The identity of the driver is being kept secret, and his actions have even been defended by an official of the bus company.  He is probably shaking in his shoes in case a tabloid newspaper tracks him down and splashes his name over the front page.

    • mikejones91

      People won’t react. When it’s black on white judgment/emotion is hijacked by PC leading to a weak/unconvincing  wimper of opposition. If you could even call it opposition.

      • Bill_der_Berg

        Since the mainstream media are in the business of manipulating public opinion, and not straightforward reporting,  we are going to be kept in the dark about any public reaction.

        That’s certainly the case with various protest demonstrations organized by the British National Party.


  • Natassia

    That young man is a monster and should be put down the same way civilized humans put down rabid dogs.

    • StivD

      I would at least show the dog mercy….

  • The logical end to years of socialism. Its main tenant is to dehumanize. That is what is happening here in the US with such activities as the “Death Panels” hidden in obama care. We are on that same slippery slope as GB. Massive influx of aliens that bear no resemblance to native people or bear any allegiance to the homeland for that matter. The strategy is the same so surely the results will be also.

  • ThothAmon

    Another violent crime brought to you by diversity and forced assimilation.

  • The__Bobster

    I suspect the low-IQ mongrel’s m0ther is a coalburner, as is his girlfriend.

  • StivD

    Distrust of  other whites isn’t about crime. But more like a lack of feeling on their part towards other white people.

  • What angers me is that no one offered to give her the money for the bus fare. I guess people are so indifferent to others who are hurting. I guess the Brits are just so callous. I wonder if there were any whites on board the bus? If there were, they should have helped her.

  • Carney3

    The number one reason the UK needs to leave the EU is to be able to re-legalize the death penalty.

  • Why shouldn’t whites walk anywhere we want anytime? We need to bring back routine public hangings, and have the gallows working overtime.

    Oh wait, we can’t. WHITES ARE LIBERAL, and don’t want it. Our stupid worthless race is the problem. We are weak and liberal. The only hope is my idea for White Zion. All whites who are normal (and therefore racist) must migrate to a common sovereign polity and conquer it for ourselves. We will always be powerless minorities otherwise.

  • The only answer is SEPARATION. We sane whites (a minority of all whites) must unite and work tirelessly to form our own sovereign country. There is no other hope for white civilization. Liberalism is literally killing us. But internet complaining really doesn’t do much. AR is informational (esp in the past, when it was a very astute publication), but we need ACTIVISM oriented towards racial secession. I want to live in a WHITES ONLY country. YOU?