Delegate Warns Of ‘Black Youth Mobs’

Michael Dresser, Baltimore Sun, May 17, 2012

Baltimore County delegate said Wednesday that the governor should send in the Maryland State Police to control “roving mobs of black youths” at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, prompting a colleague to label the message “race-baiting.”

Del. Patrick L. McDonough, a Republican whose district includes part of Harford County, distributed a news release with the headline: “Black Youth Mobs Terrorize Baltimore on Holidays.” In it, McDonough said he had sent a letter to Gov. Martin O’Malley urging him to use the state police to help prevent attacks and to declare the Inner Harbor area a “no-travel zone” until safety can be guaranteed.


“It’s a throwback to the ‘50s and ‘60s, and it’s obviously race-baiting,” said Del. Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., a Baltimore Democrat who offered to take McDonough on a guided tour of the Inner Harbor on a weekend night.

McDonough, a radio talk-show host, is best known in the legislature for his relentless and sometimes confrontational efforts to crack down on illegal immigration in Maryland.


McDonough refused to back down, saying he had heard from police that the crowds involved in several recent incidents were all black. Failing to mention the race of the participants, he said, would be “political correctness on steroids.”

McDonough said his statement was prompted by several recent problems, including a St. Patrick’s Day disturbance and a recent incident in which he and his wife witnessed a fight involving about 100 youths at Pratt and Calvert streets.

The lawmaker said that his statement has brought attention from out-of-town news media and that he planned to give national television interviews warning visitors against traveling to the Inner Harbor. He charged that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and city police haven’t taken sufficient action and have been covering up the extent of the problem.

“A no-travel zone is an action that needs to be taken to protect lives,” he said.

Mayoral spokesman Ryan O’Doherty said today, “Del. McDonough’s sad and racially-charged publicity stunt is not deserving of a response and Mayor Rawlings-Blake is proud of the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department for reducing crime to historic lows. As an elected official, Del. McDonough should show more respect for the work our police officers do with the community every day to make Baltimore safer.”


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  • All it’s going to take is one of these.  If he runs for a higher office and wins, based on this, the dam is broken.

    • bluegrass91

      I feel it to.  Amongst my family, my friends, amongst the whites who walk  the streets of America I feel Derbyshire’s “cold despair” like a faint breeze.  They do not want to see their race disappear, no matter what liberal platitudes they speak.  All they need to do is connect the dots, and those dots are getting hard as hell to ignore.

      • ljot2

        Bluegrasss91,  Our younger brothers & sisters have had 12 years of public school indoctrination, & if they went on to some form of college, another 2-4 of even more aggressive indoctrination.  Most of them have never heard of an alternative media.  That is, they have no dots to connect.  I don’t share your optimism.

        • bluegrass91

          Well, seeing how our public schools are failures (in teaching both math or political correctness), and that the mainstream media is consistently loosing viewership to the blogosphere. The final nail in the coffin is that there are no “whitopias” left to run to. Every White must deal consistently with this “enriching” diversity, and everyone knows contact theory is actually what produces hardens racial consciousness instead of mitigating it.

          I’d say a little hope is in order. Look at how Blacks are the ONLY group in America that thinks Zimmerman is guilty. Every white, whatever platitudes they speak, believe trayvon was a thug like any other.

          I have successfully been able to get fellow Whites to admit anti-immigrant sentiments, or disdain for the black community, or to admit that race is in fact a biological construct. What I haven’t been able to accomplish is that next important step, that transition to the White racial consciousness shared akin to that of Black, Hispanics, and Asians.

          One step at a time. I doubt any of us jumped from liberalism to reading Jared Taylor in a day.

        •  It’s our job to educate them.  I started teaching my niece and nephew the facts in grade school.  As soon as they showed they were able to start to grasp facts and arguments, basically.  I have torn their indoctrination to shreds.  This pays dividends once they’re old enough to start thinking for themselves (which day is hastened by counter-narratives from relatives and loved ones).

          Really, the narrative of lies is a huge gift, in a way.  The lies are so blatant, the narrative so tendentiously one-sided, that they provide the perfect opportunity to teach independent thinking to our children.  This opportunity would be much more difficult if they weren’t being fed so much bad information.

