Trayvon Martin Had Drugs in His System the Night He Was Shot, Autopsy Finds

Daily Mail (London), May 17, 2012

Trayvon Martin had drugs in his system the night he was shot and killed, a medical report has revealed.

The autopsy report for the 17-year-old showed traces of THC, which is found in marijuana, in the teenager’s blood and urine.

Martin was killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest fired from ‘intermediate range’, according to earlier reports.

An autopsy report reviewed by NBC News claims the Florida teenager, whose alleged killer, self-appointed neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman, is on trial for his murder, also had broken skin on his left ring ringer below the knuckle.

The report, prepared by the medical examiner in Volusia County, follows a separate medical report on Zimmerman which found he had a pair of black eyes, a nose fracture and two cuts to the back of his head a day after the fatal February 26 shooting.

The medical report issued by Zimmerman’s doctor at Altamonte Family Practice revealed on Tuesday bolster the 28-year-old’s claims that he was being punched and pummeled by the unarmed teen when he opened fire in a gated community in Sanford, Florida.

Zimmerman, who is charged with murder in the killing, claims he acted in self-defense and only shot Trayvon when the teen saw the pistol he was carrying and reached for it. It was then, Zimmerman said, he drew the gun himself and pulled the trigger.

On Tuesday, ABC News obtained a medical report from Zimmerman’s family, who examined the neighborhood watch volunteer the day after the shooting. Zimmerman wanted to be checked out so he could be cleared to return to work.

KFTV in Orland also reported on Tuesday that Trayvon had broken skin on his knuckles when his body underwent an autopsy.

The new report contradicts a previous claim by Richard Kurtz, the funeral director who handled the teen’s remains, there was no damage on his knuckles.

Zimmerman’s doctor found a ‘closed fracture’ in Zimmerman’s nose, meaning his nose was broken but the skin had not ruptured to expose the nasal bones. He also discovered two cuts on the back of his head, one was one-inch long and the other was a quarter-inch.

Zimmerman also had two black eyes and bruises on his upper lip and cheek. He also complained of lower back pain, according to the doctor’s notes, ABC News reports

The injuries are consistent with Zimmerman’s account of his encounter with Trayvon. He told police the high school junior approached him and suck-punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Trayvon then climbed on top of Zimmerman and bashed his head into the sidewalk several times.

Zimmerman, 28, told his doctor he was troubled by what happened the night before, saying he experienced ‘occasional nausea when thinking about the violence.’

The doctor said it was ‘imperative’ that Zimmerman go to a psychologist he had been seeing to be examined. It’s unknown what Zimmerman had sought counseling for in the past.

Before the shooting, Zimmerman had been prescribed Adderall, a common psycho-stimulant used treat ADHD, and Temazepam, a sleeping medication.

Both drugs cause agitation and mood swings as side effects, though they occur in fewer than 10 percent of patients.

Zimmerman claims he followed Trayvon, who was wearing a hoody, when he saw him walking through the gated community when Zimmerman lives.

Trayvon, who was staying at his father’s girlfriend’s condo, was returning home after buying at snack.

Zimmerman followed the teen in his car and called 911. He then got out of his car, despite the emergency dispatcher saying he didn’t need to continue pursuit.

Zimmerman claims that’s when Trayvon approached him and threatened him. He told police the teen started the fight by punching in him the face.

A national uproar resulted in protests across the country after police declined to arrest Zimmerman. Protestors and Trayvon’s parents say he was targeted for being black and the Zimmerman went free because he is not black.

Zimmerman was later charged with murder by a special prosecutor who was appointed by Florida Gov Rick Scott.

Zimmerman is currently free after posting $150,000 bail. He is currently in hiding after receiving ‘thousands’ of death threats.

On Tuesday, prosecutors 67 CDs with evidence over to defense lawyers.

They also released a list of 78 possible witnesses who could be called during the trial.

Included in the list are 50 law enforcement officers, including 28 members of the Sanford Police Department.

There are also 28 civilians on the list. Among them are Zimmerman’s friends and family members.

However, the names of 22 witnesses — mostly neighbors who happened to see or hear part of the confrontation — had their names redacted from the public list, in an effort to shield them from the international attention that case has received.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    Not only was St. Trayvon puffing it, he was likely dealing it, too.

