Calif. Teen, Teacher Face Sodomy Accusations

Ryan Gorman, NY Daily News, June 28, 2012

A California teenager appearing in court for allegedly sodomizing two students in separate incidents yelled “get me out of here” as he was led away from his family by bailiffs.

Fernando Salgado was one of four students at A.B. Miller High School, in Fontana, Calif., arrested in the attempted sodomy of another student with steel rebar while the other three—all minors—allegedly held the boy down and removed his pants, reported KTLA.

Another incident took place June 14 involving three students who allegedly held down another boy while Salgado attempted to sodomize him with a wooden broom handle, according to KTLA.


Salgado, 18, pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of sexual penetration and false imprisonment while sobbing in front of his family. Eventually he became so upset he jostled bailiffs before being physically restrained and led out of the courtroom.


The alleged incidents both took place in the same summer school masonry class taught by Emmanuel Delarosa.

Delarosa, 27, was originally arrested and charged with child cruelty after he was accused of knowing about the hazings and allegedly ordered one of the attacks “to limit behavioral problems in the classroom,” police told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Adrianna Mares, 19, a former student of Delarosa’s, told KTLA that hazings were common in his classes, saying students would “take the broom and put it between their butt and the top of their jeans.”

After further investigation, authorities charged Delarosa with two counts of felony attempted sexual penetration by a foreign object on a minor over 14 and two counts of felony false imprisonment by violence, according to the station.


Fernando Salgado

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  • JackKrak

    The teachers union officials are surely hard at work preparing a vigorous defence of Mr. Delarosa right now…..

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Family values don’t end at the Rio Grande.

  • Oil Can Harry

    The student and teacher are upset because they’re going to be incarcerated in a place that also features  similar types of “hazing”.

  • So he likes sodomy, huh?  He’s going to the right place.

    This happens fairly frequently in St. Louis — Adolescent blacks are the doers and vics.  It’s as if they’re practicing for a life of living on the down low.

  • What a wonderful, VIBRANT, DIEverse culture.  We should be so accepting of these “significant cultural hazings” which are a rite of passage in certain Mexican circles.  This ritual is right up there with hanging dead bodies on overpasses and using children assassins as cultural milestones equal to any of those achieved in the Enlightenment or Scientific Revolution.  

  • Church_of_Jed

    When all the cops and judges and juries are either spanics or wise Latinos, these types of crimes will never be charged. The offenders will be offloaded into White communities on missions of undoing White privilege.

    It’s hard to enjoy your White privilege after you’ve been sodomized by a blood thirsty Aztec.

  • FedUp

    Typical with hispanics in general.  They are bad in a group.  But when caught by the police and in court, they cry like babies.  I’m not sure if they are hoping to sway the judge for leniency, or if they really are wimps in custody, but bad boys on the block surrounded by amigos and crying like babies in custody is a fact.

    • Beth

      Latinas are really big on the drama, I think these bums learn it from their mamacitas.  When they act bad as kids they go to their mamacitas who always protects them from harm.  One day they grow up and finally realize that their mamcitas can’t bail them out of all of their problems.

      Have you ever watched the protest spectacles put on by the illegals?  They are really funny to watch, they alternate between boohoohoo, we are just poor migrants, senhor, to we are going to take back Aztlan you gringo nazi. 

      • Whenever I read a letter to the editor from an Hispanic or hear a local Hispanic leader speak, they first start out sounding friendly. By the end of the letter or the speech, there’s a veiled threat about what will happen if they don’t get what they want. 

        • Yeah…like we are the “future of this country” and “we aren’t going anywhere.” If you do not give in to our demands for “immigration reform” (aka amnesty), you will be sorry.

          Are those the veiled threats you speak of SB? I’ve noticed their diatribes always end with the all familiar threat to America, that we had better give them what they want… or else.

          Nevertheless, I guess we should not be surprised. These interlopers come from a lawless and corrupted culture. Making threats and demands is just part of whom they are. This is how life goes south of the Rio Grande and now we have m0re than 30 million of them to “enrich and add vibrancy/diversity” to our country.

          Are we lucky or what!

      • very interesting observation Beth.  And I’m glad that some folks are watching the protest spectacles on our side, so that we can glean information like that.  I must admit I don’t watch because I’m so disgusted, but I should.

  • Beth

    I am in my sixties and cannot believe what has happened to our nation.  This happened just within my lifetime.  I still remember what it was like to live in a normal world.  Have you noticed how the leftists like to put the word normal in quotations as if they are embarrassed to speak the word.  They have done a very effective job of erasing the idea of normalcy, now we have to live in the madhouse that  they have created for us.

    • ed91

      ain’t it great……….  no more segregation, no more borders, no more………….  sanity…
      no more racism?  no more corruption?  oops……..  oh well………

      no more hunger, no more……….

