Unmarried Couples Twice as Likely to Be Interracial

Jeff Kunerth, Standard-Examiner, May 21, 2012


In Florida, unmarried couples—gay and straight—are twice as likely as married couples to be interracial. When including couples in which one partner is Hispanic, the percentage nearly doubles. About one in five households in Florida includes an unmarried couple of different races or Hispanic origin—almost twice the 11 percent of married couples, according to figures recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

“With both same-sex and different-sex couples, (unmarried couples) are younger than their married counterparts. Broadly speaking, young people are more open and don’t see race as a distinguishing factor as their older counterparts would,” said Gary J. Gates, a demographer with the Williams Institute, a think tank associated with the UCLA law school.


But it still takes a leap of love to step over the lines of race and sex for interracial couples. Overall, the South has a lower percentage of married and unmarried interracial couples than the nation as a whole. {snip}


Racial separation still exists among gays. Many blacks don’t feel comfortable or accepted by the larger, white gay community. {snip}


The high number of unmarried interracial straight couples may be related to short-term trial partnerships—couples experimenting with dating people different from themselves—as opposed to married couples who are theoretically choosing mates for life, the Census Bureau reports.



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  • Miscegenation IS the primary method of exterminating the White race.
    Subsidizing the destroyers and their spawn – THE SECOND method. 

  • crystal evans

    I agree that many couples who are living together are not looking for a life partner. Many people who live together have been married before and have gone through messy divorces and afraid of  going through another one. Because of the lack of commitment required in living together, couples of different races are taking the risk of living together. Some may see this as a prerequisite for marriage. If the situation becomes unbearable due to family or personal issues between the couple, they can break up without having legal ramifications of having to go through a divorce. The only exception is if a child is involved and child support will be necessary.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Reminds me of the time an attractive Vietnamese woman asked my if I’d like to have an affair.  (Funny, she said it JUST like that).  I wasn’t interested, and a few weeks later, she had connected with another white guy at the office.  Thing is, she could NEVER take the guy home to meet the parents, and marriage was out of the question, because it was expected she would marry a Vietnamese fellow.  If he only knew . . .

      • crystal evans

         Reminds me of a story that I saw on tv that happened to be true. There was a young Vietnamese woman who had an older Vietnamese boyfriend. There was a white guy who took a liking to her.  He was killed by her Vietnamese boyfriend. Both of them are now serving life sentences in the California department of corrections.

  • Half of this is about homosexuals, and the other half on clueless narcissistic people.
    Ax I said for 100000..th times: there are individuals who are attracted to other races.
    OK, their life. But, more than 95% of Whites want White partners, either short term or for life.

    It’s media pushing IR agenda, and that’s it.

    • mikejones91

      No matter what race it is, the majority just prefers their OWN kind. It’s usually the “weirdos” who prefer others. I went on craiglists’ adults seeking adults section (just for the hell of it) and came across one ad. “Black woman seeking white man. I am very down for the mixing of races.” Blacks are very racially aware.

    • Do they include blacks living wit Hispanics?Asians hooking up with Cubanos??Usually they focus like a laser–or a machine-gun!–on white people. Every goddamn thing is WHITES WHITES WHITES WHITES! In this excerpt they even go after the precious gays,saying that the dear black gays dont feel accepted by the white gays. Altogether:AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!  All of the glorifying of interracial stuff is centered on whites accepting blacks. Thats the core.  And BTW how do they account for White Hispanics? Thats a pretty small segment of the Florida pop.,being confined to one dude.

  • Please how many blacks and browns get worked up over the idea of marriage?

  • Interesting.  Being that it’s florida, I’m going to assume it’s a large amount of ‘white’ cubans and ‘white’ hispanics that are getting counted under interracial.

    You’ll notice they didn’t break it down by race.

    •  I’m a white Puerto Rican who grew up in Florida and people are surprised by it because they think we’re all brown.

      •  J. J. Barrea is that you?

      • Puerto Ricans are white, brown & black. It’s black that are problematic, and part of browns. Just look at the statistic I gave for births of Puerto Rican mothers with non- Hispanic fathers- ca. 10/8 ratio for whites/blacks fathers.

        Too much blacks, that is. 

