When Thugs Declare Open Season—On Human Beings

Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star, May 16, 2012

I am Harry Stone. You are Harry Stone.

Except for one major difference.

You and I are alive today.

Harry Stone is dead.

The 60-year-old Raytown resident was jogging early Sunday morning when he was shot and killed near 67th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard in Raytown.

Police say all evidence so far shows it was a senseless and random act of violence. It could have happened to anyone.


Want something equally chilling? By its very definition, this kind of random violence will happen again.

So now we wait for authorities to catch Stone’s killers, which I expect will happen. People involved in appalling incidents like this often brag about them. Stone reportedly was shot by a passenger in a car, so there were at least two people in the vehicle.

Stone’s murder has prompted outrage and expected reactions, especially this one: What kind of animals would do something like this to a human being?

Remember Rapheal Willis and Fabian D. Brown Jr.?

They were convicted in the senseless shooting of Robert Osborn in late 2005 on 47th Street east of Blue Ridge Boulevard in Kansas City — four blocks from my house. Osborn had been bicycling home from his job as a stocker at a grocery.


This week’s shooting of Stone — another person minding his own business — also ended the life of someone with loving relatives, someone who was part of the often tight-knit Raytown community. Residents there and elsewhere are repeating understandable reactions to Stone’s killing.

Don’t ever take life for granted. Prosecute these murderers to the full extent of the law.

Some other points, though, are being made in a more pessimistic vein.

Who wants to live in neighborhoods where this kind of thing can happen? Should we get out before the bad elements take over the streets?

Yes, you probably know where I’m going with this.

Both Rapheal Willis and Fabian D. Brown Jr. were young black men.

It would not be surprising if the killers of Harry Stone fit that description, too. [Editor’s Note: This article indicates that they did, in fact, fit that description.]

That stereotypical reaction is based on some facts, the primary one being that way too many shootings by young black males occur on the streets of central and east Kansas City, bleeding over into suburbs such as Raytown and Grandview.


Many area residents also are feeling, with self-satisfaction or even a little guilt, some other emotion today.


Relief that they live in Overland Park or Lee’s Summit or Prairie Village or Liberty or some other “safe” suburb where they are far less likely to be involved in these kinds of crimes.



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  • Police say all evidence so far shows it was a senseless and random act of violence.

    They always say that, and it’s virtually never true.  There is always a reason and a motive for this kind of violence.  It’s just that we’re uncomfortable with the answer, except here on AR.

    You people in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs better hope that Jane Dummyham doesn’t get her way, that being the KCPS is eliminated and its territory divided among neighboring districts.

  • libertarian1234

    “Police say all evidence so far shows it was a senseless and random act of violence. It could have happened to anyone.”

    That’s false.  It could not happen to anyone….unless he were white.

    Some kind of pressure has to be brought to bear on these irresponsible police and political demagogues who absolutely refuse to admit these obvious racial attacks are racially motivated.  This same police attitude has been present in  almost every single obviously black on white hate crime that has been occurring………and they are reaching epidemic proportions all over the country.

    It has finally gotten out of hand.  No more is it a case where law enforcement just has a different opinion.  Whites are at risk and the police make the situation far worse by failing to condemn these attacks as racial in order to effect some kind of curtailment.  As it is, their denials act as nothing less than encouragement to the these black criminals.

    Something has to be done.

  • Before we
    Jump The Gun

    Just WHO was this Harry Stone?
    A lifetime NRA member

    or an OBAMA voter?

    One I care greatly for – the other

    It’s usually LIBERALS getting raped/mugged/murdered by VIOLENT BLACK MOBS.
    Not H&K .40 packin’ republicans.

  • razorrare

    Okay. We know the race of the perps.Can someone tell me what race the victim was? His daughter Susan has an asian sounding last name (LI)–but perhaps thats not her maiden name.Point blank…he was shot because he was most likely White. NBC is celebrating the fact that Whites for the first time in our history had less than 50 % births while minoritys had over 50%–mainly hispanics.