    On his twitter account, one of his homies reaches out to Trayvon, saying he “needs a plant”.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Skittles = crack or coke
      Iced tea = pot

  • libertarian1234

    It took the overseas media to reveal that drugs were found in the black perp’s system.  The more that is reported on this story the more the US media looks like no more than yellow journalistic rags.
    They not only are unable to fully report the story in an objective manner they have manufactured evidence to make it appear as if Zimmerman is guilty.  They slanted the coverage to favor the black perp so badly the reporting on this entire case has moved beyond the bias they exhibited in the Duke La Crosse rape hoax. 
    The Daily Mail though can’t seem to resist slanting the story with photos, though.   They’re showing the same photo of the perp when he was about 14.  I’m pretty sure if they had one where he was holding a teddy bear they would have shown that one instead. 

    Too, they mentioned Zimmerman was taking a prescription.  Why didn’t they report that the black  perp was described in the 911 call as acting strange as if he were on drugs,  plus revealing he had been caught by school officials with marijuana residue in a container?  Or that he was also discovered with jewelry in his backpack, which was also as much a part of this story as Zimmerman’s prescription, since he appeared to be casing homes?  

    • Too, they mentioned Zimmerman was taking a prescription.

      Sleeping pills.  As if nobody else other than him is on sleeping pills. Maybe his neighborhood turning ghetto kept him awake?

      Gee, I wonder why he had trouble sleeping.

      • Major

        Hell…if it wasn’t for an Ambien now and then…I’d never sleep either. 

        “Maybe his neighborhood turning ghetto kept him awake?”

        I wonder if they’d make a case if GZ was taking a cholesterol statin too?

        I’d say you hit on something friend!

        • blight14

           Ha, speaking of Ambien, a buddy of mine is a golf distributor, showed up at the Memphis Country Club to meet with the pro….the pro said ‘hey, we had a no show, do you want to play in the member/guest?’……he said ‘of course, thanks’….said he went to the range to warm up, grabbed two ‘Aleve’ from his golf bag which turned out to be the SR version of Ambien instead! He said the best part was washing them down with a Michelob!…..That was about the last thing he recalled….I asked how he played and he had no idea, he ‘came to’ several hundred miles away at the Knoxville CC……lol

      • ljot2

        Journalists don’t live in mixed race neighborhoods.  Editors and publishers don’t even drive through Black sections.  From distant, safe enclaves, they fit the doings of the day–with some professional selecting and accenting–into their righteous gestalt, then, lay it on the subscribers.  Into their neighborhood the no-limit authentics don’t venture.  Their kids go to select schools, to which only elite Black children go.  Their girls don’t get goosed by sturdy thuggees from , say, the local military base; their children are in elite advanced classes. The anarchy and degradation on the streets is vague, almost statistical in nature, thus, amenable to hsitorical exoneration.  No ferrel spade ever bursts their retina with a hard thumb gouge, cracks their knee with a kick, then, takes wallet, keys, money, card, and vehicle and phones.  Journalists tend to be identified friends of Black leaders: “don’ mess with these women; they our friends…” Our journalists are not our allies; the are highly remunerated zealots who see us as historical detritus.  They get a month of paid leave time; they go off on distant assignments; the withdraw into reference libraries..  Know who they are , and wait.

        • Anonymous

          Neither do these white liberals, jews, and neocons who have an affinity for blacks and other third worlders.  They say only “Ignorant” whites hate blacks.  I told them there are whites who hate blacks only after having bad contact with them.  They of course didn’t like my answer.  It just angered them.  I say if they like blacks so much, either live in a black neighorhood, adopt black kids or give up their money and time to help them out.  If not, they can shut their mouths and quit being such hypocrites.  Call these white liberals out everytime.  They can’t stand being criticized.  They can’t stand hearing other views.

  • radical7

    Eevn if this was the case (which is questionable), it still deos not justify Trayvon Martin being brutally shot and murdered by George Zimmerman.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      George Zimmerman did not deserve to be attacked by St. Skittles of the Holy Hoodie.

      • libertarian1234

        “George Zimmerman did not deserve to be attacked by St. Skittles of the Holy Hoodie.”
        Absolutely right.

        The bottom line, the far left media refuses to acknowledge,  is that this entire incident could have been avoided if the black perp hadn’t attacked Zimmerman. He was very likely in the process of trying to kill him when he was shot.