          I’m often flabbergasted when I hear from race-realists whose own children are nearing adulthood and still haven’t heard the facts (Derb’s story along these lines is typical, in my experience).

    • Your right, we now wait and see if this becomes a rocket ship to bigger and better things…
      If so it certainly would mark the tipping point for BRA!

  • Ever been to Baltimore?

    You think saying “blacks be killin’ whiteys”
    all THE SUDDEN makes Baltimore safe?

    How do you feel sorry for a white guy who goes jogging in Detroit?
    You’ll have to ERADICATE the problems

  • libertarian1234

    “Mayoral spokesman Ryan O’Doherty said today, “Del. McDonough’s sad and racially-charged publicity stunt is not deserving of a response and Mayor Rawlings-Blake….”

    Appealing for the elimination of out-of-control black crime to a black mayor,  which this mayor certainly is,  is going to be no more effective than getting her to admit blacks commit crimes far in excess of their portion of the population.

    I know it’s easy for me to say since I don’t live there and don’t have to assume the expense of relocation, but if I were a white in that area my highest priority would be to leave and let the savages fight among themselves until they kill each other off.

    It’s impossible to live in, near or close to blacks, and to have one as a community leader of some type is a frustration not many people want.

    Mr. Derbyshire has it right on.  It’s called facing the truth and coming to grips with reality.

    •  But Baltimore has the “solution.”

      Ex-cons telling future cons how not to commit violent crime is like letting Bernie Madoff lead a seminar about clean and wholesome investments.

    • ljot2

      I did move, not once, but twice.  And the second move, a more calculated and focussed one, was more than a decade in the planning and execution; it meant starting over in middle-age.  By that point in my life, I had some resources with which to move.  More of our contemporaries now than then have limited resources.  If we want the younger brothers and sisters to relocate to a safer, White enclave, we need to think on how to assist them.  For, they’re the ones with children still in school.  This age of going it alone and doing it my way, and all that hyper-individualistic cant, is over.  If White solidarity is a value, we must be sensitive and supportive of those around us.  Lots of em’ don’t have still-married parents–etc..  We who can guide and assist the young Whites must do so. 

      • Celestial_Time

        I would ‘Like’ this 100 more times if I could. I’d love to see more problem-solving than the incessant complaining about the problems.

        Hyper-individualism is death to camaraderie and community. Every now and then you have to give unconditionally, whether you see eye-to-eye or not, just so you can build a stronger foundation where everyone can benefit peacefully and prosperously.

        The question: What exactly needs to be done?

        •  This is the racialist’s paradox.  Whites need collectivism, but the early cohorts to come around to racialism are always going to be individualists who think for themselves and tend to buck authority.

  • Church_of_Jed

    If he was going to make such a spectacle of himself, he could of at least used his moment of racist notoriety to start cementing into White minds the obligation of the Civil Rights community to do something about black crime. When the Civil Rights “icons and living legends” fail to do their duty, we are absolved of our racism.

    Put all the “we must do more” on them- they must do more to police their own communities and prevent black on White crime. Every time they fail, we have more ammunition to demand that we roll back Affirmative Action, Civil Rights, and Integration, the Diversity Curse Trinity.

    “Bigotry has its place, and its place is getting bigger.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism isn’t a sin- it’s White survival salvation,” 1998

    • 1gravity

       The black community could put a stop to almost all black on white violence tomorrow if it wanted to.

      • Church_of_Jed

        If they did put a stop to it, they’d lose their main weapon against White privilege.

      • I disagree.  Nowhere do blacks show much of a collective capacity for order.  The “chaotics” simply outnumber the “lawfuls,” so to speak.  Or to put it more rigorously, whatever the chaotic to lawful ratio required to maintain advanced civilization and order, among blacks it is too high.

        I could see your point if there were some orderly, advanced black societies (that were so owing to blacks, rather than external, imposed forces), but there aren’t.

    • ljot2

      You’ve stated the matter in pragmatic and moral terms.  Thank you.  It’s uttered.  Now, we must publicize it.

  • WmarkW

    There’s more good news than usual on AmRen today!

    • Kinda sad that news of black mobs attacking whites is what passes as good news.

  • Inner harbor used to be a kinda nice tourist area.