        •  I saw the stats and it’s sad.  My cousin married a white woman with brown hair and eyes.  They had a kid with brown hair and blue eyes.  Then they got divorced and she started dating a black Dominican and had two babies with the man.  My cousin has open expressed that he is ashamed of his mulatto half sisters.  My cousin (the father) married a mestizo woman  and had two kids with her. 

          But at least on my dad’s side of the family they’re all marrying whites and having children.  My dad’s family is upper middle class and they marry upper middle class women/men which tend to be whites.  Like Mexico, in PR the whites are part of the upper classes and run the show while the darks form the underclass.

          • alastairabbacle

            So have the darks accepted their permanent status as the underclass down in PR as natural?

            I wonder when that will happen in the USA, and what that will be like.
            Right now, a sizable portion of the Blacks actually seem to believe they can pull of this equality heist using the government as an Affirmative Action equalizer.  In the long run, of course this will never work.

            My question is, are the darks cognizant of the REASON they are the underclass in PR?

          •  “My question is, are the darks cognizant of the REASON they are the underclass in PR?”
            No, the whites have the wealth and power and the darks wait for the monthly checks.

            In Latin America whiteness is viewed as a positive thing.  Whites are proud of being white and the darks wish they could be white.  That’s the big difference between the US and Latin America.

          • alastairabbacle

            Latin Americans must think Americans are weird as hell…..

          • Now, I’m confused. Is your cousin male or female ? If male, did he marry a Mestiza or Mulata ? If Mestiza (Indian Native)- well, not optimal, but…. bearable. If Mulata- he should have thought it twice.

      • I knew a very cool guy who worked with me for a while who was Puerto Rican. he seemd “white” to me. he was smart and very hardworking;he was a top tech at a S—-  car dealership. But you could tell he was a Puerto Rican when you saw the rims on his suv!

  • mikejones91

    I love how blacks say they don’t feel “comfortable”. Maybe they just resent us? That and they prefer their own kind. Mindless assumption. 

  • Diversity is enough “diverse” among one racial group. Imagine Catholic Polish-American from Connecticut settling down in Alabama & marrying a Baptist White woman. They have enough diversity in their lives, from cuisine, regional & personal tastes to modes of behavior, family reunions & whatnot.

    Why add a racial element that is, let’s be sincere, absolutely bothersome.

    Speaking of Poles- there is a personal record from Jessie George, English wife of one of the greatest English-language novelists, Joseph Conrad (a Pole by birth). After visiting his relatives in Poland, she finally- her words- understood some oddities of her husband’s behavior that had bugged her for years. I mean- there are, especially in the US, so much diversity among Whites- Irish, Italians, English, Scots, Germans, Slovaks, Norwegians, Portuguese, Russians, French, Welsh, Hungarians, ….- that even these ethnic elements are enough “diverse” & spicy (or irritating, if you wish).

    No need for further complication with Chinese, Sikhs, Turks, Nigerians, Somalis, Hondurans, Mexicans,..

    • alastairabbacle

      Indeed, Whites have more variety than any other racial group.  

      I find that there is a greater variety of people amongst Whites.  A greater variety in character types, skin pigmentations, ideologies, hair colors, hair shapes, body shapes, and mental landscapes.

      Whites diverge too much though, that is why we get exploited.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      There is apparently a high suicide rate among coal-burners (especially with mulatto offal), too.  That is, if they are not murdered. It is impossible for me to have any sympathy for them. Perhaps, they deserve a little for having been brainwashed.

      • Source,dear Shermie? If true you have made my day!

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Sorry, Dar.  Mostly anecdotal from religious counseling sessions.  You’d be surprised how many German girls who married black GI’s came by to ask if God would forgive them for killing themselves.  They were trapped in relationships that they realized were unbearable.  Some had mulies and felt there was just no other way out.

  • sbuffalonative

    Apparently it’s ok to put one foot over the color line but stepping completely over still gives people a moment to pause.

    As for black and white coupling, let’s not forget that blacks have been defined as ‘serial monogamist’ by their apologists. 

    Black men have this peculiar habit of impregnating women and when the baby comes, they leave. Even if these pairing aren’t permanent, there are going to be many mixed race babies being supported by single white mothers and her extended white family. Think Obamas.

    It’s a shame wisdom often comes too late.

