Teenage Miss Fiji Stripped of Crown Following Ugly Race Row

NewsCore, May 13, 2012

A 16-year-old schoolgirl who sparked outrage in Fiji after she won the country’s Miss World 2012 beauty pageant—thought because she did not look “native” enough—has been stripped of her crown.

Torika Watters—who is of mixed European/ Fijian heritage—beat a bevy of full-blooded indigenous women to win the title last month in a competition overseen by New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter and other non-Fijian judges.

Racial division is deep-seated in Fiji’s social and political history, and hundreds of hateful comments had to be deleted from the official Miss World Fiji Facebook page.

However, the reason given for Watters’ dethroning, announced yesterday in The Fiji Times, was not because of the ugly race row but her age.

Watters said Miss World Fiji pageant director Andhy Blake told her that the British-based Miss World organisation had informed him that contestants had to be at least 16 years and 11 months at the time of the pageant.

Blake had earlier said there was no age issue with Watters.

Watters said Blake had assured her she was eligible for the pageant when he handpicked her to enter the competition at the semi-final stage.

The schoolgirl told the Times she had agreed to relinquish her crown. She said she “was becoming very uncomfortable with the situation,” citing “lies, deception, the lack of transparency and the lack of professionalism” as reasons for leaving Suva and the “entire pageant fiasco” last week.

“I would like to state that I have had no involvement in any of this underhand process and that I have been blind to this entire drama going on behind the scenes,” Watters said.

Watters also addressed the race row. “I am proud of my identity as a Fijian and have never considered my people as racists,” she said.


Torika Watters


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  • TomIron361

    Even though she is probably better looking than the other girls, I’ve got to stand with the Figians on this. It’s their islands and their contest. A Figian girl should win. 

    • ed91

       gee, I wish that applied to ‘our’ country.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      I agree. All beauty contests should be ethno-centric.
      As a white nationalist, to suggest otherwise would be hypocritical.

      • TomIron361

        Hello Loyal, Agreed.


      • Oh so I guess you werent happy to see Beyonce lauded as the Most Beautiful Woman In The World by People Magazine???

        • Djinn42

           She isn’t the most repulsive of them I’ll give her that but she definitely is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world, THAT would be my wife and she wasn’t in the contest lol
          Seriously, I had to see that Mag cover everytime I walked in my neighborhood CVS, I got very sick of seeing it.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Sorry, Djinn.  The MOST beautiful would have to be MY wife.

            Guess we need a WN beauty contest.  Imagine the consternation and outrage when it’s discovered that such women are not swastika-tatooed meth addicts with just a few teeth between them.

          • Djinn42

             Absolutely, conservative White women are the most beautiful, no contest.
            Have you ever noticed that most of the Feminazis (stole that from Nicholas Stix) and libtard women all resemble either an unbathed hippy or Rachel Madcow?

        • bubo

          Well at least they didn’t give it to Michelle Obama.  Though I’m sure she came in second.  

        • loyalwhitebriton

          I don’t find Beyonce attractive at all, and I don’t read People Magazine because it’s liberal.

  • Who complained?  White People or Fijins?

    As for the mixy, looks like I’m right.  As long as there is a part of them that’s non-white, they’re non-white.  This thing COMPLETELY dismisses the white part of herself.  She’s “fijin” she says.

    It serves the white parent right.  A White Partner wasn’t good enough for them and for that, their children completely ignore the white part of themselves and most of them actually show contempt for it.  When you mix, you Truly do kill the Blood Line.

  • The__Bobster

    “Teenage Miss Fiji Stripped of Crown Following Ugly Race Row”

    I get it. She wasn’t ugly enough to represent their race.

  • Just like white people
    to capitulate at the drop of a crown

    • ed91

       quite clever FP-  you must be white.

      • Well, I can’t get a “scholarship” or Government Job, so…

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  “bevy of full-blooded indigenous women”
    My female Rottweiler could have won that contest.

    This just shows that non-whites are getting too big for their britches all around the world.  The propaganda has worked and whites are now universally hated.

    Good.  We don’t need non-whites to love us or even like us . . . just fear us.

