Fox News Won’t Fire Black Racist Commentator

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media, May 7, 2012

Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene, a black feminist, says on her Twitter page that “love can build a bridge.” But racism, not love, was on display last Thursday when she called conservative Tucker Carlson a “bow-tying white boy.”

Greene, a Democratic Party operative who was the national director of Project Vote, a group with close ties to the corrupt ACORN organization, has not offered a public apology. There is no indication that her financial relationship with Fox News has suffered as a result of the racial outburst.

“Jehmu apologized to Tucker by phone after the segment,” Irena Briganti, Group Senior Vice President at FOX News Channel & FOX Business Network, tells Accuracy in Media.

This is apparently the end of the matter for Fox News.

Robert Lifson of American Thinker pointed out that if Tucker Carlson had ever called Louis Farrakhan “a bow-tying black boy,” he would be out of a job.

What’s more, Greene said on the air that she had not done anything wrong.

“Hey, hey, hey,” reacted Carlson, at the slur. “You can’t, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa…You can use name calling all you like, but you’re ignoring the truth.”

“I didn’t call you a name,” replied Greene.


As a Fox News Contributor, Greene is on the Fox News payroll and is paid to be a regular commentator on different programs.


Greene’s hiring by Fox News came after sustained criticism by liberal groups such as Media Matters of the conservative programming at Fox. Ironically, one of the Media Matters complaints against the channel was that its commentators too often used “racially charged commentary” and “race-baiting” in criticizing the Obama administration and liberal policies.

“There is an obvious double standard according to which blacks needn’t worry about showing the kind of ‘racial sensitivity’ that is always required of whites,” says Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, an organization that is often criticized by the Left for examining racial issues from the point of view of white self-interest. Taylor’s book, White Identity, argues that whites should not be afraid to exercise the same rights as other racial and groups.

Taylor told AIM that the double-standard that guides media coverage of racial controversies excuses racially-charged comments like those of Jehmu Greene as well as Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC. “Last year,” he noted, “Harris-Perry complained that it was ‘racist’ merely for a white person to point out that only 53 percent of Americans pay income taxes.”


The explicit racial slur from Greene came during an exchange with Carlson, who sometimes wears a bow tie, about Massachusetts Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren claiming American Indian status at one point in her career but later dropping the designation.

Carlson, co-founder of The Daily Caller and a Fox News Contributor, ridiculed Warren’s claim of being an Indian and came out against racial preferences in hiring, saying, “…no one should gain advantage because of his ethnic background, period.”

Greene responded by saying, in part: “To question this woman [Warren] on her qualifications is going to be something that does appeal to…folks like you, voters like you, bow-tying white boys. But at the end of the day it is going to backfire…”

Fox News host Megyn Kelley said Greene’s slur was “an inappropriate name,” after the exchange on her show “America Live.” She said, “I want to apologize to Tucker and to our viewers for that. I wasn’t sure I heard what I thought I heard. And now I have confirmed—it was that. It wasn’t consistent with our standards and I do apologize on behalf of the program.”


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  • I’m happy that Cliff Kincaid gave space to Jared Taylor, but I’m not surprised either.  I met him at the CofCC National Meeting in Washington DC in 1999.  He’s very likely one of us, but he has enough credibility with the lamestream right.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    Now that CK has interviewed JT, how soon before he’s put on the Hate Watch list and suffer endless IRS audits?

  • Hirschibold

    It really is this simple: You respect my manhood, and I will respect yours. If you call me a boy, be prepared to receive the same treatment in kind.  As for this woman, I usually don’t toe the line of political correctness, but since she no doubt would be the first to fire the torches when someone like Don Imus gets crucified for joking, let her reap the whirlwind.

  • Hey, nobody fires their black racists, why should Fox? I mean they have afro-action quotas to meet too, don’t they?

    • What’s the famous line, oh yeah 
      “I can’t be racist, I’m black”.

