5 Million Illegal Immigrants Could Become [Russian] Citizens

The Moscow Times, May 3, 2012

A migration amnesty law is being developed that could allow as many as five million illegal immigrants to become Russian citizens.

The Migration of the 21st Century foundation, which seeks to assist the government in developing immigration strategies, has taken the task of drafting an amnesty law after President Dmitry Medvedev called the issue of illegal immigration one of the nations biggest problems at the end of April, Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported Thursday.

The Federal Migration Service has put the number of illegal immigrants in Russia at five million, but taking into account numbers for money transfers abroad, experts think the number could be twice as high.

The suggested reforms would allow migrants that have expired work permits but no other violations to voluntarily surrender to authorities and obtain legal status.

The idea is not new. Migration of the 21st vice president Natalya Vlasovoi said there have been more than 25 such amnesties, though none have been on such a large scale.

The organization said the draft law would be presented to the government within the next six months.

But the Federal Migration Service later responded to the possibility of an amnesty program, saying it does not see the need for such rules.”

There is no need for this,” a source at the agency told Interfax. “There is already an approved concept for migration policy. A plan for implementation of concrete measures is being developed. This has nothing to do with the administration,” the source said, calling the proposal to declare amnesty “an attempt to jump into the last car of a departing train.”

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  • Hunter Morrow

    Twice as high as 5 million? If their 5 million illegal felon number is anything like America’s fraudulent “12 million” figure they’d be lucky to have less than 15 or 20 million in the country.

    Migration amnesty is a disaster. It was a disaster for America in 1986 and it could be a disaster for Russia in 2012.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Everyone moves to White countries. Why is that? Why aren’t Whites wanting to move to everybody else’s countries? What is it about Whiteness that obligates us to do for others what Jesus White Christ himself never attempted? He healed individuals, but we think we can heal entire races. It just goes to show you that White Humanity wasn’t ready for the responsibility of White privilege that God bestowed upon us. If we had been, we wouldn’t have given our civilization away to the races that never have created anything we wanted, other than exotic cuisine, and even that gives you heartburn.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “Why Russia is no longer the White hope,” 2012

  • If we Whites are so “evil and racist,” how come every third world brown wants to live with us?

    • JackKrak

      Apparently they can overcome their disgust with our “racism” when they realize that doing so gives them their only shot at things their wonderful and tolerant homeland can’t give them – indoor toilets, owning more than one pair of shoes and having most of their children survive infancy.

  • IstvanIN

    “If its brown, flush it down”.  Simple, yes?

  • ageofknowledge

    Ronald Reagan signed the last great amnesty in the U.S.. Ironic isn’t it.

    • Xanthippe2

      Not really.  He never claimed to be a White nationalist and wasn’t.  Unfortunately neither the Democrats or the Republicans are pro-White — at all.

      •  No most White conservatives have bought into Negro worship just as badly.
        The republicans are also in THE CULT OF CAIN WORSHIP.

        Just witness the idiotic attention given that numbskulled 9-9-9 Satanist, Hermann Cain.  

        Cain indeed, with Abel worshiping him.  That had to have been a ploy, just to get the CULT OF CAIN WORSHIP off the ground. 

        9-9-9, worship the upside down human!  The unrighteous Christ, crucified for his infidelity.   PRAY FOR YOUR MURDERER, THE NATION OF CAIN!

        This all started back in the 1920’s, with the Negro developed “Lindy Hop”, “shimmy”.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindy_Hop

        They got all of the White women to worship a dance that was unnatural and unbecoming its its shuffling stupidity for smart white men.

        If you don’t dance like a NEGRO, I won’t breed with you.
        If you don’t give the poor NEGRO the right to vote, I won’t breed with you.
        If you don’t let our daughter “entertain” with the NEGRO, I won’t breed with you.

        If you don’t let the NEGRO kill our tribe, I won’t breed with you.

        Women bring on the corruption of the nation, this all started with “the right” to vote of women invented back in the 1920. 

        Shortly thereafter, the cult of Negro worship began to take hold.

  • No, panic, these are Russians or similar peoples (Ukrainians, White Russians, Armenians,.. )

  • Chechnya is a part of Russia, so Chechens can’t be immigrants. There are ca. 25-30 M Russians outside of Russia’s border. Most immigrants are Caucasian Christians like Armenians due to very bad economic situation in Armenia. Other Muslims (Azers, Kazakhs, Uzbeks,..) mostly stay in their countries, build stronger ties with Turkey & receive US financial help.

  • Wow, it’s like Putin and co. really want the ultra-nationalists to gain even more traction than they already have.

    I don’t think it’ll get passed, as this would really make a lot of people angry.

  • mobilebay

    Better Russia than us. We’re full…of illegals.

  • It’s like “Cosi Fan Tutte” by Mozart out there.  The savage relies on pity for his trickery.


  • Well, I take a more nuanced view. First- Russians have occupied Chechen lands during 19th century. It was czarist imperialism. Chechens are a separate people who do have a right for homeland- just like, say, Tibetans in China. And, just like Tibetans, they suffered a genocide during 1941-1942, when ca. 50% Chechens perished in Stalin-Beria ordered deportations.

    Now, this is an oil and gas rich area, so Russians will not let it just like that. Chechens number around 1.2 M people, so not such a big number. In this complex web, they have what most people would be satisfied with- an autonomous republic.

    There are other cultural & civilizational issues, but a simple polarity Muslims-non-Muslims is not satisfying here. Nor is in my ancestors’ homeland, Bosnia & Herzegovina.