    • I guarantee you, the fijians wanted to dethrone her not because they think she’s ugly; but because the full blooded women are jealous, and the men know they can never have her.

  • StivD

    The question here is what exactly is a Fijian’s racial composition? Or Polynesian’s in general. They seem pretty vague.

    • Fijians look more like black Africans, whereas the Hawaiians, Tahitians, etc., tend more to brown rather than black skin, straight black hair, etc.

      • America First

         Fijians are Melanesian, Hawaiians are Polynesian.

  • Rocky Bass

    Let’s be real here, to have inhabitants of the “Cannibal Isles” compete against  human women for beauty is a laugh! They would do well to not allow such creatures in their contests, lest their ugliness be highlighted.

    Edit add

    Also never forget that a black is only as beautiful as they don’t look black.
    How many times have your heard “she is really pretty, you can hardly tell…”

  • How dare she have straight hair and White skin? Not hard to see why she beat the rest of the Fijian field. Ever seen any pictures of Fijian women? I mean the undiluted kind, with no cream added? Not a pretty sight, my friends. “Frizzy” is not a “hair style,” as the writer said diplomatically. That’s the way their hair grows.

    • I agree, she does not look like one of them, and looks more like one of us. A below average white man visiting the Third World can still snag the best females the nonwhite races have to offer.

  • splitsing

    Fijian beauty contest sounds like the start of a bad joke.

  • They look similar to native Malaysians or Filipinos.  Not the most attractive by our standards.  However—mix them with whites and the end result looks good.  Similar to many of the Filipinos who have American or European blood in them.   

    • Gary Hall

      So why are so many white women getting their lip and butt jobs? Obviously they are trying to lessen their traditional white features. Oh, and did I forget tanning salons?

  • ViktorNN

    If she’s part Fijian and the rules say it’s okay for her to enter, then she should be allowed to enter, and win. 

    The aftermath shows the depth of anti-white animosity in that part of the world which isn’t any surprise if you’ve traveled there (for example, Hawaiians are some of the most violently anti-white people you’ll ever meet).

    They cloak their hatred in pro-Fijian pride, but it’s still anti-white hatred. And it’s quite ironic considering they’d be living in huts and picking each other for lice if it weren’t for whites who bothered to introduce them to the rest of the planet, and who continue to support their economies with tourism.

  • Johnny Reb

    Hey, Adult, Bobster nailed it.  Despite what you see on the old Hollyweird movies like “Mutiny On The Bounty” most of the island natives are hideously ugly, brown, squat monsters with bodies wider than they are tall. 

    And that’s the women.

    This girl simply didn’t match “the look.”  Just like in the southwest now, the big fat nose, straight hair look is in for the females because it’s “Aztec.”  Or in the ghetto, the more bush-baby a female looks the more her girlfriends like her.

    The males in those “cultures” (I use the term loosely)  like the nordic . . . or at least . . . European . . . looks.  But not the women.

  • IKantunderstand

    Seriously, I don’t understand this. Race is a “social construct”; ipso facto: NO beauty contest can be based on “racial” characteristics. And yet, they are…always against anyone who is white, or white appearing. So, uhhm, that whole “social construct” thing is like, uh, what would you say? Like complete bullshit?  Because Whites are smarter, more accomplished(music, art, dance,mathematics, science,technology,politeness, loyalty,honesty, and frankly, every other positive noun/adjective that I can think of) But  in fact, we as Whites, pretend that people of color are equal. We put them in our movies as doctors and scientists. We put them in television shows as actual real lawyers and top cops. We actually pretend to look up to them. Africans NEVER discovered the wheel (for  God’s sake). They never had a written language. Ask them to prove the cultures that existed in Africa, before anyone White showed up there. (They have nothing). But, holy cow, race is a “social construct”. Hey, guess what? Being an honorable Eagle Scout is also a “social construct”. Back off on this artificial “social construct ” crap, which in fact is an insult to real Eagle Scouts.

    • Gary Hall

      You mean they never had a written language the white man could understand.