  • Jupiter7

    Let me get to the heart of the issue. It is easy these days to expose the double standard at play..and lets call what it really is:doubling your standards or something worse with a Skewes number bound. Black Elites and Liberal-Leftists Elites are issuing a very violent threat to millions of ordinary Native Born White Americans along the following lines:If Rommney wins, we issue a fatwah to black youth to murder and rape Whites.  They did this one week before the Nov 8 election. Both Nora Ephron and Gore Vidal stated the obvious that there would be violence against White Americans if McCain won the election. My teenage niece told her mother and myself in the kitchen…on a family visit to LI… on Halloween night Oct 31, Nov 8, that black male students at Saint Anthony’s High School  in South Huntington LI  had warned the White Female students at Saint Anthony’s High School to stay home Halloween night because young black males from the city were comming out to Long Island that night to mutilate Teenage White Girls.

    Black Journalist are taunting Native Born White Americans because they smell blood…White variety. If Rommney wins a very close election, there will be an out-break of violence against Native Born White Americans…it will happen in an instant once the election results are known if Obama wins, the taunting of Native Born White Americans will be offical policy of every MSM news outlet…taunting of a highly vicious nature. I hope the fantasy football league and mock draft was worth it.

  • Fakeemail

    I appreciate Fox for being what is is, but it still basically sucks.  Hannity and the rest have some good messages, but the way they tap dance around race is laughable.  Also, it’s unforgivable that they give people like Sharpton, Geraldo, and others any airtime or veneer legitmacy.

  • The__Bobster

    I say keep Shamu there….as long as Tucker is free to take a cheap shot at her in return.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    She also preaches about “Open Borders”. Apperently she is OK with her own races replacement as well. Silly fools sleep with one enemy to get rid of your biggest enemy. Try that welfare game and reperations with the latinos. good luck with that.

  • I find Jehmu Greene extremely annoying when she appears as a commentator on Fox. I suppose you could make a case that they were right to try to “diversify” their staff of people who discuss the why’s and wherefore’s of what’s happening nowadays, but they hired a poor one when they got her.

     As far as I’m concerned, she’s a “typical black person” (hear that, Barack?) She’s argumentative, sarcastic, and seems to think she doesn’t have to extend the same courtesies to White fellow panel members that she would (naturally) demand they extend to her.

    And, yes, she should have been fired.

    • libertarian1234

      “She’s argumentative, sarcastic, and seems to think she doesn’t have to extend the same courtesies to White fellow panel members that she would (naturally) demand they extend to her.”
      Childishness seems to be a trait of most all the talking black heads on every channel.
      Another thing I’ve noticed is that they seem to have some idea that the winner of the debate is the person who talks the most…even if what they have to say doesn’t make sense or is obviously false….. while disallowing complete responses from the other side.

      • The one who talks the most, and the loudest. If I were in charge of such debates, I’d be sure that the black was always in a separate room, with their own microphone — which could be turned off if he/she wouldn’t shut up or be reasonable.

      •  They also think that the winner of the debate is the one that screams and yells the loudest.  To those of us with developed frontal lobes, the essence of argument is the lack of logical fallacies, even if spoken at 21 decibels.  To many men and most women of Africanus Bellcurvius, argument is screaming the loudest and the longest.

  • geraldmartin

    It’s great that Cliff Kincaid cited Jared Taylor in his article. But Fox News should let the negroes rant and rave as much as they want….and hire Taylor as a commentator to restore some fairness and balance. 

  • Major

    They’re all a failed product of LBJ’s “Great Society” gone wrong along with the uncivil rights act.

    Here we are 4 generations later, trillions of dollars later….all for “racial” parity and diversity. And this is what we have gained…NOTHING but abuse and more racial animosity in spades.

    And this is how it will continue forever. It will never end here. Black failure and incompetence is here to stay.

  • Johnny Reb

    So the next time Jehmu is on, can Megyn Kelly call her a fried-chicken-eating-black woman?

    Moving on . . .

    The problem I have with Mr Taylor’s recommendation (“that whites should not be afraid to exercise the same rights as other racial and groups”) is that he seems to ignore the fact that whites have no rights.

    If you study state and federal laws regaring equal opportunity, affirmative action and other social programs what you find is that most Americans (with one or two exceptions) fall into what is called a Protected Class. Some (like say, black, jewish females with a disability) fall into more than one.

    The ONLY class that has no protection whatsoever is the white male between the ages of 18 to 65.   A second class, Christians, have some protection . . . but not much.

    Occam’s Razor . . . if it quacks like a duck, it probably is.  The reason Jehmu can get away with it is because in this country, it is now open season on whites.  Period.

  • Anan7

    I must admit for us to insult someone with the epithet “racist” may be considered hypocritical by some.

