Chaos as Plane Crash Hits One of Africa’s Largest Cities

Ben Simon, Yahoo! News, June 3, 2012

Chaos broke out in the densely-populated Lagos neighbourhood where a passenger jet crashed Sunday, as rescue workers faced heavy crowds and aggressive soldiers while trying to access smoldering wreckage.

All 153 people on board the Dana Air flight were presumed dead and more were believed to have been killed on the ground after the plane plowed into the impoverished neighbourhood near the airport in the city of some 15 million.

Thousands of onlookers had partially blocked access to the crash site, prompting soldiers to try to clear the area out. They used rubber whips, their fists and even threw a wood plank at those crowded around.

The strong-arm tactics likely did more harm than good. Looking to evade the troops’ aggression, people took off in several directions, trampling their neighbours as they tried to avoid being crushed themselves.

Some locals snaked a fire hose hoisted on their shoulders from a truck parked on the road towards the impact area.

But this effort was also interrupted by the security forces, whose aggression eventually broke up the human chain.

Some reacted by throwing stones at the troops, creating a crossfire of hailing rocks over the narrow street adjacent to the site.


After the crash, it appeared only a handful of rescue vehicles had managed to fight through the chaos to reach the site.


Some, according to one 50-year-old resident, sought to gain financially from the disaster.

“The looting started right away,” said Tunji Malomo, who told AFP he locked up his nearby bar as soon as he heard news of the crash.


Rescue workers said several people had been pulled out alive, but few believed there would be many survivors following a high impact crash in a contained, urban area.


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  • mikejones91

    This behavior is an incentive for the exportation of “diversity”. Hopefully, they get sent to America where us boring whites can take in their wonderful culture and ALL it has to offer.

    • We need to be more privy to the “African experience”.  It gives us whites such conciseness.  I would love to see more looting and cannibalism .  Much more vibrant than line dancing and apple pie.

  • Conan

    The comments on the original story are solid gold!

    More proof that a large number of people are fully awake.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah I always check to see what non Amren whites are saying. It’s usually pleasant!

      • Yahoo! is preferable to Amren. I rarely comment on this site at all. Jewish Renaissance has put the lid on the raw hatred that the white man needs to express. Yahoo! lets me say anything I want, as does Jewtube. Actually, jewstube is the absolute best for commenting. I’m not some croquet playing polo boy. The vikings and the English and the Germans weren’t the type of men who would watch what they say. The race war won’t be fought or won by a bunch of tea sipping aristocrats with their uppity speech.

    • The__Bobster

      The Yahoodie posters used to be Zulus and their libtarded enablers. Something has happened in recent months, as the AmRen types are now the majority. Hell, they no longer ban me for my posts there.

      • Tax time was just a few months ago. More people are know the pic of St skittles was from before he hit puberty.

      • mikejones91

        hahahaha. I have noticed a similar tend on my local abc news site. I used to get banned all the time, even when I substituted “blacks” for “Germans”. Now I just say black and most of the time, it doesn’t get banned. They probably have just given up, that or the mods have been influenced by our comments and now see the light! (or should I say DARKNESS?)

    • “The comments on the original story are solid gold!”

      Some of them were laugh out loud funny…

      My favorite so far:

      “A commercial airline lost a plane in Lagos, doing 75 cents in damage.”

    • For a platinum hit, I’ll refer you to a comment left by one “John” from “Chatsworth, United States” referring to the looting…

  • 15 Million in a city…
    In starving Africa…

    when you feed rats?

    Guess what: Detroit’s comin’ YOUR WAY, reader

    • Detroit_WASP

      Detroit is the future of the world. 

      Some people think Detroit is getting better.  I think the rest of the world is just becoming more like Detroit each day and therefore, people think Detroit is getting better when in fact the rest of the world is just getting worse.  