    • crystal evans

       Or what about the Black man I read about a couple of weeks ago that fathered 30 kids with 11 women  that could barely support them? In fact, each baby mama got exactly $1.49 per month from this guy’s minimum wage job.

      • alastairabbacle

        These are examples of who those 30 kids grow into:
        The most primitive art you will ever see out of the greatest empire in the history of the world:Lil Boosie “We Out Chea”.http://youtu.be/_H0fy73jQaI

  • Shawn_thefemale

     Most interracial dalliances are white females and black males. Have black males ever been inclined to marry ANYBODY?

    • Marriage is White (Yellow, Indian tanned,..) people’s business, not African.

  • alastairabbacle

    “Racial separation still exists among gays. Many blacks don’t feel comfortable or accepted by the larger, white gay community. ”

    White gays do not want AIDS. It is that simple. Black gay men have a VERY high AIDS rate.
    The media writer here is attacking the right to self-defense.

    By the way, are “gays” really that “gay”?     It sure doesn’t sound “gay” to be in a subculture that has a high chance of death by drugs and disease…..

    • Sherman_McCoy

      And, as been mentioned oft before, the typical male bantu is not homosexual, but omnisexual, and will cheerfully “muhdick” anything that breathes.  And that does not breathe.

    • White gays are even more racially conscious than straights. Just an impression …

      • If you’re what they call a “bottom” you’d be racially conscious too,LOL!! OUCH!!!

      • alastairabbacle

        White gays might even be in the vanguard of White Advocacy, with their enriching experiences in the US cities educating them about the perils of “Diversity. “

  • alastairabbacle

    It is because they went to Yale, Harvard, or other elite Universities.  The Liberal distortion fu is extra strong there for the “smarties”.

    The smart, hard-working kids? You want to confuse them the most of all.

  • alastairabbacle

    “Like raising a basset hound like a greyhound would make them as fast as greyhounds.”

    That is exactly it. 

  • The dating sites still show EVERY race of woman prefers the white male, even though the media does everything they can to castrate us. As expected, white women overwhelmingly prefer the white male. 
    This is the last line of the racial boundaries. During Jim Crow, the most common reason for KKK lynchings and white riots against blacks was the rape of a white woman. The media is starting to push black men onto white women, something they didn’t dare do before.

  • Well, what I gather from this is that while they might date outside their race they ultimately marry fellow whites.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      After my ex got impregnated (and abandoned) by a bantu, (though she gave the “child” up for adoption), she couldn’t pay a white man enough to go out with her, much less marry. I thank my God every day that she walked out of my life.

      • Since I’m of virtually the same opinion, I just have a question: what if she had been raped by a Black (no pregnancy) ? Would you leave her ?

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Of course not, then she would have simply been one of the thirty-thousand white victims.  Had she been my wife at the time, I WOULD however have INSISTED upon an abortion.  Had she not complied, THEN I would have left her.

        • I know your question was put to Sherm, but I am motivated to interject…

          “…what if she had been raped by a Black (no pregnancy)? Would you leave her?”

          No.  However, my actions following the knowledge that my beloved wife had been raped by a Bantu would have dictated that the state incarcerate me for the rest of my life.

          Wrath was always my favorite of the 7 deadly sins…

      • crystal evans

         That is what I have said all along that no white man wants a white woman who has been with a black man. I just wonder if white women do it because they think that the sex is better with a black man? or do they genuinely care for him. I agree that white women who marry either blacks or hispanics become sloppy and ugly. I have seen many such women in the street and to me, they are not attractive at all.

        •  I suppose that there are a few, say, 10-20 reasons, depending on psychological typology & social environment. Not just one category or reason.

        • Anecdote:

          I knew a girl once, about 20 years ago.  Spitting image of Markie Post from Night Court… very beautiful.  Bluest eyes you’ve ever seen.. Good family too, if a little libtarded.

          She got involved with a Bantu, who ended up raping her multiple times over several months.  Said that he would slaughter her family if she said anything…

          She did the stupid thing:  kept her mouth shut and ended up having a bastard by the Bantu, which she also stupidly kept.

          When I finally found all this out, I asked her:  What would motivate you to get involved with an Uruk Hai in the first place?

          Her answer, without hesitation, was:  “The wrongness of it all.”

