Marine Le Pen’s Far-Right Party Surges in French Parliamentary Poll

The Australian, June 11, 2012

French anti-immigrant leader Marine Le Pen has boasted that her party was the country’s third political force after a surge in support in the first round of parliamentary elections.

After her strong showing in the presidential vote last month, Ms Le Pen is seeking to cement the far-right National Front’s place in national politics—even though it has not won a seat in parliament since 1986.

Exit polls gave the National Front between 13 and 14 per cent in the first round of the legislative vote on Sunday, far above the four per cent it achieved in the last parliamentary election in 2007.

Under France’s first-past-the-post system, that would at best give it only three parliamentary seats and possibly none at all, although the party will be able to field candidates in dozens of constituencies in next Sunday’s second round vote.

Ms Le Pen nevertheless struck a victorious tone after wiping out her fellow presidential contender, far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, in Henin-Beaumont, a rundown former mining constituency near the northern city of Lille.

She scored over 42 per cent of the vote after a bitter battle with the Far Left leader who had decided to take on Ms Le Pen and her party head-on but emerged bruised with only 21.5 per cent and decided to bow out of the next round.

Ms Le Pen claimed the result meant her party—which wants to ditch the euro and battles against what she calls the “Islamisation” of France—is now France’s third political power.


President Francois Hollande’s Socialists and their allies appear poised to take control of parliament acccording to exit polls from the first round, beating the UMP of former president Nicolas Sarkozy with 40 per cent of the vote against about 35 per cent.


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  • French anti-immigrant leader Marine Le Pen has boasted that her party
    was the country’s third political force after a surge in support in the
    first round of parliamentary elections.

    She shouldn’t sell herself short.  It’s within the FN’s grasp to become France’s second political force, if/when the UMP goes out of business.

    • Fredrik_H

      It’ll likely take-over as the “white” party. The question is can it (and other european anti-immigration, pro-white parties like it) gather enough of the white vote? I doubt it.

      Muslims and other immigrants vote left as a block, the numbers here in Sweden was cited as a staggering 92% or around those figures. Meanwhile, white votes will be split between the left, the old right and the pro-white parties.

  • Church_of_Jed

    How long before the EU Diversity Czars outlaw LePen and arrest all the leaders?
    Isn’t “instigating racial hatred and Islamaphobia” a crime, just like telling the truth about beast voodoo MLK?

    • The__Bobster

      This will happen once she stands a chance of winning.

      • Fredrik_H

        Unfortunately I think a lot of european countries are fast approaching the point where pro-white parties no longer can be voted into power due to changing demographics.  Immigrants tend to vote left as a block. 

        A portion of the white population will vote left even if the immigrants went Zimbabwe on us. And another portion of whites will vote for the “old” right, even when it has long outlived itself.

    • Hopefully the party becomes to big to even try that move



  • kerrysmith

    It’s time to send in the Marines — the Marine Le Pens, that is 🙂

  • When the socialists recently came out with their ‘making it too expensive to fire people’ policy I couldn’t stop laughing.  Regardless of what your opinion is on economics, that’s simply stupid.

    It’s no wonder Le Pen  told all her supporters to vote for the socialists.

  • Somebody should inform the shoddy journalist at The Australian that there is a difference between being “anti-immigrant” and “anti-immigration”. 

    It is not about “blaming” each and every isolated individual as a solitary element, it is about immigration and its effect as a whole. 

    In fact, if anything, she is “Pro-French” and the survival of the French people in France – and not “anti-” anything, other than ethnocide and colonisation.

    • roaring lion

       Yes and notice the snide remark about “boasting.” Fortunately we have learnt to filter out these weasel words and replace them in our heads.

  • the French seem to be attempting to make a last stand.  Enough of them have gotten fed up with you do not care if they look politically incorrect to their peers.  When will this happen in America?  Hopefully not before it is too late.  Because it may already be too late in France.

  • you would have to think that first-past the post parliamentary systems, and the American winner-takes-all systems … are not good for the long-term stability of a polity.

  • Church_of_Jed
  • njguy83

    Another positive story out of france, nice to see the native french have a real voice in preserving their homeland. Her father is one of the best politicans of the past 40 years up there with Enoch Powell.

  • anonymous_amren

    “Exit polls show the party more than tripling its support since the last parliamentary election.”

    Oops… I got excited too soon. If it had tripled since the presidential election like I first read it as saying, then it would have been awesome.

    But if it keeps tripling every few years, then it won’t be long to wait.

  • anonymous_amren

     They can’t accept that it will lead to the stone age. They think people only behave like barbarians because they don’t have enough political power. It’s crazy, but that’s how they “think”. And they won’t listen to any examples of how that makes no sense.