Fueled By Immigration, Asians Are Fastest-Growing U.S. Group

Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times, June 18, 2012

Asian Americans are now the nation’s fastest-growing racial group, overtaking Latinos in recent years as the largest stream of new immigrants arriving annually in the United States.

In an economy that increasingly depends on highly skilled workers, Asian Americans are also the country’s best educated and highest-income racial or ethnic group, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.

In fact, U.S. Asians, who trace their roots to dozens of countries in the Far East, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, are arguably the most highly educated immigrant group in U.S. history, the study shows. And although there are significant differences among them by country of origin, on the whole they have found remarkable success in their new land.


For U.S. Asians, especially those who arrived in recent years, the first generation itself is doing well, outpacing Americans as a whole when it comes to education, household income and family wealth, according to the report released Tuesday.

Asian Americans also tend to be more satisfied than most Americans with their own lives, the survey found, and they hold more traditional views than the general public on the value of marriage, parenthood and hard work.

As a whole, Asian Americans are more likely than the general public to prefer a big government that provides more services. They also lean Democratic and a majority approves of President Obama’s job performance.


Asian Americans now make up nearly 6%, or 18.2 million, of the U.S. population, the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show. Nearly three-quarters were born abroad, and about 8 million came to this country in the last 30 years.


Asian immigration has grown rapidly in recent years, with nearly 3 million arriving since 2000. At the same time, Latino immigration, especially from Mexico, has slowed sharply, mainly because of the weakened U.S. economy and tougher border enforcement.

As a result, the number of newly arrived Asian immigrants has outpaced Latinos each year since 2009, according to Pew’s analysis of census data. In 2010, for instance, 36% of new U.S. immigrants were Asian, compared with 31% who were Latino.


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  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    there is a video of 40 plus blacks looting an albertsons grocery the other day they scared the lady employees who were crying and threatened the one police officer who showed up the article said heres one i found but there are more on the web

    •  I think you put this on the wrong article — there’s another one today dealing w/the latest black “flash mob.”

  • As one of the AmRen posters who is for allowing Asian-Caucasian marriages (esp Oriental-Occidental marriages), and who promotes Asians and Caucasians aligning w/each other where their political interests intersect (crime, taxes, balanced budgets, free enterprise, use of credit based scores in hiring, promotion, insurance rates, as well as credit decisions), let me say that the US is getting FLOODED w/immigrants, both legal (as these numbers show), and illegal. I don’t want to live in a virtual Mexico or Brazil (or Africa), but I also don’t want to live in a virtual Asian country either.

    We need to STOP ALL immigration and DEPORT the illegals IMMEDIATELY! Until the new immigrants are assimilated (which goes directly against all the liberal MSM PC multiculturalism BS), we will not be unified and that is always a threat to our political union.

    What Asian nation or Latin American nation allows >1/2 million whites PER YEAR to legally immigrate to their countries??? NONE! Yet if we talk out about this invasion and inequity, WE’RE the ones who are labelled “racists.”

    Is America going to pave over all its farms as millions of non-whites continue to immigrate here? what happened to all the white liberals who in the ’60s thru the ’90s were telling us to not have babies because of the population bomb and the harm to the environment caused by all the people in the US. I guess as long as they are not white, liberals have no problems w/them!

    • Mahound

       1% is still a problem in the long term.

    • The reason why white men marry Asian women may not even be racial at all. They just want to be with that person. I know that was the case when I married my husband. Race was not an issue at all. When this statistic of 1% of white men marrying Asian women, does this include all those who go to the Phillippines or Thailand to look for a mail order bride?

      •  I believe so, Crystal. I got that info from this AmRen posting:

        For white guys w/Asian wives, it does not specify the wives’ nation of origin or citizenship status.

        So, it seems like a lot of white ladies are panicked over a VERY small (1%) “problem.”

        As I keep saying, we’ve got to prioritize our “problems” (issues to be dealt with).
        Tied for #1 is illegal immigration and black violent crime
        #3 is stopping “anchor babies” (helps to reduce pregnancy visas and illegals)
        #4 is deporting illegal aliens
        #5 is suspending legal immigration

        Of course, there are plenty of related issues: Shall Issue “right-to-carry” and “stand your ground/castle doctrine” laws; Voter ID; cutting welfare in all forms; cutting foreign aid in all forms. But, IMO, if we lose the immigration issue, we’ll lose our country and ultimately, our liberties (and wealth).

        We should be able to pass #1-3 IF Romney wins AND the TEA party does well again in Nov.

        #4 and 5 will be very difficult, but are vital.

      • anmpr1

         A “traditional” Chinese wife can make a good mate, especially for an older man-one whose first wife has left in this age of easy divorce.  But nowadays, traditional Oriental women are not to be found; at least as easily as before now that China is becoming Westernized.  However, it all works better if children are not part of the equation.  Racial “purity” in offspring is always desired.  Mr. Taylor has a good article on V-dare about it, this morning.

    • ageofknowledge

      They are flooding the country with as many millions of immigrants as possible so they can “bring back manufacturing.” Only it will pay $2.00 an hour when they get done.

      Can you live on $2.00 an hour?

      • Not necessarily so, Asian Americans are the most education and have the highest incomes of any ethnic group.  The only people in America that would work for $2 an hour are illegal immigrants and I question whether most of them would do it.

        • ageofknowledge

          I was speaking in a future context Crystal… arguing that they are flooding the country with as many illegals and immigrants as possible to create a situation like China where labor so greatly outstrips demand for labor that wages fall to almost nothing.

  • Somewhere John Engleman is smiling happily.

    • JohnEngelman


  • Our totally white street was broken up after 20 years by Vietnamese.  Nice, upper-middle-class neighborhood.  We brought a tray of cookies over to welcome them.  No response, no thank you.  They have literally spoken to no one else in the neighborhood for a year.  The perfectly-kept lawn of the Polish couple that passed away, is now covered with foot-high scraggly weeds.

