Cost, Flash Mobs Cancel Coventry Street Arts Fair This Year

Ellen McGregor, News Channel 5, May 8, 2012

There will be no Coventry Street Arts Fair this summer in Cleveland Heights [Ohio].

Steve Presser is the owner of Big Fun, and member of the Coventry Village Special Improvement District. He’s been involved with the fair for years. The primary issues that resulted in the cancelation are cost and planning.

“We love it, we enjoy it, but we don’t want anything negative to happen to the neighborhood,” Presser said. “We want people to leave here feeling great.”

Presser has major plans on how the festival is put together for 2013, and he said there will be a fair next year.

The fair was a huge success for most of the day last year, drawing 25,000 people from all over the region. But towards the end of the day it was marred by several arrests following what witnesses called a “chaotic flash mob.”

Crowds of teens jammed onto Coventry in June 2011, fighting and causing trouble. At that time, Cleveland Heights council members said families were intimidated, and businesses were forced to close early for safety reasons.

So council held emergency meetings and enacted an emergency curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., for anyone under 18 years old.


[Editor’s Note: For more on last year’s disruption, see this article.]

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    • Texan1st

      Pretty shameful when only 10-15 “thugs” (as the media likes to call them) can walk into a crowd of 20,000, attack, then leave without a scratch, much less being ripped to shreds. And we’re supposed to believe that because whites outnumber blacks 5-1 in this country that blacks should somehow fear starting a race war against whites? Numbers mean nothing, as demonstrated countless times. Whites had the numbers 1000-1 at the RHCP concert and yet 10-15 blacks simply strolled right in and did their thing with no resistance. In Jena, whites had the numbers 20-1, yet 6 “thugs” stomped one white kid’s head in while dozens of white kids stood idly by, afraid to jump in and help the lone white being beaten. Over and over we see the same thing. Until a large number of whites begin to show racial solidarity we will continue to be eaten alive by a small minority.

  • Tim

    When I worked at a bar once  the new manager`s first act was to cancel all current live music. In his words, “We don`t want the scumbags that come in on Friday or Saturday a chance  to realize we`re also open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…”

  • Johnny Reb

    I have a “planning idea” for Cleveland . . . why not invite every white racialist organization within one hundred miles to come secure your event?   The Skins can cover one street, the KKK another, and so on.  The Nazis can even sponsor a beer garden with some buxom waitresses in lederhosen serving Bavarian beer.   I mean, what’s your solution for 2013 . . . rent-a-cops and curfew?  A-ha-ha.  You’re still thinking this is America.
    Canceling this event is madness.  It’s appeasement. It solves nothing.   Every savage in Cleveland is now high-fiving and making plans to crash the party in 2013. 
    Ask the Brits who fought the Zulu at Rorke’s Drift.  Blacks only understand one thing. 

    • 1gravity

       One wonders if the event sponsors were able to locate affordable insurance, usually a requirement for any kind of public events permit.  Who knows what the local police told them?  There is probably a lot going on behind the scenes, which News Channel 5 inexplicably overlooked to tell us, lest we peons at large actually learn something from the situation.

  • IstvanIN

    We can not have anything anymore.  The savages now rule.

    • Rebelcelt

      Absoloutely. Blacks can not stand the idea of Whites having a little get together and enjoying themselves.They demand the right to come and destroy it. They hate us because we have nice little fairs or programs or schools where it is gentle civil and white. They hate us because everything they put together is loud chaotic and eventually violent.
      They hate us because when they look at everything we easily and naturally do it reminds them how they can’t do it.

  • JackKrak

    The “Blacks Ruin Everything” tour comes to Cleveland – free front row seats for all liberals!!!

  • sarah stein

     Good luck having a fair when nobody comes.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      You forgot the word “White” between nobody and comes.

  • Anonymous

    Whites are going to be forced to get physical even if it means we will get in trouble or suffer for it.  We can’t keep sitting back sucking on our thumbs while we are getting targetted.  If a group of black thugs attack me or my family–especially my family–I’m going to to fight back, regardless of the consequences.  Whites need to start fighting back.  It’s our own fault we are in the situation we’re in.  We chose not to fight back.  We chose to let the Marxists rule our lives.  Whites choose to have no kids (or few) or have mixed race children instead.  We can bellyache and complain about how unfair something is, but we have the power to change it.

    • Vf

      I actually recommend a short  braided leather whip as a self defense weapon. With a metal tip. For one its not a gun so its  not registered. But its also very severe.  If 2 or 3 white men had those, they could easily chase back 20 or 30 black youth with ease.  Plus they can scream “Your name is Tobey” as they do it adding to the humiliation

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         You know, I have one of those put away somewhere.  I think I will dig it out.

      • “Your name is Tobey”

        We demand more!

    • Well said and just common sense that we had better start getting soon.

  • CANCEL ALL the art fairs

    Let the liberal artsyfartsy white pukes be deprived.
    Less cost to fund cops to patrol, too. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     not true. 3 months ago a bike rider in pa shot two tarvons in the chest killing one when the tarvons tried to jump him on a bike path. no charges.

  •  It’s a fact of live in Modern America:

    If you have two nickels to rub together, there will be a cabal of John Edwards style shyster class action vulture parasites who will connive to take one of them away from you.

    Trial lawyers are a big contributor base of the Democrat Party.

    I explain more:

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     The other thing is that increased medical costs taking care of the heart disease and cancer that WE KNOW smoking creates INCREASES all insurance costs for all providers.  If Anon12 and others are trying to say that the medical research proving this is a liberal conspiracy theory then it proves why Asians IQs are passing whites.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     It’s good that smokers have to pay more in taxes when they smoke because the cost of taking care of you and other smokers and others affected by it is high.  Just because there are other problems doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can.  Nicotine has been found to be as addicting as heroin, even more.  It turns out that people who smoke and then do cocaine or heroin, become addicted easier.  Get over it, get clean.  If you care about the white race, then get healthy.   You aren’t proving how smart whites are or how we’re going to succeed as a race.  A disciplined people have minor or no vices.