    • newscomments70

      I recall walking through a certain Los Angeles neighborhood during Christmas season (recently). The neighborhood was mixed, with a fair amount of whites. This particular street was famous for its Christmas decorations, displayed by private families. It was mostly “holiday” decorations, not really Christmas. They were cheap, plastic, loud and flashy. It seemed that I could not find a creche anywhere. I finally did find a home that displayed  a cheap, plastic creche…next to it, they displayed a statue of “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo”. That is a South Park creation of a talking piece of feces that spreads Christmas cheer. I am old enough to remember creches, crosses, and REAL Christmas music. Showing pieces of crap next to the birth of Jesus is disgusting and offensive. I know this is off the subject of sodomy, but it seems like an example of the madhouse you describe. I am somewhat younger than you, but I miss the real America as well. 

    • Number 9

      Beth, the key words you wrote: “our nation”. Those kids & that teacher are not ours. Neither is the country, anymore. 
      A basic law of nature: nothing belongs to those who will not fight to keep it. All will belong to those who will claim it. 
      When others claim what is/was yours, and you will not resist in any meaningful way, in what sense can you continue to claim the thing is yours? 
      It is white children who will suffer the most in the madhouse (slaughterhouse) that their parents and grandparents have allowed a hundred million aliens to make of what should have been a most blessed inheritance, as it was for white children born in the 50’s & 60’s. 

    • I know what you mean, Beth.  I got into a sparring match with a leftist on a board discussing Jerry Sandusky.   The homosexual collective likes to beat up on Jerry Sandusky to make it look like they have *some* standards in the sexual arena.  Plus, he represents the big bad white middle-class macho football culture, a juicy target.  But when pressed, this leftist had to admit that there was nothing normal or abnormal about what Sandusky did, because normal doesn’t exist.  Sandusky’s only crime was doing it, “without consent”.   So I guess if the state of Pennsylvania lowers the age of consent to 14, then “voila” it becomes true love and the height of homophobia for us to say anything again Sandusky.  Is this not madness?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Not to chide you, but provide a sort of explanation; Normal is a sort of average of what exists.  As moral and ethical drift occurs over time, what is adnormal can become normal.  It is just that people like you and me used to expect that living in American meant being fairly safe and certain bizarre crimes like this would never even come up in an American’s imagination. 

      What happened is that they changed the formula of what is an American.  This caused the drift and now we have this as our norm, meaning the sort of stuff that has become routine in many regions of America.

      I don’t think we can change it, so what will happen is that this and many other factors will produce a collapse of society.  When we must carry openly weapons to go shopping we will know that the collapse is underway.  Many people carry concealed now, so this is not that far off.

      • IstvanIN

        Thank you. Bizarrre is right. My previous (deleted) comment about how, long ago when I was in high school, I would never have thought to do such a thing, let alone now as an adult. Who in their right mind thinks to do something like this? This is what the politicians think make good “new” Americans? Do they really think that their children and grandchildren can be completely protected from all this? Mrs. Pelosi, do you really think only ours and not yours will ultimately suffer? Are you that dense?

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          What amazes me to NO END is teachers who do this ON THE CAMPUS!!  

          I read continuing stories (and hear about them too anecdotally from other teachers) about teachers who smoke pot with students in their offices or in the school parking lot, at sporting events, engage in threesomes ON CAMPUS, share booze or drugs with kids ON CAMPUS.

          Any teacher who engages in sex with a student will be fired, immediately, jailed,  and registered as a sex offender for life  His photo will be plastered across the local, if not state and national papers quickly and throughout the  cyber world .

          Ditto with drugs.

          Your career, obviously, is out the window.

          And yes, they should be fired — for stupidity.

          How anyone could toss away his college education and a career that is SAFE FOR LIFE is beyond me.

          (but then, I read a profiler report about sex offenders that teaching (or boy scout leadership, or the clergy) is a COVER for pedophiles, the career, family, degrees, training are secondary.  They do this to get access to what they REALLY desire:  Your young children!!)

          Parents:  Don’t take your eyes off your kids!! I mean it.  This includes BOYS — I’ve seen men leering at my son, especially when he was around 9 or 10 years old, but later too.


  • Oh, come on…what is the big deal about a little sodomy, false imprisonment, etc., in a classroom, when multiculturalism and diversity are so “enriching” and one of our “greatest strengths!” Certainly, we should be able to tolerate a little mayhem and sexual deviancy, in exchange for the vibrant enrichment these south of the border diversity members bring us.

  • Why wouldn’t he, since he’s a fellow Mexican with similiar values.

  • mikejones91

    That person is here. That person is me. Mark these words. 

    •  And I thought I was a legend in my own mind.

      Wooden nickel’s worth of free advice — It’s okay to be legend in one’s own mind, but convincing everyone else is going to be the hard part.

    •  And another thing:  You might want to leave the masturbatory fantasies you had as a nine-year old off your campaign literature.  That makes two wooden nickels’ worth of free advice.