    This is the American dream my friends.  Nobody talks to each other.  No one feels any duty to keep the front of their house beautiful for anyone else, all they care about is the inside of the house, the part they look at.  Everybody just comes in makes the M-O-N-E-Y.  Who wants to live like that? I know I do not.

    With the exception of Filipinos, I would rather have blacks than any other Asian group.  Carefully controlled by suitable customary rules, up to and including Jim Crow and segregation if necessary.  Blacks and Whites should not be going into each other’s homes, and definitely not dating.   And I certainly would not allow a black teenager to even enter the front door of any retail business until this flash mob crap stops.

    Blacks are at least Americans.  They have historic roots here now.  That is the irony:  the pre-World War II common sense rules to keep the races from contending with one another, were not perfect, but were at least based in common sense.  In a better world, the architects of Jim Crow and Apartheid would have received a Nobel Peace Prize.

    I do not like a few of my white neighbors either.  But at least I know how to go about talking to them concerning neighborhood problems and issues.  From having worked with Blacks having gone to school with them, I think I would at least have a methodology for talking to them.

    • We, Japanese Americans are just as American as everyone else. After all, despite internment, discrimination and racism, thousands of young men of Japanese decent volunteered or were drafted and formed the 100 battalion and the 442 Infantry, which was the most decorated units in World War 2.

  • I like the Chinese and Japanese, but I would really like them better if they lived elsewhere.

    I grew up in a mestizo majority school, and then transferred only to find myself in a white minority among Asians (typically the Vietnamese). I find these asians to be the most low tier of all the asians, even if they made up all the advanced classes I took.

    • Are you talking about Chinese and Japanese immigrants or third and fourth generation Chinese and Japanese that are more like you than you thnk. We speak English as our only language. Vietnamese are a new immigrant group and they are clannish. I lived in a Chinese section of San Francisco and they were clannish as well.

      • I really like the Chinese and Japanese, although I never lived as a minority among them.

        I was a minority among Vietnamese, who I feel were pretentious, clannish and generally uninteresting. It was hard to want to associate with these people, and whenever I tried, I was met with indifference because they didn’t want to socialize either.

        I am a fairly extroverted person and can make friends easily, but  I felt only a connection with other white people, and those whites where of a small selection–many of which were mediocre(I probably could have made better friends if I had shared some of their interests, like dealing drugs. . .). I only wish there was more of a selection, of white people, from which I could make more genuine social bonds. 

         I have met many Asians who I like and still like today.

  • Church_of_Jed

    The coming violence in America will be between White property owners and income earners who refuse to pay taxes levied on them by Diversity governments elected by fraudulent or amnesty voters.  The Saxon will learn to hate again, but unfortunately it won’t be soon enough, but it will be over what always works- money.

    • You will have a lot of Asians and other successful minorities on your side.

  • bluegrass91

    Its really amazing how everything is naturally playing out into the upcoming rough 1/4 racial split of America.  This mixture: Hispanic fertility, Black and Hispanic immigration, Asian Immigration, and White infertility, is increasingly prophesying a future America split 4 ways: each race making up roughly similar percentages of the racial demographic.

    Us race-realists often become fixated on breaking down current and historical racial phenomenon between Whites and every other race.  What would increase our effectiveness is to be more inquisitive on the race relations between all the non-Whites.

    For instance, White America could either find a way to benefit and exploit the black-Hispanic divide, or we can stand idly by and let it hurt our communities further.

    How can we benefit?  Well, Hispanics don’t like to Blacks in their neighborhoods any more than Whites do.  This is evidenced by “black flight” from places like Dallas, for Hispanics aren’t as polite as Whites in fighting for homogeneity in their neighborhoods.   If neo-segregation is a possibility in the future we could garner non-White support by stating that Hispanics, legally, would be allowed to keep their neighborhoods all Hispanics under such a system.  The Vietnamese and Koreans deep down would find such systems preferential.   I believe that a future White Nation is the only sound path, but in the interregnum advocating for an enclave system may save White lives, increase our racial-consciousness, and create zones amiable for real White advocacy.

    Or we can do nothing in the face of the black-Hispanic divide and face worse consequences.  When blacks are ethnically cleansed from their neighborhoods by their mestizo “diversity” brothers, they’ll be forced to run to new black neighborhoods or they’ll run to……..you guessed it: White neighborhoods.  Everyone knows the consequence of accepting more blacks into our cities, neighborhoods and towns, whether they be refugees from the Hispanic mob or merely riding in on section 8. 

    Its not Whitey against everyone, its everyone against everyone.  Think even more extravagantly: If a White Nation wanted to secede from the Union, what could increase our chances against the Zionist behemoth of the U.S. government?  Aztlan, of course.  Give Mexico its northern land, or give those Hispanics a new Southwest nation, and now Washington must deal with with two secessions at once.  This would increase the chances that the White Nation would endure for self-evident reasons.

  • ageofknowledge

    And both groups block whites from their workplaces. The Hispanics say “Our hands to Mexicans and our fists to crackers” while the Asians just smile and say “no openings.”

  • alastairabbacle

    “In an economy that increasingly depends on highly skilled workers, Asian Americans are also the country’s best educated and highest-income racial or ethnic group, ”

    Die Whitey, die!

  • alastairabbacle

    Then the wrath of God shall surely descend.

  • alastairabbacle

    It does exist.
    The yellow peril is that East Asians are more obediant to authority.

    They will enable tyranny in the land of the once free.

    • anmpr1

       Perhaps in a minor way.  However liberal whites are the largest enablers, along with the Jewish media and the academy.  A mulatto president has not helped.  Also, the neo-conservative variants who seek to impose a Western style liberalism amongst non-liberal nations are “down with the brown.”  It will not be Asians that destroy the U.S., although they may be the chief beneficiaries, and fill in the vacuum, once our demise into Third World status is finalized.

