Police: Woman Raped, Tortured and Forced to Drink Bleach

Jason Barry, KPHO (Phoenix), May 4, 2012

Crime scene investigators combed for clues around a Phoenix apartment complex Friday, looking for anything that will help track down a violent sexual predator who police said raped and tortured a woman throughout the night.

Carli Patterson lives next door to the 56-year-old victim in the complex at Seventh Street and Indian School road.


“When she yelled for help, I opened my door and she was outside, completely nude,” said Patterson. “Her hands were tied behind her back and there were two scarves around her mouth. She was gagged and tied up with bruises all over.”

The victim told police she had been tortured for hours and raped repeatedly, while being forced to drink bleach.

According to police, a cab driver had knocked on the front door to pick the victim up and take her to a scheduled doctor’s appointment.

It appears that the knock on the door scared the rapist off, police said. The suspect ran out of the apartment and hasn’t been seen since.

Police said the suspect is black, 25 to 30 years old, medium height and build, shoulder-length dreadlocks and wearing a baseball cap backwards, a gray T-shirt, dark shorts and flip-flops or sandals.



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  • The girl who was murdered in the Knoxville Horror case was also forced to drink bleach by her African assailants. Yes, the mouth is the only place on the body which has the rapist, murdering DNA on it.  CSI Abuja, the new series to replace CSI Miami 😀

    • Great blacks are learning forensic science iin prison.

      • ed91

        that’s what happens when you don’t use correct punctuation.

        surely you meant: Great!  blacks are learning forensic science in prison

        there is no such thing as Great Blacks, unless you are talking about some animal other than kneegrows.

        • vladdy1

          Heh. Reminds me of a headline I saw that read “Woman leaves baby in car to drink martinis for hours.”

  • sarah stein

    Maybe now she’ll get a security system and a concealed carry firearm.  I doubt it.  She’ll continue to tell women like me who have a security system, yard motion sensors, cameras and a concealed carry permit, that I’m paranoid. 

  • If she voted for Maobama
    Serves her right

  • ed91

    shades of the knoxville horror…….  

    da bro’s be wantin’ to hide wat de do an’ wat de are.

  • Johnny Reb

    How many sandal-wearing blacks with shoulder-length dreadlocks and hands smelling of bleach are running around Phoenix, anyway?

    From the description, it sounds like a university Black Studies professor.  That’s where I’d start looking.  Next, check out the grad black studies grad assistants. 

    If no luck there, try the local markets.  Can’t be that many blacks buying bleach . . .

    Between Sheriff Joe and dreadlocks . . . I’m betting Sheriff Joe finds this animal.

  • Saw a nice slogan recently: “Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.”

    I would improve upon this saying by adding that it is an “idiotic theory”.

    Arizonans can carry…and well they should.

  • TonyWestfield

    Hmmm, let’s see…

    “Police said the suspect is black, 25 to 30 years old, medium height and build, shoulder-length dreadlocks and wearing a baseball cap backwards, a gray T-shirt, dark shorts and flip-flops or sandals.”  This is copied from the article, above, about Phoenix and rape and bleach.

    And we have this, from an article about the eleven-year-old girl in Utah who was home alone a couple days ago and found an intruder in the kitchen:
    “The man is described as being about 6 feet tall with a dark complexion. The girl said he had long, dark hair that was braided and went down his left shoulder.”

    The Utah girl turned suddenly and ran out the front door.  The Donte-Trayvon-Hakeem, who had pointed a handgun at the girl, did not chase her.

    Silly girl, we all know that this man would not hurt her.  He probably has children of his own.  He was just hungry.  He wanted something to eat, then he would have walked away peacefully.

    There is no chance that the man would have “warmed up to her” as they spent time alone in the house.  She is only eleven, after all, and she is white.  No reason to believe that something really bad would have happened.

    The girl ran because she is raysist.  Yeah, that’s it.  Her parents and her community taught her to be raysist.  Why else would she run away from the nice man whose friendly cousins are seen in every television program, every commercial, every magazine ad?

    • sarah stein

      If her racist parents had allowed her to watch television,  she would have seen on the Brinks or Brick House security system commercials that only white males break into homes and attack the occupants,  and she had no need to fear this black intruder.

      • ljot2

        Blacks on tv and movies are fbi agents, teachers, judges, physicians, building contractors, ranchers, and psychotherapists.  Blond-haired, blue-eyed men are neo-nazis, rapists, wife-beaters, child-abusers, bankrobbers, and tormentors of black child prodigies. If not the above, blacks save the planet from aliens, robots, and vampire virus.  Oh, and from the geological crisis of this year. But White racism holds their brothers and sisters back.  After 50 years, alot of Whites know this for a fact, because TV and Teacher and News Reader told them so.  And God doesn’t exist because, if He did, prayer in school would not have been abolished by the highest court in the land.  If you have a tv and if your kids are in public school, this is the way it is.

