An Oklahoma man suspected in a brutal home invasion—already facing a murder charge for allegedly killing an elderly woman—could face additional charges after the death last week of her husband, a D-Day veteran.

Bob Strait, a 90-year-old Tulsa resident, died on Friday, and a medical examiner is determining his cause of death, News On 6 reports.

He was injured March 13 when, police say, Tyrone Woodfork, 20, entered the house and attacked, allegedly beating and sexually assaulted Strait’s 85-year-old wife, Nancy Strait, who died two days later. The couple had been married for 65 years.


Bob Strait was a World War II paratrooper who took part in the D-Day invasion as part of the 101st Airborne Division, where he was awarded a Bronze Star, News On 6 reports.

Bob and Nancy Strait (left) and Tyron (right)


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  • Church_of_Jed

    Let’s see Tom Brokow do another “greatest generation” story on what has become of the America that the greatest generation of Whites Men returned to with victory, hope, confidence, and segregation.

    “Churchill defeated the evil Nazis so Labour could give away the UK to the tolerant Muslims.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “How race mixing kills empires,” 2005

    • WhitesRdumb

      Churchill didn’t defeat the evil Nazis, but he did help destroy the English empire. The Soviet Union, and their endless supply of cannon fodder is what defeated the Nazis. If the Soviet Union hadn’t entered the war, Germany could have beaten England and the U.S.

      Soviet’s entry into WW-II

      • shmo123

         Basically, that’s true–3 out of every 4 Wehrmacht deaths came at the hands of the Red Army. The Allies were also fortunate that Hitler made monstrously stupid mistakes and incredible tactical errors. If he hadn’t made the very mistake he blamed Germany’s defeat in WWI on–a two front war– the outcome would’ve no doubt been very different.

        • Hitler was a far better politician than a tactician. He should have left the tactics to his Generals.

      • TonyWestfield

        WhitesRdumb, you may be right about the hypothetical course of the war, but you missed the political essence of the quotation provided by commenter Church_of_Jed.

        Great Britain (like the USA) made a temporary pact according to which the individual citizens surrendered massive amounts of their normal rights to the central government.  Why?  So the government could “manage” the whole economy–plus the whole citizenry of able-bodied persons who volunteered or were “selected” to fight– for the sake of the war effort.  It worked.  Our side won the war.

        But the people of Great Britain committed a sin for which they have been suffering ever since: In the summer of 1945, before the last dead British killed-in-action was cold in the ground, the people voted to oust the guy (Churchill) who led them during the great crisis and they installed the Labor Party led by the vile demagogue Clement Atlee.  The handover of individual rights/ownership/privileges was supposed to be temporary, for the duration of the war, to be reversed and returned to normal when the crisis was over…but the jealous masses took advantage–Hey, never let a crisis go unexploited, as our Obama might say–and the Brits inflicted their “class warfare” revenge just because, well…Did they chant “Yes We Can”?

        Now look at The Left and how they manage things, including their sympathy for Third World immigration and “tolerance” towards a certain religion that lives by the sword.

        • BunnyOlesen

          You actually take that much time to respond to someone with the name WhitesRdumb?   LMAO  come on man, as if they ever read the history of anything other than civil rights and slavery.

      • Eh.
        It was a joint effort.  The Soviets could not have continued their war effort as effectively without lend-lease from the US and UK.  Likewise the Western Allies could not have won the war without the huge manpower resources of the Soviets.

      • Jesse from Sweden


        What won the war was USAs industries.

        Look at what the Soviet Union produced during WWII, and you’ll seee that it was only weapons, cannons, tanks and aircraft basically, no trucks, jeeps, locomotives, machinery and all that other stuff that is needed behind the front in order to supply the men at the front.

        Because all those things were given to the Soviet Union by USA.

        Germany in contrast had to devote large parts of their industry to these things, since without them, the rest of the warmachine and the society as a whole, begins to crumble.

        Soviet production took off after Lend-Lease started, which is because the soviet industries were being equipped with american machinery, so USA basically helped build up the Soviet Union that they then had to face in the cold war.

        And if you count losses ratio and produced vehicles, the germans would actually have won on the eastern front, they produced less armored vehicles than the russians but had a kill/loss ratio that meant that if all that they produced had been sent to the eastern front, they would have won.