  • This isnt good by any means, but for the state of Texas these numbers are good, less mestizos is always a good thing. In Texas you might see lots of Asians in the Austin area they work for Dell or Samsung, but other then that there are a few pockets of them spread out in cities like Dallas or Houston.  The scary thing that is affecting our state is Californians, now yes they are white and have kids but the problem is, most of them are California public school parents, thus brainwashed to diversity and the other garbage.  I was shocked today when I was in a store a family of Californian whites were actually pissed off that mestizos were behind asians and that Mexicans were leaving. One had the balls to say, we went to Laredo and they have lost so many people, look they went to California if the Mexicans are not going back to Mexico they are going there. Californians(not all) have really go to wake up, mestizos dont just leave and go back they go to states that dont care about them and will pay. As for Asians this can go either way bad or good, I work with many Asian-Americans and ya there grandparents are screwed up but the younger ones are so caught up in trying to make money and pissed they cant get into grad school due to actual Asians or blacks they focus there hate on that. In the long run less mestizos less kid, Asians have like one kid per family where as until a year ago that mestizo birthrate was in the high 2’s now there down to low 2’s.  

  • Mel

    The same thing with Australia – we stole it off the Aboriginals and it isn’t our land.  It’s grinding, but I guess they need a justification to ‘go into a house someone else built and take it over’. 

  • Mel

    Can you put a link to the video please…

  • JohnEngelman

    When I moved to downtown San Jose, California in 1978 the are was so blighted it resembled a bombed out city after a war. Impoverished Vietnamese War refugees moved in, took any job they could find, and restored the area. In the early 1980s I would sometimes get off work at 10:00 pm, and walk three miles home. Nothing happened to me. I would risk my life if I tried something like that where I live now. 
    Currently, San Jose has the lowest crime rate of any large American city. One of the reasons has been the influx of Vietnamese.

    • This is similar to what happened in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. When I lived there in the 1980’s the Vietnamese went there because this was the cheapest area in San Francisco to live. They cleaned it up and opened businesses. Those Vietmanmese have probably moved out by now to better parts of San Francisco as their children have been well educated and have good jobs.

  • better_times

    The cruelty of the Hindu religion explains a lot.  As far as the Chinese go – read “Tiger Mom” to get a look into Chinese child-raising.  White kids want the easy life of big bucks in Hollywood for minimal work & non-stop glamorous business meals. How I miss the social order of the old Protestants. 

  • In my case that was not it at all, I am a third generation American and he and I worked at the same place and at that time, I made more money than he did. Homosexuality may not be natural for you but for others, they have same sex orientation, which is similar to heterosexuality.

  • I think the Japanese are more western than any other Asian group. I mean when you see Japanese wearing Afros and Japanese women so tanned that they look like Beyonce’. Most Japanese women do not tan, in fact they carry umbrellas with them to prevent sun exposure.

  • Behavior in school is learned from home. Asian parents take time and are concerned with how their children do in school. Many poor Asian immigrants see education as a way out of poverty and into the middle class. Most black and Hispanic parents are working 2 or more jobs to survive. Since most of the Hispanic parents are not well educated, and immigration issues, they end up taking low wage jobs and in many cases there is a language difficulty between the parent and the school.

  • The reason there are Asian owned convieniece stores is so that they can provide work for their family members. Since they do not speak English and even though they may have been educated in their own country, those credentials mean nothing in most western countries. First generation Asians tend to have large families because they need everyone to pitch in and work in the family business to make it successful. Second and third generation immigrants have smaller families and are well educated and live in the suburbs. This trend will continue as each new generation takes its place in society.

  • Not all of us speak Asian languages. I am fluent in English and this is the only language that I speak.

  • For one thing, I am three generations removed from Japan, I do not speak Japanese. There are millions of Asians whose families have been here for generations and speak only English and have assimilated to this land. Isn’t that what you wanted? Immigrants who come in , learn the language and assimilate to America? We have done that more than any other immigrant group.

  • From the White House on down to Banks, there are set-asides specifically for asians.  Asians have lots and lots and lots of asian privilege and you pay for it.  How do you think they manage to now “own” 1/5  of ALL businesses in America now?

    • Asian immigrants tend to pool their money and then open up a business, usually in black neighborhood because it is cheaper there than in other places. The reason why this is done is that these immigrant are too new to the country to get bank loans because they do not have established credit.

      • They get tons and tons and tons of set-asides from Banks and American Tax Payer Funded Monies.  The people who pay the most in Taxes around here are White People and that is why I say White People pay for everything because we do.  We pay and get NOTHING! but ALL non-whites have set-asides and special considerations from literally, everywhere.  Corporate, Federal, State, Local, Churches, Community Groups and of course, from their own Federally subsidized ethnic groups too.

        • This is not true for new immigrants. No bank is going to lend you money unless you have a good credit history. This is one thing that new immigrants do not have. They may get Small Business Administration loans but they have to qualify for them as anyone else would. Besides white women also qualify for minority business loans.

          • No ma’am.  The “Government” is still dishing out and borrowing to pay for it along with forcing White Americans to help fund it.  It’s Illegal in more ways than I can say.

            Banks might now be tightening up for hispanics/blacks but not for asians and ya know it so git right now and Admit at least that much My Dear.

            White Women – I’m not for White Women to have advantages.  Not at all.  The evil and vile destruction of White Men is what I care about.  White Men have every Right to Control everything they Built.  Everybody has everything because of White Men yet White Men get nothing?  No, I will hear none of it.

  • All non-white immigration should be stopped, immediately. But, since this is not a realist option- reduced to minimum.