  • Maybe they should “keep it real”  with their racial pride and hold the pageant without electricity, indoor plumbing, television and any other whiteman magic they enjoy

  • Your mate won’t clean the house or won’t cook?  Won’t support you or your dreams?  Doesn’t meet your intelligence or works too much or is too career oriented?  Spends your money on unreasonable things and/or junk?  Talks too much or too loud?  Cheats on you or beats on you?  Here’s a novel idea:  Get a divorce or break up and find another!

    I really do find it inexcusable to date outside your race.  This notion that you can’t find a good mate within your own race is the most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard.  I had three boyfriends and all three had problems.  Is that a reason to turn against White Men?  NO, it is not but it sure is a good reason to keep looking!

    Seriously, the mixy in this story called Fijins “her people”.  And the Europeans are what?  Invisible?  Does she or does she not, have one white european parent?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    This girl DOES look like the girls in “Mutiny.”

  • radical7

    Or maybe White peope should not reproduce with them?

    • EXACTLY!

      Help me will ya?  Next time you see a white person with a non-white person, tell the non-white how ashamed they should be for betraying their own kind and I’ll do the same to the white people.

  • radical7

    What do you expect form a guy who refers to people who disagree wth him as “Jamal?”

    • The__Bobster

      Just you, Jamal.

      Did the liberry let you on da computa, today?

  • radical7

    That’s not true. However it is largely White people who have the economic, social and political power to practic racism. Being a racist and practicing racism are two different things.

    • bubo

      What would whites have to gain by holding back blacks?   Nothing.   This absurd idea that whites conspire to hold black and brown down is nonsense.    

  • I’ve been reading this site, weekly, for over 10 years years now, so I am quite racially aware.
    I looked up other pictures of Torika Watters, and I will admit, if I were single again, I would take this half blood as a wife, and I’m 28 years older than her.
    That is a white woman’s nose, mouth, figure, and height (1.76cm tall, or 5’9″); possibly a white woman’s IQ as well if her comments are her own. She may even carry the DNA for blond/red and blue green herself.  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/teenage-fijian-beauty-queen-torika-watters-stripped-title-age-race-article-1.1077752 

    I brought up this story last night with a black woman I work with. She didn’t know fijians were black until I told her. She said Torika is “my God, she’s beautiful.” I asked her if the fijian women were mad because they were beat out by a 16 year old, or was it because she was half white. She laughed and said, “Oh, they’re more mad cuz she’s half white.”

    If you are a white guy without a lot of options, what road can you take? If unmarried white men had the choice between Torika Watters or Kelly Osborne, or a young Roseanne Barr, or some other tattooed, frumpy, dumb white skank, what percentage of white guys will take the former Miss Fiji? 99%? Not all white guys look like Brad Pitt, or Peyton Manning.

    This incident will simmer with Torika Watters for decades. She’s not going to forget how her fellow fijians betrayed her. I’m going to bet she marries a white man, and he’s going to be top quality.

    • If your fijin picks a white man it will only be because of looks and that’s it.  “her people” turned against her and insulted her left and right but she defended “her people” and stated very clearly, “her people” aren’t racists.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       If I remember this information correctly, much of the South Pacific was racially transformed because of WW2.  The U.S. stationed huge numbers of blacks on these islands which served as supply depots.  The result was a racial transformation from Polynesian beauties to the typical mixed, black dominant specimen.  This was a huge travesty and illustrates some of the uncalculated costs of war.

      • The__Bobster

        Polynesian women only appeared to be beautiful to sailors if they had been at sea for six months. You’ve been watching too many Nancy Kwan and Dorothy Lamour movies.


        • I was in the military too. After spending extended periods of time where there are no women, almost any woman starts to look good. This idea goes back thousands of years. Even Custer had an indian concubine half his age. According to the story, he picked out the prettiest one in the tribe, and her son had blond streaks in his hair. Didn’t MacArthur live with a Filipino woman for a while?

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           That’s what they look like NOW.  I don’t see how this dismisses my information.

          Is the point just to argue with someone, or me specifically?

          Do you really have nothing better to offer or do?