          She is currently without a white husband… in fact, she is without any husband and has spent her entire life alone.  She is not without means, as she inherited quite a bit of money from her family, but no white man (including this one) would touch her, much less marry her.

          The only bright spot in all this that I can see is that her Stupid genes have been flushed down the toilet of history, forever.  Our race is the better for it, actually.

          Oh, and the Uruk Hai rapist ended up doing serious time in the Stoney Lonesome for his hideous actions, as well as slinging dope…

          • I’ve posted a text from a black guy- intelligent fellow, I’d say- that captures the essence:

            Question for black men – do you see having sex with white women as revenge for slavery?

            My answer is going to incense just about everyone, but, you asked the question. Black men don’t prefer sex with white women just as a revenge for slavery, although it is probably a minor sexual component for them. To be more raw and specific, black men prefer sex with white women as they perceive it as more sexually degrading for the white woman and that is a sexual turnon for black men. Actually, that is a turnon for most men if they would admit it. We are talking about sex here, not “making love”. It is also a turn on for white women for the same reason. Even though the white woman may be the most politically correct female on the planet, she can still “feel” sexually degraded by having sex with a black male. It doesn’t have to be rational to be a sexual turnon. What you believe in mentally and what you get off on sexually can be worlds apart. Why do you think so many male and female CEO’s of major companies are seriously sexually submissive while the lowly government clerk may be the Alpha man in some kinky B&D / S&M group? Seeker of Unpleasant Truths hit on it when he pointed out that a lot of white women wouldn’t consider marrying or maybe even dating a black male but enjoy sex with the almost exclusively. Black men can get off on the feeling of sexually degrading white women without actually having to admit that is what turns them on. Even more importantly, white women having sex with black men, can get off on the feeling of being sexually used and degraded without having to admit that being sexually used and degraded turns them on. Hard to believe in this day and age that the overwhelming majority of people (women especially) steadfastly refuse to admit the truth about what turns them on sexually.

        • alastairabbacle

          Let’s put this in science imagery.
           The same amount of pressure, over a –slightly– greater area.
          Fill a large balloon with a lungfull.  Then fill a medium balloon with a lungfull.

    • Don’t date outside, even if you’re a man. A bit of pontificating, but …
      I’d make excuses for Latinas & Asians, but that’s a sensitive question.

      • I personally have never really found Asian females to be physically attractive.   Their features are so very different to my own. That being said, I have plenty of mates out here in Sydney Australia that have very strong families with Asian women.  Asian females as a whole are quite friendly and non confrontational.

        I think the reason why many Whitemen marry Asian females is due to the fact that a sizeable block of  Asian women seem to have  a genuine affection for White males.  When a woman has sincere affection for you, and you feel it, then it is very hard for a normal man to pull away from that.

        To add to that, most of the White male Asian females couples I see around town are clean living people. The kids are well cared for, their houses are maintained, the restaurants they congregate in are enjoyable and civilized. There is a huge contrast when one compares the White female with her African partner.  If they have children (not movie stars or Pro athletes) the kids are grimey looking and dressed like little hobo’s. In many instances the white female takes on the characteristics of a welfare queen. Loud, irritating, beligerent and many of the other characteristics that ghetto black females display. Heck, I have even heard white females yell at their black African children using ebonics. LOL!!

        In closing, white men may need to look outside of the box more often when it comes to selecting a mate. I have heard statistics thrown around the net that mention that anywhere between 10-15% of White females in urban areas throughout the nation have had sex with Africans.  If this is true, (and I admit that I don’t know)  then this would mean that atleast 10-15% of all white males would have to marrry a Asian, White Latina, Indian or White Arab as a result.  I personally have always viewed white females to be unclean after having intercourse with Africans. While I am guilty of having sex with White females that have bedded Africans in my younger years, I could never marry such a White woman and treat her with any sort of respect or dignity.  I understand that not everybody shares my opinion on this, however it is the way I have always viewed white females who have submitted sexually to Africans.  I could not imagine having the the same woman who puts my children to sleep at night as being a former sex toy of a African. I also question such a White womans ability to raise a White male child after such exploits.

        •  There were discussions here on the topics like that.

          What to say ?