        The mere threat of an invasion in western Europe tied up large german forces, and a lot of industrial capacity was “wasted” by the western allies bombing raids, by destroying industries and cities and forcing resources to be used to build them up and resources spent on fighters and air defense to minimize the damage from these bombing raids.

        Just imagine the impact on the eastern front if they had been able to transfer over a thousand 88mm AA-guns (which were excellent in the role as anti-tank guns as well), and all the ammunition for these guns that were isntead being fired at american bombers.
        And there were several thousand 88s tied up in the role as AA to protect cities in western Europe.

      • eunometic

        Churchill had a big part to play in causing WW1 which started the whole sorry decline of White civilisation: While Kaiser Wilhelm II was frantically trying to avoid war in the last week Churchill was agressively pushing it along and deliriously happy as he saw it come to fruition.  I seems to have all been a big imperial game.

        He is possibly the anglospheres greatest idiot-savant ever.  I do not like the man despite his clever use of the English language and his occaisional belated impressive bouts of clarity and honesty.

  • Guest

    If this story doesn’t make your white blood boil, check your pulse, you may be dead already.  It’s interesting that Bill O’Reilly chose to hammer the reporters-being-beat-up story rather than this one.  This one’s a million times worse.

  • RJS

    Hey O’reilly…and Bernie Goldberg…and the rest of FOX news — why don’t you report on this one?…or the two ‘yoofs’ who beat a 52 year old White man with a hammer?

    Imagine the reaction of the CORRUPT, ANTI-WHITE media if the races were reversed.

  • Boereseun

    When I read stories like this, it makes me boil inside! Not only was this man a hero and a warrior but he lived his life properly, loved his wife, his children and his country. HE DID NOT DESERVE THIS DEATH! Nor did his wife, the fact that she was raped and then killed by this thug must have made him feel dead inside. No wonder he didn’t live much longer, I don’t blame him one bit.

    God bless you Bob and Nancy.

  • Fakeemail

     I’m very much a patriotic American and unlike some who white nationalist-separatist types, I don’t think the Nazis were the “good guys” by any stretch.  I wish the fratricidal World Wars and holocaust didn’t happen.  I wish Germany didn’t radicalize into the 3rd Reich and I wish America, England, and Europe allied  to crush Stalin and the USSR.  Not to mention prevent China from going Red.

    But with the world the way it is today, I can’t help wondering how the world would be if the Axis Powers had won.    Whatever one can envision about that alternate reality, one can’t really picture that whites would be such an insignificant percentage of the population as they are now.

    It just seems that everything has gone so terribly wrong even after all the blood, sweat, and tears.

    • WhitesRdumb

      Hitler came into power (by election) for the same reason Obama came into power: The people controlling the country before them were destroying it.

      • BunnyOlesen

        Shut up you worthless slag.  Obama came into power because the people who voted for him are stupid.  95% of the blacks voted for him because they are racist and don’t care whether he’s good or bad, the liberals voted for him to prove they’re ‘not racist’  and Obama is a liar, a con man, and not anything close to being qualified for the job.  He’s an obvious racist, he breaks the law and the constitution and needs to be impeached – he belongs in jail, much less being president of a country he is allowing to be destroyed by illegals and elitist progs.

        Obama has done more to destroy the United States in the past 3 years than all presidents combined; he’s an arrogant fool, dares compare himself to Abraham Lincoln, really? How are those two alike again?  Won a Nobel “Peace” prize because they didn’t have one to ‘throw away’ called “black man wins prez”, because he’s done NOTHING for peace, ever, in his entire life.  He will say anything to anybody that will help him get elected, whether he believes it or not, whether he will act on it or not.
        He has done more to eliminate the CIVIL RIGHTS and freedoms of ALL AMERICANS than has ever before happened – he said he would overturn the Patriot Act, he signed it back in without a word – then wrote an even more all encompassing law.  He tries to make laws like Obama care that puts BILLIONS into the pockets of insurance companies but costs the U.S. taxpayers TRILLIONS and is unconstitutional.  
        At least Hitler KEPT his promises.

    • I’m the same way- when I was younger I was very patriotic. I haven’t put a flag outside for some time these days, however. I was watching the History channel (I like to call it the Hitler channel) the other day, and they played an old Himmler speech where he was speaking about the Nazi practice of kidnapping Eastern European children. He said,

       “Obviously in such a mixture of peoples, there will always be some racially good types, Therefore, I think that it is our duty to take their children with us, to remove them from their environment, if necessary by robbing, or stealing them. Either we win over any good blood that we can use for ourselves and give it a place in our people, or we destroy that blood.”