    • Thank filthy whore trash like heidi klum for puttig the idea into the savage head of evry black that he is desired by any and all white women and had free rein to do whatever he wants. The white woman is a ho,right,so she desires him and as a ho well,who cares about her,she is a ho. Someting like Klum should have her career utterly destroyed and her family reduced to begging. 

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad this news story reported the race of the criminal. Many newspapers do not do that. 

  • Not ethnically cleansed.

    Moving because hunting sheep
    is safer than hunting wild game.

    Just like the Visigoths preyed on Rome, after driven from their homeland by dangerous Mongols.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I am not going into the details of history this time, but your analogy is faulty based on stereotyped misinformation about Rome’s relationship with the Visigoths.  They rendered military service for years and were promised a permanent settlement region in return.  When they didn’t get it after many years and missions to Rome by emissaries to get the grant, they finally invaded Italy and put Rome to siege.  The first capitulation was orderly.  But the second time they were forced to do this because of Rome’s refusal to honor the commitments made during the first peace, they invaded and sacked Rome, which had grown pretty corrupt by then.

      I can’t help it if you don’t like this.  My opinion is that whites in general have a very poor grasp of our own history for a number of reasons.  We ought to work at correcting that where we can.  This is one of my contributions.  And it IS important to know the facts, however the chips fall as a result.

      • What whites REALLY need to do,
        is stop arguing arcane minutiae
        on The Internetz
        and start doing some VISIGOTHING of their own.

        Do you think WW2 Russian shock troops needed doctorates to eradicate Germany.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Stalin ordered those troops into suicidal attacks. He did not care how many died because he knew that numbers would overwhelm the Germans, eventually.  Stalin also murdered another 20 million Russians in domestic purges.  Bolsheviks executed every man they could find who did not have callouses on their hands.  It was a shabby excuse to seize the property of the wealthier Russians.  During ww2, of the 50 million total casualties, every third person that died was a Russian.  See, this is the problem when people only have a little knowledge and try to make big points.

          Knowing the details of our history helps us to better determine our own strategy and not repeat mistakes of the past. 

          As for your turning a noun into a verb and exhorting whites to rise up and pillage and burn, why don’t you lead by example?  See you on the 6:00 news.

          Whites can’t do anything until the system collapses enough to allow us to do something other than act out and be labelled as “white supremacists.”  Whites are going to have to be smarter and more disciplined than ever before in history.  Information helps us in this way.  I find the essay by Thomas Sowell posted in this latest Amren set of updates very interesting.  Definitely a sign that a shift is occurring.  But you better “hold your horses” for the moment, and remember “fools rush in.”

          • Fine. YOU stay on the computer and write write write…awaiting The Final Armageddon.

            Is that workin’ out OK for you?
            I don’t get the simultaneous split reference to Thomas Sowell and incongruous white supremacy.

            You’ll be in the grave 30 years before you act.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Hey, I see you’re sitting at your computer arguing with me, “man of action.”  When I was young, I didn’t have the time to watch television; I was engaged in action in my own life and I’d be the same today if I was the same man with the same physical abilities and opportunities.

          You’re only right about one thing; the collapse may occur after I am gone.  Young men are usually the ones who act. But you will fail miserably if you continue in your style. I’m hoping that fewer of them are like you and can also imbibe some wisdom from your more experienced elders.  But I don’t hold much hope for it when I see such disrespect in something as online posts.  Young people, especially males seem to not be able to express themselves in any other way.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I’ve done at least as much as you have unless you haven’t made the news yet.

          I have a a good setup of medical supplies with me and a huge library with such works as “The Military Surgeon.” (I’m a retired doctor).   Although old, I will be of some use if and when your type actually starts something or a collapse occurs (and I think it will).  I also have followed Chittum’s advice regarding some of the more direct tools required for survival.  I keep a garden and can produce.  I am what you might call a suburban survivalist. I’ve been doing this for years and watching carefully.

           I have always studied history as both a hobby and because there is a good deal of instruction for white survival in it.  But the real understanding comes from knowing the details, not making cheap and incorrect assumptions and comments based on misinformation and bad thinking habits.

          You need old farts like me a lot more than you realize.

          But you can get away from your keyboard and do something with your day anytime, son.

          • So, you fought (at least served) for the Freedom of America – to turn out like it has.

            Why, oh why should anyone listen to you.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Firepower, http://eradica.wordpress.com/
          So, you fought (at least served) for the Freedom of America – to turn out like it has.

          Why, oh why should anyone listen to you.”

          This shows what assumptions and lack of historical knowledge, even topical knowledge does for hotheads with attention deficit problems like you make and put on display for all to see.

          We had a thing called the draft back then.  Many who served were people who were too honorable to run away, even if they did not necessarily support or agree with the war.  But since they got us young (average age in combat was 19)  they were taking young men who hardly had the time to know enough to make such decisions and we were raised to be patriotic.  But Later I also had friends and provided services for the Vietnam Vets Against the War Organization and movement.

          But today, it’s those who served in special forces (forces that happen to be heavily white) who will provide leadership for whites in the practical sense, not (potentially) little gun waving punks like you.