          1. White male-Asian female marriage percentage is overrated. I don’t know about Australia, but in the US, it is:


          WM-AF account for 1.4% of WM marriages, 94.7% being to WW- which has risen to almost 98% in last report

          WW-BM account for 0.7% WW marriages, 95.6% being to WM-also risen to 98%

          2. how many WW bed BM ? Impossible to ascertain, but various statistical methods would place this in the range between 7 and 15% (including 1one night stands).

          Motives ?

          Frequently idiotic. I find this text, posted on a forum by a WW, realistic:

          I voted yes. But it was only one time. I was 19, I’m 31 now and happily
          married (and I sort of forgot to mention the black guy when we exchanged
          histories, my hubby wouldn’t be happy about the black guy thing). To be
          fully honest, it was one of those things that I just wanted to try to
          see what it was like, more than having a thing for black guys. It was
          just one of those late teenage curiosities and/or quest for doing
          something naughty that most girls have (meaning most girls have some
          sort of sexual curiosity during their late teens early 20’s that goes
          beyond the standard “making out with your boyfriend thing,” though
          obviously not every white girl’s curiosity/quest involves doing it with a
          black guy).

          I must say that the black guy wasn’t really all that
          great of an experience. Sure, sex is good regardless, but I had no
          trouble whatsoever “going back” to white guys. I always was more
          attracted to white guys (both before and after). I think easily half of
          the white girls that do it with a black guy are like me — a one-time
          thing just to try it.(Sort of like my friend that turned a trick for
          $200 with a 42-year old guy that she first met because she had babysat
          for his kids, but that was her only adventure into prostitution, and she
          too is now happily married.) When you are 19 and living in the dorm,
          you hear so many girls talking about black guys — most just a one-time
          fling — and it almost becomes a peer pressure sort of thing.

          IMO, “reasons” are stupid, but telling about contemporary morality & influence of media on it.

          • crystal evans

            Most white men are attracted to two things about Asian women, they are more petite and delicate than white women seem to be. Two, they believe the rumors that Asian woman are more submissive than white women and know how to treat their men better. This is one of the main pitches that mail order bride agencies use to attract men to sign up on the websites to meet and communicate with Filipinas and other Asian women for possible marriage.

          • Mail order brides are just a fraction. Much more numerous are “homegrown” Asians, like you.

          • alastairabbacle

            Actually, many of the Asian girls are actually “thick”.  Korean women, and South Japanese women, at least 30%, are actually “thick” in a really attractive way.  It looks like they would be good at bearing children, is the best way to put it.   

            This whole idea that Asian girls are necessarily petite is a misnomer, as many of the more curvy ones are the most attractive. 

          • No Crystal. Every last Whiteman I know that has a Asian wife has one from right here in Sydney Australia. I cannot think of one White man I know under 40 that has a mail order bride.

  • Well, this article should make all the white gals who complain about white guys going for Asian gals happy: 2/3rds of those white guys won’t end up marry Asians!  Since only 1% of all married white guys in the US are married to Asian gals, we are talking about Asian gals skimming off a VERY small portion of US white guys.

    As I keep saying: Priorities folks, priorities!

  • Lou

    They may as well marry I consider them tainted goods after miscegenation ..I  would never
    be with a woman after she got a case of jungle fever ..They’re tainted goods..

  • Or the whites’ education would be retarded. Same difference to these scumbag pieces of sh*t.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    What are the stats on the relationship ending in the death of the White woman?


  • Church_of_Jed

    Given the increasing rate at which feral afrovoodoo Diversities are reverting to type, how long before we our first story of a White “wife” getting eaten by her black buck nasty pimp?

    Morgan Student Admits To Eating Missing Joppatowne Man’s Dismembered Body Parts

    News for Alexander Kinyua,
    Baltimore Sun (blog)
    Alexander Kinyua Ate Kujoe Agyei-Kodie’s Brain, Heart In Maryland, Cops SayHuffington Post‎ – 17 minutes agoIn yet another horrifying incident of human flesh-eating this week, a student in Maryland allegedly admitted to devouring his roommate’s brain …

  • crystal evans

     That is not true at all. I am an Asian woman married to a white man and we did not take this difference into account at all. We were attracted to the same things that most couples are. Granted there are many Asian women who see white men so they can get away from their Asian roots. They need professional help. Not an interracial marriage that may not survive.