    As for Asiaphiles- import the same number of educated Russians, Germans, French, British,.. & they will surpass all Asians in a flash. In fact they did- look at the Fields medalists in past 20 or so years & their ethnicity & alma mater: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fields_Medal#Fields_medalists

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Your comment reminded me of an article I read recently:

    45 Signs that China is Colonizing the America:

    China is absolutely swimming in cash and they have been looking for things to do with all that money.  One thing that China has done is loan the U.S. government over a trillion dollars and this has given the Chinese a tremendous amount of leverage over us.  China has also started to buy up businesses, real estate and natural resources all over America.  This kind of “economic colonization” is similar to what China has already been doing in Africa, South America and Australia.
    Here are a few of the signs:*A recent investigation by the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services found more than one million counterfeit Chinese parts in the Department of Defense supply chain.  How in the world could we be so stupid?*It was recently announced that China’s Dalian Wanda Group has bought U.S. movie theater chain AMC Entertainment for a whopping 2.6 billion dollars.  This deal represents China’s biggest corporate takeover of a U.S. firm ever.*After being bailed out by U.S. taxpayers, General Motors is currently involved in 11 joint ventureswith companies owned by the Chinese government.  The price for entering into many of these “joint ventures” was a transfer of “state of the art technology” from General Motors to the communist Chinese.
    * Chinese company known as “Sino-Michigan Properties LLC” has purchased 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan.  The goal is to build a “China City” with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens.
    * As I reported on recently, corporations controlled by the Chinese government have been rapidly buying up U.S. oil and gas deposits worth billions of dollars.
    *Chinese investors have been gobbling up real estate all over New York City.  The following is from a recent Forbes article….
    *According to a recent report in the New York Times, investors from China are “snapping up luxury apartments” and are planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on commercial and residential projects like Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. Chinese companies also have signed major leases at the Empire State Building and at 1 World Trade Center, the report said.
    *The Chinese are also doing huge real estate deals in cities in the middle part of the country.  The following example is from an article in the Toledo Blade….
    More here:  http://www.rightsidenews.info/2012052416284/life-and-science/culture-wars/45-signs-that-china-is-colonizing-america.html?utm_source=Right+Side+News&utm_campaign=e6ef490079-daily-rss-newsletter&utm_medium=email
    As Mr. Taylor has pointed out,  they are not us

    • And people think I’m not being Honest about asians.  Thank You for this and everything else you’ve given too.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        I’m just warming up.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Those who promote an anti-White agenda need to be hammered away at mercilessly, with their nefarious and criminal anti-White activities constantly exposed.

    Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the original inhabitants.

    Anti-Whites are programmed to use the Native American, colonial or slavery issue, to justify open borders in the USA and claim that evil Whites have No Right to a Homeland.

    “Because of history” does not justify the flooding of White homelands with non-Whites; this is White Genocide, there is no other word for it.

    How do you think the Chinese would feel if their homeland were being flooded with non-Chinese who were putting and end to Chinese history, culture and identity?  This is what is happening to us Whites and there are people who are actually cheering it on!

    Imagine Chinese IN China being accused of  “bigotry” and “racism” because they want to preserve their heritage, homeland and culture in the face of extinction?

    This is what is happening to us, the White race, and NO OTHER RACE ON EARTH.

    Spread the word and tell everyone you know:  Without White homelands, there will BE no Whites.


    • BonSoon,

      Yes, I nicknamed you because you remind me of a Monsoon.  When the Tidal Breaks….

      Why can’t anyone see it?  I just don’t get it, I really really don’t.  I have never been more confused in my entire life.  Things that are just so simple are now complicated to the point of having no meaning and things that were never meant to be are now just another day at the office.  I don’t get it.  I mean, outside of blaming New World Order and the Tri-Lateral or Bilderberg or whoever’s on top sort of “I don’t get it”.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Yes, BonSoon. LoL, I like it!!

        There is sense to it, believe it or not and when I figured it out, finally, it pointed toward world wide White genocide — everything is pointed in that direction and the gears are already turning toward out destruction. Look at what is happening to Whites in South Africa, Europe, Britain, Australia and the United States. All White homelands are being flooded with Third World sludge!!

        If this is not genocide, I do not know what is. We Whites make up 7% of the world wide population and people are advocating for our genocide!! Unbelievable!! (but true).

        The goal is to make us a small minority in our own homelands by flooding them with hostile Third World dregs — THEN keep a boot on our necks so that if we complain we are called Nazis and haters. In England and Canada, those who complain face prison time — ask Emma West. In SA Whites are set upon by black savages and tortured, mutilated and killed in the most vile manners possible — babies, old people, women and children — and the Western press? YAWN!!

        We must hammer and hammer and hammer this home until everyone gets us — our overlords hate and despise us, use blacks and Hispanics to attack and destroy us and won’t stop until we’re eradicated like vermin.

        Anyone who disagrees is welcome to challenge this notion, because Frankly, I don’t see anything else for us in the future.

        What is being done to us is diabolical and evil, unspeakable.


  • A lot of us were born here. My grandfather came to Hawaii to work on a sugar plantation. After his contract expired,he stayed and opened up a general store. He sent for a old classmate of his from Japan who became my grandmother. They had seven children and built a life for themselves in Hawaii. My mother was born in Hawaii and so was I.

  • For all you white people who like asians or don’t mind them or had great experiences and the such:  When the system crashes, I trust you won’t be expecting White People to help you should you need it right?

    White People do not have set-asides like asians do nor are White People flocking, in droves mind you, to their Countries and having everything handed to them at the asians expense nor are asians handing over their neighborhoods or giving up any piece of their culture for White People when they do choose to live among them.

    Go ahead and love your asians just please, please be Honest in the end and don’t take from your fellow White People when you find yourself eaten out of house and home by your ever so “honest”, “hard-working” and “intelligent” asians.

    • Dear Ms. Galonska,

      You’ve made some interesting points, which I’d like to respectfully comment upon:

      “When the system crashes, I trust you won’t be expecting White People to help you should you need it right?”

      Actually, people should be self-reliant and help themselves. And the “system” is crashing in the United States because of rampant Socialism for the Rich. Since September 2008, U.S. Socialism has come in the form of bailouts for Wall Street firms, the auto sector and just about every industry that can’t stand on its own feet. So in fact, middle class & tax-paying White people have in fact been helping rich, tax-avoiding White people quite a bit.