          I do remember the Marlon Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty.  The Tahitian people escaped this American occupation because it was a French possession.  Take a look at that and tell me that again.  BTW Marlon Brando famously married his love interest in the movie and lived on an island with her for years.  The tragedy came when they moved to LA.

  • I think they are mad because they want to reproduce with white people, but can’t. They either don’t live close enough to meet any, or they are too ugly for white people to want them.

  • Sure, marry a white person if you could, but if you can’t, spreading the caucasian DNA with a non white is still better than not at all. This particular girl was blessed with a white father. We’ll find out in a few years how smart she really is. Does she marry a white man (she can have a guy who looks like Thor and Captain America if she wants!), or does she go further backward in evolution, and marry a native man?

    I suspect losing her crown has turned her off to her own people. What would be more harmful to your family tree, marrying her, or a white woman with a either Down’s syndrome sister, or an insulin using brother?

    Still, we do have to take pride in the fact that the cream of the Fiji crop is half white.

    • White People should allow themselves to become extinct instead.  Mixy’s will do the exact same thing non-whites do and that’s stealing everything and taking Credit for everything The White Peoples discovered, invented, wrote and built.

  • ViktorNN

    Except it wasn’t the wrong contest for her. The rules allowed her in and she won. Plus, she’s part Fijian. 

    Fijians have a right to be nationalistic, but nationalism of any sort shouldn’t exemplify muddled, hypocritical, confused thinking and angry, after-the-fact temper tantrums when a beauty contest (for pete’s sake) doesn’t go their way.

    If they want to have a beauty contest in order to at least in part act as a booster of pro-Fijian nationalist sentiment, then so be it, more power to them. But be clear about who can enter and don’t start crying when the half white girl wins. Because the partly white girls will always win!

  • There are lots of hateful comments about her appearance on other sites. I suspect they aren’t from white people.

  • Johnny Reb

    Race-mixing is a form of child abuse . . . at least on the part of one parent.  I can understand why a black or mex would want a white mate . . . hoping to give the child a leg up.  But why a white would DELIBERATELY condemn an offspring to suffer from lesser DNA is inexcusable.

    It’s no different than two white parents bopping their white child on the head in order to cause brain damage.  The mongrelized child will never fit in, never reach the potential white genes would have given him and never understand why his parents betrayed him.

    Obama is the perfect example . . . an angry misfit whose life is full of lies and secrets.  The latest theory is that his whore-mother slept with a black friend of her parents (the commie Frank Davis) in an act of “rebellion” for moving her to Hawaii. 

    Any child born of such hate can’t ever expect normalcy.

  • Personally, I never cared much for these beauty contests- they boil down to “men are voyeurs, women are exhibitionists”. Plus all the PC rubbish & politics.

    That said, I’ve always thought that it’s not real that females of different races compete. Standards of physical beauty & attractiveness are different. IMO, all these pageants should either be completely  canceled or divided alon racial lines: Whites, Blacks, Indian Asians, East Asians (re various racial types- Japanese are much more different from the Chinese than Italians from Finns),..

    Hysteria among Blacks re Miss Universe Leila Lopes somehow confirms it …

  • This girl is in category I usually think of as “exotically looking White-alikes”. 

  • Heidi Klum was physically beautiful &  is morally despicable. I’ve always said- beauty is overrated.
    For instance, this is a good looking woman, young mother. And here are her “wishes”:

  • She picked the two hispanics.  To be fair, I was never a fan of that show anyway.  It’s too islamic like.  One person while they have gaggle of others like a harem and the kissing.  The one person kisses and makes out with all of them.  It’s like watching a great big orgy. 

    Going forward, I’ll bet the following shows have asians on there mixing with White People.  It will, from here on out, be mixed race couples I’m bettin’.  I mean the goal is to make sure White People breed as little as possible these days…

  • The__Bobster

    Most of the “Asian women” in old movies were White actresses in brownface. Nancy Kwan was an exception.

  • The__Bobster

    Grow a sense of humor. Or are you a libtard? In that case, it’s impossible.

  • Ma’am,

    I myself would not date a person with a history of non-white blood but you do what feels right for you.  I will say I wish for you to be with a Pure White Blooded Man.

