Denmark Arrests 2 in Alleged Terror Plot

CBS News, May 29, 2012

Two Danish brothers originally from Somalia have been arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack, Denmark’s security service said Tuesday.

The men, aged 18 and 23, were suspected of “being in the process of preparing an act of terror” after being overheard talking about methods, targets and different weapon types, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service said.


The suspects are “Danish citizens of Somali origin” who have lived in Denmark for 16 years, the agency said.

One of the men had been at a training camp in Somalia run by the Islamist militant group al-Shabab, which has links to al Qaeda, PET said.

The men were charged with receiving training with the aim of committing an act of terror, in what the agency said are the first known terror-trained suspects in Denmark.


The Scandinavian country has been in the crosshairs of Islamist terror groups after the publication of newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in 2005.


A Somali man living in Denmark was convicted of terrorism and sentenced to 10 years in prison after breaking into the home of one of the cartoonists with an ax in 2010.

Last year, a Chechen-born man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for preparing a letter bomb that exploded as he was assembling it in a Copenhagen hotel in 2010.


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  • JackKrak

    Do they have white hispanics in Denmark too?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Yes, and they would kill Obama’s son if he had one.

        BTW the cheese Danish I had yesterday was more Danish than these Somalis.

  • libertarian1234

    The day is fast approaching when Europe will rue the day it ever contemplated allowing third world hordes into their countries.

    With Greece on the verge of exiting the EU, sending it into chaos;  Spain now on the verge of going the same way as Greece, along with Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and many of the Eastern European nations,  and all of them in immediate danger of having a run on their banks,  we are reading  warnings about riots in the streets.    But nowhere have they dared to point out that their huge immigrant communities will be hit hardest by the cut back in social services in attempts at austerity to try and stop bankruptcies and societal collapse.

    Most all the EU nations and others have experienced much chaos from their black and Muslim communities even during boom times.    When their welfare  checks dry up I’m wondering if they’ll secure arms from some sympathetic anti-European  Muslim group and wage a holy war against the countries that were foolish enough to take them in.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I’m afraid things are about to become worse yet.  The BBC is reporting about the new wave of mass starvation in Ethiopia/Somalia and the need to respond to it.

  • JohnEngelman

    Somalis bring crime and terrorism wherever they go. Can anyone think of any positive contributions they bring with them?
    I actually like Ethiopian restaurants. I have never heard of a Somali restaurant, or of anything positive associated with Somalis. 

    • Francis Galton

      When you combine the worst aspects of Islam and blackness, you get Somalians.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the average Somalian IQ is in the ballpark of 60.

      • The__Bobster

        Most people don’t realize that a lot of the Somooli “refugees” are, in fact, Bantu ex-slaves of the Somoolies. Bantus are far dumber (IQ ca. 60-70)  and uglier than native Somoolies. 

  • If Danes EMBRACE vile black immigration
    then LET them suffer the consequences.

    Until they awaken and Go Viking on this filth.

  •  If it’s any comfort, this is one aspect of left propaganda that is pretty firmly rejected by most people even in the mainstream. On numerous occasions, I’ve heard people I know chuckle at a news report describing an “American” or a “Briton” on TV and showing a picture of someone you would expect to see in a bazaar in Timbuktu.

    The left is at war with the very notion of European identity. They claim that whites don’t “exist”, that it’s just a “category” constructed by certain people to maintain privilege.  I always want to ask them what are we then? If we have no history, no culture, no heritage, are we robots? Zombies? Are we human at all? Apparently in the eyes of the radical left, we are just some kind of predator that impersonates a human being whose sole purpose is to exploit and oppress dark skinned people.

    It’s the ultimate nullification and dehumanization. Anyone who doubts that the far left is at war with the western world itself need only look at this tendency to deny that being a member of a western culture group like Danish has any meaning or substance. Anyone who doubts that they are sick, nihilistic individuals need only look at this profound dehumanization of all people from western backgrounds. They like to cloak themselves in this morally self righteous disguise but damned if they aren’t the ultimate bigots and have this frighteningly sociopathic attitude towards their own families, neighbors, and communities.