      -and I must say, I nodded my head in agreement. It is such a waste to see our good blood, our amazing blood- blood that got us to the moon, being wasted away. Blended away. Spat upon.  It is too precious.

    • Rebelcelt

      Well said. I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Tulsa223132

    Such an outstanding looking Treyvon there.  Wasnt he innocent? Didnt he get attacked when he only went inside the home of a white mofo to rape and rob and assault but the elderly couple gave him aa hard time.  Afterall dont whites owe them everything anyway since they never repaid the slaves?
    Where the bigmouth Sharpton midget to defend Treyvon?

    • gemjunior

      Actually, I think I read some “African Studies” professor, or someone like that – not too sure – saying that Whites owe blacks reparations that even include their lives.  Now I know that sounds insane but I distinctly remember that one.  Most of the stuff is insane but some of it sticks in my head.  I firmly and heartily wish that America would wake up, because surely it can’t go on much longer.

      • Hirschibold

         Amiri Baraka, poet lauereate of New Jersey, is the fellow you are thinking about.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    Tyrone was just acting out his inner Divers’tee. We shouldn’t blame him, he couldn’t hep hissef, he din do nuffins but be Diverse.
    This sad news about Mr. Strait news comes as news arrives about the latest addition to the Diversity Victims List: Shannon Kathleen Collins.

    When we asked recently who would be next, we prayed that we wouldn’t get our answer, or inevitable answer, so soon.  Now we pray for Shannon and her White family.  

    Who will be next (God please unwilling)?

    Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Brittny Watts, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins

    As more Whites fall victim to violent TDB (Typical Diversity Behaviour), we are called into remembrance of one of Rev. Jed DeValleyism’s best sermons. It contains the essence of what God is saying to our community right now:

    “The Knoxville Horror is our Calvary. Through the kidnapping, robbery, rape, torture, vaginal mutilation, and murder of Channon Christian, she suffered for our sins of negro worship, Diversity and Inclusion, and MLK idolatry.  Her death freed us from the mythical and false sins of anti racism, integration, civil rights, and affirmative action,  and restores us to our original Edenic state of Whites Only Whiteness.  Her suffering was our salvation. We sinned; she died; we are forgiven for our self dispossessing attitudes in favor of negroes; we are reunited with and confirmed in our obligations to bias, bigotry, prejudice, and racism.  We are justified through her. She was Mother and Child; her sacrifice gave birth within us of a new awakening, a new power, a new manifestation of the ancient calling of race survival.  What we thought was hatred, now is love. We love what is ours and hate the Diversity Curse that kills goodness, beauty, truth, and virtue. We pray for her, and we thank her, and we will keep her memory alive forever. We are redeemed and we pledge ourselves to beware and prepare, in her name.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Channon’s sacrifice carries us foward in faith,” 2010

    • gemjunior

      That is really amazing.  A very strong and moving parallel.  I only wish I could get some of Jed’s literature, but it’s just not available or whatever – or it is so quickly removed by our wonderful anti-racism censors before a person can get hold of it.  Too bad that AmRen isn’t including it on their list of reading materials or in the store. Now, I would really like to find if you could produce a similar list for the male victims. I’m making sure that these people are seared into my memory and roll off my tongue quickly and easily – yes as an answer or rebuttal to WHITES unfortunately who fight me about this and that, Trayvon, etc. etc.

      One of the most difficult issues White people seem to face is that they are black bait, chum, fodder.  Whenever I think I MIGHT BE making a small dent, it seems that the White I’m talking to will ask me “Well, what about ‘what we did’ to (fill in the blank) and I simply despair.  It’s as if they are on the verge of accepting reality and then BOOM – the question “What about innocent Amadou Diallo?” and I just want to scream.  Why do White people want to discourse by constantly asking questions instead of stating their own opinion?  It’s like once everyone in the room is about to reach a consensus that black diversity is a problem that  we have to address, some ass will have to do the White thing and DOUBT themselves.  Where does this come from? 

    • Church_of_Jed

      Add Jacqueline Gardner, latest White woman killed by TDB.

      Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Brittny Watts, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins,

  • God is just

    Blacks have lost more ground with me in the past 12 months than in all my preceding 51 years. My proverbial cup overfloweth.

  • It has to be said….

    Stories such as this are why lynchings occured.

    • Upon reflection, allow me to put that statement in context.

      I don’t condone mob violence and vigalante justice.  Far from it.  I’m a law and order conservative after all. But I understand the rage and community outrage at such crimes that is the real cause of most lynchings.  100 years ago this creature would be dead by now.

  • 1proactive2

    If someone mentions that Travon Martin fiasco to include the lefties among you, mention this real tragedy — very, very, loudly.  This is getting over the top insane. 

    God Bless the souls of these 2 gentle people.  Their final minutes must have been horrific. 

  • ncpride

    This is so sad on so many levels. Not only did he loose his beloved wife of 65 years in such a brutal fashion, I’m sure the torment of he must have suffered in mind and soul at the cause of her death, destroyed what was left of him. Rest in peace Bob….. May Odin personally greet you at the gates of Valhalla old Warrior. 

  • Johnny Reb

    What happened to this man and his beautiful wife should sicken every white American.  This is such an incredible atrocity that it begs the question:  Are we still a civilized society?

    I’m glad this hero succumbed to his wounds and has gone to a beter place.  This is no place for him . . . especially not with the nightmares he was left with.  America doesn’t deserve white people like Mr and Mrs Strait.  America doesn’t deserve the sacrifice he and his buddies made during World War 2 . . . not for this lousy excuse for a “nation.”

    The Strait Family is owed reparations.  Little Tyrone should be forced to work at hard labor for the rest of his life.  But even that wouldn’t make a dent in the bill that blacks and liberals owe this white family.


    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       if people want to help write a brief professional email or letter to the prosecutor in this case stressing that as a VOTER  and constituant or citizen you strongly believe that this case calls for the death penalty. they pay very close attention to correspondence and WILL take it seriously.

  • Spartan24708

    Typical dead eyed stare. May this lovely couple rest in peace and I pray that God may bring comfort to their grieving family.

  • Greg West

    The MSM decided that this story is not news but wall to wall Treyvon coverage is great.

    How many whites have been killed or been pummeled by youths since Treyvon got shot?
    The answer is none if you just watch the MSM.

    • It has become a frightening game of cat and mouse. You are at the wrong place at the wrong time and the dark beasts will have their way with you. It has occupied my time considerably that we are not allowed to know where and how these beasts prey for victims. The media being twisted, have refused to provide such information. As a father of two children and husband, I must consider every time we leave home where are we going, how dangerous will it be and what is the likelihood of traveling through forbidden lands. Recently the whole family traveled down state near Sanford. Not knowing the areas that I was being sent through by the kindly GPS lady, I planned on bringing not one but two high capacity pistols. And yes there was two different marches for Trayvon along the way. But back to the media blackout. How does anyone trust where to travel anymore in this country? I know there are internet sources to review crime stats but try to find a thousand mile straight line to travel anywhere there isn’t red flags. It can’t be done. Famous landmarks and historical places have become too dangerous to visit even in the daytime. Just stopping for gas may put you in harm’s way. We all can agree on this, the traditional core and culture of the nation has slipped from our grasp. The fact that we  live in fear is one thing but the shame we all should feel about the death of this wonderful couple will not leave easily.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The Straits were in the right place at the right time — in their home, on their own private property.  They had every right to be there, and every right to protect themselves and their property with deadly force.

        It is the animals that killed them that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        Among the natural rights of the Colonists are these: First, a right to life; Secondly, to liberty; Thirdly, to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. 

        –Samuel Adams,  Natural Rights of the Colonists as Men.


        • A much better statement of what I was trying to convey. It is travel that has me particularly concerned. I especially believe that a Sam Adams would not give a second thought to dispatching these feral beasts that have denied us the fruits of our founders. Of course the Sam Adams’ would have told us, what else can we expect, giving way to the least among us.

  • IKantunderstand

    The absolute perfect reason to maintain capital punishment. This man survived WW2 in an heroic fashion, only to be slaughtered by a fellow “American”. This is such an outrage. WTF is wrong with blacks?

    •  The existence of capital punishment might actually be more important than any of the Straits’ murderers getting the death penalty.  Two of the three suspects are still on the lam, and maybe the only way they’ll ever be caught is if you bargain with the sonofanobama Woodfork already in custody to give up their names in exchange for him or them not getting the drip.