        I just read the most recent release by the AP, and they pointed out that two of Zimmerman’s co-workers didn’t like him and one of them said he was racist.
        Every single one of these leftist media rags is holding up every single thing they can to try to slant coverage against Zimmerman, but they completely ignore EVERYTHING about this black perp who was a druggie, a thief, an anti-white racist, and probably a dope dealer, yet not one word about any of this.
        If the media believes Zimmerman’s mindset,  or his reputation with every single person he knows,  is important enough to bring forth, because they believe it has a bearing on the case that reflects culpability,  then why don’t the do the same for the black perp?


    • Flagged for trolling.

    • Major

      Yea it does. Hope you never have to get your thick noggin banged into concrete ( to gain some sorely needed logic and insight to the gangsta mentality ) with a perp that’s already a budding criminal. Plus high as a kite on drugs….

      Skittles was already on the road to a Florida prison sooner or later ( Dade Correctional Institution so he’d be close to mom ). Save for his age he’d have been there some time ago with burglary and burglary tools possession as well as stolen goods and drugs in his possession.

      At least this way…Skittles left his mom a cash legacy and a budding little business in posters and hoodies. Ahhhh….what a good little ( profitable ) boy he turned out to be.

      • Strider73

         If anyone should be relieved that “St. Skittles” is in hell, it’s his girlfriend. Another year — tops — and he’d have knocked her up and abandoned her. Another four years after that, and he’d have done the same to a dozen other girls.

  • He be havin’ day-ruggs in his sissim?

    This will be a FEAST in the MSM
    and OF the msm.

    Rack ’em up Rev Al!

    • Nope they are reporting skittles was shot at intermediate range when that was used to describe 2-4 inches from barrel.

      • That is amazing that they are describing a near contact gunshot (close enough to have produced powder burns on Saint Skittle’s hoodie) as “intermediate range”.  What would they call a shot from five feet?  Extreme range?

        •  I think the media wants to imply that martin was several feet away from Zimmerman, meaning that Zimmerman used excessive/unnecessary  force.  2-4 inches is thug-on-top-of you distance, AKA self-defense

      • The__Bobster

        Has our token black, Jamal, gotten on the prison computa again and made a pest of himself?

      • But, was the gun BLACK

  • Church_of_Jed

    “If I had a son, he’d look like my people Treyvon.”


    • Major

      Sure he would….Obama has made it known that he was into coke and dope. Dreams of his father was probably written while he was stoned too….it’s such a dopey tale anyway.

      The “composite” man with “compressed” girlfriends.

  • Francis Galton

    Wait, so you mean to tell me this budding Astronaut–the likely heir to Neil Armstrong’s legacy–was NOT a cute little baby-faced angel minding his own business?  I was certain he was going to be the first “American” to walk on Mars!  We could have called him Trayvon Martian!  I guess the budding of Mary Jane was too tempting….

  • The worse part is they listed the gunshot wound as being intermediate range of 2-4 inches, people are thinking he was shot from 20feet away. If 2-4 inches is not close range that explains why gangbangers shoot at each other from across a street and only hit little girls

  • TomIron361

    the plot thickens…

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     He witnesses a black male, wearing a dark colored ‘hoodie’ on top of a
    white or Hispanic male and throwing punches ‘MMA (mixed martial arts)
    style,'” the police report of the witness said. “He then heard a pop. He
    stated that after hearing the pop, he observed the person he had
    previously observed on top of the other person (the male wearing the
    hoodie) laid out on the grass.”
    tar von mau-in

  • Major

    “But the presence of THC molecules doesn’t mean anything…”

    Really? I’ll have to pass that interesting theory around or try to convince a potential employer ( even though I’m retired ) that THC in the blood is meaningless to them. Maybe airline pilots or anybody licensed by the Feds in Transportation can claim those tests are “unreliable” too? If you learned that your pilot on Jet whatever had it in his bloodstream…would you be ahhhh comfortable with his judgement?

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  the high school junior approached him and suck-punched him in the face
    Must be a new black thing.  The blacks I’ve seen only sucker-punch. 

    He has THC in his system yet he’s be-boppping down the street, in the rain, munching on Skittles and casing apartments for future burglaries.  Whatever happened to ingesting THC and turning on Pink Floyd?

    If suck punching and beating people is how blacks react to being mellow, imagine what they’re capable of when angry.