      “White People do not have set-asides like asians do nor are White People
      flocking, in droves mind you, to their Countries and having everything
      handed to them at the asians expense…”

      Quite few East Asian immigrants come to Western countries with quite a bit of money. That’s why real estate prices in places like San Francisco, Manhattan, Vancouver and Toronto are so expensive. They are usually entreprenurial and economically self-reliant, so what “set asides” are you speaking of?

      “….nor are asians handing over their

      Actually, there are quite a number of “White” neighbourhoods in cities like Hong Kong (Stanley) and Shanghai (new Pudong) which are quite Westernized (signs in English as well as Chinese).

      “…or giving up any piece of their culture for White People
      when they do choose to live among them.”

      This statement REALLY baffles me: what “culture” are Americans giving up? Are you being forced at gunpoint to (for example) stop listening to country music and going to NASCAR races? People in Asia love to watch American movies, listen to American music and eat at American restaurants like McDonalds and drink American coffee like Starbucks. Are they being forced to give up their Asian culture as a consequence?

      It would be more helpful for your cause to be more straightforward: you don’t want Asian immigration not because of behavioural issues, poverty or violent crime, but because they’re non-white. Just be honest and to the point.

      • I answered this but Amren took it out for some reason.

      • Ingsoc

        Here’s the answer Stephanie.  This idiot hates whites and wants us race-replaced in our own homelands.  This is a troll and infiltrator pretending to be two different people who praise each other and gang up on legitimate posters like you.  Don’t fall for it.  

        “Since September 2008, U.S. Socialism has come in the form of bailouts for Wall Street firms, the auto sector and just about every industry that can’t stand on its own feet. So in fact, middle class & tax-paying White people have in fact been helping rich, tax-avoiding White people quite a bit.”

        As to this idiot’s comments about “whites” wiping out trillions of dollars; everyone with half a brain knows that Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street investment firms are dominated by Jews. Wall Street ponzi schemer par excellence Bernie Madoff was Jewish. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is Jewish. But when Jews do bad things they are skillfully recast as evil white men who ripped off the entire country. 

        And wasn’t it black man Franklin Raines who presided over the multi-billion dollar meltdown of Fanni Mae? This troll never lets the facts get in the way of his anti-white bromides.

        • What makes you think I disagree with you regarding the Members of the Tribe? After all, Socialism was invented by them.

          So here’s a question to you, presuming that you’re an American citizen: why did you and your fellow citizens let this happen? Why weren’t there any “Trahir Square” uprisings in Washington D.C.? Where were the guns and pitchforks?

          The only response I saw was the formation of the Tea Party. And what have they accomplished?

          The subject matter of the article is about Asian immigration. The post to which I was replying characterized this issue as if it were an apocalyptic matter. Asian immigration may be problematic, but it is a sideshow issue compared to the precipice that America is staring at right now.

          I hope I made my position clear. Best regards….

          • Ingsoc

            Asians do not belong in White homelands to race replace Whites.   

            Whites to not deserve to be race-replaced in their homelands by non-Whites, including Asians, yet this is happening in ALL White homelands.  If we complain we are marginalised and called Nazis, bigots and haters.  We risk our livelihoods and reputation by speaking out against our own race replacement.  In Britain, Whites are under threat of incarceration for objecting to their own replacement.  Ask Emma West.

            We Whites make up 7 percent of the world’s population, British are one percent of the world’s population with one percent of the world’s habitable land, yet our homelands are being flooded by non-Whites.  Native Born Britons, whose ancestors have inhabited Britain for 40,000 years are threatened with real jail time for objecting to being race-replaced.

            Asian races are secure, they are not under thread of genocide or race replacement.  No one is putting an end to Asian heritage, way of life or culture. We Europeans are faced with extinction, can you even understand that?  We Europeans are literally losing our nations and identities and people are cheering it on.  Imagine Chinese in China or Japanese in Japan being accused of “bigotry” or “racism” or “intolerance” simply because they want to preserve their heritage and culture in the face of extinction.  Yet this is what we Whites face and people  are cheering it on.

            Our anti-White government, media and academia are under alien control and have set an agenda of White genocide.  Is this so hard to see? 

            As for Jared Taylor, here is what he’s stated recently about Asians in the U.S.:

            Asians—those smart, hard-working people you’ve always been told believe in merit and would never act like the NAACP or La Raza—have joined the racial spoils system. They have gotten in right at the top, and they are playing dirty.

            So why is the one group that consistently out-performs whites claiming to be oppressed?

            Because they can get away with it. 

            –Jared Taylor, Asians Put Foot in Racial Spoils Trough


            Advocating, speaking up for and promoting Whites is Not Allowed in the New Amerikka, as it is for every other racial groups.

            And you know it. Any other questions?

            Hope I made myself clear as to the peril we Whites are facing.

            Best regards as well.

          • Point taken and well understood. 

            Please don’t misunderstand me – I appreciate your concerns, but as we both know, there is a “root cause” to all of what’s going on.

            I feel that it’s more productive to focus on certain “Members of the Tribe” (MOTT) that have yet to be held to account for:

            (1) the unnecessary invasion of Iraq and the waste of thousands of lives & billions of dollars;

            (2) the meltdown in the global financial system.

            and that’s just in the last 10 years!

            And THAT is why I’m perplexed why Americans haven’t had their “Trahir Square” moment. Unarmed Egyptians risked their lives to face down a dictatorship. So why do Americans themselves, who have a right to bear arms, do nothing?!

            Again, the Asian immigration issue is a sideshow compared to this bigger question. I’m hoping someone on this comments section can provide me with a rational answer.

            BTW, I realize they dominate the media, so please don’t provide this as an explanation. Mainstream media can be bypassed by the internet, social networking, etc…

            Anyway, wishing you the best….



            When I refer to “certain” MOTTs, I’m attempting to be accurate in my language. There are many honest and sincere MOTTs who were virulently against the Iraq invasion and the other shenanigans orchestrated by their fellow tribesmen. Unfortunately, they are not in positions of influence.