          I did some research on motorcycle gangs a while back.  It turns out that their “goon squads” or body guard contingents tend to be made up of former special forces personnel. 

          It’s clear from this post of yours that you will go to any length to try to make a comeback, even when it is as pathetic as this one.

          You represent the excrement; the failure of whites today, not the potential for leadership and survival.

          • You, are a boring blowhard who writes too much.

            A fatal combination.
            Too bad you weren’t as good a warrior IRL as you are a keyboard kommando.

            Maybe America would’ve won at least ONE war since 1945.

            You actually come across as one of the Stolen Honor types, with all your bitchy bragging.

        • ljot2

          Love it.  Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Apparently, the moderator wouldn’t allow your last comment to show up here, but I received it.

        1. You don’t have to read any comment by anyone on Amren, so don’t complain if you do and don’t like it.
        2.  I’ve posted here for about 7 years.  Only recently have we begun to see a few useless idiots like you show up and get into fights with other whites.  You are adding NOTHING to our efforts, IMO.
        3.  You make so many accusations and assumptions based on partial or misinformation that you can’t possible be a successful person, you are likely young because older people usually know better than to carry on as you are doing, and you are likely to never get anywhere in life, because if you have such a chip on your shoulder at your age, you’ll never make to my age alive.

        PS It wasn’t the soldiers that lost Vietnam, it was the leadership.  US won every battle, politicians lost the war.

  •  If you vote
    you get ObamaWorld

  • ljot2

    This one  be for Tray-von.

  • redfeathers

    Using their Section 8 vouchers, no doubt.

  • Satire is way lost on you Nappy.

  • Who was that, Dr. No?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Not ONE mention of this story anywhere out here in my part of CA. and we are only one state over. I do see hope that the ultra-liberal news agencies here have had it with the constant black on White crime adn are finally reporting race and a picture.


    • ageofknowledge

      We’ve got bigger fish to fry. The state is teetering on bankruptcy while the politicians try to figure out how to waste more taxpayer money on illegals, public unions, and grandoise public works white elephant projects while pushing criminals back into our neighborhoods to “save money” after taking away our right to open carry.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Yes we do Age, yes we do. I feel like I’m living in a 3rd World nation and the politicians do not care as long as they retain their power base.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Another reason I am not religious; no God would create such a being.  He represents the bottom of the evolutionary trash heap.

  • newscomments70

    I submitted the link of the original story to Drudge. I want 30 million people or more to see this.

    I suggest that the rest of you do the same.  It will increase the chance that he will post the story.

  • newscomments70

    I submitted the link of the original story to Drudge. If he posts,  30 million people or more will see this.

    I suggest that the rest of you do the same.  It will increase the chance that he will post the story. Sorry to repeat myself. Spreading awareness to tens of millions of people is a strong step in the right direction.

    I also suggest that we post amren’s info on these and other articles, at the original source. If you type amren dot com, it usually bypasses the censor filters. I know it works on Fox news comments.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Did she really drink bleach?  You must have your stomach pumped soon after that.  Bleach is really caustic stuff.

  • The__Bobster

    And I thought all the criminals on that show were White.

  •  For Black men this is a normal date. 

  • Some Guy

    Yeah, and they probably had to change their pants when they got there, too.

  • ageofknowledge

    I wonder if the “dark skinned” rapist perpetrator even knew that drinking bleach can kill.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “It done killed da DNA I left in da ho’s mouth after I dun made her take my junk in dare!

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight


    Whites are still outnumbered in California.   The elementary school classrooms are overwhelmingly Hispanic.  I suspect the Euros that come there are attracted to the old lure of California and rely on their lack of cultural exposure to blind them to the problems that drove many lifelong Californians like me out.  They think they can live on an island in paradise and avoid the problems.  There is also a phenomena in California (the West Coast and nationally too) wherein European, especially English and French (but Scandinavians too) are so elevated that they get better jobs than native whites.  In my area several of our local news people have British accents and several others have other non-European looks and accents.  Americans, especially West Coast (and may others) give place to anyone (and thing) that seems exotic to them.  The EU makes it very difficult for Americans to take up residence or even get a job inside the Eurozone, but hand out visas like candy.

    To Anon12;

    Your God will help whites the same way he helped his people (Jews) during WW2.  Silly suppositions based on wishful thinking will not help us in anyway.  Better become a real realist before you become claim to be a white realist!

    I’ve debated the message of the NT with you before, so I won’t waste my time now, but there is NOTHING in the NT that says anything about Christianity being exclusive for whites. The OT is about Jews, not gentiles or whites, or Euros.

  • Gereng

    In Vietnam’s underground tunnels, our troops who specialized in clearing these rat holes preferred for close quarters, number 5 shot.  I think for shooting in a relatively small space the #5 shot gives a better spread and pattern. I mean one doesn’t want to kill the would be rapist, but merely send him a message. The aiming point should be the chap’s fly.