  • Major

    Yea…I’ve always wondered about that too. How do they know what he bought unless he had it on him…or the 7-11 clerk remember him?

  • Major

    It’s a lose lose situation.

    If he’s convicted…they’ll riot cause they’re thrilled …if he’s not convicted…well we know…and the state of Florida will bend over and not call out the NG. If that happens…Scott can put his head between his legs and do you know what. Cause the mainly white center of the state won’t stand for this.

    • Strider73

      I live within driving distance of Sanford, and you’re right about “the white center of the state.” As much as I hate to quote the hideous GW Bush, if the blacks here decide to riot I can only say “Bring it on.” I have several hundred rounds of hollow-point ammo in storage and am always on the lookout for more at a bargain price. (Not to mention all the FMJ rounds that normally would be fired at the range.) Like the anonymous writer awhile back, I admire the Koreans who gave no quarter to the black thugs during the Rodney King riots. Perhaps some musical types can find the sheet music to “El Degüello”.

      Last year I applauded Gov. Scott for telling Obama to take a hike with his rail boondoggle, but his cowardice in this incident is utterly deplorable. Perhaps the lieutenant governor put some not-so-suble pressure on him.

  • Major

    Look guys…since they’ve tagged GZ as “white” I’ll try to make the case that he is….so long as the press and media have labeled him such. So friends, in my mind…we need to counter the libelous, savage hatred of Zimmerman for doing what everyone of us ( save one ) would do. Especially living in a free state where the right to carry that is enshrined in the Constitution, Florida and 38 other states.

    Lets show our support of 2A without any racial bias, period. That’s what’s at stake here….our freedom from thuggery and assassination at the hands of lawless, criminal black thugs.

    If “Stand your Ground” is repealed, modified or watered down in any state because of this situation…we’ll all be fair game for the animals to confront us with impunity.

    That being said…I think we need to DONATE to GZ to have this bogus crap dismissed. A buck…5 bucks…whatever you can afford. It’s our lives too that are at stake here and we cannot allow this right to be taken from us. This is a serious test of our will and our firm belief in our 2A rights.


  • Indeed.
    Which is why I pointed out that the shot was near contact range.  The way they reported it was a bit odd…

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Trayvon Martin had drugs in his system the night he was shot and killed…

    Score another one for Zim:

    “He looks like he’s on drugs, or something.” – George Zimmerman.

    Well, he DID have a handful of “munchies,” didn’t he? 

    AND, 0bama’s son turned out to be just like dear old dad — a druggie!!

    On the campaign trail, 0bama bragged that he ‘inhaled frequently…that was the point!’


    In high school, Obama, according to his yearbook photo, was part of the “Choom Gang.” Chooming is Hawaiian slang for smoking pot

  •  Yeah, they might be mellow when they’re stoned.  But that’s not the point — The problem is when they come off of being high.  When they’re not high, the weed makes their brain more paranoid and psychotic.  The cost of sometimes mellow is sometimes psychotic.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Plus dey need da Benjamins to buy der dank.

      Translation: Rob White people to buy more weed.

  • tickyul

    Now it is really getting interesting/pathetic.

    Big Brother is either going to need an All Urban American jury to railroad Zimmerman…………or MYPEOPLEHOLDER has to put the boot to him with Federal Charges.

    Best case scenario is dropping of all charges………….then we gets(sp) to see Urban Americans do what they do best.

  • Noneofyour Fuckingbusiness

    I want justice in this case, that is to say, Zimmerman ought to sue Crayon Martin’s parents for all his injuries.

    That is the only injustice here that needs to be rectified.

    •  he was under-age at the time, making his parents liable for all intentional damages caused by treydogg

  • I agree that the presence of drugs in his system is not automaticly the cause of his actions.  But what it does show is that Saint Skittles had no respect for the law and thus was probably more likley to commit the violent crime that led to his death.

    He was not the harmless little angel that his supporters are trying to paint a portrait of.

  • splitsing

    Most of my high school would have tested positive for marijuana at 17 so that’s immaterial to me, in all fairness. 

    My beef is the portrayal of this thug as some kind of sweet baby that never did anything wrong in his life.

    The truth is that if he hadn’t been out thuggin’, he’d be alive right now.

    •  it’s only a matter of time for people like teydogg

  • Getting “mellow” costs money which is where they (we) run into problems with the Sir Skittles Travon types. Home invasions, theft and dealing are how they fund their habit.