  • razorrare


  • Francis Galton

    As rare as this sort of occurrence is, this is one of my greatest fears when I’m out walking in my city.  It sounds crazy, but I always try to walk against traffic–not because I fear getting run over, but because I want to have the chance to preempt any possible shooting (or another projectile of some sort) from a moving vehicle.  I’m well aware that someone driving on the other side of the road could do the same thing, but given the poor shooting capabilities of most thugs, they would probably miss in that case.  Maybe I’m crazy, but at this point I don’t put anything past these savages.

  • ageofknowledge

    They have a splinter off a Mexican Cartel now residing in and functioning exclusively on U.S. territory in Southern California. Nine murders, vats of acid, convictions, etc… it’s begun… here.


  • Soon to come to a neighborhood near you, courtesy of the US government.

  • splitsing

    Nobody in the USA wants to live around the blacks.  I suspect the reaches of the Pacific Northwest will be teeming with white refugees over the next 50 years.

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTES:  What kind of animals would do something like this to a human being?
    Blacks.  Who else?   Heard of any Amish doing drive-bys lately?

    This is 2012.  Are there people out there who still wonder about what kind of animal is capable on going on safari for innocent whites?

    Just one word for this:   terrorism.   Blacks killing each other in a gang war is understandable.  This is pure terrorism.  Time for DHS to break out some of that hollow-point ammo and declare martial law.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     this was most likely a black gang initiation which requires a felony level crime against a white to be a made member

  • All Black on White crime is “Random” while any White on Black crime is ‘Racist’ or ‘Hate’.

    • newscomments70

      It’s very difficult to find a true white on black crime case. It is possible, but it’s rare. Most often, the media and courts will hatefully persecute a white person simply for defending himself. Self-defense against a violent criminal of color is considered a racist hate crime. In such an instance, the media will desperately exaggerate and  hide facts to create the illusion of a hate crime. 

      I know, I’m preaching to the choir. 

      •  The murder of whites by blacks puts journalists into high gear in finding something evil about the victims. Usually, they will say that the victim is privileged and that the murderer had it hard in life, blah blah blah. We see this time and time again. Worse, when the facts can’t be contorted enough to fit their ‘narrative’  they will simply ignore the story and give it the shortest possible shrift. 
        The internet has been the press’  worst nightmare – or- whitemare, in this regard.

  • qpwoeir

    “Random” to police does not mean “it can happen to anyone”, it means the shooter does not know the victim and therefore there is no reason for the police investigating his wife, daughter, co-workers, or ex-girlfriend. Black people could exclusively target white people for murder, theft, and rape, because (for example) they think whites are rich, white women are prettier, whites are unlikely to put up a fight, the police would still call the crimes “random”, since they do not “know” the victims.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Police say all evidence so far shows it was a senseless and random act of violence. It could have happened to anyone.

    anyone = White guy in a black area.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      It only seems fitting that everyone see what Mr. Stone looked like.

  • NM156

    Yael T. Abouhalka sez that the killer should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks for that recommendation. Does every paper have a staff consisting of clueless affirmative action foreigners?

    • SLCain

       Actually, I suspect that such crimes will only become less common, when the perpetrators are dealt with to an even fuller extent than the law.

  • They need to revise their criteria to say:

    “We know not all females can get pregnant through no fault of their own and we don’t care.  You’re gonna pay more in property tax anyway.”

  • anarchyst

    True “justice” would result in the thugs having “lead-induced” paralysis applied to them . . . for thugs, life in a wheelchair or even as a paraplegic would be fitting “retribution” for their criminal activity . . .

  • SLCain

    “Integration Anxiety

    And like many blacks seem to point out… A large percentage of pedophiles are whites.”

    If you believe that, you’ve fallen for their lies.  According to the TV show “Law and Order”, a large percentage of New York murderers – in fact an overwhelming percentage – are middle-class white guys.   What makes you think that the meme “whites are more likely to be pedophiles” is any more true?  In what area of criminal endeavor are blacks not predominant?

    And by the way, there’s a difference between “percentage” and “per-capita”.  It’s an important distinction, and one that is often exploited by blacks (perhaps out of ignorance) and their white apologists (often out of malice) to obfuscate the reality of BBBs.

    Sure, there are lots of white pedophiles, but my guess would be that there are even more, on a per-capita basis, who are black.  The media just doesn’t draw a lot of attention to them.

  • radical7