      • Yes, the drip.
        A shame that many states are no longer using electrocution. At least the “subject” had a few minutes of pain. I do like the last time Florida used “ol Sparky”, the beast’s head was set on fire. Oops.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       personally i do not consider blacks fellow americans

  • Major

    I…and most of you….cannot say what you really want to about this. As liberal and open as AMREN is….we’d all get punted.

    This is the face of 40 years of appeasement in America….the intolerable enemy within.

    God Bless this man and pray for his family…his life was sacrificed so the animals who never plant a tree…are still allowed to pick it’s fruit.

  • sbuffalonative

    Tyrone Woodfork, this poor, long suffering victim of racial injustice must have had a reason and I’m sure some black professor of black studies can tell us white people why we are the true guilty ones.

    Another promising young black man heading to prison instead of college. A black mind is a terrible thing.

    • I am certain that this too is all Bush’s fault somehow! At least that is what I hear as the total explanation when anyone criticizes the current administration in any way for anything. If Bush hadn’t left so many problems for poor Obama then Obama would have succeded with his change and hope programs and then poor Tyrone Woodfork would have had opportunities that he was never presented with, again this all happened because of what Bush did to mess up Obama’s future and his plans in advance so badly that they could never in 1000 years have worked. Am I doing any good with this so far?



  • Sheila Dinehart

    O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave?

    No it does not.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read.

    0bama mentioned this heinous crime, right?  right?

    Bob Strait likely died of a broken heart:  

    When I was holding his hand you could tell he was shaking on the inside, he was scared and when we asked him yesterday if he was ready to go home, he thought he was going home,” said Strait’s daughter, Lanora.

    The result of the attack left Bob Strait with a broken jaw, internal bleeding and bb gun wounds. His wife Nancy didn’t survive her injuries.

    After he found out she was gone, we brought her in to him, and turned her to where he couldn’t see her bad side and he held her hand for quite awhile and all he could say was I loved that old woman, I loved that old woman for so long, said Lanora.

    The Straits deserved better than to die like beaten dogs.

    Execute woodfork, and anyone who wants to defend him.


  • anarchyst

    Execution would be too kind for this animal, tyrone . . . May I suggest a more fitting “punishment”??  I would like to see “poor little tryone” given a case of “lead poisoning” that would result in him becoming a paraplegic . . . this would be no more “cruel and unusual” punishment than that which was inflicted on the Strait’s . . .

  • I usually ask this question concerning the waring sides in the Civil War. This time it is WWII. So Mr. Bob Strait some 68 years ago was involved in the biggest invasion of world history. His life for some time prior to the invasion was quite different at age 22 from that of  20 yr old Tyrone Woodfork. Bob was training for a momentous event that he probably would not survive and he knew that. Tyrone was interested in puttin the beatdown on just another old cracker couple. You know the rest of the story.

    Let’s ask the 22 yr old Bob Strait if he knew what has transpired all those years forward to his 90th birthday, not only what would happen to him but what has happened to his country, what would be his response? Let’s not stop with him, let’s ask all the rest of those men who fought, died or were maimed in some manner, what if they knew then what would become of their lives, their country? The answer would shock today’s Americans. And I do believe stories like this one would simply not exist.

  • The “Just Us” Department would find some way to put you in a black prison for this. Of course the key is how do you define “confront”? If it is withing the law, the legal means to displace anger such as this forum, ok, well at least for now. If you mean some physical action, then they will “Hutaree you”. I have asked the same question and have found no answer as of yet. Individually, a carry permit and practice seems to be one way but beware of being “Zimmermaned”.

  • Texan1st

    There better be a huge crowd of whites standing around the courthouse showing solidarity and demanding justice when the trial starts. And should ANYONE, black or white, have the audacity to show up voicing support for this monster, they too should be put down like the rabid dogs they are.

  • BunnyOlesen

    Yeah I didn’t think he would either.  I was talking about this a couple of days ago with my husband, and I had read something about Mr. Strait needing “rehab” to recover and I told my husband, I doubt he wants to recover – he’s 90 years old, with his wife for 65 years, he’s all messed up and more than likely had to witness everything that happened to his wife. I felt at that stage he would just give up, I WOULD.