      • mikejones91

        People are beginning to just accept out of control violence as a way of life. Mostly blacks, obviously. I read a comment on my local news site from a black talking about the murder rate in Philly. He said for a city this big, 15 people being killed EVERY week really isn’t that bad.—This is that NEGRO mentality that is infecting whites. The point when just accept horrific violence as human nature. I will never accept that. It does NOT have to be like that. Well, It does if blacks are the majority. I don’t count them as human so they are excluded when I declare that.

  • El_Magyar

    Good Lord. It sounds like a jailbreak at the monkey house at the zoo after said primates were given moonshine. I can only imagine the chaos. Good grief.

  • JackKrak

    In addition to mathematics, geometry, the alphabet and various other hallmarks of higher civilization, I suppose Westerners also “stole” Africa’s knowledge of airplane mechanics, routine maintainance, emergency in-flight procedures, disaster rescue operations, police tactics like how to form a perimeter and crowd control, among other things.

    • Yea they had it all 80,000 years ago according to afrocentrists.  Of course thats like if someone stole a recipe for pot roast from my grandmother that all white people would forget how to make pot roast

      • mikejones91

        Is that actually true? Do they really claim that? What do they use as proof/reference for these claims? The Negro continues to amaze.

        • Most references are from Elijah Mohammed  and the nation of Islam.  Blacks had and invented  everything before other civilizations…A black scientist even invented white people according to some blacks.  This stuff is funny to us, but some blacks take it seriously.  
          If you want a good laugh Google, “Yakub”.

          • Funny?  I’d say it was outright hilarious!

            Personal favorite of mine is that (alleged) “book” written by an Uruk female called “Virginia Hamilton” called “The People Could Fly”.

            Never read it, personally, as I won’t waste my time.  But apparently it says that the Uruk, thousands of years ago, had wings and posessed the power of unaided flight, as well as ‘mind powers’ with which they built the pyramids in Egypt and a host of other supernatural abilities..

            Of course, all these ‘super powers’ went away once the EEVIL White Man captured them and put them on slave ships.. Of course, I suppose it’s never explained how such an ‘inferior’ being as a YT could capture a superior being that has mind powers and the ability to fly…

            When questioned about her “book”, Hamilton was asked if she really believed that Uruk had the ability to fly (and other powers).  She reportedly answered:  “Well, no.  But we have to give these kids something to believe in, don’t we?”

            There you go:  the Uruk mindset.

    • TonyWestfield

      JackKrak, you just don’t understand the Marxist materialism of the Third World.  We know for certain that the predatory Westerners stole mathematics and everything else on your list…That’s why the poor Third Worlders do not HAVE those things.  It is like your car, you see.  You had it but it got stolen.  Now you don’t have it.  Do you understand now?

      P.S., Those looters used to have a conscience, but it was stolen by…

      • mikejones91

        You can always get a new car. Steven said it best—
         Of course thats like if someone stole a recipe for pot roast from my grandmother that all white people would forget how to make pot roast

        • TonyWestfield

          mikejones91, you are a clever creature, tempting me to quibble with you and Steven. The analogy of grandma’s pot roast recipe is on target but it misses the bulls-eye. Why? Because at least we can be certain that grandma is/was real and she had a recipe and the pot roast was real and people ate it (probably numerous meals), etc.

          In the matter of “stolen culture” and other such claims, where is the history? Do we really know, for example, that there was peace and harmony and virtue among the primitive peoples? The only “evidence” seems to be the widespread (blind) faith in Rousseau and the myth of the noble savage. The dubious claims come mostly from Africans and aboriginal Americans (Aztec, Inca, Iroquois, etc.) who leap to their feet: “You stole our culture!”

          You see why I used the silly example of the stolen car. Marxist materialists don’t really believe in culture, they believe in things…So, if there is something (tangible or intangible, like a conscience) that I don’t have, well–since everybody on Earth is equal, right?–it must mean that somebody STOLE it from me. And who is the likely culprit? Well, the people who HAVE it.

          • I’ve never heard a leftist put that much effort into an explanation. Usually after about 3 sentences they just call me a racist and end the debate.