    • I would love to see Detroit leveled, plowed, and planted with weed so
      they could be stoned 24/7. This would of course cause a flood of black
      migration to the black Utopian Detroitsterdam, where all you had to do
      all day was smoke dope and eat junk food. Give the inhabitants nothing
      but Skittles, KFC, and Grape drank and wait for diabetes to work it’s

  • ljot2

    If we are to believe the msm, Trayvon was age 12  or 13, was a jeweler who carried the tools of his avocation with him at school, and had never been in trouble.  Thus, this report of illicit drugs in his body is racist hate-propaganda.  He was an innocent child who was cold-bloodedly hunted down by a racist WHITE MAN with a history of domestic abuse.  No wonder the New Black Panters have put a price on his head.  No wonder Eric Holder’s justice dept. and the FBI are monitoring this case for potential hate-crime factors.  As widespread as White-on-Black crime is, measures must be taken to protect the victims. 

    •  they are doing much more than monitoring, they have a full on active investigation. It may be the first case where self-defense is a hate crime

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

      english:      mar’tin                 zimmerman
    ebonics:       mau—– IN’        zhium’— muh— muh

  • Notice how every news org. feels compelled to insert some bit of evidence or detail in their stories that places the responsibility and blame  for the incident on Mr.Zimmerman? It’s comical they way they do it, they print something very exculpatory for Zimmerman, minimizing the importance of the evidence,  followed by ZIMMERMAN TAKES DRUGS THAT MAKES HIM AGGRESSIVE AND HOSTILE TOWARDS BLACKS .    They do this especially when pro-Zimmerman details are released.  Now they highlight the Adderall prescription, early on it was “he didn’t listen to the 911 dispatcher”.  Their bias is overwhelmingly  pro -Martin,  they are trying their best to convict Zimmerman by poisoning  the jury pool. What is their motive? it certainly isn’t justice.

  • They only found  trace amounts of THC in treydoggs system, so he needed to raise some cash to score some more weed, this was why he was scoping out the neighbors homes (blacks think nothing of robbing their neighbors, they appreciate the convenience ).

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     so the level of thc in the blood tells you nothing about whether it was enough to produce a psychological effect? interesting, you must be a chemist

  •  The special prosecutor has seen all of this evidence a long time ago, and still she chose to charge Zimmerman.

  • billsimpson

    Hung jury or not guilty.

  • Detroit_WASP

    78 witnesses and 50 law inforcement officers????  Sounds like the OJ Simpson circus again.

    I can hear it now……

    Prosecutor:  “Isn’t it true Mr. Zimmerman that you said the N word back in 1961?”

    Zimmerman:  “No, I wasn’t born yet.”

    Prosevcutor:  “Irrevelant….you WANTED to say the N word…..didn’t YOU.”

    I hope this poor guy gets off.  The only thing he did wrong was try to save his neighborhood.  He should have just moved.

  • Open eyes, people.  We have riots brewing in Houston:

  • Anonymous

    Since when do facts matter to liberals or blacks with a chip on their shoulder? 

  • Anonymous

    This shocks you that the blacks down there aren’t questioning what they’ve been taught?  You do realize most blacks are incapable of acting civilized, thinking long-term, not getting emotional and looking at all the facts of a story, yes?

  • Whirlwinder

    Philly, so most armed people are stressed, agitated paranoid and self protective? Really!! You should get on your knees and thank God for the gun owners of America. these “stressed, paranoid” people kept Japan from attacking the continent in WWII. And these same people keep our Gun hater-in-Chief from just taking over the country.

    So rave on Philly. In the meantime, I think I will go down to the range and shoot a few rounds, for you.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I just hope those 12 are White.

  • Major

    FI…thanks for that link. Is it just me or did that 7-11 clerk look wary of Skittles too? It certainly looks like he kept his side eye out for him even as he was walking out of the store…then he reverses and comes back in again to the coolers?

    Those dang hoodies will do it every time if it’s attention you want of to appear as a thug.

  • guest

    Your brain has cannabinoid receptors, specifically designed to interact with THC. No long term effects have ever been proven. Coming off a THC high does not make you more paranoid or even the least bit psychotic. The report shows a trace amount of THC in his system, which means he hadn’t smoked in some time as it takes 30-60 days for a heavy smoker to get it out of their system completely.