  • BunnyOlesen

    I’d rather see him work the next 10 DAYS until he is executed.

  • Xerxes

    Does anyone know why the Straits were targeted?  Did they live in or near a Black neighborhood or was this just another random anti-White crime?

  • mobilebay

    Okay, let’s hear all about this vicious crime. Where are you O’Reilly, Hannity, Kelly, Fox and Friends, etc? If it’s been discussed, I missed it. Let’s give it as much attention as some sports jock or maybe instead of the Pillsbury Dough Boy – Karl Rove.

  • Ingsoc

    Because whites have been fed lies by the media for decades, that and the media cover up atrocious black crimes directed at whites. Whites are just now becoming aware of media deception because of the Internet. 

    And, as you know, whites do not control the media.

    • better_times

      Whites work in the media, don’t they?  In your view, they’re only following orders.
       I guess they choose to throw their fellow whites to the hyenas rather than give up their cushy jobs.

  • This story MAKES ME SICK.

    Take this black animal – skin him alive. 
    The SOB will live FAT on the State teat with free dental care
    AND BE RELEASED by some “free Mumia” bs movement 20 years from now!

  • The__Bobster

    I’ve seen many senior husbands die within six months of their wives passing. It seldom happens the other way around.

    • ncpride

      I believe you are correct. When my grandfather passed after nearly 50 years of marriage to my grandmother, she went on for several more years, but she was never the same. The life had just went out of her and she was lost without him. We tried our best, but it was painful to watch her grieve so.

  • We must stop feeding the monster. For instance, George Clooney had obama over to the mansion along with the typical Hollyweird garbage for a fund raiser. We need to stop going to the movies, cancel our newspaper subscriptions, and use whatever power we have left to at least call these people out. It so riles me that they take our money and laugh at us behind our backs.

  • The__Bobster

    Because his army was running out of fuel. His big mistake was not laying down land mines and temporarily retreating before the brutal Winter of 1943 set in.

    • eunometic

      In his book “Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny” the Historian R.H.S Stolfi puts it down to tactical timidity as did General Franz Halder.  German forces could have taken Moscow and destroyed the Soviet Army and won WW2.  Hitler was persistant fearfull of insufficient raw materials and so headed for the granery that was the Ukrain and the Caucasian oil fields.  This allowed the Red Army to escape and to rebuild.

      Likewise when Vidkun Quisling informed Hitler that the Norweigen cabinet had decided not to resist a British Invasion (thus violating their neutrality and endangering Sweddish Iron ore supplies) Hitler executed Operation Weserübung.  The german military path through France was selected to secure Iron Ore mines.  In all cases Hitlers generals were far more gunho than he was, Hitler was timid and took conservative measures designed around raw material concerns rather than fast victories needed to ensure those materials weren’t needed.  His generals however couldn’t keep snatching victory indefinetly.

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks are soulless. Pure and simple.

    For the atheist: they are unevolved lower species.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Atheists confuse us.  We know that there are some good ones, like Kevin MacDonald and Heather MacDonald.

      But what of the kids in school who are Atheists because of the fad?  Aren’t they Diversity enriched to the point of n’gro worship?  They need to worship something. 

      We fear they won’t take evolution belief to the necessary conclusion:  humans evolved, but not at the same rate.Atheists should all be good White supremacists, given the facts of race differences.

      “Christ does not command us to love ‘the other’ until we empower the other to exterminate our bloodlines.  If Whiteness dies, Christ’s mission has no purpose.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Evangelical Christianity today is the shame of Christendom,” 1995

  • Church_of_Jed

    Mr. and Mrs. Strait would be alive right now if Marcus Garvey had taken all the Diversity back to Africa with him.

    “Slavery reparations? Yes, we agree. We need to repair all the blacks back home to Africa where they belong, so that they can get their social, economic, and redistributive justice from their black cousins who sold them to the Europeans. We’ve done too much for them here already and we are long overdue for our own Emancipation from Diversity.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Lincoln was evolving toward our kind of racism,” 2000

  • MartelC

    Can’t wait for some liberal to tell us he’s a victim of poverty and racism.  
    I share the pessimism  of many posters here- your typical white liberal will feel ‘daring’ in ‘standing up’ for Tyron – or at very least the ‘racist’ angle to this news story.