          • I dont think Tony is a leftist, quite the opposite in fact.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    They can’t blame the looting on “White Priviledge” now, can they?

    Or can they?!

    • mikejones91

      You know they can, and will lol. 

    • Yea the privledged whites on the plane had stuff worth stealing

    • StivD

      Yes, they can. Africans were colonized, remember. That did it……

      •  yeah, before colonization, africans were ruling the world

  • Francis Galton

    I tried to imagine Whites facing the same situation acting like this, but I just couldn’t do it!

    • Whites would be smart enough to at least stay upwind of the fumes

    • Just imagine this group in Manhattan on 9/11. They would have thought they died and went to heaven.

      If you want something to compare this to, there was a plane crash in the white suburb of Amherst, New York three years ago. I don’t recall any news reports of looting or other crimes:  

      50 Killed as Plane Hits House Near Buffalo

  • Detroit_WASP

    The survivors were probably beaten, robbed and murdered.  God help any white women that were on the plane.

  • Yet more evidence that blacks are genetically programmed to act the same no matter what country they reside in.

    •  sociopath by nature

      • mikejones91

        They really are. You ever notice how the majority of hit and run crimes are by blacks? Not that whites don’t hit people with cars, we just stop for them. The act of a hit run (the sheer amount of them by blacks) is a very sinister indication of their true ways.

      • StivD

        I don’t know, sociopaths are usually  a lot more intelligent. Blacks are more…brutish or incorrigible. 

        • mikejones91

          Not always. I see your point though. 

        • that is what makes them so incompatible with society, the low IQ combined with a sociopath personality.

  •  “Some, according to one 50-year-old resident, sought to gain financially from the disaster.”

    what a genteel way of phrasing it

  • splitsing

    The pictures look like hell.  If I found myself stuck there, I would make a hasty exit from this life.

  • ageofknowledge

    Pure gibme sumpn.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Blacks always loot and pillage every chance they get. The various U.S. riots (e.g., 1960s Watts Riots, 1992 L.A. Riots) and worldwide natural disasters (e.g., Haiti, Katrina) all show the true nature of the Black man. Blacks are not merely impulsive and short-sighted, they are savages at heart. This is not how Whites respond to such disasters (or even Asians – think of Japan’s recent earthquake), and it only demonstrates how far we are removed from them in both conduct and mentality.    

    • Gedaliah Braun Morality and abstract thinking, how Africans may differ from Westerners…

      • mikejones91

        This is a great site man, thanks for sharing.

        • I liked the large sign telling blacks ” DO NOT RAPE WOMEN.” Did  you also notice the black with the spare tyre  in the ” stop mob rule ” poster ? they put it round the victims neck and set fire to it. An African speciality.

          • mikejones91

            Yes, I laughed at first thinking it was a joke. Yeah, that tire thing is savage. I saw on a tv show that one way to get rid of human bones/remains is putting a body on top a tire doused in fuel. The rubber and steel make it incredibly hot. That is pure savagery, to end someone that way. It’s disgusting.

  • StivD

    Of course, colonialism is the cause of blacks looting whatever they can find off of other African blacks, dead blacks, impoverished blacks… It doesn’t  matter to them that they’re all in the same boat. You see vulnerability and you go for it.

    Looting and riots for blacks are the same; blacks will sometimes do both if : it’s raining, too hot, too cold, too much fun or not enough, there is enough of them gathered in one place, and some rumor set ’em off, among other things. That’s somewhat of an exaggeration but not that much…The only noble behavior I see in this is that some of the locals may have tried to put out the fire with the big fire hose, I guess. ?

  • StivD

    My god, 15 million people that can often be just like this or worse. 

    • KenelmDigby

      Yep,……and they”re all headed your way. Your wondeful ‘democratically elected politicians’ will see to that.

  • Sounds like local officials, police, fire, rescue personnel, and the
    military had things under control in this progressive, civilized
    society.  For a second there I thought “Lagos” was a trendy black name for the newest Detroit neighborhood.