  • TomIron361

    What you’ve got here (not just baltimore of course) is a massive group of young people who have no way of making it in the society they inhabit. So if they rob somebody and beat themwithin an inch of his/her life, kill, rape them, etc, it’s all meaningless to them. They’re at a point that if they’re sentenced to 5 yrs., 20yrs., death, it’s all the same. They’re far beyond any penalty. The society can do nothing to punish them. That’s where they are. It’s somewhat like being stuck in a room with a rabid Rottweiler.  

    • ljot2

      An aspect of the growing violence by young Blacks against Whites has been worrying me.  I look at their alternative perceptions, assessments, and reactions.  They know most of us wish they were elsewhere–somewhere good, and away from us.  Where do they go?  John Derbyshire just observed that only a tiny fraction of  civil-war era  Blacks left the USA, which is to say, the White society, for Black Africa; he opines that they showed their beliefs by their actions; I think he is wrong, for the reason that one generation suffices to profoundly alienate a people from their forebears–language, way of life, terms of subsistence, ethos, and identity.  What identity, what language, et. al., did a Black American, 1865, have with which to venture back to equatorial Africa (to conditions social, political, economic, linguistic, et. al.        , uncertain) to start a new life?  It would be a big leap for me to go back to my forebears’ locale–Silesia, now Polish, & I have neither German nor Polish–in order to escape my unhappiness in decultured, deteriorating, waning USA.  Are we facing largely lost souls–historically, culturally, morally– who  are the Ik turned violent?  I conclude this meander with the note that, some 25 years ago, a Black social worker, at a convention of the same, wondered aloud, “Are the hardcore ghetto Blacks like the Ik?  Do we need to remove the children at birth and place them in culturally viable families, and let a self-destructive sub-culture go extinct….?” Some of you smarter folks tell me what you think. Most of the time, I think Harold Cruze and other Black nationalists are right:  separate societies.

  • Put out the lamp of Diogenes, for here, in the plain light of day, is a man speaking the truth!

    And of course, Delegate McDonough is insulted with the usual “racist” and “bigot” labels from his fellow delegates, the mayor and the governor. Just can’t face the truth, can they?

    A “throwback to the ’50s and ’60s”? The Inner Harbor violence was a throwback to a tribal war in the African jungle. And I wish Delegate McDonough had thought to say THAT to his accusers!

    •  “Racist” and “bigot” are racist code words for “White.”

  • AlbertSwearengen

    “It’s a throwback to the ‘50s and ‘60s…”

    Yes—to a time when whites had the courage to state the obvious, necessary truth.

    Blacks and their behavior are a throwback to the Pleistocene.

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  He charged that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and city police haven’t taken sufficient action and have been covering up the extent of the problem.
    Leave it to a black mayor to destroy something as terrific as the Inner Harbor.    These creatures have a real flair for self-destruction. 

    It used to be that when blacks moved into a house, the garbage, rats and roaches would suddenly multipley in weeks.  Then it became entire streets . . . then hoods . . . now it’s entire cities going under just weeks after a black takes over.

    Obama is a case in point.  He’s had help, but he and the mayoress have a lot in common.

  • AlbertSwearengen

    “It’s a throwback to the ‘50s and ‘60s, and it’s obviously race-baiting…”

    Yes—to a time when whites could state the obvious, necessary truth without being flogged in the public square.

    Black behavior is a throwback to the Pleistocene.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     mitchell is a black racist his father was clarence mitchell it was outside of the mitchell courthouse where the white tourist was beaten stripped sexually assaulted and robbed by a mob of black males and females on st patricks day a while ago it was on drudge went viral

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    mcdonough is retired cop

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    mcdonough is filling in for tom marr at 9-12 friday morning go to 680 wcbm website and listen live. if mcdonough appologizes for his statement i will lose every ounce of respect for him

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

       Oh good. I’ll be in listening range for at least an hour of that. Love it when McDonough fills in for Marr. He’s far more interesting and less likely to put me to sleep while I’m driving.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     mcdonoughcan be heard live on wcbm radio in bmore every saturday night or listen live on their website might start at 8 or 9 im not certain but he mainly constantly talks about illegals which is why i stopped listening its the ONLY topic he will discuss

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Came across a facebook thread about this. Posted by some lefty dolt claiming it’s all just a bunch of nasty white racists spewing awful lies about our poor angelic cocoa colored brethren. Most of the thread consisted of young dolts acting outraged about McDonough’s comments.