      • mikejones91

        I was illustrating a point relevant to the Amren/Race Realist philosophy. My Allah, you are really stuck up/prude. Probably a Christian. HAHA- I’m not gonna sit here and argue with you. “If you could reason with religious people, there wouldn’t be religious people. Why even start with the in-fighting? People like YOU see our problems as this black and white thing. YOUR way or the highway. There is massive amounts of gray area that YOUR type just can’t seem to get past.—Btw–When I am on top (aka OUR savior) I will track you down and have you exiled to Kenya! Be gone, boy. I know your probably older than me so maybe its a little backwards to call you boy but I am picturing you in my head and what I get is a scrawny/nasally voiced/worm boy who I can physically dominate. Thus, I called you boy!

      • prude

        You spelled “normal” wrong.

        Probably a Christian.

        Very much so, but not a fundagelical.

        I am picturing you in my head and what I get is a scrawny/nasally voiced/worm boy

        You got “nasally voiced” right, and recent deviated septum surgery didn’t much help it.  As for everything else, 35 years old, 210 pounds ideally 180 (this past tax season did a number on my health).  I think you should look before you leap.

        You don’t want to argue with me, but you have fantasies of beating me up?  I think you have a little bit of growing up to do, Mr. 21-year old going on 15.

  • it is ironic that statistics like this are so readily available.  Why are they being kept?  In a true “colorblind society”, no one would bother noting down race?  Reason: so the race hustlers can support busing and the whole panoply of goodies favors and handouts.  But we use them to confirm and support everything that we believe, LOL.

    • The__Bobster

      I read that France no longer allows such statistics to be kept.

  • Right.  Or they will just say that everything was “repressed” and therefore the old society was just as unhealthy as today, if not more.

    • mikejones91

      People were having the same amount of sex back then, so yes it was “repressed”. Not bad, or good. It’s neutral. If modern America (as In right now) was 100% white, we would truly be in our prime. White culture/music/film. Take out the darkness and we have a utopia. Don’t harp on the past. MY grandparents always say “kids these days!”. Just like your grandparents said, and just like your great great grandparents before them. There will ALWAYS be something to complain about. Forget that. Think of what needs to be done to make things good.

      • Kurt Plummer


        There will ALWAYS be something to complain about. Forget that. Think of what needs to be done to make things good.

        This is actually a well thought comment. I believe you are alienating those who might help you by discrediting their view of the world as something that they remember with rose tinted glasses because you weren’t there at all.


        It is quite correct to assume that, in a world where everything is ‘image’ and nobody trusts any form of normalcy as being anything but a front for corruption or repression; those who follow a set of internal standards and can show it, as a simplified form of living to a moral code could have a lot of _quiet_ influence over those who want a Way of Ways that is forward looking at the same time it protects the present as the creation of the past.

        The question becomes whether or not we still have enough rights to enclave up and use private ownership laws to ‘keep it in the family’ as a white light in the darkness.

        The key things to remember here is this:

        1. The elderly still have a credible amount of wealth and a great fear of seeing themselves living beyond it in a world of zero interest rates and fading SSDI. Add to this vicious treatment in rest homes and shifting ethnic balances and there is a lot to be said for the concept of giving unto our elders that dignity which will ennoble them to provide a legacy of continuancy for us.

        2. The elderly have training levels in disciplines which are simply no longer taught in many schools. Skills which could be leveraged into group business plans and a training cadre` for followon white professionals, once the present idiocy of socially engineered IQ=90 collegiate degrees are shown to be incompetency enablement.

        3. The elderly don’t have a lot of time to help their children as their extended family of race and culture get it together so that the wealth buys permanency in real estate and other ‘non dislodgeable’ assets which a white centric community can use to create a solid core which cannot be invasively contaminated by the modern lifestyle.

        It is something to think about. Because the one thing that differentiates an army from from a mob is massing. And our time to win through by numbers is fast fading. We absolutely must combine resources and literally begin a preplanned shift to states where ‘certain skills are in demand’. As the only means by which whites will survive what is coming.

        It is genocide people. It is genocide sponsored by the very people whom we save from genocide. And it will not be survivable if we don’t have sufficient _mass_ of ethnic self determinancy to simply say _no_ when the demands as depredations of a national government in it’s death throws. And the birthing pains of a new a globalist elite who will not tolerate threats to their powerbase among the dependent mobs who look to them for everything from food to housing to lights.

        Part of this must be military. But part may also be skillsets too valuable to eradicate as the world deals with a 12-14 billion population crisis.

  • On the EXACT point of 2+2=4 check this video out (you don’t mind a little religion being mixed in with your Logic 101):!

  • this is the best discussion on American Renaissance,  I’ve read yet.  And that’s a very high standard

  • The__Bobster

    You should be the one waking them up if no one else is up to the task.

  • Marcy Fleming

     No, Obuma is close to having a military dictatorship here now.
    I’ll pass.
    Blacks are by far the most religious group in America and they beat their kids much more than whites do AND they have the highest crime rates by far.
    So much for your panaceas.

  • IstvanIN

    I have a question: who thinks of putting a broom handle or piece of rebar up someone’s you know what. I can not imagine thinking of doing such a thing when I was a teenager let alone now in my declining years.  Where do they come up with these things?

  • Cry you piece of excrement.