    My point is that it lowers us to their standards.  How about, “Fox News won’t fire Black Commentator for yelling racial insults”?

  • sbuffalonative

    “I didn’t call you a name,” replied Greene.

    “Bow-tying white boy” sounds like name-calling to me.

  • anmpr1

    This is Fox paying for O’Reilly’s noticing black on white violence.  But in general, all mainstream “conservatives,” including the talk radio mafia, are worthless when it comes to any realism on race.

    • Texan1st

      Exactly right! Talk radio personalities are bought and paid for by the RNC establishment to keep listeners angry at Democrats in hopes it will turn out the vote. Meanwhile, they use their enormous influence to sway their huge audiences towards the candidates that the establishment wants elected. Oh, these talk show hosts may feign impartiality but they have mastered the art of ridicule. “So and so can’t win”, “You are an idiot and wasting your vote if you vote for so and so”, etc. I rarely lksten to them anymore because they infuriate me. I still remember the unkind remarks Michael Savage made about American Renaissance in an email several years ago.

  • Just proves once again that it’s blacks who immediately resort to racial animus when a white says something they don’t like.

  •  She will have no difficulty at all shooting to the front of the AA line for a job at the local DMV

    MSNBC is her next stop.

  • radical7

    The fact is that a number of FOX News commentators have made vehemently racist comments about non-Whites ( especially Black Americans) for years. Moreover, almost all of these individuals have been albe to retain their jobs.

    If these bigoted individuals can escape any form of repercussions, then this young woman should not face form of punishment.

    • libertarian1234

      “The fact is that a number of FOX News commentators have made vehemently racist comments about non-Whites ( especially Black Americans) for years.”

      Give us a couple of examples. 

    • Flagged for trolling….and lying.

      • NM156

        Who is this “guest” hanging around today, and why are his or her posts deleted?

        • His posting name is “radical” something or another.  He’s an anti-White troll who’s been annoying us for a while now.  He’s listed as “guest” because a staffer rmeoved his posts.  Hopefully they banned him too.

          I’m all for opposing views to debate with, but this guy was just trolling.    This guy never really debated.  He just posted thigs designed to offend the regulars here, was caught in numerous lies, etc.   Kudos to the moderator that pulled the trigger on him.   Trolls are scum that should have their fingers broken with a claw hammer in my opinion. 

  • xthred

    Her twitter bio also says, “I believe children are the future.” LOL

    •  Sure, because there are lots of people who believe that children aren’t the future.  Every two years, I hear a conga line of political candidates say they’re for education and health care.  As if anyone is against education and health care?

  • As always: “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others”.

  • Celestial_Time

    So you’re saying there’s not a big difference between CNN and FOX when it comes to letting anyone step on White people and get away with it?

    Well, sorry to have to be so lowbrow with my response, but duhhh!

  • Sheila Dinehart

    A bow-tying white boy…boo hoo what a cry baby.  Why didn’t he say, ” I am a bow-tying cracker head, and I ain’t all that smart either, brown sugar.”.

    Big deal…so what?

    Thing I can’t figure out is how anyone in their right mind can call Tucker Carlson a *conservative*.

  • robinbishop34

    Even though I don’t care for FoxNews like I did years ago, they DO touch on racial issues quite a bit. Their website often features stories that point out endemic and escalating black behavior.

    O’Reilly is covering the mob attack on the white Virginia couple like a pitbull –and when Hannity has on Buchannan to discuss his firing at MSNBC for a chapter in his book about the decline of white society, he is giving him a big prime-time audience.  So while both these guys have to say the obligatory nonsense about race we hear all the time, they are opening up more and more eyes simply by reporting legitimate news stories that would otherwise be covered up by other outlets. I think this is an important role they play.

    Even if the legions of dumb, ideological 19 y/o foot-soldiers for the left have been programmed to instinctively “think” these stories and the network are racist and hateful, you can guarantee that when they’re out in the real world they will start making connections and re-think some of their own unchallenged assumptions. That’s exactly what happened to me.