    • alastairabbacle

      Crystal, I contemplate doing the same as you. 

      As  a white Man, I may create a Eurasian.  A Japanese-German hybrid.
      The two smartest peoples on earth, combined.   

      Interracial between White man and Asian woman, can work as long as the woman is all about being American, and joining White culture.  That way, you have conquered her, in a way.

      I did recently see a Eurasian family, a well-built, fit and tan Asian man with a blond woman.  Their babies were beautiful, with light brown hair, and brown eyes with a faint BLUE around the rims.    Eurasians are very healthy and smart, and will make a good stock to survive the necessity of the USA to toughen up against competition and degeneration by low breeds. 

      Here is how I see the rise of the Eurasian:   The White race in America could use a small infusion of the top quality East Asian genes, as it will increase our toughness.  

      As long as the important aspect of the relationship is about your mutual compatibility, and respect above all for country and family, it is good.  

      Crystal, what do you think about Eurasians?

  • alastairabbacle

    You are right, the State Universities press this egalitarianism nonsense as well.

    Also, you are right that their are some truly-first rate minds who have studied or taught at the Ivies.

    The issue with many of the students at the Ivies becomes, that many of them do tend to be more rule obeying, obeying PC just in order to get into wine and cheese parties. Obeying PC just to stay cool with the “good person” crowd, to stay cool with connection to get and internship somewhere in NYC, and to be liked by their professors.
    Obviously, there is just as much of this herd mentality in the State Schools, braying about discrimination and unequal outcomes. Animal Farm.

    I like your idea that the herd mentality is what is behind this, where everyone sees “discrimination” as horrible. It could be, that there are people who are powerfully gifted with minds in the Ivies who are waiting to burst this bubble. It is just that those who push the egalitarian lie have to push it extra hard at the Ivies, because of the ironically unegalitarian nature of the Ivies.

    My fear, is that due to the rule-abiding nature of many of the students, they will continue to parrot the official lies even when they can begin to speak out. I am certain that many of the professors at the schools are in this situation, but out of fear for their jobs, double down on the professing of lies and half-truths.

    I have no doubt though, that under that surface, amongst the good minds the truth will come bubbling out, and burst into view soon. Has there not been a campus rebellion every couple of decades? This will be a counterrevolution, to the deposition of ideality, and the restoration of reality. This will require breaking from the demotic herd.

  • alastairabbacle

    Yes, it is this giant heist played by the media about Black men.  Black men are pretty much the opposite of their portrayal by the media.  No, most Black men are not smart (rappers are so smart!) and monetarily successful (look how many jewels he has on his fingers and around his neck).  

    Actually, the majority of Blacks males are ignant and po.   The only kind of chains they got are the ones tying them to a life of crime, drugs, and immoral sexual behavior. 
    Of course, White America needs to realize the scope of this problem, and do something to counter this aspect of Black America.   We cannot let Blacks culturally program themselves. 

    Do NOT give the Savage the keys to the nations mind.  Do NOT give the Savage the keys to the radio.    This should be simple, we should be ENCOURAGING civilized behavior by Blacks, not allowing them to purvey filth to all of America and their own unwashed masses.

    The cognitive dissonance created by the Black males successful portrayal of themselves as rich and smart, is so large, because it is so different from the reality.  

    Liberalism is all about losing onesself to an ideal.  We need to be residents of Realville.  
    The reality is, Black males were conquered because of inferior mental capabilities for civilization building.   This gives Black males and immense inferiority complex, which certainly comes out in the culture.

    And we let them run wild, like a Wild Child.  The Blacks are the wild child of the Flower Children. 

  • I’m not 100% of European ancestry because I have a racially mixed grandmother who claims to be Spanish and Amerindian.  Who knows if I have African ancestry.  I don’t think it matters if someone has a miniscule amount on non-white ancestry personally.  That gets diluted out of the gene pool like it did with me.

  • radical7

    According to the article:

    Racial separation still exists among gays. Many blacks don’t feel comfortable or accepted by the larger, white gay community. But that is changing, the Baker-Hargroves say. The black-and-white couple has become standard in gay advertising and marketing: one gay couple, one lesbian couple, one interracial couple.

    Wow! I guess things are changing.

  • Crystal does not “praise” Asian race (or races) over Whites. As usual, you missed ….