Homeland Security Suspends Immigration Agreements with Arizona Police

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, June 25, 2012

The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Administration officials, speaking on condition they not be named, told reporters they expect to see an increase in the number of calls they get from Arizona police—but that won’t change President Obama’s decision to limit whom the government actually tries to detain and deport.

“We will not be issuing detainers on individuals unless they clearly meet our defined priorities,” one official said in a telephone briefing.

The official said that despite the increased number of calls, which presumably means more illegal immigrants being reported, the Homeland Security Department is unlikely to detain a significantly higher number of people and won’t be boosting personnel to handle the new calls.

“We do not plan on putting additional staff on the ground in Arizona,” the official said.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Arizona may not impose its own penalties for immigration violations, but it said state and local police could check the legal status of those they have reasonable suspicion to believe are in the country illegally.

That means police statewide can immediately begin calling to check immigration status—but federal officials are likely to reject most of those calls.

Federal officials said they’ll still perform the checks as required by law but will respond only when someone has a felony conviction on his or her record. Absent that, ICE will tell the local police to release the person.


On Monday the administration officials also said they are ending the seven 287(g) task force agreements with Arizona law enforcement officials, which proactively had granted some local police the powers to enforce immigration laws.

The task forces, named for the section of law that allows them, have proved popular among many localities but have been a political headache for the Obama administration, with immigrant-rights groups saying they led to abuses.


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  • mobilebay

    Well, the traitors have certainly revealed themselves, haven’t they? But I think we knew all along who they were.

  • WmarkW

    Dear Mitt:  this issue is a winner.
    The Hispanic vote is NOT the future of your party.
    You’re wealthy enough that you don’t have to suck up to donors who want the cheap labor supply.
    Don’t wimp out on this one.
    It will bring the educated suburbanites who don’t want their kids’ schools dominated by ESOL into the party.  THEY are future.

    • The__Bobster


      George Romney remained obsessed with promoting civil rights and racial integration for blacks, typically at the expense of working class whites. But like many civil rights advocates, he was never very interested in racial integration himself.

      In 1961, Romney became a delegate to the Michigan Constitutional Convention where he spearheaded a successful effort to incorporate a Civil Rights Commission into the new state constitution, thereby preventing it from ever being dismantled by the legislature.

      As Governor (1963-1969), Romney’s signature achievements were strengthening enforcement procedures for civil rights and establishing the state’s first income tax.

      In my view, George Romney was the original “maverick” Republican who habitually thumbs his nose at his own party and its base (a.k.a. whites), acquiring glowing Main Stream Media coverage as a result.

      In 1964, Romney closely collaborated with New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller to undermine the presidential campaign of Senator Barry Goldwater. In a speech at the GOP Convention in San Francisco, Romney denounced the Goldwater supporters for their “extremism and lily-white Protestant Americanism.”

    • Joe whatever

       Sorry but does this sound tough … Romney 6-25-12 quote: (“Today’s decision underscores the need for a president who will lead on
      this critical issue and work in a bipartisan fashion to pursue a
      national immigration strategy,” Romney said in a statement.)
      Sounds like a pandering fool, if you ask me.. JMO

  • alastairabbacle

    Isn’t it offensive to assume “Hispanics” support illegal immigration?  
    Maybe that’s just me…

    • The__Bobster

      Is it offensive to assume they like tacos?

      • alastairabbacle

        Yes, “Hispanics” like BOTH tacos AND illegal immigration, while wearing a sombrero.
        And the weird poncho thingy.   One more “vibrant” bag of colored skin to pander to.

        Below is the typical “Hispanic” in the mind of the elite liberals:

  • MissBonnie123

    “That means police statewide can immediately begin calling to check immigration status—but federal officials are likely to reject most of those calls.”

    This means that most illegal aliens will get to stay in the U.S., further proof that we’ve lost our country.

    I don’t see any way we can get our country back.

    Legitimate ideas would be greatly appreciated, though.

    • geraldmartin

      “I don’t see any way we can get our country back.” — MissBonnie123

      We can’t. It’s time for a new country.

      • Dave4088

         Ditto that.  It’s time to start over.

      • Joe whatever

         Only, I like the beach ( saltwater) and most of the the water states are over flowing with illegals… Where are we going , Wisconsin ??

        • geraldmartin

          I would take a mud flat with white people over the whitest beach in the world with mud people. But the real answer is: we go to whatever place we choose to conquer, which could be most or all of the present places we occupy, but no longer rule.