  • mobilebay

    Jehmu Greene is as big a racist as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I can imagine the fallout if Tucker had called her a name. All h—would have broken loose. Fox is the closest to a conservative channel that we have. We need one even stronger…on that will come out strongly against people who think they should be able to say anything about whites, such as Greene, Juan Williams, Geraldo and a few others liberal, anti-whites.  We also need people who can feel free to speak out against the invasion and colonization of our country by, primarily, Hispanics. This administration and several past have caved in to foreign interests and allowed the destruction of our country. Does anyone in Washington think ahead to the day when these poverty-stricken criminals are the ones they must depend on to keep them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Or a nappy-headed ‘ho?

    • 20670

      You are right, Carlson IS a “nappy-headed ho”!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    They have kryptonite:   Affirmative Action Protection.

  • Hirschibold

    And Tucker Carlson is an effete milquetoast. But it is the principle of the thing here, which is why I on his side (and was on Imus’s side when the Rutgers pile on began). Tell me, if I’m wrong for sticking up for Imus in that debacle, who should have been my dog in that hunt? Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton? 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Time for a bow tie summit during this teaching moment.

  • A typical ‘groid exhibiting the usual TNB. Let them keep it up. More whiteys are waking up every day.

  • 20670

    If Carlson ever called Farrakan a *boy* he would be dead.

  • 20670

    Why are people tricked into thinking Fox is *conservative*?  There is absolutely no such thing as conservative tv unless it is some tv evangelist show and they are among the most liberal thinkers of all…they are always funding something and begging their christian brothers and sisters in the US to build up Africa and giving tons of millions to other countries besides the poorest group of people of all in  America, and those are the poor whites in the various mountain regions.  The poorest group of people in America are whites and to keep them that way is no accident.

    • Anon12

      You are absolutely right!  There is NOTHING on the airwaves that resembles the true word of being conservative.

      DWTS makes me sick.  The same with American Idol,  X Factor, Survivor, Big Brother, etc. Nothing but black/white pairings, a stupid lefty audience, gay/liberal judges and dancers, etc on DWTS… The ONLY program left that does not pair Whites up with blacks is the Bachelor/Bachelorette show.  And we all know that the powers that be, that own and run that show “claim” the public is now demanding more “diversity” on that show.  LIARS!  The last two or three White generations have all been brainwashed into believing we were all meant to share our genes and living space with blacks, browns and yellows. The propaganda has been unyielding for many years now.

       I saw the previews of “coming attractions” with  brand new dating shows that show single Whites with black contestants vying for a date and visa versa.  One black woman behind the “curtain” says to the White guy, ” I am a beautiful milk chocolate”  or something to that effect. They have now gone from being chocolate to “milk” chocolate…

  •  I know this all is annoying, but, actually- of secondary importance. What is needed to re-establish White European identity & dominance boils down to two things:

    1. who rules crucial ideas, rules the world. French revolution would not have happened had not Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau,… decades before built a solid case for dethronement of “divinely” anointed king; Russian Communist coup in 1917. and subsequent revolution & civil war would not have been  possible had not Lenin built the efficient party-machine, fiercely ideologized & imbued with his variant of Marxism (“Tatar socialism”, a phrase from Austrian Marxist Karl Kautski).

    In the case of US Blacks, the crucial idea is- human groups are not equal in capabilities, proclivities & behavior. The point is- Europeans started to globalize & integrate the whole world somewhere from 1500s on & by 1900 the enterprise was over. Just- it was too soon for various groups, from indigenous peoples in North America to Blacks in Africa & Australia: they still lived in the Stone age, max Bronze age (parts of them).

    Until the very idea that races are somehow potentially equal in capabilities is dispelled, you’ll have troubles- and big troubles.

    2. I’m not for vigilantism, but Black aggression will not be halted solely through fair reporting & more severe penalties. Simply- Whites have to take streets back & show everyone who’s the boss. This does not happen overnight. Nor with academic- media elite unanimously against. But, what is the prerequisite is that the whole system of PC mind control collapses & a new form society appears. Something akin to the collapse of Communism in 1990-1991 is necessary. Everything less (reforms,..) will not suffice.

    And don’t forget that both liberals & Blacks are actually cowards. And that they do not have the support of organized armed forces who will not follow them on the lemming suicide path.

    • robinbishop34

      This is true, but how many suburban soccer moms would take heed of such a warning today? She would just flip on the tube and see temporarily well behaved blacks with their hands all over beautiful white women on Dancing With the Stars and think the world is in perfect harmony.