  • The leftwingers think if they just call some third world non-white a “Dane” or “German” then they will feel as entitled to Denmarks land and Germany’s land every bit as much as the real deal does. Of course these Somali’s don’t consider themselves “Danes”, but they will play the game as long as it means taking something away from an ethnic Dane. This game has been played in America because of white guilt about “stealing” this land, so we get the “hyphenated American”, i.e. Mexican American, African American, Haitian American, Cuban American etc. But now we see the game is being played against the white ethnic, indigenous people of Europe who  never stole any of  their land. Of course when the non white populations become larger in Europe, white Europeans will not escape that charge either.

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    The worst people on the planet are black Muslims.  Period.

    And it doesn’t matter in which country they reside.

    • Fredrik_H

      I agree completely. Whenever you hear of some heinous sex crime commited here, chances are a – or in many cases, several – sub-saharan muslim african is the suspect.

  • blight14

     With ‘elites’ being the code word du jour…….well stated…..

  • El_Magyar

    Goofball countries like Denmark and the Netherlands are getting a crash course in the realities of being way too accepting and accomodating. They have a king-size bed to lie in.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I lived in Europe for three years.  Virtually every person I met was sick with liberalism to the point of national and ethnic suicide, blind to it, of course.

  • MikeofAges

     Started out as a Cold War measure, back when the Third World was considered the fulcrum of the battle between Communism and the West. If the West thought itself to have an obligation to the people of it former colonies, it should have treated the obligation as financial and economiuc. All I can say is, those commies sure knew how to play the game. So did the surviving “Fourth Reich” Nazis and their Third World minion. So do the Muslims. Between these forces, they have really trashed the West. Maybe for good.

    Has anyone considered that the rest of world is more suited for feudalism than democracy, and does not care whether advanced civilization is sustained or not. Not “whitey”, but advanced civilization is the enemy. Without advanced civilization, “whitey” is just another human type living in his corner of the world. Someone to trade with perhaps, but nothing more.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Danish Rape and Disfigurement (‘smiley’) is still covered up.

    A series of reports came out in the early 2000’s (wanna say ’07) showed the massive skew in ‘non-European’ perpetrators of rape upon white women in Scandinavia in general and Denmark and Sweden in particular.

    They were immediately downplayed and I understand such statistics are no longer readily available.

    Add to this the certainty that ‘national community’ is very much applicable to the EU now and so the attitudes on racial realism (and the blatant suppression/attack of anti-immigrant ‘xenophobes’) that are evident in places like Sweden are very much on the minds of anyone who lives in a world where, increasingly, policy is set in Brussels, not the home capital.

    Multicult was a means to an end.  It’s goal was to divide and isolate the city-state feudalist identities of the individual European nations and thru this, make it possible to bring about the very unification of EUrope which Hitler once tried.

    It’s ironic that this is happening not with an attitude of entitlement by superiority complex as conquest.  But with a subductive effect of undermining the ethnic primacy of the original European peoples with the need to pander to the vastly -inferior- secondary cultures that have been imported to ‘do the jobs they can’t’.  Because Europe is greying out faster than we are.

    Never doubt this.  Never doubt that there is a purpose to what is being done here.  As evil as it is, it is THE SAME outcome as WWI and WWII attempted to achieve.  Just from the other end of the telescope.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Primitives fear life sentences.  They believe that they will be martyred and go to heaven.
    The infantile ‘immediate satiation’ reflex expectation of met desires serves Terrorist Groups well because it plays so perfectly upon the innate inferiority complex of individuals who KNOW, subconsciously, that they will never have nor be able to attain what they see in the West.
    Lacking as they do, the commitment and conformity and comprehension to work for it.
    A life sentence is an abrogation of that fantasy vision in that God is _not_ waiting just beyond the bright light for them but rather there is another 20-50 years of continued poverty and frustration in a cage to get through, first.  Which defeats the immediacy expectation rather handily.
    THIS is why the Palestinians try so hard to snatch people for trade with the Israelis.  This is why there are still cages full of people at Guantanimo and likely around the world.
    If you hurt us, we will get you.  And your punishment won’t be an easy-quick end like the burned and blasted or shot victims of your attack.  It will be a torture of four walls in a very cramped space.  For a long, long, time.
    Ten to Twelve Year Sentences is not that.