    • alastairabbacle

      Arizona threatens secession, over violation of States Rights, with support from The Republic of Texas and New Mexico.

      • geraldmartin

        A (funny) fantasy. Texas is a wholly owned subsidiary of the cheap labor lobby;  New Mexico is a radical hispanic/indio/granola eating squish white stronghold, and Arizona…well, any state with a governor who thinks today was a victory for her cause is a lost cause to begin with.  A lot of omelots need to be broken before we can indulge in this kind of talk.

    • We are fast coming to that final set of choices, fight or go away.  I was explaining this very point to my wife.  Why have some of the wealthiest buying safe havens outside of the US?  They know where this is going. Ellison buying up the sixth largest Hawaiian island, hundreds of thousands of acres bought in South America by such in-the-knows as the Turners, Kennedies and many famous Hollywood celebs.  Similar purchases have been elsewhere, mostly by the liberal of America, stragely enough. The rest of us can’t even afford passports for the entire family at the new prices the obama admin. now charges. So that leaves fight or submit, not too complicated.

  • vladdy1

    D’Won is getting bolder and bolder.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • libertarian1234

    These black miscreants….Obama, Holder, et al……. are hysterically desperate to get as many non-whites into this country by hook or crook strictly for the purpose of weakening the white power base by watering down the white percentage of the population.

    Unequivocally, this is a white-hating,  America-hating  group of black thugs who have taken over control of the government and are looking more dangerous with each passing day.

    This community organizer is a natural born liar, and his obvious intent in wanting to be president in the first place was to be in position to destroy the white man’s capitalist system in order to advance blacks and black causes by any means necessary.

    God help us if foolish, traitorous whites elect him again for a second term.  He’ll pull out all the  stops then.

    • “…black thugs who have taken over control of the government and are looking more dangerous with each passing day.”

      This bears repeating.  The elections cannot come fast enough in some respects but we need to be aware of the real possibility that an obama second term can happen.  Frankly, the odds are a bit too good for that second term.  The Republic, already in danger, certainly won’t survive a second obama term.

  • Joe whatever

     (Federal officials said they’ll still perform the checks as required by
    law but will respond only when someone has a felony conviction on his or
    her record. Absent that, ICE will tell the local police to release the
    person.)  So let me get this straight .. We are now releasing illegals into society even though they broke our lands law just by being here illegally ? Do I have that about, right ? I just can’t understand how others don’t see this as a tyrannical move, by an out of control dictator.. This is what dictators do.. Washington is rolling in his grave no doubt… Man , I wish he were here..

  • Joe whatever

     I learned a lot from my father…. Maybe, Bobster was thinking ” like father like son” .. ??

  • Joe whatever

     Agreed , they have no nuts… Someone should stand up and say, ENOUGH !!!
    If I was there I would, and I wouldn’t care what happens..Because you know the slandering starts at that very moment, but I would stick to my guns till my last breath.. That’s what real men do..

  • This is treason.  I would say the best we can hope for is to vote out the Kenyan traitor. I also believe this was an experiment on the part of the obama controllers just to see how far they can abrogate the Constitution while sampling the reactions of the people.  Not all people mind you as we know that a sizeable portion of the population have been lobatamized through the education process and supported by the media.  It has been a long and brilliant run, that is, the work done to corrode our nation.  This is the hour they have been waiting for, they have everything in place, from the hundred or more senators/representatives that are democrats and bold enough to claim socialism as their God to the millions of illegals destroying wages and stealing hundreds of billions of welfare dollars.  And what have we done to fight back?  That is their experiment, how far can they go and what would we do about it. I think the results are truly shocking and they have their answer.

  • MissBonnie123

    Do you notice how brazen the Obama Administration is? It seems to me that they know that they will not be held accountable for their actions OR that we White people will rise up and fight back and they have an existing plan to deal with us.

  • Rosenkranz

    Arizona should stop paying taxes to the federal government. Why should taxes be used to fund an agency that does not do their job? And Arizona should also request an immediate return of state taxes that have been paid for non-service.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Arizona could begin refusing cooperation with federal law-enforcement agencies as a quid-pro-quo.  The feds arrest someone and want him held in an Az county jail pending transport?  Arizona should refuse to hold that suspect.  The feds want Az city cops or county deputies to help with a matter that is strictly federal and not a violation of state laws (like guns)?  Arizona should tell them “Absolutely not.”

    This is one that can and should cut both ways.