    One bit did make it interesting though. Someone posted a link to Thomas  Sowell’s Censored Race War column. Lefty “refuted” this by posting links to this DoJ chart (and 2 others which were rather vague graph charts).

    What’s amazing to me is that he seems to think these stats prove Sowell is wrong about the problem of black on white violence (or black on everyone violence, for that matter). All I see is a portion of the U.S. population committing homicides in numbers on par with another portion that is nearly 8 times as large.

    • TonyWestfield

      Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse, you can get in touch with the Lefty dolt and rub it in his Face-book.  Not only is he wrong, the jakoff has a partner in deception: the DoJ.

      I clicked on your link and spent a few minutes studying the DoJ chart.  Something didn’t seem right.  I kept adding the White and Black murders and they totaled about 100% all the way up and down the chart…mid-1970’s to 2005, the same proportions.  Hmmm, where are the Hispanics?  Hispanic population TRIPLED during the 30-year period covered by this DoJ chart.

      I clicked deeper into the DoJ website to see their definitions and terminology.  Zilch.  This means the DoJ blended the Hispanic statistics into the White and Black.  DoJ doesn’t explain this, but it has to be true.  Like any magician or trickster, the action is always with the “other” hand.  Take a look at the murder stats for the third racial category, “Other.”  Would any sane person believe that Hispanic murder stats are only one or two percent of Blacks?  No, this “Other” must be Asians, American aborigines (Navajo, Cherokee, etc.) and Middle East.

      By the way, U.S. Census says that Hispanic population reached and surpassed Blacks in the year 2001.  Hispanic is now 16% of USA (versus 12% for Blacks).

      Some of the stats really stand out: DoJ chart says that in 2005, “Other” committed a total of eight murders upon Black and White combined.  Therefore, “Other” can’t be Hispanics.

      You know that our government plays games with concepts like “non-black Hispanic” and “black Hispanic.”  If DoJ divided Hispanics accordingly, then around 80% went into the White category and the other 20% into Black.  With all those Hispanics piling into the White stats–these would be the aborigines (Aztec, Inca, etc.), while the Black Hispanics are slave descendants who adopted the Spanish language (think Samy Sosa or Jose’ Reyes)–the murders by true Whites must be declining steadily because the DoJ chart shows “White” holding steady even as the Hispanic component grows and grows.  DoJ makes Tom Sowell look even more accurate than before.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

         Your last sentence is my point exactly. Furthermore, even without all the statistical manipulation you described, the chart still shows blacks, at %70.

        Not to mention that the chart is specific to homicides, and only goes up to 2005. So stats involving flash mob beatings which don’t result in the victims death and happened anytime in the last seven years, would necessarily not be reflected.

        So while I appreciate your suggestion, I have no intention of wasting my time arguing with this or any other Lefty Dolt who is so delusional and simple minded that they could put up “evidence” like this and not even realize it actually damages their argument. They are beyond hope and a waste of my time.

  • StivD

    He’ll beat his head bloody against the brick wall that is Martin O’Malley. The crime rate was even worse when he was mayor of Baltimore, and all he spent his time doing was lashing out at people who pointed out that very thing. I’m not sure how long he’s been in politics in total, but I think he was born a career politician. He’s a smug twerp and his wife is a huge proponent of gay marriage on top of this.

  • Anonymous

    If most of their loyal audience pushes them to address it, they and their advertisers will be forced to talk about it.  that is, if they want the money to keep coming in. 

  • anarchyst

    True “justice” would result in the thugs having “lead-induced” paralysis applied to them . . . for thugs, life in a wheelchair or even as a paraplegic would be fitting “retribution” for their criminal activity . . .

  • anarchyst

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s there was a successful “criminal abatement program” in the City of Detroit called STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets).  Police officers would be on duty as “decoys”, dressing as vulnerable older men and women.  When the predators would strike, they would be quickly “dispatched”.  Detroit’s first black mayor, Coleman Young, ran his campaign on the abolition of the STRESS program as “too many black people were being killed”.  His campaign was successful, STRESS was disbanded, the results being that predators were given “free reign” in Detroit.

  •  No, of course not.  The threat from the Bernies is constant.  And often invisible, like radiation.

  • Remember ‘worse is better’