    What worries me about generations ago non-white blood is, it has been known for genes to show up generations later.  I just wouldn’t take that chance.  An example is, there was a Court Case (People’s Court I believe) involving two blacks and paternity.  The ‘light skinned’ (skin color looked jaundiced) child had red hair.  The poor thing was very ugly, I hate saying that ’cause it was just a baby boy but nonetheless, he was grotesque looking.

    At any rate, the black man was saying, NO WAY! because of the skin color and red hair which was very frizzy by the way and it turned out that yes, black man was the father and that red hair came from one of her Great or Great Great Grandparents who was white with red hair.  (I don’t remember which set of grandparents it was)

    I’m sorry Ma’am but I just wouldn’t do it.  Love can be found within your own Race, please trust me on this.  I hope you will look a little more before settling on the one you currently like.  I wish you well.  Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.

  • Hey, if you can turn America into the World, you can destroy America and it sure feels and looks like that’s exactly what they’re doing.

  • It leaves me cold as ice too.  Perhaps that’s why I get so salty about it.

    As for the rest of what you write, AMEN!  I completely agree.  I don’t want mixy’s siding with Whites either ’cause as you said, it will only serve to water us down even more.

  • FUNNY!!!  I love the “look in the mirror girl”

    What are these white people thinking?  Hasn’t it long been proven now that non-whites don’t like White People and their purpose of breeding with White People is only to ruin the White Blood Line?  It’s a great achievement for non-whites to sway one of ours away from us.  Why can’t they see this?

    Notice the look on the non-white’s face next time you see them with a white person.  They give you a smirk to let ya know, that’s one less White Person we have and they love to send that message that says, your numbers have just gone down and before too long, we’ll own you all.

    • Eunometic

      I dated interracial (not negress, I’m in Australia) but after I broke up we remained friends for a while. I realised she had a predilection for White boys when I saw her inculcating her niece and nephew to marry White. Young white males are targeted by certain other races for a number of reasons ranging from the status associated with being white to the fact white males are conditioned to not play up and by nature are less likely too. The PC propaganda had worked with me but inside something inside me rebelled, I just couldn’t imagine really liking my own mixed race children. it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done but it told me where my loyalties and instincts lie. I think too many of us get involved and are to embarrassed to back out when we start feeling I’ll at ease. Clearly there are some genuine marriages about but I think a great many are on an insincere basis.

  • radical7

    Idiot Bobster wrote:”Just you, Jamal.Did the liberry let you on da computa today?”

    You are finally beginning to write at the level of an 6th grader. Keep up the good work. In a few years you will probably be at the 8th grade.

  • Oh, believe me. I have you beat in white DNA. Little Miss Fiji is perhaps the only fijian on that entire island I’ll consider being with.  Of course I’ll take the 6’2″ natural blonde Maria Sharapova anyday, but your youth is too short to keep turning down “acceptable”.

  • Periapsis

    Sounds like karma just paid him back in spades, and you got the last laugh in the end. Please understand not all white men have heads of clay.

  • frederickdixon

    I was much taken as a teenager (a very long time ago) with Thor Heyerdahl’s book about the Kon-Tiki expedition which sought to prove that people from South America could have sailed to the islands of the Pacific. Heyerdahl had noticed that some Pacific islanders looked quite caucasoid and even fair hair was not unknown among the children, and he extrapolated from that to a hypothesis that South America had once been home to a caucasoid race which undertook this astonishing voyage.

    Sadly, DNA evidence has given us a different, and far less romantic, explanation for caucasoid Polynesians i.e. that they derive around one third of their male line ancestry, their Y chromosomes, from recent European sources – those sources being white sailors and servicemen from the eighteenth century to the present time.

    What is true of Polynesia might also be true of other parts of the Pacific, including Fiji, so if this girl has a white father she could also have a mother who is part white, explaining her substantially Europoid appearance. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The media simply wouldn’t dare mention her ethnicity. It’s hard to imagine anything more Verboten!; it would be career ending and even life destroying,

  • Gary Hall

    I’m sure they’ll be fine without you.