  • Gilbertjacobi

    Where is the questioning along the lines of Would a white do this to a black?  Does no one care that virtually no white rapist rapes a black, and that certainly, no white rapist would rape an 85 year old black?  This is a poster case for  the unique depravity of blacks.

    • The incidence of black males committing sexual assault of white females runs over 10, 000 a year. The number of sexual assaults committed by white males against black females is statistically zero-

      Department of Justice

      Those numbers alone should be fodder for a race war.  As the communist democrat party, feminists, homosexuals, and other leftist deviants plotted to destroy the ability of white males to protect their society, so what if a few thousand white women, old war veterans, and children are to be sacrificed in the interest of the communist true believers.

  • BunnyOlesen

    I have no idea what you mean by that OH what – television is the main factor in spreading the brainwashing bullshit – ok, okay you’re right – if you could only understand culture by TV you would think at least half of all couples were black men and white women, when in reality they represent less than 1% of nothing.  
    TV is making my head hurt – every TV cop show uses black actors to represent THE BOSS, and quite often a female black – the shows where the big forensic scientists ARE BLACK, and the cop who instantly notices the clues that solve the case ARE BLACK, and I mean blacks only represent 13% of the population, why should they be shown as ‘the most’ of any particular job or subject – “why the chief of police always gotta show a white man, a brother cain’t be a boss”    “why all the scientists WHITE men on TV,  why it cain’t be a black man?”   (reality MF !!)   There’s always the ‘good black teen’ helping people and turning in the bad guys (yeah right)  I’m just sick of the lies – as it stands, while my son was growing up , we had conversations about everything from the middle east B.S. to false racism, affirmative action, and media lies.   He could recognize totally when something was bull on TV when he was 10 years old – He even noticed when we watched a 30 year old episode of Saturday Night Live that the “news” was talking about israel & Palestine JUST like today – nothing had changed – i was very proud of him for that lol

  • BunnyOlesen

    Of course he did, I’m sure he also thought of it has he had to watch/hear his wife being raped by an effing animal – and wishing it was still 65 years ago so they could hang that bastard.

  • BunnyOlesen

    It’s not absurd – it is SO BAD – you should actually carry a gun with you IN YOUR OWN HOME.  If you have one, I’d wear it in a shoulder holster 24/7 

  • BunnyOlesen

    WIKI is the most biased liberal fake of an true information font as you can get.  The site is rife with reports of ‘white on black’ massacres or attacks, but, whenever something comes up that is black on white – people flag it for “national importance or relevance’ and then try to say it wasn’t reported in a real publication (which it was) so then try another tactic, in other words they desperately want it all removed – and one woman “Oh that’s just such a terrible thing – I think we should delete this listing and just forget about the whole thing, because it’s so awful”  HEY    I thought the whole point was NOT to forget the past???
    There’s something called “beat up a white kid” day in Columbus Ohio where May 1st is called BUAWK day – it was reported in regular news, proven (as a case went to court) and numerous people were still trying really hard to get rid of it.  A group of black & hispanic teens beat up a 12 year old white girl almost to death & gave her brain damage.

    Louis Farrakhan biography mentions his early violin playing abilities, etc., and in one line “mentions’ that “some” people accuse him of being “a black supremacist” 
    David Duke, mentions the words KKK and racist OVER and OVER again.  If a friend of his was a former KKK member, it will say “former KKK member” EVERY time the name is listed.
    Farrakhan:  calls for the murders of white babies
    Duke:  never said anything like that.

  • anarchyst

    What is needed for “poor little” tyrone is for some pro-white prison guards to exact “retribution”.  This could be done by instigating other prisoners against “poor little” tyrone . . .

  • anarchyst

    All one has to do is to look at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Hutaree and other white “groups” that were systematically destroyed by the U. S. (ZOG) government. 
    With the TSA’s role being expanded to include ALL modes of transportation, our future cannot look too promising.  The TSA now has “carte blamche” to fondle young children, attractive women and anyone else who “suits their fancy” (muslims excluded from inspection due to anti-profiling laws).
    I do not mention ZOG lightly and do not intend ito provoke anyone.  All one has to do is to research how many dual-nationality “policy wonks” and government officials inhabit our government, state department and the “halls of congress”.  You will not like what you see . . .

  • Rebelcelt

    I do not disagree. But Hitler should not have declared war on us. It was a stupid thing.He disarmed all the Americans that were trying to keep Roosevelt from having his way.