Bryan Stow Suspects Wanted to Blame ‘Big White Dudes,’ Tape Shows

Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles Times, June 9, 2012

Audiotape of the two suspects in the 2011 Dodger Stadium beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow revealed that some of the most damaging evidence against the men came from their own mouths.

The release came the same day that Superior Court Judge George Lomeli determined that prosecutors have enough evidence to try the two.

In a jail cell the day after their arrests, the suspects in the assault expressed amazement at the evidence detectives had amassed against them, with one remarking that police “know everything, bro” and the other saying, “Wow, we’re done.”

“How much time do you think we are going to get?” one suspect, Marvin Norwood, asked.

“A lot,” replied his alleged accomplice, Louie Sanchez.

A transcript of the July conversation recorded by jail authorities was made public Friday.

Placed together in a holding cell as they awaited a police lineup, the men immediately began comparing notes about the evidence against them in last year’s opening day beating of Stow. Norwood, who had met with investigators, said detectives had tracked down photos of them at the game, questioned people who had seen them in the parking lot where the altercation occurred and interviewed Sanchez’s 10-year-old son.


They talked about telling their lawyers that they had been set upon by a “gang” of “big white dudes” who were harassing Sanchez’s son and his sister, Dorene, Norwood’s fiancee.

“This is the story . . . . There was six or seven . . . of them. They were all bigger than me,” Sanchez said in the transcript. Later in the conversation, he acknowledged a man who had disrespected his family: “I socked him . . . jumped him and started beating him.”


Stow was attacked as he and three other Giants fans, all Bay Area paramedics, walked through the parking lot after the Dodger win. More than a dozen witnesses from the game testified during the six-day preliminary hearing. Some offered vivid accounts of boorish, drunken and profane behavior by Sanchez against Giants fans. Others recalled in chilling detail how a sucker punch from a man in a Dodger jersey sent Stow to the ground, fracturing his skull and leaving him with permanent brain damage.


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  • Francis Galton

    It couldn’t be true; if Norwood and Sanchez had really seen some tough-looking, unashamedly WHITE White MEN, they would have wet themselves and high-tailed it out of there in a nanosecond.  Even a microdose of Awakened Saxon Wrath is kryptonite to blacks and browns (available at your local gun range or biker bar). 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • A group of big White guys terrorizing mexicans?? Jeez, I wish.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    White Hispanics? The Mexicans hate you Whitey, WAKE UP! They are jealous of Whites and very arrogant. “A man who was sucker-punched at the race has died from his injuries….Witnesses describe the assailants as a group of Latino men in their 20’s– wearing red and white 49ers jerseys.”

  • Johnny Reb

    The ever-present sucker punch strikes again.  Where do they learn that, ghetto home schooling?

    Well over half (maybe more) of “When Blacks Attack” videos start with the sucker punch.  Skittle Boy started with a sucker punch on Zimmerman.

    I’m thinking this has to be a cultural thing.  Whites have these ideas about chivalry, honor, manhood and courage inside their heads.  But coloreds have nothing inside their heads . . . like a crazed pitbull on steroids all they do have is raw instinct.

    We all need to teach young white kids that lesson.  I know I did, but I still see whites letting blacks surround them.   Obviously, some white parents haven’t bothered to prepare their kids for life in the jungle.

    • I think it’s hard coded into their DNA, Reb.

      Reading contemporaneous sources from the late 19th Century, some of the more astute whites wrote, in observing the Uruk in his natural habitat, that Uruks attack in packs and ALWAYS from hiding.  They NEVER have stand-up fights, always preferring to ambush their victim.  Even going so far as to gloat over it.

      The one time I can think of where the Uruks squared off against armed whites was Roarke’s Drift… and we all know how that turned out.

  • Always a sucker punch..


    Just once, just ONE TIME I would like to see the headline:

    “Mexican thug fights white biker in stand-up fight.  Whites in shock and clueless.”

    But no.  It’s always, always, always:  A “Yoof” (or “YOOF” mob) attacks lone white guy.  Sucker punches him from behind.  White guy in hospital.  Cops say: “race has nothing to do with it.”

    I get so sick of seeing this, day after day.   What’s even worse is the “au-thor-i-TAHS” will always blow off the whole racial aspect of these attacks.  “Oh, nothing to see here.  Move along.” 

    ANYONE can see the racial animosity in play here.  Not only here, but every single time an Uruk or a goblin attacks one of us. 

    (sigh)… I’m gonna go get a drink and calm down…

    • Here for example, is a story from just a day or two ago:

      In it, some blacks went to a white frat party and after the whites went to bed, the blacks came back and tied up the men and gang raped a young white girl. From the video, you can see why the feral black subhumans picked their prey- the white boys in the video are queenie and weak. I would have pegged them for gay.

      • The__Bobster–158520905.html

        Police are searching for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a teen girl inside an Atlantic City porta-potty.

        On Saturday at 12:39 a.m., Atlantic City Police responded to the 3100 block of the boardwalk in response to a sexual assault report. Investigators say a 16-year-old female runaway from Pennsylvania ran into a nearby restaurant and told the staff she had been sexually assaulted. The girl was bleeding heavily from her face, had loose teeth from being struck and was in tears, according to investigators.

        The girl told police she met a man on the 3200 block of Pacific Avenue earlier in the night. She claimed they walked on the beach and into a portable toilet. It was there that the man allegedly beat her, sexually assaulted her and robbed her of her money and cell phone after she refused his sexual advances. Police say the girl was knocked unconscious in the attack and the suspect left her inside the porta-potty.

        • I know how this will sound, but:

          – She’s the one who decided to be buddy-buddy with an Uruk.  I don’t feel one iota of pity for her. 

          – She should be grateful that the Uruk decided to leave her alive.  She could have been dismembered and shoved down into that port-a-potty.  Nobody would have found her.

          -She should realize that the safest place for herself is back home with her parents… I’m pretty sure THEY won’t sexually assualt her, knock her teeth loose and steal her money, leaving her unconscious in a portapotty.

      • Good Lord…

        That disgusts me on my most base level.

        BUT!  Like I mentioned downthread- I know how this will sound, but:

        – THEY were the ones who invited the Uruk into the party, not trying to appear “RAY-CISS!”

        – Those effete white boys probably outnumbered the Uruk… but they were so emasculated that the idea of bum-rushing the Uruk and taking care of business never entered their vapid heads.

        – The female white shouldn’t have gone through that, but she was the one who made the decision to hang out with metrosexual, effete whites and predatory Uruks… just sayin’

        Sorry.  I don’t feel any pity for them, at all…. hopefully, they LEARNED this most harsh of lessons about our enemy.

  • A hardworking,intelligent,productive White man beaten and left brain-damaged;a couple of utterly worthless,low IQ ignorant stupid minoriteeze now to be taken care of by the State for (hopefully, along long time. ) Aside from the extraordinary emotional pain to the victims family, a question occurs:How can a society afford such waste?

  • It aint the latinas,who often seem to like white men,causing the trouble. Its the males.

    • The__Bobster

      They produce the males who cause the problems.

  • robinbishop34

    Just after this happened I recall seeing another man from San Francisco who was attending a game in L.A. His 10 year old son was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals jersey and they had to get up and leave because of the threats and harassment. A 10 year old kid at a ballpark!