    • You know what is really scary. People like me are more like you than you think. We speak the same language, fly the same flag, many of us have gone and shed our blood for this flag as you have. I actually have more in common with whites than blacks or hispanics.

      • Oh Ms. Crystal,

        I’m sure I’d like you but I’m a segregationist.  I’d be your Friend and I will be your Friend but I cannot help but insist, The White Peoples shall keep to their selves as The Japanese shall to keep their selves and on and on.  What can I say?

        I like you, I do.  You’ve taken some flak that was both deserved and undeserved which speaks well for your ability to understand (frustrations) but you and I, as far as living together, I just feel more comfortable around those who ‘look like me’ to steal Mr. Taylor’s words.  I really don’t want to hurt your feelings at all as I cannot help but like the fact you’ve stood by but still….  We can be Friends and Live Separately at the same time.  I hope you can understand.

    • “White People do not have set-asides like asians do nor are White People
      flocking, in droves mind you, to their Countries and having everything
      handed to them at the asians expense nor are asians handing over their
      neighborhoods or giving up any piece of their culture for White People
      when they do choose to live among them.”

      Stephanie, my fiance is an Indian American doctor. I have actually been to India on several occasions, so allow me to counter some of your points. It is okay to be angry and vexed about something, but to make completely false statements and that too without backing them with even a shred of evidence is something which is not intellectually honest. Please maintain some standard!

      First of all Asians do NOT take away much from the government, they in fact contribute far more to the US economy then regular Americans who seem to live a lifestyle which encourages the credit crunch “live beyond you means” attitude thus resulting in the huge national debt. Whether you are talking about Indians dominating the Gold Jewellery trade, hotels, motels, supermarkets, convenience stores, food outlets, industries and companies that they have started or the workforce in the US labor market as doctors, engineers, technocrats, scientists, researchers, academics etc. As of 2010 66.3% of Indian Americans are employed in select professional
      and managerial specialties compared with the national average of 35.9%. In 2002, there were over 223,000  Asian Indian owned business firms in the U.S., employing more than 610,000 workers, and generating more than $88 billion in revenue. It is 10 years now, so do the math, that figure has surely doubled or tripled!


      They are certainly a boon to the economy.

      Being highly intelligent, creative and enterprising, many Indian Americans came here and started reputed multi-national technology based companies which employs millions of Americans. A joint Duke University – UC Berkeley study revealed that Indian
      immigrants have founded more engineering and technology companies from
      1995 to 2005 than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan and Japan
      A University of California, Berkeley, study reported that one-third of
      the engineers in Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while 7% of
      valley hi-tech firms are led by Indian CEOs.



      And, there are quite a few American technology graduates, not just from the US but also from Europe and Australia who have recently gone to reside in India to seek jobs or work in reputed Indian owned multi-national technology corporations in India! Thanks to their booming trillion dollar economy! And, they seem to be happily living there without the local Indians showing them any prejudice or


      There are also many Americans and westerners who go to India for medical tourism ( surgeries and superior quality healthcare) in Indian hospitals run and staffed by Indian doctors! This seems to be a growing trend. In fact, the world’s best (2012 rankings) multi-speciality hospital is the Fortis Hospital located in Bangalore, India for medical tourism:



      There are many westerners ( from the USA and EU) residing in Indian cities, in fact they even have a whole expat community online!



      Finally, I agree with Rhuled Bi Reeson, the Indian and east Asians play by all your rules in the west and yet for some odd reason you seem to dislike them, often making false accusations. It is better if you be honest and admit that the ONLY reason you don’t want them here is because of their race and not because of their “poverty” or “crime rates” etc. also, Indian and other Asians do not get any AA. Far from it, they are actually measured to higher standards even more than whites!


      Wish you all the best!

      •  Thank you Angelina for your post and well said.

        Whether you agree with him or not, one of the reasons I respect Jared Taylor is that he’s intellectually honest about why he doesn’t want non-whites immigrating to Western countries. It’s simply because they’re not White – end of story.

        He doesn’t fabricate nonsense to back up his views. In fact, he feels that Japanese culture is superior to Western culture, but he wouldn’t support their immigration to the West because, well – they’re Japanese and should stay in Japan.

        Whether we agree with her views or not, I just wish Ms. Galonska can be as intellectually honest as Mr. Taylor….

        • Oh, I’m sorry!  I thought a Segregationist was one who believed in the Separation of Races.  I go by Webster’s Dictionary so according to Webster’s definition, I’ve stated my position time and time again.

        • Ingsoc

          Put up a source showing that Jared Taylor “feels” that Japanese culture is superior to Western culture.  I have never heard Jared say this and have never seen it in any of his written works, with which I am completely familiar.

          Put up or STFU.

          • My Dearest Ingsoc,

            Here is a quote from Mr. Taylor and reference material:

             “I think Asians are objectively superior to Whites by just about any
            measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients
            for a successful society. This doesn’t mean that I want America to
            become Asian. I think every people has a right to be itself, and this
            becomes clear whether we’re talking about Iran Jaya or Tibet, for that

            Swain, Carol M.; Nieli, Russell, eds. (2003). Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Page 103.

            You can ask Mr. Taylor to autograph your copy….

            Now I think YOU better shut up. Kind regards….

      • Americans lack a historical perspective. There are ca. 1.2 B Indians & 1.3 B Chinese. These are old civilizations, growing-and cesspools. India is Europe in 1000s- a religion dominating culture that will hardly succeed to stay a single country under pressures or modernization, secularization and national struggles within. More- besides Hinduism, the only cohesive factor in India is English language & dominance of legacy of British colonialism.
        Without history of British imperialism, processes of modernization would have turned India into shambles.

        PPP is a good example:

        India, 1200 millions of people-PPP- ca. 4.1 million $
        Germany, 85 millions of people-PPP-ca.3.0 million $

        Without English & essentially foreign forms of government & law & science, India would have fallen apart. I suppose it will have happened in 20-30 yrs.