  • kj

  • Honestly it would have surprised me more if they FAILED to loot! But seriously I am a Millionaire and I want to help and I live here in Nigeria temporarily. The problem is that in all of the chaos, my local bank is closed right now. So if you would be so kind as to provide me with your bank account numbers and an agreed upon amount I can take from said bank account I PROMISE to pay all of you back with interest.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Apparently I am the long lost relative of King Obongo-Obango Watuki. Once my wire transfer of $ 2,000 clears for the taxes, I’ll have 30 million!!

  • Major

    Ummmm….I wonder if they ate the brains and the hearts of the crash victims. I mean…food is food…especially if it’s cheap and free.

  • KenelmDigby

    If you really want to know what the sub-saharan, west African, black character is all about, this story is a good place to start.

  • ” The looting started right away .”

    So what else is new ?

    • Orion_Blue

       The looting started right away .

      So what’s holding them back? They’re obviously slackers. They should keep up with the “British” or the “Americans”!

  • Contrast and compare

    In Japan they had a tsunami, a earthquake and a nuclear disaster . No rioting or looting.

    In Africa, one airplane crashes and the places descends into Hell. What does this tell us about Race ?

  • mikejones91

    When the showed this story on the news, the ONLY thing they showed was the locals spraying the hose on the flames.

  • Johnny Reb

    This may be an indicator that blacks are sociopathic.  Or it may just be that the American gibbsme culture has successfully swept around the world and now blacks everywhere think they’re entitled to free stuff.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Brings a whole new scope to the term ‘Airplane Cult’.

      I wonder if a bird was involved or if it was a little Strela that brought the gifts of the skygods.

      It should have been easy to bring a 10 ton pumper truck, even if it wasn’t dual missioned towards riot control, through the hollering crowds.  The same way you don’t generally argue with an elephant.
      OTOH, as the MD-83 carries some 45,000lbs of fuel, if that lit off there would be very little you could do for anyone even if the rescue unit was right on the scene.

      The 150+ passenger count is kind’ve strange to me.  My recollection for the MD-80 (ex DC-9, a mailtube with wings if ever there was one…) series is a much lower seating density, on the order of 80-110 passengers.

      One hundred fifty three is an overload condition which could be dangerous as the extended range MD-83 is already operating with added fuel and structural weight.  In a hot and high condition this could be critical.  Murtala Muhammed Airport is only about 135ft ASL but it is also equitorial Africa which means 90`+ daytime average temps as a function of effective density conditions and available power from the JT8D-219s.

      It would be informative to hear where in the takeoff or landing evolution the problem happened that caused the pilot to call the IFE and specifically if it was engine or hydraulics related.  Eleven miles out from the runway is only about 3 minutes airtime which would place them well below 5,000 but probably above 1,500ft, depending on local geography.

      Plenty of altitude to select and execute a controlled crash landing rather than simply go straight in, less than a minute after declaration.

      Where you are looking at a continent as much as country stuffed with surplus AD weapons, ‘sudden disappearances’ are always worrisome.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    This is why I love the internet, they TRUTH is out there.

    “Instead, much of their work centered on accounting for the dead. The police, meanwhile, rushed to control not only the traffic – two Interstates were closed by the crash – but also the crowds drawn by the brilliant orange fireball or by news of it. They also had to deal with looters raiding suitcases of the dead, stealing cameras and jewelry and carrying off parts of the plane as macabre souvenirs. They made six arrests.”

  • Strider73

     Didn’t you hear? They reached the moon first, as this instructive video shows.

  • Strider73

    “(They) walk like men, but they’re vicious, mindless monsters.”

       — Cliegg Lars, describing the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine and the Africans of Earth

  • Orion_Blue

    I was amazed at the commentary by the ‘Young Yahooligans’ posting in response to the OP.

    Have the moderators been zonked with too much jungle juice or ‘benzos’?