      These people have to be deprogrammed slowly and incrementally. Even if FoxNews makes me cringe sometimes, they are at least shedding light on the escalating pathologies of the ‘black community.’

      •  If I can’t have revolution, I’ll take a reform. Better anything than nothing.

        Just, I can’t stand White idiots & White sluts & White guilt trip & White cowardice. And pressuring Brazil & other countries into suicidal lunacy, Brazil which until US pressure had had 95% White university student body & slightly over 40% overall White population.

  • 20670

    I think it is very important that America’s tv audience see and hear the overt racist digust many black intellectuals have against whites in America.  I expecially thought it wonderful when C-Span carried one of the Million Man March anniversaries in Atlanta in the late 1990s…like when we saw Coke sponsor the radical black spokeswoman say:

    *”White America! Listen up…We coming into your house and we gonna take everything you have cause we had it first!*…


    The NATION OF ISLAM spokesman say *We gonna kill all the whites and when we do we gonna go to the grave yards and dig ’em up and kill ’em  god-damn-again cause they didn’t die hard enough the first time!*

    But if the media and government allow all this to be known then all those lawyers will miss out on those up-coming class action lawsuits for neglecting to print the truth so that the dangers are known in advance…

    Surely no one here would buy a Coke product…

  • Dave4088

    You mean an anti-racist neoconservatives like Tucker is fair game for bigoted blacks like Aunt Jemima Green?  Even though Tuck and other white network talking heads take great pains to be race neutral the blacks and browns still hate them nonetheless.  

    FOX news didn’t condemn the racist comment and cowardly sidestepped the racial issue by merely saying it was inappropriate.  As other posters have noted, if the races were reversed Tuck would officially be looking for a job right now while being roundly pilloried and condemned by the anti-white bigots and black supremacists at MSNBC and other major news networks.    

  • radical7

    We would rather not. We need the comedy relief. Under the right leading and interrogation, we can have him writing about talking trees. — Moderator

     As opposed to the “comedic rhetoric” spewed forth by your largely bigoted posters passed off as serious analysis ?

    • Anonymous

      you use the word ‘bigot’ to describe people here who don’t agree with your PC, white guilt views.  Why can’t you liberals and blacks learn to argue without calling us names or insulting our intelligence?  Why can’t you argue your points without closing down our conferences or silencing us or destroying politically incorrect white people’s careers?  Actually, here’s an even better question for you: why do you continue to post here?

  • Racism as a  institution , is marketing to us all, as a means to end racial discrimination. Yet if only Whites can be racist, and Blacks are somehow immune to being racists, then the so called vechile to end racism is racist itself! Hence the paradox.
    I think that both sides “racist/anti-racist” are really just two sides of the same coin, and that as long as one exists the other will always exist.Forcing different racial groups of people to live together, then telling them all that they’re equal and that the only reason for different success outcomes must be due to one group suppressing the other, will just create frustration which will lead to hate.
    Then if you see this and try to fight against this insanity of lies, then you are labelled the hater.

    To be frank I don’t understand your eample, anyone can be anything, but the thing that assigns a whole group being assigned the dreaded ‘stereotype status must be born in observation surely. Eg Asians being bad drivers as a stereotype, I’m sure that someone could probably pull some stats that Asians are in fact better drivers proportionally that the rest of the population, so where did the stereotype come from? It had to have come from somewhere as 50 years ago there were hardly any Asians around. Stereotypes must be born in observation.

    • Anonymous

      I was referring to blacks who say, “I can’t be racist because I’m black.”  Their stereotype is only whites can be racist, which is why I pointed out it would be stereotypical if I said every black male slept around, had kids they didn’t take care of, were criminals, etc. 

  • Anonymous

    When Herman Cain was running and they said, “Liberals don’t want to see a strong black man.  They take the black vote for granted.” I said, “Liberals also don’t want to see a strong, conservative white man either.  Even the GOP is taking the white vote for granted.  Why does the GOP pander to blacks and illegals when these people hate us and will never vote for the GOP in record numbers?  Why hasn’t the GOP learned with having Michael Steele as their chairman or the so called black republicans who stabbed the Republican Party in the back by voting for Obama and calling the GOP racists?”  Of course, they didn’t like that comment and said I was, “making the conservative movement look worse with those comments.”    I’m sick of this.  Conservatives should know better than having PC, liberal views on race.