Churchgoers Pelted with Stones

The Local, May 29, 2012

Around 150 people attending a service in a church in the southern city of Carcassonne had to take cover when they were attacked with stones.

Local newspaper Midi Libre reported that around four young men burst into the Saint Joseph church on Saturday evening and started throwing the stones.

There were around 150 people in the church at the time.

The newspaper said the youths were of “north African descent.”

Some of the parishioners tried to catch the youths before they fled.

Nobody was injured in the attack although many of the churchgoers were reported to be “deeply shocked.”

The Saint Joseph church is in a sensitive neighbourhood of the city with the neighbouring La Conte housing estate close by.

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  • Church_of_Jed

    Watch for evangelical White Christians in rich mainline denominations to say this story “calls us more urgently to the deepening need to engage in InterFaith Dialogue with our fellow children of Abraham”.

    • RobertAtwood

       Christians should reach out to their Christian brothers in Palestine and aid them against the deniers of Jesus who have invaded their lands.

    •  I LOVE reading your comments JED, it’s like you stole the Liberal Playbook and are quoting it verbatim.

      • Church_of_Jed

        They haven’t banned my congregation from Breitbart yet, but they will.This hasn’t been deleted as of now:

        “The implication is she got her job through affirmative action,” he said. “It’s not true. It plays to the resentful right, and it’s hatred for affirmative action.”

        -Race hustler Shrum

        “The implication that we got our success through unearned White privilege isn’t true. Accusing us of White privilege only plays to the resentful left, and it’s a hatred for Whiteness, achievement, and merit.”

        -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “How their hate filled rhetoric endangers our White future,” 2012

  • alastairabbacle

    “The Saint Joseph church is in a sensitive neighbourhood of the city with the neighbouring La Conte housing estate close by.”

    “Sensitive Neighborhood”.  A truly amazing euphemism for “Diverse Neighborhood”.

    So if it is a good news report, it will be “Diverse Neighborhood”, “vibrant”.
    If it is bad news, it will be a “sensitive neighborhood”, “lacking understanding”.

  • Once France falls, it’ll be like ANY filthy Arab country.
    And that means, the USA is free to bomb it.

  • Francis Galton

    Let me put on my US Census blinders and reinterpret the story: Whites Throw Stones at Other Whites.  

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Christians being stoned by north African muslims is the inevitable consequence of decades of enforced ‘enrichment’.
    The way things are going, All of Europes’ Christians will have to endure this sectional violence from our ‘enrichers’.
    That’s because European Nations have become weak and paralysed due to the insidious and Satanically inspired influence of Cultural Marxism!

    What’s the answer? What’s the solution? How do we save ourselves and our people?

    Plan A: Ask all of our ‘enrichers’ to leave.

    If Plan A fails, then Plan B: War. 

    • lughon

      Amen. If Benedict wants to fill the Churches again let him call for an end to Muslim Immigration. The people would rally around him and the Churches would fill  – even with men. Men love power and things of power and hate weakness and things of weakness. The Church is so despicably weak now, scandalously so.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      People have to actually BELIEVE in the rightness of their Christian faith and white culture to defend it.

    • The gap between the people and the authorities grows wider everyday. Does the government realize the agents that enforce the law (police and military) are overwhelmingly white men? When the “feces” finally hit the fan, do they really expect these people to fire on their brothers and sisters to defend immigrants that spit on their culture? 

  •  If Christians did this to synagogue goers, it would be world news for weeks.

    If Muslims did this to synagogue goers, it would be prominent news, but with almost no mention of the doers.  The article text would insinuate that right wing whites who voted Le Pen did it.

  • NM156

    This isn’t nearly as disturbing as the face-eating diversity in America. The Miami cannibal is the new mascot and symbol of the American left.

  • IstvanIN

    The French deserve to be marched off into the Mediterranean.

  • Tom in MI

    These Christians in France were lucky–look what happened to the Jews.

    • eunometic

       Actually it could be argued that given the success the 5th republic in promoting the self  genocide of its Europeans peoples that French would have been better of helping the Germans assiduously for if they had of won the war this disaster befalling our peoples in all probability might not be happening.  The German Leader who may not be mentioned regarded the French and British as peoples of equal merit and their borders and even empires would be secure, apart from Alsace and Lorraine and they mostly spoke German there anyway.  This is no promotion of NS but a point of contrast at how corrupt and incompetent  and traitorous the Leaders of the West have become.  There was no persecution of Christians as Christians in the 3rd Reich unless they were specifically anti NS.  Maybe that Austrian draft dodger from the sound of music was persecuted?

  • Johnny Reb

    The ghost of Charles Martel (The Hammer) is rolling in his grave.