        As for the examples- they’re laughable & out of context. Succinctly, Indians are parasites of Anglosphere, where they can prosper due to the fact that out of 1.2 B people who are willing to learn, one can always find a small minority of successful people- people who are very supportive of their compatriots in immigration countries. They haven’t made any global progress, discovery, literary or artistic work in past 100 years.

        Do I have to post the same post for the zillionth time ?


        p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

        It was “white man” (actually,
        European peoples) who gave the world the way it defines itself:

        * phonetic alphabet (borrowed from Phoenicians, but adapted to
        Roman script)* mathematics & other sciences (Indians gave us
        zero and Chinese invented matrix calculus and a few other things,
        but as a unified human venture, science is completely Western)*
        democracy & idea of a free individual* the global high
        culture, form epic to the novel (non-European epics of worth are
        Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shahnameh, no actual novel outside
        European culture except Lady Murasaki strange and unique
        achievement)* polyphonic music no other culture can compete
        with* visual arts no other culture can compete with* all
        ideologies, from feminism, communism, fascism, eugenics, universal
        human rights,..* all inventions that changed the face of earth
        (cannons, steam machine & Industrial revolution, the locomotive,
        vaccination, strict hygiene, universities (in the Middle Ages),
        hospitals, antibiotics, electric power,computer, mechanical
        clock, planes, cars, TV, laser, A-bomb, wash machine, satellites,..)

        All other cultures & races contributed immensely less than the
        “white” European & American civilization. I think
        any rational person cannot dispute this.

        p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

        In comparison to the Whites, ALL races are:



        • She’s not going to listen Mr. Kaldian!  Angelina Mendes (sounds hispanic to me) is not going to listen to any facts at all.

          •  Read above-this is Indian male impostor who misrepresents himself as a Jew (or Jewess), but in reality harps on Asian Indian power & success. Israel Finkelstein, Weiss something… were his previous AR identities.

          • Got it and Thanks!

        • Wrong again! I see you have not bothered to address the points I mentioned with ample evidence. I have effectively proven my case, wheras you failed to do so. All those ridiculous points mentioned by Stephanie and you were debunked! Of course, an intellectually defunct cowardice that is so typical of your ilk is now become so redundant that I’m not surprised anymore. Instead, you posted an utterly luducrous list of supposed achievments without any evidence to back them up. Chinese inventing Calculus?? First of all mathematics came from India, including the concept of zero, algebra, etc. The earlies works of calculus were the pioneering works of Kerela Indian mathematicians which even predated Leibnitz and Newton. Without Indian contribution to Math and science, the European works on  the same would be nowhere, in fact, the modern world would be no where!

          “We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which, no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been made” – Albert Einstein.



          Its fine to be a delusional racist or a race realist or whatever, but at least have the integrity to be honest Kaldian et al.
          The world is changing, the power is shifting…and it is in favor of the nemesis of the white western man (read: India and China)!

        • “As for the examples- they’re laughable & out of context. Succinctly, Indians are parasites of Anglosphere, where they can prosper due to the fact that out of 1.2 B people who are willing to learn, one can always find a small minority of successful people- people who are very supportive of their compatriots in immigration countries. They haven’t made any global progress, discovery, literary or artistic work in past 100 years.”The above paragraph is the peak of ignorance, ripe with irrational emotion, delusions and blatant lies, so much so that it is actually laughable and amusing!To answer your point. In the past 100 years, an Indian gave us the Pentium Chip, invented by the Indian engineer- Vinod Dham – father of the pentium, without which almost ALL modern computers/ laptops etc. including the one from which you type your comical rants are governed by this device!The medical genius to discover Folic Acid – Dr. Subbarao.The Quantum Mechanics Genius – Dr. G. Sudhershan, first to propose the concept of Tachyons!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Sudarshan Indians have made rather significant contributions to American Science and have earned ever right to enjoy the fruits of their genius and endevours. From, designing the EMPGEN robotic space vehicle to successfully land in Mars ( Dr Kanna Rajan of Texas Tech who worked in NASA for the Mars Rover mission 2003), Pioneering of Fibre Optic tech. ( Dr Narender Kipany – “father of Fibre Optics”), WiMax/Wifi/MIMO which runs our multimedia tech – Dr Arockiaswamy Paulraj) to the pioneering of HDTV ( former Bell Labs President Dr Arun Netravali) and the current Federal officer chief of the National Science Foundation ( which sanctions America’s scientific progress) and the Federal officer Chief of Technology of the United States of America – Aneesh Chopra, National Sceince Director of the United States (Federal Officer) – Dr. Subra Suresh and ofcourse I could go on & on about the numerous inventions/contributions in Medicine, Hi-Tech etc. But, I’ll leave it with that.

          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_AmericansJust the tip of the ice-berg!http://www.indolink.com/displayArticleS.php?id=110404091541

          Do I have to post the same post for the zillionth time ?

      • I stopped reading at “my fiance is an Indian American doctor” as I knew your post would be filled with nothing but half-truths and pertinent information would be ignored.
        It’s always the same with you people.  Because you did it, we must all accept it.  No, that is never going to happen and hey, aren’t you a Jew?  You need to be ashamed.  I mean really, it’s not the like the Jews are a great percentage of the Population neither so you ma’am, ought to be thoroughly ashamed.  You killed your Blood.  Well Done ya Traitor.

        I glanced at your post and I repeat, it’s all the same with you people.  All you want to do is try to convince me how great and wonderful these people are but I know different and you don’t like that.  Even DateLine on NBC (LIBERAL!) had a story on “Indian Medicine”.  No thanks, Life sucks but I think I’ll go on living anyway.

        For the last time, the Asians have plenty of Privilege and it’s real easy to find.  If I can find it, so can you.  You can start with the link I gave to what’s his face and take it from there.  It’s everywhere.

        Last and because I’ve never addressed it, yes, asians do save money but so do White People.  The difference is, we don’t believe in overcrowding.  Asians will cramp themselves together and we will not.