    We think of the French as weenies, but I’ve seen the World War One graves and the line of buried bayonets poking out of the Bayonet Trench at Verdun.  The Fort Douaumont ossuary supposedly has 150,000 bodies.  Then, there were the Gauls.  The religious wars.   And Napoleon.  And Indo-China.  And the Algerians.

    The French can and will fight when pushed.  

    I hope these colored boys keep chucking rocks at white Frenchmen.  I’m sure the French have a few rusty guillotines stored away somewhere.

    • MartelC

      The French fought tough in Algeirs (paratroopers in particular of which Le Pen was one) , and WWI – keep in mind they were, in a sense, betrayed by the British who did not provide air cover (this was not cowardice but a pragmatic decision) during the german invasion at the opening of WWII.

      And of course, the legions of Napoleon were among the greatest ever- and they have their martial races, just like the British. This ‘french are cowards” bashing is rubbish.

      The problem is they, like us have it from two sides- the poor muslim underclass AND the elite – who will side with the muslims (for a very poignant depiction of this , read Camp of the Saints, a book that belongs alongside 1984 and Brave New World as the most prophetic of the 20th century.

      • Commenter

         True, the French are not a pushover. Much as I may enjoy beating them at sport etc, they fought like hell in WWI and deserve greater historical respect. Their defence of Verdun was proportionately on a par with that of Stalingrad in what it cost.

        Considering the Wehrmacht chased us right off the continent in six weeks in 1940, we in the UK have no right to sneer at those unlucky enough not to have the Channel as a barrier.

  • ageofknowledge

    The immigrants are doing what they do in their own country. In Muslim countries, it is not a big deal to attack Christian communities and places of worship like this. A slap on the wrist is all the Muslim can expect. In India, they go around beating them with sticks.

  • Sorry_for_my_english

    Carcassone was almost 100 % white only a few years ago , but the social marxist engineering that dominates in France since the 60′ s has found a trick : As whites tend to regroup and leave ” enriched ” areas , they forced every mayor in every city to build and support ( at the white taxpayer expense ) social housing for immigrants . ( Even in very very small towns . Forced integration ? ) .  If they don’t , there is a penalty . So suddenly , a quiet area who was 100 % white is filled with north- africans and sub-saharians ( and turcs ,and gypsies  and all you dream of it ). 3 months later they go on rampage .
    This muslim ” lapidage ” in Carcassone is a direct result of this .

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I feel sorry for sorry_for_my_english.

      Courage, mon ami!

    • Thank you friend for your comments. France is one of two countries of my ancestors. I am worried for the future of Europe as the cradle of Western civilization is being swept away by the African and muslim barbarians.

  • I’ve noticed that almost every time a “sensitive” issue like this one is reported on, the advertisements/banners that accompany the original article feature blacks or other “people of color”. It looks like they’re trying to compensate for what such articles make obvious.

  • MartelC

    thanks for this insight, and don’t worry about your english, I assure you my french is worse 🙂 

    • Sorry_for_my_english

      héhé , merci !

  • eunometic

    The French election was decided in favor of the pro-immigration pro ethnic pandering Socialist party led Hollande by the Muslim vote which overwhelmingly went to him.

    If any of these church goers didn’t vote for Marine LePenn then they got what they deserved.

  • jack ryan

    Time for a rough, tough Corsican strongman to step in to lead France. It worked once before.

  • So if France falls to the muslim, what happens to all of the great masterpieces of the Western World located in countless museums and churches? More importantly, what happens to France’s nuclear weapons?

  • slobotnavitch

    Sadly, Islam is a tenth century religion in a 21st century world.  Its more barbaric outbursts should be punished with the full weight of the law, and where the perpetrators are immigrants, they should be returned to their country of origin after all their assets are seized.

  • KenelmDigby

    The irony is that Charles Martel, all those long centuries – millenium even- stopped Europe from being an Islamic continent (yes, really, all English, French and German men would now be called something like Ibn Mohammed and their great- great-great ancestors back to the nth degree would be named likewise and all would have been exclusively Arabic speaking mosque worshippers), in an epic battle fought in that part of the World.

  • Fredrik_H

    Par for the course in any major west european city nowadays. Wonderful diversity isn’t really complete without middle eastern youths assaulting the native population 

  • It’s very sad what’s happening in France, the country has been hijacked by  Cultural Marxism 

    Take a look at this video, Negroes rioting in Paris

    Whites create Civilizations, Blacks destroy Civilizations.

  • The only person that can rescue France is  Marine Le Pen, she got 20% at the last election.

    It’s a BBC interview, that doesn’t stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation but the Black Bolshevik Corporation, the interviewer is Stephen Sackur who is a liberal, his wife is a muslim Iraqi.