        • Thank You for the heads up!  I tend to get a bit tired of having my points ignored in a debate that is taking place in a serious forum.  I wouldn’t be so snippy if they could just prove me wrong.  I’m quite sure I’d review and amend.

        • Yeah mod, you’re right. After reading a few posts, I knew it was “Finkelstein”-an Indian man posing as a Jew(ess).

        • Ingsoc

          Rhuled Bi Reeson and Angelina Mendes  are the same person.
          AmRen, you’ve been trolled by infiltrators.

      • Ingsoc

        The Indian population is not facing genocide and extinction, only whites because of bigots and haters like you. We whites make up 7% of the world’s population, India has a billion people but no one is jumping up and down demanding that India import impoverished Africans from Africa to “diversify” and add “multiculturalism” in India, are they?  No one is demanding that Indians blend themselves out of existence, are they?

        No one is demanding that refugees from the most depraved corners of the world be settled in India, right, as the UN demands of white homelands.
        Let’s say that I’m a white American college graduate looking to break into the upper echelons of an Indian company. Let’s say that I go to India and start making a big stink about “glass ceilings” and covert racism. Let’s say that I go to the newspapers about it, that I start internet campaigns about it, that I get all loud and mouthy about it. 

        How long before I get a bullet in the back of my head, seriously?
        Ever thought that we whites want to be left alone in our own countries?

  • I can tell you that there are differences between Indians and Chinese who are new immigrants and those who are third or fourth generation Americans. Indians and Chinese tend to do things the way they did them in the old country. Third and Fourth generations Asians are similar to their white counterparts.

  • I can tell you one thing, Indians run crappy hotels. Just about every crappy hotel that I have been in has been run by Indians.

  • There are whites who are training to be nurses and doctors. They are more able to pass the MCAT and the NCLX exams that Latisha or Tyrell are. Just because you see one  Asian does not mean tha there are no white medical providers.

  • I’m not sure which part of Australia you actually reside in, but you DO realize that your country was spared the worst of the Financial Crisis due to its economic ties with China, right?

    If you DO realize this, then you’re essentially saying: “we don’t like you – stay out of our country, but we want to do business with you.”

    How receptive do you think they’d be to that attitude?

    What do you think would happen to Australia’s economy if it cut its ties with Asia? It will sink like a lead balloon. Any halfwit can figure that out.

    “Oh – we’ll just trade with America and Europe”, you say? Sorry – they’re in economic doldrums as well.

    Try again….

    • Saisyet

      You don’t have to accept mass immigration from a country to trade with it.  Does China accept mass immigration from Australia?  No, it does not.  So if China can still trade with Australia without accepting Australian immigrants, why can’t Australia do the same?  Why are you imposing such a double standard on Western countries?

  • The majority of Japanese Americans are like me, Their relatives entered the US in the early 1900’s. These were the people that were placed in the camps during WW2.

  • Jason

    An Indian doctor who became the head of the county medical office was fired from his job about 7 years ago because it was found that for the five or six years that he was dept. head he hired only other indo-paks.  He got over a hundred doctors their jobs.  I know the man personally and he still cannot understand why he lost his job.  He blames racism.

  • AA

    Anything but blacks…..

  •  A variation of Ted Roselle’s post:

    Wow, these Europeans just sound like the perfect
    people, don’t they?  Guess we should just step aside and let them run
    things.  It would make sense, right?  They’re smarter than us, make
    more money than us.  Makes one wonder why they left their home nations, they
    must be wonderful places.  Just imagine how great Europe is.

    I guess that what Native Americans were thinking about your ancestors from 1492 and onwards?

  • And this is the worse part for these are the white people we must say Good Bye to.

    Outside of their ability to change, you’re left with no other option.  Should they still choose the other side after all the facts are in, well, they have to go live with their chosen.  Unless you want to save them and have our Best Doctors ‘de-program’ them that is.  I’d go for that but this only extends to those who haven’t been spoiled.

  • Ingsoc

    The Chinese race is not under threat of extinction, the white race is.

    92 percent of the world’s people are nonwhite, all white homelands are being flooded with nonwhites.  This is what needs to be addressed.

  • Ingsoc

    I was in Vancouver 2 years ago and was shocked at how Asian it had become so quickly since my previous visit several years before.

    I came in on a long flight and ate at an Asian -owned concession stand in the airport before I caught a flight for home.  About two days later,  I became deathly ill from food poisoning, I didn’t know it at the time but the person I was traveling with also became deathly ill and ended up in the hospital.  My family told me later they wished they’d taken me to the hospital.  It took over 6 weeks to recover, I’d vomited so violently that my ribs were askew and had to be put back in place by a chiropractor.

    The doctor I saw two weeks later, when I was still recovering,  told me he’d seen this before, that Asians don’t have the same level of hygiene that we expect in the West, and that food borne illnesses in Asia are 100 times worse than anything in the US, much more potent and virulent.  Guess what?  The doctor who told me this was Asian!!

    Do I want this in my country, the U.S.?  Does ANYONE??

  • I don’t watch The Today Show, or hardly any TV, but I would like people who know more than I do to discuss this Ann Curry situation.   I understand that she 
    was born in Guam to an American named Bob Curry from Pueblo, Colorado who is of Cherokee, French, German, Scottish and Irish descent, and Hiroe Nagase, who is from Japan. Her father, a career Navy man, met her mother during the U.S. occupation of Japan following the Second World War. The U.S. military initially did not allow the marriage [wisely!], but her father returned to Japan two years later to marry Nagase.  

    Looking at her pictures, she looks too emotionless and I would not want to be getting vital news from someone that emotionless.  It is like the Saturday Night Live parody of The Talk co-host Julie Chen.

    Anybody with me on this?  Can anybody in the know, give me more information about the racial angle of this Ann Curry situation?

    • They let go of Ann Curry but they’re keeping Hoda Kotb.

      Who desperately needs to take the $250 and buy a vowel.